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“Music is another language, it doesn’t conform to anything that is clear. People who are only well versed in one dialect can like music from another. So you are doing something special when you’re on the stage, its a spiritual thing in whatever way you want to look at it. And hey, maybe I’m just talking a whole bunch of shit, but I guess that’s for people to decide.”


‘Wrong Direction’ by Passenger

Small Werld (Melbourne) • 6 November 2011

Once in a Lifetime: Chapter 10

Once in a Lifetime: A Harry Styles AU Imagine Series


Hello all my lovely readers! The amount of love & support that I have received for this fanfic is just overwhelmingly humbling. You guys are so amazing & I absolutely love getting messages from you guys, it warms my heart so much! 

I just wanted to let you guys know that I have already planned this series from beginning to end. This imagine series has been in my head for some time now & I finally found the courage to share it! I know you guys keep telling me what you want to happen, but I really hope you don’t get disappointed by how it turns out! :] 

I love you all so very, very much. 

Harry would be proud of each & every one of you <3</i>

Chapter 10: Guilt-Ridden

If You Ever Come Back by The Script

May 2020: Manhattan, New York City (Present Day)

Your POV

“It has always been you.” I heard him whisper when he broke the kiss.

I knew it was wrong. I knew that I shouldn’t have kissed him back. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the emotions that I buried deep inside for so long, or maybe it was just because it was Harry, but in that moment, I didn’t care. 

My hands instantly came up to his chest and gripped his shirt and pulled him back in, kissing him and this time more passionately.

Harry tangled his hands in my hair, urgently kissing me back, pinning me against the brick wall. It was intoxicating. Kissing Harry again was like being sober and then getting high for the first time in ten years. His tongue slid over my mouth, begging for mine, wanting to deepen the kiss.




This was so wrong. I am not the type of person that cheats.

I pushed him off me when I finally came to my senses.

“Harry, no we-”

But I cut myself off as I saw a very shocked looking Niall with his eyes wide and jaw slightly dropped.

Oh fuck. 

I sucked both my lips in and looked at Harry who had his hands over his face when he saw his best friend. I quickly walked past Niall, glancing at his confused as ever face and went back inside the bar, ready to get the hell home.

I quickly paid my tab and then went to say my goodbyes to Eleanor, Louis and Liam.

“Wait! It’s only 2 in the morning, why are you leaving so early?” Eleanor hiccuped.

“Because it’s 2 in the morning.” I sassed and she just rolled her eyes as she pulled me in for a hug.

“What happened?” Liam asked me his arms encircled me.

“What are you talking about?” I pulled back and looked up at him.

“Why does Harry look like that?” I followed Liam’s eyes to see Harry and Niall walking in from the back, talking to each other, but Harry’s eyes were glued onto me.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I lied.

“Yeah, you know you can never lie to me.” Liam whispered in my ear.

“It’s nothing, I’m going home.” I said my goodbyes and told them all that I loved them then headed out the door and waved for a cab.

“Y/N!” I heard Harry’s voice from behind me and I closed my eyes and inhaled.

I exhaled as I felt his arm turn me around.

“Can we please talk about this?” He pleaded as his eyes searched for mine.

“Talk about what? There’s nothing to talk about, it never happened, it was a mistake.” I swallowed the lump in my throat.

“Mistake? Really? You kissed me too!” He smirked, finding my frustration funny.

“Harry. I have a boyfriend. You just- I just- I can’t do that to him! He’s a really great guy and-”

“But you don’t love him the way you love me.” Harry said confidently.

“You’re so full of yourself! God, when the hell did you become like that?” I scoffed and then turned around and waved for another cab.

“I know you Y/N. It may have been ten years since we’ve seen each other, but I still know you.” He stepped around and then in front of me.

“Coffee, tomorrow? Please?” Harry tried to take my hand in his but I pulled away and moved him out of the way as a cab came to a halt.

“No. Harry, I can’t.” I yanked opened the back door, slid in and quickly shut it.

Harry pounded his fist on the window, “Y/N! Come on! Please!”

I shook my head at Harry, told the cab driver my address and to go.

My heart was pounding the entire cab ride home. My fingers came up to my lips as I thought back to the kiss that happened just 10 minutes ago.

I could taste the beer and mint of Harry that lingered on my tongue.

I felt my heart hurt as I thought about Zayn, not only did I cheat on him but it felt… amazing. I almost forgot how he could make me feel. How our lips fit together perfectly, how he knew exactly what I liked. 

I am so fucked.

I dreaded going back up to my condo. I didn’t know how the hell I was suppose to face Zayn.

I tiptoed across my living room, trying to control my breathing as I walked closer to my bedroom door.

I opened it to find my bed empty and sighed of relief.

He decided to sleep at his own place tonight, thank god.

I dropped everything on the floor and stripped off my work clothes and curled in bed with nothing on.

I fell asleep but not after an hour of beating myself up, feeling guilty and frustrated as hell; I slowly drifted off to sleep thinking about how the sensation of his lips lingered on mine.

Harry’s POV

“What the hell was that mate?!” Niall gaped at me after Y/N walked back into the bar.

“Niall, shut the hell up.” I shook my head at him.

“You kissed my hot doctor!! What the hell, you just told me you KNEW her! Then I find your tongue down her throat! She has a boyfriend! That’s not like you!” Niall shouted.

“Niall! I KNOW! It’s a long fucking story! I have to go talk to her.” I walked past him and grabbed the handle to the glass door, but he was on my heel.

My eyes immediately found her as she walked away from the bar and said hugged her friends.

“No! You have to tell me about it, not after I just witnessed that hot make out session.” Niall smirked as stepped up right next to me.

“Niall, shut the fuck up, I will explain everything to you later.” I hissed as we both maneuvered around the crowded bar.

Niall scoffed, “You better.”

I chased after Y/N, trying to get her to talk to me and see me tomorrow but she wouldn’t. I saw the guilt in her eyes before the cab driver took off. Y/N’s a good person, no, she’s a great person, so I know that what we just did was going to eat her up inside. 

I went back into the bar and found Niall talking to Liam, Eleanor and Louis about meeting up again tomorrow night for dinner and drinks after.

“One of the best things about my job is that I don’t have to work on weekends, so I’m always down to drink.” Louis chuckled.

“You coming tomorrow Harry?” Eleanor asked, her face was flushed. She was definitely drunk since she was leaning onto Louis for support, her arms clinging around him.

“Yeah, sure, of course.” I nodded.

Louis, Eleanor and Liam stayed for another half an hour and then headed home after they all sobered up.

Niall and I pulled out two stools at the bar and sat down.

“Okay, this bar closes in an hour and fifteen minutes. You have until 4 am to tell me what the hell is going on between you and Y/N. I thought you just KNEW her,” Niall took a sip of his 10th beer, “Obviously that was a lie.”

I inhaled, collecting my thoughts, with my elbows on the table, hands clasped together and thumbs under my chin.

“Do you remember the girl I told you about back in Holmes Chapel?”

“Yer soul mate?” Niall raised his eyebrow.

I slowly nodded my head.

“Y/N? She’s tha one you gave up on?” Niall furrowed his eyebrows together.

“She’s the one that I gave up on.” I slowly repeated.

“What… the… fuck….” He was in disbelief, “How tha hell did you guys end up hea in New York? What a small ass fuckin’ werld.” He pinched the bridge in between his nose and eyes.

“Yeah, I honestly thought I would never see her again,” I shook my head.

“Wait- so how the fuck did you guys end up kissin’ earlier?” Niall turned his boy towards me, his right hand gesturing to the back door. 

“It just happened. She was yelling at me and before I knew it, we were kissing.” I admitted.

“She has a boyfriend! What are you thinking?” Niall turned his head back towards the television.

“I know, I couldn’t help it. I feel terrible.”

“No, you don’t. Bullshit.” He called me out on my lie.

“Okay, I feel terrible because she’s going to beat herself up for it.” I shrugged.

“Harry… do you still…?”

“Love her? I never stopped.”

- - - - -

May 2020: Manhattan, New York City (Present Day)

Your POV

I woke up to the vibrating sounds of my phone in my purse. I looked at the clock on my wall to see that it was noon. I’ve slept for eight hours. Shit.

I crawled out of bed and dug through my purse and pulled out my phone to see that it was Zayn calling and the guilt rushed through me again.


“There you are babe, I’ve called three times. I was getting worried for a minute.” I heard him chuckle.

“Sorry… my phone was on silent and in my purse.” I bit my bottom lip.

“Did you have fun last night? Are you hungover?” He asked.

“No… I’m just tired. I didn’t sleep until almost four in the morning.” I layed back down in my bed and pull my white sheets over my naked body.

“What? Why so late? What time did you get home?”

Well I stayed up half the night feeling guilty for kissing my ex-boyfriend and being haunted by his green eyes.

“I got home around 2:30 in the morning and I just couldn’t sleep, my head was hurting and because I drank so much, I didn’t want to take anything.” I half-lied.

“Well do you still want me to come over later? Louis texted me saying everyone from last night is going to dinner tonight.”

“What- hold on.” 

I checked my messages to see 10 unread texts and 5 missed calls, 3 from Zayn, 1 from Liam and 1 from Eleanor.

I saw Eleanor text: Hey! Dinner tonight? Call me back.

“Babe?” I heard Zayn’s voice through my phone and brought my phone back up to ear.

“Yeah, sorry I was checking my texts.” I knew that Harry was going to be there tonight and honestly, I didn’t want to see him.

“I don’t feel like going out tonight, but you can.” I pulled my knees up to my chest.

“Well we can just stay in tonight together then.”

“That sounds good. I’ll see you later this afternoon?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there around 5 or 6 but hey, I’m going to go back to work… I’ll see you later, yeah?”


I didn’t want to deal with anyone so I just tossed my phone to the other side of the bed and went back to sleep.

Liam’s POV

I spent the morning with Sophia, taking her out to lunch but then she had a few errands to run so around 3 in the afternoon I decided to go bother Y/N since she hadn’t returned any of my phone calls or texts.

I knocked on her door 10 times before she finally answered wearing a tank top and shorts.

“What the hell Liam?” She yawned as she turned around and went into her living room.

“Did you just wake up?” I asked as I closed her door and locked it.

“Sort of… I woke up at noon and then went back to sleep.”

“Why did you sleep so much?”

“Well work has been hell this week, so I needed the rest.” She sat down on the couch and I took seat next to her. After I leaned back against the couch, she brought her legs over my lap.

“Well are you going to dinner with us tonight?” I stretched my arm and rested them at the edge of the back of the couch.

“No.” She said too quickly. 

“What? Why not? You’ve never passed up group dinner before.” I looked at her and could tell she was being weird.

“I just want to stay in with Zayn tonight.” She pulled a throw pillow over her chest.

“What are you hiding? I know something happened last night.” I pinched her leg.

“Ouch! That hurt!” She hit me in the arm.

“Tell me what happened.” I demanded.

“Harry kissed me.” She mumbled.

“He what?!” I shouted as my jaw dropped and she covered her face in the turquoise chevron patterned throw pillow.

“And… I kissed him back.” I heard her mumble into the pillow.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard you right, did you say you kissed him back?!”

She let out a short high-pitched screamed into her pillow and then looked up at me with tears in her eyes.

“I’m a shit girlfriend. I feel so guilty.” She frowned as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

“You should, I can’t believe you kissed him back! Y/N! You’ve got to tell Zayn.”

“NO! God! The thing is… I feel guilty… because… I liked it.” She leaned her head back on the arm rest.

“You liked it? Y/N… are you- you’re still in love with Harry aren’t you?” I blinked at her.

She dropped the pillow and brought her hands up to her face, “I don’t know! Fuck! I just liked it and I know I shouldn’t have because I have a boyfriend who I love very much.”

“So… you love both of them?”

“Liam! Stop asking me questions I can’t answer! I don’t even know how I’m going to face Zayn tonight okay?” She looked back up at me.

“Fine! What are you going to do?” I folded my arms across my chest.

“I’m going to avoid Harry.” She simply said.

That evening, Sophia decided to go out with her friends from work who wanted to throw her a little congratulatory party for getting engaged, so I invited Andy to dinner with us since he was back for the weekend.

Louis, Eleanor, Niall and Harry were already there before us and had saved us seats.

Louis and Eleanor were sitting directly across from Niall and Harry, so after I introduced Andy to them, I took the seat next to Eleanor and Andy sat down next to Harry.

“Where’s Y/N?” Niall asked but I watched Harry’s face, knowing that he was the one who really wanted to know.

“She’s staying in with Zayn,” I said as I picked up my menu.

“Oh shit! Zayn’s getting some tonight!” Andy joked which made Louis and Niall laugh and Eleanor roll her eyes.

I looked over my menu to see Niall quickly pressing his lips together as Harry tensed up.

I knew he was looking forward to see her.

- - - - -

May 2020: Manhattan, New York City (Present Day)

Liam’s POV

That following Monday at 5pm sharp, I walked into ‘His & Hers Bakery’ for the first time and saw Sophia sitting across from Harry, chatting away.

“Hello gorgeous,” I kissed Sophia on the cheek.

“Good to see you again Harry,” I held out my hand and shook his before taking a seat.

“Good to see you too Liam.” He smiled, “Would you guys like something to drink? We have tea, coffee, bottled water.”

“I’m okay!” Sophia looked at me.

“I’m fine, thanks Harry.” I nodded.

“So, let’s get down to it.” Harry pulled out a form that had three carbon layers.

“When’s the wedding?” He scribbled both our names then checked a box that said ‘Wedding Cake.’

“August 30th, 2020!” Sophia said excitedly and I laced my hand in hers.

“Oh wow, that’s only four months away!” Harry looked shocked as he wrote our wedding date down.

“Well… Sophia and I have been together for four years so we didn’t see the point in having a long engagement.” I explained.

“Plus the wedding isn’t going to have more than 100 guests, we sent out the invitations two weeks after he proposed.” She smiled.

“I’ve never been the type for big weddings either. I’m really happy for you both. So how many layers would you like to have? Do you want them all the same flavor?”

“I think three layers is good enough….” Sophia looked at me.

“Whatever you want babe, I just need to have one layer flavored with vanilla bean frosting.” 

Harry let a out deep chuckle as he pulled out a binder and pointed at the different sizes and shapes of the cakes, he also pointed out that he could make the cake into almost any thing we want if we didn’t feel like sticking to the the traditional scheme.

After we decided on the cake shape, Harry went into the back of the kitchen and brought out a plethora of different cake flavors for us to try. 

Sophia and I tried at least 20 different flavors, overwhelmed by which ones to choose.

“Actually, to be honest,” Harry pointed at one of the slices of cakes, “I created this flavor this morning, just for you two, it’s called ‘Amour éternel.’”

Sophia let out a sequel which caught the attention of some customers and my eyes widened.

“I love this flavor! I want this one as the bottom layer and the your ‘Amour aigre-douce’ as the middle layer and Liam… I’ll let you choose the top layer.” She grinned at me.

“Oh that’s so nice of you Soph!” I said sarcastically and she playfully pouted.

I looked over the many slices of cake and I’m not going to lie, Harry knew exactly what he was doing. Everything tasted amazing and the flavor he made for Sophia and I was my favorite.

“I think that the top layer should be the eternal one, two flavors is good enough for me.”

“I think that’s a good idea too.” Harry nodded.

“Okay! Then that’s what we’re going to have!” Sophia pulled out her planner that Y/N bought for her specifically for wedding planning. It was white with ‘Liam & Sophia’s Wedding Planner’ engraved in gold on the front with our wedding date engraved on the back cover.

Sophia flipped open the ‘Cake’ tab and filled out the blank spaces that were provided.

Harry finished filling out the rest of the form, after discussing fondant colors and how Sophia would like it decorated.

We all walked over to the cash register two hours later and I handed him my credit card for the deposit on the cake. 

“How many kids are going to be at this wedding?” He asked as he swiped my card.

“I think… about 10? Maybe 15?” Sophia smiled, “Why?”

“I’m going to throw in a cupcake tower just for them, I think the size of the cake you picked out is just enough for about 120 guests. I think the kids would enjoy a cupcake tower more anyways.” Harry grinned. 

“Oh my gosh! Harry! You don’t have to do that!” Sophia’s jaw dropped.

“No, I would love too, plus Liam and I knew each other in high school, so why not? It’s no trouble at all.” Harry handed me back my card.

“Thank you so much, that means a lot to us.” I held out my hand to shake his.

Sophia practically grabbed his hand out of mine and vigorously shook it, “Harry! You’re the best! Thank you! I hope you know you’re invited to the wedding, I already have a seat picked out for you!”

“Thank you! Of course, I would love to be there,” A deep laugh escaped his throat, “You’re very welcome.”

I waited until I saw Sophia drive off before I went back into the bakery to talk to Harry.

Harry was surprised to see me and turned around to check the table we sat at, “Did you forget something Liam?”

“No, actually I’m here to talk to you.”

“Oh, okay, what’s up?” He gestured me to take a seat.

“First, I just want to thank you again for making our cake. Sophia really was set on you being the baker and I really appreciate you taking the time to fit us into your busy schedule.”

“Of course, it’s really no problem.” 

“Second… I’m here to talk to you about Y/N.” I looked at him in the eyes, I saw him slightly inhale.

“What about her…?”

“I don’t think you know this, but Y/N’s my best friend, next to Andy, even though I’ve known him longer, she’s the person I’m closest too and vice versa.”

I saw Harry press his lips together, carefully thinking about what he was going to say, “So I’m guessing you know what happened between us in the past?”

“And on Saturday.”

Harry ran his fingers through his head of curls and sighed.

“I didn’t reconnect with Y/N until medical school, but when I did, she was a different person than she is now. She was very guarded and was very closed off and I’m guessing that it had to do with you. Y/N just told me about what happened between the both of you ten years ago about…” I rubbed my chin, “a month ago…and I could tell that your break up still affects her to this day.” 

I placed both my arms on the table and leaned forward, “As her best friend, I don’t want to see her get hurt. I don’t know why you broke up with her and neither does she but you did break up with her and she deserves to be happy.”

“I know she does and I want her to be happy as well.” He licked both his lips and stared at me with both his arms folded across his chest.

“Then why did you kiss her? Do you know she didn’t leave her apartment all weekend because-” 

“The guilt was eating her alive?” He cut me off.

“Exactly.” I leaned back in the chair, “She’s avoiding you, you know.”

“Yeah, I figured. Shit. But I really want to see her Liam.” Harry puffed his cheeks as he exhaled, I could see the frustration in his eyes.

“Harry, you can’t. She’s got to figure out what she wants on her own, without you interfering.”

“So I’m suppose to just be quiet and let her be with Zayn, knowing that she’s still in love with me?”

“What makes you think she’s still in love with you?” I cocked my eyebrow.

“Because I just know.” He nodded.

“Cocky, are we?” I hummed.

“No, I just know her Liam.”

“Well so do I and I know that you can’t get in the middle of her and Zayn because if you do, she’s going to end up resenting you down the road.”

Harry was quiet for a moment, I could tell he was in a deep thought. So I decided to take my leave.

I stood up and right before I passed him, Harry’s voice stopped me.

“Okay, I’ll leave her alone… but could you at least just let her know that I’ll be waiting for her.”

“Sure thing.” I tapped him on the shoulder and then walked out of the bakery.

- - - - - 

June 2020: Manhattan, New York City (Present Day)

Your POV

Three weeks. It has been three weeks since I’ve seen Harry. Three weeks since he kissed me… since I kissed him… whatever. It was three weeks exactly because within those three weeks I have done nothing but think about him, which drove me crazy.

I tried my best not to let it get to me and let it affected mine and Zayn’s relationship but it did.

One Saturday afternoon when we were both off work, we decided to be lazy and sleep in.

“Babe…” Zayn rolled on top of me when he woke up and started kissing my neck and nipping at my earlobe.

I wasn’t in the mood but I could feel Zayn’s erection through my shorts as he tugged on my bottom lip with his teeth and then kissed my lips. I kissed him back but every time I closed my eyes I just saw Harry’s face and it was killing me. 

Zayn knew I was distracted, he knew I wasn’t into it and he pulled away.

“What’s wrong?” He looked into my eyes.

“Nothing, why’d you stop?” I lifted my head trying to kiss him but he sat up on his knees.

“You’re lying, something’s bothering you. Something’s been bothering you but I haven’t asked or said anything because I thought you would eventually tell me, but you haven’t.” I could see the concern in Zayn’s eyes as he spoke.

“I just… I have a lot on my plate at work and one of my patient’s isn’t doing so well and I’m just really stressed out.”

“Okay, I even know that that’s bullshit. I know what ‘stressed-you’ is like but this is something completely different Y/N.” He sputtered.

I was getting frustrated, “You asked me to tell you what’s wrong and when I do, you call bullshit?” I rolled out of bed and went into the bathroom.

Zayn followed me and leaned against the door frame as he watched me brush my teeth, “I know it’s bullshit. Tell me what’s really bothering you.”

“Zayn, it’s nothing.” I muttered with a toothbrush in my mouth.

“Ye’re lyin’ ta me!” His accent always was thicker when he was angry.

I spit out the toothpaste residue and rinsed my mouth. I grabbed a face towel, dried my mouth and then walked up to Zayn. 

“I’m not lying to you…” I softly said as I unfolded his arms and laced my hands in his.

Zayn pulled away, “Three weeks Y/N. You’ve been actin’ strange for three weeks and you think I haven’t noticed? Are you hidin’ something from me?”

“Fuck Zayn! What do you want me to say? What do you expect me to say?” I turned around and walked into my Carrie Bradshaw-like walk-in closet that Big had built for her.

Zayn followed me as he shouted, “I want you to tell me the fuckin’ truth! A month ago you made the biggest deal about us being together in the future and all this shit- is that what it is? Because I’m not ready to marry you?”

My head snapped in his direction as I stopped looking for an outfit, “What? Okay Zayn, now you’re just being crazy.”

“You know what Y/N? Call me when you’re ready to talk to me and start acting like my girlfriend again because the person I’ve been seeing the past few weeks is not her.” Zayn spun on his heel and walked out of my closet.

I chased after him, seeing him tugging on his t-shirt and jeans.

“Are you serious Zayn? You’re going to leave? Just like that?”

“Yeah, I am, I know you’re hiding something from me or not telling me something and you obviously aren’t being honest with me, which isn’t fair, so fuck this, I’m leaving.”

Zayn grabbed his phone from my side table, his bag on top of my dresser that held his laptop and walked out of my room. 

I followed him, shocked that he was being this way.

“Zayn! Please wait and just- wait!” I pleaded, tugging his hand.

He stopped, turned around and looked me in the eyes, “Y/N. Tell me the truth.”

“I-I,” I bit my bottom lip. 

I couldn’t bring myself to tell Zayn that I kissed Harry, hell, he didn’t even know that Harry was my ex-boyfriend. I couldn’t tell him that I possibly was still in love with Harry either, especially after I made the biggest deal about our future together. 

“Like I said, call me when you’re ready start acting like my girlfriend again.” Zayn said harshly and then headed for the door.

I didn’t stop him this time. I don’t know why.

He jerked the door open and turned to look at me one more time, “Bye Y/N.”

When I heard the door slam shut, I felt a wave of emotions hit me as tears began pooling in my eyes.

I went inside my closet and changed into workout clothes. I needed to sort my mind out and the only way I could do that was finding a way to relieve my stress.

Liam convinced me to join this gym with him called Equinox. It had state of the art equipment, personal trainers, a spa service, juice bar, a pool, and the best work out classes.

It was almost 2 in the afternoon when I got to the gym. I saw that a pilates class was about to start to I decided to go ahead and join.

One hour later, I was relaxed. I felt so much better since my mind was now clear and I pushed my fight with Zayn out of my head, along with the images of Harry.

I was in line at the juice bar when I heard a very familiar Irish accent call my name.

I turned around to see a very sweaty Niall walking towards me with his gym bag on his shoulder and water bottle in hand.

“You go to this gym? What the hell?” He came up and gave me a hug, I didn’t mind since I was sweaty as well.

“Yeah, I just like going for the classes, spa and this juice bar… And well Liam coerced me to join so he could get the damn referral bonus.” I rolled my eyes.

“I know where he’s coming from, I got Harry to join for my referral bonus too.” He grinned.

At the mention of Harry’s name, I felt my heart skip a beat. God, not again.

I just nodded.

“I haven’t seen you in three weeks! Where have you been hiding? Every time I invite you out, you don’t come!”

“Well I’ve been busy helping Sophia plan her wedding since I am the maid-of-honor, deal with sick patients and stressed about other things at my job… I just haven’t been up to going out.”

Niall shook his head and grinned, “What! Are you kidding? Drinking is the second best stress reliever, next to-”

“I can probably guess what the first is,” I held up my hand, “You don’t have to say it.”

Niall let out a hearty laugh and winked.

“Well I’ve missed you, so I hope you come out with us tonight if you feel up for it.”

“I’ll think about it.” I smiled.

Niall stayed with me until I got my juice, telling me about his week in London and then walked me out to my car.

“He misses you, you know?”

“What?” I coughed as the juice went down the wrong pipe.

Niall patted me on the back, “I know it’s not my place or anything, but as his best mate, I’m just letting you know that he misses you.”

I bit my bottom lip, “You can’t tell anyone about that kiss Niall.”

“I know that.” He nudged me, “I know you’re with Zayn, but put the poor man out of his misery and just show up tonight.”

“I’ll text you if I change my mind,” I smiled as I climbed in my car.

“See you later,” He waved before I shut the door.

I went home and took a nice long shower, fixed my hair, put on make up and slipped on a nice summer dress. I wanted to fix things with Zayn. Despite how I felt about Harry, Zayn was my boyfriend and he was my priority.

Since we both had a key to each other’s place, I went to his apartment in the Chelsea district to find him.

He wasn’t there, I even checked his studio, which was empty.

Where the hell could he be?

I knew he wasn’t suppose to work today but the art gallery was still opened and wasn’t too far from his apartment, so I decided to drive by. I saw his blue BMW parked out front so I pulled up behind it and went inside.

I was greeted by one of the girls who worked there and had told me that Zayn was in the back. Everyone at his job knew me, he’s brought me to multiple functions, exhibitions and parties.

I saw the door to his office was slightly cracked so I pushed it open, letting myself in.

I expected to see Zayn sitting at his desk, on his computer, researching new pieces to bring to the gallery. 

What I didn’t expect to see was some girl standing in front of him, hovering over him seductively, whispering in his ear then kissing his cheek as he laughed and obviously flirted back.

What. The. Fuck.

I felt my heart shattered and stomach drop as I took a step back. Zayn looked up and saw me, his face paled and his eyes filled with panic. He immediately pushed the girl out of his way when he saw me turn around and walk away,

I know I didn’t have a right to be angry since I was the one that kissed Harry, but it didn’t mean seeing another girl being that close to Zayn wouldn’t hurt. I felt tears forming as I raced out of the gallery and to my car.

“Y/N! Wait! Wait!” Zayn shouted as I walked out the door.

Zayn stopped me from getting into my car, “I know that that looks bad but it’s not what it seems like!” 

“Oh really, not what it seems like? It seems like she was getting ready to pounce on you and you didn’t even care! Tell me, are you cheating on me?” I shouted as tears fell down my face.

“I didn’t do anything with her! No, I’m not cheatin’ on you!” He shouted back.

“Yeah well, you didn’t try to stop her from trying anything so you might as well have! Just get out of my way Zayn!” I pushed him to the side and fished my keys out of my purse.

“Y/N, how the hell did it turn around from me being angry at you to you being angry at me…?” He shook his head.

“You know, I came here to fix things with you but I didn’t think you meant we were on a break when you left this morning.” I finally found my keys and unlocked my car.

“We aren’t on a break! Just let me explain!” He took my hand in his but I tugged my hand back to my chest.

I opened my door, “Well NOW we are!” I closed my car door and started the engine.

“Y/N! Please! No! Just let me explain! Just talk to me!” Zayn tapped on my window. I was glad no one was parked behind me, so I backed up about 10 feet and then peeled off.

This is why I didn’t want to tell Zayn about the kiss between Harry and I, because it would hurt way too much. Even though I was the one that actually cheated, I do love Zayn and seeing another girl flirting with him, seducing him, or whatever she was doing and him enjoying it, that hurt like hell. I started crying even harder as I drove around Manhattan trying to figure out where to go.

Harry’s POV

It had been three weeks since I’ve seen Y/N and it drove my crazy because she was the only thing on my mind all day and night. I started taking more Yoga classes just so I could keep myself calm and not lose my mind from missing her and wanting to hear from her.

The one good thing that happened within those three weeks without her, was that I was getting closer to Louis, Eleanor, Liam and Sophia. I honestly thought it was great that I was getting to know her friends even though she hasn’t been around. Even when Niall was away for a week, Louis still invited me out to their little hang outs.

It was a little past seven o’clock when I was finally done cleaning the bakery. The crew starts cleaning an hour before closing time since we had so much to clean, so that by the time we were done, they could leave no less than an hour after the store closes.

I turned off all the lights and activated the alarm system before I closed the front door to the bakery and locked it.

I turned around and was startled to see a very sad, upset and tearful Y/N standing in front of me, chewing on her bottom lip.

“Y/N…” I instantly pulled her into my arms.

“Can we go get a drink together?” She sniffed into my shoulder, her tears staining my shirt.

“Anything you want.”

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