How does reincarnation work?
>What species are reincarnated?
>>Who among those species can be reincarnated?
>>>If not everyone in the species gets reincarnated, who does, and how?
>What species are things reincarnated into?
>>Is it the same species?
>>Is it a different species?
>>It there a pattern to this, or is the species random?

>Where are they reincarnated to?
>>Are they reincarnated on the same planet?
>>>If not, is there a certain area in which they are reincarnated, or it it just a random location with the correct life forms?

>How many times can something be reincarnated?
>How long after one’s death are they reincarnated?

>Do people remember anything from their previous life?
>>Do they retain skills they gained and/or learn those skills faster?
>>Are they naturally drawn to the reincarnations of people they got along with previously?
>>Are they naturally repulsed by the reincarnations of people they dislike?
>>Do they become interested in the same hobbies?
>>Do they prefer the cuisine or culture of their previous life?
>>Do any fears they gained pass onto their next incarnation?
>>How many reincarnations do these things last through?

>Is there any way to control when or where you get reincarnated?
>Do people, in general, believe that reincarnation exists?
>>Why or why not?

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I love your work and all the keychains you have been doing recently. They are adorable and amazing and very creative. I hope you get more chances to take breaks and have fun! : D

thanko ヾ(   ᐢ●ᴥ●ᐢ)

ive shipped over 100 orders…………. ive got a lot more to go 0: thats what im doing right now haha. fINALLY the Noodle charms will be shipped tomorrow. (batch 3)

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Once a sick kid, and now a soldier, the possibility of imminent death is something Steve's had to grow accustomed to. Turns out, a sacred, somewhat odd nightly ritual, helps him cope.

It had been strange at first, after the serum, to find out how deep a ‘deep breath’ really was.  

He was lying on his back in his bed in Stark Tower and no matter where or when he was, nothing was as comfortable and as comforting as that last breath before winding down into his nightly ritual.  

His mother had started it; he never remembered a time when she didn’t sit with him, hand on his back and breathing slow and deep with him before mentioning three things she was grateful for and one happy memory, before another three deep breaths.  Sometimes, they were grateful it was sunny, and sometimes they were grateful they were Irish and sometimes they had such nice neighbors.  Sometimes it was bigger things, being grateful for being able to eat dinner or have heat.  They were always grateful, Sarah would always say, for second chances.  A new one, every day, my dear, was what she always said every evening.  

Steve took in his third deep, deep breath and held it for a slow count to ten before releasing it slowly.  Eyes still closed, he thought for only a few moments before murmuring to himself:

“I’m grateful for the trust of my teammates.  I’m grateful for belonging.  I’m grateful for second chances; a new one, every day.”

He paused again for several moments before continuing:

“Singing in the car with Rhodey after his PT appointment this week made me really happy, because I didn’t think he’d smile or laugh for a couple days.  It was a rough appointment and I admire him and he can really sing him some Sly and the Family Stone.”

Steve went quiet, taking three more slow, deep breaths, and drifting off to sleep.