small womens clothes


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I feel dysphoric because I can't find men's clothing that fits me. I am a size small in women's clothing and it's really bothering me. I can't even find masculine clothing for cheap. It's all quite expensive. So are small shoes *size 5.5 in women's* Do you have an idea what I could do or where I could go?

Your new go-to shopping section is the boys department. J.Crew Boys and Brooks Brothers Boys are my two favorites. They both carry extensive online selections while the style and fit rarely change through the seasons. I suggest you order a single item in multiple sizes, like a sport jacket or dress shirt, and see whichever fits your body and aesthetic best. With free returns, there’s no risk and you’ll then know the sizing that works for ordering everything else on their sites. I shop at J.Crew boys all the time and nobody ever notices. Pricing on children’s clothing is always cheaper and the quality usually similar to their adult version.

Okay look y’all this has nothing to do with anything but wtf is with women’s jeans??? I started wearing boy’s jeans and my phone could ACTUALLY FIT IN MY POCKET, MY HANDS FIT IN MY POCKET!!! But women’s jeans?? Good luck getting anything in those pockets, it’s fuckin’ impossible. Then there are like, sweat pants for women WITHOUT POCKETS!! and other articles of clothing without pockets, or worse, wITH FAKE POCKETS!!!!! LIKE WHAT THE FUCK?? I’ve noticed that male jeans are shapeless, but women’s jeans have this skin tight thing they do like UMM whAT 13 YEAR OLD GIRL IS GOING TO BE SHOWING OFF HER BOOTY, WHY SO SKINNY JEANS EXIST??? 11 YEAR OLDS HAVE NO FUCKING BOOTY TO SHOW ANYWAY SFJZSGUIZDBIGUDIBF