small trot

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*you see a small deertaur mounds trot towards you* hey! whats u-... oh... your also doing the m!a things arntcha? ~ official-mounds

[ Snyder is still reeling in confusion from now having half his mind occupied by a demon who is acting like an immature preteen right now. ]

Yeah, yeah, things aren’t exactly the best right-


-now. But, hey, half my friends are exorcists, so hopefully everything will improve soon.

I Ate The Sheriff

Detinos hung from a  small sign in the parking lot for Lakefront Trail. She liked strolling along to water’s edge on nights that she wasn’t hunting but, of course, people had to fuck that up for her too.

Bats were far less noticeable than dogs, especially at night, she she sat until she saw DB’s car squeal into the parking lot. As he got out of the vehicle she flew to the ground and transformed.

She gave a small yip as she trotted over to him, pleased to have solved her animal control woes.


-grumbles and kicks some boxes aside-
Juniper, come on girl.
-a small Siamese cat trots behind her-

-while at the moving truck, she slides the box into the back-
Come on, Gavyn! We told Nash we’d get the truck to him before this evening.