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Someday Came Today // Chris Pine

Tumblr, I have a confession: a shameful remnant of my dark past that I can no longer hide.  When I was in 9th grade, I loved country music.  I mean.  It started in 9th grade; we’re not talking about how long it continued.  I wasn’t strictly allowed to listen to ‘secular’ music that wasn’t from some sort of musical, but all my friends listened to country, so I used to turn my stereo down low and listen to the country music radio station – I used a pencil to lightly mark where the Christian radio station was so that I could switch over quickly in case my mother came in.  (Oh god, my LIFE, what even.)

Anyway.  This is only to tell you that (even though I’m not at all actually embarrassed about any of the above) there is a part of me that feels strongly that I should not love this song.  But oh, oh, I do.