Look at that face, how could you not love him?!  

Alright, I don’t typically do character reviews, but Shifu is just so complex and interesting and worth it!

Shifu of the Kung Fu Panda series (played by Dustin Hoffman) is my favorite character.  He’s the teacher, but also the student.  He’s very wise, but has a lot to learn.  

I love random character traits.  For example, Shifu’s ear twitches when he is annoyed.  It is just a small tick in the grand scheme of the plot, but I love when you can tell just by little physical movements how a character is feeling.

He’s quite the small but mighty character.  Arguably the best fighter in the series, he can take on villains of any size.  But he isn’t without weakness, and everyone knows a character is only as good as his weakness.

Shifu tries to be patient, but unfortunately his students can easily press his buttons (especially Po).  He’s not the perfect kung fu master he saw in his master, Oogway, and that’s where the student part comes in.  

As the teacher trope of the movies, you would think Shifu would do most of the teaching.  In reality, the teaching is done through the experiences, and Shifu learns just as much as his students.  

I don’t want to ramble for too long, so I’ll end this little review here.  All in all, Shifu is a character of great strength and great weakness, and I love him for it.

babby (n): a low budget and/or low view-count web series that YOU feel deserves some love

We’re a new blog dedicated to showcasing the Davids of the web series world; the small but mighty.

What we’d like to do:

  • create gifsets and edits for shows that don’t have many
  • promote new shows that are struggling to get off the ground
  • offer suggestions for any type of web series you could think of

Right now “we” is only one person, but if you’d like to be a moderator of this blog, send an ask!

As Jane Bennet once said, “Everyone deserves tea”.

valenshawke  asked:

A, B, J, X, Y

A - Ships you currently like a lot.

Breq, Serenity, and the USS Enterprise

Romantic ships: JeanxClare, of course. That’s my fave for a lot of reasons (poignant, ridiculously tragic, you know the drill. My other faves are MiriaxHilda and CassandraxNo35, and I’m also fond of AudreyxRachel (miraculously alive at the end of the series, woo!). Oh, and the small but mighty TeresaxCassandra. That one is canon. Do not argue with me on this.

Friendships: pretty much ALL the friendships in Claymore are my jam, but especially the four Slayers. I can see Clare and Raki as either friendship or eventual romance, but either way, I like them too. Also, Clare and Elena. She tends to be overlooked since she appeared and died so early, but she was a big part of Clare’s life and her chapter was damned sad.

B - A pairing that you didn’t initially consider, but someone changed your mind

I don’t have a lot of these, since I’m open to almost any ship if an author/artist puts in the work of making it convincing, but if canon doesn’t lead me to consider the possibility I won’t usually ship it for its own sake. MiriaxGalatea, maybe. That one’s popularity took me by surprise, but I can kind of see it. They do balance each other nicely in interesting ways.

J - Name a fandom you didn’t think about until you saw it all over tumblr

Overwatch. The main thing I know about this one is that Mercy is a healer who keeps dying because no one bothers to protect her. ;_;

X - A trope which you are almost certain to love in any fandom

I love redemption arcs, and bad guys who choose to do the right thing at a key moment and help save the day. I’m also a huge sucker for stories about rebellion and rag-tag groups of underdogs fighting the forces of oppression, even when it’s stupidly cliche. Star Wars was a formative influence.

Y - What are your secondhand fandoms?

A few of many: Pokemon (I was never fannish about it but enjoyed the cartoon as a kid, and it makes me smile to see it on my dash), Sailor Moon (everyone keeps telling me I need to see it, and it has some very nice fanart), and Overwatch (looks really cool, but even if I had the money to spend on games right now, I’m terrible at PvP).

(Thanks for the asks!)

JOEL CORNAH - THE SKY SLAYER | Small but Mighty SFF World

JOEL CORNAH – THE SKY SLAYER | Small but Mighty SFF World

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I was featured on SFF World’s ‘Small but Mighty’ series about my new book, The Sky Slayer! Check it out HERE. And here’s a little excerpt to take up some space on this blog posts and maybe get you to click on to their website and give them a sense that yes, some people do read my books.


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