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Changes in the heart at birth

A newborn’s body undergoes many changes to adapt to life outside the womb, one of the most dramatic being the heart. Before birth, very little blood is sent to the lungs - most is diverted away from the lungs through a vessel called the ductus arteriosus. Before birth, the ductus arteriosus is as large as the aorta.

  • The placenta helps the baby “breathe” while growing in the womb. 
  • Oxygen and carbon dioxide flow through the blood in the placenta
  • At birth, the baby’s lungs are filled with fluid. They are not inflated. 
  • The baby takes the first breath within about 10 seconds after delivery. This breath sounds like a gasp, as the newborn’s central nervous system reacts to the sudden change in temperature and environment.
  • Lungs inflate and begin working, moving oxygen into the bloodstream and removing carbon dioxide (exhalation).
  • Lungs become distended, the capillary network dilated and their resistance is reduced drastically so that a rich flow of blood can take place.
  • Pressure in the right atrium sinks in comparison to left 
  • pressure turn around in the atria causes the septum primum to be pressed against the septum secundum and the foramen secundum becomes functionally closed
  • Towards the end of the first year, it has also grown together in 99% of the babies –> the hole between the left and right atrium is closed.
  • Fluid drains or is absorbed from the respiratory system.

Cutting of the umbilical cord gets rid of the placental low resistance area, increasing peripheral resistance in systemic circulation

  • pressure in the aorta is now higher than that in truncus pulmonalis 
  •  pO2 pressure in the aorta increases since the blood is now oxygenated directly in the baby’s lungs
  • Triggering a contraction of the smooth musculature in the wall of the ductus arteriosus - closing

Atrial Septal Defects

  • The ductus arteriosus closes within the first day or two.
  • However this doesn’t always happen smoothly - resulting in a congenital (from birth) heart defect - ASD (atrial septal defect)
  • The severity of the defect depends on the size of the hole -it may be very small (less than 5mm) with minimal leakage, allowing the individual to live a normal life. Location also plays a role in blood flow and oxygen levels.
  • ASDs are defined as primum  (linked to other heart defects of the ventricular septum and mitral valve) and secundum defects (a single, small or large hole). They may also be more than one small hole in the septum or wall between the two chambers.
  • The hole may stay the same size, or grow with the rest of the heart during development and consequently will be monitored throughout childhood development, then more infrequently throughout adulthood.
Punk/Tattoo Shop HCs

(It’s been too long since I did any “original” content so like take this and run with it I guess?)

-Mark is COVERED in tattoos
-probably wears a “tattoo daddy” cutoff shirt
-not so much that he doesn’t have any bare skin left or anything but, two full sleeves, a chest piece, both hands and knuckles are done, he’s got a back piece started and a few scattering his legs
-he’s also got a septum piercing, small gauges and a few other piercings in his ears, along with his tongue. He’s also got his bellybutton pierced because he’s fucking adorable okay? And of course, his nips are pierced
-working in a tattoo shop, he’s the best in the shop with script and with portraits, but is good at other kinds of tattooing as well
-quiet but will talk to you if you talk to him when he’s tattooing
-loves opening up guest spots in the shop whenever possible, always leaving room for Felix to come when he wants to, always an open door for the Swede and his girlfriend

-no tattoos because he’s not super crazy about them on himself, funnily enough, and also because he doesn’t want to chance anything with his kidneys
-he’s got a few piercings, though
-he had his eyebrow done and his nose done, and he had one little stud on his lower lip
-he’s the house piercer and has most of his clients in and out in under twenty minutes
-he’s very talented at doing black and grey tattooing
-some people scoff at him, because he doesn’t have any tattoos but people rave about his work
-but when they see him bang out some of the most intense tattoos they’d ever seen, they gained the utmost respect for him
-talks quietly to you while you’re getting pierced or tattooed, but is generally pretty quiet

-Jack has that hipster tattoo artist style
-his throat and his chest are covered and his hands and knuckles are brightly colored
-constantly trying new local coffees from family owned shops around the tattoo shop
-always loud and talkative when he tattoos and has his clients laughing and talking back to him
-he’s got the hollows of his hips pierced and he’s got a cheeky tongue piercing and a dermal under his eye on his cheekbone
-loves doing anything neotraditonal and anything referencing movies or pop culture

-apprenticing under Mark
-is only allowed to do very simple, small pieces because he is still learning
-he’s very quiet and careful when he’s tattooing anyone outside of his own circle
-because with his own friends, if he’s shaky on his linework or shading, he knows he’ll be able to fix it for them once he’s got the practice and knowledge
-but it’s a totally different story on his clients
-the rest of the guys don’t haze him too much, but they still tease him at most opportunities

-both of her arms are spattered with different pieces from everyone at the shop
-she’s got a cute nose ring
-she and Kat are basically the receptionists, but they help the guys in between appointments to strip down their chairs and sanitize them
-constantly taking pictures of the guys and their works so that she can keep their social media updated

-always goes on food runs and drink runs
-definitely knows the best places to get the best deals
-doesn’t have too many tattoos yet, something cute on her wrist and her ankle and she’s thinking about getting the tops of her feet done
-nicely turns down Ethan when he begs to tattoo something little on her because she’s not really sure what she wants done yet
-keeps the boys in line when they rip on Ethan a little bit because she knows when that blue boi gets upset but doesn’t want to say anything
-her cat is always at the shop with her, and nobody really minds all that much because it’s not hurting anything

Entertain My Faith (group fic) - Luci

Woman’s Prison AU

AN: this will be the next group fic I’ll be working on :) this is more of just an introduction (while I finish the TOD final chapter) but it will have angst, badass queens and adorable Russian Katya X hope you like it <3

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“Coffee Beans” - YOI AU (1)

so instead of one giant coffee shop au fic i’ve decided to post random drabbles here and there in that universe. they’ll all be labeled with a number and they’ll go chronologically (unless i decide to write something from the past/future but i’ll give a heads up if that’s the case). here are some important things to know beforehand: 

  • there is no figure skating involved whatsoever (but i may do a cute ice skating victuuri date at some point)
  • since he’s not a professional athlete yuuri is the adorable chubby teddy bear we saw in episode 1, bless
  • the coffee shop is independently owned by celestino and is not a chain/franchise 
  • phichit works and lives with yuuri (they’re both international students who are studying abroad) 
  • victor is a businessman that travels a lot between russia and the u.s.
  • this entire thing takes place in detroit, michigan

there’s not a lot of snez in this first one because it’s mostly set up. there will definitely be more to come, however! c: (ps, i was totally listening to this cute song while i was writing and it definitely fits how yuuri feels, haha)

inspired by this comic by savi

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So I had to temporarily take my philtrum bar out because since it’s still a new-ish (about two months old in a week) piercing the disc was rubbing the back of my lip a little raw and it needed a break. So I modified a small septum ring to fit my lip comfortably so I could have something in it without a disc rubbing the back of my lip. It actually doesn’t look half bad, kinda looks like a vertical philtrum piercing now haha. I gotta order a bioplast lebret stud soon.