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Looking Back

So tonight I took a few minutes to step back and think about everything that’s happened for me on this site in the six months since creating this blog.

Since starting this blog in March I’ve:

o   Written 144 Drabbles about 28 different wrestlers.  

o   Written 59 One-Shots about 18 different wrestlers

o   Gained 1,539 Followers

o   Made so many new friends

Like that’s crazy, you guys! I’m just a shy girl from a small town in Iowa no one has ever heard of. I write fics because I enjoy it and creating this blog and posting my fics was a big step for me. 

I want to thank each and every one of you for the support you’ve shown me over these last six months. I love seeing the likes, reblogs, and comments you leave on my fics. It always makes my day. It’s crazy to think about how much you guys like what I write and post! Hopefully, they put a smile on your face when you read them!

Thanks for all the love and support! You are the best! I love you all xxx


Centralia, Pennsylvania
Population: 10

“Analysts disagree about the specific cause of the Centralia fire. Writer David Dekok concluded that it started incident to cleanup of the town landfill. In May 1962, the Centralia Borough Council hired five members of the volunteer fire company to clean up the town landfill, located in an abandoned strip-mine pit next to the Odd Fellows Cemetery just outside the borough limits. This had been done prior to Memorial Day in previous years when the landfill was in a different location.

On May 27, 1962, the firefighters, as they had in the past, set the dump on fire and let it burn for some time. Unlike in previous years, however, the fire was not fully extinguished. An unsealed opening in the pit allowed the fire to enter the labyrinth of abandoned coal mines beneath Centralia.  According to a legend, the Bast Colliery coal fire of 1932 was never fully extinguished. In 1962, it reached the landfill area.

Few homes remain standing in Centralia. Most of the abandoned buildings have been demolished by the Columbia County Redevelopment Authority or reclaimed by nature. At a casual glance, the area now appears to be a field with many paved streets running through it. Some areas are being filled with new-growth forest. The remaining church in the borough, St. Mary’s, holds weekly services on Sunday. It has not yet been directly affected by the fire. The town’s four cemeteries—including one on the hilltop that has smoke rising around and out of it—are maintained in good condition.”

I think a lot of the discourse on here, esp about intra-community issues, comes from the perspective of people who are a part of pretty insular leftist queer communities and assume everyone else engaging w their writing is too. so you have stuff like “white trans people are celebrated when they come out” or “everyone wants to fuck transmasc genderqueer people” as statements people are making, which are very very true in some cases from within these really insular communities but seem like you’re blogging from another dimension to people who like, live in small town Iowa.

ok let’s talk about this beautiful angel because I already have ideas/thoughts on her 

She’s from a small town in Iowa. She went to DuPaul for a degree in communications. She thought she was going to get a masters in comm or marketing but she ended up switching to a film degree with a minor in advertising. She tried living in New York for a few years working for a documentary film company. She liked the idea of living in a city but hated the size. She moved to Providence. She grew up on football but learned to tolerate hockey in Chicago (and love it in New York, she’s secretly a Rangers fan)

How they met: she shelled out for seats behind Snowy at a Falcs v Rangers game just so she could chirp him. You’d think she wouldn’t be very loud but you’d be wrong. 

New Beginnings (Chris Evans x Reader)

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 4,762

Warnings: Swearing, Fluff, Feels, Chris Being a Dork, Dodger Being Adorable, Talk of Death

Ratings: PG-13

Summary: After your grandparents pass away, you find out they leave everything to you, including a large sum of money.  Deciding to take the advice of your grandparents, you live your life to the fullest; which means moving to Boston and bump into Chris Evans.  

A/N: Let me know if you guys enjoy this!  Maybe there will be a few more parts if enough people request!

The warm sun felt toasty on your face, as you wrapped your cardigan tightly around you; the brisk crisp fall air of Boston giving you slight chills.  You were sat at a bench, overlooking the beautiful serene water of Boston Public Garden.  It was your favorite place to visit as a child, and because of that, you knew you had to move here.  

Growing up in a small farm town in Iowa had been wonderful; at least in your eyes.  Most people hated it, and others would probably dread having to live in such an isolated, nothing to do, small hick town.  But you were an imaginative, adventurous child; always reading books and imagining you were in the main characters place.  You were also a romantic and it was easy to be one in a small town.  The boys were raised right by their parents; true gentlemen, which was hard to find nowadays.

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“I think you work harder if you’re haunted by some small darkness,” says John Darnielle. And if the work he’s produced is any indication, Darnielle is one haunted man.

Across several albums with his band, The Mountain Goats, Darnielle has written distinctive lyrics that are gloomy and full of wry humor. Lately, his storytelling has taken a different form: novels. His latest, Universal Harvester, takes place in the late 1990s in a small town in Iowa. Its main character, Jeremy Heldt, is still grieving for his mother, who died six years earlier in a car accident. He’s working as a video store clerk when he makes an unsettling discovery: Someone has been splicing weird, dark and sometimes violent home movies into the store’s videos.

In ‘Universal Harvester,’ Mountain Goats Lyricist Reaps A Creepy Crop


Bliss - Tipton, Iowa by Clark Westfield

Soulmate (Crowley x Reader) Chapter 1

A/N:Could you do a story where the reader is the reincarnation of Crowley’s soul mate and she died not too long after Crowley has dragged too hell. Now the reader is working with the boy’s and Crowley is some what shocked and tries too win her over well dealing with the boy’s being over protective of her and at the end they end up together. Super fluffy ending, please and thank you.

He couldn’t believe he had found her. Someone that loved him. As much as he was hated around their small village she had loved him. He had heard her father yelling when she had told him they were to be together. “Not by my blessing. You will not marry that Fergus Macleod!” he yelled bringing the back of his hand across her face when she told him she didn’t care what he thought. When she came outside he had seen her crying with a dark red mark over her left cheek. Pulling her into a hug he led her away to his home. Within two weeks time they were married. No one had came, only the two of them were present as they said their vows and became husband and wife but they didn’t care. They were together and that was all that mattered. 

Unfortunately their happiness did not last long. Only six months after their vows Fergus had died, killed by some animal not far from their home. Y/n had been devastated by the news. She didn’t know what to do. Being six months pregnant she couldn’t very well find any work, not that anyone would give her any. She tried to continue Fergus’s tailoring business but no one seemed to like her work as much as her late husbands. Needing money for food Gavin, Fergus’s first son had decided to begin work on the ships going to America. He would send her money here and there but she still went to bed hungry some nights. One a cold winter night she had woken to a sharp pain in her stomach. It seemed to pass for a while until they kept coming over and over again. Screaming she begged for anyone to come to her aid. It took hours until the light of morning came through the windows of their small house. When she cried out as someone passed by their home they were quick to go get help. Minutes later a woman came rushing into the home. Y/n knew her well she was the local midwife. Going to her side she lifted the bloody sheets to see blood coating the hay beneath her. She gave her a worried look before examining her. “What’s happenin’?” y/n asked in a weak voice. “How long ave’ ya been like this?” she asked as she just sat beside her. Feeling her eyes growing heavy she tried to stay awake. “I don’t know… Is the babe comin’?” y/n asked worried by how early it was. When the woman took a deep breath y/n felt tears roll down her cheeks. “Aye deary… bu.. it won’t be alive. I’m so terribly sorry.” Letting out a sob y/n began to shake. “We must hurry and get the babe out of you Mrs. Macleod. When I say I need ya to push, alright?.” she said. Nodding y/n did as the midwife said. It seemed to take forever but finally she gave birth to a little boy. Wrapping the babe in a blanket she handed the quiet child to y/n. Looking down at the child y/n cried and stroked the side of his cheek. He looked like her Fergus. Thinking of him made her feel guilty. “I’m so sorry Fergus.”  she said in a whisper. Placing her lips on the stillborn’s forehead she closed her eyes. “Mrs. Macleod? Y/n?…” When she did not move the mid wife covered her mouth with her hand and tears fell from her eyes. 

Turning off the coffee pot y/n made her way towards the toaster. Grabbing her toast she took the cup in her other hand she went into the library to see Sam and Dean sitting at the table doing research. Sitting down the cup of in front of Dean she went to sit beside, “Thanks sweetheart.” the eldest Winchester said. Going back to research y/n read up on what monster could be behind all the recent deaths in a small town in Iowa. Hearing a strange voice all three of the hunters looked up. “Hello…Boys?” the accented voice said from what sounded like the kitchen. Sam and Dean gave a roll of their eyes and a a small groan. Standing Dean  went into the kitchen and started talking to the man who had just randomly popped up in the bunker kitchen. “Who is that exactly?” y/n asked Sam. “Crowley. He the king of hell and a pain in our ass…” “What’s wrong with your ass moose?” the voice interrupted making his way into the library. “Now who is this lovely creature?” he asked looking over her body but not yet being able to see her face. Not being able to stop herself she put down the book she had been reading an looked towards the demon. “Don’t even think about it Crowley.” Dean warned. Meeting each others eyes the king of the damned fell still. His breathing picked up and he didn’t say a word as he looked at the woman he had thought he lost forever. “Y/n?” he whispered making the brothers knot their brows. “Do you two know each other?” Sam asked. Snapping your head away from the man who seemed to draw you in you looked to your best friend and shook your head. “No I’ve never seen him before.” her words seemed to cut through the demon like a knife and before anyone could register he was gone.

Pacing over the tall grass of a lone hill Crowley rubbed his hands over his face. It wasn’t possible, it couldn’t be, Y/n had died in childbirth. He had read the words on her headstone over a thousand times in the last 300 years. She and their child had died not even two months after his own death. But that woman in the Winchester’s bunker today that was no doubt her. He would never mistake her, she was the only woman to ever love him truly. With a deep breath to calm himself he teleported back to the bunker, this time not letting himself be seen. It was now nighttime there and he walked around to find Dean sleeping on one of the chairs, his laptop in his lap. Sam was not far away still awake reading over an old book. Normally the demon would mess with the two but not tonight. Tonight he was set on something more important. Walking down the hall he saw one of the doors opened and peeked inside. There was a figure sleeping under the blankets on the bed and he slowly made his way inside. Quietly going over to the bed he stared at her. She was just as beautiful now as she was then. Running his knuckles over her cheek she whimpered softly before smiling and going back to sleep. “What are you doing?” a voice said snapping Crowley out of his thoughts. Looking towards the Angel Crowley saw Castiel to be glaring at him. “None of your business giraffe, go fly away.” He growled and soon the Angel was grabbing his arm. Going to yell they both stopped when they heard a mumbling. Looking over Crowley saw as y/n was being woken up by their commotion and snapped his fingers sending both of them away.

“…You know I’m telling the truth Castiel. She is my wife.” Crowley told the angel making him sigh. “She was your wife. When your were Fergus Macleod, not the king of hell.” Castiel replied and saw Crowley look down. “Her soul is pure Crowley. What do you think would happen to it if she was to fall back in love with a demon?… If you ever loved her, let her go.” he said before disappearing. Swallowing the lump in his throat Crowley knew the angel was right. Y/n deserved better than a eternity in hell. She deserved better than him. Reaching into his pocket he took out the small pocket watch and opened it. Looking down at the small drawing of Fergus Macleod and y/n Macleod he sighed before closing it once again. 

The weeks passed and Crowley went along with his life just like y/n did with hers. He managed Hell while she hunted with the boys not knowing the guardian demon that kept an eye on her. He would watch her from afar as she played pool and celebrated the good hunt with the boys. Crowley had been jealous at first seeing how close she was with them, even making them fall flat on their face on more than one occasion. Knowing his actions Castiel came and explained to him that in this life y/n was their cousin, that they were the only family she had left and that they had been taking care of her since her parents died years ago. After that it seemed things got easier for the Winchesters. It was after one of these hunts that had ended much sooner than normal that the three went out to celebrate. 

The place they had chosen to celebrate this time was nothing like the usual ones hey went to. “It’s pretty loud is’t it?” Y/n yelled over the thumping music and saw Dean just wave his hand, “Come on it’s the only place within fifty miles.” he said and y/n just sighed. Going to a booth they all ordered a few beers. After a couple rounds the boys had found themselves a girl to annoy for the night leaving y/n to go sit at the bar alone. The bartender gave her a large smile before pouring her a shot. Throwing back the clear liquid she blinked her eyes at how strong it was. With the new liquid courage she began flirting with the man that had came to sit beside her. He seemed like a nice guy. He made her laugh and soon was buying her a drink. Sipping the drink at first he lifted his own. “Bottoms up.” he smiled and both chugged down their drinks. “Do you want to dance?” he asked and she nodded. Letting him pull her to the dance floor they danced with each other to the upbeat music that normal she hatted. After a while y/n began to get dizzy and had to lean against the man for balance. Feeling him grab her hip he began leading her away. “Wher…er are we…goin’?” she asked in a dazed voice but he didn’t answer. Going down the hall he pushed her into what looked like an office of sorts. Moving her back he dropped her on a sofa and moved to grab something off the desk. Y/n looked around the room trying to find a way out but everything seemed to blur together. Seeing a bright flash see looked to see the man holding what she guessed was a camera. He took a few more pictures of her and then set the camera down. Going over to her he started pulling off her clothes. Y/n kicked and pushed at him as much as she could but it felt like her limbs weighted a thousand pounds. “ put some…thing in my drink.” she mumbled and he laughed, “Finally catch on sweetheart.” he mocked as he pulled her shirt over her head. When she was down to just her bra and panties he started taking picture of her again. By this point she was afraid and crying. “Help…someone.. please help.” she gasped making him laugh harder. “You think anyone is going to hear you over that music?!” he said moving to grope her breast. “I will.” a voice said making the man look towards it to see a man with bright red eyes standing there. 

Crowley had been at a meeting when he heard a call. Holding up his finger to stop the demon from talking he heard it again. “Help… please?” he knew that voice anywhere, it was his y/n. She was in trouble, before any of the demons could respond he was gone. Showing up in a dark room he saw a sight that made his eyes flash red and a low growl form in his throat. There stood a man with his shirt off and his pants undone with a camera in his hands. Looking at the sofa in front of him he saw his y/n laying on it crying with only her undergarments on. He watched as the man took pictures of y/n and began touching her. "You think anyone is going to hear you over that music?!“ he said. "I will.” Crowley growled. Before the man could say another word Crowley had his hand wrapped around his throat and throwing him to the floor. Again and again he punched the man in the face until the sound of his skull cracking filled the air. Calling for his hound he gave a nod and watched as Juliet began tearing the man to pieces. Looking back to y/n he knotted his brows when he saw her trying to curl herself into a ball. Shrugging off his jacket he placed it over her and lifted her into his arms. Her head rolled to his chest and he knew she had been drugged. Growling he looked down at the camera and snapped his fingers making the thing nothing more than a pile of ash before they were gone. Laying her on his bed he pulled the covers up over her semi-nude form. Going into the bathroom he washed the man’s blood from his hands and changed into a simple pair of burgundy pajama pants and a black t-shirt. Pulling up a chair he sat beside the bed and waited for his love to wake up.

New Beginnings Part 2 (Chris Evans x Reader)

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 5,341

Warnings: Swearing, Fluffy Goodness, Sweet Kissing

Ratings: PG-13

Summary: After your grandparents pass away, you find out they leave everything to you, including a large sum of money.  Deciding to take the advice of your grandparents, you live your life to the fullest; which means moving to Boston and bumping into Chris Evans. 

Part 1 

Chris rose his glass to the center of the table, “To new beginnings” he toasted.  

Raising your glass to meet his, you clinked them together, “To new beginnings.”

You took a long sip of your champagne, the bubbles tickling your throat as the liquid made its way down. Champagne was always a nice little treat and this one tasted so good.  

Chris’ phone rang, “Sorry, I have to take this.  I’ll be right back” he said as he hoisted himself up and walked outside through the backdoor in your little dining room.  

Most of the time, if someone answered their phone on a date it would have annoyed you to no end.  The romantic in you would…wait…no, this isn’t a date.  Snap out of it Y/N.  This is just Chris being nice, being warm and inviting.  Helping you celebrate by getting a new home here in his hometown. But there was something in the air between you two; a sort of energy feeling that felt as if you two were connected. It was a really strong feeling and you’d only ever felt it once, with your last boyfriend.  

Your ex was a great man, a true gentleman, and a romantic like you.  It was probably why you hit it off with him so much.  Spending junior and senior year of high school attached at the hip. He took you on romantic dates, watching the sun rise early in the morning on the roof of his house, cuddled in blankets.  That first year of college was rough, he went one way, you went another.  Long distance relationships was difficult for anyone, but it put more pressure on the both of you.  By the second year of college, the two of you decided to call it quits.  It just hurt too much being away from each other. It was a very hard decision, but you ended it on good terms.  He was still one of your greatest friends. 

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Luray, Missouri
Population: 99

“The source of the name Luray is obscure; according to the State Historical Society of Missouri most likely it is Native American in origin. A post office called Luray has been in operation since 1841. After 170 years in operation, the Luray office closed on November 4, 2011.”


We hit the road first thing in the morning on the hour and a half drive to Lucas County, Iowa.  This state has a reputation of being very flat (there is an old saying that you can’t lose your animals here because you can see clear across the state from your porch top), but it actually starts to get very hilly the further west you go.  The drive to Lucas County was a marriage of winding interstate and vast, soggy gravel roads.  

Russell was the first town we stopped in.  It was a quiet, quaint little town with a lot of old businesses turned into apartments.  The whole town seemed to have one local store left to do your shopping at (appropriately named “Last Chance Market”).  I didn’t come across a single person there, not in a car or otherwise, but I guess that’s to be expected when you’re waist-deep in an Iowan winter.  Still, the quiet was strangely comforting and equal parts ominous.  

One thing you don’t see very often in this state is an abandoned grain factory.  Most of them are immediately torn down and replaced with newer versions.  Very rarely does a farm-based business close up shop in this state.  Russell had this sitting about two blocks away from their main street district, though.  

The drive to Williamson was laden with these old farm homes pleasantly placed atop these small, frozen lakes.  This house, for instance, was sitting about twenty feet away from a creek that had four or five people ice-fishing atop it.

We weren’t in Williamson for ten seconds before getting pulled over by a state trooper.  Both Kat and I were instantly nervous that something was going to be out of order and we were going to be slapped with a heavy fine, and I do think that that’s the easiest way to ruin an otherwise good day.  

Turns out, there was a stop sign hiding behind some shrubbery that we just totally missed.  Insurance and registration was completely up to date, though, and we ended up having a very pleasant conversation with the officer.  He pointed out what places were worth going to and what places weren’t going to have anything of mention.  The stereotype about nice Iowans held up once again.  He let us go with a business card and no ticket.  Sweet score!

Chariton was the most populated town in the county, and it was quite a stark contrast to the placidity of the towns preceding it.  People were crowding the city square, laughing and carrying on.  We strategically stopped for lunch here and spent a little while wandering around the odd layout of this particular town.  It seemed like there was two separate pieces to Chariton.  One was a bustling little community, shining in the forefront like a good grade on a refrigerator. 

Just behind that, though, were the ruins of what life was like there in the early 20th century.  Yet another abandoned silo, old business districts lined up in harmony with the train tracks, and little department shops that seemed like they hadn’t been occupied in decades.

Lucas was a strange town.  First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many porta-potties in one place before, and seemingly without any reason to exist there at all.  They were scattered all around the place with no rhyme or reason.  I tried to come up with some kind of reasoning for it, but I couldn’t.  All of them looked completely out-of-order, too.  There were no fewer than five lots of porta-potties nestled together all throughout the town.

Secondly, there were no thru-streets in Lucas.  To get from one street to the other, you had to drive all the way down one before you could connect to the other.  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a town like that before.  It was inconvenient, sure, but it was pretty interesting, too.

Norwood was a tiny one-street town with a couple homes, a church, and the same stray dog that seemed to follow us all throughout the county that day.  I know that sounds strange, and I concede that it is, but it seemed like I was hearing the exact same dog in the distance of every community we photographed.  It was this low, exasperated, asthmatic yowl that felt as if he was just trying to catch up with us to hang out.  It was an odd sound, and I kept hearing it.  

Our day ended in Derby, Iowa, a town that has the distinction of being the first total ghost town we’ve been to.  The relics of businesses that once existed were still there, but nothing but grass and asbestos occupied them.  There was graffiti dating back to the early 1980s still scribbled on the wall like a high-school bathroom.

I couldn’t get over this.  The ornate detail on the old businesses was inviting and warm, a strange juxtaposition with its current state.  I usually get so excited when I come across stuff like this, but I admit that Derby had me feeling a little sad.  You could see the heartbeat of this town still beating somehow.  The restaurant still had signs on the walls, likely sitting in there without purpose for thirty years or more now.

Our day ended with the loud sound of engines and a sun finally drowned under the wispy clouds of a January day.  The winding interstates eventually calmed back to the flat stereotypes I’m more accustomed to.  We’d finally lost the wheezing dog in the distance.  Back to the ominous quiet, it started to rain.

It’s been that way ever since.

76. “Why are you covered in mud?” 

One look at Leonard and anyone with a brain cell can tell that he likes to take care of his exterior. He dresses well, he keeps his hair well-groomed, his nails are always cut, and thought always goes into his outfits. Given, he’s not a person who minds getting down and dirty when he needs to. But time like now, when he’s splattered in mud that’s drying and caking onto his skin, Leonard becomes irritable. 

To say the least, he had been out with Sara. That should be explanation enough. But to go further, he and Sara had been out in a rural country town with nothing else to do but drink. And as they say, when you’re in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, do as the locals do and spar in a muddy cornfield.

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Last Weekend (Coming Out to Classmates)

So this past weekend when I was down in Grinnell for my reunion planning I made the decision to present female and by extension come out to a wider circle of people. College was when I really started to solidify my trans identity, but it wasn’t until late in college that I felt more confident in that, and there were only a very few close friends who knew about me at that point. So while some of my college classmates have learned about my identity since that point (as I’ve come out more fully, including on social media), some of them who are less connected with me didn’t know, and none of the folks who were back had interacted with me presenting female up to that point. Ditto (on the latter point) the staff who were my former colleagues that I got to work with.

As coming out/being out goes, not only was this a fairly low stakes environment, but given my college’s liberal/progressive values, and the group of people involved, I knew it would be a total non-issue. Still, it felt really good to just be able to walk into our first gathering at dinner on Friday night and just be myself and be welcomed in. The weekend (as I’ve already shared) was a great one, and productive, and everyone was fabulous about things. My classmates had no hiccups with name/pronouns, and my former colleagues were all great about it as well. What’s maybe more notable was how much of a non-issue it was in small-town rural Iowa. Yeah, it’s a college town, and much of the space I was interacting in was with college folks, but even outside of that things went totally smoothly. We bumped into a bunch of other folks we knew from there as well and it was all comfortable/easy. Awesome.

Funniest little anecdote on that from the weekend. Our group had wandered over to a local ice cream place on Saturday evening. I had the kids along with me and went up to the window to place my order. The lady behind the counter said “what can I get for you ma’am.” Well, after the order was finished and we stepped aside, Minky looked up at me and asked (with a confused look on his face) “did she call you man?” I laughed and explained that, no, she had called me ma’am and then explained how that was a term some people used, much like “sir” when addressing women. He looked up at me again and asked “doesn’t she know that you’re a little bit of both?” (something I’ve told him as we talk about my gender), I explained that no, she probably didn’t, but also that, seeing as I was dressed this way I was totally comfortable with her calling me ma’am. He nodded and responded, “well, I’m a boy.” I laughed.

It was a good weekend for plenty of other reasons, but being able to come out and be out without any issue sure helped.

9 Books You May Have Missed Because Your Nose Was Stuck in Another Book

We’re human, which means we make mistakes. But sometimes those mistakes affect our bookshelves, which, let’s be real, is unacceptable. That’s why we’ve rounded up 9 of the some of the most buzzed-about and raved-about YA books that you may have missed because your nose was in another book! Want a sneak peek of all of these books? Read a sample of each of them here!

1. Conversion by Katherine Howe

A chilling mystery crafted around high school seniors suffering from a bizarre epidemic who find out their town was once Salem Village, where another group of girls suffered the same symptoms three centuries ago.

2. Like No Other by Una LaMarche

A gorgeous story about the love that blooms between life-long neighbors, one from a strict Hasidic upbringing and the other a book-smart nerd who’s never been comfortable around girls. 

3. Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith

This Printz Honor book is a funny, intense, complex, and brave coming-of-age tale following Austin and his best friend Robby in recession-era, small-town Iowa. 

4. Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

A tale as beautiful as its California setting: Emi is a talented set designer on the L.A. film scene who hasn’t been able to design a love life, until a letter at an estate sale leads her to Ava. 

5. As Simple as Snow by Gregory Galloway

After Anastasia, who loves riddles, Houdini tricks, and ghost stories, disappears near a hole in the frozen river, the narrator begins to reconstruct the past five months to find her. 

6. The End or Something Like That by Ann Dee Ellis

A raw and surprisingly funny novel about coping with loss about Emmy, who’s waiting for her best friend Kim to visit from the afterlife, but instead is visited by ghosts of other people.

7. Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar

The irresistible story of high school freshman Scott, who writes down tips for his unborn sibling because he believes high school would be a lot less overwhelming if it came with a survival manual. 

8. Where She Went by Gayle Forman

The sequel to IF IT STAY is written from Adam’s point of view and chronicles what’s happened since Mia decided to stay – but not with him. 

9. The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson

This New York Times bestseller is a compelling, heartrending look into the effects of PTSD, following Hayley and her father, who keeps moving her around in a desperate attempt to escape the demons that have tortured him since he returned from Iraq.

So…I met Seth Rollins a couple weeks ago and I don’t think I ever posted a picture. I dont post tons of pics of myself but I like this one, so here it is. Anyway Seth is a really great guy! And we bonded over growing up in small towns in Iowa! Also, I have a current obsession with Black and white filters and its hard to get a good shot when taking a picture of a picture.

anonymous asked:

I go to a Catholic school in a small conservative farm town in Iowa. I want to come out as trans because I'm done living as someone. I don't know if I'll be accepted or if I'll get kicked out of school. I don't think my parents would kick me out of the house but school is a different story. What can I do? Do you know any trans laws for private school in Iowa?

Devon says:

Looking at this Iowa Code (updated in 2007)… There is this piece of text at the end of a section prohibiting unfair or discriminatory practices in educational institutions on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation:

Nothing in this section shall be construed as prohibiting any bona fide religious institution from imposing qualifications based on religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity when such qualifications are related to a bona fide religious purpose or any institution from admitting students of only one sex.

That means that if a religious school in Iowa genuinely feels like trans people’s gender identity (or people’s sexual orientation) go against their religion, they can basically do whatever discriminatory stuff that they want to do.

So it is possible that the Catholic school could force you to wear the uniform of your gender assigned at birth, use the bathroom matching your gender assigned at birth, prevent you from participating in school sports, etc. You could also be kicked out of your Catholic school for “going against Catholicism” by identifying as transgender (which isn’t true– there are plenty of devout Catholic trans people).

I would suggest coming out to trusted friends, online, or to an LGBT+ friendly therapist. That might make being closeted to your family or at school easier to deal with.

You could also consider transferring to a different school– trans students do seem to be protected at Iowa’s public and non-religious private schools. You could tell your parents that you want to transfer for a different reason besides being trans if they won’t accept that reason. Ex. you want to be in a bigger school, explore your religious identity away from a Catholic school, be around people with different views/religions, have more opportunities that other schools near you offer.

If your school has a GSA or similar organization, you could contact the adviser or club leaders there. They might know more about your school’s policy and whether any other trans people have come out at your school safely. 

Good luck and stay safe!

Remember how you grew up on a farm in Iowa + you went Back to School Shopping an hour away in The Big City of Des Moines + when you saw a local newscaster shopping for her clothes, too, you thought that was The Biggest Brush with Celebrity you’d Ever Encounter? Then you go to college in a bigger small town in Iowa, you watch a ton of MST3K with your friends + you think: this is Hilarious! Who honestly gets to do this for a living? And then you move to Chicago + do hundreds of improv shows + think Maybe I should Be Done? But then one July when you’re the Oldest you’ve Ever Been So Far + your image is on a marquee in Times Square because you’re part of a show that shaped you as a Performer, you kinda get paralyzed with Gratefulness? I’m still in disbelief… So - thanks, NYC! I had a surreal blast!

I was walking around campus just now, and holy shit.  I saw a zoology building and a separate zoology research building.  and the business building is bigger than my high school, middle school, and elementary school put together!

I got the goofiest grin on my face, bc, holy heck I fucking made it.  I can’t believe it, but I made it.  this is my school now.  I actually go here.

I made it.