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A Sea Witch’s “Portable Ocean” Spell Jar

A spell jar to hold the energies and essence of the ocean for use when one is away from the ocean. Good for charging, meditation, sea grounding, spell strengthening, and general ocean witchcraft.

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You Will Need:

🌊 A Jar with a tight sealing lid or cork (preferably one that won’t rust)
🌊 Beach Sand
🌊 Sea Salt
🌊 Sea Water (or storm water if you can’t get sea water, tap works if really needed)
🌊 Dried Kelp or Kelp Powder (small amount)
🌊 Sea Shells or crushed shells of choice
🌊 Driftwood (small)
🌊 Sea glass
🌊 Twine or Rope or Blue Ribbon


🌊 Make sure your jar is cleansed and yourself before beginning spell. Have all items prepped and your area cleansed and prepared as you see fit.

🌊 In your jar add the sand covering the bottom. On top of the sand add your shells, driftwood, and sea glass

🌊 In a separate bowl or cup add your water and in it mix in your kelp and your salt, stirring clockwise focusing on the smell it emits (which will be salty and kelpy like the sea) and how the waves and currents of the ocean churn and move. If you desired you may play sounds of waves on a device to add to the visualization. As you stir focus on this visualization and putting those images into the water as you stir it.

🌊 Once thoroughly mixed pour it carefully into your jar, visualizing how the waves rush onto the beach during high-tide, covering the sand and shells on it. 

🌊 “Water of salt and brine, upon the sand and bits of shell, the ocean I capture into this jar, so I may draw from its energy like a well.” While saying this focus on your intent to capture the energy of the ocean and have it with you when you need it, and keep visualizing the ocean and beach.

🌊 Once you have all of your water in the jar seal it tight with the cork or lid.

🌊 Take your rope/twine/ribbon and tie it around the jar just below the lip of the jar. “I seal the power of the sea inside, I capture the beach at high-tide.”

🌊 Keep refrigerated to prevent from getting gross though contents may have to be regularly replaced (excluding the shells and glass that should be reusable). 

Near The Sea 🌊🐚🐬

For water witches who long to be home. Can be used by anyone to bring calmness and relaxation.

🐚 Big sea shell

🐚 Sea salt

🐚 Blue or ocean scented candle (can be sea spray, drift wood, etc.)

🐚 Small sea shell

🐚 Beach sand (optional)

🐚 Ocean jasper

🐚 Pearl

🐚 Sea water (optional)

In the large sea shell, combine the above mentioned ingredients and focus your intent into it. If you are using sea water, rub your candle with a drop or two as well. Visualize the waves crashing, hear the roar of the tide, smell the salt in the air. Charge your candle the same way. Light your candle and place both candle and spell shell next to your tub. Run a bath and add some sea salt. Take your bath and meditate on the ambience of the ocean. I personally play nature sounds of waves crashing, maybe a thunderstorm as well. Do this whenever you need to unwind and recharge. Let the ‘ocean’ take you away from reality for a while.

* I’m weird, but I like to visualize becoming a siren and swimming around in the deep with all of the marine life. It gives it an extra boost, for me anyways.

Enjoy! 🌊🐋🐙

super simple witchness!

hey there!

so I’m very limited in terms of materials for witchcraft and I wanted to share some of the easy stuff I’ve done so far (if people like this intro or request it, I’ll do more!) I see quite a few posts on here described as ‘simple’ but I still can’t seem to find any of the materials.

here we go!

1) witch jars (or boxes)

the most recent project I’ve taken on was a witch jar- except it’s actually a witch box, because a decorative box was all I could find. try not to think so hard about the aesthetic part of it all- if it’s important to you and properly connected with, your witchcraft will work! this took me less than 10 minutes. in my witch box, I included:

-sea salt (for safety and cleansing)

-a small sea shell

-cinnamon (for luck)

-amethyst (you can use any crystal you have lying around- rose quartz is also appealing though as it’s known to bring love!)

-a splash of blossom perfume (literally for fun)

-and some push pins (to represent negativity being trapped in the box)

I put all of the materials in my box and closed the lid. I held it over the flame of a candle (mine was green, it’s the only one I have! i used it to represent vitality. coloured candles all have different meanings if you look them up, so use whatever kind you’d like. and as a tip- white candles can substitute for any missing colours). I said a short, made up, on-the-spot spell/prayer to banish negativity in my life and to bring me luck and energy to overcome my obstacles. I then blew out the flame, cleansed the box in the smoke, and shook it.


Box to banish negativity.

Ask me for any questions or tips! Make sure to like this post or ask if you’d like more posts like this :’)

just a little something for the absolute sunshine who we all adore on her birthday, hope you like this aaron centric theme fic @aarondingel

It’s the sound of trees whistling in the breeze which stirs Aaron awake, he can hear the birds chirping away outside and something travels through him with ease as he flickers his eyes open.

Robert’s laying next to him, face turned towards his, freckles even more noticeable against his soft complexion and bed hair. He looks oddly at peace and Aaron can’t help but leave him like that for a little longer. He’s wrapping an arm around his husband, nestling closer into Robert’s chest and tugging the covers over them both because the world can wait a little while.

He’s woken up again this time by the sound of flipping drums and tin cans being smashed together and he fights the need to swear as he senses two little children bouncing through the room. Robert’s there, turning over in bed and he’s fully awake now, shivering slightly because he probably hasn’t even bothered to put the heating on.

Robert leans down and kisses Aaron, sends something pulsating through the younger man as he looks at his lips. “I’d kiss ya thirty times but -”

Aaron gulps, “Yeah, keep it PG.” He mumbles out, desperately fighting the need to just go crazy and ask Robert to touch him in all the right places.

He can’t go around doing that though because Annie and Jacob are edging closer and they’re looking ridiculously adorable. They’ve both got neon hi-vis jackets on and the colour startles Aaron’s sleepy eyes.

Jacob’s only five but he seems to think he’s much older as he stands there cheekily waiting for his dads to pay him attention. He’d grown so much recently and it’s scary. Aaron can think back to the days when he used to sleep in between him and Robert and they’d just watch him breathe because they were that scared about something going wrong. He was perfect though, in every way he could be.

“Daddy! Happy birthday!” He’s saying, jumps hard on the bed and lands on Aaron’s thigh making him groan out in pain as Jacob fights a laugh and Annie looks all concerned.

She’s like that, Robert says she gets it from Aaron but Aaron’s always there to remind him of how caring and sweet he can be too and yeah, Robert only believes it sometimes.

He’s still got a long way to go before he genuinely believes Aaron’s sticking around and it’s crazy because Aaron was convinced he was the insecure wreck in the relationship. But since they got married officially, it’s Robert who says soppy things about wanting to not waste a single second of happiness.

Like it’s going to just evaporate soon.

It isn’t. Aaron knows it isn’t.

“You can’t do that to daddy anymore, he’s getting old like me.” Robert laughs out, watches Aaron laugh and then start attacking Jacob with tickles as his curly brown hair charges into Aaron’s chest.

Aaron rolls his asks, reminds Jacob and Annie how old he is now and watches them gasp and widen their eyes in shock.

Then Robert tells him his age and they topple over the bed dramatically as they gasp.

It’s a light moment, one Aaron didn’t think he could afford.


Aaron’s got to do the whole blindfold, act like you can’t hear your kids whispering loudly, thing.

He’s fighting a smile, biting down hard on his lip actually and then he feels a tray drop on his lap and he’s gasping.

“Take it off now daddy.” Annie whispers, all soft edges and blonde locks.

Aaron removes the blindfold and reads the toast out with a smile: ‘Happy birthday daddy.’

Robert’s standing there, looking all hot and bothered because he’s probably left the kitchen in a mess and the kids have probably run riot downstairs whilst Aaron’s been lounging about in bed. But he does this wink and something literally melts in Aaron’s heart.

After all these years.

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Turn Loose the Mermaids (Part 29)

AU belongs to Taulun

Wedding Bells, ayyyy. Thanks to @miracujess for being my beta and for suggesting one of the best addition of this chapter lol. Also, there are many references in here, I think.

SIN WARNING from the middle of the chapter down, I think. You’ll see it coming.

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“I can’t actually believe you made me captain for this,” Nino muttered, giving his best friend a stink eye.

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Ok! So, After some photo editing here is the first picture I’ll be sharing!this is the space I’ve dedicated to aphrodite. I put my perfumes and lotions there (at least the girly ones. I have a few guy’s lotions too)
I have:
  • An Aphrodite Devotion Jar (which I may do a post on if asked to)
  • A jar that I keep all of my dried roses in until I’m ready to use them
  • A selenite tower because I just love how it looks
  • 2 raw rose quartz
  • a frame thing I got full of just different things you’d find at a beach
  • A BUNCH of small sea shells I bought at hobby lobby today
  • A monochromatic painting I did in all pink that I later have dedicated to her
  • A small schleich® goat figurine
  • A bunch of dead coral I found washed up on a beach 2 years ago
  • And then just a bunch of roses behind it to give it the Aphrodite flare <3
🌹Jar For Aphrodite 🌹

Last night I made a jar for Aphrodite and I figured I’d share that here. For now it’ll live on my altar as an offering to her. The jar I used was one I found at a thrift store, which are great places to find witchy goods btw. Inside are;

  • Cinnamon stick
  • Salt
  • Rosemary
  • Rose petals
  • Pink opal
  • Small sea shell

I just picked stuff that reminded me of her. 💖


Hey there spirit workers!

Today I realized I am very lonely. For the past few days I’ve been pretty trapped in my house for lots of reasons, and I felt like I wasn’t practicing at all. So I did what any witch would do and decided I needed a way to bring the spirits to me.
Not very long ago I did this for a friend who was searching for a companion, but it’s been entire years since I even thought about doing it for myself again. I used to spend hours making these as a child, and I still enjoy it.

I took a pretty plain normal box with a glass top and put an electronic candle in it. I lined it with fleece so it would be inviting. I put in a tip of clear quartz, a mirror, a small sea shell, a nail, and an unoccupied vessel. (See pictures) I did this in hopes of attracting a new spirit to come around for a visit or a stay.

I tend to put in very generic objects so the kind of spirit that is attracted is a surprise. Of course this can be changed depending on the sort you want to meet. (Leave flowers for fae, red fabric and a mirror for a succubus, etc.)

But please, before you start anything, check and double check your protections. Inviting the unknown to hang around can be risky. Also please keep in mind the physical things that might hinder your experience. If you have a problem with ants in the house (like me) don’t put honey in the box. Just don’t. You’re smart people.

Use your creative side as much or as little as your like, use what is around you, and of course your intuition is your best tool.

Best of luck and good vibes your way!

Full Moon Protection Spell: For a Loved One

So I decided for the very special blue moon, to do a very special spell for a very special person in my life.
What I used
•Charm bag
•White candle
•Rose Quartz
•Small Sea Shell
•Sea Salt
•Piece of Paper
•Protection Sigil/ any other sigils you would like to use
•music that reminds you of that person (very helpful for me)
•picture/article of clothing of person

So the first thing to do is the light the candle and prepare your charm bag by adding the sage, basil, cinnamon, rose quartz and sea shell. Then I usually sit and transfer some energy into the bag, to get the magic flowing. Now, draw the sigils on one side of the paper and the person’s full name on the other side. Charge the sigils. Then I usually take time to focus and visualize that person, I listen to the music, I look at pictures, recall my favorite memories, focus on them being safe and sound, and since my cat Hufflepuff decided to join me tonight, I talked about them to my cat. I sat there giggling and smile like an idiot for a good 30 minutes. Then, when you feel ready, fold the paper up and put it in the bag. I sometimes say a incantation aloud but usually I just sing along to the music and end with, “So mote it be” but that should be personal to you, whatever is your preference. I usually sleep with the charm bag under my pillow for a night, just to have it with me.
So there you go, lovelies, a protection spell for your beloveds! 💖

Sleep Charm


- Small jar or bag

- Pinch of salt

- Two pinches of lavender

- A clove of garlic

- (Optional) Small sea shells


- Cleanse and charge each ingredient. If you don’t have a method of doing this, or are unsure about cleansing and charging, simple visualisation works fine. Envision any dark, murky, ‘unclean’ energy leaving each ingredient and washing, blowing, or burning away (really there are a score of ways you can do this). And to charge, picture soothing white energy filling the ingredients. Considering this is a sleep charm, the energy could be a calming blue, etc, as long as it’s soothing and peaceful energy

- Add the salt. Salt, related to the earth, is to help with grounding. So it’s to reign in any excessive, excited, or just plain old noisy kinda energy of yours.

- Add the lavender. Associated with peace, healing, and sleep, this is the core of the charm. So maybe an extra pinch if you’ve got the resources.

- Add the garlic. Used for protection, it also aids in warding against nightmares.

- Sea shells are just a personal choice for me. I find beaches relaxing and calming; the waves wash away the old and bring in the new, slowly but surely. And that can tie in with a good sleep: ridding yourself of the tensions of the day and renewing you with energy for tomorrow.

- Close the jar, or seal it with wax. Keep it on your bedside table. And if your charm is in a bag it can be kept under or in your pillow, or under your bed, or wherever. Near your bed in general.

Note: You may wish to cleanse and recharge your charm every month or so.

Another note: if you’re a caffeine addict like me, or your bed sucks, or you’re surrounded by light and noise, I’d amend those problems before relying solely on witchcraft and charms.

Sea-Green Adorned Muntjac Deer Jawbone Necklace

The centrepiece is a big 2 cm chunk of raw, unpolished amazonite, there is also a labradorite drop and a hand-carved soapstone bead. Other adorments include a coyote tooth, small Finnish coin, sea-shells, and there are plenty of Czech glass beads, hematite beads and a squirrel vertebra.

I can only make a limited number of these muntjac jawbone necklaces, this is a rare piece made with a lot of time, devotion, love and care. An excellent statement piece, it is timeless and unique, Bohemian and tribal.

anakluxmos  asked:


  • What they smell like:

The ocean, and Annabeth’s shampoo

  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):

Starfish, if he’s not cuddling Annabeth. If he’s with her, he holds onto her all night.

  • What music they enjoy:

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are his favorite, but he likes alternative rock and some punk rock. He gets really into Rise Against after the wars.

  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning:

None in the morning, but if he is getting ready for a date, he takes so long.

  • Their favorite thing to collect:

Little things that people give him, and small things from important days. He befriends a young daughter of Apollo at camp, whose only goal in life is to be a mermaid. She gives him small toys and sea shells which he keeps on his dresser. 

  • Left or right-handed:

Right handed.

  • Religion (if any):

He isn’t religious, but his grandfather was Jewish.

  • Favorite sport:

Basketball and skateboarding.

  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc):

Kissing Annabeth in front of all of the cool buildings.

  • Favorite kind of weather:

He likes the wind a lot, and is pretty okay with storms.

  • A weird/obscure fear they have:

Scaring away the people he loves.

  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail:

The water shooter games. Every time he wins, Annabeth calls him a cheater.