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Band Girl - Jonathan Byers Fluff

REQUESTED: Yes, I decided to combine these two requests really, as they were both in a similar idea. So, this was requested by @waiflux and an anon <3

Omg could you do a fic where your in a small indie/rock band and your doing a concert in his town and Jonathan stumbles upon the show and sees you and its like love at first sight for the both of you? If you do do this could you let me know when it’s done if it’s not to much trouble

Can you pls do a Jonathan x reader where u two go on a roadtrip or concert (u have ur first kiss there) At the end of the night you fall asleep in his car with his jacket on and his arms wrapped around u :3 and just make it as fluffy as can haha<3


SUMMARY: You’re in a small-time indie rock band, and end up coming to Hawkins, Indiana, to play a couple of gigs there. What you weren’t expecting, however, was to gain a new fan in the form of Jonathan Byers.

NOTES: I started watching “Girl, Interrupted” last night, and it’s genuinely so good! I definitely recommend it, because Winona Ryder is great, and there is also Angelina Jolie and she’s an amazing actress in this!

Anyways, hope you enjoy this <3

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UNDER THE CUT you will find a small list of plot ideas for small group roleplays. small group rps are becoming more common to find these days and that’s great, but most of them have the same two plots, apartments or a friends theme. here are some other alternatives that should jazz it up but still allow for character development and lots of drama. like/reblog if you use or if this was helpful, yada yada yada.

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This is a (so insanely, terribly) late birthday fic for @rainteaanddragons! I’m seriously so sorry. I told you I would write this weeks ago, but I hope you enjoy it all the same lovely!

The prompt was something along the lines of: we’re the only ones who showed up for this underground show, and there’s no one here so dance with me?

*band isn’t real, I made it up. Blue Buck is a real beer, it’s brewed in the city I live in and it is delicious*

— — — — —

Natsu was beyond excited. His favourite tribute band, DCAC, would be performing in half an hour. He all but skipped his way to the bar, humming out tunes as he went along.

The bouncer at the door eyed him incredulously. “There’s no way you’re of age.”

“I promise I am.” Natsu flashed him a brilliant smile before handing over his I.D.

The bartender looked it over and Natsu couldn’t help but feel a little smug as his eyes found his date of birth and nearly bugged out of his head. “Shit, you have a harsh case of baby face syndrome.” He handed his cards back and put a stamp on the back of his hand.

Natsu gave him another smile as he announced his thanks before entering the small bar.

The pinket looked around and he was floored by how few people had showed up. A quick head count gave him a total of 7 people, including himself, the bartender, the waitress, and another bouncer standing by the stage.

What the hell? This group was amazing! Where were all the people? They started in 15 minutes.

Letting a shrug roll through his shoulders, Natsu walked to the bar.

“Hi, what can I get for you?” A happy, charming, white haired woman inquired.

“A pint of Blue Buck, please.”

She gave her angelic head of hair a nod and set off to get his order ready.

“Good choice in beer.” A man with enticing, dark blue eyes commented from a few seats over.

Natsu turned his head his way, a smirk tugging on his lips. “Yeah. I’m not much for amber beer, but Blue Buck is delicious.”

“Cheers to that.” The man lifted a mug of the same just as Natsu’s pint was set down.

They clinked glasses, Natsu felt as though his eyes lingered a moment longer than one stares at a stranger. Maybe that was just wishful thinking. The guy was gorgeous.

“You here to see the show?” Natsu asked, trying not to let hope slip into his tone.

“You like DCAC?”

Natsu nodded, “Of course! Why else would I be here?”

“I suppose you have a point. You just didn’t strike me as someone who’d be into a small time rock cover band.” He shrugged one of his broad shoulders, muscles rolling under the tight T-shit he was wearing. Natsu’s eyes quickly roamed down the length of his body. Damn, he was… was that his button up shirt on the ground?

That snapped Natsu out of his trance. “And why not?”

“I don’t really know, to be honest. Probably the pink hair.”

“Is that so, Droopy Eyes?” Natsu snorted.

“It is, Slanty Eyes.” He shot back.

A toothy grin pulled on Natsu’s lips. “Slanty Eyes, huh? You’re funny.” Okay, maybe he wasn’t funny so much as hot, but whatever. “What’s your name?”

“Gray.” He returned the smirk before a long swig of his beer. “Yours?”


“Summer.” Gray said softly.

“Hmm?” Piercing green eyes locked with stormy blue.

“Your name. It means summer, right?”

Heat pricked at the younger man’s face, threatening to make the surface pink. “Yeah. Not many people around here know that.”

“My mother was Japanese.” Gray explained.

“Was?” Natsu tilted his head to the side.

‘Shit, that was adorable.’ Gray bit his lip to suppress the idiotic smirk that wanted to split across his face. “She passed away when I was young.”

“Oh, I’m really sorry to hear that.”

His eyes showed he genuinely did feel sorry, that his words weren’t the polite knee-jerk reaction he usually got.

“Don’t be. It was years ago. I miss her all the time, but it doesn’t hurt like it used to.”

Where the hell did that come from? Gray never said shit like that to someone he just met. What was it about this man that made him so easy to talk to? Was it his smile and the way it seemed to spread warmth through Gray’s chest? Was it his eyes and the way the curiosity in them begged to be satisfied?

He had no idea, but whatever it was, it made Gray feel like he could talk to him like he’d known him all his life.

“Positive attitude. I like it.” Natsu shot him a wink before turning to see how set up was going on stage.

‘Did he just wink at me? Lame.’ Gray thought despite the small increase in the speed of his pulse.

“Oh, they’re almost ready!” Natsu rushed out excitedly, eyes flashing back toward Gray, gleaming with anticipation.

“You excite easily, don’t you?” Gray chuckled.

Natsu’s brows furrowed together. “Shut up! I’ve never seen them perform before.”

Gray opened his mouth to retort when the sound of chair legs screeching across the floor startle. “What the –”

Two young women walked by, all but glaring at the men warming up on stage. “All I wanted was a quiet place to have a drink,” one whined.

“But no, apparently there’s some stupid rock show going on.” The other finished for her.

“You’re stupid!” Natsu bit out, arms crossed over his chest.

“Excuse you?”

“You heard him. Move along.” Gray waved them off as politely as he could.

“Rude!” The women chorused as they stomped off.

“You need to chill out,” Gray shook his head as he took a sip of his fresh beer, “can’t have you getting into an argument with strangers and getting kicked out.”

“And why not?” Natsu questioned incredulously.

'Because I don’t want you to leave yet.’ Wait, what? Where did that come from? What was this Natsu guy’s deal?

“Because then I’d be the only person here.”

“Oh.” Natsu mumbled, a hint of disappointment in his voice. “Why are you here alone, anyway?”

Gray sighed, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. “My brother got a date with a girl he’s been chasing forever and ditched.” Natsu simply nodded as he continued watching the band make their final adjustments in awe. “What about you?”

“Couldn’t find a friend who wasn’t working. It is Tuesday after all.”

“Hello, everyone!” The lead singer gripped the mic, looking around the bar. “Thanks for coming out! …All two of you.” He laughed.

“Woo!” Natsu called out, raising his beer mug.

“There may only be a couple of you, but we’re still gonna do our best to put on a great show for ya!”

* * * * *

The lead singer didn’t lie. These men all played their hearts out as if they were playing for thousands of screaming fans as opposed to two young men.

Between songs, Natsu would talk Gray’s ear off about which songs were his favourites, why he loved ACDC, and how he planned to save enough money one day to watch them perform in their home country.

He bought Gray a few drinks and coaxed some more answers about his life out of him (with as little effort as before).

Half way through their set, Natsu leaned in close. Gray could feel his body heat through his clothes and it sent a shiver down his spine.

“Dance with me?”

Gray felt a blush dust across his entire face. “I-I don’t dance.” He answered into his ear.

“Oh come on, there’s no one around.” Natsu argued.

“I really don’t dance!” Gray pressed.

“Are you not a good dancer? I swear I won’t laugh.”

“Sh-shut up! I just don’t, okay?”

“Don’t be so shy, it’s not like we’ll ever see each other again.”

Gray’s heart sank at that, and he shook his head. “No!” He reiterated vehemently.

Natsu pulled back with that adorable, toothy smile Gray had seen a dozen times in the last hour spread across his face.

“Suit yourself!”

The next song began to play, and Natsu’s body started to move in perfect sync with the beat.

He was absolutely mesmerizing. His feet kept his rhythm, he span in circles in a way that was somehow both cool and dorky. And his hips, oh Lord, Gray never knew a man could dance so seductively.

He silently mouthed the words as he made his way all around the dance floor. His eyes were closed, which Gray was thankful for because he did not want to be caught staring.

Oh, fuck, he was biting his lip and his canines looked so sharp… 'Calm yourself, Gray!’

“You want love
Dirty dirty love
You want lust
Just a little lust
You wan’ a bad reputation
You wanna better your score
I got the qualifications
I can open any door (ooh yeah)
Send for the man, yeah!”

'I want that. I want all of that, with him.’

Fuck. Gray really needed to get his shit together he barely knew this guy and–

“Change your mind?” Natsu questioned hopefully.

Gray was… right beside him now? When did he even walk over here? He was on the other side of the dance floor a moment ago. “Eh?”

“About dancing with me.”

Gray felt his heart begin to race. He desperately wanted an excuse to pull Natsu close, to have those warm hands roaming over his back, to breathe in his ear, to feel those muscles under his palms as they moved as one.

“O-on one condition.” Gray called back.

“That being?”

“That this isn’t the last time we see each other.”

Natsu blinked, expression shocked.

'Oh, God I fucked that up.’

A face splitting grin adorned his face and Gray let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. “You’ve got yourself a deal.”

Decisions | Part 2  (Luke Imagine)

Summary: You were in the perfect relationship, and you had thought that he was the one, until one night you meet Luke Hemmings and things begin to change.

(Part 1)


I woke up the next morning to find the bed empty, the covers disheveled where Wyatt had been laying. Knowing that he usually got up early to work out, I rolled over and snuggled deeper into the sheets prepared to go back to sleep, but just as I was almost asleep I felt the bed dip next to me. Wyatt rubbed his hand up and down my back, “Wake up sleepy, I brought you coffee.”

I only managed to hum in reply, making Wyatt let out his deep laugh that never failed to put a smile on my face, “I see you smiling you know, you don’t fool me with your fake sleeping.”

Just barely opening my eyes Wyatt’s smiling face was peering down at me, his hair wild from sleep and the scruff coming through on his usually clean shaven face. “Hi.” I mumbled, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

He placed a quick kiss to my nose, making me scrunch it up, “Come on, I’ve got plans for us today! Starting with breakfast, which requires you to get out of bed.” Wyatt lightly smacked my ass, making me shriek in laughter.

He made a silly face, and walked into the bathroom to get ready. I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face, all thoughts of Luke from last night gone as I remembered just what I loved about Wyatt.

Wyatt had taken me to our favorite breakfast place, and we had both brought our schoolwork that we needed to get done this weekend. Saturday mornings like this were my favorite, where we could just sit in silence and drink our coffee without having to fill the silence with unnecessary words. Of course every once in a while one of us remembered a funny story, or needed a break from school work and the conversation would flow just as easily as the silence had felt.

After an hour or so of studying for my math class, I was in desperate need of a break. “Wyatt, can we take a break?” I whined, waiting for him to look away from his books and pay attention to me.

He looked up at me, with a small grin on his face, “I swear your attention span gets shorter and shorter the older we get.” 

I leaned over smacking his shoulder, making him snort at my lame attempt, “Shut up, not all of us can love studying as much as you do.” Wyatt grinned, grabbing my hand and lacing his fingers between mine, “So you know how Kenadee got us those VIP tickets last night?” Wyatt nodded, his eyes still focused on our hands, “Well I met this band, and I’ve never actually heard of them but they had toured with the performing band who was definitely not a small time band, so I was wondering if maybe you knew who they were?”

“What’s the band’s name?” Wyatt asked me, setting our hands on the table finally shifting his focus back onto my face.

“5 Seconds of Summer.” I said, my voice a little unsure, Wyatt’s face twisting in thought.

Suddenly his face lit up in the way it always did when he remembered something, “That’s the band Taylor is in love with!” Taylor was his little sister, he opened his mouth to say something more on the subject, but was interrupted by his phone ringing.

Looking down at the collar ID he let out a sigh his face falling, you knew what that meant, “Research?” He nodded, dropping a kiss on your lips and telling you he’d see you at dinner, before throwing some money on the table, telling you he loved you, and heading out the door.

Wyatt was majoring in biomedical engineering, and because he wanted to have the best opportunities when he graduated he had quickly agreed when one of his professors asked him to assist him on a research project he had earned a grant for. It was really an amazing opportunity, but Wyatt got called in to help during almost all of his free time and when he wasn’t at research he was working on homework.

I could tell that the project was really wearing down on him, but Wyatt was never one to give up on something, and even suggesting it to him would offend him, or make him think that I didn’t believe in him, so I tried my best to be supportive when he needed it.

I had gone back to my studying for another two hours, before I packed up my stuff and headed out to do some grocery shopping, thinking that maybe I could make Wyatt some dinner tonight when he got home. I was walking to the grocery store, but due to some construction I had to take a different way than usual and on my way to the store I passed a cute little record store.

It looked to be pretty deserted, but the sign said open so I walked in. I started browsing through the aisles, running my fingers over the tops of the records stopping whenever something stood out to me. As I continued to scan through the records I noticed that there was a sitting area where you could listen to a few of the demo CD’s, so I headed over there.

It was kind of in a hidden corner of the shop, hidden by the larger shelves stacked up around it, so when I walked in I didn’t realize that there was someone in there, but as I went to sit down in the chair I jumped when I realized there was a guy already sitting there.

Getting a closer look I realized that it was Luke, he was curled up in the chair, with the headphones on and his head drooping to the side. It looked like he had fallen asleep, but when I touched his shoulder his eyes snapped open making both of us jump a little bit. He quickly pulled down off the headphones and wrapped them around his neck, “Y/N? What are you doing here?”

“I was just walking to the grocery store and I noticed this little shop, so I thought I’d stop in. I didn’t mean to scare you, but I thought you were asleep.” I could feel the blush rising to my cheeks.

“Don’t worry about it, I was drifting off, but it’s a good thing you woke me up! They never seem to like it when I fall asleep here, and they have to come back to let me out after they close up.” Luke said, as he sat up looking more attentive than he had a few minutes ago.

I laughed at the thought of Luke waking up in a pitch black store, only to realize he was locked in, “That’s actually happened to you before?”

He nodded sheepishly, “Quite a few times in fact, I’m surprised they even let me in anymore!” There was a comfortable lull in the conversation as you took the seat that was next to him, leaning over to see what he was listening to.

“Ah, I see we are listening to the classics today.” I teased him, holding up the Fearless album that Luke had clearly been listening to.

“She is a very talented singer Y/N, I just appreciate good music.” He defended himself, his chin going up ever so slightly as he sat up a little straighter.

“Whatever you say Lukey boy.” I leaned back into the chair, propping my feet up on the coffee table, “So what other kind of music do you listen to then?”

Luke’s eyes lit up at the mention of music, and he startled listing off artist after artist, pausing every once in a while to see what you thought of certain people. Watching him talk about something so passionately made me think back to watching that band play, and how it seemed like they really loved what they were doing.

His phone started ringing, and he shot me an apologetic look before answering. As he was talking on the phone I was thinking about what Luke looked like up on stage, if he looked this happy while he was playing or if maybe the music not performing was his favorite part, when he touched my arm. His touch sent a little shock through me, making me pull back quickly, even though I hadn’t meant to.

Luke looked a little hurt, but quickly shook it off pretending that nothing happened, “That was Calum on the phone, and he wants me to go bowling with him. Do you want to join us?”

“Do we get to use bumpers?” I asked him, not wanting to completely embarrass myself by getting zero points, which had definitely happened before without the help of bumpers.

Luke shot me a cocky smile, before standing up and holding out his hand to me, “We can do whatever you want, but just know that I am an excellent bowler. So even with those bumpers you won’t stand a chance at beating me.” 

Luke had not been lying when he said he was an excellent bowler, he had left Calum and I in the dust, but he was definitely not a good winner. After he had won the first game, we had made our way to the bar to get some beer before heading back to the alley to start another game, and the whole way there he made sure to gloat about his dominating win.

“How much longer do you think he can go on?” I leaned over, mumbling to Calum, who you were actually getting along with very well. He was a lot of fun, and you were great at ganging up on Luke together.

Calum rolled his eyes, “You should see him after winning a Fifa game, this is nothing.” You laughed at the whimper Luke let out when Calum clapped his hand onto Luke’s shoulder to stop him from starting his victory dance one more time. “Seriously mate, cool it with the gloating, you only beat me, a person who has been bowling only a handful of times in their life, and Y/N who can’t even bowl without bumpers.”

That seemed to knock Luke down a peg, but he quickly recovered leaning over to me and mock whispering in my ear, “I think someone’s a little jealous.” He winked at me, before jumping up, “Come on Y/N, I’ll show you how to really bowl. That way you won’t have to be a bad bowler for the rest of your life like Calum.” 

Calum scoffed at the insinuation, before turning back to his phone, as Luke and I headed over to the lane, “Okay so first you need to find the right size ball for you.” I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped my throat at that sentence, quickly covering my mouth because Wyatt hated it when I laughed at crude jokes, “Really Y/N, ball jokes?” But you knew Luke had been thinking the exact same thing by the smile that was present on his face, so I slid my hand off my face before winking at him and picking up a ball.

“Alright, now place your fingers in the holes,” Another laugh from both of us, “And square your hips to the lane, no to the left a little more - not so much - here let me just help.” Luke placed his hands on my hips, and the breath got caught in my throat at the shock that ran through me. Luke must have felt it too, because he straightened my hips quickly, before clearing his throat and backing away, “Uh, there. Now just bowl.”

I took a shaky breath before winding up and flinging the ball down the lane, getting 8 pins down without even using the bumpers. “Oh my god Luke, look!” I said pointing at the pins before jumping over to him and throwing my arms around his neck.

His arms wrapped around my waist, and I couldn’t help but notice how perfectly we fit together. My chin resting perfectly on his shoulder, and his long arms the perfect length to hug me close.

Calum let out a cough causing the two of us to break apart, and I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty for the thoughts I had just been having. I brushed it off, and chalked it up to the adrenaline running through me from the great score I had just gotten. “So Y/N, I hear you have a boyfriend, yeah?” His voice had a slight edge to it, and when I looked at him, Calum was looking at Luke and not me.

Thinking of Wyatt made a small smile appear on my face, “Yeah I do! His name is Wyatt and we’ve been dating for almost five years now.”

“Sounds like he must be a pretty great guy if he’s dating you.” Out of context that might’ve sounded flirtatious, but when Calum said it it was just a genuine statement.

“He really is.” The grin on my face widening, before I panicked a little bit, “Oh shit. What time is it?” I answered my own question, opening my phone and realizing I had two missed calls from Wyatt and a mass of texts asking where I was. I had completely forgotten about my dinner plans with Wyatt.

“Fuck, I really have to go guys. So sorry to rush out on you like this, but I had plans with Wyatt that I totally forgot about.” I pulled all my stuff together, before giving them both a quick one-armed hug, “We should definitely do it again sometime, but only after I get better. I don’t think I can handle much more of Luke’s gloating.” Calum laughed at that, while Luke’s face pulled into a pout.

I apologized one last time, and said another quick good-bye before running out of the bowling alley and making my way home, texting Wyatt that I was on my way and I’d explain when I got home.

When I got home, I found Wyatt sitting at the breakfast bar, “Babe, I am so sorry I met up with one of the boys I met at the concert last night and he invited me to go bowling with them, and I completely lost track of time and -”

Wyatt cut me off, “It’s okay Y/N! I’m glad you were having fun just text me what you’re doing next time okay?” I was a little shocked, frozen in place as he placed a kiss on my forehead on his way to put his dishes in the sink. I thought for sure he would’ve been at least a little bit upset at missing out on time we could’ve spent together.

“You’re, you’re not mad? I mean we haven’t really had a lot of time to spend together lately, and I just forgot about it the one time we could.” I asked cautiously, thinking maybe he was just pretending to be okay with it.

He just shook his head, heading into the living room, “Nope, we’ve both been busy, I understand that.” He was so nonchalant about the whole thing it was making me a little angry, but I told myself that I was being ridiculous and that it was a good thing he wasn’t angry over some little mistake I made. “Now, come here I recorded one of your favorite movies - The Devil Wears Prada.”

I slid onto the couch next to him, and when he wrapped his arm around me I felt at home and safe, but soon after that I got a text from an unknown number the consisted of a bunch of bowling emojis and the words ‘you’ll never take me down’ signed as -the bowling master. My face split into a grin without me even noticing as I replied saying ‘you better watch your back, i’ve just bought a membership to the bowling alley’.

When the three little dots popped up signaling he was replying, my heart started to race with excitement. There I was getting excited over a boy texting me, while I was wrapped up in my boyfriend’s arms watching the same movie I had seen a million times.

A/N: Okay I know I changed the point of view on this part, but I liked it better like this because I felt like I could write more descriptionally if that makes sense. Anyways, hope you like it and let me know if you want a part 3 here!

Part 3

anonymous asked:

Hehe~ Can I request a scenario with Akaashi where he studies in the library and notices someone leaving lyrics on the old table he sits at and decides to leave a message for them? They start leaving messages for each other until curiosity gets the best of one of them and they just have to meet~ please?!?

*wipes sweat off* phew okay so i kind of fell in love with your request so i wrote a really long thing :’D posting a modified short version but i’ll be posting a longer version here. It’s still rather long so I will put it under a cut. I hope you like it as much as I liked writing it *bow bow*

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All Time Low covering Blink-182’s All The Small Things | Florida, April 23, 2015