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succulent // stained glass botanical necklace by hereandnowshop

hereandnowshop’s beautiful succulent necklace is created from nine teeny leaf-shaped stained glass and metal pieces in antique silver. love this minimal botanical pendant.

I was trying to figure out where mechanical engineering majors would fit in at Elsewhere University, since the fair folk probably wouldn’t want to hang out in the same places mech engineers do…


There’s a frantic knocking on the door and Hadassah opens it. 

“Someone’s after me.” Dassi recognizes Laurel, an English student who always has the most beautiful words. Now, her words are stilted, tripping over themselves. “One of the Gentry–Forgot my ring and salt, I’m dizzy, can’t think straight–”

Dassi ushers her in. “Come on.” She closes the heavy door behind her and shoots the iron bolt home, but it almost doesn’t matter. There’s not a single member of the fair folk of Elsewhere University who would come in here.

Laurel’s nose wrinkles as she takes a deep breath; it’s a common expression for those who don’t come to the machine shop often. But to Dassi, the smell of iron and oil is home. 

Various students glance up as Laurel comes in; a few are working on projects at various hulking machines, but some are just camping out until the glamour clears from their eyes. Jack, the machinist, looks up and grins. “Another one? There’s hot chocolate in the back room. Milk in the fridge, too.”

Dassi and Laurel walk past the machines and Laurel looks around a little sadly. “I bet you barely see the Gentry at all.”

Dassi shrugs. “I mean, we do, just at much more of a distance than most of you.”

“I’m sorry.”

Dassi frowns. “I don’t think there’s anything to be sorry for. It doesn’t always seem like the best thing, to interact with them like that. I mean, look at the way you came in today.”

Laurel has a dreamlike, faraway gaze. “I know it doesn’t seem like it, but it’s worth it, to see and interact with those incredible beings. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

The back room has several students lounging on couches and chatting. Laurel immediately sees one of her friends–Tony forgets his protective items too often; he’s in here at least once a week–and goes to hang out with him, visibly relaxing. Dassi heads back out to the main floor of the machine shop. It had become a place of refuge for so many students trying to escape temporary attentions from the fair folk that there were more non-engineers than engineers in here right now. 

Ahmed almost immediately jumps in front of her. “Dassi, check it out!” He’s holding that little piece of iron that had been giving them so much trouble over the past week. “I really, really think this will fit.”

Dassi laughs and grabs it. “Yeah, but you said that every time we tried to work on it. Look, if it doesn’t work this time, maybe we should try adjusting the housing instead.”

“Yeah, yeah. But seriously, Dassi, I have a good feeling about this!” Ahmed’s hair and clothes sparkle faintly with iron filings caught there, and there’s a small burn from a soldering iron healing on his thumb. 

Dassi glances down at herself. There’s a huge oil stain on one leg of her jeans, and her fingertips are stained green by the copper wires she’d been wrestling with earlier. Engineering leaves so many little physical marks.

She and Ahmed walk over to the workbench and she inhales the scent of solder smoke, oil, iron…she spends so much time here that the smell comes back to her dorm room with her and settles in a little deeper every night. There’s no smell that speaks so strongly of peace and security as this one.

She and Ahmed bend to their work and she sees that his eyes are sparkling with the same excitement she feels, brighter than pure copper. The feeling she gets when one of her creations works–there’s nothing that compares. It doesn’t matter that she can’t interact with the fair folk. She can protect her classmates from them, and that’s enough. And the discovery, the knowledge, the ability to create; it’s more than enough. She wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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Prompt: "Erik when was the last time you ate?" "uhhhhhh what day is it?" "OH MY GOD ERIK YOU NEED FOOD TO L I V E." (this may or may not be a personal experience i had in which i was erik and had no charles to force me to eat, bc I FORGET FOOD IS A THING)


(AU where Erik is a rival engineer to Hank and Charles is Erik’s longsuffering professor bf)



“Go away,” Erik muttered, soldering two small pieces together just so. He was making a sculpture for his boyfriend and he did not want to be disrupted.

“Erik, darling, what the hell are you doing?” demanded the disrupter, stomping over to him. “You haven’t left the lab in a week!”

Erik turned off the soldering iron and flipped up his visor to see none other than said boyfriend, scowling at him, hands on his hips. “Oh. Nothing.” He casually leaned on his workbench, trying to hide the sculpture.

“Oh, stop trying to hide it, I already saw it,” Charles snapped. “When was the last time you ate?”

“Uh.” Erik tried to count, but he got confused. “What day is it today?”

Charles threw up his hands. “I’m going mad,” he said flatly. “I’m going absolutely mad, trying to manage you two. Erik, you do realize you need food to live?”

“Yes, I am aware,” Erik answered smoothly, walking over to give him a little kiss. “What’s for lunch?”

“Breakfast,” Charles corrected. “You’ve been hiding for four days.”

“Oh. That would be why I have a headache, then.”

Charles sighed heavily.

Simple Battery-Operated Fans

         I get the question all the time while fursuiting, “isn’t it hot in there?” .. well, it can be if you don’t have a fan! A lot of people aren’t mechanically inclined, so hopefully this tutorial can help out in the construction of a fan for cooling your mask down. This tutorial covers how to hook one fan up to one 9v battery, with a toggle switch to turn it on and off.

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Iron's daughter Part 4

Iron’s daughter Part 3

Summary:  Time goes on and Tony Stark’s daughter (Y/N) is getting the best junior assistant he could imagine. He finds himself feeling comfortable in his role of being a Dad.

Warnings: None

“I’m on the hiiiighway to hell” I loudly sang along with the music in the background while I repaired the circuit of the suits extremities, just the way Tony had shown me how to do it. I don’t know what happened to the completely damaged suit, but there were dents and scratches all over it. Body parts were burned, hit by bullets, or they were just missing.

We had spent most of the time in his lab, building robotic applications, repairing whatever needed to be repaired and tried everything to upgrade his new suit.  He had had some problems with the stability of the suit that flew together with the help of microchips implants in his body and we tried to think of a way how to fix that. And finally, after many days, we were extremely close to solve it.

“Ahh…shit.” Tony grunted annoyed and stopped working. “(Y/N)?” “Yeah?” I replied absent minded, while I soldered a small computer-chip into the Iron Man helmet. “Can you come over for a sec, I need a pair of tiny hands.”

“Mute” I said and the music stopped immediately. I shoved the goggles up my head, which protected me from the bright light and took a deep sigh. I had just finished welding and soldering pieces of the titanium body parts and he just sat there for an hour, fiddling with some wires and tools.

I jumped off the table and took a close look at his work.

“I should stop making things unreachable small.” He said with the pocket lamb between his teeth and I removed the mass of wires to see what he was pointing at.

“You have to find the red wire. Try to connect it with the main energy transmitter.” He said in a monotone voice and I moved my hand forward into the hole. It was automatically, almost natural for me to find the exact right spot and to connect the wire to the power resource. I turned it around at forty-five degrees. “Okay, let’s try it.” I said and he took a few steps back until he reached the platform where he had been standing before.

Tony aimed with his arm towards the metal, but nothing happened and we both frowned. “I don’t understand. It should have worked!” he muttered under his breath. “It must be the fault of the changed control algorithm.” “Have you tried Accio Suit?” I suggested and he let out a dry laugh.

"Try again!” “What do you think I am doing all the time (Y/N)? It’s not working.” Tony stopped trying to activate the impulse out of the suit’s main body parts with gestures.

“Stupid, worthless-“ I sighed in frustration and punched the metal on the table, but then the realisation hit me and I knew how to solve it.

"What are you doing?” Tony asked, as I stood up and ran to the next computer screen. “Wait.” I simply said and started to type in codes, complicated formulas to trick the algorithm.

"I think that’ll help.” I said and pressed enter and suddenly all lights broke down.

“Great (Y/N), really great.” He said sarcastically into the darkness and let his arms fall to his side.

But then the lights went back on and suddenly the suit’s drives began to blow steam. I gave him a ‘told you’ look. Tony laughed as he noticed he was able to activate the micro chips and immediately let them fly into the air. It gently fitted on Tony’s shoulders.   “You’re really getting good at this (Y/N).” “I’m the best.” I replied in an arrogant tone and lifted one corner of my lip.

But my eyes went wide as the other body parts flew together one by one in full equipment and in the end, the Iron Man everybody knows stood in front of me.  Tony winked at me and smiled before the visor of his helmet completed his armour.  It looked incredible cool and I was proud being a part of it.

I cheered and started to jump around and clap my hands. “We did it!” I hugged him happily. His suit wasn’t really comfortable to hug, but I didn’t care. My face pressed at the cold, red and gold metal. “No, (Y/N). We did it.” He replied with his mechanic voice. I was so proud. “Thanks Dad.” I stiffened. I wasn’t sure, if I should have said that and now it was too late to take it back, but he looked at me with the glowing slits of his eyes and chuckled under his mask. He ran his metal hand trough my hair.


Being his assistant was the best thing I ever done in my life, but it was exhausting. It had been an exciting day, I had learned so much about engineering and now it was almost midnight and we just kept on working. At least no one was telling me to go to bed in time. I massaged the bridge of my nose and took a sip out of my Coca-Cola bottle.

2 a.m.

I stared holes into the air, picked up Turtle and yawned. I was wondering why Tony wasn’t tired. I can’t remember he had slept at all since my arriving.

My eyes were almost closed and my head almost slid away under my hand. I glanced at the clock. “Must.stay.awake.” I muttered under my breath. I didn’t want to sleep, this was way too exiting. I smiled tiredly and rubbed my eyes, laid my head to rest on the table next to the computer screen. Just for one minute, I wanted to close my eyes before I could start running new simulations for the suit. And before I noticed, I drifted away and fell asleep.


Tony stretched his back and crack his knuckles before he glanced over to the little girl that was supposed to watch the simulations. He wondered why she stopped talking, though she never did. First, he enjoyed the silence, but after quite a while, he felt like he was missing something. He turned around and saw her eyes were closed and her head rest in both her arms to make it more comfortable. Fast asleep with a screwdriver in her hand.

He felt bad he had let her stay up for this long and swore to himself it won’t happen again, although she wouldn’t like it at all.

He walked towards her and carefully lifted her tiny body in his arms and she immediately laid her head onto his shoulder. “C’mon, time to go to bed.” He said softly, but she just made a hollow sound in her sleep that made his heart light up a little. He never thought he could feel this way, but he was totally sure he had completely lost his heart to this girl. She cuddled her arms and legs around him and said something like ‘force feedback motor’ in her sleep.

Tony made his way through the lab and he slowly carried (Y/N) upstairs.

He carefully laid her down the bed and covered her with blankets as tight as he could; He placed a soft kiss on her forehead and silently wanted to leave again, as he felt something was holding him back. (Y/N) wouldn’t let him go, she cuddled into his chest in her sleep and forced him to stay down. Tony didn’t plan to stay by his daughter, he had work to do. But a smile showed up his lips. He finally let himself defeat by his tiredness and laid his chin on top of her head, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

“Well this is cute.” Someone chuckled and I slowly opened my eyes to see Pepper standing in front the bed, looking perfectly as always, smiling happily.  

I didn’t know how I got here; I could only remember falling asleep behind the computer and now I woke up after a night full of dreams about building robots, covered with blankets and pillows.

Stretching out my feet, I felt something hairy between my toes. Tony’s face. I literally lay across him. He grunted sleepy and I saw him lifting one eye. “Ugh, gross.” He muttered and pushed my foot out of his face. Pepper lay down next to us and let out a silent giggle. “This is the first time I see you two not working.” “Yeah, actually. I don’t feel like cutting wires today, let’s just stay in bed.” Tony suggested and pulled Pepper closer to him. She smiled and then they kissed. “Ugh, gross!” It was my turn to say and I covered my eyes with both my hands.

We spend all morning in bed, telling stories, playing cards or counting clouds in the sky over the sapphire-blue ocean.

“Who’s hungry?” Tony asked finally and I suddenly noticed my stomach ached for something to eat. “I am.” Pepper responded.

“I could make some baked eggs.” I said with a sarcastic grin as we entered the kitchen and Tony turned around on his heel with a horrified expression on his face. “No eggs.” He pointed with his finger at me, while he continued collecting random ingredients.

“This can’t be that hard, doesn’t it?” Tony said staring at the ingredients and started to pull some milk to the sugar. “See? Easy.” But Pepper frowned unconvinced.  I grabbed my fingers around the edge of the counter to see what was happening and lifted an eyebrow.

“What are you actually trying to do?” “Waffles.” He said grinning, whilst stirring the dough that was way too fluent. “Gluten free.”

“Is that normal?” I asked Pepper and dipped my finger into the dough. “Tony usually never cooks. And if, it’s burned or still raw.”  She replied anxiously and leaned against the only part of the counter that wasn’t covered with dough.

"Take that back!” He said with a fake-offended expression on his face that made me giggle. But Pepper stretched out her tongue and didn’t seem like she wanted to.

So he dipped his fingers into the white powder and threw it at her. Now her whole face was covered with flour and her jaw dropped in shock. Her expensive dress was ruined and there was a moment of awkward silence between the three of us. I held my breath, thinking she’d get mad and already started praying for Tony, but in the next moment she threw a hand back at him, grinning like a kid.

I started to laugh, but was suddenly interrupted by a mass of powdery flour all over my body, that Tony had thrown over my head. I coughed, just to put my whole hand into the whipped cream.  This calls for revenge.

Tony tried to escape, but I had already pushed it in his face and we burst into laughing. The flour-and whipped cream-fight became more and more intense, until we all were covered with sticky grease. Pepper and I screamed and I ran away as fast as I could, but he grabbed my legs and threw me over his shoulder. I desperately kicked my legs through the air, but I couldn’t do anything but laugh. “Let gooo!” I screamed, as he started running and spinning me around.  “I will teach you being this cruel to your old man!”

"Peppie- Help me!” I whined with the brightest grin I had and was abruptly interrupted by a heavy hiccup. Tony laughed at me and didn’t made serious actions letting me down. “I can’t hear you; I have cream in my ears.” He said and tickled me, while Pepper tried to free my turtle from dough. Poor thing. “No stopitstop*hiccup*, itstopit! Let *hiccup* me go.”

He laughed, but suddenly stopped as we heard an amused chuckle behind us. I couldn’t see who it was, though he kept me hanging over his shoulder. My side hurt and I had tears in my eyes. “Uhm…the door was open.” I knew that voice. “Mum?” I asked and finally Tony let me down. “Hey, darling.” She kneeled as I ran towards her and hesitated hugging me, kept me on distance, because I was covered over and over with flour. Just like the two adult persons behind me, who were watching us. “(Y/M/N)” Tony said surprised.

"I’m gonna go and uhm…” Pepper pointed at nothing special behind her and started to leave the room. “Check the…uhm. Thing.”

Mum smiled shyly and cleared her throat. “Good to see you Tony.” She fiddled with her keys. “Good to see you face to face.” He replied with a smile and remembered her driving away as fast as she could, leaving me and a letter to him.  Mum breathed in the air between her teeth. “Yeah, sorry about that.” She said guiltily. “Is it already end of the summer? I don’t wanna go!” I whined and grabbed my Dad’s hand. I didn’t notice time went on so fast, though I finally started to feel at home. He squeezed my hand a bit tighter.

But all my protests and moans didn’t help, but it came as it had to come. We had to say goodbye. At least we had time to take a shower before and collect my stuff that was spread all over the place.

Pepper laid her soft hand on my cheek, gave me my backpack and placed a kiss on my hair. “I hope we’ll see each other soon (Y/N). You can come back and stay whenever you want.” “You know how to hack my security system.” Tony added and pretended like letting Mum take me with her wouldn’t be a big deal. But he couldn’t trick me; I saw the sadness in his eyes. Truth was he didn’t want me to go. He kneeled down and stroke a strain of hair behind my ear.

“I made you something.” I said and pulled out a piece of paper and laid it into his hands. He grinned as he saw the drawing I had made of me and him. Iron Man, holding a little girl by the hand that seemed to be the luckiest kid on earth. “I know it’s not perfect.” I sighed a little, but I saw he was grinning brightly at the childish drawing. “It’s perfect.” He said and swallowed.

“You’re a great Dad.” I said and I really meant it. “I guess you’re not that bad either kiddo. I wished we had met earlier. I’m sorry.” He cupped my cheek in his hand. “I will miss you.” My voice started to shake a bit and I knew I would miss him badly. Him and Pepper, and even Dummy.

I sadly threw my backpack over my shoulder and put Turtle into my pocket, before Mum and I walked towards our car. But it only took a few steps before I turned around and ran back to him and without a word, I jumped in his spread arms and hugged him for a last time. He sighed deeply into my hair.

Until he had to let me go.

I looked back at him and Pepper. “Dad?” “Yeah?” I smiled. “My birthday is in two weeks. Will you come?” “How about a big birthday party for my special girl?” He replied and made me jump in anticipation. “Oh, oh.” Pepper said, knowing something that I didn’t.

I couldn’t wait until that day and I was so happy, it made me step into Mum’s car easier.  I waved at him through the window as the car slowly started to drive away and let Turtle blow kisses to them.

Tony waved back and smiled, but he felt lost, as he watched them driving away and disappear around the corner. It was only five weeks ago he didn’t even know he had a daughter, didn’t want to have a kid, but it turned out he couldn’t imagine life without her. Maybe, he thought, someday she would want to live here with him and he could watch her grow up and enjoy the beautiful moments of life. With Pepper and (Y/N), he had finally found a family, he could protect and love.

The End.

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My band is going on our first tour in October, we have some friends helping us with booking and some places to stay already. Is there any advice you might have for a first tour?

Here’s a smattering of things I learned on tour:

  • Food will make or break you. Eating tasty garbage food at local places is fun, but eat at grocery stores whenever you can. Keep fast food at a minimum, except for occasional Sheetz runs because that place is glorious. 
  • Same for alcohol. Don’t drink too much, especially if you’re doing vocals. 
  • Again on a similar note, drink as much water as you can. 
  • If you want to have fun in the places you visit, be prepared to wake up super early or you definitely won’t have time to do anything before load-in. 
  • DON’T BE LATE TO THE GIG. Google maps can tell you with near perfect accuracy how long a drive will take. Add an hour for every three (my personal rule for long road trips) just to be on the safe side. 
  • Have your vehicle checked before you leave. Pay particular attention to brakes/brake fluid, oil, transmission fluid, AC, etc. Bonus points if you have a mechanic friend who can do cheaper work for you after hours. 
  • Get an EZ Pass. Getting a new one only costs $25 and that all goes to loading your account. If you already have one, go on the website and add your van to the list. Sitting in traffic and fumbling for quarters should be a thing of the past. 
  • Buy strings in bulk. It’s cheaper anyway. Also buy a string winder for quick changes, because doing it by hand takes forever. 
  • Have a backup for important stuff that can break. Guitars, amps (or tubes if you’re able to bias your amp on the road), drum heads, cables, etc. I have an old solid state Peavey head that makes a perfect backup because it’s loud enough for guitar and bass and is basically a tank.
  • Vocalist tips: do your warm-ups or you will burn out after one or two shows. I also recommend throat coat tea mixed with honey. Drink it before and after your set. Rest your voice for at least 5-6 hours a day. Driving is a good time to do this. 
  • Bring a basic toolbox with pliers, screwdrivers, etc for quick gear maintenance. Maybe even a small soldering iron if things really go wrong. 
  • Practice packing your vehicle so you can get the most efficient use of your space. 
  • Do an idiot check after every gig. You don’t want to be that jagaloon who can’t play because you lost your ¼" cable. 
  • Even if you’re super tired, watch at very least one of the local support bands. The gig would not be possible without them and often times they’re the ones booking. 
  • Always thank the promoter, etc during your set. 
  • If someone puts you up for the night, thank them as much as possible and give them 1-2 merch items of their choosing. Hospitality is worth at least that much.

I probably forgot stuff, but Thor from Swans wrote an amazing list which I back super hard. 

I hope that helps at least a little bit. Best of luck! Remember, touring is supposed to be fun. 

Roman Rock Crystal and Gold Necklace, c. 1st-2nd Century AD

Composed of fourteen scaraboid shaped rock crystal beads, form-fit with gold collars soldered to small cylindrical gold sheet terminations; fourteen conical rock crystal beads; one compressed sphere bead.