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She drew herself up with as much pride as she could muster. “I am an independent operator, scavanger of the metal lands, free of debt and beholden to no one. Least of all to a small-time trader named Plutt.

You are… you are…” The merchant tried to control himself. “You have nothing. You are nothing!

On the contrary,” she shot back, “I just told you who I am. As to what I have, that would be my freedom and my pride.

we often talk of fantasy settings like forgotten realms and so on (any number of them!) as ‘medieval fantasy’ but there is nothing really medieval about them. They rather have a set of social relations which have never existed on earth: the marriage of premodern means of production (guilds of craftsmen and small traders and such) with feudal or even pre-feudal governments, but with modern day late capitalist exchange. Its more like modern day but the industrial revolution didn’t happen

Love Knows No Bounds (pt. 4) [Edmund Pevensie]

Summary: The reader and Edmund have been friends for most of their time together in Narnia. They realize their true feelings for each other at the worst moment; just when they both leave for Earth. It doesn’t help that they live literally half a world apart.

Word Count: 1,855

Note: I am so sorry for the wait! This is the fourth part of Love Knows No Bounds, a collaboration between myself and the wonderful @peterpevensje. Enjoy!

Warnings: Slavery/slave trading, some fighting.

Previously: The same smile was worn on your face and it was at that moment Edmund realized that he didn’t think your smile was the most beautiful thing he had even seen.

He knew that your smile was the most beautiful thing he had even seen.

Edmund was here. Here! Standing right in front of you, sopping wet clothes clinging to his frame, showing you that he had grown physically in the year on Earth.

It was then that you realized you were staring.

Edmund raised an eyebrow at you, smirking. You laughed quietly to yourself, knowing that despite Edmund’s seemingly unfazed expression, he was shocked and excited to see you there.

You stepped forwards, about to hug him, when Caspian pushed past you. Three fluffy towels were in his arms.

Oh. Right.

It was breezy at sea, so Edmund, Lucy, and his whining companion probably felt cold.

And you knew just the thing to warm them up.

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Kitchen window sill plants & herbs🌱🌿🌵

I’m bringing​ the one on the very left back from a bent stem incident. Same with the pansies in the next pot. It was a small Trader Joe’s special & needed fresh soil & a bigger pot. I got those 2 tiny cacti on clearance for $1 each. I should repot them pretty soon, too. Then on the right, I just planted some dill in the smaller pot. I got the big basil for $5 at Safeway. We’ve been using done on most of our meals & it’s still doing great. In the clear ramekin, I’m soaking a chunk of ginger root to try to grow a ginger plant. They have gorgeous flowers. I’m going to put it​ in some soil in a few days & see what happens.

Everything Has Changed Part 3

Part 4

The next time that she had seen the rough and tough dwarf, was in Erebor, not in Dale. She had gathered two large baskets full of pastries, having been asked to bring them for Lady Dís.

As she walked amongst a small caravan of traders headed for the mountain, she tightened her hands around her baskets as she talked amongst a few of the women.

She had a few friends in Dale, but otherwise spent a great deal of time in her small home, alone. She didn’t mind however, finding comfort in reading in front of the fire.

The closer they got to the city, the wider her smile became. She was looking forward to seeing the gruff dwarf again, even if he did intimidate her.

“Approaching the gate!” The leader of the caravan shouted to those behind him, telling them of their arrival.

As they approached, she craned her neck up to see the tall and foreboding Dwarven statues on either sides of the gates. And then, her eyes moved to the dwarves guards standing above them, in armour.

“This is so exciting!” She couldn’t keep the smile off her face as they were welcomed into the great Dwarven city.

Her eyes wandered every square inch she could, taking in the sight of magnificent green tinged stone, smooth yet carved beautifully.

She had never been in Erebor, as she had never went to trade here. Her mother and Father have went by themselves, or often together, but never herself.

“We go down this way.” She smiled at the woman beside her and followed as they made their way down to a lower level, the market in Erebor already bustling.

“May I set up next to you?” The woman she was walking with nodded and began setting up her own table.

The woman beside her was selling fine silk scarves and handmade textiles. She was a wonderfully friendly woman, and even offered to trade for some pastries.

“Thank you.” One by one, she brought her fresh and homemade pastries and bread out of her basket and set it on the small table in front of her, and then touched the small pouch of coins in her pockets.

“Fine silk scarves! Delicate lacing on these scars are marvelled for miles around!” As she heard the woman beggining to sell her items, she glanced at her own table and bit her lip.

“You’re here! Thank Mahal! I was craving these!” She lifted her head, smiling, as Lady Dís hurried towards her table and grabbed a pile of the fruit and creamer filled pastries and placed them in her own basket.

“Hello Lady Dís.” She smiled politely and grabbed the gold coins that were handed to her, before her eyes wandered behind the Lady, and found the grumpy dwarf.

“Hello again.” She smiled at the dwarf as he stared her down, eyes wide and jaw slack.

Just like the first time they had first met, in person, he was flushed. As she tilted her head, her smile growing as he grew more flushed.

“Dwalin, say hello to the kind lassie.” Still, the grumpy and gruff Dwalin, just stared at her, hands clenched by his sides.

“‘Ello.” She was surprised by how deep his voice was, and by how scared of her he seemed.

He was a brutish dwarf with large, bulky arms and large hands. He was balding, but his hair that remained was thick and dark as the night sky.

He was so handsome, such a handsome dwarf, even with his scars and large nose, he was handsome. Compared to the men in Dale, or the ones that she had seen, he was outstanding.

“Hello master Dwalin. My name is Y/N. It’s nice to finally learn your name.” She giggles as his hands twitched and he leaned in, his eyes wandering over all of the pastries and breads in front of him.

She could see his eyes widen and swore she could tell his mouth was watering. But, even as Dís stood beside him, he never reached out for any.

“Would you like some, master Dwalin?” She placed her hand in her pocket and grabbed a clean white cloth and began placing warm and freshly baked cookies and small cakes in the cloth.

“Here you go. Take these, free of charge.” She wrapped up the cookies and cakes in the cloth and held them out to him, her own flush growing on her cheeks.

She waited for him to reach out and grab the small cloth package she offered to him. She watched him, her eyes trained on him, as he looked down at the table and then the cloth.

“Just take them, Dwalin!” Lady Dís reached out and smacked her hand against his shoulder, waking him from his stunned state.

He slowly reached out and grabbed the cloth pack in his hands, one of his enveloping both of hers. As he pulled his hand back, full of the treats, he slowly looked away from the table and towards her.

She placed her hand against her lips and smiled into her hand, as the red that stained his skin, rose up his neck and cheeks.

“Good day, Master Dwalin.”

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pro tip for people who have nothing or very few things to trade

you’re not alone! everyone had to start trading at some point. there’s many other small beginner traders around. try to contact them instead of the bigger traders whose collection is already quite full and to whom you will not have much to offer. in time, your collection will grow and you’ll be able to contact people with a longer list. 

Jeremy Corbyn speech

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, speaking at a rally in Leicester today, said:

***Check against delivery***

There’s no doubt that Thursday’s local election results were disappointing for our party. We had welcome victories in Manchester, Liverpool, Wales, Doncaster and elsewhere but too many fantastic councillors, who work tirelessly for their communities, lost their seats.

We face a huge challenge in the next five weeks.

But this General Election campaign is also a great opportunity. A chance to break free, to create a society in which people are no longer held back by a system that is rigged for the rich. A chance to rebuild Britain for the many not the few.

There is also a huge danger – that the Tories’ fearmongering and spin machine will make some people settle for less than they should. Resign themselves to things the way they are - underestimating just how many more burdens the Tories could impose if their mission to rig the system for the rich isn’t halted.

The stakes are high. We know from yesterday’s election results that the gap between us and the Tories is not as great as the pundits have been saying.

But we still have many people to convince. We have four weeks to do that. Are we up to the challenge?

Millions are still sceptical and undecided, not sure which way to turn.

And who can blame them.

Andy Burnham – who had a brilliant victory to become the new Mayor of Greater Manchester yesterday – spoke last week of how alienated people are from the political system.

He said we can’t just carry on doing what we are doing; the time has come to do something different.

He’s right. Our Westminster system is broken and our economy is rigged. Both are run in the interests of the few.

Things can and must be different.

Labour is under attack because we are standing up to the elites who are determined to hijack Brexit to pay even less tax and take even more of the wealth we all create.

Labour is under attack because we are standing up to the corporate interests plundering our NHS - £13 billion of the NHS budget is already privatised – how much more will be if the Tories get another five years?

That’s why Labour is under attack. We’re drawing a line. Three decades of privatisation – from energy and rail to health and social care – has made some people very rich but it has not delivered richer lives for the vast majority.

In this election, we will be outlining a plan to transform Britain – an upgraded economy run for the many not the few.

It will mean standing up to powerful vested interests. But we are ready for the challenge.

The Conservatives only stand up when taking orders from their billionaire friends, who hoard our country’s wealth for themselves in tax havens.

Theresa May thinks she can win the General Election by claiming she cares about working people.

She talks about building a fair society. Does she think people will forget what the Tories have done to this country, how they’ve actually treated working people? 

This Tory leader sat alongside David Cameron in government for six years.

She was in the cabinet room when they introduced the bedroom tax. So were the Liberal Democrats as part of Cameron’s coalition. What was fair about that?

And what was fair about racking up tuition fees?

Or about taking benefits away from people with disabilities?

Or about closing Sure Start Centres? Or starving schools of cash? Or opening up the NHS to be plundered by profiteers?

And what was fair about giving big business and the richest in society tax giveaways worth tens of billions of pounds - while the rest of us were told to tighten our belts, to accept a big dose of austerity?

The Tories are hoping everyone has short memories.

But if that fails, they have another card they are playing. That this election is about Brexit and who can play at being toughest with Brussels.

But Labour will not allow the Tories to put their party interests ahead of the real national interest. The interests of the British people.

This election isn’t about Brexit itself. That issue has been settled. The question now is what sort of Brexit do we want – and what sort of country do we want Britain to be after Brexit?

And who can really be trusted to put working people first?

Labour wants a jobs Brexit, a Brexit that safeguards the future of Britain’s vital industries, a Brexit that paves the way to a genuinely fairer society and to an upgraded economy.

Labour’s plan to transform Britain will mean:

·         investing in infrastructure and new industries,

·         rebuilding our NHS and social care services,

·         giving our children and young people a chance to fulfil their potential.

We won’t be paying lip-service to working people.

We will introduce a comprehensive programme to strengthen rights at work, make sure new jobs are good jobs, and end the race to the bottom in pay, conditions and job security.

Low pay and insecurity have spread like an epidemic under the Tories.

Labour will invest in skills and jobs, and take action to enforce a floor under employment standards across the board – so that all jobs are decent jobs, so that all workers – the true wealth creators - can play their part in transforming Britain and benefit fully from it.

Transformation means that, instead of a country run for the rich, Britain will be a country in which people are not held back, in which everyone is able to lead a richer life.

And that’s why we are fighting to win this election. Fighting to win, not because I yearn for the trappings of Downing Street office but because I want a better Britain

A country for the many not the few.

The local election results yesterday leave us in no doubt about the scale of our challenge.

We know this is no small task - it is a challenge on a historic scale. But we, the whole Labour movement and the British people, can’t afford not to seize our moment.

We have five weeks to win the General Election so we can fundamentally transform Britain for the many not the few.

When we win, we form the NHS.

When we win, we introduce the Equal Pay Act.

When we win we establish a National Minimum Wage - one of my proudest days in politics.

When we win, the British people win. The nurse, the teacher, the small trader, the carer, the builder, the office worker win.

Labour is offering a real choice, a real alternative to the rigged system that is holding us back and the Conservatives who are running our country down in every way.

An alternative for the many not the few.

And we need to be that real alternative because too many people in our country worry that voting won’t change anything, that all politicians are the same.

We are not all the same but people are frustrated that the system remains rigged for the few, that the lives of the many don’t seem to be getting better.

They vote, nothing changes.

The economy is still rigged in favour of the rich and powerful.

We have to show that we are different, that we will transform Britain. That we are for the many not the few.

When Labour wins there will be a reckoning for those who thought they could get away with asset stripping our industry, crashing our economy through their greed and ripping off workers and consumers.

When did the Conservatives - Osborne, Cameron, May, Johnson - ever stand up to their financial backers and demand our money back?

Never and they never will.

Instead, they make our nurses, our carers, our soldiers, our disabled, our young people trying to get a home of their own, our elderly looking for dignity in retirement and those working hard to get on, foot the bill instead.

It makes me angry. It makes me really angry. And I know it makes the people of Britain angry too.

So today, I say to tax cheats, the rip off bosses, the greedy bankers.

Enough is enough.

The people of Britain are taking our money back.

We have always stood up for the many not the few.

And I will always stand up for our beliefs.

That can be lonely, I know.

I campaigned against privatisation, tax cuts for the rich, letting the banks become all powerful and the Iraq war when many politicians were pushing them through or not standing up against them.

We stood up for workers’ pay, better public services, a fairer society, a more equal economy and for peace and justice.

Standing up for your beliefs in any circumstances, takes great determination. It can be frustrating. It takes its toll. It is far easier to compromise your beliefs and go along for the ride.

But strength is holding on to what you believe in. Standing up for the many against the few means a struggle against the odds.

Looking out for the few is easy; winning for the many is hard.

I have a message for Theresa May. If you feel the need to go on about what a great leader you are, then show it by debating with me in this election campaign. We are for the many, you’re for the few.

But this is about so much more than Theresa May and me.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you, the people, to decide what sort of country you want to live in.

We are full of so much potential, which is being stifled and held back in favour of the few.

Together, we can transform Britain.

And we must transform Britain because now it is rigged for the few.

In this election, Labour is standing for decent jobs, investment for the future, shared wealth creation, security at work, affordable homes for all, a fully funded NHS and schools, training and skills, an end to rip-off privatisation, fair taxation and a fairer, more equal country.

As we set out our detailed plans for Britain, the scale of the change we are offering will become clear.

So let’s turn our country around. Let’s come together to transform Britain. Together, we can win for the many not the few.

Make sure you are registered to vote.

Please help others get registered to vote.

Make sure you use your vote.

Talk to your friends, family, neighbours and co-workers about this General Election.

It is so important.

This election could be a great and proud moment in our national story.

Don’t wake on up on 9 June to see celebrations from the tax cheats, the press barons, the greedy bankers, Philip Green, the Southern Rail directors and crooked bankers that take our wealth, who have got away with it because the party they own, the Conservative Party, has won.

We have five weeks to ruin their party. We have five weeks to have a chance to take our money back. We have five weeks to win so we can transform Britain for the many not the few.

We must seize it. Thank you.

On 11th September 1973, Marxist and democratically elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende was overthrown in a US-backed coup.

Among the many policies which Allende’s government carried out were:

- Efforts to integrate the Indian minority into the educational system (including allocating 3,000 scholarships to Mapuche children)
- Payment of pensions and grants
- The construction of 120,000 residential buildings
- All part-time workers were granted rights to social security
- Withdrawing of a proposed electricity price increase
- Restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba
- Amnesty to political prisoners
- Fixing of bread prices
- 55,000 volunteers were sent to the south of the country to teach writing and reading skills and provide medical attention to a sector of the population that had previously been ignored
- Establishment of a central commission to oversee a tri-partite payment plan in which equal place was given to government, employees and employers
- Wokrers were granted representational rights on the funding board of the Social Planning Ministry
- Introduction of an obligatory minimum wage for workers of all ages including apprentices
- Free milk was introduced for expectant and nursing mothers and for children between the ages of 7 and 14
- Free school meals
- Rent reductions
- The rescheduling of the Santiago subway so as to serve working-class neighbourhoods first
- Increases in social security payments
- An expanded public works program
- A modification of the wage and salary adjustment mechanism to benefit workers
- Programs distributed free food to the country’s neediest citizens
- Establishment of peasant councils were established to mobilise agrarian workers and small proprietors
- Increase in the minimum taxable income level
- A campaign against illiteracy & expansion of adult education programs
- 18 year-olds and illiterates granted the right to vote
- State-sponsored cultural education initiatives & music festivals/tours including Chilean folklorists and nueva canción musicians
- Establishment of the Women’s Secretariat to improve women’s rights, gender equality
- Maternity leave extended from 6 to 12 weeks
- “Democratisation” of university education, including abolishment of tuition fees
- Co-operative laundries, communal food preparation, expansion of child-care facilities
- The CUT (central labor confederation) was accorded legal recognition and its membership grew from 700,000 to almost 1 million
- In enterprises in the Area of Social Ownership, an assembly of the workers elected half of the members of the management council for each company, these bodies replaced the former board of directors
- The incomes of retirement pensioners were increased by the government from one-third of the minimum salary to the full amount
- Labor insurance cover was extended to 200,000 market traders, 130,000 small shop proprietors, 30,000 small industrialists, small owners, transport workers, clergy, professional sportsmen, and artesans
- Project Cybersyn to aid in the management of the economy

As a result of these policies:

- Purchasing power went up by 28% between October 1970 and July 1971
- Average real wages rose by 22.3% during 1971
- Minimum real wages for blue-collar workers were increased by 56% during the first quarter of 1971, white-collar workers’ wages increased by 23%
- An average of 52,000 houses were constructed annually
- Despite the increase in inflation (a long-standing problem in Chile) wages still rose (on average) in real terms during the 1971–73 period
- From 1971 through to 1973, enrollments in kindergarten, primary, secondary, and postsecondary schools all increased
- An 89% rise in university enrollments between 1970 and 1973, increased enrollment in secondary education from 38% in 1970 to 51% in 1974
- The illiteracy rate was reduced from 12% in 1970 to 10.8% in 1972
- The growth in primary school enrollment increased from an annual average of 3.4% in the period 1966–70 to 6.5% in 1971–1972
- Secondary education grew at a rate of 18.2% in 1971–1972
- The average school enrollment of children between the ages of 6 and 14 rose from 91% (1966–70) to 99%
- Wage and salary earners increased their share of national income from 51.6% (the annual average between 1965 and 1970) to 65%
- Family consumption increased by 12.9% in the first year of the Allende Government
- Annual increase in personal spending rose from 4.8% in the period 1965–70, to 11.9% in 1971
- During the first two years of Allende’s presidency, state expenditure on health rose from around 2% to nearly 3.5% of GDP
- The proportion of children under the age of 6 with some form of malnutrition fell by 17%
- Pensions increased by a total of 550%
- There was one healthcare centre for every 40,000 inhabitants
- 4 million square metres of housing & other construction works were completed in 1971–72, compared to an annual average of two-and-a-half million between 1965 and 1970
- There was 12% industrial growth and an 8.6% increase in GDP, decrease of inflation from 34.9% to 22.1% and unemployment went down to 3.8% by the end of 1971

Crime Butchers Innocence (Part 4)

Title: Crime Butchers Innocence (Part 4)
Summary: Reader/AU Castiel. Reader is a hired assassin for an important Italian mafia family along with her partner, Darius. At a party, she catches the eye of a certain Russian crime lord. And against Darius’ warning, entices the man further.
Words: 4,114
Warnings: Language, smut

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She drew herself up with as much pride as she could muster. “I am an independent operator, scavenger of the metal lands, free of debt and beholden to no one. Least of all to a small-time trader named Plutt.”
“You are…you are…” The merchant tried to control himself. “You have nothing. You are nothing!”
“On the contrary,” she shot back, “I just told you who I am. As to what I have, that would be my freedom and my pride.”     [ The Force Awakens by Alan Dean Foster ]

210 Years

In the Fallout series, that’s how long it’s been since the nuclear war that ended the world, the Great War in 2077, and the events of Fallout 4 in 2287.

210 years before the Great War it was 1867. America was just done fighting a civil war. It was a nation of slaves and slavers and fought a war to reunify itself and become a nation of abolitionists. It has since gone through many societal and cultural changes. It fought in WW1 and became an isolationist nation. It has gone through a great depression and then the horrors of WW2, it became a military and economic superpower and invented nuclear weapons, which it used against its enemies and started the cold war. That’s where our timeline and the Fallout timeline depart. From there on, American have went to space and even fought wars there, they’ve spread and fought to spread Capitalism throughout the world and became a nation of paranoid war mongers, and a government that experiments on its own people with complete disregard. It has become a nation of conquerors, and annexed both of its neighbors, Mexico and Canada. It had fought a long and bloody war against China over resources, invented new technology and eventually enacted the Great War and ended civilization.

In the West Coast of the United States, in the 210 years since the Great War, things have changed a lot. An inhospitable wasteland was slowly dotted with settlements and traders, new tribes and cultures evolved with their own languages. Water traders selling clean bottled water to the wastelanders led to the creation of a new currency, the bottle cap. Small factions arose, with their own interests and ideas, such as the Followers of the Apocalypse and the Brotherhood of Steel, as well as the Master’s Super-Mutant Army. Business, casinos and companies like the Gun Runners and Mojave Express flourished. Eventually, a small settlement managed to gather up other settlements into an agreement, and from that agreement, a centralized government arose, the New California Republic. The NCR spread civilization, security, and their own currency through the wasteland, and fought wars against other factions such as the Enclave and the Brotherhood of Steel. By the year 2281, the NCR have gone into a long lengthy war with another nation, Caesar’s Legion. Two sovereign nations fought each other over resources and lands in an international war.

In the East Coast of the United States, in the 210 years since the Great War, things have barely changed at all. The wasteland went from inhospitable to be dotted with a few small communities and traders. And that’s it, pretty much. Nothing changed. In 2287, the East Coast is still dotted with small communities and traders. 


Made militarily obsolete centuries ago, these former navy carriers can still be found in the service of merchants.

Independents may pay a tax to the ship's’ owner to claim a lot within the carrier’s hull from which to operate their craft out of. Thus some stability can be lended to small-time traders in untamed systems who are unable to attain proper affiliation with a larger organisation.

There are also those messengers who would rather keep a low profile. Knowing this, some thrifty carrier owners may offer a heightened secrecy fee for craft accommodations. For the right price, a promise is made that information about the stowed ship in question will be kept off the log. Such practice contradicts the mercantile code, but illicit traffic usually comes with deep pockets, and an aging capital ship is costly to maintain.


Male Hero 2
In a picture from Reincarnation series (Reincarnation Series Reincarnation Oil on Linen Signed) a masculine man holds an antelope that seems to attempt escaping from the embrace of the male who has a head of an ape.The ever-present image of a secondary feeble man is close by in connection to the scene watching it or in some way participating.In Reincarnation with a woman-shark (Reincarnation-3 Same title Series Oil on Linen Signed) a male figure is in a center holding up the reincarnated woman. The man’s body is physically fit.A reclining male in the lower right side is also muscular but younger, with long blond hair. His position, youthfulness, and attractiveness create additional meaning of compliance to the one who is stronger and older.In another work from Reincarnation series with Pinocchio (Reincarnation-2 R. Series Oil on Linen Singed) a sinewy hand holds decreased in size legs of a woman whose upper body part is not shown in tone but suggested by an outline while her lower body is lightly fleshy. Another almost unseen female is sitting on the hand.In the center a macular body of a dark color spreads upward that seems to be a black woman.Some haughty unshaven profile is closing eyes and pouts his lips in a grimace to what could be an aura and smell of naked bodies that surround and connect to each other.Meanwhile Pinocchio is a curious and appetent voyeur whose nose is directed to the center.The line curve that taps the long nose has almost palpable sensuality being nothing but a graphical line in the context of the work that changes value of line into new dominion.In a work called Sinphony that gives name to Jaisini’s series of works another male image is a conductor postured as perhaps a ballet dancer with obvious reduction of maleness and in context of the picture having awakening of an inner spirit that has no gender definition.In First the male characters are of a non-masculine artist in a hat in linear portrayal that avoids any tonal value. Another is a city dweller that holds a rat by the end of the tail being a petit man with typical appearance full of a small time trader. Next male image is a kind of smart, sharp profile of quick-witted criminal attorney.There is also an unshaven profile with cocked nose possibly of a redneck.A drunkard’s blue nose indicates a presence of yet another male personage.In each picture there is a male image or images as unique part of the conveyed composition.In Wet Dream we find few male images and silhouettes.An almost undefined profile in the center of a powerless character that could be an overwhelmed witness of the surrounding whirlpool of female flesh.A second image is of an opinionated but also feeble man.In another work titled Das Ich Und das Es a man brandishes knife and holds down a head of another who in turn interacts with a reclining woman or maybe just looking down at his feet.The mood of the picture creates self-destructing overtone that could be attributed to the inclusion of bright red color strongly connecting to the shape of a sharp blade and to a proud-looking silhouette of an amazon woman. She could be in fact a true possessor of the knife and the gesture could be interpreted as her strong grip over the weapon in immediate urge to cut the exposed man’s throat.In the picture’s left side the image of a bull could portray a massive devil with masculine built.Another mode of male portrayal is through a clown, an inmate in Circus series (Circus-4 W x H (“) 36 x 36 Oil on Linen Circus Series Signed).Circus-4 seems to ask a question of the difference between representation and reality. On which side there are the heroes of this performance. Does the work portray the inner or the outer? There is a perpetual detour on the way to truth that has lost status of any finality.A cowboy shadow in Blue and Mauve (Blue and Mauve W x H (“) 30 x 40 Signed Oil on Canvas);A king in Royal Flesh (Royal Flesh W x H (“) 36 x 36 Signed Oil on Linen) and in Under the Moon (Under the Moon W x H (“) 35 x 35 Oil on Linen Singed);Tsar in Great Bastard (Great Bastard W x H (“) 48 x 48 Oil on Canvas Singed);Dwarfs in Pick-nick at a Sideway and in Crystal Man(Crystal Man Early Period W x H (“) 48 x 50 Oil on Linen Signed dated 1994)The whole artistic endeavor builds a new image of male as not a traditional hero with excessive pride that started in legends as male hero’s pride towards, or defiance of the gods.The male image was a prototype of the God himself and at the same time a vulnerable example of pride and its doom.In the works of Jaisini the male image doesn’t possess the role of physical superiority but also not a protagonist in relation to woman.Jaisini shows the indefinable transformation where female body could be masculine and otherwise.The non-masculine man is not anti-masculine, or feminized.The breed can’t be artificially chosen by humans, they couldn’t be feminine or masculine by their own choice, this happens due to natural evolution.In Show Must Go On a main male image is rushing forward in what seems to be a deliberately provocative indication of an intercourse in a bizarre set up. But the figure of the aggressor is also vulnerable in the depiction of attack by a sward fish. If the animal predator is a true portrayal of maleness then the central man who is meant to render a singer is not a masculine type even being athletically built and seemingly aggressive. The image is going through immediate transformation that is amazing in creating a new type of an androgen. The recent incarnation of the androgen in popular culture carry strong sexual charge.The singer couldn’t be separated from his sexual nature and Jaisini represents him as one who tries and attempts to be dominating power, but not as much in physical context as by principle of creativity, improvisation and composition.In popular music rock stars have all in their various ways flirted with the idea of androgen. Sometimes this was simply a matter of costume while making it the subjects of their own ironic commentary.In SMGO the image of male would be rough if in the compositional relations there was no threat from a true predator.The exposed position of injury invites compassion as an image of an androgyne seem less threatening to young and weaker same as effect achieved by rock musicians seeking appeal among diverse public.The expression of such sexual ambivalence establishes a fascinating game, is he or isn’t he? In a period of conflicting sexual identity Jaisini often shrewdly exploits the confusion surrounding male and female roles to create ambiguity of visual image.The singer is portrayed as an “unearthly" being.“These singers often took heroic masculine roles in the operas of Hendel and his contemporaries, and were rewarded with the adoration of both men and women. The range, power, and flexibility of their voices seemed both to quash the accusation of effeminacy and at the same time set them a little apart from the human sphere. Unearthliness seems to be the quality, which separates the genuine androgyne, at least in our imaginations, from the merely effeminate male. Because of this the androgyne is powerful, alluring and sometimes, though not always, as threatening as the exaggeratedly muscular hero whose antonym he forms.“Gleitzeit essays circa 1994 Author Yustas K Gottlieb AKA Ellen Yustas K Gottlieb

Il était né grand seigneur

Pierre-Auguste Renoir told his son Jean the following wonderful anecdote illustrating Monet’s way of life:

For a while, Renoir and Monet shared the same studio, earning whatever they could from making portraits of small traders. Sometimes months passed without any order, but that didn’t prevent Monet to dress lavishly and have the best tailor in Paris, even though he couldn’t afford him. Actually, according to Renoir, he never paid him and replied to his invoices and reminders in a condescending manner: “Sir, if you insist, I will withdraw my business with you.”
Upon which the tailor didn’t insist anymore, immensely proud as he was that he was chosen to dress a gentleman of such class.
In Renoir’s words: “Il était né grand seigneur!” - He was born grand.


This afternoon I went for a little run at City Park and everything was just so GREEN!! Absolutely gorgeous with perfect weather and I can finally get there and back without GPS.

Note-worthy parts of my day include the barista at Starbucks spelling my name right and a small grocery haul from Trader Joe’s. The boy turns 25 on Monday and has requested lasagna so that’s why there’s so many cheese products. It’s almost 8pm and I haven’t had dinner yet, but I drank my Shakeology and feel so good right now. Plus is was basically dessert before dinner. I hope you guys are having as good of a day as I am!

fun facts about rey

so i did a finn post and a poe post and now it’s time for a rey post!!!!!

the rey story in BTA honestly gives us less information than the others - it’s still full of Good Shit but i think so much of her stuff is yet to come???? like we learn some really baller stuff but idk So Much To Learn …

so instead of just summarizing and pondering greg rucka’s before the awakening, i’m also going to pull some hilarious shit from the TFA novelization because oh my god rey lmao.  where the book sharply veers left from movie canon, i will make a note of it, but boy howdy does that ever happen at one point. okay anyway lets go

- she built her own speeder

- she built her own speeder literally like… she designed and built it from scrap. she assembled it herself. (richard dawkins would say using scrap was cheating and then have a twitter meltdown; this is irrelevant but it cracks me up to think about so you get to think about it too)

- she also built a computer for herself by piecing together more parts and getting a display up and running

- one of the datachips she found had a really in-depth flight sim on it so she just. started doing that. 

- she learned how to pilot a spaceship by playing computer games for hours on end. like she’d seriously just. she started out barely being able to take off, but she’s a fast learner and after years and years of vidya games she’d start just artifically introducing wilder and wilder problems, just to make it more challenging for her

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I am an independent operator, scavenger of the metal lands, free of debt and beholden to no one. Least of all to a small time trader named Plutt.      

                  YOU HAVE NOTHING. YOU ARE NOTHING.      

On the contrary, I just told you who I am. As to what I have, that would be my freedom and my pride.

She drew herself up with as much pride as she could muster. “I am an independent operator, scavenger of the metal lands, free of debt and beholden to no one. Least of all to a small-time trader named Plutt.”

“You are…you are…” The merchant tried to control himself. “You have nothing. You are nothing!”

“On the contrary,” she shot back, “I just told you who I am. As to what I have, that would be my freedom and my pride.” Murmurs of assent rose from behind her, from the vicinity of the worktables. She had said aloud what her colleagues and compatriots, regardless of species, all wanted to say but dared not. At least not to Plutt’s ugly face.”

—  Star Wars: The Force Awakens novelization
The Inquisitor's Pet

Inquisitor Alexis had found a small Slave Trader ship and boarded it. She had to make her stop believable and paid them for Cyber, saying he was important to the Inquisitor’s mission and that killing them would be a waste of her time. Once he was brought to her though, she wasted no time killing all of the guards and evacuating the slaves. Once everyone was safe the trader ship blew up. She released everyone but Cyber to be placed back to their families if they had any. Cyber stayed with the Inquisitor. She could use someone to help her with small things.