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A Motion ~ Cosmos Troupe 2017

Pictured: the site of my death.

THIS WAS A RIDE. I’d planned on seeing A Motion once, so I overpaid for a decent seat to yesterday’s afternoon show. Then a friend of a friend of a friend was trying to get rid of a front row seat for Friday… I straight up abandoned my Tokyo Airbnb and ran back to Osaka to claim it. 

(This made me think that there are probably two types of people: ones who would cancel the final night and attempt to secure a refund in this situation, and ones who would go to great lengths to pretend they are still there in the room just to avoid causing a thing. Guess which one I am)

While not the most brilliant show I’ve ever seen, it was maybe the most satisfying; two days of A Motion at flying sweat distance left me about as full and happy as I’ve been since I started doing this. It HEAVILY catered to my personal tastes and weaknesses, and Soragumi was quite literally on top of me, so you definitely can’t take this as an objective assessment… but I. Friggin. Loved it. I’m not sure how to review it without just spoiling it number by number, but I will try to keep it more general aside from a few points where I just can’t help myself.

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[TRANS] The Star November 2016 - INFINITE Interview


Please give a simple introduction to INFINITE’s 6th mini album <INFINITE ONLY>.
The title song from this album, which we’re presenting to everyone after such a long time, is ‘Typhoon’. We named it <INFINITE ONLY> because it’s an album that only INFINITE can come out with.
INFINITE, 7th year idols, you’re not very young(?) anymore, it seems like you have a huge responsibility as an idol.
It’s not really a responsibility, but I think we’ve started to work harder than before. We also have a bigger desire to improve and show an even cooler appearance on stage.
With the musical <All Shook Up>, that’s already four musicals that you’ve starred in. What would you say the biggest charm about a musical is? I’m also curious about what you think your strength is as a musical actor.
I think the musical genre is quite charming. I like being able to sing while bringing life to a different character on stage. If I had a strong point, it would be my effort in including my own charms into whichever character I’m playing.
You’ve had a lot of individual promotions this year compared to the other members. Are you going to continue your individual promotions after this album as well?
I would like to… If something is asked of me, I’ll try my best to do it.
As the leader, what do you dream of for INFINITE 10 years later?
I would like to be on stage and giving awesome performances even 10 years from now. That’s INFINITE, the team I dream of.


You’ve made a comeback with the mini album <INFINITE ONLY> after 1 year and 2 months. This break was longer than other ones, fans must be the happiest of all.
Yes. I’m also really happy to be able to see fans after such a long time. Luckily, all of the fans give us so much love and support, so we’re promoting very happily.
You must have had a hard time right before this album came out, I’m relieved to see you so cheerful. What gave you the most strength?
First of all, it was my family’s unity. After that, it was seeing the INFINITE members working hard to fill my empty spot. The company staff looking out for me, encouragements from people around me. And last of all, it was all thanks to Inspirit’s love and support.
Hip hop is really trending lately. When will we be able to see INFINITE H promote again?
Even now, we have songs that we’re working on. In the future, if we are able to collaborate with a variety of artists, wouldn’t we be able to show you all?
Lately, the webtoons that Dongwoo reads are a hot topic amongst fans. You must enjoy reading webtoons normally then.
Yes. The message that each webtoon gives me is different. Some bring up my memories from school, and there are times where my rap lyrics are influenced as well. Many are quite four dimensional, while containing funny content. That’s why I think I read a variety of webtoons. Webtoon artists, fighting!


You’re already a 7 year idol group. There are many ‘7 year jinx idols’ but INFINITE alone has continued to promote without any big incidents. What’s your secret?
We dormed together, starting from when we were trainees until quite recently. We used to argue with each other a lot in the past, but now we’ve really become a family. We’re so close that we can understand each other just by looking at each other’s eyes.
Now that I think about it, INFINITE is on its 7th year, there are 7 members, and Sungyeol’s alcohol limit is 7 bottles of soju. What does 7 mean to you (laughter)?
I like the number 7. It’s the number that brings luck and I think it’s a number that has a very positive power!
You guys had such a long absence, it’s a shame that we didn’t see Sungyeol during that time. How did you personally spend your time?
I spent my time doing hobbies that I can’t do when I’m busy. I hurt my back a while ago, so I’ve been diligently exercising and doing rehab. I was preparing a lot in order to show an even better side for this comeback.
What is the future you dream of while promoting in the entertainment industry? For example, what is your ultimate goal?
I’ve also thought a lot about this…(laughter). I would like to try being a trot singer in my 50s. I’d like to steadily promote as an actor. A goal for the near future would be for INFINITE to become a long-lasting idol group and it would be nice to continue seeing fans.


It seems like Sungjong-ssi has a lot of interest in fashion. I’m curious about your participation in the album concept or in any visual aspect.
For our title song stage, all of the jewelry I wore, I bought myself. I also expressed my opinion for the hairstyle concept as well.
What kind of influence does fashion have on music and artist promotions?
In whatever case, when you wear cool clothes, you gain confidence. Stage costumes are an important part.
It’s a hot topic that you lost 10 kg especially for this comeback. What exactly is your secret method? You’re really like a ‘fairy’.
Yes. I’m like a fairy, right (laughter)? Lately, fans have been calling me ‘Fairy Sungjong’ and ‘MimiJjong’. It was hard dieting. I’d want to eat, but because I wanted to show a good appearance for the fans, I withheld.
What are your hobbies lately?
Lately, I collect rings, earrings, necklaces, and other accessories. I look for and buy unique items. Most of the accessories that I wear onstage are those accessories.
INFINITE’s music is of a refined retro style that doesn’t follow the trend. Is this a strength that only INFINITE has?
Of course. We don’t use a lot of electronic sounds in our music. And we also continue to improve.
What was a typhoon in your life?
This moment. I’ll leave it up to everyone’s imagination (laughter).
What is ‘INFINITE’ to you?
A treasure. A beautifully shining treasure. If there was no INFINITE, there would be no me.


It seems like you’ve been swamped with group promotions and individual promotions as well.
My INFINITE and acting activities are overlapping so I’m a bit tired, but I enjoy every day because I’m able to show many different sides of myself.
Among this album’s songs, which is your favorite?
There’s a song called <Thank You>, which is a love song for Inspirit.
You guys held your summer concert, <That Summer>, this year right?
It was a great time being able to see everyone at a small theater concert after such a long time. We’ll have many concerts going forward, so please show lots of interest then as well.
We can’t leave out talk about your appearance on MBC’s <King of Masked Singer> this year. It must have been gratifying to quiet the people who only thought of you as INFINITE’s visual.
Thank you. It feels like I’ve gotten one step closer to the ideal world that I want. It was a great experience and it incited thoughts in me of wanting to work harder in the future. Please look forward to seeing various sides of me.
Your acting career is fully blooming. We hear you got cast for KBS’s one-act drama <The Day After We Broke Up>, what kind of drama is it?
It’s a fantasy romance drama. It’s a time warp drama where the main character, Yoo Tan, lives his life in repeat while recovering the forgotten, important things [in life] that he was unaware of.
If you were to name a role model?
Leonardo DiCaprio and Ed Sheeran!


Because of your solo album, we met for the June edition of <The Star>, it’s great seeing you so soon.
Yes. I’m also glad we’re meeting again so soon!
You wrapped up your solo album <Write> successfully. Was it an album that fulfilled everything you wanted it to (The editor liked ‘Scent’)?
I’m glad because it was an album that proved my abilities as a solo artist. I’m also looking forward to the next album (laughter).
At our last interview, I felt you matured a lot internally and emotionally. What factors influence Woohyun internally?
I think that I’m maturing little by little as I get older and it’s also because there are more things to feel as well (laughter).
As a part of INFINITE, what is another adjective you’d like to use to describe yourselves?
As a part of INFINITE, I hope we could become ‘Long-lasting-dols’.


1st place yesterday, 1st place today. Your parade of 1st place wins keep on going. Congratulations!
Thank you. Because Inspirit worked so hard, we’re very thankful but also sorry. I would like to relay my thanks once again to Inspirit.
It feels like the choreography for the title song ‘Typhoon’ is a little less knife-like than before. Is this a small change that INFINITE is pursuing?
To be honest, from the beginning, we never thought ‘We have to have knife-like choreography’. But when we debuted, a lot of people said that about us. Now, we try to include our own individual flavor.
Going forward, is there a concept that you would like to try through INFINITE?
Even when I think about it, it seems like we only stick to breakup songs and obsession concepts (laughter). I think it would be good to try something different now.
You were on Mnet’s <Hit the Stage>. What do you pay attention to most while blocking the stage? Did you learn anything?
I didn’t plan too much and purely did what I wanted to do. More than learning something, I realized something once again. I’m definitely much better when I do the things that I like rather than doing something I’m told to do. I don’t think doing what others command, like a puppet, suits me.
This year, the film <Hiya> was shown. You were even given the Rookie Actor award at the Golden Film Awards, congratulations. Do you have any acting plans?
Thank you! I have a lot of plans personally but I can’t just do whatever I want. Since I’m still in the position of doing as I’m told, drawing up plans is quite vague. I’m not sure when, but I’ll continue to appear as an actor.
You look serious and reserved but you’re very talented. Is there something else that you would like to challenge?
Yes. I’m preparing to take on a new challenge with my friends. If it’s quick, maybe by next year? I can’t tell you anything in detail but please look forward to it!

Translated by: togetherinspirit7

[TRANS] 10Asia [Looking Forward to Your Solo⑦] INFINITE’s Woohyun, The Beautiful Voice That Conveys Resonance

In order for an idol group member to release a solo album, they need a certain kind of ability. They need the power to command a stage alone for 3 minutes, the singing ability to do well during the chorus and climax, and the popularity and recognition and other various factors to persuade the fandom and the public to support them. Many idols have released solo albums but there are still a lot of solo prospects that possess their own musical potential. We’re putting a spotlight on the idol member solos that we’re looking forward to.

INFINITE’s Woohyun. The main vocal of INFINITE, a group that debuted in 2010. Woohyun, as well as the other main vocalist, Sunggyu, are both in charge of INFINITE’s climax. Sunggyu has already released two albums, while Woohyun’s own solo world has not yet been revealed. The time for Woohyun’s solo has arrived.

#Charms of going solo

The strength of Woohyun’s vocals is that he possesses a beautiful voice with power. In most of the songs that INFINITE promotes, Woohyun shows off his vocal ability as he is in charge of the hitting the highest notes during the highlights. On top of INFINITE’s unique knife-like choreography, Woohyun’s refreshing high notes doubles INFINITE’s charms.

Within Woohyun’s refreshing high notes contain a watery sorrowful sensitivity. Woohyun’s beautiful voice maximizes the song’s sensitivity by holding you steady when you feel as if you’re about to waiver. Shown through KBS2 “Immortal Song” and Woohyun’s solo stages at concerts, you can feel the resonance from Woohyun-style ballads. Ballads flowing with ardent sensitivity; from a plain sensitivity shown through ‘Cactus,’ which he sang with Lucia, to the brilliance that was shown through his collaborative unit Toheart with Shinee’s Key, the fact that Woohyun possesses the ability to assimilate with all these genres is his strength.

Moreover, Woohyun possesses the ability of being a singer-songwriter. He constantly releases self-composed songs, such as INFINITE’s ‘Beautiful’, a solo song from their second full album ‘Close Your Eyes’, and ‘Together’, an OST from INFINITE’s World Tour documentary ‘Grow’.

This past January, on episode 7 of the cable channel MBCEveryone broadcast of ‘Showtime INFINITE’, by chance, Woohyun created a solo version of INFINITE’s debut song ‘Come Back Again’. At the time, the members said, “You finally went solo like you’ve always wanted” and even congratulated him. It’s now time to watch out for his solo as Woohyun has been neatly gathering up his volition for a while. What kind of music will be in his solo album that he longed for?

#Praises towards him

“As the composer, you sang it briskly, the way that I wanted, it was very good.” - Han Dongjun after seeing the ‘Though I Loved You’ stage, KBS2 ‘Immortal Song’
“As he goes on, his stages are getting better and he’s more relaxed.” - Hong Kyungmin, KBS2 ‘Immortal Song’
“[His version of] ‘Making Memories’ was like beginning life and freshly blooming youth. I think Kim Hyunsik would also love how Woohyun sang the song.” - Kang Heon, music critic, KBS2 ‘Immortal Song’

#Recommended Appreciation List

♪ Woohyun, ‘Though I Loved You’ (Kim Kwangseok) - KBS2 ‘Immortal Song’
♪ Woohyun, ‘Making Memories’ (Kim Hyunsik) - KBS2 ‘Immortal Song’
♪ Woohyun, ‘Time’ - INFINITE’s first full album
♪ Woohyun&Lucia, ‘Cactus’ - re;code Episode II
♪ Woohyun, ‘Close Your Eyes’ - INFINITE’s second full album
♪ Woohyun, ‘For 1000 Days’ (Lee Seunghwan) - 2014 INFINITE’s small theater concert ‘That Summer 2′

Translated by: togetherinspirit7

IU kicks off her small-theater concert series with a special guest appearance by SHINee's Jonghyun

IU celebrated her comeback with fans at her sold-out small-theater concert!

SEE ALSO: IU’s upcoming small theater concert series sells out in ten minutes.

IU kicked off her first ever small-theater concert, ’Just One Step.. That Much More’, at Sogang University’s Mary Hall in Sinsudong, Mapogu, Seoul on May 22. IU showed that she can make songs of various genres her own with her perfect live performance of all seven tracks from her new remake album ’A Flower Book’ including title track “My Old Story”, “Flower”, “A Pierrot Smiles At Us”, “When Love Passes”, “The Meaning of You”, “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, and “Kung Ddari Sha Bah Rah”.

SHINee's Jonghyun also appeared as a special guest, and the two showed their friendship with their witty talk about music and more with fans.

IU’s small-theater concert will go on from May 22-25 and May 29-June 1.

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