small steps guys

Things are looking up.

I’m pretty excited, I leave for school in about a month. Usually by now, I’d be worrying about running out of time. I’d be afraid that I’d be too homesick at school. At least now, after 2 years, I’m excited when I think of school. I know exactly what it’ll be like. I want to be in classes. I want to be with my friends. And most of all, I want to be out of here.

actually thankful for having summer classes for once to distract me from all this craziness I’m seeing on here. this is hella toxic, I’d say more on this but I’m on my way to school so I’ll leave that for later. 

One thing: i hope all of those people sending anon hate take a step back and re-evaluate your lives. Are you that desperate to want to push someone over the edge and actually kill/harm themselves because you think their opinion is invalid and you want it to stop? It’s one thing to call out a ship or shit on it but actively going into a person’s ask just to send that message is crazy and stupid and makes me lose faith in humanity, like what the hell is wrong with you??