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Entertain My Faith (group fic) - Luci

Woman’s Prison AU

AN: this will be the next group fic I’ll be working on :) this is more of just an introduction (while I finish the TOD final chapter) but it will have angst, badass queens and adorable Russian Katya X hope you like it <3

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“Coffee Beans” - YOI AU (1)

so instead of one giant coffee shop au fic i’ve decided to post random drabbles here and there in that universe. they’ll all be labeled with a number and they’ll go chronologically (unless i decide to write something from the past/future but i’ll give a heads up if that’s the case). here are some important things to know beforehand: 

  • there is no figure skating involved whatsoever (but i may do a cute ice skating victuuri date at some point)
  • since he’s not a professional athlete yuuri is the adorable chubby teddy bear we saw in episode 1, bless
  • the coffee shop is independently owned by celestino and is not a chain/franchise 
  • phichit works and lives with yuuri (they’re both international students who are studying abroad) 
  • victor is a businessman that travels a lot between russia and the u.s.
  • this entire thing takes place in detroit, michigan

there’s not a lot of snez in this first one because it’s mostly set up. there will definitely be more to come, however! c: (ps, i was totally listening to this cute song while i was writing and it definitely fits how yuuri feels, haha)

inspired by this comic by savi

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So I had to temporarily take my philtrum bar out because since it’s still a new-ish (about two months old in a week) piercing the disc was rubbing the back of my lip a little raw and it needed a break. So I modified a small septum ring to fit my lip comfortably so I could have something in it without a disc rubbing the back of my lip. It actually doesn’t look half bad, kinda looks like a vertical philtrum piercing now haha. I gotta order a bioplast lebret stud soon.