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Lycra/Lumberjack- Sam x Reader Challenge

A/N: This is basically just fluff central, but then again, what’s new? Hope you enjoy! 

Request/Prompt/Neither/Challenge: @teamfreewill-imagine ‘s 21st Jobs Challenge! My prompt was Yoga Instructor!Sam. (Thank you for letting me participate!)

Warnings: Swearing. 

Word Count: Roughly 2100. 

The morning of September 12th, you weren’t expecting any big life changes. Go to work, make small talk with customers, lock up, go home, binge watch food network, and collapse into bed. Little did you know, there would be a very interesting new plotline introduced into your life that day. Sam Winchester.

You had driven to work as usual, parked your car just outside the café, and begun to unlock the door when you noticed the moving truck on the other side of the road. It sat dramatically in front of the old nail technicians, establishing its authority with huge boxes and furniture spilling onto the street. You turned with curiosity, abandoning the door, and jogged across the road. Stopping next to the truck, you knocked on the window to capture the attention of the driver. He turned and shot you a friendly smile as he opened his door. “Mornin.” He greeted. 

“Morning! I’m just wondering who’s moving into the new building?” You queried, now taking a closer look into the windows. A counter had been set up across the room, and a whiteboard sat propped against the wall. 

“Yoga studio, I believe.” The driver replied, indicating over his shoulder.

“Oh cool. Thank you! Have a great day.” You smiled, turning and walking back across the street, grateful for the early morning lack of traffic. As you returned to the front door of the coffee shop, you found yourself imagining the kind of people who would work in the studio. As your mind gave into all the stereotypes possible, you didn’t think you would be making any friends. Yoga just wasn’t for you.

Two days later, after no movement in the yoga studio since the moving truck, you were already inside the shop, wiping down tables. It wasn’t the nicest job, but you liked the environment, and it was a popular place for good tippers. That, and you always got there before anyone else, so you had some alone time every morning to open up shop. After finishing up the last table you crossed the room, humming, with the cloth squeezed in your hand, wondering if anyone would notice if you took one of the biscotti in the window. You decided against it, dropping the cloth in the sink as you squeezed behind the counter. Your eyes traveled across the road as you realized there were no other jobs to be done, and they landed upon a huge black four-wheel drive. Giving you no time to imagine who could be inside, the door opened and a man stepped out. Even from across the street, you could see how tall he was. His long brown hair just rested above his shoulders, shiny and soft looking. His grey tank top clung to his body, showing off his upper body strength and tanned limbs. Your mouth dropped open. You silently thanked the universe for sending you this creature to stare at every day of the week. As you had begun to wonder if he had a girlfriend or boyfriend, he caught your eye. You hesitated stupidly and shot him a smile, along with a two-finger wave. He grinned back, shutting his car door and locking it over his shoulder. He began to carefully cross the road, making your heart skip a beat. Oh God, he was coming inside. 

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anonymous asked:

Hello, miss Carrie! Since that desktop image that showed us your notes and what you've been working on... What has changed? Any new projects? Small or big. Curious to know what's coming our way from the brilliance that is your brain. :D

hi! thanks for asking, here’s all the progress on all the stuff i’m working on: 

  • thominho high school au 1k
  • skittles, just like heaven au 1k
  • scerek, werewolf preschool 2k
  • scerek, s4 coda 1k
  • mchaleinski, soulmates au, outlined
  • mchaleinski, awkward craigslist au, 2k

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