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Devoid Of Color - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Dylan O’Brien/Reader
Words: 4,170
AN: This was an anon request for a Soulmate AU where you didn’t see colors until you met your soulmate. I hope I did this justice because Soulmate AU’s are my FAVORITE. Love ya’ll, let me know what you think!

Title taken from Halsey’s Colors. The Veselka and Space Billiards are real places in NYC. You’re welcome.

If there was anything you wanted more in life, it was to meet your soulmate. As strange as it sounds, meeting your soulmate was a top priority in everyone’s life, because you needed to meet them in order to see color. The world was just a drab mixture of blacks and greys before that. Your mother had explained it to you once when you were small, that color would wash over your vision slowly, dull and drab, but still there. It was only when you got to know them more that the colors would become brighter, streaks of red and blue and yellow lighting up the world in full HD.

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Stick and Poke

A/N: holy beejezus!!! thank you all again for all the support you’ve been showing my writing I love all y'all. if you don’t know what a stick and poke is it’ll be explained in the story type thing idk what to call it lmao. sO like always I hope this isn’t too shitty!!

You and your boyfriend sat on the couch watching some old movie that was on. It was any old Saturday afternoon, but you were both content. As you began to pay less and less attention to the movie, you scanned Grayson’s face, tracing his jawline, poking his cheekbones, etc.

“Whaat are you doing.” Grayson mumbled, eyes trained on the screen as your pointer finger poked the shell of his ear.

“I’m bored.”

“Just watch the movie.” You huffed and snuggled closer to his buff body. He grabbed one of your hands as the other started tracing his thigh tattoo.

“I like this one. Pretty colors. How many tattoos do you have?” You questioned.

“Ah. A good amount.”

“Do you want more?”


You pondered. “Can I give you one?”


“Can I give you a tattoo? Like a stick and poke?”

“A stick and who?”

You rolled your eyes. “A stick and poke. You go through all these procedures to make sure you sterilize and clean a sewing or whatever needle, tie some thread around the base, tape it to a pencil, clean the area of skin you want it on, put a little Vaseline over that, dip your needle in a permanent ink, and bam! Do it yourself tattoo.” You smiled up at him and he gave you a quizzical look.

“How do you know how to do this? What if it’s not safe?”

“It’s pretty safe and I have a few you big goof. You ever seen this little guy,” you pointed to the small Saturn on the side of your pinky “he’s a stick and poke.”

“How bad does it hurt?”

“Worse than a regular tattoo. You’re literally poking the holes repeatedly into your skin with a needle, and you have to go over it a few times for it to show up. But it’s completely bearable!” You said, hoping to convince him. It’d be more interesting than the movie flashing on the television.

“I don’t know. Sounds kinda sketchy.”

“C'mon! It’ll be fun!” You pleaded with your eyes and you knew he’d give in.

“Fine. I’m picking the design though.”

“Aw, Gray, you trust me! Exactly the support needed in a relationship, love it. Now get up big boy, we gotta go to the craft store.” You slapped his thick thigh and he followed you up.

Upon returning from your local craft store, in your bag were sewing needles, thread, wooden pencils (“How on earth do you not keep wooden pencils in your home?”), and ink. The rest of the stuff needed to accomplish the stick and poke was already in the Dolan household. You did everything you had to to create a clean area and prepared the needle. Currently you and Grayson sat on the floor of his living room as you sterilized the spot he wanted (his upper right calf) and drew the design of his choice (a small ‘surfs up’ emoji-looking hand).

“You sure you’re ready?” You asked, blotting the Vaseline over where you were going to puncture his skin.

“Bro you’re the one that convinced me to do this, why are you making me second guess this?”

“Habit I guess,” you chuckled as you slapped the Vaseline-slick area, “alright, let’s do tha thang!” You joked and Grayson rolled his eyes. “Ew.”

Gray watched you as you steadied the needle over where it was going to first pierce. And then you poked an ink filled hole. And again. And again. To get your face closer to the area for better precision, you lay on your stomach across his lap.

“Ow Y/N. Ow Y/N. Ow Y/N.” Grayson complained. “This hurts a lot worse than I was expecting why would you ever want to do this.”

“For the experience I guess. And because there was no way in hell my mom was letting me get a real tattoo.” You said shrugging, all while continuing your work. The first layer was finished and any ink left on the surface of his skin was wiped off. It was pretty splotchy and not opaque at all, of course, so you applied more Vaseline to the section for layer two.

“Stop doing that. It’s making the ink bleed and I can’t see the pattern.” You said, referring to his hand that was stretching the skin, attempting to relieve the pain.

“Well where am I supposed to put my h-.” Grayson stopped mid sentence and brought both hands down on your ass cheeks, making you let out a yelp. “This is a lot better actually.” He said, squeezing and massaging both cheeks.


“What? You said not to stretch the skin and I’m not. Well, not my skin anyways. Plus I like touching your butt,” He slapped your ass, “it jiggles very nicely.” You gave him a stern look and he returned a toothy smile. Shaking your head, you returned to the task at hand. About 15 minutes later, you finished and wiped the last layer, revealing to Grayson the masterpiece.

“Wow. That’s actually really good. How do you have the patience to make and repeat all those little dots? You should be a tattoo artist.” He stated.

“I don’t know. You’re welcome by the way. And you said it was sketchy.” You said, shoving him.

“Yeah, yeah. Alright, your turn.”


“I said, your turn.”

“No I heard you. You think you’re gonna give me one?”

“Yes, definitely. You convinced me to do this so now I have to return the favor. So teach me how to do that little thing with a new needle.” You looked at him as if he had just said the moon was turning purple and contemplated if it was worth fighting against. It wasn’t, and you sagged your shoulders in defeat.

“Fine.” You dragged. He gave another toothy smiled and you mimicked one back as he gave you a quick kiss on the lips.

“I get to pick out the design and where it is, right?” You asked after he’d finished making the makeshift tattoo gun.


“Garyyyyy why I had a perfect one picked out. I was gonna do a lil ‘rock on’ hand.” You pouted.

“We can do that one next. But I have the perfect idea for the first one that I’m giving you.”

“And that is?”

“A little 'G’ on the inside of your left thigh. That way, when I’m eating you out I can always be reminded of who that pussy belongs to.” He smirked as you looked at him with wide eyes. Well shit Gary you didn’t need to do me like that.

“Hm. I uh, I like the way you think.” You said as the goosebumps in your arms settled down.

“You always do.” He gestured you to lay down and he snuck up between your legs, spreading them. You got goosebumps all over again because of how close he was to your most intimate area (nothing new), but that was not the current task at hand. Gray went through the same procedures as you did with him, always checking if he was doing anything wrong (of course he wasn’t, has that boy ever done anything wrong).

“Okee, I’m going in.” He chuckled and his hot breath sent a little something to your core.

“Don’t breathe too heavily. You’re making me wet and the last thing I wanna be as your poking holes into my skin is horny.” He made eye contact with you, his eyes noticeably a little darker. He nodded as you gulped.

He punctured the first hole and repeated. This hurt a lot worse than any of the other stick and pokes you’ve gotten because of how sensitive the area was.

“Grayson. Grayson this really hurts.” You whined.

“It’s ok baby. Be good for daddy.” He mumbled as he was in deep concentration.

“You’re too kinky for this shit.”

“You right.” The first layer was over and he began the second layer.

“Fucking- it’s not hurting any less.” You groaned.

“Grab something.” Your hands traveled down to his head and grabbed his luscious brunette locks. “Mmm I love it when you grab my hair.” He hummed. He rubbed the inside of your other thigh with his thumb as he finished the second, then third, then fourth, then finally sixth layer. Grayson kissed the inside of your thigh and popped his head up.

“Ok, done! You can look now.” You took a peek at the surprisingly opaque and somewhat neat 'G’ that has now made its home on your inner left thigh. It was kinda hot honestly. You looked up at Grayson, pride shinning through his eyes and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Very impressive for your first one.”

“Thank you madame.” He bowed.

“Ya know, I don’t think I can walk much because my thighs will rub together and that’ll hurt like a bitch.” You said matter of factly.

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to be keeping your legs wide open a lot more often now.”

A/N: hi again so a couple things I wanted to say. first of all, I intentionally put Gary I thought it’d be funny. second of all, I’m sorry how short it is compared to my other (two lmao) stuff but I DID write a smut part to this I just didn’t add it because idk but if you want to read it or want it to be posted LET ME KNOW!! k thank you for reading ly!!


Surf Instructor AU Idea:
Bodhi works for Imperial Resort, Cassian works for Wave Guardians’ Surf Shop

“We can’t all be beach bums like you,” Bodhi says, leading the attractive trespasser and his trouble maker dog back out before they are caught and he gets fired.
“I’m going to take that as a compliment. You always wear the spandex when you go out?” Cassian asks.
“Regulation,” he shrugs, he hates it, missing the warmth of the sun on bare skin.
“What about after work? I’d love to see you out of it,” he says making Bodhi blush fiercely.
“You look a little red there.” Cassian smirks going through the gate as Bodhi sputters.
“Sunburn, I should go,” Bodhi answers quickly wanting to bolt.
“Well, you should definitely get some calamine on that…and come find me if you’re ever free,” he says backing away from Bodhi before winking and running off with his crazy dog. Bodhi can’t help but think about him for the rest of the day.

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sabi-star-blog  asked:

2B Lucida and 12D Goth

Lucida: *internal monologue* heheheh that’s right. Now just go run to your parents and you’ll make my life 1000% easier.

Goth: Hey Luci! Thanks for picking me up from school! I know you’re still really busy with the mission dad gave you. So I just wanted to say thanks! 

Lucida: No problem. And hey, if you want, we can sneak in a small session of sickle surfing by racing you home.


Palette: Oh no nononono! What’s she doing here???? Who let her out of the AU Graveyard Zone. Oh man dad’s gonna lose it and might resort to vials. And WHY IS SHE ESCORTING GOTHY!?!?!?!?! This can’t get much worse! What do I do?!?!?!!!

Goth: @nekophy
Palette Roller: @angexci 
Lucida S. Serif : (me) (wraithvine)

drawing meme :  live4love136

aries: going to the pool and tanning all day, walking around the neighborhood when it’s dark and all the streetlights are on, cutoff shorts, 7-11 slurpees, wild hair, feeling so close to someone they feel like a sibling.

taurus: small ice cream shops, the feeling of curtain call during a show when everyone is cheering for you, going to diners late at night, fairy lights strung up outside during a party, long road trips with all your friends, going out for breakfast.

gemini: the run from the shore to the water at the beach where your feet are burning, peeling sunburns, playing music too loud from your car with all the windows open, super strong bass lines, when one of your friends goes off on someone you hate, small surf shops.

cancer: seeing someone with an amazing aesthetic and wishing you had it, corduroy skirts, going places with all your friends and taking pictures of everything, the silence of an art gallery, the feeling of pure joy when you see a dog and it runs up to you to say hello, being with all your friends and feeling totally safe.

leo: talking to an older family member about their past and feeling so much closer to them, standing up for yourself and not feeling guilty about it, eating a popsicle on a ridiculously hot day and trying to finish it before it melts, looking at old pictures of yourself when you were little, americana, small bakeries.

virgo: someone so creative it’s shocking, paint splattered jeans, alice in wonderland, the feeling of gaining back a friend you thought you’d lost forever, baking with all your friends, looking at something you’ve created and feeling proud of it, graffiti.

libra: going on a run and feeling immensely proud of yourself, long comfortable silences, when you walk out of a movie theater and it’s dark outside, really long hair put into really high ponytails, going to football games at school and feeling part of a community, full moons.

scorpio: talking to someone and knowing you can tell them anything, super oversized flannels, dancing and not caring who sees, talking to online friends and feeling like you’re not miles apart, going through poetry books and underlining all the parts you like, staying out late with all your friends and feeling like you could take over the world.

sagittarius: cryptozoology, the feeling when you smell a certain scent and are transported back to a specific time in your life, researching things that you’re interested in on your own time, when you do your makeup and know that you look great, watching scary movies with your friends, going to protests.

capricorn: coffeeshops, going to the grocery store late at night when no one’s there, working so hard you feel like crying but knowing it will all be worth it in the end, science experiments, being stupid with all your friends but not caring if anyone is judging you, writing all your thoughts down and feeling immediately better.

aquarius: blizzards, cat cafes, hearing someone speak a language you’re learning and finding that you understand it, finishing an essay and feeling immensely proud of it, planning your future and think it might all work out, singing in the car with your friends.

pisces: fairies and folk tales, learning about your ancestry and feeling fascinated, feeling nostalgic for something that never happened to you, when you plan a party and it goes off perfectly, cut crease eyeshadow, shaving your legs and immediately crawling under satin sheets.

—  what the signs make me think of, based on the most important people in my life

Plot 116:  Treasured (credit to alloftheprompts for the mermaid prompt inspo here)

According to sailor legends, merpeople are beautiful and benevolent beings who guide lost ships to harbor and bring great fortune to kind fishermen who empty their nets for a chance to hear a merperson’s song. The song of a merperson is an ethereal treat that few people at sea (and even fewer on land) have the privilege of hearing, but those who do are said to be blessed for the rest of their days.

Muse A is a merperson, born to a merman and a sea witch. Cursed by wicked blood, Muse A’s song is doomed to bring misery and death to anyone who hears it. Though it is not their fault, Muse A has been forbidden from singing to anyone (human or merperson) for as long as they live. Unable to sing freely like their seafaring kin, Muse A is an outcast and believes they will never know the joy of changing a human’s life for the better. Always lonely underwater,Muse A secretly travels to the surface in the hopes of finding companionship. Merely speaking to a human couldn’t hurt, they suppose. One afternoon, Muse A encounters Muse B strolling along the shoreline, pitching small pebbles into the surf. Fearing rejection from the first human they’ve ever seen, Muse Athinks to swim away but Muse B spots their shimmering tail and calls out to them. They keep their distance from one another as they speak, one on land and one at sea, but are too intrigued to part ways. As it gets dark and the air becomes cold, both must take their leave of the beach. Uncertain if Muse Awill ever see another human, Muse A hastily promises Muse B that they will bring them treasures if they come back. Muse B is uncertain if its wise, but they agree to return. True to their word, Muse A brings a valuable trinket from a shipwreck far below in simple exchange for Muse B’s company. As the days pass and Muse B continues to return, it seems that Muse A has finally found a friend. All will be well, as long as they don’t ever sing to Muse B.  

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Will make you a Fic with porgs and BB-8 like matchmaker? Fluffy things! And if you wanna any angst, why not one Rey and their cried for his execution or dead? You known, Rey like his wife and Porgs and BB-8 like their children, pleaseeeee

This isn’t quite what you asked for, but I’m procrastinating writing an english paper, and this is the perfect distraction.

Featuring @pissbabysithlord‘s Morg. 

Crossposted on Ao3: here

Porgs were a fact of life on Ahch-To. This was something that Rey had come to understand. She was relatively indifferent to the tiny things; beyond finding their little faces and equally miniscule noises quite endearing, she didn’t pay them much mind. Sometimes they would irritate her, wandering into her stone hut and shifting through her belongings, picking up any objects they found interesting or shiny enough and making off with them. The petty thievery served as nothing more than a mild annoyance, more often than not there was a trail of downy feathers leading directly to the culprit. 

The only time she ever found herself cursing the little avians was when they wandered into her and Kylo’s hut while the two were…busy. They had little sense of personal space or privacy apparently; and Rey’s whimpers must have served as some sort of attractant to them. More than once they had been mid coitus, Rey lost in the throes of passion and pleasure, and she had opened her eyes to tug her lover down and into a kiss when she glanced a pair of large, glassy eyes looking curiously over his shoulder. On those nights Rey would send Kylo to shoo the things off, roll over in their cot, and staunchly refuse to continue. The little voyeurs were quite the mood killer. 

So she didn’t mind them much, not at all. What she minded was Kylo’s reaction to them. He was allergic, severely so. His nose would run and his eyes would swell, he became itchy and his honied voice became raspy and unpleasant. But he, unlike Rey, was utterly enraptured by the tiny birds. Completely lovestruck. Something Rey hadn’t expected from the practitioner of the darkside and all around broody teenager, Kylo Ren. Trying to keep him away from them was hard enough, but one of them, who Kylo had named Morg, had become overly attached. The little thing seemed to think that Kylo was his father. 

He would rub against Kylo’s legs while they trained, follow the man on his morning runs, propping himself up on his ‘papa’s’ shoulders. Morg had even grown bold enough to sneak into bed with them at night. Kylo found it absolutely endearing to wake with the downy feathers of his porg son tickling under his chin. Rey found it disgusting to wake up with Kylo’s snot dripping down her shoulder. 

But Kylo didn’t mind. His allergic reactions, as unfortunate and uncomfortable as they were, didn’t dissuade him from drowning his porg companion in affection, flooding the little bird with a torrent of hugs and treats and kisses. What sort of master of the dark side swooned at the sight of a baby animal? 

But eventually she gave in.

Rey watched them from a high cliff with a sheer drop; porgs playing and hunting for small fish in the surf and tidal pools along the rocky beach. Little heads dipping beneath the water and coming up with mouths filled with struggling silvery fish. It was rather cute, she had to admit. 

Suddenly there was a pair of strong arms wrapped around her middle, and one large hand trailed up her abdomen to knead her breast through her tunic. Rey smirked and bit her lower lip, backing into him, pressing her rear firmly to his crotch. She knew what this was; while the porgs are away the Jedi will-


She felt when it hit her shoulder with a stomach churning splat. Snot. Wherever Kylo went, Morg was sure to follow. Rey broke his hold on her and turned on heel to face him. There was Kylo, swollen faced and grinning, and on his shoulder, perched happily, was Morg. The little thing squawked contentedly at Rey, and she shook her head, shielding her eyes with her hand to cover her embarrassment and disbelief. 

Kylo wiped at his nose then sniffed, “We made dinner. Come join us! Family meal.” 

Morg chirped in agreement.

Rey sighed, defeated, and nodded, following the two towards the fire and cookpot they kept handy. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, she supposed. She’d have to remember to send for antihistamines the next time Chewy came for a resupply.