Ten Years of Ten: Gridlock (April 14, 2007)

“The Macra used to be the scourge of this galaxy. Gas. They fed off gas, the filthier the better. They built up a small empire using humans as slaves and mining gas for food.”
“They don’t exactly look like empire builders to me.”
“Well, that was billions of years ago. Billions. They must have devolved down the years. Now they’re just beasts. But they’re still hungry and my friend’s down there…”
Hulu's 'Harlots' challenges the typical TV depiction of prostitutes as nameless sidekicks or props
From the new Hulu series 'Harlots' to 'Game of Thrones,' 'The Knick,' 'Emerald City' and more, brothels have always been a TV staple
By Lorraine Ali

Faceless as they are, television’s ladies for hire have certainly multiplied. If you were to judge the female population based off their representation in the last decade’s programming alone, it would appear more like 4 out of 5 women sell sex for money, and they all happen to look like swimsuit models — just without the swimsuit.

You’ll find them in, to name just a few, “The Girlfriend Experience,” “Emerald City,” “Billions,” “Anger Management,” “Goliath,” “The Knick,” “Taboo,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Ripper Street,” “Boardwalk Empire,” “True Detective,” “Training Day,” “Ray Donovan,” “House of Cards,” “Secret Diary of a Call Girl,” “Hawaii Five-0” and the various flavors of “Law & Order,” “CSI” and “NCIS.” Remember the HBO drinking game — take a shot every time they show a scene in the whorehouse or strip club? Audiences are still drunk.

And viewed through the male gaze of the hero, as they almost always are, the working women of TV are a fail-safe plot device. They’re the hooker with a heart of gold that he hopelessly falls for, the imperiled hooker he saves, the hooker he brazenly uses, the dead hooker who’s a clue in the case he must solve. They’re the perfect backdrop to help define his dilemma, and require almost no setup when it comes to staging those ubiquitous, hot sex scenes in unlikely places. And that’s when they are afforded the dignity of being a plot device as opposed to mere titillating window dressing.

But with “Harlots,” television’s favorite wallpaper now has its own show.

The Hulu series, which premieres Wednesday, doesn’t just visit the brothel, it lives there among the women of London’s 18th century sex trade. It’s their perspective that drives the narrative and, it turns out, prostitution looks a lot different through the eyes of a woman in the business. (A British co-production, the show airs two days earlier on ITV.)

“Harlots” is a frank depiction of women forced into the profession by poverty, class or birth, but not an entirely desperate one. The sex scenes here are neither titillating nor horrifying, gratuitously explicit or unnecessarily judgmental. They are simply a function of the job.

Bodices aren’t ripped in passion, but rather skirts lifted for the sake of practicality and time. The quickies in an alley are just that, quickies, and it’s onto the next John … or maybe a lunch break.

The women’s lives beyond these paid transactions is where the real story is.

The Wells family is building a small empire off their hard work. Margaret (Samantha Morton) owns and runs a brothel in a hardscrabble section of the city. She was born into this life: Her own mother sold her at age 10 for a pair of shoes. But she’s made the best of the hand she was dealt, and unlike most of the women in 1700s London, she is a small business owner. Now Margaret is pimping out her own daughters, Lucy (Eloise Smyth) and Charlotte (Jessica Brown Findlay).

Her appalling choice is not without guilt, but whatever maternal instincts she has are countered by her goal to raise enough money to buy a home in the upscale neighborhood of Soho.

“Money is a woman’s only power in this world,” says Margaret. “This city’s made of our flesh, every beam, every brick. We’ll have our piece of it.”

There is competition, however. Formidable madam Lydia Quigley (Lesley Manville), who runs a classier crosstown bordello in a more respectable part of London, is intent on destroying Margaret’s business. Their brilliant and ruthless tactics to undermine each other rival that of the competing agencies of “Mad Men.”

The eight-part series was influenced by “Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies,” a directory to London whoring written by patrons and pimps in the 1700s. The guide, published for nearly 40 years, was like a Yelp for sex trade customers that listed the specialties, talents and physical attributes of prostitutes in the highly trafficked area.

Created by Moira Buffini and Alison Newman, the show’s team of producers, directors and writers is largely female, which partially explains why “Harlots” is a fresh look at an age-old profession — and television trope.

The casting of Brown Findlay (formerly the feisty Lady Sybil of “Downton Abbey”) as the steely-eyed, calculating survivor Charlotte is a statement in itself. She moves among the powdered-wig upper crust with the confidence of a professional woman, which in contrast to the limited roles for ladies of that era, is empowering.

But “Harlots” is not a feminist proclamation that recasts the sex trade as something noble. It’s a series in which the prostitutes are treated by the show’s writers with the same levels of humanity and importance as the men who’ve historically used and defined them. Here, the Johns play a supporting role to the show’s real stars: complex, shrewd and conflicted women who, just like their customers, have ambitions and goals.


An au with my own original story i did for myself a few days ago and forgot to post ^^
Just for fun because i love fantasy au’s

In the criminal empire Denobis exists a Ruler (Victor) who was imprisoned himself in the said empire but got a higher position just because they needed someone.People say that it’s also his faul that all the races and creatures are treated so badly in Denobis .
Yuuri, a prisoner in layer 4, because his race is classified as “too dangerous” however actually seems to look up to him.

His race isn’t that dangerous btw, when he’s pushed into a corner he starts to produce a poison that spreads over his skin from his heart but that poison doesn’t kill you, (except maybe in the strong fear of death, depends) it only causes a little pain or let’s you catch a cold.
But denobis is a really shitty empire…

Servants ~ Chapter Two

A Zhang Yixing Royal life AU series

Not requested

Genre: Angst // Romance

Summary: (of this series) As an upcoming king, Zhang Yixing has always had many pressures and expectations as the only heir to the royal throne. As his servant, he never acknowledges you. What happens when he suddenly does?

Summary: (of this chapter) Um, not much. It’s pretty fluffy though.

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three, coming soon}

A/N: Okay I lied there’s no smut. Also, I’m not too confident about this chapter. I wrote it over the course of about a month, so near the end is where I get a little iffy about it…but I hope you enjoy it!

“Stay here. Clean the windows or something. Just stay here.” he says firmly. The last sentence he says is full of desperation.

He wants you to stay with him.


“Your high-”

He smirks. “You never seem to listen. Defy me. Disobey me. I dare you.”

“I apologize…your highness.” you say. “I’ll be right back.” you bow your head and scurry away, your face starting to flush. That look he just gave you back there…

A look of mixed annoyance and desperation.

And something else.


You saw it. You swear you saw it. In that moment he told you to disobey him, to defy him. It was a small window to how he really felt. But you know it was there. Even if it was for a split second, you know for sure you saw fear take over his eyes for a short time.

Nervously coming back into the room to clean what’s already spotless, you walk by Yixing, his eyes following your every step. As he focuses on your body moving across the room, you see his date glare at you, causing you to look down.

“Don’t be afraid to look up,” you hear him say with slight amusement in his voice. “You listen to me. Not her. Don’t look down at all while you’re here, my commands.”

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When hope is lost

“Rebelions are built on hope” is quote everyone reading this probably knows.  Every member of the Ghost crew (except Chopper, probably) in many ways run on the hope of their actions - even the small ones - making a difference.  Of the rebellion continuing to grow.

But hope shrinks in face of adversity sometimes, yet they keep fighting. Hope can be extinguished, or snuffed out temporarily.  What happens then?


When he loses hope, he loses the will to carry on fighting.  We saw this with how he threw himself into drink and debauchery for his teenage years and most of his twenties.  We see this again with how he’d increasingly isolated himself from the rest of the rebellion over the season 2 - 3 timeskip.  Presumably, while he could use the force to fight (as he did with Maul), not being able to cook, help plan missions (since he couldn’t see the holograms), fly or shoot as well as before and more besides…

Well, he fell deep into the horrible spiraling ease of feeling worthless.


She’s defined by her hope I feel, more than any other character.  From the moment we see her in A New Dawn it’s tempered by pragmatism, but it’s undeniably there.  Even when individual disasters weigh upon her, she never gives up on the belief that it’s all worth it.

I’d hate to see what would push her to the point where that belief would start to waver.


Anger.  This is what sustained him for so very long after the fall of Lasan.

The screams of buckheads drowned out the screams of the people under his command, and that was how he survived.  Ezra helped him to a least begin to heal from that - and save every member of his specie that he could find.

Perhaps this was the moment he felt hope for the Lasat that still lived, not just for the galaxy in general.


after her family didn’t stand with her, she became a bounty hunter, called Ketsu a sister and all but dared the universe to take this last connection from her.   In many ways she HURT others to try and get some feeling back into her life, after so much of she thought she knew (that family stood by you, that Mandalore took care of their own) was wrong.

When even Ketsu abandoned her she was convinced no one would ever truely care for her, no matter what lies they told you.  She had to rely only on herself and in that spirit she fought the empire, in small ways - grafiti, theft and the like. She desperately wanted to be part of something bigger, but secrets remind her of the weapon she so innocently helped to design.

And thus she’s at core a rebel as well as a Rebel!   A stubbornness keeps her limbs moving even when she doubts the effect of their actions.


When Ezra learnt that his parents were dead, that in some ways it was him that killed them, he took up the next mission simply because that was what he did. To NOT go on the mission would risk his new family, after all!

Combine that with his obsession with keeping his friends safe while on his dark side high and it’s clear that protecting people is what he falls back on when hope is difficult to grasp

…he said as much to Yoda, come to think of it

just-cluing-4-looks  asked:

Sorry if it's already been brought up, but what are Celestia and Luna up to in the arranged marriage AU?

Celestia and Luna are the rulers of the Crystal Empire in this AU, a diarchy in which they are both titled “queen”. They are still alicorns in this AU and still have some influence over the Sun and the Moon, although I don’t think they’d be known to raise/lower them. Regardless of that, they are celebrated by their country as the “Queen of the Sun” and “Queen of the Moon” respectively, and both are loved equally. In this AU Luna never transforms into Nightmare Moon, but I’ll probably go with King Sombra attempted to overthrow the Crystal Empire but the sisters fought him off in a war, and won. Or instead, maybe he’s the one who’s kinda instigating the current wars in a quest for power and ownership of all countries globally, but I dunno.

Er, anyway, the Crystal Empire at the moment is the country that is least likely to be attacked or engaged in war because of the Sisters, but it doesn’t hurt that they have the most resilient (crystal ponies are naturally more resilient against damage because of the magic properties of their fur, just think when they have on armor) and strictly-trained soldiers in the world, despite their army being relatively small in comparison to others. Equestria is actually an annex of the Crystal Empire despite it being larger (in my headcanon and some of the other AUs it’s the opposite), and Equestria’s ties to the Crystal Empire is part of the reason why they’re so formidable (one of the reasons why Saddle Arabia sought out an alliance with them; they get the support of Equestria and, in a small way, the Crystal Empire).

Happy Star Wars Day, Sunshine!

Maia x Izzy (Ao3)

Maia rushed around her living room trying to make sure everything was perfect for her surprise. The many snacks were spread out on the table separated into a number of R2-D2 design bowls and their drinks were in Star Wars planetary glassware, filled with X-wing starfighter and Death Star ice cubes of course. Maia ran to the bedroom to grab a few more pillows that she’d covered in Star Wars pillow cases, she wanted her baby to be comfortable during their marathon. 

Catching her reflection Maia stopped to admire her outfit, or lack thereof. She’d made sure to wear the vintage Star Wars logo shirt Isabelle had bought her for her birthday, it was tight in all the right spots, and stopped just below her belly button. It ended up being Izzy’s favorite shirt on her, even if Isabelle didn’t know much about Star Wars, she knew her girl looked good in that shirt, and told her so. 

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2016: Bernie Sanders comes to power. 

2018: All private firearms are confiscated. Libertarian bloggers imprisoned.

2019: Bernie Sanders gives State of the Union address in fursuit. Institutes “Yiffcred” as national currency

2021: Term limit abolished. President Bloodpelt Nightfang (formerly known as Bernie Sanders) installed as president for life. 

2022: Invasion of Canada. Mass rape, slaughter, and fur-suit skin grafting.

2023: World unites against Furry Menace, but are incapable of stopping Furry expansion.

2027: Half of world under Socialist Furry domination. Uprisings, rebellions, crushed beneath a fursuited boot.

2035: The last of the Free Nations fall to the Furry Empire.

2046: Small group of rebel outcast discover cryopod in the unused subway tunnels under New York City. Labeled “Donald Trump”.

2048: Well funded and organized resistance emerges from underground. Donald Trump spearheading the charge. 

2050: Half of New England is liberated. The rest of the occupied world is growing restless. 

2051: Donald Trump captured in battle. Brutally executed as a display of power. Entire world revolts. 

2056: The Furry Empire lies in ruins. Bloodpelt Nightfang dead from self inflicted fursuit overheating. Suit and body burned by his closest attendants.

2058: Donald Trump Jr. reunites world. 

22 ADT (Anno Donald Trump): The world has ascended into a golden age brought about by the Trump bloodline. 

75 ADT: Trump World Administration declares furry porn 100% eradicated. All human minds instantly converge into a single conscience. Humanity’s collective destiny has been fulfilled.
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Some post Order 66 Anakin & Ahsoka headcanons, please!

anon im so sorry i took so long to reply you, i’ve been extremely busy this past week, but im here now! i know you said post order 66 but i need to give some context to the heartbreak you know, so i added a few more headcanons 

(i got very angsty writing this, and also it’s very very long, you have been warned)

[part 1]

  • it’s exactly one year after she left the temple when ahsoka calls anakin
  • she’s calling partially because she has a bad feeling that something big is going to happen and she needs to talk to someone about it, and also because she’s feeling a little lonely out here in open space
  • anakin picks up (of course) but instead of sounding happy to hear from her, he sounds a little… distracted
  • naturally, she asks him what’s going on
  • dooku kidnapped the chancellor”, he says grimly, “obi wan and i are going to save him now
  • the force is ringing with alarm now, warning her something is going to happen something bad is coming
  • before she can voice her concerns, anakin interrupts her thoughts
  • sorry snips, gotta dash off now, i’ll talk to you when i get back ok?
  • he hangs up after that, and ahsoka is left with a silent line and a growing dread of what’s coming next
  • she immediately sets off for coruscant, if something terrible is going to happen, she’ll face it with anakin together

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thecrystalbamfs  asked:


send a “♣︎” for a human au of our muses

Garnet was excited, probably more excited than most women her age got about a family member coming to visit. But, Steven was precious, so whenever it was her turn to take care of him, she always tried to make sure he enjoyed his time with her. 

Steven ended up travelling between four family members on a fairly regular basis: Herself, two more of Steven’s aunts, and Steven’s father. They all lived very different lives, and she wondered occasionally if the constant change might not be good for him, but he seemed fine to her. 

Garnet had no kids of her own, and didn’t plan to any time in the near future. She lived in a fairly small apartment in Empire City, but it was large enough that Steven could have his own room that was only a little cramped. But everything in the city was cramped, so she couldn’t do much about that.

Currently, she was waiting to pick her nephew up from the train station, which was the easiest way for him to get to her, since driving in the city was horrible and Amethyst couldn’t be bothered to wade through an hour of standstill traffic every time it was Garnet’s turn to take care of him. 

The first few times, Amethyst had ridden on the train with him, to make sure he’d know which stop to get off at, but he’d done it enough times that he could probably do it blindfolded by now. 

As soon as he stepped off the train, Garnet waved until he saw her, and as soon as he was close enough, she pulled Steven into a hug. “I think you’ve grown already.” She smiled a bit.

kate's kurobas fic rec list

organized by pairing, listed in descending order by length.  if there are any content warnings you’d like me to add, please let me know.  this list will be updated regularly :) enjoy!

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