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Rose Scent Breeze - Theme :// Code + Preview

Im back from my coding-hiatus with a completely new theme! This one is a very cute and compact contained theme. It’s inspired by Red Velvet’s upcoming comeback “The Red”!


  • 300px posts only
  • 150 x 150px sidebar pic
  • 8 custom links in total
  • Almost every color is customizable
  • Normal pagination

Please note:

  • Optimized for google chrome on 1366 x 768px resolution ; it should work fine on other sizes and browsers too
  • Please like/reblog if using/considering
    Do not imitate or steal parts of it
    Do not redistribute or claim as yours
    Do not remove my credits

Any questions or troubles?

Put them here!


quiet night

theres just a what-if here about ritsu getting just a bit of psychic empathy and achieving the rest with his writers brain, and theres also a headcanon about mob not being a very good singer or not playing any instrument but being able to whistle very well 

I remember theres a word for that, the very good whistler thing, from a jeffery deaver book Ive read, but I cant find it in my memory anymore

I kinda want it back

I walked out of the theater wanting to go knock over a building or something and have been wide awake and slightly hyper ever since
It had its flaws like any movie, but I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it, and of the few DC films I’ve watched it was by far my favorite

P.S. She’s totally the Captain America of DC.

Disneyland Piano Lullaby

Disneyland Piano Lullaby // Arranged by ear by onefine_morning

Songs in order: When You Wish Upon a Star, Pirates of the Caribbean (Yo Ho Yo Ho), Peter Pan’s Flight (You Can Fly!), Main Street USA (Married Life from “Up”), Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Mad Tea Party, Tower of Terror (Twilight Zone Theme), Fantasmic!, Soarin’ Over California), It’s a Small World, When You Wish Upon a Star.

Previous lullabies: Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, LOST


Credence wakes to the feel of his hair being pushed back, the feel of a kiss lingering against his temple.

“Perce?” he mumbles, brows creased, trying to fight the heavy weight of sleep.

“Go back to sleep,” Percival whispers, apologetic and weary, smoothing Credence’s brows with calloused fingers.


Percival finds Credence on the rooftop, lying on the couch long since transfigured from an old coat and some pillows. He casts a spell, keeping himself dry as he approaches, and notes that the couch is spelled the same.

Credence, however, is not. Rain seeps into his clothes and runs down his cheeks like tears.

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This was probably pointed out before but there is something I really enjoy the way Isayama writes his arcs. They all have a main theme covering small ones.

Fall of Shiganshina Arc is where everything began, EMA lost their home when RBA attacked to Shiganshina and snitched to Walled People, in the background Ymir was crying under a sky because she was thankful to get a new chance by devouring Marcel and Historia was forced to change her name and live a different life right after her mother got killed. 

Trost Arc is about the causes our characters want to / will fight for. Jean joining Survey Corps to prevent deaths like Marco’s, Mikasa promising how she is not gonna give up and live to remember Eren when all she has is a tiny blade against a titan; Eren, his wish to be free and vengeance, Armin and outside world are the best examples for this.

Female Titan Arc is about loyalty, trust and sacrifice. Erwin make this clear at his speech in ceremony when he asks candidates to dedicate their hearts. He acts honest to them and asks them if they can sacrifice everything, even their lives for this cause. 

Clash of Titans Arc is about returning home. Connie, Sasha, Bertolt, Reiner, Hannes were all wishing to return their homes. Mikasa was trying to get her home, aka Eren, back and Ymir was trying to protect her home, aka Historia. When Ymir went with RB, she also acted out of the theme of this arc and we all know how it turned out. Hannes wanted to bring back something that is long gone and he got eaten. We see this quite clear that if you can’t keep moving on, then no mercy will be shown to you.

Uprising Arc is about facing with the dreams and / or lies our characters have hold on to. Eren realizing how wrong he was at Reiss Cave, Historia realizing what actually Rod is, Levi facing with Kenny, Erwin telling us his childhood are the examples I can think of right now. If you can’t let go of the past, like Kenny and Rod; if you can’t face the lies that were told to you, like Traute and Kenny Squad, you are done.

Return to Shiganshina Arc is about letting go. Hange summed this very well at chapter 84. Levi and Erwin, Hitch and Marlowe, Reiner and Bertolt, Historia and Ymir, Hange and well, so many… Every one of our characters have faced with the danger of something that is precious to them and many lost it.

Since our new arc, Truth of Marley, is quite new, it’s main themes are not quite clear yet. Maybe it is about the realization of how there is no good or bad sides in a war. We’ll see about that one.

I really love when Isa does this. Yes, he is not the best writer out there but he knows his story best. Even when he was a beginner, he  has chosen what he wants to teach us through his story. I am really thankful to him.

hummingbird heartbeat - pt23

( missed the beginning? catch up on AO3! )

On July second, Bitty stood on his tiptoes, eyeing the arriving passengers for any sign of Kent. The flight was on time, according to the arrivals board. He hadn’t gotten a text message from Kent yet, but they had to have landed. Fidgeting with his phone, Bitty looked up at the boards again. Maybe he could find Kent by the baggage claim?

He’d managed to convince his parents – mostly his Mama – that it would be fine for him to go pick Kent up by himself. It wasn’t an awful drive from the Atlanta airport back to Madison, and, in all honesty, Bitty wanted Kent all to himself. He wanted to hold hands on the drive back from the airport, to kiss Kent when he saw him. He wanted to make sure Kent wasn’t freaking out too much about meeting his parents. Bitty checked the boards again, looking for baggage claim information.

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I unfollowed a lot of people since I changed my terms of interacting (and also some inactive blogs) so I’m looking for more people to follow

Reblog if your blog is

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Time to refill the tea-jar-thing. I got it at Goodwill for $3 years ago and it holds a little over 100 tea bags at a time.

Red Rose Original is a naturally sweet-ish black tea that rarely gets bitter even if it’s oversteeped.

But that’s not the only reason I buy this brand.

They have surprise toys inside. More accurately, small, themed ceramics by Wade of England

The theme changes every couple years or so. Right now it’s American Heritage.

I got The White House.

The figures aren’t highly detailed and are hastily dip-glazed, but you can tell by looking that they are sculpted by hand before being cast for molding.

Kind of random, and kind of neat at the same time.

I’ve been drinking Red Rose for over a decade, and have amassed a decent collection of Wade figurines, not to mention a hefty stack of duplicates.

I like some of them better than others. The nautical set was really nice.

So, I’ve decided to offer some alternative dimensions for GIF/icons that you can use that should still fit your aesthetic while being slightly easier for anyone with less than 20/20 vision to see (without squinting or zooming in). They’re just some ideas, me just cropping a test gif in various shapes, but I really like how a lot of them turned out!! So for reference, this is the gif I started with (made by myself so please don’t use elsewhere).

Yes, by RP standards, that’s pretty large. But I wanted room to work. So the first GIF is 300x100. This means the GIF won’t page-stretch, but the extra width gives eyes a lot of breathing room.

The second gif is 150x100, which is just slightly wider than most 100x00 icons. You wouldn’t think that extra 50 pixels would make a difference, but it’s actually a lot easier for me to see!! (I’m not speaking for everyone here, but it is easier on my eyes personally).

This next GIF is similar to the first (wide and short), but it’s 250x100 (for if your theme doesn’t resize images that are too big and you’re using a small theme). This will be full-width on your blog only, on the dashboard it’s still pretty compact (while, again, not page-stretching).

The fourth gif I have for you is 100x125. Again, you wouldn’t think so few pixels makes any difference, but they really do. This works if you’d rather not have full-width images but don’t mind/like taller images.

For the fifth gif, the dimensions are 150x125.  That’s a total of an extra 75 pixels (much easier on the eyes), but evenly distrubuted so the GIF doesn’t seem too large to you.

This one is a lot like the fourth GIF, but slightly wider (if the previous one is just too oddly proportioned for you). It’s 115x125. It’s a little closer to an icon in orientation. 

If those don’t appeal to you, this next one is super short, but still wide enough to be visible. It’s 250x50. 

And this one is actually inspire by my computer screen (which of course is designed for readability), but (obviously) scaled down pretty reasonably. This last one is 250x156.

And, of course, if none of those inspire you, a slightly bigger GIF icon is a perfectly acceptable solution (and not as bad as people seem to make it out to be?). Here is an example of 150x150. 

And 125x125, if those extra 100 pixels are still too much for you.

Now, obviously, I can’t force you to use these, and I’m not going to. But I do hope this at least sparks an idea! Your GIFs can be visible while still looking nice on your blog, I promise! I’m not trying to be condescending by suggesting these, I’m really not, but it would be really nice to feel like I don’t have to strain my eyes in order to roleplay. I hope this is useful to you, or someone else!