I guess I am on an IKEA kick, but the Lack shelf is lovely and SPACE EFFICIENT. It’s perfect placed in a corner like you see in the picture. 

Another one of my more resourceful favorites is the Benno DVD tower which is AMAZING for storing high heels… Think about it… I’ll be sure to include an update post on my personal shoe solutions soon. 


Klopf Klopf

Johannes Häuser created ‘Klopf Klopf’, a clever piece of furniture for modern nomads. Our personal circumstances are switching faster than ever and we move our homes almost periodically. Thus our furniture needs to keep up with us. That is exactly the idea behind ‘Klopf Klopf’. Made of three different pieces and the matching clasps it is variable in height and length, it can be modified or extended. Always ready to be moved or to adopt to new demands.

Small spaces thrive on dual purpose furniture. @Thelittlestapartment (aka my apartment) is currently rocking a the storage bench coffee table, and MAKING IT WORK. 

Try this adorable teal Storage Bench for pop of color in your living area, or this incredible Stacking Storage Table from IKEA. 

 Photo credit: @housebeautiful