Hey guys! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my iPad, so I’m going to dedicate a post to it! I hope it helps anyone who was wondering about it! And feel free to ask me questions if you still have any! 

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My new pastime

My current favorite thing to do is write programs to execute during real-life situations.

Here’s a sample:

// program to execute when people ask me why I’m quiet

#include <small-talk.h>

#include <escape.h>

indifferent just-go-with-it(human person_name)


     response fake_smile, nod;

     reaction = fake_smile.relation(person_name) +       nod.ver.sense(person_name) + cheeriness(fake_smile.relation(person_name)) + look(away) + esc(random);

     return reaction;


OR a simpler

void ignore(human person_name);

// you’re welcome


My spread for this busy week. I had meetings, a performance, an exam, and a paper. I just discovered Sleeping At Last and I’ve been listening to their songs almost everyday! I love them!!! Also, I had the chance to watch Beauty and the Beast! My friends and I cried so much because it was so freaking beautiful! How was your week? :)