small things

Maybe you just have to live for the small things, like being called pretty or someone picking up the pen you dropped or laughing so hard that your stomach hurts. Maybe that’s all that really matters at the end of the day.
—  Tianna Kavanagh

pastel colours, candies, bead necklaces, rainbows, soft clouds, cuddles, sippies, cartoons on netflix, sleep-ins with bubba, being kiddy, silly slime, crayons, wax paper drawings, fluffy carpet, feather-light fingers across your eyelids, nose kisses, lavender, feeling loved, lanterns at night, candle nightlights, piggybacks, over-alls with front pockets, toy trucks to make farms with, washing dirt from your little hands, pom poms and strings of wool, glittery everything, pale stars at dusk

Hey, I’m going to start a list of reasons you want to wake up and see tomorrow, feel free to add on, I know a lot of people are struggling right now

-the faint colors dawn makes
-Cats. Dogs. Pets. Soft happy animals and wriggly animals and excited animals who will wake up tomorrow and still want to play
-the smell of soup on the stovetop
-new socks
-the smell of detergent or fabric softener
-speaking of, warm clothes just out of the dryer
-really really hot showers where you can cry and let yourself relax because you try so hard day to day not to cry but there you can sob and let it all out
-chocolate covered pretzels
-spicy food that really makes you feel and clears your sinuses
-wet, rainy days and the sound of rain on the rooftop and windows
-opening a fresh new notebook
-cuddling when you need it. not all sexy-like, just the presence of another human that you sorta like
-stained glass coloring floors with sunlight
-fresh air

[Portuguese below]

3/100 days of productivity

I didn’t know whether I should call it a productive day or not, since I only studied a bit of German (and watched a lot of Netflix), but we have to celebrate even the small things (sometimes they can be very hard to accomplish and most times they are the most important ones).

3/100 dias de produtividade

Eu não tinha muita certeza se deveria considerar hoje como um dia produtivo ou não, já que só estudei alemão (e assisti muito Netflix), mas acho que mesmo as coisas pequenas e simples devem ser celebradas (ainda mais porque às vezes elas podem ser muito difíceis de ser alcançadas e muitas vezes são as mais importantes).


There are string lights in my room, finally
constellations in my ceiling, in the patterns around the tiles
each star is named, in whisper
in comfort
without fear of loss.

Maybe this is how we break out of hibernation
not with a bang
but with the slow birth
of new stars

Small things that remain great no matter what

The sunrise, singing angry or hopeful songs with friends, the fact that cats’ paw pads look a little bit like beans, having a really good swear, the sound of the rain on the roof when you are snuggled up and warm, baby hedgehogs whose bristles are still a bit soft, the turquoise of lakes high in the mountains, people who are kind for the sake of kindness, arranging fallen leaves by order of colour, mooncake, putting numbers together on a way that works, the sound of a gentle breeze making its way through a forest, surveying the road at the start of a journey to somewhere you like, chocolate, finding new good art, mutually agreed hugging, air guitar, the sight of distant hills, dogs who think everyone is the best person ever and you are the best best person isn’t that amazing, when you learn something new and it makes other things make sense.

One day we walked into a sweet shop, and John bought some chocolate. He said, ‘would you like half?’ I said, 'Wow, you’re willing to share your chocolate with me?’ What a dude! [laughs] The things that stay most in my memory are the smallest things, the ordinary things.
—  Paul McCartney, Readers Digest, November 2005