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Lies | Jonah Marais

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Word Count: 1,117 (It’s kinda short I’m sorry!) 

“Jonah come on!” You yell out to your best friend.


You and Jonah were currently sitting in your back yard where the two of you spent pretty much every day. You sat on your small swing set, moving slowly so you could still look at Jonah who was laying down on the grass in front of you.

You heard a rumor at school that Jonah had a crush on someone and you wanted to know who. You’d been asking him all day but he just ignored the question.

“Just tell me who it is!” You say jumping down from your swing and walking over to lay down next to Jonah.

“I don’t like anyone!” He exclaims.

You roll your eyes but decide to finally drop the subject. You know Jonah was just as stubborn as you so he’d never tell you the truth.

“Woah, what’s on your arm?” Jonah asks suddenly.

You glance down to see what he’s looking at and gasp when you notice the large writing on your forearm.

“I don’t-“ You start before standing up and running into your house. Jonah is right on your heels as you run into your living room to find his and your mom sitting and talking.

“Mom?” You ask, catching her attention.

“What’s wrong?” She asks noticing your frantic expression.

“My arm.” You say.

You hold out your arm to show the writing. She places a tentative hand on her mouth before standing up to get a closer look. She turns to look at Jonah’s mom who had the same expression.

“It’s nothing sweetie don’t worry.” Your Mom assured.

“Jonah I think it’s time to go.” His Mom says gesturing for him to follow her. “We’ll talk later.” His Mom said to yours before walking out with Jonah.

That was 4th grade. (Y/N) didn’t see Jonah after that. Both their parents had decided that they were too young to know who their soulmate was.

It would be too much pressure for the young kids and their parents wanted them to live a life without that. So (Y/N)’s parents packed them up and moved them from her home state of Minnesota to California, halfway across the country from her soulmate.

The last day (Y/N) saw Jonah, she swore was one of the hardest days of her life. She was leaving behind her life along with her best friend. She didn’t even get a reason as to why either.

“I’ll call you every day.” She had promised.

“And I’ll write you constantly.”

She sighed sadly as slow tears started to make their way down her face. She rushed forward, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck as his went to her waist. She buried her face into his shoulder as she cried.

Jonah pushed his face into her hair as tears started to escape his eyes as well. The two soulmates sat in each other’s arms for a long time before being separated by their parents.

They kept up their promise for a while, calling every night and sending as many letters to each other as possible, but soon it became too much. They both got swept up in their own lives and soon forgot about their childhood best friend.

They crossed each other’s mind from time to time as they would grow older but that was it. The two were now strangers, who wouldn’t recognize each other on the street.

“You won’t believe what happened today!”

You lift your head to look at your best friend who had just barged into your room. You were currently laying down, re-reading your favorite book.

“What?” You ask as you sit up and close the book to listen to your best friend.

It wasn’t anything new that she would barge into your room/house with a new story of the day. By this point your parents were shocked if they found out you weren’t with (Y/B/F/N).

“I met my soulmate.” She says pretty much bursting with excitement.

“No way!” You exclaim sitting up straighter to look at her. “Who?”

“That’s the craziest part.” She says sitting down next to you. “It’s Oliver.”


Oliver had been a shy kid that we’ve known since middle school. He never said much but was extremely smart and even athletic. (Y/B/F/N) recounts the events of the last hour and you listen eagerly.

“Wow.” You say once she’s done.

“When do you think you’ll meet your soulmate?” She asks.

“I don’t know and I don’t care.” You respond easily.


“I said-“ You start.

“I heard you.” She says cutting you off. “How can you not care? It’s your soulmate!”

“Waste of time.” You respond before picking up your book and laying back down in your original position.

“Whatever.” She decides standing up. “I’m gonna go hang out with Oliver.”

“Have fun. Love you!” You call out not lifting your eyes from your book.

She calls out in response before walking out of your room and out of the house.

You slowly sit up in bed and reach around for your phone. Once you find it you check the time to see it’s almost 9 o’clock. You sigh and stretch before standing up.

“(Y/N)!” Your Mom calls out from downstairs.

“Yeah?” You ask as you walk out of your room to the top of the stairs.

“Can you go pick up a few things for me?”

Once you get the list and car keys from your mom, you head out. You head to the downtown area of your small town and head in and out of shops to get what your mom asked.


You turn to see (Y/B/F/N) walking out of a shop down the way. You step out of the shop you were in still keep eye contact with your best friend.

Just as you step out, you fail to notice a boy going the same way as you. You run straight into him, causing both of you to stumble backwards.

“I’m so sorry!” He exclaims, holding onto your arms to steady you.

“No it’s totally my fault!” You say looking up to meet his bright but familiar green eyes. “Do I know you?”

“I don’t think so.”

Just as he says this you feel a pressure on your arm. You look down to see writing showing up on your arm, something you’ve only seen once.

“Jonah?” You exclaim.

“(Y/N).” He breathes out.

You rush forward wrapping your arms tightly around your best friends neck. He slips his around your waist hugging you tightly.

“I’ve missed you so much.” He whispers into your hair.

“I’ve missed you more.”

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I'll keep these limited because I love your writing and would abuse unlimited requests... but how about... MC disappears to a children's park at night to watch the stars when she's upset? I'll let you pick your muse. ^^

Ah, you’re too nice Sake :) thank you for the request ^^ feel free to flood my inbox anytime :3 Here’s some twinsie fluff cause the Chois r lyfe~


MC felt the cold metal of the slide against her skin and wrapped her arms tighter around her chest. A small tremble set into her bottom lip as she lifted hazel eyes to the stars. The park was deserted, monkey bars and swings empty and silent, sandpit still and merry go round frozen in time. At the top of the metal slide MC breathed, allowing the stars to soothe her, the childlike environment calming something rapid in her stomach. Anxiety bit at her chest, threatening the calm she had worked so hard to bring to the fore. It had taken her several hours to reach this point, tears dry now on cold pinked cheeks, sniffles quietened and replaced with a narrow introspection, a reflection on the moments in time that led to this one.She’d seen the way Saeran had withdrawn. Noticed how quiet he’d become, short sentences that had taken months to develop shortened to surly words, tones of hurt until, he had devolved into silence. A withdrawal so complete she hadn’t known what to do.So she’d approached her other, hard at work as always, tapping rapidly at work keyboard, can of PhD Pepper balanced on his lap as he worked, earpiece in place. She hated to draw his attention from his task, but she was worried for Saeran, her lover’s twin seeming to fall backwards in his recovery.The hacker’s reaction had not been what she hoped for. Short words, distracted responses and, when she’d pushed, those responses had become laced with irritation.

MC had retreated, buffeted on both sides now by the surly twins, neither wishing to speak to her, neither deeming her worthy of their time or attention.She had recouped and tried again. Waiting a day, preparing a dinner, and trying to coax either or both to the table. Neither Choi had responded, as if in sync despite not speaking to each other for the better part of a week and so she had put on her very best smile, made up plates, and taken the offering to them directly. The knock at  Saeran’s door had been ignored. MC had taken a deep breath, pushing herself to press forward, despite the coil of tension in her stomach at invading his space, and she’d entered his room uninvited. Saeran had been in a ball on his bed, blanket twisted around his wiry body, wearing his unhappiness like a shroud, masking anything of the sweet, awkward man she’d come to care so much for.She’d placed the food carefully on the edge of his dresser before taking a seat on the bed next to him. With tentative fingers the brunette had reached out, threading digits into the faded bleached locks in the way she knew calmed him during a bad episode. If he had lashed out, gotten angry, snapped or screamed or yelled, it would have been better than what he did. Which was nothing. No response at all. Cooing at him, she’d tried to coax words from the younger twin, patiently hoping but painfully remembering this state, the one he’d arrived in. She had spent an hour next to him, with soothing words and comforting touches. With no result.Finally, MC had retreated, smarting from the silence. “There’s food here for you Saeran,” she’d said softly, “When you’re hungry."With a heavy heart, MC had next approached the elder twin, the red head still holed up in his workspace, the chill air of the server room giving her goosebumps when she entered.The red head had not moved from his position the previous day, mop messy, hoodie gone and black tank rumpled. The halo of Honey Buddha Chip packages and PhD Pepper cans had increased exponentially. The man at the center of the mess, her other half, was silent and still except for the tak of the keyboard and the glare of his monitors reflected in goofily framed glasses. What she would not give for him to look up at her and plaster on that 707 smile…Instead, like his brother, her presence was ignored. Placing the now cooling meal next to him, she called his name softly. His gaze never lifted from the lines of code scrolling across the screen, lips moving in silent murmur as he recited them back to himself. Trying again, she reached for him, soft touch on his shoulder and he startled, frown pulling at his features. "MC!” His voice held a thread of annoyanceand she had to work to keep from cringing back, already raw from the cold treatment of his brother, confidence shattered by the dead silence of the bunker of late. “Seven,” she began, pushing her voice to stay even, forced smile carefully in place, “Please take a break? I have food and I really need to talk to you about Saer-” He cut her off with a dismissive wave of his hand. “I can’t MC, have to get this done. You know that.” The disregard in his tone was worse than the annoyance, his attention already turned back to his work again.“Please?” She asked softly, hating the weakness that pitched her voice. “I’m worried about Saeran and I just…” The brunette trailed as she realized that the elder Choi was no longer listening.

Leaving the plate, she’d given up.The feeling of hopelessness had began to overwhelm her as cleared the dinner dishes until, by the time MC was done, tears had began to blur her vision. When Luciel had invited her to move into the bunker, she’d known it would be hard. She had known about his work and his brother and the demands on his time the two would take. She had made the effort to get to know her lover’s brother and in the process, had come to care for the younger Choi almost as much as for his brother.The silence in the bunker bore down on MC and, as the tears escaped her, she made the decision to find her own space.The cold night breeze raised goosebumps on MC skin and she rubbed absently at her bare arms with a small shiver. The new moon made the night dark and, pulling her phone from her pocket, she realized with a start that she had been there several hours. And missed far too many calls.With a tightening in her chest, MC’s head fed her all the reasons why the Chois would be looking for her, none of them good.

Scrolling through the missed alerts she worried. What if Saeran had gotten hurt, or something had gone wrong with Seven’s work? Breath hitching she paused before dialing the last missed call, a crackling sound causing her head to come up. MC caught a flash of red hair a moment before she found herself enveloped in warm arms. “MC… this is where you’ve been?” Her eyes widened in surprise and Saeran’s voice floated over his brother’s shoulder, the younger twin hanging back from the embrace. “Idiot, running off in the middle of the night.” Glancing towards him, MC saw Saeran, eyes downcast, hands in his pockets. 

She made a small ‘oof’ as the red head tightened his hold. “What he said,” Luciel murmured, uncharacteristically quiet. At his words, MC felt tears well fresh and, with a small sniffle, she wrapped her arms around him, tugging him close.“You came for me,” she said, voice small. “Of course we did,” Saeran answered, somehow hearing her words. His brother nodded. “You’re part of our family MC.” “Your family?” she asked haltingly, the brunette looking up as she heard Saeran finally approach. “Yeah.” he said, tone reluctant as he hovered. A smile lit MC’s face despite her tears and she loosed an arm from Seven’s tight hold to reach for the other twin. “Then get over here.” Pulling the surly twin into the hug, MC knew, that good times or bad, these two would always be her family.

Sorry I’ve been gone so much

Hey guys, I want to apologize for not being around a lot. I haven’t been in a good emotional or mental state lately and have been feeling kinda… unstable. Like super small things can set me off.

I haven’t been drawing digitally and not at lot traditionally either so there’s been a major lack of content.

I dont know why I’ve been like this, most likely school and stress but it’s made me feel really burnt out in general. Hopefully soon I’ll be back to normal

Sorry again

So imagine if Neil had a sibling he didn’t know existed. Just hear me out okay.

((this post seriously got away from me but I am definitely 100% not sorry))

He’s kidnapped and dragged to his dads house and they’re standing there ready to hack him piece from piece and Nathan calls for his guard upstairs and down comes this 10 year old with Lola’s hair and Nathan’s eyes and a set of bruises on her face and Neil just FREEZES.

(It could be a brother but I’m sticking with sister- you’ll see why)

And Neil doesn’t know WHY Nathan is bringing this kid - that looks like him- downstairs to watch a gruesome murder but she looks completely unsettled when she sees Neil and his half destroyed face. And she looks like she wants to step forward but the guard holds her back.

Nathan is rambling about her watching because she needs to know what would happen if she crosses him and Neil is so angry he can’t listen. He just keeps staring at her hoping that his expression is doing anything to tell her it’s okay, it’s okay, don’t be afraid, it’s okay. She starts crying as soon as Nathan is telling Neil what Lola is going to do to him.

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it’s always sunny in philadelphia character tropes charlie kelly; would it be weird if you survived an abortion? would it be weird if, like, you shared a bed with a man who may or may not be your father? would it be weird if you eat cat food to go to sleep and you have such a fascination with cats that maybe you glue cat hair on the back of your neck every now and then?

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Caffeine Challenge 23

(the challenge)

His heart is still beating when you decide you’ve spent enough time with his blood on your hands. Some things even time cannot wash away, some crimes even magic cannot wish away. There are costs to everything, but sometimes it feels as though that’s a lie we tell ourselves to make every day seem better. We paid the cost, we move on.

He stares at me without an expression I’m familiar with, the page in his hand. “This is the start of a story?” he asks, unable to see himself on a page. I don’t leave the start of stories out anymore, not after he made the crack about Twilight fanfic. But this one left itself, almost.

The sneer in his voice at ‘story’ says everything, and too much of that. You can’t be with people who don’t support your dreams, not really. He never did anything except insist that I supported mine.

We met in a too-expensive coffee shop, both on trips with other people – he with his girlfriend of the time, I with my little brother. Taking pictures of famous landmarks, and then of each other. We had a caffeine challenge, matching each other with shots of espresso. We hit it off, but perhaps only after the coffee was replaced by wine at a wine bar. It should have been a warning, but it wasn’t. He left his girlfriend for me. Gabriel sneered at that as only a younger brother can, said he’d leave me to. That false once could only be false again.

He hasn’t left me though. I’m the one who has my bags packed and ready to go in the bedroom. I wish I’d caught him with another woman. I have a gun locked away for a kiss and bang. But it’s nothing that simple.

“It was therapy.”

“Therapy.” He snorts. “You’ve wasted enough of our money on that. Those quacks get paid by the hour: their job wasn’t to save you. It was to string you along and get as much money from you as they could.”

“You cancelled it without telling me.”

“Pretty therapeutic, I say.” He laughs at his jokes. No one else does.

Magic runs in my family. I could do it. Remove his heart, hold it out, talk to him. But we only have so much magic in us for our entire lives. He’s not worth it. He was never worth my magic. Gabriel said that to me, and I never disagreed. But if he wasn’t worth my magic, how was he ever worth me? Sometimes things get so simple it’s a wonder they were ever complicated at all.

I take the paper, rip it apart, walk to the bedroom and come out with my bags.

“Hey,” he says, confused. “What is this?”

There is menace in his tone; I hope I am just imagining it. “I’m leaving. I can’t do this anymore.”

“You can’t just –.” He stands, confusion giving way to anger.

“I am.”

“Is this about that joke at the party about you being fat? I never met to hurt nobody!”

“It’s not that. It’s everything. Please move.”

He stares at me. Takes a step forward.

“Don’t.” I’ve never used magic on him. Never wasted, never spent, but I let a hint of other creep into my tone. I have Gabriel on speed dial in my pocket; if I don’t want to waste any of my magic on him, Gabriel will happily do so.

He steps aside. Slowly, not understanding. I left no note for him. I walk outside, call a call, start down the street toward the intersection.

He doesn’t follow.

I ignore the small part of me that wishes he would.