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Final day: Mission Completed


Slowly, so slowly, I started to regain my senses, regain them from what I initially thought was sleep. But the rushed, feminine voiced hinted to something else. How long had I been gone? What had happened? And as I opened my eyes, I answered my second question with the realization, the memories that flooded in along with the sunlight that hit my not-prepared pupils. 

“you’re finally awake.” The new, feminine voice, it’s owner unknown to me, drew my eyes off the windows to the speaker. A woman. A young woman who’s eyebrows were furrowed and eyes weary, posture bad and her simple clothes too big. 

“Who are you?” I croaked out, only receiving a light glare back from the woman. She stood up from the floor she had been kneeling on, and as she did, I noticed that I was lying on top of a single mattress on the hardwood floor in the middle of a small apartment with furniture placed sparsely. The walls were free of any pictures and posters, the floor void of any blankets and the windows clear of any curtains except for a few blinds here and there. 

I fixed my crazed eyes on the woman yet again. “Where’s Tao? And Sehun? Sehun must be worried sick, he must be wondering where I am- oh my god, Sehun.”

The woman hummed lowly. “So that’s your guy? Sehun?”

Your breath hitched, your chest tightening and your frown deepening with confusion. “My guy? Sehun is…” You trailed off.

“Yeah, your guy, Y/N, as in the guy you had as a mission to ruin.”

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Closer (Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: Another imagine on the same daay!! Whaaaa…Well I decided since it’s my blog I can be crazy and just update it more than once! This one is another request! Hope you like it!!!  (btw how excited are you people for new season?! cause I cant believe it’s been 4 months!)

Request: Barry and the reader inspired by the Chainsmokers song ‘Closer’ (hope you will not be disappointed anon, i’m not really good at song imagines)

Warning: being drunk,  mentions of sex, swear words idk anymore

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             The music was loud and I was drunk. I was sitting in a pub, drinking some sweet, fruity cocktail enjoying my own company. I was alone. I had just moved back to Central City after my failed attempt at a career in Star City. I had no friends, no money and my car broke down few meters from my new apartment that I could barely afford.

             I was broke and alone. My small drinking problem didn’t really help with finances and I was miserable. Tired of drunk guys hitting on me I looked around the bard, searching for something good in my life.

‘Y/N?’ his voice brought me back from the dark place I went to.

             Feeling a little tipsy I looked at my ex-boyfriend. Barry Allen looked so damn fine - he wore his usual sweater, with shirt collar sticking out from underneath, his skinny jeans hugged tightly his backside and his hair was arranged in a mess. He looked so hot, in adorable dorky way and I couldn’t really remember why I left him in the first place. Oh yeah, my endless dreams to start a career in the world of economics. Yeah, that didn’t really work out now did it?

             I looked at him and I knew well that seeing me must have hurt him. I left without saying goodbye. I left him, with a stupid note. That’s it. I didn’t even pick up his calls. I was such a bitch sometimes. The guilt welling up in my gut, connecting with alcohol wasn’t the best mixture but I couldn’t hide now. He’s already seen me.

‘Hi Barry’ I said quietly, trying to look everywhere but in his eyes.

             There was a silence between us and I knew well that I should apologise. I loved him, but at the time, my career was more important. If I haven’t left, who knows where we would be right now? Maybe we would be getting married? Having another kid? Or we would be exes, who hate and try to kill each other on every turn? Who knew?

             Man, how I wish I could turn back the time and stay. I was insane. I was four years younger and I didn’t know any better. And now seeing him here, all the memories came back crushing me. All our late nights, listening to old punk-rock bands until our ears bled, meeting his weird friends… I realised that maybe the reason I came back to Central City after four years of failure, was because I missed him. Or I needed a clean slate.

‘I… I’m sorry Barry’ I said finally. ‘I am so sorry I left. If I could turn back the time… If I could just go back and stay, I would.’

             He looked at me for few seconds. I could cut the tension between us with a knife. I was doing great. I was fine, before I saw him. Yeah I had my problems, with money, beginnings of alcoholism and life in general, but I didn’t want him back till the moment he walked into my life again. With his cute smile, beautiful eyes and his kindness. Damn him.

‘Four years, Y/N, four years and no calls’ he said, coming closer ‘I didn’t know what happened to you.’

             I looked down, feeling ashamed and sad. How much I would give to go back in time and punch myself in the face. Tell myself that there was no luck in Star City and I should stay here with the best guy I knew. The best guy I ever had. The best one, I’ve ever loved.

‘I know. I’m sorry. I was young and stupid… and I regret it so damn much’ I felt the tears forming in my eyes.

             We talked for another few hours, it felt familiar. It felt like I never left. I was apologising to him over and over again and then proceeded to tell him what happened in my life. He told me about his work, Mr Big Shot C.S.I. and I wasn’t jealous. I was happy for him, I was proud of him and I could see he’s moved on.

             Well, Karma really was a bitch.

             After few hours we stopped talking and we started kissing. It all felt too familiar. Each move of his arms, each kiss and each curve was discovered four years earlier. It was good that I came back.

             I was finally home.


             I woke up, feeling the beginnings of hangover creeping in. I looked around my small apartment, with literally no furniture except for old mattress in the middle of my living room. Something was different. I tried to remember what that could be.

             The moment someone’s hand brought me closer and I felt male presence behind me it all came back.

             Our talk. Our sweet kisses, rediscovering each other in the bar. Pulling each other closer and closer, until we were kicked out for indecency. Us laughing. The ride home, spent on his lap, whispering sweet words into his ear. And then home. The kissing, touching and sex. At first shy, but then passionate, hot and amazing. The animalistic need that swallowed both of us, riding us both into sweet oblivion.

             It was like riding a bike. You couldn’t forget it.

‘Morning beautiful’ he said quietly, kissing my neck.

‘Morning Barry’

             I smiled feeling content. For the first time in what felt like ages, I could see hope. I could see myself starting again, with the guy I was always supposed to end up with. And maybe he didn’t fully forgive me yet. And maybe I’ll need to apologise million times more. But as long as he was with me, I knew I could do it. I knew I could get up and try again.


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Something witchy in the air {closed}


Neither Pietro nor Wanda owned many things, and that alone had made moving into the small apartment relatively easily. They’re furniture had been rented and they’re clothing and bed linens and other possessions had easily fit into a couple of small boxes. They had meant for there moving in to be as discreet as possible. Not wanting to draw attention to themselves, well no more than necessary.

It was a process that both twins grown used to by now. They would live somewhere for a couple weeks, then they would slip up and be found out again. It wasn’t that either of them were trying to get found either. They just slipped up sometimes. It was no one’s fault really. Not his nor Wanda’s, placing the blame directly on either one of them would be unjust.

Setting the last box gently beside the door he unlocked the front door. He felt like he was being watched. Call it paranoia but he couldn’t help looking around suspiciously. His eyes lingering on the door to the right of there own apartment before he quickly jerked the door open sliding the box in through the doorway following quickly in tow.

Skimmons Week- Day Seven: Future

So first off, I’m really upset that Skimmons week is over after today! I don’t want it to be done! I love every one of you talented and amazing authors and artists and have enjoyed seeing everything this past week!

Anyways…so here is my “future” story. It’s totally AU because apparently I can’t resist the urge to turn anything and everything into an AU. This story is very, very heavily influenced by the movie Sound of My Voice so I really can’t take credit for the idea (or even a few bits of dialogue). If you haven’t seen that movie, you really should. I hope you all enjoy!

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