An au with my own original story i did for myself a few days ago and forgot to post ^^
Just for fun because i love fantasy au’s

In the criminal empire Denobis exists a Ruler (Victor) who was imprisoned himself in the said empire but got a higher position just because they needed someone.People say that it’s also his faul that all the races and creatures are treated so badly in Denobis .
Yuuri, a prisoner in layer 4, because his race is classified as “too dangerous” however actually seems to look up to him.

His race isn’t that dangerous btw, when he’s pushed into a corner he starts to produce a poison that spreads over his skin from his heart but that poison doesn’t kill you, (except maybe in the strong fear of death, depends) it only causes a little pain or let’s you catch a cold.
But denobis is a really shitty empire…


Indian Summers - 1x03 - “Do you wish to be free?”

2016: Bernie Sanders comes to power. 

2018: All private firearms are confiscated. Libertarian bloggers imprisoned.

2019: Bernie Sanders gives State of the Union address in fursuit. Institutes “Yiffcred” as national currency

2021: Term limit abolished. President Bloodpelt Nightfang (formerly known as Bernie Sanders) installed as president for life. 

2022: Invasion of Canada. Mass rape, slaughter, and fur-suit skin grafting.

2023: World unites against Furry Menace, but are incapable of stopping Furry expansion.

2027: Half of world under Socialist Furry domination. Uprisings, rebellions, crushed beneath a fursuited boot.

2035: The last of the Free Nations fall to the Furry Empire.

2046: Small group of rebel outcast discover cryopod in the unused subway tunnels under New York City. Labeled “Donald Trump”.

2048: Well funded and organized resistance emerges from underground. Donald Trump spearheading the charge. 

2050: Half of New England is liberated. The rest of the occupied world is growing restless. 

2051: Donald Trump captured in battle. Brutally executed as a display of power. Entire world revolts. 

2056: The Furry Empire lies in ruins. Bloodpelt Nightfang dead from self inflicted fursuit overheating. Suit and body burned by his closest attendants.

2058: Donald Trump Jr. reunites world. 

22 ADT (Anno Donald Trump): The world has ascended into a golden age brought about by the Trump bloodline. 

75 ADT: Trump World Administration declares furry porn 100% eradicated. All human minds instantly converge into a single conscience. Humanity’s collective destiny has been fulfilled.

Submit a nation and i will make it on EU4 and try to lead your people to glory.

Make a nation.

The nation you make, will it be able to stand the tests of war, plague, and time? Do you think you have what it takes to rule an Empire? with the help of your Military Commander (Me) you people can be warring barbarians, warriors of Civilization, or the humble nation of science and reason. can you rise up to claim glory…

or will you fall and parish into the deserts of time..?

Size: one province, small, medium, large, Empire.


Nation Name:
Nation adjective:
Ruler name:
Dynasty name:
Heir name:
Nation colors:
Flag colors:
Idea set: Roman, Egyptian, Great Britain.
Year: (any where from 2AD to 2016)

Religion inludes many ancient faiths, even Hellenic.

Government would be the form of you nations elite, ex. Fascist Dictatorship.

Nation adjective is something like this.
Nation: Rome
Nation Adj: Roman.

If you wish to use IM to submit feel free.

Location example, “i want it located in Central Europe.” Or “the capital of my nation is here *name city* once in game change it to *new capital name*

The Terris had a lot more skin color diversity than the people of the central dominance. A large number of those preserved had darker skin, so in the W&W era, you are starting to see skin color become associated with them. During the Final Empire, skin color was basically ignored.
Note that for even people in the Elendel Basin, darker skin won’t get nearly as dark as what you will find on Roshar or Taldain.
EDIT: Now that I’m on my computer instead of my tablet, I can dig into this a little more. What other posters have been saying is true–the region of the Final Empire we see in the first trilogy is very small, and the Final Empire itself isn’t terribly big. There’s not a lot of racial diversity at all.
That said, the Terris are a distinct ethnic group. I carefully didn’t describe people in the original books with regard to a lot of racially identifying features. One of the Lord Ruler’s goals over the years was to stamp these things out, to create a single unified people. While he couldn’t change genetics, his work here did make people start to look at things like class and clothing more than accents or racial identifiers. In addition, it was important that the Terris be diverse enough that, while some looked Terris from just a glance, with others, you could meet them and (for obvious reasons that are spoilers) not know they were actually Terris.
That isn’t to say they aren’t there–they actually are. Elend and Straff would have a bit of an accent, and Cett a fairly strong one. Sazed would look racially distinct from Vin.
As we get further from the Final Empire, we see these things becoming more of a marker. The Terris work to preserve their cultural heritage, and this distinctiveness highlights other aspects about them, including the dark skin that many of them brought through the end of the world. The next trilogy (1980’s era) is planned to star a Terriswoman right now, and she would likely resemble someone ethnically black to many of us on Earth.
—  Brandon on Scadrian races (from: Reddit)