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could i request yoongi for the small au thing please?? thank you<33 (ps you're the sweetest!! i check your blog all the time and i'm always happy to see updates from you<3 hope school is ok for you and you're feeling well!!)

ofc!! aww, thank you!! i hope you’re doing well too!!

  • korean history professor!yoongi 
  • doesn’t want to be teaching this class, wishes he was at home marathoning game of thrones or something
  • and he makes this known to the class. like everytime he comes in
  • just sets down his mug and he’s like “this unit is on the joseon dynasty. who wants to tell me what they know about? but also,,,,,,,,i wish i was at home with my cat.”
  • wears thick framed glasses and a white button down that’s never ironed,,,,,his colleague namjoon was like “yoongi perhaps wear a tie? maybe a sweater?”
  • and yoongi was just like “you wear the same black shirt + black pants + black cardigan combo every day. don’t tell me how to ‘fashion’ namjoon”
  • you’re a professor in the history department as well and you’ve known yoongi since college really
  • and you’ve always thought it was really cute the way he acts so nonchalant in class but you also know that he eagerly wrote a huge dissertation neo-confucianism and how he gets all into books and the way he smiles when grading a good paper 
  • and yoongi always falls asleep if the professors have to stay overtime and you’re always the one to wake him up and take the train with him
  • and one day when you go over to wake him up, yoongi groggily reaches out and pulls you closer to him
  • and you’re aware that he must be dreaming but you’re like “yoongi, let go - yoon-”
  • but then you feel him nuzzle into your neck and murmur that you smell good and you’re getting red in the face,,,,but also his sleepy voice is so cute
  • and you’re like “yoongi, wake up”
  • but than you feel his lips against your neck and he’s like “im not asleep.”
  • and you’re,,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,oh,,,,,o h 
  • and yoongi leans back and tilts his head and is like 
  • “don’t you think this is long overdue, we should have made out back in college”
  • and you’re like oh so we’re gonna make out and he’s like you don’t want to?
  • and you pause but then throw your coat back onto your desk and throw yourself into his arms because hell yeah you want to 

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"-and she makes Alex so happy, so how could I hate her?" A pause "you'd like her...or would you? How can I know what you feel? Are you proud of me? Do I disappoint you? Am I a disappointment? Or Maggie hears Kara talking to her AI mother

I don’t know if this is what you were looking for, but here you go:

She took a wrong turn somewhere, she’s sure of it. The hallway she walks down doesn’t look at all familiar, and she knows she should probably call Alex to come find her, but part of her is convinced that she’ll find something really fucking cool if she explores for a bit.

But after wandering for a bit longer, and hearing roars, yells, and various screeches coming from deep inside the building, Maggie Sawyer thinks that maybe she should leave the exploring for when she was with her girlfriend and her fancy space-gun. She’s got her phone out, ready to dial when she hears a familiar voice.

Maggie walks towards the open door at the end of the corridor, following the faint sound of Kara. She stands in the doorway, and realises just a bit too late that maybe she shouldn’t be listening to this conversation.

“-and she makes Alex so so happy, so how could I hate her?”

“I’m afraid I cannot answer that,” comes the reply from a woman Maggie’s never seen before. Kara laughs mirthlessly.

“It was rhetorical, Mom.” Maggie frowns, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. She was certain that Kara was sent here alone, her and Clark the only survivors of Krypton. So how was Kara talking to her mother.

“I think you’d like her, too. Maggie, I mean. She’s got a good head on her shoulders. Smart and scrappy and she keeps Alex grounded, which is funny because I always thought Alex kept me grounded. Now I think maybe it’s the opposite. I pull Alex along into all this madness, and she needs someone to keep her sane. I don’t know. What do you think?“

“I’m afraid I cannot answer that,” the woman replies again.

“I’m starting to think that maybe I was the worst thing to happen to Alex,” Kara whispers, and her voice cracks just enough for Maggie to hear it, just enough to break Maggie’s heart. “She’d have a great life without me, with Eliza and Jeremiah. And she’d have Maggie. Who you’d like. Or not. I don’t know. I don’t really know you, do I?”

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Yours - Cassian Andor x Reader

word count: 1.8k

Gentle breaths filled the room as two bodies were entangled on the bed, basking in the warmth the other provided. Cassian looked down at the body snuggled up against him, his hand glided down their cheek, smiling at the beautiful soul who found peace with him and his hectic life. If he could stop this moment in time he would, because right now there was no worries of the war against empire, no worries of future missions that may one day be his last, none of that applied right now, in this moment in time it was just Cassian and (Y/N), two souls in love in the mystery of life.

His thumb ran along your eyelids, hiding beautiful pools of (e/c) that paled the beauty of the galaxies that his visited throughout his time. Tracing down your cheek, that he loved to kiss when no one was looking because PDA wasn’t something they encouraged among the rebellion, not that he minded, because he didn’t want to share the bashful look on your face with anyone else. He traced over your lips, still seeing them plump from the kisses you shared throughout the night, your hot breath teasing Cassian to kiss them again, wanting to hear the soft moans that were music to his ears.

He continued to take in your beauty as you slept, wondering how lucky he was to end up with someone like you. He pressed a kiss onto your forehead, knowing that it wouldn’t stir you awake. You snuggled up against him, feeling your warm breath tease the skin of his neck, fanning over the marks that you left on his skin throughout the whole night. He pulled you closer, fitting you closer to his body, each curve and dip of your body fitting perfectly against his own, further proving that you were meant for each other.

Spending the night in each other’s arms was a given when he returned from missions. Anyone he landed back in the base, he would beeline straight towards you. Cassian never felt truly relieved till he saw you safe and well, wanting to see with his own eyes that no harm has come to you. Anytime he returns he quickly pulls you to your shared room, wanting to rememorize himself with you and your body, the only solace he finds in the star systems. You were the person that completed him on so many levels, truly one of a kind in the whole galaxy. However this time it was different.

He mind wandered to the events of the mission he just came back from. It was a simple recon mission, observe the base, take as much intel as possible and then leave, there wasn’t supposed to be any bloodshed, but unfortunately there was, costing him half of his men. That loss really made him question his title of captain.

From the moment you spotted him on the landing deck; you instinctively knew that he was breaking, seeing the dark sunken eyes, instead of the usual mirth when he spots you. This Cassian was hurting, breaking from the inside and out, that you had to pull him away, taking his rough hand in yours and pulling him to your shared room. Behind doors you were able to see both the physical damage as well the emotional ones. Soft hands treated the wounds across his body, allowing Cassian to melt the cold exterior that took over him as your hands worked magic on him.  Gentle sweet whispers ghosted over his body, each sentence being sealed with a kiss, wanting to assure him that what happened wasn’t his fault and that he did the best he could and that’s all they expected of him.  

Cassian lost himself in your body, returning your kisses with his own, mapping out your body with calloused hands and warm lips, reminding him that you were here, alive and well that he himself was alive. You brought him back from the dark depths of his mind, something that he will never fully be able to tell you how much that means to him. Whispers of love and admiration through gasped breaths and moans brought him back to reality. Showing each other’s love multiple times throughout the night eventually ending up with you both wrapped in the bedsheets and each other’s arms.

And it was in mornings like this that Cassian remembers why he puts himself through so much. He puts himself in so much danger for you; if fighting this war means a safer galaxy for you, then he will do it without a second thought, because he plans on one day starting a home with you, building the one thing that he lacked growing up, a family because he couldn’t imagine himself with anyone else but you.

“I love you so much,” he whispered, letting his lips ghost over your forehead before finally kissing your lips.

Your lips pressed against his, letting him bask in their softness for just a few moments before he felt you return his kiss. It was a soft kiss as you slowly started to wake up; your hands cupped his cheek, pulling him in closer feeling the smile that was etched on his lips, making you smile into the kiss as well.

Your eyes slowly opened, letting him loose himself in the galaxies in your eyes that softened when they met his, “I could get used to waking up like that every day,” you admitted as you stole another kiss.

Cassian let out a small laugh, hearing the hoarseness in your voice as you started to stretch, letting the sun’s rays hit your bare flesh before reaching over to grab something to wear, which always turned out being something of his and this morning it just happened to be one of his long-sleeved shirts. He laid back, seeing you move from one end of the room to the next, finding himself enthralled by even the most mundane things you do, always asking himself on how ended up so lucky to have you.

You turned to face Cassian, wondering why he wasn’t getting up, since usually in the mornings he liked getting a briefing of everything that occurred since he last left, but when looked over at him, you wondered what was on his mind to be looking at you that way.

“What?” you smiled, wondering if something was on your face.

“Nothing, I just love looking at you,” he said sitting up in bed, the same gentle loving look on his face.

“Well you better start getting ready before you miss the briefing,” you playfully said, reaching into his drawers to pick something out for him.

You were focused on finding something to wear that you didn’t notice Cassian get up, till you felt his arms around your front, pulling you close as his lips kissed the curves of your neck, already knowing your weak spots. You tilted your head, allowing him ore access, wanting to feel more of him, “how about we just stay in today?” each word punctuated with a kiss, tempting you to go back into bed in his arms.

You turned, wrapping your arms around his neck, leaning to give him a kiss, “Cass, what’s with you this morning?”

His arms landed on your hips, his strong classed fingers playing with the hem of his shirt, before dipping his fingers underneath, further tempting you. He kissed you, earning him a moan from your lips as you lost yourself in his kiss, your fingers now burying themselves in his hair. He slowly walked you over to the bed, sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling you with him. You straddled his lap, feeling his hand cup your buttocks, pulling you higher on his lap.

“Marry me,” he whispered, momentarily stopping your heart.

You pulled back, the color somewhat drained from your face, your heart now pounding in your chest, “what?”

“I think you heard me the first time,” that soft smile forming on his face, “marry me (Y/N), make me the happiest man and marry me. I want you to be the first and last thing I see, I want to build a lifetime with you, because no one compares to you, so let me have you, because you already have me,” he finished.

Your throat was dry; you couldn’t answer even if you wanted to. Your heart was pounding against your chest, your breath getting shallower and quicker, yet you still couldn’t get enough air into your lungs. Your hand covered your mouth, a tight feeling growing in your chest as tears started to pool in your eyes. His words kept repeating in your mind, making sure that your ears weren’t deceiving you.

An array of emotions crossed over you that you didn’t know exactly what you were feeling, but looking into his eyes, you could see that he wasn’t joking. He wasn’t just saying it as some part of post morning bliss or some desperation; he genuinely meant what he said. You were lost for words, still not being able to answer because you knew that if you even tried to speak it would just be incoherent sounds. You couldn’t hold in the tears feeling as they rolled down your cheeks with each blink that you made, further clouding up your vision.

Cassian’s face immediately shifted, scared that he may have done something completely wrong. He quickly brought up his hands to wipe the flowing tears that further made you cry at how caring and sweet this man was.

mi amor, I’m sorry, please just forget what I just said, just please smile for me,” Cassian wanting to make things right again, sacrificing a bit of his happiness if it means bringing yours back, “I’m sorry mi amor,” his voice cradling your face just wanting you to stop crying.

“yes,” a small whisper escaped your lips as you leaned into his hands, your eyes reminding him star clusters with the way they were glistening with tears and a happiness underneath, “I’ll marry you,” your voice cracking in the process.

This time it was Cassian who was lost for words, not expecting to feel so emotional either, as you brought him into a kiss. Salted tears had never tasted sweeter as they have now. His hand intertwined with your left one bringing it up to his chest, letting you feel the rapid heartbeat that was just as fast as yours. you pulled back seeing a bright smile on his face, to others it would be a rare sight, but behind doors with you this was the norm, behind these closed doors he was your to cherish an admire.

You two both skipped the morning meeting, spending that morning showing each other the love that you two had for one another. Whispers and moans filled the room, each of you glad knowing that he will one day be yours and you’ll be his.


Happy Birthday @littlegreenplasticsoldier!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Much love from the Supernatural Family!!

It was another lonely night spent in your apartment. Just you, your TV, and your imagination. Your boyfriend, Dean, was off somewhere. Chasing Monsters, killing them before they returned the favor. It was a lonely life, and you were always worrying he would never make it back to you.

Tonight was especially hard because it was your birthday. Dean had been able to make it home every year for you birthday, but the chances of that this year were looking extremely slim. Which weighed heavily in your chest. Without even a call or a text letting you know he was safe, you had no idea what was going on. And it wasn’t how you wanted to spend your Birthday. 

So instead of spending your night worrying, you changed into one of his forgotten t-shirts, the scent of gunpowder and mint still clinging lightly to the fabric. Cuddling into the over-sized shirt, you pulled out a container of ice cream, propping your feet on the coffee table. With a sappy movie playing on TV, you scooped up what was now going to be your dinner.

Munching on the ice cream, you almost dropped the spoon when your door rattled before someone knocked on it. Not expecting anyone at all, knowing Dean had his own key, you quickly set the tub of ice cream down before reaching for your stash of weapons. 

Even though you weren’t a hunter, Dean had you trained in all the ways to stay safe. Your windows were salted, even though your friends thought you were crazy. A small black box under the couch held a gun, along with holy water. 

Holding both of those items, you crept up to the door as the knock sounded again. A voice sounding like Dean’s was muffled on the other side, and for a second you considered the fact it could be him. But he always called, and he never needed to knock.

With a deep breath, you opened the door a crack, nervously noticing Dean standing in the hallway, looking dirty and tired. “Hey sweetheart.” He started, but you flicked your wrist up, splashing him with holy water before he could say anything else.

“I’m not a Demon.” He muttered, wiping the water from his face. “I just lost my key, and my phone. Please let in, I don’t want to miss your Birthday.”

Trusting that the holy water hadn’t lied, you stepped back, letting him into your apartment. As soon as he was in, he pulled you into a tight embrace, burying his face in your hair. “God, I missed you. Happy Birthday sweetheart.”

“Dean.” You breathed, so glad he was able to make it home. 

“It looks like you started the party without me.” He teased, nodding to the ice cream. “Good thing I brought reinforcements.”

Holding up a bag, you saw pie, along with a small, hastily wrapped box inside. With a huge smile, you guided him over to the couch, so glad that he had kept up the tradition of being home for your birthday.

Happy Birthday from @katymacsupernatural

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OH My gosh, please write 12 for Spirk!

12. We were pretending to be lovers but I’m not pretending anymore and I have to know if you feel the same way

hoo boy

It was Jim who had the idea. The old man was sick, and dying slowly, Jim had said. It would be logical to give him some peace and act like he’s succeeded in getting us together, Jim had said. 

Spock had been inclined to agree; there was nothing his older self missed more than his Jim Kirk, Spock knew that. So, when they were invited to spend two weeks leave at Selek’s house, Jim had made the suggestion and Spock had, for some reason even he couldn’t name, agreed. It started out innocent enough, Jim told Selek to just give them one room instead of two and when they ate dinner together Jim sat closer than usual and bumped his knee against Spock’s. Selek had been overjoyed. 

A week into leave, Spock wished he had stayed on the ship.

Vulcan kisses, contrary to popular belief, were not so innocent. They were… well, they were personal, and special. Jim’s way of doing those was messy and warm and gave Spock a strange tingling sensation in his gut. Maybe those were what had done it, made him get addicted to Jim’s touch. 

He’d dreamed (dreamed, ugh) of Jim’s hands last night. 

This morning, as he sat in meditation with Selek, he had to work to keep his focus on himself. Jim was disrupting his meditation now. Great. 

“I must say,” Selek was saying “It pleases me to see that you are so comfortable around Jim at such a young age. He is- was- always illogical when it came to displays…” The old man smiled the tiniest bit “I always felt them unessesary, at least when we were young. You have become quite tempered to them however.”

“Jim is a very tactile person.” Spock muttered, and Selek made a noise not dissimilar to a chuckle. “Agreed.”

Selek was, at the end of the day, not a fool. Spock had a feeling he wasn’t as convinced as Jim thought. 

But Jim was happy. And Spock, for some reason, cared about Jim’s happiness perhaps more than his own dignity. So the first time Jim grabbed him by the collar and kissed him on the mouth, Spock kissed him back. 

Selek was pleased.

That evening, they went to their shared bedroom. Spock had offered to sleep on the floor, but Jim had insisted that they just share the bed. Jim was warm, Spock slept well, and no one suffered. 

well, Spock did. But Jim couldn’t know that. if he deveolpoed romantic feelings for his very straight very your a pointy eared bastard captain, it was none of Jim’s buisness. Mostly because Jim would probably have him court martialed. 

They left Vulcan, Spock got his bed back, and the feelings did not go away. Spock felt a little sick. he was dstracted, and afraid. he wished he could call Selek, but it would ruin their act if Spock called his counterpart and said we lied to you but now im not lying Jim makes me feel things help me. 

He manages to keep his work up to standard, despite the fact that Jim is right there feet away from him and Spock knows what his lips taste like now and he’s like an addict craving his second hit. 

Perhaps that’s why he requests to join the next landing party even though the planet is cold, because he just needs to be away from Jim for a while.

Three days in a jail cell, and he supposes he’s gotten his wish. the three other landing party members are dead, having been unable to survive the torture. They were being punished as invaders, and the aliens didn’t speak english. Through a haze of pain, he waits for the Enterprise to come for him or death to come for him. 

Another torture session, and Spock is back in his cell. His ears are ringing. 

He swears he hears engines, and phasers.

he’s probably dreaming when he feels those hands that he dreams about constantly now hoist him up. he knows he’s dreaming when he hears Spock Spock Spock please I need you to stay you have to stay please wake up you have to be okay Spock Spock please Bones help him-!

He’s on a shuttle, but it doesn’t look like one of the ones from his ship. It’s close but not exact.

“Oh good, your awake.” comes a voice, and Spock turns his head-

Jim Kirk has hazel eyes, and his uniform shirt is a different shade of yellow from the Jim he knows. He smiles a bit “How do you do, Mr. Spock?”


“Sh. don’t try to talk. Save your strength. you’ll need it when you wake up again. To answer your question; no, your not dead. Only mostly dead.”

Spock blinks, and Jim grins “The princess bride? No? fine. thanks for taking care of my husband, I was worried about him when he came to your universe.” He sighs then “that kid loves you, you know. your captain. You two have a shot, and you’ll get more years than me and my Spock got so…” His eyes were sad “Don’t waste it? please? and tell Spock- my Spock- that I said hello. And that i miss him. And that I’m waiting for him.” He grins again “Say there’s logic in the universe, He’ll get it.” 

Spock nodded once, closed his eyes, and he swore he felt Jim Kirk kiss his head before he

Jim was sitting next to him, chin on the edge of the bed. Spock blinked when he turned to look at him.

“you’ve been in a coma for 17 days and 3 hours.” Jim mumbled.”I counted them all. Don’t do that to me.”

“I think I might be in love with you” Is what Spock says “Since we pretended for Selek. Since you kissed me. I think I enjoyed it.”

“Oh. good.”


“… Can I do it again?”

“That and more, please.”

Jim grinned “It took you long enough.”

He vulcan kisses him in that messy, warm, scandlous way that would make his grandmother cringe, and Spock is content/

Despite being old and sick, Selek lives another few months. When Spock recives his things, there is a small note in the box.

I knew you two were lying. It says I appriciate the effort. I hope, more than anything, that you find true happiness with him. I will be in my true happiness, with Jim.

There is logic in the universe, young one.

Spock reads the note twice, closes the box, and goes to find his husband for Jim’s birthday party.

this got really out of hand sweet christ enjoy lissy

The List

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♡ will be placed next to drabbles. drabbles will be nothing more than a few lines slapped together, with no affiliation to the readers. they are for character x character. feel free to ask/submit two (or more) characters of your choosing, and i’ll be more than happy to publish a little side story for them. 

✴ will be placed next to dating x superstars. dating x superstars are descriptions of what it would be like to be in a relationship with said superstar, in list form. feel free to ask/submit any one superstar of your choosing- with a small list of topics, and i’ll be more than happy to publish a small series for them. 

Guidelines To My Work: [X]

✮ If you’d like to have your request posted, but remain anonymous- you can send it in my ask, if you’d like!
I have no problem with respecting people’s wishes and privacy!
I will make sure that there is no possible way to trace your request back to you!
✮ I will not- under ANY circumstances- write rape, incest, or death scenes for the superstars. No.
✮ If you have any kind of fetish or specific thing you’d like me to write about- please be respectful to my will to say no. It’s more than likely because I don’t think I’d be good at writing it, or am not personally comfortable with it. 

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Request Master List;


  • Dinner; [Adam Cole X Reader. Adam and Reader have years of built up tension and plenty of unanswered questions. It is, until he asks her over for dinner.]
  •   For The Love Of God.. ; [Adam Cole X Kenny Omega Drabble.]
  • Not Like This; Part One; [Adam Cole X Reader. Adam has a tendency to take it too far, sometimes- and not far enough in others.]
  • Not Like This; Part Two; [Adam Cole X Reader. Adam finally takes it far enough, proving to Reader that he’s the only Bullet Club member who can.]


  • Friends; Part One; [AJ Styles X Reader. AJ and Reader become friends after an incident where AJ comes to Reader’s rescue.]
  • Friends; Part Two; [AJ Styles X Reader. AJ and Reader have become even closer than they had thought they ever would have.. Maybe a little too close.] 
  • Not Home Enough; Part One; [AJ Styles X Reader. AJ comes home for the first time in a while, missing his wedding band- with a shock for you- his wife.]
  • Not Home Enough; Part Two; [AJ Styles X Reader X John Cena. It’s a few years after the night that ruined your marriage, and you have quite the secret for AJ.] 
  • Not Home Enough; Part Three; [AJ Styles X Reader X John Cena. AJ finally gets some of the answers he’s wanted, and John may or may not be onto Reader’s true feelings.]


  •  Dating Baron Includes; [A list on what it would be like to date Baron Corbin. Including;  General, Dates, Sex Life, Habits You Share, Down Time, On The Road, and When He Wins A Match.]
  • Payback; [Baron Corbin X Reader. It’s the morning after Baron’s house party, and instead of cleaning up, they spend time together.] 
  • She Doesn’t Know; Part One; [Baron Corbin X Reader. Reader is full convinced that Baron is up to something, and plans to find out what it is.]
  • She Doesn’t Know; Part Two; [Baron Corbin X Reader. Reader finds out when Baron was up to, and it’s not what she expects it to be.]
  • ♡   Talk Like A Man; [Baron Corbin X Corey Graves Drabble.]  


  • Dating Chris Includes; [A list of what it would be like to date Chris Jericho. Including; Victoria’s Secret Shopping.]


  • ♡   ..And You Will Again..; [Cody Rhodes X Reader Drabble. Part two of Like You Haven’t Already.. Reader and Cody try to pick up the pieces.] 
  • ♡   Like You Haven’t Already..; [Cody Rhodes X Reader Drabble. A secret is exposed as one of the members of the Bullet Club lets something slip.]
  • ♡  ..Please..; [Cody Rhodes X Reader Drabble. Part three to Like You Haven’t Already.. Reader is going through a traumatic time.]
  • ♡  Trust Me..; [Cody Rhodes X Reader Drabble. The Last installment of Like You Haven’t Already, and Cody and Reader finally meet up after months of waiting.] 


  • Look At Me; [Corey Graves X Reader. Corey and Reader are at Baron’s house party, but decide to have a little bit of private fun, instead.]


  •  Feathers; [Dalton Castle X Reader X Adam Cole Drabble.]


  • Come Back To Me; [Dean Ambrose X Reader. Don’t read this unless you want your heart ripped from your chest. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.]
  •  Drink Me; [Dean Ambrose X Reader. Dean takes his own definition of a body shot off of you.]
  • Everyone Keeps Telling Me You’re The Bad Guy; [Dean Ambrose X Reader. After Dean sees only a quiet side of Reader, he has the idea of seeing just how loud she can actually be.]
  • ♡  I’m So Sorry; [Dean Ambrose X Reader. Dean begins to over-react over a situation, and Reader has to reassure him that it’s not what he thinks it is.]


  • How Could You..; [Finn Balor X Reader. Being so wrapped up in work and championships, Finn forgets a very important day.]
  • What I Want; [Finn Balor X Reader. It’s SummerSlam night, and Finn has just won the Universal Championship. In his victory speech, he tells the crowd and Reader- his girlfriend, exactly what it is he wants.]
  • When He Told Me He Loved Me; Part One;  [Finn Balor X Reader. Reader has a needed moment with her ex, Finn- to realize what she really wants.]
  • When He Told Me He Loved Me; Part Two; [Finn Balor X Reader. Reader realizes what she wants. Reader realizes what we all want.]


  • Bad Time?; [Kenny Omega X Reader. Something’s bothering Kenny, and Reader notices. Being the only one who seems to care, she find out just exactly what it is that’s under Kenny’s skin.]
  • Dating Kenny Includes; [A list of what it would be like to date Kenny Omega. Including; Day To Day, Date Night, and Sex.]
  • Destined To Ask; [Kenny Omega X Reader. After a wild night out, Kenny has to fill in Reader- his ex, on what happened.] 
  • ♡  Finally; [Kenny Omega X Kota Ibushi Drabble.] 
  • I Called Him Your Name; [Kenny Omega X Reader. Reader gets a glimpse of what could have been, after calling her current friends-with-benefits, Kenny’s name.]
  • Next Time; [Kenny Omega X Reader. Reader is at a gaming convention when she spots two of her favorite wrestler. With enough courage, she lands a game with one of them.]
  • Six Months; [Kenny Omega X Reader. Kenny has been away for half of  year, and Reader is pregnant. He’s in for a special surprise when he finally gets home.]
  • ♡  What Did You Wish For?; [Kenny Omega X Reader. Kenny and Reader see a shooting star and make wishes on the burning light.] 


  • More Than Anything; [Matt Jackson X Reader. Matt and Reader have been together, in the dark, for a while now. They’ve yet to take the next step in their relationship.] 


  • Someone Like Me; Part One; [Nick Jackson X Reader. Nick confronts Reader about his feelings for her.]
  • Someone Like Me; Part Two; [Nick Jackson X Reader. Nick gets involved in a misunderstanding with Reader and another Bullet Club member. He has to decide if what’s happened if either too much, or okay enough to deal with.]




  • Our Bed; [Seth Rollins X Reader. Reader spends a normal Halloween holiday with Seth, until Seth comes out with his true feelings.]
  • A Simple Fuck; Part One; [Seth Rollins X Reader. Seth and Reader have been to blows for quite the time now, and it’s finally come to head. Seth can’t help himself but to go out of his way to prove a point.]
  • A Simple Fuck; Part Two; [Seth Rollins X Reader. Seth encounters a tragedy and Reader’s heart is troubling her.]
  • Thanksgivng Tease; [Seth Rollins X Reader. Reader spends Thanksgiving with Seth, at her parents home.]
  • You Sent A Photo; Part One; [Seth Rollins X Reader. Getting ready for a date, Reader sets out to find the perfect set of lingerie for the big night. Sending a picture of the set to her best friend- Sasha Banks, for her honest opinion, develops into so much more- after discovering the picture was sent to another contact starting with S.]
  • You Sent A Photo; Part Two; [Seth Rollins X Reader. Seth finally confronts Reader about the picture she had accidentally sent him. Reader is stood up one too many times, leading her into the decision of going on a date with Seth- who is later in for a surprise.] 
  • You Sent A Photo; Part Three; [Seth Rollins X Reader. After Seth finds out who the pictured set was exactly for, he decided to still have a night out with Reader- which takes a turn or two.] 


  • In Time; [Shane McMahon X Reader. Shane and reader share their first kiss.]



  • Dating Tama Includes; [A list of what it would be like to date Tama Tonga. Including; General, Habits You Share, and Dates.] 
  • Just Had To Ask; [Tama Tonga X Reader. Tama searches through things he shouldn’t be, not knowing that it doesn’t bother Reader all that much in the end, anyway.] 

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

Comfort: PromptoXReader

Just a PromptoXReader oneshot. This is Part 1 of my Comfort oneshot series. Everyone reading this is also welcome to come by and request some FFXV X Reader fics :)

Anyways, enjoy~

Prompto’s eyes welled up with tears as he held your shaking body in his arms. You had stumbled into his house, tear stricken and broken-hearted. Again.


Prompto didn’t get it. You were beautiful, inside and out. You were devoted, loyal and encouraging to everyone you were close to. Why and how did people continuously break your heart with no remorse?

And the one thing that broke Prompto’s heart the most, was the fact that he was possibly— no, definitely part of the problem.

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can't it be me instead? chpt 1

chpt 2, chpt 3, chpt 4, chpt 5, chpt 6, chpt 7, chpt 8, chpt 9

Summary; the love of your life, Rocky, get’s a girlfriend suddenly and it feels like your world is falling apart. With the help of Moonbin, you try to win him back, but in the end you’re not sure if that’s what you want.

Genre; Angst, Fluff 

(based on the Japanese film ‘Heroine Disqualified’)

Originally posted by moonbinny

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Chapter Six “Normal”

SUMMARY: You were held captive by Hydra for years and had only just escaped when the Avengers find you. You’re beyond terrified of everyone and everything around you, but the thing the terrifies you the most is yourself. The things you can do with your “abilities” are beyond what anyone could possibly imagine.

Chapters: 1 ~ 23 ~ 4 ~ 5 

Originally posted by bovaria

Warnings: Sexual harassment (near rape experience) and anxiety. Fluff too!

@i-love-bucky-barnes @nopevilleluas @winter–plum @poe-also-bucky @serzhantjamesbuchananbarnes @life-is-fuucked @emilyinbuffalo @buckybarnesisalittleshit @theboldandthebootyful @dr121413 @buckysquad @smartashes @notsoprettykitty @romxnovas @tjhammomd @linsteadandchicagopdarelife @justareader @whatsbetterthanfantasy @nikkitia7 @intenselyupset @thenightmarebeforebucky @sebatmanstan @feelmyroarrrr @dazedandcarefree @fly-f0rever @skeletoresinthebasement @colouredwater @cierrabolton @hotemotionalmess @lady-sloan @avixenrose @captainmqmeep @professionally-crazed @ponyboys-sunsets @abimarvelparker @buckysbestgirll @buckybarnesisapreciousplum @sarcastic-ohohoh @notsoluckybucky @angel34jolly-blog @kitherey @heismyhunter @steadysuitenthusiast @bxckybxrnes02 @irreplaceable-spacexual @stephanieluvspie @canumoveyourseatup-no @cicismith95

You stared out the window of your bedroom, watching the rain fall down onto the streets of New York. The people were seemingly unaffected by the rain, a few umbrellas popping up here and there. You smiled when you saw a man rush to shelter an elderly woman from the rain with his yellow umbrella, the kind action stuck out to you.

Your stomach grumbled angrily, asking why you hadn’t fed it yet. You sighed and pushed yourself off your bed, nervously making your way to the kitchen. Natasha sat at the counter with Sam, talking quietly amongst themselves, a box of donuts sitting in front of them. You stopped in the doorway when they smiled at you.

“Good morning, (Y/N).” Nat greeted. Sam waved at you.

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anonymous asked:

While transitioning, and even now what kinda of small achievements make you really happy and feel proud of yourself? For example im still just starting out, but i always feel super proud whenever i go awhile without shaving my legs. Its small but makes me feel proud of myself.

I could have sworn i answered this?? but i was always happy when I saw more facial hair on my face and more hair on my body =) Just when I would take selfies and notice more and more masculine things about myself since starting <3

If anyone else has anything to add, please do!

Sweet Little Bird - (Edward Nygma x Reader x Oswald Cobblepot Smut Part 01)

Part 02

Set in S2E15: Mad Grey Dawn

Thank you so much @holmesandtheroman​ for editing <3

Warnings: Sexual Tension, Implied Spanking and Daddy Kink, Virgin Oswald, Edward x You having a “friends with benefist” relationship

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Love Me Now

Summary: Lucy had been through many bad experiences but this time almost broke her. She had never wished for the presence of a certain dragon slayer, with hair the colour of cherry blossoms, more than now.

A/N: This is a gift fic for @proudtobeaginger who wanted some gritty NaLu angst. I hope you like this, sorry it took me so long to write and if it’s not exactly what you wanted. I wanted to get the scenes between Natsu and Lucy at the end just right. Many thanks to @halseyheartfilia for proof reading for me and @lady-brandy-arts for her support! 

I just about melted writing Natsu at the end, he is such a sweetheart (I fell in love with him myself lol). I realised I didn’t put Happy in until I pretty much wrote the entire thing (I didn’t really want to edit him in either), so please imagine he’s on a date with Charla.

I always struggle with fic titles, so I normally name it after a song that I’m listening to whilst writing. Here is a small list of songsperations for me:

Love Me Now - John Legend

Sorry – Aquilo

I’m On Fire – The Staves

Warnings: This fic is quite dark and mentions torture and the psychological trauma that comes with it. I promise there is a lot of fluff at the end to make up for the angst.

Word Count: 5241


“Scared is what you’re feeling. Brave is what you’re doing.” 
― Emma Donoghue

‘Why am I so weak?’ It was the main question she asked herself in a spiralling vortex of despair.

‘Why was she so stupid?’ It wasn’t like her to act without thinking. A young woman who planned her outfits for the next two weeks, down to her socks and underwear. Cold seeped through to her bones, the stone slab she was splayed across did nothing to insulate the basement floor of wherever she was. Lucy tried shifting her weight to relieve the pressure on her back. Wincing, she gasped as agony ripped through her body, in fact, it wouldn’t be a surprise if every bone had been fractured. Instinctively clenching her fists, it took all she had not to yelp as pain shot through her system causing a fresh bout of tremors. Tilting her head upwards, trying to see out swollen eyes, her empty chuckle filled the room. Perhaps her brain had temporarily blotted out the fact some of her fingernails had been ripped off. She had been naïve thinking nothing bad could happen on a simple retrieval quest, that shouldn’t have taken more than a week.

‘Natsu.’ It had barely been two days. Her slayer wouldn’t be coming to save her yet. She wasn’t expected back. Biting her already split lip helped her snap out of it, thinking of Natsu would break her. Plus, sobbing too much would disturb her broken rib cage, and she had come this far without crying. Lucy would never give the bastards the satisfaction of seeing her cry or beg. She had taken a longer quest in an admittedly childish protest. Natsu had been in one of his procrastinating phases and everyone else was seemingly on a mission. The choice was to wait for Natsu or go on her own. Lucy hated being alone, it wasn’t that she didn’t believe she could but the isolation resurfaced bad memories.

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What are we going to do on Christmas

Summary: You never loved Christmas but your boyfriend do so when the time come you let him choose do whatever he wants od the special date. You just didn’t think that he would use this chance for surprising you with the most perfect Christmas that you ever had.

Words: 2676 ( Officially the biggest thing I ever wrote.)

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Fluffy and Smut (oral sex, spanking and unprotected sex be safe kids.) You might want Steve as your boyfriend when you finish reading this.

Originally posted by master-of-duct-tape

 .“What are we going to do on Christmas?“ You look at your boyfriend Steve on the bed with you "I don’t know what you want to do?” He looks at you like you just had killed a puppy and you are confused “You don’t know? The person who plans her birthday six months earlier, the one who throw me a surprise party with a 40’s theme, the only person who Tony let have an opinion in his party’s don’t know what is gonna do on Christmas the biggest holiday of the year?“

“Yeap that one.” He gets up and you can see that he is hurt and confused by the look in his eyes “But you love the holidays … What are we gonna do now?” You get closer to him putting your hands on his “We are gonna do whatever you want to do, you can even boss me around if you want to. Anything for you have the perfect holiday.”

“I don’t like to boss you around.” Why he couldn’t understand that you just weren’t in the mood for a big party? You would do whatever he wanted to do. “Of course you like Steve you even get off on that.” Your sex joke put him in a better mood “Only when you are naked.”

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When I started uni I quickly realised that my high school study habits were (very) ineffective, so I had to change what I was doing in order to get good grades (and it worked ;) ).  So here are a few tips:

1. Be prepared

Before you start anything, plan it out. Get out your class timetable and figure out where you can reasonably fit in your study sessions. Make sure you are setting enough time out each week! Include some buffer time for when things go wrong or take longer than you thought they would. If you can, try to make your study sessions happen at the same time each day (helps with focus).

Once you’ve got your session times planned out and you want to start studying, write down what you actually want to achieve in that time. Having actual written goals might push you to work harder.

2. Set up your space

If you’re studying at home, set up a dedicated space for studying. Don’t use your bed unless you literally don’t have anywhere else to study. Sit near natural light if you can and decorate your space if it helps. Put up some motivational quotes/cute photos.

Make sure your area has all the necessary supplies, e.g. stationery, water & healthy snacks. Put your phone in a different room so you don’t get distracted. Make a to do list for your session.

3. During study

Before you start a topic, try pre-reading your textbook so the topic becomes familiar to you. Then when you start the topic in class you won’t be completely lost. Don’t be afraid to use YouTube/Khan Academy or other resources to help you understand. I found YouTube to be a life saver for understanding math.

Take (short) breaks. Don’t try to study for a 5 hour block with no breaks, you’ll burn out pretty quickly. But at the same time don’t study for 20 minutes and then take a 2 hour break (ok i’m guilty of this). Take enough time to refresh your brain, maybe 10-15 minutes between sessions.

Mix up your sessions. Try alternating between reading, doing problem sets, quizzing yourself, etc.

Study with enthusiasm. Ok this might be hard, but it was some really good advice I was given a long time ago. A topic might be super boring but someone somewhere thinks it’s the most exciting subject ever. Read your textbook as if it is the most interesting thing you’ve ever read.

4. Don’t aim for perfection

So before I said to set goals for yourself, but please please please don’t make goals that are impossible to achieve. I did this way to often and it left me stressed out 99% of the time, and super unhappy. Set goals that are realistic, and don’t compare yourself to others. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand every tiny detail about the topics you’re studying. It is way more effective to try to understand the main concepts instead of the small intricacies (which you might not even be tested on).

Good luck and happy studying! xo

“Do Me Bad” (Pt5)

Part 1, Part 2 ,Part 3, Part 4, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

Member: Sehun from EXO

Genre: College!au: Fluff and angst

A/N: A short little part! you don’t even know the kind of drama I have planned for you guys *rubs hands together* ANTICIPATE! ;) Send me your opinions or what you think is gonna happen next, I’m always happy to see messages from you in my ask box  ❤️❤️

Two days passed since Jongin walked in on you and Sehun. He didn’t answer your calls, ignored you in the hallways and avoided you at any cost. Sehun kept low too and you knew he was beating himself up for stealing you away from Jongin but that wasn’t the only thing that bothered him. He couldn’t give you up like any girl he dated. He was in love with you and there’s no way he was going to let the first girl he ever fell in love with go. You were his and his only. There was no winning in this situation; it was either losing you or his best friend.

“Open up Sehun…..” you desperately shouted outside Sehun’s door, knocking on his door for the 4th time knowing he is most definitely there.

“What do you want?” He opened the door with a dead expression on his face. He was wearing sweats and an old sweater which you’ve never seen him in before. Empty food boxes were everywhere along with a trail of half empty water bottles that lead up to his bed.

“Sehun seriously…. you have to stop acting like this. Just go and talk to Jongin see what he says” you said as you pushed through the door.

“What he will say?” Sehun mockingly answered with a scoff. “He will probably punch my face for

A. Dating the one girl he likes

B. Being in love with her

C. And probably for seeing my dick”

“Sehun you don’t even know what he’s gonna say ok? He might say something else completely just please go talk to him? I would if I could but he has completely shut me out. “

Sehun rolled his eyes before reaching for the refrigerator and grabbing a beer bottle.

“Sehun.” You crossed your arms together.


“I’m a control freak? I was just suggesting that-” you were immediately cut off by Sehun. “Just get out. Get out from my room I can’t deal with you right now.” He looked down, rubbing his temple with his fingers.

“Fine suit yourself Oh Sehun. But when you’re laying alone in that bed and you can’t help but think what an idiot you are and why you can’t keep any serious girlfriend around then don’t come back to me.” You stared at his death glare and rushed out of his room.

“What is going on between you and Jongin?” Chanyeol asked, placing a hand on Sehun’s back as he caught him walking down the hallway. “Nothing” he rolled his eyes. “Uh no I don’t think it’s nothing. You and Jongin haven’t seen each other in a week and you keep avoiding lunch with us so now is your chance to tell me what the hell is going on.”

“I’m dating Y/N” Sehun kicked Chanyeol’s hand off his back and rolled his eyes once more. “WAIT WHAT? DUDE SINCE WHEN” Chanyeol let out a laugh as his mouth dropped wide with the intake of the new information. “Don’t get too excited, we had a fight and I don’t think she really wants to see me now.” He answered. “Oh man the fuck did you do” Chanyeol’s expression dropped.

“Hey can I talk to you?” a low voice came behind Sehun’s back. The best friends turned around to see Jongin walking towards them and shaking his head once to the side to signal Sehun to come outside with him. Sehun gulped and quickly followed suit.

“Look I know we both have been avoiding each other but I want to apologize. I don’t wanna fight or break our friendship over this. We’ve been there for each other just like Y/N and I have been there for each other too. I’m sorry that I made you feel this way and I’ll admit….I should have knocked. I was just shocked because I never really imagined the both of you together so it was quite a surprise welcoming the sight of you two…um…you know-” he coughed.

“-Oh god stop right there.” Sehun stopped him. “I should be the one apologizing. I was being selfish and kept this relationship to myself but it’s just that……I’m not used to having one. Sure I get with a lot…A LOT of girls but none of them ever mean anything to me and now that I finally found a girl special enough to change me, I was scared. I was scared that if I was gonna let everyone around me know about it that it would somehow change and not feel the same. And now I messed up and might not even have it anymore.”

“Do you love her?” Jongin had a small smile forming on his face.

“I do. And man am I scared.”

“Then I don’t care. Date her do whatever you want but please make her happy. If I can’t then the next best thing is you. You do look good together….I’ll give you that” a genuine smile spread on Jongin’s face.

“Jongin you don’t have to-“

“Sehun I want you to be happy too. If you finally found someone special enough to make you feel in love then don’t ever let her go. I’ll find someone else don’t worry about me just promise me you will never give up on her.”

“I won’t. Thanks bro I really didn’t expect you to say that” Sehun laughed nervously.  

“No problem bro, now what is this about messing up and all?” Jongin frowned.

“Uh yeah about that…..I might have acted like an asshole….we got into a fight yesterday and I got mad and said some things I really didn’t mean but I haven’t talked to her since and-“

“Call her.” Jongin raised his eyebrow and reached his hand forward to Sehun.

“Uh what?” Sehun shot him with a confused look.

“I said, call her.”

Sehun reached for his back pocket, getting his phone out, he dialed your number. The call went to voice mail and Sehun tried again. The second time around you ignored him again.

“She won’t answer.” Sehun looked up at Jongin with a panicked look.

Every Milisecond

Request: could you do a oneshot where the reader died in both the original timeline and flashpoint, but when barry comes back from flashpoint they’re alive and he’s so shocked and overjoyed to see them? it can be romantic or not, it doesn’t really matter.

Prompt: After Barry lost you in both the original timeline and flashpoint he is glad to see you are alive when he returns from the flashpoint.

Words: 560

Warnings: Reader dies twice but is alive at the end. Lol weirdest thing I’ve ever typed. 

A/n: TBH I don’t like how this one turned out :( but maybe its because I’m looking to much into it so some feedback would be great. Happy Reading!

Originally posted by supercanaries

As I walked into S.T.A.R laboratories for the first time since I got back from flashpoint my heart stopped. There they were. They were actually alive. I had finally come to understand that I had lost them forever, but here they were. My mind flew to the both times I had lost them.

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anonymous asked:

so as i've played i noticed that jumin always brushes it off or insists he's not whenever anyone says he's being nice. could you do something with MC getting frustrated and trying to get jumin to Just Accept The Compliment when he's done something nice

  • Jumin swears he’s Opening Up 
  • and he is
  • but why can’t he just. accept MC’s compliments
  • like ok sure, he doesn’t like baseless compliments
  • that’s valid
  • MC understands
  • but then just, normal and justified compliments he??? plays them off and brushes them aside???
  • “Thank you for buying me dessert, Jumin. You’re very kind and nice to me!”
  • and then he replies
  • “It’s nothing, it’s normal I’d buy my lover a dessert.”
  • um
  • sure jumin but…. maybe consider this:
  • MC wants to compliment you so you feel nice 
  • seriously there is no way to compliment him without him shutting down the compliment with some sort of reason??
  • “Jumin, you’re so nice!”
  • “I’m not. It’s normal that I’d-”
  • “Jumin can you please just take a compliment?”
  • Jumin is surprised??
  • why does MC want that??
  • “Because you deserve to be complimented, duh! It’s not fair if only you get to say nice things to me. I want to make you happy with words, too!”
  • Small Blush
  • he’s just so used to people throwing compliments at him that don’t mean much at work??? clients and such throwing flattery??
  • he thought he’d become numb to it
  • and then he has. A moment of realisation that when MC compliments him it’s from their heart
  • Jumin inhales and then replies to MC
  • “… Ok. Thank you, MC.”
  • MC smiles and hugs him because finally he seems to drop the stubbornness
  • “You’re so sweet, Jumin…”
  • “I’m not- I mean… Thank you.”
A Secret Dance

Anonymous Requested: Hi! I’m ur loyal smut fan hahaha Just read ‘I’ll productive with you" wow that was super good! Ship+scenario+smut! Hahaha can I request too? I’m indonesian. 155 cm (very short). I’m quite around talkative but can be talkative around quite people. I’m secretly a dancer (my friends in school don’t know about this) and volunteering as a teacher at school in small village P.s : please ship me with hyung line coz i’m 94-er hehehe thanks before~

Thank you so much for your request! I had no idea that ship+scenario+smut would be a popular thing, but it makes me really happy that you requested it! Based off the description you sent me, I decided to ship you with Jackson. Jackson is a very talkative person, so I imagined you being a little shy and quiet around him. Eventually you would warm up to Jackson, and you guys would have a very comfortable relationship. He would love to talk, and you would love to listen to him. Plus Jackson is short too, so you guys would be super cute together. I hope you enjoy the scenario I came up with! :D

Summary: Jackson discovers your secret passion of dancing, and asks if he can join you. You guys enter a competition and win second place. To celebrate, you go back to Jackson’s place.

Genre: Smut

Length: 2003

After class you said goodbye to your friends and quickly scurried off, telling them you had a lot of homework you needed to get to. You really needed to practice for your dance performance coming up, and you couldn’t tell your friends about it. None of them knew about your dancing, and none of them were going to find out either. It wasn’t like you were embarrassed about your dancing. You actually thought you were a pretty good dancer. It was because of the style of dancing you were into. You loved doing covers of K-pop songs, but none of your friends at school even knew you liked K-pop.

You walked to your secret dance practice spot. It was at an abandoned skate park, so no one really visited, but it was a good, hard surface for practicing on with lots of privacy. You pulled out your iPod and started playing “Just Right” by GOT7. It was the song you had decided to perform at the competition. You started getting into the moves. You did a whole run through of the song and were a little worn out by it. You turned to grab a drink of water and froze. Jackson, one of your classmates, was standing at the entrance of the skate park just watching you. You wondered how long he had been there.

Keep reading

Heeeeey so food/transport/supplies/other things are still draining my money faster than I’m getting it from my loan refund. I haven’t been getting much work.

So I’m making prices very very low for a while. Tipping would be HUGELY appreciated but is not expected. (Keep in mind whatever you pay me, paypal takes a small fee from, so if you pay $3 I won’t actually get a full $3 even)

My commission/paypal email is and all payments are in USD over paypal. 

Please reblog/spread! If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them quickly.