small trot

Imagine Crowley giving you a hellhound puppy as a gift for your birthday.

“No way!” you squealed as you saw the small, but intimidating, hellhound trot over to you. “Crowley, you got me a hellhound pup?”

He nodded and smiled. “Only you and I can see her though. Juliet had her litter a couple of nights ago…figured now would be the perfect time to train her not to kill you.” The pup, which was larger than any newborn canine should be, ran over and began licking at your legs.

You giggled, eyes lighting up with joy. “I don’t think we’ll have that problem…”

“She’s only tasting you,” he scoffed, but you ignored him and jerked him into a tight hug. Of course, he nearly burst into flames at the affection, but secretly he loved to see you so happy for once.

“Thank you!” you exclaimed. “Best present ever!”

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Sorry / Dean Winchester

Request: Can you do where Mary and the reader don’t seem to get along when she gets back and Mary tells Dean a lie about her and he believes his mom over the reader, but have a fluffy ending and lost of angst in it lol @lizwinchester16

A/N: I just got back from a week of camp so bear with me

Warnings: Angst, Mary is a bitch

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Mary Winchester hated you and you didn’t know why. Whenever you two were in a room together, she glared at you and gave snarky comments. Dean didn’t notice as he was too excited that his mother was back, and you didn’t have the heart to ruin that. So you kept ignoring her, but eventually it all got to be to much. You were walking through the bunker looking through your phone when you heard Dean yell.


You rushed through the halls and into the war room where Dean was hunched over the table.

“What’s wrong?”

“You know damn well what’s wrong here!”

You stared at him in confusion,” If this is about the pie I swear I didn’t -”


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Meant to Be - Part Thirteen: Love

All Parts

Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well.

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Word Count: 3205

Warnings: swearing, anxiety/panic attacks, bad child/parent relationship

Dedicated to: @lafilton @feral-tomcat-hamilton and @limpblotter for beta-ing!! <3

A/N: my New York geography makes NO SENSE I’m very sorry… also FLUFF (and then angst hehe)

To everyone’s relief, debate club was cancelled that evening. Thomas and Alex had been unsure of how to proceed; would they continue to fight each other, or learn to work together? And Laf and Herc were particularly concerned about how Alex would handle the presence of John and Aaron in the debate room. So, it was to everyone’s immense gratitude that Mr. Adams was absent and had forgotten to enlist a stand-in for their club.

Alex had been the first to show up at the room, and, upon reading the hastily scrawled note announcing its cancellation on the door, he decided to wait for Thomas to arrive.

When Thomas did show up, he approached his soulmate with confusion. “What’s going on?”

“Mr. Adams has gone AWOL,” Alex laughed, and Thomas grinned in relief, stepping toward his soulmate and putting his hands on his waist.

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Baron von Steuben to Alexander Hamilton, 16 December 1790 (extract)

N:Y: ce 16 de Dec: [1790]
Mon Bon Ami? J’apprens avec peine Votre indisposition je suis persuader que le manque d’Exercice en est la Cause principale, je Vous Conjure d’y porter le remede, donne Vous un petit bidet et trotter Vos huit ou dix miles tout les Matins, Vos courses a pied ne sont pas suffisant. Menagé cete Santé aussi chere a tant des personnes, et Aussi utile a cette tendre Demoiselle Collumbia.
J’ai consulté mon Ami Tissot, je Vous ordonne de Manger beaucoup des racines, tel que du refort or horsraddish, des carrottes, des racines de persil dans Vos bouillon, des Navèt, Chicoré et Sellerie, peu des Viandes et beaucoup d’exercice—je devien Charletan—mais que ne deviendrai-je point pour Vous?
Mes plus tendres Amitie a Mad: Hamilton, trauduisé pour Elle La prescription de Tissot, je La charge de Veiller Sur L’Execution.
je suis Le Votre de tout mon Coeur.

My translation (which I hope is reasonably accurate but with less atrocious punctuation):

N.Y. 16 Dec 1790
My good friend? I am pained to hear of your illness. I am convinced that a lack of exercise is the main cause of it, and I entreat you to bring about the remedy. Get yourself a small horse and trot eight or ten miles every morning; your walks are not enough. Take care of your health, so dear to so many, and so useful to the sweet miss Columbia. I have consulted my friend Tissot, and I order you to eat lots of roots, such as raifort or horseradish, carrots, parsley root in your broth, turnip, chicory and celery, little meat and lots of exercise – I’m becoming a charlatan, but what would I not become for you?
My most tender friendship to Mrs. Hamilton. Translate Tissot’s prescription for her; I charge her with making sure it’s carried out.
I am yours with all my heart.


Well, that’s adorable. Good old Steuben. I’m confused by the “Demoiselle Collumbia” but assume he’s talking about Eliza. Does he mean Columba, as in “dove”?

The reference to Tissot has the following note on Founders Online: “This is presumably a reference to a pamphlet, Du régime diététique dans la cure des maladies (Paris, 1779) by Clément Joseph Tissot. Tissot had achieved prominence in France in military medicine.”


I said I’d upload this tomorrow but I mean… technically it’s one in the morning so I’m sticking to my word. Lectures are going to suck today. I’m sick as a dog and should’ve been in bed hours ago. Oh well!

Prompt[s]: Thank you thank you thank you for writing and posting this! I love it!

Brilliance. I can’t wait to see if he notices the letter.

Wow. Loki is head over heals for her and doesn’t even fully realize it……I love it!!!!

‘The Tower’ (Part 21)

All Chapters // Part 20

Loki awoke the next morning to the sound of hushed movement. He opened his eyes and caught you pulling a cloak onto your shoulders and attempting to sneak out of the door with your wicker basket in hand.
“Where…” he groaned, sitting up, “Where are you going?”

You froze. Your fingers lingered on the door handle, but kept your feet moving at a snail’s pace, hoping you might still be able to slither out of the doorway.
“I’m just… going for a walk,” you said nonchalantly.
“You’re going foraging again, aren’t you?” Loki stretched and sat up properly. Admittedly there was still leftover meat stored in a makeshift fridge, and your vegetable supply was looking pretty healthy. However, the proactive part of you knew that by going out today, you wouldn’t need to forage again for another week! The opportunity was too tantalising to pass up.

“Just a smidge,” you confessed with a guilty grin. Loki rolled his eyes.
“You know what I’m going to say, don’t you?”
“I’m too weak, I need rest, and the forest is too dangerous – what if I’m attacked again?”
“And I’d say that I feel fine, I can rest when I’m back, and I’ve got a crossbow now.”

Rolling his eyes, Loki knew there was nothing he could do to stop you, mostly because you were already halfway out the door.
“Don’t come crying to me when it all goes wrong,” he sighed. Your face lit up.
“If not to listen to my moaning, then what’s the point of having you?”

You shouted a goodbye to him as you ran down the staircase, promising that you’d be back before dusk. Loki simply smiled. He settled back against his window seat and let the sun warm his face.

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Bucky Volunteering

My second submission for @sdavid09’s “what if” challenge:

“What if Bucky volunteered at an animal adoption center”

Bucky x Reader

Word count: 1342

 Here we go!

“It’ll be good for you.”

“You need to get out in the world.”

“Be seen doing something good, it’ll help.”

Everyone on the team seemed to have the same opinion, that Bucky needed to do some volunteer work. Bucky had nothing against the idea, but it wasn’t like people were jumping at the chance to let the Winter Soldier into their business.

“I know someone,” Sam had said, he assured Bucky that this place wouldn’t care about his rep, that he would be accepted as long as he respected the place and the person running it, which should be no problem for him. But as he approached the building, he grew more and more nervous.

But his nervousness was forgotten within 10 minutes of meeting you. You’d seen him coming in the front door and had practically skipped out to meet him. Sam had told you all about Bucky Barnes and you were beyond excited to meet him. You’d known Sam for a few years now; your dad had been one of Sam’s regulars at the VA and you’d struck up a friendship with him pretty fast. Now Sam sent a lot of his clients your way.

Bucky had been standing at the counter when you came through the door that led to the kennels; he looked very uncomfortable, and unsure of himself. You smiled and stepped around the counter calmly; you didn’t want him to feel like you were rushing at him.

“Hey, you must be Bucky,” you smiled, stopping a few feet away so you didn’t crowd him.

“Yeah,” he sounded sad and winced, looking down at the floor after meeting your eyes for just a few moments.

“No one else would be in here this early, we technically don’t open for another hour,” you explained. The look on his face had said that he expected you to recognize him, and he expected to be rejected, so you made sure he knew the reason you’d known who he was. He looked up and met your eyes again briefly, he may have smiled a little.

“My name’s Y/N,” you said, sticking your hand out, Bucky shook it automatically.

“Nice to meet you ma’am.”

“Whoa, stop right there. No need to call me ‘ma’am’, makes  me feel like my gramma,” you laughed at Bucky’s perplexed face, “just call me Y/N or Y/N/N if you want. ‘Bucky’ is a nickname right? Is it okay if I call you that or would you rather I called you something else?”

“N-no, Bucky’s fine. Never really used ‘James’ much, ‘cept my ma I think…” he sounded unsure so you didn’t pry; Sam had told you that Bucky’s memory was spotty, and you didn’t want to make him uncomfortable.

“Bucky it is then,” you declared, smiling again, “so what did Sam tell you about the place?” You had to ask; knowing Sam, it could be anything.

“Just that he knew you, and that a bunch of his friends from the vet center worked here… I guess he thought I’d fit in okay…”

A grin spread across your face, “I’m shocked, I expected him to have spun tales at least a little bit.”

Bucky chuckled dryly, his metal hand moving to rub at the back of his neck, “he does do that a lot.”

“At least he’s making friends,” you snarked, Sam was such a dork.

“I dunno about friends, most of the time I’d like to punch him in the face.”

“He does have that effect on people doesn’t he?” Bucky smiled at that.

“You wanna see the critters?” You tilted your head in the direction of the kennel door. Bucky nodded his head, the smile still present on his face as you led him back.

Bucky quickly became a permanent volunteer at the center. Sometimes people needed to be working, to be doing something productive to really get themselves worked out, and it didn’t hurt that all the animals at your adoption center were just too cute to resist. It was hard to pass up a chance to hang around all the little fur balls, plus it gave everyone a chance to talk. Animals were easy to talk about, hell, they were easy to talk to as well and they gave all the volunteers a neutral topic to strike up conversations.

Opening up after trauma could be a process, sometimes it was a long process with lots of switchbacks and hairpin turns, but for some people, just starting a conversation, about anything, could be the first step.

For Bucky, this seemed to have been the case. At first he’d only talked to you about the animals, or about what he needed to do, but the more you talked to him, the more trust you built. So you’d slowly start to talk about other things; more difficult things. After a while, Bucky even started talking to the other vets. Before long, you had him training the new volunteers.

The animals were all fond of Bucky, taking to him almost automatically; he just seemed to put them all at ease. Even Jock, the skittish little yorkie the center had gotten from animal control. The poor thing had been beaten so badly by his previous owners that he’s lost his sense of hearing and was blind in one eye. He would only eat for you or Bucky, he would only leave his little nest if you or Bucky were there; the first time he’d walked straight out to Bucky you’d almost cried you were so happy.

Bucky even cared for his co-workers. Aside from training the new volunteers, you had overheard him on a few occasions talking to a few of the veterans that Sam had referred to you. Bucky had no idea the impact of what he was doing, but you could see it on the volunteers face’s; they respected him, and listened to his advice. He may not have known it, but he had friends.

Sam and Steve came by to visit during one of Bucky’s shifts. You met them at the counter and took them back to see Bucky in the yard watching the dogs. You kept out of Bucky’s line of sight so his friends could watch him for a while, knowing that they were still concerned for their friend.

“He looks so happy,” Steve said, a smile growing on his face, “I haven’t seen him this happy in a long time.” You smiled a little too.

“I told you man, Y/N’s the best. She gets all my clients out of their shells.”

“I’m pretty sure its the animals more than me. Bucky has been helping some of the other vets too, they listen to him.” Both men turned to you, slightly shocked looks on their faces.

A small, yipping, bark called your attention to the small yorkie trotting over to Bucky, who rubbing the little dog’s head affectionately. Then Jock turned in your direction, yipped again, and trotted your way. Completely shocked, you stooped to pick up the little ball of fur now dancing at your feet. You looked from the dog to Bucky as you stood. Bucky had noticed Sam and Steve and was now walking in your direction.

“He’s so tiny,” Sam said, breaking your semi trance.

“Yeah, but he’s tough as nails,” Bucky added, a smile on his face as he reached out and petted Jock’s head.

“He’s come a long way, that’s for sure,” you confirmed, looking from Bucky’s smile to Steve. Steve was so happy you thought he might cry.

“So what are you fellas doin’ here?” Bucky asked, one eyebrow raised. You got the feeling he knew he was being checked up on.

“Oh, they were just saying how the rest of the team was gonna come volunteer too, weren’t you guys?” you looked to the soldiers behind you, a smirk on your face; they couldn’t disagree with you or they’d have to tell Bucky that they were checking up on him.

“What’d’ya think Jock?” you addressed the dog in your arms, “you want Captain America to clean up your turds?”

Bucky howled with laughter.

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Cats and Counter-Curses

Originally posted by the-floo-network

Thackery Binx x Reader

Cats and Counter-Curses

Prompt: A thackery Binx one where the reader is a good witch from present times and tries to help them get rid of the sisters, while also searching for a way to turn him back?

Note: Yesssssssssssss HALLOWEENNNNNNNNN (Took a little creative liberty here, so bear with me) Also, this took like four days to write so feedback would be wonderful.

Warnings: None?

Word Count: 3636

A white witch was what they called you. It was what your mother and grandmother were. Filled with light magic and a good soul. Your powers were growing steadily as you came of age, and training with two of the best witches in Salem certainly helped things along.

And yet, despite the nature of your powers, you and your folk still dressed…well, witchy. Most of your closet was black, and you tended to wear lots of jewelry: rings, bracelets, chokers, lockets, the like. At any given moment, your fingers had around four or five rings on them, more if they were small and you could wear a few on each finger.

Your eyes were violet, a witchy trait that ran in your family. It was part of your blood, a signal to the rest of the magical world that you were a good witch, someone to help. It was like a beacon to the black cat that spotted you on your way home from school.

As if the rest of your wardrobe and your black painted nails didn’t already give it away, the cat’s green eyes widened like saucers when he spotted your eyes. He watched you walk past him and then began to trot beside you, finally grabbing your attention when his little black paws began to crunch in the leaves.

“Hey there, little guy.” You stooped down to rub between his ears. You didn’t spot a collar, but he seemed to be extremely friendly, rubbing against your legs several times and meowing. “Are you lost?”

“No, just looking around,” he replied, a human voice escaping his cat exterior. Your eyes widened. Sure, you had come across a talking animal here or there in your adventures, but it was still a shock.

“You can talk.”

“I can, yeah. Took quite a while to learn how to use these vocal chords, but three hundred years gives you a lot of practice.”

“Oh my God, no way.” Your eyes widened. Having lived in Salem all your life, you were well aware of his sad tale.“You’re Thackery Binx!”

“Yes. I am. And judging by your eyes, I assume you’re the youngest of the Salem line.”

“Well, my little cousin Lindy is the youngest, but I’m pretty close. I’m (Y/N).”

The two of you walked for a few more minutes before finally going up the front steps to your house and walking inside.

“Come on in.” You motioned around the front room. It was a very witchy place. The moment the cat stepped through the doors, he could feel the magic here. It was like a pulse, strong and steady, the power rolling off of it in waves. “This is home.”

“I’ll say.” The small black cat trotted through the room, looking around at all the baubles and bits. A few potions here, a few ingredients there, and spell books lining every shelf. “Quite a bit of magic you’ve got here.”

“Well, my family has lived here forever. It kind of adds up.” you shrugged and sat down on the couch. “So, three hundred years as a cat, huh? What’ve you been up to?”

“Protecting the Black Flame Candle from those who might try to light it. And trying to find someone like you.”

“Someone like me. You know, it’s not too hard to find witches in Salem.”

“It is if you’re looking for the good kind.” he sort of chuckled. “I was afraid the others would turn me into something worse.”

“Thackery Binx.” Your mother walked into the room, a sort of amused grin settled on her features as she looked over the cat. “I wondered if we’d ever cross paths.”

“This is my mom. She’s a witch too.”

“Nice to meet you.” he nodded, hopping up onto the couch. He sat up straight on the cushion beside yours, sitting like a person. “I was just talking to (Y/N) about how you might be able to help me.”

“I think we might be able to whip something up.”


September faded into October and another eventless Halloween passed. You had camped out in the old Sanderson house with Thackery just to make sure there wasn’t a stupid virgin hanging around. After Halloween, Thackery started walking towards the door.


He turned to look at you, standing in front of the door.

“You don’t have to leave.” You told him. His green eyes sort of widened, a grateful twinkle gleaming off of the emerald circles. “You can stay here.”

“I don’t want to be a burden.”

“You’re a cat. You’re not a burden. You can stay here forever if that’s how long it takes.”

“How long it takes to what?”

“To break the spell.”

From that moment on, Thackery latched onto you. The only time you were separated was when you had to go to school. Whenever you got home and settled into your spot on the couch, a blanket draped across your legs and a laptop sitting on your lap, Thackery would either sit beside you or settle into a ball on your legs. His warmth was comforting. He was like a little heater. And he was pretty damn good at helping you with your history homework.

He slept curled up on your bed most nights. He didn’t like to be alone, and now that he had the option to have a companion, he was taking advantage of it. You were quite the duo. A witch and her black cat. Thackery admired your power and the kindness you had. And you admired him in other ways. He knew so much about the world and how it worked.

The two of you worked diligently searching through every spellbook your family owned for something that could possibly help turn Thackery back. But every path lead to a dead end. It was frustrating for you, but you could only imagine what this felt like for Thackery, to have been stuck like this with no hope for a somewhat normal life.

You slumped onto your bed, using your magic to turn off the light. You felt the small thump of Thackery hopping up to join you.

“You seem upset.” he stated, looking down on you before curling into a ball on your stomach. You rubbed the spot between his ears.

“I’m just…I’m trying.”

“I know you are.”

“I want to help you.”

“I know you do.” He sighed. “Listen. It’s taken me three-hundred years on this God-forsaken planet to find a Salem witch that didn’t want to skin me alive, let alone find a way to break this spell. We’ll get there.”

“I hope so.” You closed your eyes. “Hey Binx?”


“I love you.”

“I love you too.” You could feel him breathing on your stomach, the slow steady movement coming from the little ball of warmth. You had hope. Maybe there would come a day where he wouldn’t be just a little ball of fur. He would be a human again. You were sure of it.


Your searches led you to a house a couple of cities away, in a place called Terrowin. Though the magic here wasn’t as strong as it was in Salem, you could still feel the arcane pulse like a second heartbeat. That was a good sign.

You had called a witch here, a friend of your grandmother’s, in the hopes that maybe she had something that could help Thackery. It had been a long drive, but you had hope that it would be worth it.

You knocked on the door. Thackery was standing at your feet defensively, his tail absentmindedly waving in the air. When the door opened, you were greeted by a kindly old face. Her light magic was so strong, you were nearly knocked off of your feet by the wave of it that rushed over the two of you.

“Woah,” you whispered. The old witch smiled, eyes twinkling at the young spellcaster before her.

“You must be (Y/N). It’s nice to meet you, dear.” You offered your hand to shake, but instead, she pulled you into a warm hug.

“Nice to meet you too. My grandma said you might be able to help us.”

“I think I might have just what you need. Come on in.” You walked through the door with Thackery close behind. He looked up at you expectantly, so you bent down and let him hop up into your arms, stroking his black fur. Though he tried to contain it, he couldn’t help but let out a little purr. He was glad he couldn’t blush, because if he had been human, his cheeks would have surely flushed scarlet.

‘Musn’t get attached.’ he reminded himself, doubting very much that any of these spells could actually work. ‘It’ll only hurt more when she leaves you behind.’

“These are where I keep all of my information on transformation spells.” she motioned to a shelf fully stocked with books, scrolls, and vials of glowing potions. After browsing for a few seconds, she picked a scroll off of the shelf. She unrolled the ancient scroll. It was probably older than Thackery. “A human transformation spell should do the trick.”

The old witch pushed a pair of round glasses up her nose. You set Thackery down and offered a hopeful smile. He closed his gleaming green eyes and inhaled a long breath. He wasn’t quite sure what to say, so he didn’t say anything. Instead, he waited as the witch wiggled her fingers and whispered some Latin words.

Convertens in homine.”

Sparks drifted from her hands and fell onto Thackery. For a few seconds, he felt itchy, and then there was nothing. A strong wave of dark magic surged from the little cat, knocking you off of your feet. You coughed a few times, struggling to get up. Thackery rushed over immediately.

“Are you alright?” he asked with concern.

You nodded, still coughing up a fit of black magic. Slowly, you sat up. Thackery stood on your thigh, his little paws pressing into you lightly. Everything was still a little blurry, but it was getting clearer.

“I’m fine. I don’t think it worked.”

“No, I don’t think so either.” He stated. Even though he didn’t feel any different, he was just glad you were okay. That could have been a lot worse.

“How did you end up like this, Thackery? Who did this to you?” The older witch helped you up off of the floor and looked down at the cat.

“The Sanderson Sisters.”

“Ah. No wonder it didn’t work. A transformation spell would have worn off by now. This is something much darker. A curse of sorts.” The old witch wrung her hands, a thoughtful look deep in her features. “What you need is a counter curse.”

“And where might we find one of those?” Thackery hopped back into your arms.

“Come with me.”


Greta (the kindly old witch) had sent you back to Salem with a recipe for a counter curse. Most of the ingredients were things you had at home. Some things took you to the woods to find them. Others were going to require more work. Namely, a trip to the Sanderson’s cottage.

“This place gives me the creeps.” You shuddered, shining the light from the spell in your hand around the dark room.

“Likewise.” Thackery looked around the front room with guarded eyes. Over by the ladder was the place it happened. Three hundred years ago, he had been clinging to that ladder, shaking, sweating, swallowing thickly as he stared at the three witches, waggling their fingers at him. And then the world grew around him as his bones bent and cracked, his muscles shifted, and fur tore through his skin.

He flinched at the memory. It hurt to remember.

“You okay?” You asked. He nodded, but he was very obviously not okay.

“Let’s just get the thing we need and get out of here.”

“Agreed.” You shined your light around. There was a great big spell book sitting in a glass display case. The dark magic rolling off of it was powerful. Very much so. It sent a shiver up your spine. You stepped away from it, not wanting to get any closer than you had to.

“The curse they used was in the book.” Thackery looked up at the display case, memories once again plaguing his mind with painful thoughts.

“Every witch worth their hexes keeps another copy.” You told him. As you stepped through the cottage, you noticed one of the floorboards wiggle and looked at Thackery.

“Worth a try,” he tilted his head at the loose floorboard. Sure enough, it came off without too much trouble, and beneath it was a hole protected by a powerful layer of dark magic. You reached out to touch it, but it burned you. Badly. You ripped your hand away from it, nursing the wound with a quick healing spell.

“Well, that didn’t work.” You exhaled a breath and then focused the brightest energy you could into the palm of your hand. It wrapped around your arm like a glove, forming a protective shell. It was hard to push through the wall of darkness, but you forced your way through, hand securing around a stack of papers.

You pulled them out, yelling as you did. It hurt, but it worked.

“Are you alright?” Thackery asked, looking over your hand. You nodded, rubbing some more light magic into it and then shaking it.

“I’m okay. Look through those and tell me if anything sticks out.” You motioned to the pile with your head. He scanned a few pages before finding the words that had been tattooed on his brain for three centuries.

“This one.” His eyes fixed themselves on the floor, and he swallowed the lump forming in his throat. “This is the one they used.”

“Then this is what we’ll use to undo it.” You picked up the paper with your still-sore hand and walked out of the cottage. Standing in the sunlight helped wash the dark feeling out of your aura. It felt heavy and sour, but getting away from it felt refreshing. Like lifting a thousand pounds off of your shoulders.

You bent down and scooped up Thackery in your arms.

“Let’s go home and figure this out, huh?”

“That sounds like a good plan,” he agreed, curling in closer to your black knitted sweater. For the first time, the cat had hope that soon, he might be the one holding you.


It took a few days for your grandmother and Greta to decode, but they finally managed to whip up a counter-curse that you were going to cast on the next full moon. Thackery was more nervous than he cared to let you know. This could be it. Could be. But he wouldn’t talk about it, despite the fact that the full moon was only about a week away.

You had been assembling a sort of wardrobe for him. You didn’t know what size clothes he would wear, but you had found some hoodies and jeans and t-shirts that Thackery said would fit him just fine. And yet, whenever you asked, he seemed hurt to talk about it.

Talking about humanity made him excited, yes, but it also reminded him of everything that had happened while he was human. His sister had died because of him. Because he failed to protect her. You told him it wasn’t his fault. The odds had been stacked against him. Three witches against one teenage boy…he had never stood a chance.

Somehow this made him feel worse.

“So, I was thinking about classes you should take. I already talked to the counselors and they said they can put your locker next to mine. We’ll have pretty similar schedules too. I made sure we had a few different classes because I don’t want you to get sick of me, but-”

“I don’t think I could ever tire of seeing thee, (Y/N).”

“You’re a flirt, you know that?” You scrunched up your nose and smirked. You pulled a grey hoodie off of the pile. “What about this one?”

“That will work fine. Like all the others.”

“I wanna make sure you’re bundled up because you’ll probably be cold without fur.” You tapped a finger against your lips. He walked over and rubbed against your leg.

“You’re overthinking things, love.”

You picked him up and sat on the bed, letting him curl up in your lap. “I know I am. I just want everything to be perfect.”

“Don’t get your hopes up. I don’t want you to be disappointed if the counter curse backfires again.”

“It won’t.” You stated. “I can feel it. Witchy intuition, you know?”

“Of course.” He nodded, unfurling from his little ball and looking up at you with his bright green eyes. “I believe it if you do.”

“I believe it with all of my heart.”


The night finally came. Out in the woods, you had found a clearing. Your mother, grandmother, and Greta were all there. Thackery was sitting under the moonlight inside a ring of salt. Your grandmother was focused intently on her watch, waiting, waiting, waiting, and then she nodded, signaling you to cast the ring.

One touch and the salt ignited with power, bright and green. The magic was like flames, intensifying and rising into the air. Greta handed you the counter curse. They said if you cast it, it would be more powerful, given your age and your emotions for the cat sitting in the midst of the magic.

You took a deep breath, looking to Thackery. He nodded, telling you he was ready. This was it. The moment that would make or break his future.

“Cursed long ago by witches long dead,

Bound by the dark, every hair on his head.

Free him from evil, the power they cast

Make every century part of the past.

Youthful, and human, and unbound, and free

By use of my powers, I will this to be.”

The last line came out of you in a surge, sweeping across the forest, and causing you to fall to your knees. The power was streaming out of you, powerful and strong, settling on Thackery in a rush.

At first, he felt nothing. And then, he felt everything.

His limbs tingled. His ears twitched. His heart raced, and his breaths quickened. The first change was his paws. What had once been tiny, black, and covered in fur were now stretching into hands, fingers emerging and elongating. His arms and legs grew and the fur that had covered his body for so long fell out, revealing soft human skin. Thackery’s ears shrank back into his head, leaving him with earlobes, and when he tugged on them, he found human ears. His tail was long gone, and when he felt his face, his skin made contact with skin. Human skin.

It had worked.

He looked down at himself, awe spread across his features. He was still wearing what he had been wearing then. It was if nothing had changed since that day. The ring of magic around him died down and he was able to step through, kneeling down in front of where you were still sitting on your knees.

You hadn’t looked up at him yet, still breathing heavily from all of the power that had left your body at once. You were exhausted, and he could tell. But there was part of you that didn’t want to look. What if it hadn’t worked? What if you had let him down again?

Tentatively, he reached out to touch your cheek with one of his large human hands. His thumb stroked your soft skin.

Your eyes slowly opened, and the sight of him caused your heart to swell. Your smiled, immediately throwing your arms around him. Thackery held you tighter than he had ever held anyone in his entire life, his arms fast around your waist. God, he was warm.

“You did it, (Y/N),” he whispered, finally realizing it himself. “You broke the curse.”

“I did, didn’t I?” You pulled away to get a good look at him. You couldn’t help but smile, taking in every detail. “God, you’re handsome.”

“How did I get so lucky to be blessed with a beauty such as you?” Thackery exhaled a long breath.

“Oh, just shut up and kiss me already.”



It took Thackery a while to adjust to school. You didn’t blame him in the slightest. Things had no doubt changed more than you could ever imagine. Your friends didn’t really know where he had come from. To everyone else, Thackery Binx, or as people called him, Zachary Binx, had seemingly appeared out of thin air.

Well, he sort of had.

He walked home with you every day, and you had four classes together, so you got to see each other quite a lot, not that either of you minded all that much. The girls at school all wondered how you had found someone so perfect, so kind with that old-fashioned charm that never failed to make you swoon. You insisted he appeared in your life like magic. And when they asked where all of his thees and thys came from, you would just write it off as too much time spent at Ren Fest.

“Hey Thackery?” You asked after he closed his locker.

“Yes, love?”

And then you hugged him, long and tight, resting your ear above his heart. He held you close, kissing the crown of your head. He had waited so long to be able to hold you in his arms, and here you were, clinging to the former cat like a lifeline.

“I love you.” Your confession was muffled by the fabric of his soft hoodie.

He chuckled. “I love thee too.”

Fluff Month LS Day 8

Day 8 for @miraculousfluffmonth with some domestic Adrinette :)

FF | AO3

“Welcome home, honey,” Adrien greeted with a soft kiss on Marinette’s lips. Despite their argument that morning, she allowed it as Emma waddled into the foyer at their feet.

“I know we had a rough morning, but I think I decided on a compromise that will please everyone,” He stated, and Marinette cocked a brow.

“Puppy!” Emma squealed as a small golden dog trotted up and began to lick her face.

“You got a dog? Adrien, you hate dogs,” Marinette cupped a hand over her mouth in shock.

“I hate most dogs. This stupid thing gave me the sad eyes at the shelter, and I couldn’t resist,” He shrugged. “Besides, I know you and Emma really wanted one…”

“Thank you,” She smiled warmly, stretching up to press her lips to his once more. “You made a little girl very happy.”

“Yeahhh, but I also got a cat, so.” Marinette’s eyebrows raised, and he smirked. “Told you I compromised.”

“Can the puppy sleep in my bed?” Emma asked, glancing up with a pout.

“Better your bed than mine,” Adrien chuckled, ruffling her hair.

“Yay! Come on, puppy! I’ll show you my room,” She squeaked, racing off down the hall.

“Our little family is growing,” Adrien remarked as Marinette stepped into his arms.

“In more ways than one,” She giggled. “I found out today after our fight…I’m pregnant again.”


Timed Prompt (15 min)

  • Prompt: Jongin is playing frisbee with his dog in the park until he throws it in one direction and hits a stranger in the head.  

“And here it goes, go get it Monggu,” Jongin smiles as he throws the frisbee in the air and it whips across the emerald lawn. They’ve been out on this mid summer day, enjoying the warm rays of the risen sun and the outdoorsy smell. Nature is his second name, and it would be a crime not to enjoy the lovely days of summer when such a great day as the one today presents itself.

To the park was Jongin’s first thought when he got off from work at his animal shelter. Now, in the late evening, it’s him and his dog playing around in the grass. Nothing makes him happier, more complete and content than spending time with his companion, his partner for life.

The small puppy trots back toward him with the topaz blue oval toy in his mouth. Jongin receives it, and shuffles his hand through the dog’s hair on his head. “Atta boy,” he praises, eyes crinkling and reflecting the gleaming sunlight. “Go catch it again,” Jongin jogs back preparing to put more force into his throw. Which he does, but to his dismay, that force is too much and not in the direction which he intends.


Jongin’s eyes squints in mimicked pain when the frisbee slaps a stranger smack in the middle of the back of his head. The man turns around and bends down immediately as Jongin scurries toward him with worried steps and a stuttering tongue.

When he reaches the man, the stranger straightens, dusting off the toy in his palms. Jongin’s breath hitches when he catches sight of the man’s features, and he regrets hitting him in the head even more. Or should he? Because the guy is gorgeous and maybe he’s actually happy to have hit him.

“I-i’m so sorry, I was throwing it for my dog to catch and…” he bows, and when he raises his head, the man is adorning a smile. Even the cap shrouding the man’s features in a shadow doesn’t stop the radiance in his smile from showing.

“It’s okay man, accidents happen.” he hands the frisbee back to Jongin, who accepts it with rose tinted cheeks. “Cute dog there,” he says as Monggu circles around Jongin’s feet. The dog owner knows he’s losing it because he hadn’t even noticed Monggu anywhere near his toes.

“Haha,” he laughs awkwardly, “Thank you, you’re cute too,” slips from Jongin’s mouth and his eyes widen.

The man’s grin stretches further and he tilts his head, a flirtatious glint in his eyes, “Funny, I was thinking the same thing,” he says, and Jongin thinks he might collapse on the ground, “So, you got a name?”

“Jongin,” he brushes his nape.

“I’m Kyungsoo,” Kyungsoo reaches out to shake his hand, “Nice to meet you Jongin and your dog…” he points to the big oak tree a few feet away, “Is peeing over there,” Jongin snaps his head toward the tree and scurries over to Monggu, throwing a I’ll be right back over his shoulder. Kyungsoo chuckles.

anonymous asked:

with the mchanzo fic you posted im just imagining there kid and junkrats daughter like mortal enemy's, but still friends because there stuck with hero's as parents, one may be a pyromaniac but he's a good dad.


The way I see it, Jesse and Hanzo’s kid only rarely visits the Overwatch base because they’re being raised in a house in a town a few miles away. While Junkrat’s daughter lives on base and doesn’t really leave the grounds.

They meet. And they are two fucking polar opposites.

McHanzo’s kid is comfortably and stylishly dressed, freashly bathed, and wide eyed.

Junkrat’s daughter is covered in a thin layer of soot and dirt from days without a mandatory bath, unbrushed and uneven hair, and barefooted with a pretty dull or blank expression most times.

But, McHanzo’s kid does try to be nice by offering a smile and a handshake. And Junkrat’s daughter doesn’t mean to come off so rude, but other kids weren’t exactly friendly in the outback. Just because you’re close to or are the same age, doesn’t mean you’re automatically allies. Kids can be even more ruthless than adults when they need to be.

But Junkrat’s daughter does give a small, “hi” before trotting off to grab a bag of cookies from the kitchen cabinets.

McHanzo’s kid watches as she rips the bag open and crawls under the table to eat. It’s also then that they notice several blankets and pillows arranged under there. Like she sleeps under there!?!?

“Oookay.” McHanzo’s kid says a quick, “uh, see ya later.” Before leaving to go find their dads.

The next time they meet, it’s lunch time and Satya is nice enough to make you both lunch. And as they eat, McHanzo’s kid tries to strike up a conversation.

“So, uh, what’s your name? I’m-” and they say their name proudly.

Junkrat’s daughter answer with only her first name.

“Do you have a last name?”


“Ooookay. So…which school do you go to? I’ve never seen you at mine. Do you like yours?”

“I gave up on that place after I burned it down too many times. Ms. Vaswani is my teacher and she’s the best.”

“B-burnt the school down!? You-you!?”

That when a small smile shows up on her lips and she actually kind of comes to life a bit as she explains. “Well, the first two times were by accident because some kids wanted me to show them. But the other times…I don’t really remember…it just kind of happened.” She shrugs.

“How do you know how to do that?!”

“I watched my dad work and just copied him. I can show you if you want!”

“No!, thanks.” McHanzo’s kid quickly finishes off their food before making up an excuse to leave right away. “I gotta go find my dads for something…so…I’ll, uh, see you later, I guess??”

Junkrat’s daughter just shrugs and waves goodbye.

But because their superhero’s kids, they half to hang out together.

However, there’s this one scene I see in my head where McHanzo’s kid has to show the daughter around their home town for the day because their dads said so. So as they’re walking around the block, exploring the nearby neighborhood, somehow, they get separated and McHanzo’s kid ends up finding Junkrat’s daughter being cornered by the local school bully and his friends.

“What are you? You’re suppose to be a girl, right?”

“Ew, what the fuck? Just how dirty are you? You smell like shit.”

“Someone call animal control. Haha.”

McHanzo’s kid races over and yells at them, “get lost, you assholes!”

“Yeah?” The lead bully sneers. “What are you going to do about it?”

McHanzo’s kid grabs the bully’s wrist and crushes it in their hold, hissing out, “I’ll kick your ass like I did in second grade.”

The bullies leave and McHanzo’s kid makes sure that Junkrat’s daughter is okay. They exactly aren’t friends, but they don’t try to kill each other either.

A Pirate’s Life for Me - Part 2

Pairings: Robb Stark x Reader

A/N: Loved pirate Robb, still loving pirate Robb, forever loving pirate Robb. Also, would you guys read if I wrote a story on here, like, with chapters and originals characters. It’s a fantasy story I’ve been tossing around in my brain for a while. I was gonna put it on Wattpad, but I have more followers on here so…. 

Prompt: Robb’s still fighting to run from his past while you sail closer and closer to yours. Along the way, the two of you continue to spend more time together. Trouble ensues when The Grey Wind comes across another pirate ship with a very familiar passenger on board. 


In the middle of a garden, under the burning sun, you stood alone in a dress of red and gold. The feeling of fine silk tickled at the tips of your finger and you could have sworn this was all real. Suddenly, across the garden, the same silver-haired man from all your dreams stood before you with that same smile he always wore. This time around, his arm was bent out as something small was perched upon it like a hawk. It wasn’t a hawk though. Although nothing but a vague image, a small dragon was trotting across his arm. It was the color of your eyes, that same dark, haunting purple that led you into trouble so many times before. 

It let out a tiny squawk that was followed by a puff of smoke which made you smile. Testing the time you had, you tried to step forward with a hand extended out to touch the tiny creature. You got as close as a finger’s length before the dragon let out another attempt of a roar and suddenly it, and the man in front of you, had disappeared. 

It was a loud clap of thunder that jolted you from your sleep. For a moment, you had forgotten where you were until a shadowed figure sat upright from the floor next to you. Your jumbled brain started to rattle back into place when you realized you were back on the ship with Captain Stark on the floor.

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fl00wersss-moved-deactivated201  asked:

aa okay! i really really really like alphys x undyne x reader so maybe um, aa a cute floofy ask where reader and alphys get a cat and it and undyne are arch nemesises until something happens?

Undertale Alphys x Undyne x Reader 

Undyne doesn’t understand, how can you not see that this “cute little fluff buns” was a raging hell beast? You and Alphys are always coddling it, but Undyne knows the truth. All those times the sugar cookies went missing and you two blamed it on her? She knows the truth. It’s that fricken cat. If you and Alphys didn’t love the little hairball, she would’ve skinned him alive by now. 

Somehow, both you and Alphys fall ill at the same time, neither of them knowing how. Being the only healthy one, Undyne takes care of both of you at the same time, encouraging you two to get better, otherwise she’d destroy the sickness for you. You and Alphys both laugh at that, but only to humor her. With both of her lovers sick in bed, coughing and high from fever, she wanted to leave work to nurse them back to health, but she couldn’t. She throws a rage fit at her boss, but if she takes a day off, she’s fired. 

So, the fish monster calls Sans to watch over them while she’s away, and when she gets home she should’ve expected the small skeleton dozing off on the couch. Undyne sighs and shakes her head, when she spots a small figure trotting across the floor with something in his mouth. She follows the little beast into the shared bedroom, both of you sleeping, and watching him jump onto Alphys’s bed and placing a wet cloth across her head, then crawling over to yours and lay on your chest, purring and kneading to make you feel better. 

Undyne smiles and makes eye contact with the hellbeast, both coming to a mutual understanding. 

Begging for treats after a short ride on the grass. He’s finally sound at the trot in small doses (!!!) and more than happy to go back to work. I didn’t want to push my luck too hard tonight so we did some trot circles and a little hill work and I called it done. I’ll build him back up over the next week to our normal type of ride.

HTTYD Western AU: Wild Spirits Prologue

His heart was wild,

But I didn’t want to catch it,

I wanted to run with it,

To set mine free.


               My names Hiccup.

               Great name I know, and I honestly still don’t know how I was carted off with it. I suppose it could be because I’m one of the smallest wranglers in Berk, or that I was born early. I’ve never asked, although I suppose it would make a good question.

               My father is the great Stoick “the Vast” Haddock, one of the best and well-known sheriff’s in the country. He’s big, has got all the muscle, taller than most, can shoot any gun from any distance and still hit the target. He’s a man not to be reckoned with, and many outlaws have gone under his hand.

               Me? I’m his deputy. Well, that’s what I’m told. And even though I wear the little brass star on my chest, often time’s I hide it under my bandanna or pin it inside my shirt. It’s not like anyone listens to me anyways, and that little star has gotten me into more trouble then I care to explain. The title deputy isn’t really acknowledged by… anybody, it’s more of a statement that yes, I’m Hiccup, the failure of a son to Stoick Haddock.

               The title “Hiccup the Useless” is starting to pick up now, and I try to ignore it, but Samson “Snotlout” Jorgenson finds it some kind of joke, as do the twins, Tyler “Tuffnut” Thoroston and Rachel “Ruffnut” Thoroston. Fred “Fishlegs” Ingerman seems to be the calmer one out for the other teen wranglers my age. But he can afford to be shy, for he’s got the bulk to make up for it and a good shooting hand. He’s never been mean to me… exactly… but has definitely never stood up for me either.

               Then, there’s Astrid Hofferson, one of the best horse wranglers in Berk. Even though she’s just fifteen, she can still wrangle a wild mustang down with one hand tied behind her back. And gods, she’s one of the prettiest gals in town. She’s got this wild blonde hair that seems untamable, always tied back in a heavy braid although hair seems determined to escape it. She wears this old Stetson that I haven’t seen her go anywhere without, along with a leather beaded headband of some sort that overlapped her hair and forehead. Most of the time she wears leather leggings tucked inside worn cowboy boots, and even though I know she doesn’t do it to look good, she accidently makes herself even more attractive. Added with the tight blue tank top and leather vest, exposing her bare arms that had leather chords tied around the biceps- she’s a woman that all the teens in Berk are after.

               Even though she’s never out and out made fun of me, like the others, she’s never tried to stop the bullying either. But that gives me hope that perhaps she doesn’t truly hate me- at least not as much as the others do. Still, I don’t stand a chance. Who’s going to want Hiccup the Useless anyways? Not to mention I’m skinnier then a pole, and I’m shorter than her. Plus I’m a terrible shot.

               Most deputies out here can shoot fairly well- if not reward winners. Not me. I’ve been practicing with a gun since I was eight, and even now when I’m fifteen and sworn in as a deputy, I still can’t shoot straight to save my life. Dad’s tried to teach me, a long time ago, but after five tries and failures he gave up, and it was Gobber who took over the job.

               Gobber’s my Dad’s best friend and voice of reason, although to me he’s like another father… or more like the father I never had. He teases, sure, and he’s rough at times but Gobber knows when to stop. And he’s always been there for me, even in the hardest times when all my Dad and I seemed to do was fight. I even stayed over at his Blacksmith’s shop a couple of nights when I was too tired to go home, or just plain didn’t want to.

               I’ve worked with Gobber over the past three years in the forge, it distracts me. And many might think that me, as a deputy, would have many and beyond duties to tend to. Nope. I do not. My Dad just gave me the title deputy years ago, before I became a total nuisance Now I carry it just so he can call on my whenever he wishes without fighting me, for I’m his deputy, and I should listen to his rules no matter what- even if I find them petty and not exactly the jobs deputies should be doing. I’m more his delivery boy then anything, so I for the most part hang out at the forge and help Gobber with all the work there. It’s one place where I feel like I can actually do something right, like I stand a chance. I don’t goof up as much, I know how to handle myself in the forge. It’s my only refuge.

               I’m not allowed to go out and hunt outlaws, bandits, or cattle rustlers like my Father and the other “teens in training” do. I’m told to stay behind and “stay out of trouble”, and even though I’m the deputy and should be the one to watch the town, Spitelout, my Uncle, is put in charge of Berk while my Dad’s away.

               Yep, so is my life on Berk. Not too terrible, but definitely not great either. I have a feeling it won’t change any time soon either, so I try to do the best with it, the best that I can.

               It’s hard, yeah, and times get tough. But I’ll just try and push through and hope for the best.

               Hiccup stepped out onto the wooden deck of the porch, lifting a hand to shield his eyes from the sunlight that skimmed shadows across the ground. The sun was barely peaking above the hills in the distance, and Hiccup could feel it in every bone in his body. Every part of him was screaming at him to go back to bed, to lie down and get some well needed rest. But he knew that if he ever wanted to get anything done- or even survive for that matter- he’d have to get his butt moving and head down to the forge.

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The whispering spell

a pop culture spell inspired on Star vs The Forces Of Evil

This was also based on the translation made by user Friuty Pie on the SVTFOE Amino

The purpose of this spell is to be able to help you move past a relationship in which you put a great deal of love, effort and a big part of yourself but has also been responsible for causing you a lot of pain, sadness, misfortune and long lasting damage. This isn’t limited to romantic relationships

What you will need:

A Rose Quartz gemstone

One white candle

Dragon’s blood incense

Light the candle and the incense on the floor and kneel before it, hold the Quartz between both of your hands and try to cover it with them. Close your eyes until you’re completely focused with yourself and enter a state of relaxation. When you find your focus completely driven away from your surroundings begin to whisper the following words slowly and strive to put as much emotion into them as possible, as you do so imagine all the negative energy that haunts you materializing into the shape of a small unicorn that trots into the flame burning it away.

“For all the horrible things that you’ve said and done, I’ll be the one to make it all out of nothing, what I’ll take is more precious than your magic, you are forever determined in my heart"

On the Importance of a Good Dog.

Requested by @halpdevon (enjoy)

A fire roared in the grate, the wind outside screeched; the branches of the trees tangled together and scratched at the glass in the windows, though Alexander was peaceful. There was a calmness that spread through their lodgings that night; well, it spread through Alexander, he thought it had something to do with the ball of fluff that was currently curled up on his lap. He was reading, or trying to read, Plutarch but the words were slipping past his eyes; without making any significant impression on him. The warmth from the fire seeped into his bones, and the wine he was sipping at spread more warmth through, he leaned his head back against the chair and sighed.

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Life in the Pack

First Part now up! 

Part 1

Would anyone be interested in a possible Fanfiction? Sorry for grammar, I would love some feed back. 

Kakashi thought that she looked so peaceful lying there with Bisuke and Ūhei curled around her protectively. Her pink locks swirled around her face and over her arms, which were brought up beside her head, as she laid on her side. She had let her hair grow since he last saw her.

As Kakashi stepped into the room clutching his side tenderly he made sure to avoid the other ninken littering the floor around the bed. He had sent the dogs to go live with Sakura while he was away on his diplomatic mission, they always preferred her company while he was gone and he knew that Sakura would care for them far better than Naruto. At least she gave the boys the correct food and not just ramen. If Kakashi was perfectly honest it had got to the point were he basically shared the dogs with the pink haired ninja anyway. They often visited Sakura of their own accord as they knew they would be supplied with belly rubs and treats.

“Boss. You’re back.” A gruff voice from behind Kakashi had him whirling around mid-step over Bull.

Pakkun had appeared in the door way, water dripping from his mouth. He had obviously gone to get a drink from the bowl Sakura always had in her kitchen for the dogs. Kakashi didn’t say anything just simply nodded and watched as the small pug trotted between the other dogs over to Sakura’s bed only to leap up onto it. Pukkun climbed over Ūhei and settled in the space next to Sakura’s stomach. The small dog gave a final look at the silver haired man then closed his eyes and let his head rest on the bed. In doing so the water from his mouth transferred onto the crisp cream sheets darkening them.

“I don’t think Sakura would be happy with you drooling on her bed.” Kakashi said with a sigh.

Pakkun opened a lazy eye at the man and sniffed the air. “I don’t think Sakura would be happy with you bleeding all over her bedroom floor.”

Kakashi looked down to his right side and pulled his hand slowly away from his waist. Blood marred his pale hand and continued to seep slowly from the deep wound. The ninja sighed again. “I suppose you are right.”

Kakashi then continued his journey climbing over Bull towards Sakura. Seeing his friend make his way over to the bed Pakkun got up and padded towards the pinkette’s head and then nudged her cheek gently with his small, slightly damp nose. “Little lady… little lady wake up. You have a visitor. Looks like he got himself hurt again.”

Sakura moved slightly and started to wake, pulling her arms up above her head to stretch. With all the movement in the room the other ninken started to return to conciseness and upon realising that Kakashi was home he received several lazy tail wags, to which he smiled in return.

By the time Kakashi had made it to the edge of the low bed Sakura had half sat up and was looking at the man with bleary and confused eyes from behind the pink hair that had fallen into her face.

“-Kashi?” Sakura spoke quietly as she rubbed a fist over her eyes. “You’re back?”

Care Needed


A small wooden golem proudly trots down a path, a mission to be had, and a message to deliver. It carries a picture and an envelope, and looked around to make sure it was going the right way. It stops in front of an old looking, but well maintained house, double checking the directions written down for it. Seeming content, it walks up to the front door, wooden feet thunking on the pavement. It knocked on the front door and waited for an answer, glancing occasionally to look at the flowers.