Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Time for a little reconnaissance. 

Our New Horizons spacecraft won’t arrive at its next destination in the distant Kuiper Belt—an object known as 2014 MU69—until New Year’s Day 2019, but researchers are already starting to study its environment thanks to a few rare observational opportunities this summer, including one on July 17. This week, we’re sharing 10 things to know about this exciting mission to a vast region of ancient mini-worlds billions of miles away.

1. First, Some Background 

New Horizons launched on Jan. 19, 2006. It swung past Jupiter for a gravity boost and scientific studies in February 2007, and conducted a six-month reconnaissance flyby study of Pluto and its moons in summer 2015. The mission culminated with the closest approach to Pluto on July 14, 2015. Now, as part of an extended mission, the New Horizons spacecraft is heading farther into the Kuiper Belt.

2. A Kuiper Belt refresher

The Kuiper Belt is a region full of objects presumed to be remnants from the formation of our solar system some 4.6 billion years ago. It includes dwarf planets such as Pluto and is populated with hundreds of thousands of icy bodies larger than 62 miles (100 km) across and an estimated trillion or more comets. The first Kuiper Belt object was discovered in 1992.

3. That’s Pretty Far

When New Horizons flies by MU69 in 2019, it will be the most distant object ever explored by a spacecraft. This ancient Kuiper Belt object is not well understood because it is faint, small, and very far away, located approximately 4.1 billion miles (6.6 billion km) from Earth.

4. Shadow Play 

To study this distant object from Earth, the New Horizons team have used data from the Hubble Space Telescope and the European Space Agency’s Gaia satellite to calculate where MU69 would cast a shadow on Earth’s surface as it passes in front of a star, an event known as an occultation.

5. An International Effort 

One occultation occurred on June 3, 2017. More than 50 mission team members and collaborators set up telescopes across South Africa and Argentina, aiming to catch a two-second glimpse of the object’s shadow as it raced across the Earth. Joining in on the occultation observations were NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and Gaia, a space observatory of the European Space Agency (ESA).

6. Piecing Together the Puzzle 

Combined, the pre-positioned mobile telescopes captured more than 100,000 images of the occultation star that can be used to assess the Kuiper Belt object’s environment. While MU69 itself eluded direct detection, the June 3 data provided valuable and surprising insights. “These data show that MU69 might not be as dark or as large as some expected,” said occultation team leader Marc Buie, a New Horizons science team member from Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

7. One Major Missing Piece 

Clear detection of MU69 remains elusive. “These [June 3 occultation] results are telling us something really interesting,” said New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan Stern, of the Southwest Research Institute. “The fact that we accomplished the occultation observations from every planned observing site but didn’t detect the object itself likely means that either MU69 is highly reflective and smaller than some expected, or it may be a binary or even a swarm of smaller bodies left from the time when the planets in our solar system formed.”

8. Another Opportunity 

On July 10, the SOFIA team positioned its aircraft in the center of the shadow, pointing its powerful 100-inch (2.5-meter) telescope at MU69 when the object passed in front of the background star. The mission team will now analyze that data over the next few weeks, looking in particular for rings or debris around MU69 that might present problems for New Horizons when the spacecraft flies by in 2019. “This was the most challenging occultation observation because MU69 is so small and so distant,” said Kimberly Ennico Smith, SOFIA project scientist.

9. The Latest 

On July 17, the Hubble Space Telescope will check for debris around MU69 while team members set up another “fence line” of small mobile telescopes along the predicted ground track of the occultation shadow in southern Argentina.

10. Past to Present 

New Horizons has had quite the journey. Check out some of these mission videos for a quick tour of its major accomplishments and what’s next for this impressive spacecraft.

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among peasantry and princes

part ii

summary - virgil, his brothers patton and logan, and their mother octavia live a quaint life of peasantry in a small village far away from the rest of civilization. their lives are hardly out of the ordinary — that is, until a prestigious prince with an ego so large it outmatches even his castle takes an interest in virgil, which can surely only end in disaster. 

pairing - eventual prinxiety

word count - 1,258

warnings - n/a

tags - au, prince!roman, peasant!virgil 

a/n - ahh okay welcome to my first sanders sides au!! i literally came up with this today and wrote a prologue out of my excitement so there’s still a lot of plotting to be done lol. anyway, this is supposed to be set around the 1800′s, but obviously im not an expert in that particular era, so please excuse any inaccuracies with grammar/vocabulary! anyway ahh i hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave feedback! 

tagging - @ace-anxiety-sanders @pointless-blog-name @lampisimportant @pippa-frost @jinxed-unicorn @starrykid@pattykrabbies @alright-cupid 

It’s late into the winter when Octavia Sanders receives the letter — embedded with jewels and branded with Prince Roman’s notorious wax seal. Breathless and delighted all the same, she sprints into the common room, tail of her skirt bunched messily in a hand. “Boys, boys!” She exclaims tightly, drawing Virgil’s attention from his charcoal sketches that always left his hands stained in darkness, “You simply must hear what was given to us by the Prince’s page!” Octavia crosses the room in great strides, pulling her youngest’s—Logan’s—nose from his book and the broom from Patton—her eldest—in one movement. “Perhaps it would be worth your while to listen to a mother’s tale once in awhile—luck may be on your side, this time.” Though her tone is stern with authority, it’s hardly free of a lilt of excitement — considering the news weighing her tongue.

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Galaxy The hedgehog: Wannabe hero of Mobius

Hi! I’m Tama and I’m here to present you my Oc correctly. (Please have in mind that english it’s not my first language and I may have some mistakes)

Name: Kiara Storm (real name) / Galaxy is her nickname

Age: 18

Birthday: January 24

Personality: She’s very naive, impulsive and brave. She lives to help people and always tries to find the positive side of things. Even after all she has been trhough she’s very friendly and has a strong sense of justice, what sometimes makes her do stupid things without thinking too much on the consequences. 

Powers: Still training to find some…

Backstory: She lived in a  small village that was far away from Knothole and Robotnik’s attacks, so she didn’t grew up with those problems. The peace didn’t last forever tho. One day the place was invaded and a lot of badnicks started to take the people to Eggman to be robotized. This took everyone for surprise so there was no way to defend themselves. Galaxy and her bigger sister escaped from their house before it burned down with their parents inside, trying to espape from the robots her sister was taken by one of them and Galaxy couldn’t no anything about it, this event changed her way to see life, she felt useless and a coward for doing nothing. 

The next years she travelled from town to town scearching for her sister who she belived was still alive and somewhere. By this time she heard about the Freedom Fighters, a group of heroes that was fighting against Robotnik and his robot army. She was fascinated by the stories she was told and decided to look for them to help her.

Relationships: (Only the most importants)

Scourge: They met while this guy was hidding from the interdimentional cops. This was short after Fiona and her team betrayed him in their last job after escaping the prision. Galaxy knew who he was, she heard about the hedgehog who was identical to sonic but evil. So she was about to go and tell the others about him when he basically prayed her to not do it (Scourge was alone so he thought he could use her to hide) She felt bad for him and let him stay with her.

Amy: They are best friends since the two of them are Sonic’s fans (Galaxy isn’t in love with him tho) 

Sonic: He’s cool with her, he can see how hard she tries to help so he sometimes helps her training

Silver: (futere comic maybe?)

Tails: Galaxy loves spend time with this guy and is always curious about his inventions, it seems like she has a lot of potencial to be a mechanic so he teaches her all the stuff he knows and how he does it.

Sally: She was the one who first listened to Galaxy when she was scearching for help, both of them went to Eggman’s base and tried to find some clue to Galaxy’s sister location… They couldn’t find anything tho.

Shadow: He just doens’t give a fuck :3

Present Day: Galaxy now spends her time training to be stronger to be able to fight along her heroes and trying find her real porpuse. This last thing was pretty clear for her before, but since she meet Scourge everything feels very confusing. She’s still looking for her sister without a lot of success

As you can see, she’s just some regular Sonic the hedghegog Oc. I can’t say that she’s perfect or super original but at least I can say that I’m trying to make her the most “real” possible. I can’t talk about ther powers yet, but she has no super transformation. If you keep the support I may make a comic with Silver as a co protagonist about Galaxy’s missing sister. 

I have to specify that this story is ONLY for the Archie universe, it’s weird but I have some crazy ideas for the Boom universe too (I’m not going to talk about the videogames universe since I wrote about that years ago and it’s really painful to remember)

If you read all of this THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I LOVE YOU! I already took too much time of your precious life, so I’m just gonna go to sleep

BTS|| Mafia!AU|| You’re pregnant and try to run away

❦ Anon asked: Could you do a bts mafia reaction to when they get you pregnant and you try to run away but they find you? Thank you so much!!!


With a loud BANG! you closed your suitcase. It maybe was a little too much, but you couldn’t care less about it. You had a big problem and it seemed like the only thing you could do, was to run away from it. The last two day you would meet your toilet every two seconds, only to vomit the last thing you ate. Since it was this time of the year, you thought you just were infected, until a good friend of you asked you this one question. And now you knew it. And you know that your small dream of Bonnie & Clyde was over. You could never raise a child with your current lifestyle, and so you had to do it.

 Two hours ago the test smiled at you with a +. Since then you packed your stuff, wrote him a letter and called your sister to inform her that you would live with her for the next days. Everything was settled and you stood in front of the main door, your hand on the door knob. But you hesitated. Could you really leave him like this? He was the first person to make you this happy, even though he killed people. But, no. You had no chance. 


The electronic lock on the other side of the door unlocked and it opened. There he was. He was just as surprised as you were, with a look of inquiry. Till he saw the suitcase.

“What is this?” 

“I-I’m…I mean I-….I need to go.” And with that, you tried to pass him. What a stupid idea. 

He grabbed you and pushed you against the now closed door. 

“Y/N., I want an explanation. Now.”, he said through gritted teeth.

And then you broke.

“I-I’m pregnant. Do you hear me? I’m pregnant with our child. But I didn’t know what to do. We can’t raise a child. Jin I-” he stopped you by holding you tight.

“Did you really thought I would leave you alone with this?”

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Date the celestial being that create stars in your honor. Its hair is as fiery as a red giant and its body sparkles and stretches as tall as the oldest nebulas. Its yearns to hear the sound of your voice, waiting light years to hear the first word. But it is content with the warmth of your existence and the small light of Earth far away, knowing you are there – waiting for them. 

anonymous asked:

Hello! I love looking through your art and little scenes with Holly Blue and the Famethysts and the fact your drawings are so close to SU style! I was wondering if you have any tips on how to draw in that style?

Hey, thanks so much!

If you’re trying to emulate SU style, the show of course is your best reference! Try re-watching your favorite episodes with a sketchpad handy (or whatever tool you prefer) and sketch out characters as you go along. Try to capture their expressions the best you can. Do this often to build up muscle memory. If your favorite character is Pearl, keep drawing her until she becomes second nature and you won’t ever need a reference!

SU style is extremely simplified, so remember to keep it simple! Start with basic shapes. Compare body types between gems and try drawing them small (or far away, as I have with the Fam above). 

Here’re some handy theories provided by Rebecca Sugar herself: 

Here’s another handy guide as well!  

Just remember: HAVE FUN and don’t be afraid to take creative liberties as you see fit. You can pick and choose what elements from the show you want to incorporate in your art and which ones you’d rather not. It doesn’t have to resemble the show perfectly! Unique variances between artists (even amongst the Crew) is what makes it interesting!

among peasantry and princes part ii

part i 

summary -  virgil, his brothers patton and logan, and their mother octavia live a quaint life of peasantry in a small village far away from the rest of civilization. their lives are hardly out of the ordinary — that is, until a prestigious prince with an ego so large it outmatches even his castle takes an interest in virgil, which can surely only end in disaster. 

word count - 2,474

warnings - yelling, mentions of anger issues 

tags - human!au, prince!roman, peasant!virgil 

a/n - ahh okay i’d just like to thank you all for the overwhelming support on this au!! seriously you guys are amazing and i hope this chapter meets your expectations! (if you would like to be tagged/i forgot to tag you let me know!)

tagging - @ace-anxiety-sanders @pointless-blog-name @lampisimportant @pippa-frost @jinxed-unicorn @starrykid @pattykrabbies @alright-cupid @madelynna @extremepenguin10 @justanotherpurplebutterfly @neganslittlebae @sparkss654 @aikastrum @the-prince-and-the-emo @parsnipit @infpqueen @pantton-sandacers @nimblelizard @gaysonofjafar @max-exe @genderqueerwriter @sweaterxsleeves @virgilssanders @blogfamousbouquetzombie @trainer-of-mischief @fangirlfiles1 @xvirgilx @twinkly-lights @sumkindofaesthetic @call-me-origami @m-bumblebee @immortalpoptart @evil-queens-rule @panders-sides @blog-mrs-hemsworth-universe @xxlovelarryalwaysxx @raiseaglasstofreedom @amateurartist123 @neganslittlebae @mevv618 @madelynna @camfangirl0615 @yoshimicherryopal @tssanderssidestrash @get-those-fandoms @queer-ax @satisfied-sanders-sides @eatanarwhalfordinner @averaillisa @littlesnowflake @watch-me-introvert @multifandom-slytherin

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New Orleans wasn’t a place for the faint hearted. It bore secrets. Chaos brewed all around. Vendettas were aimed at anyone. And power struggles turned into war.

Ever since Kol returned to being a vampire again, he acted different, which wasn’t all that surprising. The hungry he was so used to not feeling, overwhelmed him at the best of times. The target for being a Mikaelson was the one thing you knew he battled with on a day to day basis. No matter what you did to try and help him transition from a witch to a vampire, you knew that nothing could be done to heal the anger, to steady those heightened emotions.

“Another bloody disaster that was!”, Kol clenched his fists upon entering the room.

You were taking time out to relax. Things around the compound had been relatively quiet, leaving you with the chance to get back into doing what you love - reading. Putting the book down onto your lap, Kol roughly took off his jacket. Not knowing what had gotten him so fired up, you opted to ask.

“And what disaster has gotten you so worked up now?”.

Kol sat on the edge of the bed, taking a few deep breaths. Moving the book form your lap to the bedside table, you moved closer to Kol. Once you reached him, your hands started to massage his shoulders.

“Everything in this city, that’s what. The people, the noise, the god damn chaos. It’s never ending Y/N and it never will be, not for people like us”. He explained.

People like us, he was referring to the supernatural. The vampires, witches, werewolves, even hybrids. You stopped massaging his shoulders and glided your hands down his chest, he held onto your arm.

“New Orleans has it’s flaws, but this city is home”. You breathed.

Something in that sentence made Kol jump up with distaste. “Home!? Darling, this isn’t home for me and it never will be. We don’t have to stay here, let everyone else deal with what’s happening or what will happen. Y/N, can we leave this awful city now?. Before one or both of us gets killed”.

Staring at Kol, you sensed a wave of emotions that he was experiencing. In order to calm him down, you got off the bed and walked bare foot over the floor boards and into his arms.

“You want to leave, just like that? What about Elijah, Rebekah, even Klaus?”. You debated.

Kol rolled his eyes and put some distance between you and him. “And what about us, love? Don’t you want to live problem free, without being threatened with death everyday?”. Taking two big steps, he hovered over you. One hand on situated on your waist, the other caressing your cheek. “I want us to be safe, I bloody need you to be safe. And the only way that’s going to happen is if we leave”.

He leaned in a bit closer, breath could be felt on your bare skin. “We can get a small house somewhere far away, possibly overlooking the beach or a meadow. Just imagine waking up in each others arms, not having to worry about if today will be our last”. His head tilted and his lips begun working your neck. Each word was accompanied by a kiss. “It can be just us, darling. No interruptions, no worries, no distractions…well expect for each other of course”. He cheekily added.

You couldn’t help but smile at that. Kol vamp sped across the room and lifted you up onto the table. “What do you say, love? Leave this city with me. Let’s start our own lives together”.

Thoughts were scattered all over the place. Kol stopped leaving his mark on your neck and locked eyes with you. Biting your lip, you didn’t know what to think, let alone what to say.

“If we leave, you know we’ll get roped back in again. Your family needs you Kol”. Replying back softly. And even though you were trying to convince Kol, you sat on the table not even convinced yourself that staying was a good idea.

His hand rested on your right thigh, and he clenched his jaw. “Your my family too Y/N. I’ve been stuck in a coffin and then killed twice, I’m not going to stick around and wait for either of those things to happen again. Please, let’s just leave and if it doesn’t work then we’ll return. But we owe it to ourselves to give us a fair chance at survival”.

Pulling him down by the neck and stopping just inches away from his lips you faintly whispered. “If you want to leave, then I’ll leave with you Kol Mikealson. Whenever you go, I go”.

Smirking, you wrapped your legs around his waist and the next thing you knew the both of you were laying on the bed. “I bloody love you”. He panted, sealing that response with a lustful kiss.



Originally posted by spn-mostly

Summary: Sam and the reader have a one night stand. After he leaves, she finds out that she is pregnant with his child. A few years pass, Sam returns to find that he has a child…

Request: Can you do a fic where Sam gets the reader pregnant during a one night stand and when he passes through the same town some years later he realizes that he has a kid?

Pairing/Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean Winchester 

Word Count: 2789

Warnings: angst, fluff, LIGHT SMUT (unprotected sex), language, unplanned pregnancy, mention of death

A/N: this is for all the sammy girls out there ;) 

Hunting was no place for a kid, but your parents thought differently. They had trained you like one of the X Men. You were never allowed to do normal kid things like going trick or treating on Halloween or “Field Day” as your parents called it. Instead they’d load up the car and catch wind of cases. They’d go as far as using you as bait for a vampire nest. On your birthday, instead of giving you what someone at your age desired, you’d get a gun or a machete. Parents of the year, right?

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Soft Hearted Woman

Dean Winchester x Reader

1400 Words

Story Summary: So I have this prompt idea… Not sure if you’ll like it but, it’s soooo been on my mind for a while I was thinking about a really open hearted reader, someone who trusts easily, and wears themselves thin trying to help others and always looks for the good in people((even monsters)) which tends to get them in bad situations((A LOT)) and I want to see one of our boys((or all)) struggling with trying to let the reader be themselves but also being majorly overprotective 

Sorry this took so long @littleblue5mcdork!! It’s not finished yet, but I hope you like it so far!! 

“Sam, I know she’s just trying to do what’s best, but it scares the hell out of me!” Dean yelled, and you froze in the hallway. You could hear both brothers arguing in the kitchen, and it sounded like it was about you.

“Dean, Y/N has a big heart. We both know that. But if you try to squash it, you are killing what makes her, well her. Can’t we just be more careful, make sure that things like this don’t happen again?” Sam’s voice rang out, and you were a little surprised he was siding with you. Dean was the one you were closer to. He was the one you found yourself clinging to in the middle of the night. He was your rock, the thing that kept you grounded. And now here he was, complaining about the very thing that he said was a cute trait.

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{ cry for help }

pairing: hamilsquad x reader

prompt(s): “You should do a poly!hamilsquad fic where its reader waking up in the middle of the noght due to nightmares or PTSD and all th boys trying to calm her down.”

“could you maybe do one where the reader has a bad dream and one of the boys (or all) comfort her and its really fluffy?”

trigger warnings: reader has a bad dream that leads to a (short!) ptsd episode. don’t worry though! the boys got you!

“Duérmete mi amor" - sleep my love
“Duérmete pedazo de mi corazón" - sleep a piece of my heart.

“D'accord?” - “okay?”

You were driving in the dream. Your hands were on the wheel, gripping it tightly as you prepared to turn. You were driving with your best friend, going to pick up something from the store. 

You were getting ready to make a left turn, signaling, inching out forward just like you were supposed to. The light changed yellow. You figured the cars on the opposite end would obey the light and slow down, so you started to turn. Your breath hitched quickly as you moved your foot to find the brakes. Unfortunately, you found them too late. One last silver car decided to try to run the red light. 

You weren’t completely in front of that lane but your car was out forward, maybe taking up a fourth of the lane and you couldn’t reverse. The driver didn’t slow down in time. He hit the front side of your car, crashing into your head lights on the right hand side and pushing it back down the road by a couple feet. 

The airbags flew out and you held back a scream.

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Imagine Naruto and Sasuke growing old together. The phantom pain in their stumps is long gone. Actually, so is pain itself. Acute sensitivity is a thing of the past; now even the highly acclaimed Uchiha eyes can barely identify a silhouette. Both have lost their combat skills and their ability to produce chakra. They need immense support to stand and walk, and have forgotten most people and places. 

(The souls they know are no longer around anyway.)

Quietly, they reside in a small cottage far away from the village once known as Konohagakure. Buildings torn down, memories suppressed, and ninjas not heard of anymore. The children still talk about snakes and scrolls and seals, yet none of them realize this isn’t another one of their make-believe games.

In fact, the two most powerful shinobis have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality. The young ones have come and asked about their stories, but they are not too sure. The nine-tailed fox seems too powerful to have actually existed. So are giant toads and eagles. Them being resurrected from the dead sounds like a joke.

Are they not ordinary people, living ordinary lives? Clearly, they have gone to school together and bickered so much they couldn’t have lunch. Ah yes, something about teamwork, that rings a bell.

(Someone did literally ring a bell - but who?)

They have been to a lot of places, walked through thick and thin, seen lives and deaths. The details they don’t remember, but they were apart for a few years of their early lives and stayed together for the rest.

(Why and what did they fight about?)

Such topic is usually too much for them, too much for the children, and the story-telling ends abruptly in silence.

But there is always something that brings a smile to their time-worn faces, that ignites the light in their eyes, that allows them to look like their teenage-selves again -

The mentioning of each other’s names.



That, they never forget.

‘See ya in the next life, Sasuke’.

‘Hn, Usuratonkachi.’

(‘Goodbye. My One and Only’)

Speak Now

Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Originally posted by allpeopleareincredible


A/N: I wrote this so long ago and now I’m finally creating the courage to publish it here. I hope you all enjoy. And please, let me know. Feedback is everything.

Warnings: a little bit of cursing and lots of fluff. slightly angsty. also, this was based on the song “speak now” by taylor swift. 

Word Count: 1400

“I’m out for five months and when I finally get back, he’s about to get married?” I shrieked, shaking my head in disbelief.

Frustrated with my response, Julia O’Brien sighed, dropping her shoulders in defeat. She had been the one imbued with the responsibility to tell me the news. But I simply couldn’t believe what the girl had told me. I mean, it all happened so fast! There’s no way my poor head would be able to assimilate it. In fact, it never even occurred to me that I’d lose the love of my life. No, no way.

I should explain how my life came to this mess, right? Oh, well, it all began with me having to go away so I could help my sister out; she had just given birth, to a eight pound baby, yes, poor woman, and needed someone to take care of her, mainly because her husband was this huge wanker and refused to his job as a partner. This, alongside my mother’s constant preaching, made me feel bad, which means I ended up accepting it. Of course I didn’t want to leave my life behind, but I refused to be the bitch who wouldn’t lay a hand to her own flesh and blood. 

Do I have to say it was extremely stressful? Fuck, I can swear that I never hated my name more in my entire life. “Y/N, watch out for Jimmy!”, “Y/N, bring me tea!”, “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N!”. I must admit that, for a brief second, I fantasized about killing my sister. Or kill myself. Who knows? It would be a lot faster and I could leave a note blaming my sister for the whole thing.

Alright, I’m done with the acid comments.  

The real problem was, actually, that she lived in a small town far away from London. It was so isolated that I could pretty much say she lived in a farm. And I couldn’t just be travelling all the time, therefore its location forced me to move there. It would only be a few months, so I didn’t see why I shouldn’t do it. Who would have guessed that, in the meantime, my boyfriend, or so I thought he was, whom I loved and trusted deeply, would get engaged and would be about to marry another woman? Oh, God, he is even at the church right now! 

“Y/N, it wasn’t his wish to be marrying her. He loves you more than anything in this world. You know that.” Julia argued, her brown eyes trying to persuade me. "Still, my parents forced him to do it. She’s the daughter of a big ass business man who works with my father and-” 

"Stop it right there!” I quirked a brown, narrowing my eyes, clearly infuriated. “Dylan is grown man, he doesn’t need anyone making his choices for him.”

"Yeah, Y/N, but you have to understand he wasn’t given much of a choice…”

“I don’t want to, and I won’t, understand this, Jules.” My voice was strangled, I could feel the tears welling up on my eyes. “I can’t do this.”

Oh, fuck no!

I would not let my gorgeous pumpkin tie the knot with someone else without at least explaining to me what the hell was this entire thing about. Clumsily standing up from the couch I was sitting on, I ran out of the house, not even giving a word to my former sister-in-law. I needed to act quick, otherwise I would lose him forever.

I’m not a kind of girl

Who should be rudely barging on a white veil occasion

But you are not the kind of boy

Who should be marrying the wrong girl

Julia had said that the church was close to their home, so I didn’t bother to get my car and drive there. It was time to put into practice all my years of jogging. It didn’t take long for me to spot the beautiful arranged place. The same one his parents got married. 

Due to my running, the short sundress I had on was drenched in sweat; not that I cared, though. I could only set my thoughts on the lots of people who were coming in and out of the church. By the looks of it, the ceremony was yet to start. 

I stealthily walked in, watching the guests buzzing around me and trying to recognise them; but they were completely unknown. That was until I found his best friend standing next to the old looking priest. Tyler had a tired expression on his face, like he rather be anywhere else but here. I saw his other friends as well; they were seated on the front row, mirroring Posey’s traits. No one appearing to be happy. Not even her parents, who set it all up.

I sneak in and see your friends

And her snotty little family all dressed in pastels

As I went a little deeper into the church, I heard someone loudly complaining in the back. I quickly recognised the grumpy person as Britt Robertson, Dylan’s ex. He had told me about her a few times and I never really pictured her as the obsessive type. I was obviously wrong. 

Britt was yelling at one of her bridesmaids, clearly quite annoyed by something the poor girl had done prior my arrival. But, as much as I was delighted to hear her in such a bad mood, I still wanted to find Dylan in that sea of people. In my mind, I thought I could convince him to ditch this whole thing and run away with me.  

Nevertheless, before I could find him, the nuptial march started to play in the background, announcing the wedding’s beginning. Despite it being a joyful sound, I started to feel nauseated by it and a few disgusted shivers went down my spine. 

From behind a curtain, I watched her slowly walk inside the church, so full of herself, looking like a freaking model. My mind screamed that I should be the one in her shoes. Wearing a white gown, moving happily towards the man I loved, not her. Not someone who treated him like a prize. 

And the organ starts to play

A song that sounds like a death march

And I am hiding in the curtains

It seems that I was uninvited

By your lovely bride to be

She floats down the aisle like

A pageant queen

When she got there, everyone sat down and I was finally able to see him. Dylan was standing next to the priest, looking handsome as ever in a black tuxedo. His brown hair messy, his pink lips in a straight line and a ghost of the scruff I loved so much against my legs were there, brightening him. Everything seemed to be unchanged. Except for his eyes. The beautiful whiskey coloured eyes I fell for had lost the sparkling beam I saw every time he looked at me. They seemed tired. Sad. Which should make me happy, but instead, I was saddened, a sinking feeling reaching my stomach as if I had been punched. 

Fear crept through my form completely, making my hands shake and making me forget what I was supposed to say. Should I really disrupt this marriage? Would I be this kind of girl? The answer was clear in my head: Yes, I would. Despite being selfish, I needed Dylan in my life. I could not afford to lose him. 

I bit my bottom lip, sitting down and deciding to wait for a while. It wasn’t the time to speak up. No, I’d wait for the priest’s words, then I would act. Yes, it sounds like a good plan.

Do not say yes, let’s run away now,

I’ll meet you in the aisle of the church by the back door

Do not wait, or say a single vow,

You need to hear me out,

And they said speak now

The minute I heard him say “speak now or forever hold your peace”, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to stop this bloody joke right now. So I rushed to the church’s entrance, walking down the red carpet until I was in front of the couple. In front of him. He seemed surprised when our gazes mingled together, but it swiftly faded away, being replaced by tenderness. Only then his lips curled into a smile. Plus, in that moment, I didn’t care how crazy this was, I just went and linked our mouths together, fully aware of the horrified looks everyone was shooting at us. I couldn’t care less, though. 

I pulled away, locking my gaze on Dylan’s. Suddenly, it all felt right again, despite my awful bad timing. He gave me a reassuring look, squeezing my hand and making me feel unique, like he always did. Oh, damn you, O’Brien!

“Don’t this to me please.” I quietly begged, not bothering to understand Britt’s angry squeals. “I love you so much, Dyl.”

“And I love you, Y/N.” He then looked at everyone inside the church, his eyes apologetic. “I’m so sorry, but I can’t marry. Not when I love her. This was a huge mistake.”    

I hear the preacher say

‘Speak now or forever hold your peace’

There’s a silence, there’s my last chance,

I stand up with shaky hands

All eyes on me,

Horrified looks from everyone in the room

But I’m only looking at you

I never really believed in fairytales or happy endings. It just wasn’t my thing. However, from time to time, they do happen. And as I firmly intertwined Dylan’s slim fingers on mine, running far away from that dreadful scene, I was sure that I would never again doubt that true love existed. 

Not ever. 

And you’ll say” let’s run away now,

I’ll meet in the aisle in my tux by the back door

Baby, I did not see myself,

I’m glad you were around

When they said speak now


You didn’t recognize him when you met each other for the first time.
He was a warm smile between grimaces in the cold light of the bar you’ve never been before. It was supposed to be a nice evening with your friend, a few cocktails and maybe some pool later. But she was too distracted from herself, from other guys to notice your loneliness.
You’re the outsider like before, never learn from the mistake that you’re sometimes nothing more than the appendage. The one who gets the call from her friend next day where you went and how much fun she had yesterday.
Without you.

He saw more in you.
A nice talk went quickly and slow at the same time in a flirt, in something what promised more. Brown eyes didn’t leave your face, not caring about the other people around as he asked you to accompany him to his hotel.
A new feeling spread in your stomach, leaving in a exciting tingle in your veins as you agreed and went with him. You never did that before, but you also never did get that kind of attention.

His kisses tasted like a summer day.
You know the ones where the rain stops pouring right before the sun shines again and you can’t get enough of it.
You were the rain, he the sun and he couldn’t stop drinking and burning you.
He took what he wanted and played your body like a musician. Nothing more counted than what he did with his hands, his tongue and which melodies of lust he coaxed next from you.
The whole night you were laying with each other, talking, laughing and loving each other. It was a perfect ending and promised to become more than a simple sex as he saved his number in your phone.

Nervousness was an understatement when you dialed his number for the first time.
Your cheeks flushed from the compliments, your ears red from a never ending talk about everything and nothing. His voice sent waves of pleasant anticipation through your veins, making your heart jump.
“I want to see you again.”
The pleasant anticipation when he suggested a small café not far away from your home. Followed by disillusionment when you noticed the big sunglasses and the cap like he’s ashamed to meet you in public. The feeling faded when he kissed you and was completely forgotten when he asked for another date and another and another…

He was a liar.
It was a coincidence when you turned on the TV and stopped at a show about demons and two brothers hunting them. You heard about it and thought you’d give it a chance as you leaned back on the couch. Your phone always close in case he’d write or call.
It felt like a punch in the stomach and getting high at the same time as he appeared on your screen, younger and broader. He told you that he’s working on a farm and you laughed about it, because he didn’t seem the type for it.
And you were right.
With your eyes still on screen you took the phone and started to google him.
The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan wins..
Jeffrey Dean Morgan on his ‘bromance’ with Norman Reedus..
Jeffrey Dean Morgan pays tribute to fan favorite Denny 11 years..
Your fingers felt ice cold when you scrolled through the photos, unshed tears pooling in your eyes as you saw Jeffrey kissing other women. A vibration brought you back to reality.

‘Can’t wait to see you tonight. Xxx’

‘Me too. Hope you’ll bring Lucille.’

It took him 44 minutes and 51 seconds to realize that something was wrong and to appear in front of your door.
His voice was nothing more than a rough whisper as he said your name and whipped the tears from your cheeks. A broken shadow laid over his face as he pressed his forehead against yours.
“I can explain.”
And he did. The more he spoke, the more you understood and soon you found yourself cuddled to his chest on the couch. In the end his explanation was pretty simple, he wanted to get seen by you as a normal man and not the dude who’s standing in front of a camera.
“No more lies.”
“No more lies.” He said and kissed you softly.

He kept the promise.
From this moment you became unstoppable as a couple. Holding hands and kissing in public, him introducing you to his friends and spending your holidays on different places on earth together.
Couple stuff.
But like nearly everything it had his shade sides to be with a celebrity.
The problem weren’t the photographers or his fans who didn’t hesitate to approached to him. No, you kind of liked it, because you saw how much he enjoyed to interact with his fans.
The problem were social media.
While he hadn’t the time to read all the comments on his tweets and Instagram, you found yourself more and more on this sites.
You knew you should ignore it, but it affected you and left a bitter taste in your mouth.

Your friends called you a mystery when it comes to your feeling.
Different like Jeffrey who could read in you like a book. He knew which one of your laughters is forced and which smile didn’t reach your eyes.
“Talk to me.” He pleaded the evening before he goes back to the TWD set.
“About what?”
A sigh in disbelief as lips caught his in a deep kiss and you shoved him backwards until he fell on the couch. He was pissed as you straddled his lap and didn’t let him speak, using your womanhood against him. He let you do and soon found himself buried in the bubble of lust which you created.
With tears you looked down at the sleeping Jeff, his chest moved up and down in a steady rhythm like his heartbeat.
Maybe the others were right and he deserved better. Maybe you shouldn’t had listen to them and stayed in his warm embrace.

Now you’re standing in the door frame, in one hand a bag full of your clothes and in the other a note.

One day it’ll stop hurting.’

Now you’re the liar.

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Sunrise- Jinyoung Oneshot (GOT7)

This was a request made by @insignificants0ul I hope you enjoy it!

Also I never edit my stories, but I will eventually. Excuse any mistakes.

Group: GOT7

Genre: Fluff

Paring: Jinyoung X Reader

“Baby, wake up” Jinyoung whispered softly into your ear. He shook your shoulder gently trying to wake you from your sleep.

“What time is it?”

“5:30am, the sun will be coming up soon. Do you still want to see it? it is our last day in the cottage before our vacation ends. We won’t get another chance to see it here.”

“Yeah, I’m coming. I’ll get the coffee made, can you please go set up the swing with blankets?” You smiled hanging your arms around his neck as you sat up from the bed.

“You really want to use the swing on the porch, or do you want me to set up chairs on the balcony?”

“Couch swing please, it’s more romantic.” You placed a soft kiss into his lips before he walked off to the living room with some blankets. Half asleep, you stumbled across the carpet, using your phone as a flash light to make your way to the kitchen. Jinyoung and yourself had booked a weekend away in a small cottage far away from the city, overlooking the countryside.

With GOT7 working on another album, and preparing for another tour; as well as you finally had some vacation days to use up. You two felt it was time to escape the city for a few days and just relax. It had been quite some time since you both had time alone, especially since you two had gotten engaged a few months back. That was really the last time you had more than a few days to focus on your relationship.

You poured the coffee into two matching mugs, and pushed your way through the door leading to the porch. Jinyoung sat on the porch swing, which you had been accidentally been calling a swinging couch. Jinyoung liked to tease you on your mistakes, which this was another one of them he would use to mock you; lovingly of course. He loved your relationship, and the way that you two could openly joke with each other without causing either to become upset. He admired your playfulness, as well as you sweet and nurturing personality.

Jinyoung grabbed the coffees from you and set them down, while you snuggled up under the duvet beside him. He wrapped his arms around you, kissing your exposed shoulder after your sweater had slid off a little. “Do you know how much I love you?”

“How much do you love me?”

“I love you to the moon and back” Jinyoung smiled.

You buried your head into his chest while he continued holding onto you, keeping you safe in his arms. It was silent, and the air was chilly. The smell of pine trees, and rotting earth filled the air as the seasons changed from summer, and fall started approaching. You could see your breath every time you exhaled, slowly melting the frosted dew, which has glazed over the grass, as well as the metal on the swing.



“I’m glad I found you. I’ve never been this happy in my life, or more in love than I am right now. I feel like I fall more and more in love with you every day, and I hope it never stops.” Jinyoung spoke, breaking the silence. He passed your cup of coffee over to you and continued on, “You know, I have this dream about our future together.”

“Tell me” you whispered.

“I want us to live in a nice house of the outskirts of the city, with our kids and maybe even a pet. Maybe when we are older I wouldn’t be touring as much, but I can still make a good living to support us. You can continue working, or you can be a stay at home mom if you like. We’ll take turns being home and caring for the babies, and you wouldn’t ever feel like you are raising them on your own. I want to be with you every step of the way. Then we can grow old together, have dinner parties with our friends, and… Oh my God, you’ve made me soft.”

“You were always soft, you were just really good at hiding it under all your sass. I guess you can say I brought the best out in you” you laughed in response.

Jinyoung just looked at you with a smug smirk plastered on his face, “I hope we continue being this happy after we get married as well, and it’s coming up soon. How long is it until the wedding now?” “1 month and 3 days” you smiled while taking a sip. The sun had just started to rise, the rays peeking over the hills below.

“One month is too long, I want to marry you right now and start a family. God, I want to be a dad so bad.”

“Really? How many kids do you want?”

“Two or three would be a good amount. One baby at the very least. I want to spoil our children, but just enough that they know how much we love them. Not too much though, they need to be good kids.”

You put the coffee down, and stood back up. Jinyoung looked a little confused as you slid away from his grip. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong, I just… I’ll be right back. One second.” You returned a moment later with a small box and handed it to Jinyoung before sitting down with him again.

“What is this?”

“It’s your birthday present; I know it’s two weeks early but I think now would be a better time.”

He looked at you puzzled, and started pulling at the small knot. The box was small, but inside contained another small ring box. “You got me a ring for my birthday?”

“Just open it.”

He opened the ring box, hiding that the foam holder was discarded. He pulled the item out of the box, holding the pacifier by the handle. “What?”

“Happy early birthday! I got you something I knew you really wanted…”

“You’re pregnant?”

“Yeah” you smiled, tears starting to form in your ducts.

“Are you serious? You-you’re… I mean we… A baby? Really?” He choked.

“Yes, I know we weren’t really planning to yet but, surprise!”

“How far along are you?”

“3 weeks, almost four.”

“Oh my God, I’m going to be a dad. I can’t believe it!” He cheered pulling you in close, kissing your forehead.

“We’re going to be parents, and we’re getting married soon as well. Best of all is you won’t even be able to tell when we get married since you usually don’t show until you are like 3 months or so. From what I’ve read online.”

“Who cares if you show or not! You’re creating life! You’re absolutely beautiful no matter what.”

Looking into his eyes, which now had tears forming made you heart start racing. The two of you had both just shared an extremely intimate moment in your lives, and you couldn’t help but forget about your surroundings. So much love was shared between the two of you, and even though this morning had been about watching the sunrise together, it had turned into something much more beautiful. There was no number of beautiful sunrises that could match this perfect moment you two shared while the sun’s bright orange and red colors lit the sky.

“Jinyoung; you are the love of my life. I’ll fall in love with you over and over again, until the end of time.”

How to get your dog used to fireworks

I’ve been asked a couple times and thought I’d make a post! 

Jasper and I used medium to high value treats for this.

START SMALL: Have a friend popping bubble wrap far away. Only go as close as your dog is comfortable, work on their confidence and try again in another session to get closer. Don’t act fearful and always praise them and throw a party when they ignore the popping. Give them commands they are confident with, like “sit” or “touch”. 

Once your dog is used to bubble wrap, start over with balloons. If you have anything that makes a bigger pop than balloons, work up to that too! After that, visit your local hunt club or friend with a gun. Start far away again, Jasper and I live next to a gun club so we can walk up to it and hang out on our normal walks, this step might be difficult to do for some people, and you might get away with practicing with firework noises on a loud speaker instead. Remember to start far away and only go as close as your dog is comfortable. Always end a session on a good note where they succeed, even if you have to go back a step. If your dog starts to act fearful, go back to a step where they are comfortable and work until they are confident again. 

Since fireworks are a seasonal thing, wait until your next celebration where fireworks are set off. Park a couple blocks away so you have a retreat away from the fireworks without leaving them. Use the HIGHEST reward treats whenever a firework goes off, fireworks are your new clicker. They will set off fireworks prematurely throughout the day most likely, so you can gauge their reaction using those. This time, start closer (maybe 2 blocks) and back off or go forward depending on how they respond. 

Rinse and repeat until you have a confident dog around fireworks :D It may take some dogs longer at one step or another, but just keep working on it slowly and I think you’ll have success. 

TL;DR: Start small, start far away, use good treats, and only go as close as your dog is comfortable. 

Softball Player

 request:  Could you make a imagine where the boys find out you play softball. It would would be awesome because I play softball! Thanks

a/n: I’m no good at this stuff but enjoy

summary: BTS finds out  you’re a softball player

pairing: BTS x Reader

genre: fluff

warnings: none

word count: 834 (sorry it’s short)

Originally posted by lostinbangtan

“Hey (y/n), are coming with us on Saturday?” a voice behind you asked. You stopped walking and turned your head, smiling as you realized who the person was. “Hoseok, hi. What’s happening on Saturday?” you replied, raising an eyebrow. Hoseok made a face and held his chest, as if he had been shot there. “Ouch. You forgot already? We’re going to the beach remember?”

Your (e/c) eyes widened. “Oh yeah! I guess I did forget. The thing is though, I’m busy that day.” you said with a frown. “I got something important going on that day, I’m sorry Hoseok.” He nodded and gave you a small pout. “i understand. I’ll tell the boys you can’t make it. But you’re hanging out with us on Sunday alright?” he playfully demanded.

“Mmm, I’ll see if I can.” you said with a grin. “Well, I’ll see you later.” you added, waving him off.

As much as you wanted to join them, your schedule was packed with softball practices, from morning  to late afternoon. Championships were coming up and coach was set on winning this year, so practices have been longer. With a sigh, you hitched your duffel bag higher up your shoulder.

“Oi, (y/l/n)! Hurry up! What kind of captain is late to practices?” one of your teammates called out. Rolling your eyes, you jogged over to the team.

“Shut up for once yeah?” you snapped, quickly changing into your uniform. “On the field now!” This is gonna be a long practice, you thought to yourself.


Jin double checked the bags they were bringing to the beach and realized that something was missing. “Hey, where’s the sunscreen?” he called out.

“We need to buy some. We can get it when we go to buy some food.” Namjoon replied. “Let’s go now. You’ve checked the bags multiple times already.”

“You know I really wished (y/n) came. It’s been awhile since we hung out. What’s the important thing she’s doing anyway?” Yoongi asked. Hoseok shrugged his shoulders. “She never said what it was.”

Reaching the store, Namjoon turned around to address his members. “Okay. everyone get what you wanna eat and meet here in-”

He was abruptly cut off by the sound of a whistle, followed by multiple voices. “All of you shut up!” a familiar voice yelled. “How the hell are we going to win the championship if all you’re gonna do is fight?”

The boys looked across the street towards the baseball field. Their eyes landed  on a group of girls in what looked liked softball uniforms.

One person in particular had caught their attention. They immediately recognized the girl’s (h/c) hair and small figure, even from far away. “Is that-”

“Yeah it is.” Jungkook said. “She plays softball? How come we never knew that?” he asked. “Let’s go over there.”

Following Jungkook, they all crossed the street and entered the field. A couple of the girls had noticed their presence and furrowed their eyebrows. 

“Don’t go blaming everyone else for being the reason you got hit in the face with the ball Jess! If you weren’t so busy gossiping about who knows what, you could’ve caught it. We’ve won games with pure luck and soon enough that luck is gonna run out.” you said. 

You took off your cap and ran a hand through your hair. Noticing that not everyone’s attention was on you, you snapped. “Your attention should be over here. What the hell is so interesting over there?” 

“Do we count as interesting (y/n)?” Taehyung’s voice rang out behind you. You jumped and turned to face the group boys. Your eyes widened slightly as they stepped towards you. “What are you doing here?” you asked.

“Well we were about to buy food from the store over there, when we heard you yelling.” Jimin said. A frown graced his features as he looked at you.  “Why didn’t you tell us you did softball?” he asked. 

You scratched the back of your head and met their gaze. “It’s not something I usually share. And if you knew, you’d  probably come to my games and embarrass the crap out of me.” you replied.

“Damn right we would. But it’s because we love you, Plus we could’ve supported you during games!” Yoongi said. He slung an arm around your shoulder and pulled you close. “I’m quite disappointed you didn’t tell me princess.”

You shrugged away from his arm. Shaking your head, you laughed. “Well thanks for stopping by guys, but we really need to practice. Now scram.” you said with a playful scowl.

“Can we stay? Please?” Jungkoook whined. “We can go to the beach some other time.With you!”

“No, you guys can be very distracting at times and these girls get distracted easily. Now leave before I beat you with a bat.”

They immediately grabbed their things and retreated. “I’d like to live, thank you very much.” Jin said, walking away. “Bye (y/n)!” 

You watched as they walked away. “What idiots.” you say with a smile.