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Update - Wanted (2/3)

Sorry for the delay in this. I’ve been unwell for the last two weeks and motivation has lacked. I hope you enjoy!

Remember this story is rated E for explicit sexual content and explicit language. 

Possible trigger: Discussion of a minor character’s infidelity.

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Summary: Modern AU: Young newlyweds Katniss and Peeta live a simple life in their hometown of Victors County; a life filled with family, friends and the love they have for each other. But an unexpected turn of events, and a brush with the law, puts their relationship – and their sex life – to the test. And afterwards, nothing will be the same.

Over the following days, as small towns go, the gossip mills are in full force, with rumours spreading to every nook and cranny about Peeta’s arrest and the circumstances behind it. Like Miss Trinket, all the women in town think it is the most romantic thing they’ve ever heard, a love story for the ages apparently, and - according to Peeta - they were all now flirting with him and giving him heart eyes. The men, however, couldn’t care less. It was just one more thing to bring up in between a round of beers down at the local watering hole. To Peeta’s immense relief the scandal doesn’t seem to have a negative impact on the business of the bakery. In fact, over the ensuing days his numbers double, and to Katniss’ annoyance he hasn’t brought home any leftover cheese buns because he’d sold out; this just adds to her frustrations. She hasn’t been able to get away from her ‘bad boy Peeta’ fantasy since Wednesday night, no matter how hard she’s tried – and deprivation from her favorite food just makes things worse.

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Leading Suspects: Chapter 23

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22.

“Get up, Sleeping Beauty! The calvary will be here any minute now!”

“That makes no sense and is the most offensive thing you’ve ever said to me,” I groan and shove my head back under the blankets. Everything hurts and I’m not even hungover. I’m not ready to face anyone and I have no idea what the hell Johanna is talking about anyways. She might mean that Peeta’s finally sworn out a warrant for my arrest, but I doubt she’d be this excited about that since she hasn’t secured a raise yet. Really, I’m shocked that he still hasn’t dragged me or Madge or both of us down to the station in handcuffs.

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Beauty and the Beast (I)

(Kouen x Fem! Reader)

Noooo Ooooonnnne~

Just kidding! No music is going to be used in this fanfic, besides ones that would be easier for me to write. Probably Evermore from the live action cause that song is great. 


If one walked into this town nothing would be out of the ordinary, everything was just normal and… Well… Dull. Most people that moved in only temporarily ended up being in this town for the rest of their lives and just like in every other small town, gossip spread like wildfire. 

Their latest gossip of the week happened to be about a fair maiden with shining h/c hair, glowing e/c eyes, and soft looking s/c skin. Although, you didn’t even seem to notice as you walked out of your house finishing your latest book. Once you read the last sentence you smiled up at the same cotton candy you had grown used to seeing every morning, it seems that even the sky was always the same in this town. 

You walked down the cobblestone steps of your house and stuffed the book you had just finished in your old basket, you were on your way to pick a new one at the book shop, your only heaven in this dull town. 

You smiled up at the birds flying by and reached your hand out to them if only you could be like them and just fly away from this town, but alas reality came crashing down and you realized you were stuck here for as long as you lived. 

Although, you had to admit the townspeople had their own way of livening up a quiet morning…

With their gossip.

You sighed as you heard them talking about you, you never listened but it was still annoying to hear them talk about you like that. You smiled as you saw the baker with the same bread and rolls to sell ever since you had gotten here with your father. 

“Good morning Y/N!” 

You smiled and walked up to him, taking in the scent of freshly made rolls and loafs, “good morning monsieur!” You said enthusiastically. 

He chuckled as he set the tray down, “where are you headed to today, Y/N?” He asked, turning to you. You smiled and grabbed the book from your basket, showing it to him.

“I’m returning this book to Ugo. It’s about a beanstalk, an ogre, and-” You started but you shrugged and put your book away as he cut you off.

“Yeah, that’s nice, Y/N. Maria! Where are those baguettes?” He yelled at the window of the bakery. You walked off and made your way to the bookstore to get yet another book. 

You sighed as you stared at the same houses, flowerbeds, and people. Nothing ever changed in this town and it was evident but no one ever seemed to mind. After all, they did all love gossiping… About you. 

They all murmured about how your beautiful looks were wasted on someone who wasted their time reading books and being educated, of course only men were considered qualified to be educated at this time. 

“That girl is strange no question…”

“Dazed and distracted with her nose stuck in a book.”

“No denying she’s a funny girl.”

You walked over to a carriage and grabbed onto it to get to the bookstore faster. “Good day, how is your family?” Asked the man running the carriage to a woman walking by. 

She smiled in acknowledgment, “Bonjour! Good day, how is your wife?” She asked. The man responded the same way as always, everything was almost a routine now. 

You looked to the side and saw a woman looking as if she was juggling her six kids, “I need… Six eggs!” She said frantically as her kids ran around, “that’s too expensive!” She exasperated as she heard the price.

‘There must be more than this than this provincial life!’ You thought as your gaze landed on the, now, blue sky with the shining sun through the clouds giving nutrients to all the flowerbeds available. 

You got off as soon as you saw the familiar sign of the bookshop, you opened the door and walked in with a smile. The familiar sight of stuffed bookshelves greeted you along with an old ladder for someone to climb up on, you breathed in the scent of old book pages and ink. 

A man with blue hair and a scarf turned at the sound of the bell chiming on the door, he smiled at the sight of you, “Y/N! Back to get another book?” He asked with amusement. 

You nodded, “yes, I just couldn’t put this one down. All the magic and fantasy reminds me of all the adventure that might be out there!” You squealed. 

Ugo chuckled, “I’m sorry to say I don’t have any new books,” he said as you climbed up the old ladder with the ends of your blue dress picked up so you wouldn’t step on them and trip.

“I don’t mind, I’ll borrow…-” you quickly scanned the shelf and picked a particular one up- “this one!” You gazed at the gold title and smiled down at it as it shined under the lamp. 

The title read 1001 nights.

Ugo grabbed the book as you handed it to him, “this one? But you’ve read it twice!” He said chuckling as he handed it back to you. 

You giggled, “I know, but it’s my favorite! Daring sword fights, adventure, magic, and romance!” You said as you opened it up and began reading it for the third time. 

Ugo chuckled, “well, if you like it so much then it’s yours,” he said as he led out of the bookstore. Your eyes widened and a smile graced your features. 

“Really?” You squealed, gripping the book tightly. This was the first book you’ve ever owned, you wanted to make sure it would stay in that condition as long as possible.

Ugo nodded, “anything for my favorite customer.” You were his only customer but if he had more you’d surely be his favorite. Not many people he knew appreciated books the way you did. 

“Is that onee-san?!” 

Ugo almost fell back as he felt a small body slam into his legs, you froze but sighed in relief as Ugo didn’t fall. You both looked down to see a little boy with blue hair tied into a braid, his name is Aladdin. He was the son of a man named Solomon and a woman named Sheba, both died of a fatal disease, leaving Aladdin with Ugo. 

You giggled as Aladdin wrapped his arms around your legs, you pat his head, “nice to see again, Aladdin,” you said, “oh! How are the reading lessons going?” You asked remembering that Aladdin was learning how to read from Ugo. 

He gave you thumbs up, “great!” He exclaimed, excited. You smiled down at him, he was a gem in this dull town as he was always so sweet and happy. Not to mention he never listened to the gossip about you, along with Ugo. 

“Hey, Aladdin!” 

Aladdin looked past you to see a little blonde boy standing next to a boy with purple hair, both of their clothes seemed to be caked with dirt and mud from playing. The two boys were known as Alibaba and Cassim, both boys were best friends as far as everyone knew even if they did fight all the time. 

“Can you come outside to play?” He asked waving at him. Aladdin looked up to Ugo for confirmation, once he nodded Aladdin gave him a quick hug and ran after the two. 

You laughed, “good luck getting him clean later,” you said familiar with Aladdin’s playing habits to get dirty and having fun. Not to mention Aladdin never really enjoyed taking baths.

Ugo chuckled weakly, “don’t remind me…” Last time he had to give him a bath he ended up getting scratch marks everywhere. They lasted for about a week with how sharp Aladdin’s nails were at the time. 

You laughed once more, “well, I’ll take my leave. Have a good day Ugo!” You yelled as you walked off with your nose back in a book. Ugo chuckled as you walked perfectly even with all your concentration on the book. 

“You too, Y/N!”

You were always found laying on the same bench of the fountain in the middle of town, all of your chores could wait until you finished this chapter. As you intently read you felt someone staring at you, you were going to ignore as just another townfolk gibbering more gossip but when you glanced at whoever it was, it turned out to be a little girl with pink hair and eyes.

You awkwardly sat up, “um… Need help with something?” You asked wearily. The little girl only stared down at the book as if silently wanting it. You followed her eyes and soon understood. 

You smiled and patted a seat next to you, “come on. You want to look at it, right?” You asked happily as she sat next to you. All she did stare at the words not registering a single thing. 

You glanced at her and rose a brow, “oh, that’s right. Not many girls learn to read…” You mumbled. You set your advanced book aside and pulled out a thin one from your basket. It had no title or a fancy cover to speak of, it was a book with simple sentences to help small kids learn to read. 

You opened it to some blank pages and got a pencil from the same basket, you rested it on the page. “Let’s start with something familiar, what’s your name?” You asked. 

The girl looked up at you, “Morgiana.”

A woman who was doing laundry looked in disdain as you began teaching a young girl to read. It was fine as long as you kept the abnormalcy to yourself but to spread to other woman was just preposterous. 

She growled and tapped a man on the shoulder gesturing towards you teaching the little girl to read, the man sneered along with the woman. Both soon came up with a plan to teach you a lesson. 

“The… B-Bird… fl…flew… In… The sky.” 

You clapped for her to give her positive reinforcement, “you’re a fast learner!” You said enthusiastically. From her name to words, to full sentences. This small girl was full of surprises for someone who had never picked up a book before.

She blushed and smiled but it soon faded as she glanced behind you. You rose a brow, turned and gasped to see the book you had set aside inside the fountain with all the pages getting soaked along with all the words beginning to fade. 

You immediately grabbed the book and wiped it on the white apron attached to your dress, the little girl immediately began apologizing. You waved it off, “don’t worry about it, it’s fine…” You said, you then turned to the slightly ruined book, “I hope…” You mumbled. You sighed and hoped it would dry off. 

“What is going here?”

You groaned as the voice sounded familiar, you turned and cringed at the sight. It was Jamil, the most pompous man in the village, he is a very skilled hunter and a man that every woman wanted and, obviously, he was involved with another piece of gossip. Everyone knew he wanted you, the most beautiful girl in the town.

You waved goodbye at the little girl and began walking off, hoping he didn’t notice you. He did but he looked to Budel as you walked off, “ahh, look at her Budel, she’s the lucky girl I’m going to marry,” said Jamil as he wrapped an arm around his friend’s shoulders.

Budel rose a brow, “the inventor’s daughter?” He asked. Budel was known to be a fairly chubby man and one to wait on Jamil’s hand and foot. As he mentioned the inventor he cringed as he was one that everyone believed to be the craziest man in town, no one ever went near him on account of him. 

Jamil smirked, “the lucky girl I’m going to marry,” he repeated confidently. 

Budel began to stutter out responses, “but she-”

“Is the most beautiful girl in town.”

“I know, but-”

“That makes her the best-” Jamil nudged his friend- “and don’t I deserve the best?” He asked, Budel nodded and tried once again to convince him otherwise but Jamil didn’t listen and only continued to stare at you from afar.

Day 11-Christmas Rescue-Stiles Stilinski

Teen Wolf Imagine:#71 Prompt:#…none?

Word Count: 1,658

Warnings: NSFW. This is Smut! Car sex, not usual clothes, Idk what else?

A/n: This was the last one I had to write and I put it off until 12 am on the 29th lol but it’s not bad. Maybe not great but not bad. Enjoy :)

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Last Imagine

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A Mother Knows Best

A/N: I had always pictured this situation in my head and I finally got it written down! Basically, the reader and Spencer were childhood friends, and after many years apart, got a chance to reconnect. Enjoy, friends!!

You plopped your bags down in your childhood living room - this was the first time you’d been home in years. You looked around at the room you grew up in. You smiled at the horrible floral wallpaper, the pictures of you in your awkward stage scattered around the room, and that horrible blanket you knitted in fourth grade that your mother, Kris, insisted to be displayed brought back a flood of old memories.

“Oh sweetie, I’m so glad you’re here! It’s been so long, my love” Your mom said as she gave you a tight embrace. Due to your busy job, it was hard to visit her as much as you wanted to. Ever since your dad died, your poor mom lived here all alone.

You sat and chatted for a while - catching up on all of the small town gossip, your work drama, and of course, your love life.

“Mom, seriously, I’m not seeing anyone. I’m just too busy, and I rarely even go out!” you attempted to reason with her. Of course, she was having none of that.

After a few hours of catching up, your mom told you that she made plans to meet up with her friend and old next-door neighbor, Diana. You had always loved Diana – she was such an intelligent, caring woman. Her and her son, Spencer, moved next-door when you were in grade school.

The two of you became fast friends and spent most of your time together. He was one of your only friends, and you were his. You hadn’t thought of Spencer in such a long time – you smiled as the memories you shared flooded your memory. You freshened up and were on your way to see Diana.

You arrived to the center Diana lived at and were directed to her room.

“Kris! Oh and who do we have here… Y/N? Is that you? You sure grew up nice… It’s been ages!” Diana exclaimed as she embraced you. You smiled and sat down on the sofa in her room.

“Hey mom, I brought you your dinner, I tried to get the chicken but all they had left was…” Spencer said as he walked into the room He stopped as his eyes met yours. “Y/N and Kris are here! …Mom, why didn’t you tell me they were coming?” he asked in a surprised tone.

“Oh, we wanted to surprise you kids. It’s been so long since you two had seen each other… plus we were talking the other day and we thought you two would look cute together!” Diana explained in a nonchalant tone.

Your mom giggled as your face and Spencer’s turned bright red. “Mom!” he squealed in embarrassment. Your moms always rooted for you two to get together, living next-door and all. You adored Spencer, but his accelerated intelligence and going to high school and college at such a young age made it hard for you to stay in touch.

“Oh honey, you’re not getting any younger. Just go down to that little restaurant a few blocks down and at least talk. It’ll be fun!” Diana urged in a hushed tone to Spencer.

Spencer and I looked at each other. We shrugged and decided we couldn’t argue with Diana or my mom, so we headed to the restaurant.


The walk to the restaurant was awkward – you and Spencer hadn’t talked in almost 10 years. Once you were seated, Spencer began the conversation.

“So Y/N, last time my mom wrote she said you were working at a bookstore, is that what you’re still doing?”

“I am… well actually the owner just died, sadly, and he gave the business over to me… so I’m a bookstore owner now!” You hadn’t even told your mom that news yet – there was something about being around Spencer that was so easy and comfortable.

“Wow, that’s great Y/N! I mean, I’m sorry about your loss… that’s terrible. But you’re a business owner!”

The rest of the night went along those lines – he told you about his work at the BAU, your hobbies, the books he read recently, both of your goals and future aspirations, and everything in between. In fact, you two talked so long, the waitress had to tell you that the restaurant was closing.

After you left, you could both tell neither of you wanted the night to end. Spencer was the first to address it:

“It’s still pretty early… do you maybe want to, um… go to that park we always used to play at when we were younger?” he asked nervously.

“That sounds lovely” you replied with a small smile. You grabbed his arm and you walked to the park where you shared so many childhood memories.


You and Spencer sat on the swings you use to use so frequently and slowly rocked back and forth. You began to reminisce on old memories you shared:

“Do you remember when we made that bike ramp one summer? You calculated the perfect slope - just so we would get a little bit of a jump, but not so much that we would get hurt… we had so much fun with that thing” you laughed thinking of Spencer trying to ride his bike.

He laughed, “Yeah, I remember that summer. We spent so much time together…” he trailed off. “You know, I uh… used to have a, um… little bit of a crush on you, you know” he blushed a deep red.

You smiled. “Oh Spence, it wasn’t exactly a secret. You did spend most of your time at my house, doing things to woo me” you winked. He smiled as you continued “You know I had a big crush on you, too”

“What? Really?” he asked in shock.

“How could I not? You were my best friend, my secret-keeper, and my source of every fact I could ever know!” you chuckled.

You and Spencer looked deeply into each other’s eyes for a moment. You said softly, “You are still the best man I’ve ever met…”

Spencer took your face in his hands and stroked your cheek with his thumb. You leaned in and began the kiss that you had been waiting for your whole life. It was so sweet, and his lips were so soft.

It looked like your mom and Diana really did know what they were talking about.


[[ Request: imagine where you become affiliated with the club (sorry I can’t think of how, maybe doing a favor for another club??), and you fall for juice, but you don’t know anyone or their names – imaginative with descriptions ]] - I couldn’t think of a good reason you became affiliated either, so I just left it super vague. 😂 I figured it wasn’t that relevant to the storyline anyway lol.

You walked towards the SAMCRO clubhouse, placing your sunglasses on top of your head and wondering what questionable life decisions you must have made to find yourself here. Your eyes caught the reaper painted on the wall as you walked up to the main door, and you sighed loudly. Growing up in Charming, you had heard about the club your entire life, and you were always told to stay away. The Sons of Anarchy ran Charming, that much you already knew, and you had heard stories about them from the time you were a small child. But you had never listened to the stories. It was just small town gossip. Besides, you had never shied away from a little rule-breaking. Then through a serious of random events that you could hardly remember, you had moved away from home and met Nero Padilla. He had helped you through a rough patch in your life and had loved you like a daughter, and now you owed him big time. So when he needed a new bookkeeper for his escort service, you had agreed to help him out without hesitation. What you didn’t know at the time was that Nero and the Sons had formed a little partnership. So now here you were, walking into the SAMCRO clubhouse like you somehow belonged. 

“Hey, baby, can I help you?” a tall, slim man with dark, curly hair and piercing blue eyes asked you. He looked you up and down with an expression that told you he wasn’t exactly thinking the purest of thoughts. You felt a chill run down your spine. You could have sworn those eyes could see right through your clothes.

“I’m looking for Jax Teller,” you answered, returning the man’s gaze with a strong, determined stare.

He nodded his head, his eyes studying you for a few more seconds.“Yeah. I’ll go get him.” 

You gave him a polite smile and watched as he walked away. You let your eyes glance around the clubhouse. You noticed an entire wall dedicated to mugshots, and you tried your best to keep your eyes from rolling into the back of your head. You sighed and wondered again how you had ended up here. 

“Hey,” a tall, muscular blonde said as he approached you, his eyebrows raised and his mouth turned up into a confident, charming little smirk. Your eyes studied him carefully, sizing him up for a moment before you said anything else. You noticed yet another set of gorgeous blue eyes and thought sarcastically to yourself that blue eyes must be some sort of requirement to be a Son. 

“You must be Jax,” you responded, allowing your eyes to return to his. You held out your hand. “I’m Y/N.” Jax shook your hand and watched you carefully, clearly trying to figure you out. You looked out of the corner of your eye to see the curly-haired man staring at you with a disgustingly intrigued look on his face, but you ignored it. “I’m a friend of Nero Padilla,” you explained, turning your attention back to Jax. “I recently took over the books at Diosa.” You flashed him a coy smile. “I think we’ve got some things to discuss.” 

Jax nodded his head and smiled at you. “I guess we do.”


You walked through a pair of heavy wooden doors into a small, dark room. Your eyes flickered over to the middle of the room to the large wood table, a reaper carved deep into its center. You glanced around the room, noticing the “Brains Before Bullets” sign hanging on the wall. You circled the table, choosing a seat near the head of the table, upon Jax’s insistence. You already knew who Jax Teller was, even if you had never seen him before today. His reputation preceded him in Charming, and everyone was well aware of that fact. Your eyes followed Jax as he took a seat at the head of the table, his fingers toying with the gavel in front of him as he watched his men file into the room. Their faces were serious and stone-like. You could tell they weren’t sure what to think of you. You were some mysterious woman who had just showed up at the clubhouse unannounced, prepared to discuss Diosa business with their president. You couldn’t blame them for being a bit wary of you.

You turned your eyes to the doorway and watched as the leather cuts began to fill the room. Your eyes panned across each man that walked into the room. You watched an attractive older man enter the room, his hair messy and greying. His facial hair was neatly cut and groomed. You couldn’t help but notice the scars on his face, and you wondered how he had gotten them. Your eyes moved to the next man, the same curly-haired man from earlier. He flashed you a devilish smile as he took his seat at the table beside you. You sighed and turned your eyes back to the door, watching the rest of the men file into the room. But one man in particular caught your attention. 

As soon as he walked through those doorways, your eyes lit up and your heart began to race. He stood tall, but not quite as tall as the rest of the men. He wasn’t small by any means, though. You could see the muscles of his arms rippling under the short sleeves of his white t-shirt. You could tell he was strong. There were several tattoos running the length of his arms, but the reaper is what caught your eye. You imagined to yourself what those muscular, tattooed arms would feel like as they held you. You found yourself wishing you didn’t have to imagine. His skin was the most beautiful shade of light, tanned brown that just made you long to touch it. His hair was shaved into a short, neat mohawk, and he had two tribal tattoos running down either side of his head. On any other person, that mohawk and those scalp tattoos would look ridiculous, but somehow on him, it looked amazing. He took a seat at the table across from you. He must have noticed you staring at him, because he flashed you a light, friendly smile that made you melt. His brown eyes crinkled up into little slits when he smiled, sending butterflies soaring through your stomach. You couldn’t remember the last time someone had made you feel this way. Vulnerable. Nervous. You were always so strong, so powerful. You never let yourself be anything but fiercely strong. But this man had you feeling weak in the knees. There was just something about him that made you immediately feel drawn to him. And you didn’t even know his name. 

“I want you all to welcome Y/N to the clubhouse,” Jax announced, smiling warmly at you, as if he were speaking to an old friend. “She’s a friend of Nero. She’s taken over the books at Diosa.” He looked around the room at all of his brothers who were nodding their heads as they listened. “She’s got some stuff to talk to us about.” He turned to you and nodded his head towards the men all gathered around the table. “Y/N, you wanna take over?” 

You nodded your head and cleared your throat. “Sure.” You glanced at the man with the mohawk one last time, licked your lips, and smiled. Your little attraction to the biker boy would just have to wait. It was time to get down to business.



You stopped as you stood in the doorway of the clubhouse, your keys in your hand and headed towards your car. You were lost in your own thoughts, and you hadn’t even really realized it. You wouldn’t have admitted it for all the money in the world, but truthfully, you were thinking about the biker boy with the scalp tattoos. You hadn’t stopped thinking about him for a single second since you had first laid eyes on him. You sighed and turned to look behind you, wondering who had interrupted you from your pleasant little daydream. Your eyes were met with those familiar brown eyes you had been avoiding for the entire meeting and thinking about ever since. They were just so captivating, you couldn’t stand to look into them. You felt jittery every time you did. 

“Hey.” Your heart was racing, your palms were sweating, and you were strangely aware of every movement and sound you made. You started to hold out your hand in a polite gesture, but you pulled it back quickly when you noticed how it was shaking. You smiled nervously and casually wiped your sweaty palms on the side of your jeans, hoping he wouldn’t notice. “Y/N.”

“I know.” The man smiled at you, his entire face wrinkling in delight. His smile was contagious. Every time you saw it, you could feel your own face begging to erupt into a smile of its own. “I’m Juice.” He nodded towards the bar, the huge smile still present on his face. “You wanna grab a beer with me? Maybe we can talk?”

You bit your lip and flashed him a mischievous smile. “Yeah.” You took him by the arm, watching as his eyebrows raised in pleasant surprise. “I’d like to get to know you a little better, Juice.” 

Juice’s smile widened as he lead you towards the bar. You returned his smile, thinking to yourself that maybe you did belong here after all. 


CS AU Week
Day 4: Complete AU- Raising Emma

Dear Miss Swan,

If you read this letter, it means that my life has come to an end, leaving my son - your biological son - Henry, an orphan. I’ve been estranged from my family for years, Miss Swan and my mother and my deranged sister are definitely not good role models to raise my son.

Throughout the years, I’ve tracked you, miss Swan, in an attempt to prepare myself for the questions one day Henry would have about his birth mother. I’m sorry for what it seems a terrible invasion of your privacy, but I felt I needed to be prepared for that moment.

I know you requested a closed adoption, but I request you’d kindly consider raising Henry in the case of my demise. I’d never wished to impose this situation upon you, but I’m trying to prevent my son to be raised in the system, bouncing from foster home to group homes, not having roots in this world. I hope you can find in your heart the will to at least give this situation a try.

Emma Swan never expected to become a mother. Even less she expected to move to Storybrooke Maine to become the mother of the son she’d given in adoption over a decade before. But she couldn’t refuse the heartfelt plea that Henry’s adoptive mother left in her will.

Adapting to a small town life in which she was a stranger was not easy. Learning how to be a mother of a ten-year old that was grieving was challenging. Dealing with the small town gossip and the judgement over her life choices had her wanting to give up and run away as far as possible.

If it weren’t for the counsel and support of the local pastor, Killian Jones, Emma wouldn’t have lasted a month in town. Which is why she hesitated when he asked her out, not sure if she could handle the gossip and side glances from the rest of the single females that had her eyes on the pastor. But sometimes, all you need to do is take a leap of faith and give it a go.

The Perils of Prehistoric Marriage

Part 1, ao3
Part 2, ao3

I really thought I could do this in two parts but it’s going to be three parts. But it will be done by next week! Enjoy part two! It’s got Bellamy being a gossip, Clarke getting mushy, and an entire amnesia plot!  

Clarke finally got to see a patient. All her own. She read over the chart, she knew it was just a routine pediatric visit, but she was prepared and excited. She decided to have patients call her Dr. G and the nine year old seemed relieved when she introduced herself.

“Mom, you said the appointment was with Dr. Griffin.” The kid had no grasp of an inside voice. “She’s mean.”

“Dorothy!” her mom quietly scolded, her cheeks blushing.

“What? I’m just telling the truth,” Dorothy said, crossing her arms while Clarke tried to keep a straight face.

“Dr. Griffin is my mom.” Clarke lowered her voice to a stage whisper and Dorothy’s eyes got wide. “But don’t worry, I’m not a huge fan of her’s either.”

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Small Town Secret

District 13’s policy prohibiting co-workers from dating is well-known and non-negotiable, which is unfortunate for Peeta and Katniss. They’ve dated secretly for two years, hiding from prying eyes and avoiding facing the realities that threaten their relationship the best way they know how—sneaking into each other’s homes for illicit sex. Prompt: Thorns

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Familiar Faces (part one)

Author: Dee

Pairing: Dean X Reader

The lights of an IGA gas station lit your path as you made your through the doors. You’d only come for a gas refill, but the shelves stocked full with doughnuts and cookies looked awfully tempting. Your rumbling stomach sealed the deal, and you picked up a bag of mini powdered doughnuts and a chocolate milk, walking down to the register. There was no line whatsoever, as it seemed there was only three people in the store, including yourself and the cashier, so the process went fairly quick. By the time you had your bag in hand, your gas payed for, and were ready to get out of the dusty little place and in to the night, you’d become fairly aware of someone staring at you.

You turned, expecting to see some creepy trucker guy, complete with yellow teeth and a bottle for chewing tobacco. However, that’s not who you found. Instead you were met with two bright green eyes, wide with an expression that you couldn’t quite determine portrayed happiness or fear. It was likely both, the poor man’s feet frozen as well, clearly not able to choose whether to run out the door or come up and hug you. In all honesty you were beginning to feel the same way yourself, he looked so familiar, and all the same time like simply another stranger.

It took you all but a moment to figure it out, the confusion in your mind turning to pain, the memories of the no-longer-stranger filling your brain. The man in front of you was most definitely not a stranger. He was Dean Winchester.

The dark blonde hair, the freckled cheeks, the pink lips, the layers of shirts complete with plaid, and those damn green eyes. How had you not seen it sooner? You were disappointed in yourself for over looking it all. No, you weren’t disappointed in yourself, you were disappointing in the universe. It had done so good, keeping you on your track free of harms way, and yet for whatever reason now, it had led you to this seemingly innocent gas station only to run straight in to Dean Winchester. It wasn’t a coincidence. There were no coincidences as far as you were concerned.

“Y/N,” The word left his lips in a whisper, but the simplicity of it spoke volumes. Of all the people in this world you’d managed to leave Dean at a loss for words. Although thinking about it you realized, this wasn’t the first time you’d accomplished it.

“Dean,” His name left your lips much louder, and somehow colder, than yours had his. Maybe it was because you feelings towards him were harsher. Or maybe harsher wasn’t the right word for it. You didn’t want to blame Dean for anything in the past, yet every time you looked back on the memories of him, you felt the pain all over again. It wasn’t fair what you were doing to him, even if it was in your own head, and there was clearly no way he’d ever know the things you thought.

The stare held between the two of you lasted much longer than you’d expected, way past the limits of being socially acceptable. You were the one who finally broke it too, simply walking away from him and in to the cool night. And just like that, you realized, you’d walked out of his life as he had yours those many years ago.


Moving around from place to place wasn’t ideal for a kid growing up. You knew this, your father new this, and yet you still did. Your dad wasn’t in the military, he didn’t have a job that required him to travel, and he didn’t have family he was scampering around to visit. You and your father had no real reason for zig-zagging across country- you just did. It seemed the two of you could always agree on one thing: you both had wanderlust, and to keep yourselves satisfied you explored.

In the end of your senior year of high school however, enrolled in a small school in Lawrence, Kansas, your father found an end to his wandering. Or more specifically someone to end his wandering. She wasn’t a cruel woman, his girlfriend, she was kind and sweet, and an excellent cook, but she was also terribly boring. You weren’t sure exactly what your father had seen in her, as he looked for people who stood out- not for their beauty of course, he was never vain, but for their personality. Your dad was never the kind of man to fall in love with someone’s body, but rather their mind.

And slowly, but surely this normal woman was changing him. She was tearing away his originality, a thing you weren’t even sure was possible until then, and replacing it with the personality of a normal, suburban dad. Not only did she have do do this, but meanwhile she had also managed to take away your one and only friend.

That was something you lacked greatly. Friends. It seemed you had a surplus of creativity, you were practically bursting at the seems with thoughts and ideas and expressions, but you had only one person to share them all with, and now, that person was gone. Not literally of course, he was still sitting there at the kitchen table when you came home from school, but he just wasn’t the same anymore, and that hurt worse than you’d ever thought possible.

Your dad had always been your best friend. You’d grown up searching out unicorns, chasing kisses from faeries, and trying desperately, to no prevail, to blow out the stars, and you’d done all these things at your father’s side. Now, as the last year of school slowly began fading in to the summer you realized, you had no one to spend time with. Being a new kid, a quiet kid, and a downright strange kid clearly hadn’t given you many opportunities to make friends, and now as everyone seemed to be paired up in to their little groups and circles, you were left awkwardly alone to yourself.

So on that last day, the second the final bell rang and everyone bolted from their seats, barely having time to scoop up the few things they still carried with them, you took your time. You scooped your books in to your back, the worn spines feeling soft against your fingers, grabbed for the few pencils you still had which were only nubs now anyway, and said short goodbyes to your teachers. Even they seemed to pity you, their curt nods and hand shakes nothing more than polite.

The thing was, you didn’t want their pity, you didn’t want anyone’s pity. You were a happy person, although the whole ‘not having friends thing’ was a bit depressing at times, you were an overall happy person. You understood everything in life happened for a reason, small thought that reason might be, (although you still couldn’t find a reason for Ms.Boring) and you understood that no matter how suck life may be, there was always something to make it better, even if just a little bit.

That day, it seemed your something was sitting out in front of your school, just waiting in the parking lot. A beauty 1967 Chevy Impala, looking grand spanking new sat right out front the doors. It clearly wasn’t supposed to be parked there, but you took your time admiring it anyhow, getting a good look until someone tapped you on the shoulder. You spun around, coming face-to-face with the person, he wasn’t anyone you’d seen before, but man you wished you had.

He was cute to say the least, short, dirty blonde hair, light freckles down his nose and cheeks, and the brightest green eyes you’d ever seen.

“Hi there,” Even his voice was nice. “Can I ask why you’re staring at my car like it’s porn?” You scoffed- you actually scoffed. No wonder you had no friends.

“Your car?” You asked instead of answering him. He nodded.

“Well sort of, It’s my dad’s, but I drive it,” He changed his position, leaning against the bumper of the car. “I’m here picking up my little brother,” You raised an eyebrow.

“You’re not in school?” He shook his head.

“Nope,” He popped the 'P’. “I work with my dad.”

“You and your dad seem close,” He shrugged, the topic seemed a bit rickety to you so you steered away from it.

“I’m Y/N,” You offered, realizing you’d never given him your name.

“Dean,” He replied holding out a hand for you to shake. You shook it, glancing at the thin watch around your wrist. You were going to be late- again, and your dad was going to be mad- again. That was another new habit he’d picked up since his relationship with Ms.Boring. He was much stricter now, and always cautious of time. You sighed, letting your arm drop to your side.

“Well it was nice to meet you Dean, but I’ve really got to go. My dad’s going to kill me if I get home late,” It was already bad enough you had to walk, getting caught up in the parking lot was only adding on to your time difficulties. He nodded, giving a small wave as you turned.

“See ya around, Y/N.”

After that you hadn’t really expected to see Dean again, let alone see him again that very night. You and your father’s plan had always been to stay in Lebanon until you graduated, then you’d be able to travel some more, maybe head somewhere exotic. But as you walked through the front door of the small suburban home which your now small, suburban father had purchased a month or so back, and found a note casually sitting on the table explaining how they’d gone bowling and be back later, was when you really saw just how terribly askew your future had become. Your father hated bowling. There was nothing fun about rambling on about small town gossip with twenty other sad, middle aged parents while you rolled some bowl down a court.

You ignored this though, and instead grabbed your book, a worn copy of Peter Pan, and a slice of cold pizza from last night, not wanting to be in that little house one more damn second.

In all honesty, you weren’t very sure exactly where you were going. Though you’d lived in Lawrence for nearly four months now, you’d spent most of your time in the same few places, not wanting to explore much in fear of becoming too attached. It seemed now, that wasn’t much of a problem anymore.

You walked down the main road, the traffic in the area never much of a bother, and just kept on walking. It was pretty late when you finally stopped, the sunning set nearly fully down, the stars just visible in the darkening sky. You’d stopped at a playground, a bit rugged, the slide gathering rust, and the area you suspected to be a sand box, completely grown over by weeds. But you, being you, saw its beauty.

The creaky swing set was much more comfortable than you’d expected, the sun-bleached faded blue color of the plastic was soft to the touch, the years of love and the hot sun having worn it down. You finished the last bite of your pizza and set Peter Pan down among the wood chips covering the ground. It’d been years since you’d played on a swing-set. You’d nearly forgotten the feeling, and it was nice, coming back to something that seemed so normal in your life, something that hadn’t changed, as cheesy as it may sound. The feeling of wind pushing back against your hair, your feet pumping in to the air, the view of stars above you, looking almost as if they were winking as they twinkled in the wide expanse of inky black sky. You didn’t even hear the footsteps behind you.

“Peter Pan, huh?” You jumped, your feet dragging across the ground so the swing could come to a stop. Dean walked in front of your view, taking a seat on the swing beside you. “Hey, don’t stop on account of me,” You glared at him.

“You nearly gave me a heart attack,” He rolled his eyes.

“It’s not my fault you decided to run away the same time and to the same place that I did.”

“I’m not running away.”

“Oh really,” He raised an eyebrow. “Then why are you out at night, playing on a creepy ass, abandoned playground,” You rolled your eyes, beginning to pump your legs again.

“It’s not creepy,” You finally said, turning to look at him as he made an attempt to move his swing. His failure at something so simple was amusing.

“It most certainly is.”

“I think it’s just lonely,” You stated, smiling as his face turned in to a look that said 'well this girl’s bat shit’.

“I don’t think the playground’s lonely, Y/N.” You shrugged.

“I do,” And that was all, things were in silence for a short while, but Dean hadn’t walked away at your strange comment, so you saw that as a good thing. He was the first to break the silence.

“It’s going to be a full moon soon,” He said randomly, gesturing to the small sliver of moon that seemed to be missing from the sky. You nodded in agreement. The moon had never been a point of interest to you, it was the stars that had always caught your attention. Tonight they were bright, the smaller ones twinkling against their dark background as if they were winking at you. The thought reminded you of your father. The first book that had ever been read to was Peter Pan, the first book you’d ever read was Peter Pan, your one and only, still most favorite was, of course, Peter Pan. Your dad had loved this of course, as it was one of his favorites as well, and on clear nights he’d lifted you to sit on his shoulders, walking through the yard as you attempted to blow out the stars.

“I still remember trying to blow out the stars,” You said quietly, more to yourself than to Dean.

“I’m sorry, blow out the stars?” You laughed at his confusion, pumping your legs a few times to keep the swing going.

“Have you read Peter Pan,” You questioned.

“I haven’t,” He shook is head. You fake gasped.

“Dean Winchester, you’re insane,” He chuckled.

“Not the first time I’ve heard that,” You shrugged, tightening your grip on the chains of the swing.

“In my experience, you get used to it. Anyhow, if you’d read the book you’d understand. The stars have done something terribly wrong and they’re being punished for it, forced to do nothing than look on to the world, their jobs completely useless other than being pretty to look at it,” Dean seemed genuinely interested in your story.

“What’d they do wrong?” You shrugged.

“None of them really know. They’re all too old to remember now, and most of them have just given up on guessing. Peter always takes advantage of that, sneaking up behind them and trying to blow them out while they’re not looking,” You finished your story, turning to look at him. The gaze he held on you was one you couldn’t quite read, but he wore a small smile, his green eyes wide as they stared at you, so you figured it had to be good.

“How many stars did you blow out, Y/N?” You smiled, laughing softly.

“I’m not sure. My dad would always put me up on his shoulders, you know, so I could reach better and all? So I’m sure we got lots of them,” He grinned.

“I bet you did, especially if the old ones have given up already. Giving up does that to people. Makes them weak,” You were surprised by his reaction, most people would look at you like you were crazy, but he didn’t. He seemed to understand your craziness somehow.

About an hour later the two of you finally left, he’d offered to walk you home, the darkness of the night seeming a bit overwhelming even for you. You’d gladly accepted, feeling some strange connection to him. When you reached the door of the little home you’d come to hate so much you’d realized something: You had always believed in fate, in magic, so maybe, just maybe, Dean was tied in to it some how. It was a far cry from realistic, but what would you be without an imagination? Sure things hurt when the didn’t go the way they’d been planned, but that was most definitely better than nothing happening at all.

You smiled at Dean through the darkness.

“Thanks for walking me home,” He nodded.

“Of course, thanks for giving me company,” With that the two of you stood there, the silence between you deafening.

“Um, good night?” You attempted to break through whatever was going on, your words seeming to pull Dean away from his thoughts as you turned towards the house.

“Right- Y/N, wait,” You turned back towards him.

“Yeah?” He stepped closer to you, only inches away now.

“Do you think your stars would disapprove if I did something?” He questioned, and you nearly laughed, slightly confused.

“They’re not my stars, but no, I don’t think so,” He smiled, leaning closer.

“Good,” With that, his lips brushed against yours, pressing closer until there was no space in between you. It seemed very new, not that you’d never kissed a guy before, but Dean seemed different, easier to be around, much more comfortable with this than you’d grown accustomed to.  By the time you pulled back, in fear of suffocation mostly, it seemed it had gotten impossibly later.

“I really have to go,” You whispered. “My dad’s going to kill me if I don’t get in soon,” He nodded in understanding and with a few small waves and 'see you soons’, he was gone.

You and Dean spent a lot of the summer together, any spare time you had, you spent it with him. It seemed he had given you what you’d always wanted, a friend, and you’d give him what he’d never had, his childhood. The two of you became extremely close, hanging out at the little lake a few miles from your house, or sometimes the playground, every second was an adventure with Dean.

He broke the news to you in early September. He was leaving. Him, his father, and younger brother it seemed were all part of the family business, though he never specified just what business that was. Whatever they’d been doing in Kansas was finished now, and they were leaving in a day.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Your voice was a harsh whisper, you weren’t sure you could keep it steady enough to talk any louder.

“I couldn’t find away…” He trailed off, not looking you in the eyes.

“Damn it Dean,” That’s when the tears started spilling. “You’re supposed to tell me these things,” Your voice was cracking now, but you ignored it. Your one and only friend was leaving and you couldn’t do a damned thing.

“I know, I’m sorry,” He looked so broken in that moment, so torn. His two different worlds finally being forced to meet. The choice between you or his family wasn’t one to question. It was unfair to keep him there with you.

As planned, a day later he was packed and standing outside the Impala. He refused to go without talking to you first.

“I’ll call you, okay? Be sure to fill me in on everything. I mean it, everything,” You nodded, finding that was just about all you were capable of doing at the moment.

He pulled you in, placing a soft kiss to your lips.

“I love you so much,” His words were quiet against your ear, and you allowed you self to smile a little.

“I love you too,” He took a deep breath, stepping back from you.

“Goodbye, Y/N,” His words seemed choked, unnatural coming from his lips.

“Don’t,” He creased his brow, meeting your eyes.

“Don’t what?”

“Don’t say goodbye. Never say goodbye,” You spoke, your voice only a whisper as tears ran warm trails down your cheeks. “Because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting,” He nodded, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed down whatever emotion it was he was trying to hold back. He gave you a smaller, weaker version of his normally heart-stopping smile.

“I’ll see ya around Y/N,” With that he wiped the stray tear that had manged to escape from his cheek, and slid in to the car. Your last memory of Dean being to back tires spitting dust on to the road.

He never did call.


You felt a bit bad leaving him like that in the store, but as your legs carried you back through the parking lot, past the large tanks of gas to your car, you understood, there was no way you could’ve handled him then. You didn’t hate him, you could never hate him, he was your light in a time of darkness, but despite that, and despite the time between your last seeing him, everything still seemed to hurt.

You could never blame Dean you decided, turning the key in the ignition of your car. It simply wasn’t fair to punish him for his choice to leave. It was understandable. And as you drove down the dark road, the stars you’d never managed to blow out still winking down at you in the night sky, you thought of your old best friend, the boy you’d thought had somehow been brought to you by fate, and you thought that maybe some time you’d be ready to really talk to Dean. Tonight it seemed, was not that time.

Modern AU | Closed | Peter and Wendy

Wendy was a beautiful new student to the high school. She had pretty blonde princess curls that flowed angelically as she walked. She wore pretty skirts and nice Blazers and natural make up. She was the model student, the kind of student that every father would want for a daughter. On top of it all, she had a stunning English accent that sounded quite beautiful and enchanting.

She walked into her first period class. She had just gotten transferred from her original first period into this one. There were no seats left accept for the one next to the silly class clown, Peter. She smiled shyly and sat next to him,“hi. I’m Wendy. ” Though he may already know that because everyone in the small town seemed to be gossiping about the rich new family from England.



You walk away from everyone when someone grabs your arm. Its’ Chris who ran after you.
C: How are you? *gif*
Y: Seriously? Chris I’m wonderful! It’s so great to be heart broken but how great for you that yo fell in love again.
In that moment a waiter walks past you and you grab the champagne bottle.
C: No! You never drink! Stop it!
Y: Why? Because you still care? Is she here too? You know what I don’t want to meet here. I don’t want to see her standing in my place, her feet where mine once where. Go and love your new girlfriend.
C: Who says she is my girlfriend?
Y: Everyone does.
C: This is a small town, gossip goes around fast and it’s not always true.
Y: So she isn’t your girlfriend?
C: She isn’t someone I would take to Disneyland.
Y: I have no idea what you wanna tell me with that. Do you sleep with her?
C: Yes.
Y: Does she wear your clothes? Is she there for you after a bad day?
C: Yes and kinda.
Y: Then she is your girlfriend.
C: What if there is someone else?
Y: How many girlfriend do you have?
C: Just one.
Before you know what is happening he pulls you close and kisses you.

requested by anon 

this Imagine is based on  I don’t wanna see you with her by Maria Mena

gif from mrnimoy

More Chris Imagines (x)

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KC + “I just wanted to put Christmas lights up but I ended up falling off the ladder and crashing into you while you were delivering a package to my door but oh god you’re hot” AU

Lights and Sparks

Caroline eyes the wooden ladder with trepidation, lifting one booted foot and resting it on the lowest tread. She tests it, and the small creak it makes is not reassuring. She bites her lip and considers her options. Mystic Falls, by virtue of being teeny tiny, had lacked a hardware store since Mr. Nelson had retired when Caroline had been in high school so if she wants to buy a new ladder she’s going to have to drive a good forty five minutes. And she’s not even sure she can fit one in her car.

She’d already thought about popping over to one of her neighbors but that had been a bust. The ones she knows are all at work for the day and she really wants to surprise her mom by having the lights up when she gets home. She’d gotten no answer when she’d knocked on the door to her mom’s newest neighbor.

Something she’d been a little disappointed about, honestly. She’s yet to catch a glimpse of him herself and it bugs her. People generally moved away from Mystic Falls. She had. In fact, this was the first Christmas she’d come back for since college.

Maybe she was going a little nutty from boredom, sue her. There really was nothing to do.

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colours for another day

summary: 17. the one where the closer you are to them the more aware of them you become, and you find them playing a hot/cold game; for instance, colors get brighter and brighter the closer you are and fade into gray when they’re too far away. send me a prompt from this list. requested by the-captains-ayebrows, bisexual-killian-jones, the-selfish-heart, and an Anonymous.

word count: ~ 2,100

rating: f it’s actually so much fucking fluff i don’t know what i did

a/n: you all better love this. not alot of dialogue, but i’m rly proud of it, so… fwrgyfqiwqbtqw enjOY

It’s a complicated world to live in.

Soulmates, distance, colour.

Yeah, complicated.

She’s educated of how love works out in this world in sixth grade. The teachers explaining the basis of how there’s someone in this world, in this lifetime, where they are born to be with you. Emma wonders about that possibility - aware too much that even if this person is supposed to love her, it doesn’t mean he will.

For all she knows, her soulmate could’ve dropped off the world and she’d never meet him.

It’s funny, really, being taught colours even when you don’t know them explicitly. That you can’t tell the difference because everything is grey scale and nothing more. It’s the harsh reality to think that she’ll never be capable of distinguishing colours. It isn’t that important in life, situations such as traffic lights and clothing accordingly accommodated.

She knows happy endings are rare, hard to achieve. Therefore, she doesn’t hold expectations or dreams for herself to think she’ll ever meet the man she’s destined to be with.

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A letter to the ever so magical Taylor Swift.

I sit here half way through my trip home from university. 
Dreading the moment I arrive back to the small country town I call home. It’s a place where I no longer fit in or feel comfortable in. 
A place that no longer aids my growth but instead freezes it.
Here I am, hoping that if you see this maybe you’ll understand just a small piece of the boundless gratitude I have for you.
In 2009 I sat and watched my older brother almost slip from my reach. 
I sat and watched him in a coma for 3 months with the beeping machines reminding me that if it weren’t for them then he wouldn’t be there. 
I was so much younger then, and while I didn’t know the extent of how close we came to loosing him, I knew enough. 
I sat there and watched as my family was crumbling around me and I was so lost. 
I knew one thing for sure though, and that was that I had you Taylor, I had you there for those harrowing 3 months..I had you there every step of the way.
I had you there during the following 3 months, when he woke up and had no memory of who I was. 
Since then I’ve watched him improve in leaps and bounds, but I’ve also continued to witness the effect of that incident rip my family apart, to the point where my father broke my heart long before any boy did. 
I’m stronger now than I was back then and I have you to thank for a lot of that.

On December 27th 2013, I lost someone I never thought I would lose..and as a result I lost a part of myself. 
That day I lost my beautiful best friend Grace, she’d just graduated yr12 and she had the world at her feet. 
She was the definition of sunshine, she was the light in everyone darkness. 
I was so lost, I was wandering blindly just hoping i’d make it to the following day. The pain was excruciating, but I remember falling asleep every night to your beautiful words, they were the flicker of hope that kept me going. 
People always say it gets easier but I don’t believe that, I believe you learn to live with it.
I’ve had a rough couple of weeks at uni lately, but almost every single night I knew I could come on here and Instagram and know that I had one hell of a push forward waiting for me. 
So yesterday, when I walked out of my Prac to see you had unbelievably decided to follow me I knew that I’d be ok. Because like every time before this, you were right there beside me.
I guess now you could say taylorswift found her, and somehow that was everything. ❤️

I will never be able to thank you enough for never blocking us out, for always letting us in. 
Thank you for being the solid ground and the constant flame of hope in my life. 
Thank you for making me realise my worth, that I’m worth more than a boy walking away from me when the small town gossip started. That I’m worth more than my university marks, I’m worth more than the thoughts of people who do not know me. 
I’m worth more than my fathers disappointment. 
I will live everyday of the rest of my life so that I am happy with it, because you made me realise how important that is.
I cannot wait to see you in Brisbane on the 5th of December. 
And while you more than likely won’t be able to see me, know that I will be able to see you.
Know that I will be the happiest girl on the planet knowing that I am there with you. 
Know that I am eternally grateful for your existence is this world.
You think you know the impact you have on people’s lives, but you don’t. Because, the impact you have is greater than you could ever imagine.
You are the epitome of grace, elegance and pure love. 
I am forever in awe of you Ms Swift.

Always your friend,
Caitlin. X

The Librarian: Dirty Laundry

The Librarian is a Cursed!Killian AU series taking place during the events of Season 1. Installments are written out of chronological order and as the muse strikes. It is not a traditional multi-chapter and I assume the reader has familiarity with the events of season 1. 

Chapters can be read in any order.

This is Part 10 and takes place after Part 3 and during episode 1.04 “The Price of Gold”

Installments Chronologically: Part 5 | Part 3 | Part 8 | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 6 | Part 4 | Part 7 | Part 9

1.2k | T | | AO3

Emma hadn’t woken up that morning planning to give a motivational speech to a nineteen year old but then she hadn’t planned on getting a job offer from the hot sheriff or having Regina make her feel like shit, or ruining her shirt with scalding hot chocolate. Yet here she was in Granny’s laundry room lecturing a very pregnant girl while struggling with her own frustration and anger.

Emma didn’t know why but she found herself telling the teenager all the things she wished someone had told her when she was alone and pregnant. The encouragement she could have used the nights she laid awake in her cell terrified of the future and of all the ways she would screw up her babies life. And the motivation she had needed when she was back on the streets alone and unsure of who she was or who she wanted to be.

“You want people to look at you differently? Make them.You want to change things you are going to have to go out there and change them yourself because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.”

The girl wiped at her eyes and nodded. “Thank you. I needed that.”

Emma gave her a small smile. Then the girl stepped forward as if to hug her and she spun back to the washer–the moment was over. There was an awkward silence and then soft steps as she left Emma alone.

She braced her hands on the washer, breathed a sigh and blinked her eyes quickly. She wouldn’t let herself cry. She wasn’t a scared teenager anymore and she needed to take her own advice. Regina didn’t know her. Sure she had moved around a lot but she had also survived, she had made a life for herself. Besides this time was different because she wasn’t going to run. She would be a person who stayed. For Henry that is who she needed to be.

“You know you really shouldn’t have encouraged her to punch and fight her way out of her problems.” A low, masculine voice jolted Emma from her thoughts.

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Just think about the one thing in your life that you did where you go, “Man I’m so glad nobody knows nothin’ about that.”  You know what I mean?  And then think of a whole bunch of ‘em.  Now let’s condense it down into a 2-hour special and run it on CNN for about six months.  Let’s see how we all hold up, you know?

Rodney Carrington, Laughter’s Good

Seriously.  Whether it’s CNN, or the Internet, or small-town gossip, it sucks donkey balls.  

And the people who thrive on the gossip, love to make it sound like you’re somehow different, like whatever they found on you is not only horrible (even if it’s completely innocuous and not at all scandalous in reality) but uniquely horrible, as if there’s a single person on the planet who couldn’t be taken down by this stuff, because everyone has done shit they’re not proud of, or that looks really bad even if it isn’t actually really bad, or both.  It’s just that some of us get privacy and some don’t.  

That’s literally the only difference between me and any other person – other people got privacy, I didn’t, other people got to tell their own stories for themselves without other people twisting it into something it wasn’t, and I didn’t.  That’s all.  Presence or absence of cyberbullies and gossips and (sometimes) fame or notoriety, is the only difference between those of us who get privacy and dignity and those of us who don’t. 

Which is why I try hard to make my blog a gossip-free zone.  I don’t always succeed, but I at least try.