Hey guys! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my iPad, so I’m going to dedicate a post to it! I hope it helps anyone who was wondering about it! And feel free to ask me questions if you still have any! 

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samecollege squad: those who can cook vs those who hinder cooking.

Kissing Booth

Tony leans against the booth, hand propped atop his chin. He stares out at the people passing by, and wishes he never met Janet Van Dyne.

Earlier in the week, Tony told her that he needed some extra cash, since Howard cut him off for being “unagreeable,” and Jan told him that she had the perfect job for him at the oncoming carnival. Tony agreed, and found himself standing behind a “Kissing Booth.”

Now, Tony has no problem kissing men or women, but he’d rather not kiss any random person that walks up, who might have bad breath, or, God forbid, mono.

He looks over to Jan, now forever labeled in his heart as a traitor, and curls his lip in disgust.

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community college gothic (except it’s true)

highlights from the class catalogue of my local community college this Spring:
-Beginning Folk and Blues Harmonica
-Intuitively Communicating With Animals
-Bird Language
-Creating Financial Intimacy
-Cooking Under Pressure
-Intuitive Mirroring between Animals and Their People
-eBay 2- Advanced Selling Strategies
-Septic Systems: What You Need to Know
-Radiation Safety Course
-How To Become a Cruise Ship Speaker
-Finding Your Mexican Ancestors 
-The Horse: From the Ground Up