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I feel dysphoric because I can't find men's clothing that fits me. I am a size small in women's clothing and it's really bothering me. I can't even find masculine clothing for cheap. It's all quite expensive. So are small shoes *size 5.5 in women's* Do you have an idea what I could do or where I could go?

Your new go-to shopping section is the boys department. J.Crew Boys and Brooks Brothers Boys are my two favorites. They both carry extensive online selections while the style and fit rarely change through the seasons. I suggest you order a single item in multiple sizes, like a sport jacket or dress shirt, and see whichever fits your body and aesthetic best. With free returns, there’s no risk and you’ll then know the sizing that works for ordering everything else on their sites. I shop at J.Crew boys all the time and nobody ever notices. Pricing on children’s clothing is always cheaper and the quality usually similar to their adult version.

*sigh* so one of my jobs is working in a small women’s clothing store put sizes go from 2-24. Anyway I’m at work today and this type of shit happens a lot and it upsets me all the time every time. I had a lady come in today and wanted a medium in a sweater we didn’t have it so I told her our sizes run a little big and that most places I wear a medium but here I can wear a small. She snort and said “Yeah, but you are a twig so what do you know.”

This happens all the time, just because I’m “small” I’m 5 foot 7 inches size 4-6 doesn’t mean I can’t tell you how our clothes fit… that’s my job!! Needlessly to say she bought the small and it looked great on her!

I have trouble find clothes too! Like my inseam is a mile long so pants are a bitch so I don’t wear them and my shoulders belong on a linebacker so shirts and dresses are a bitch sometimes too!