small restaurants

A sketch of a small Hokkaido style ramen restaurant we ate at the other day. I took some photos of the storefront for my next series, but as I had no photos of the interior I wanted to do a quick sketch while I still remember the layout.

Technical stuff:

  • Medium: WATSON white watson 190g
  • Sketch: 2B Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni pencil
  • Colours: 38 color Schmincke set + 2 custom greens.



  • 紙: ミューズ ホワイトワトソン 190g 
  • 下描き: 2B  Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 鉛筆
  • 着色: 38色のシュミンケ水彩セット

Every time I see that new official art where Victor and Yuuri are training in Russia this….. thing pops into my head

When they first get there Yuuri is like “are you gonna give me a tour?” And Victor is like “sure!” He then shows Yuuri around the entire building, starting from the locker rooms, going through the hallways with him and showing the small restaurant/cafe where all the skaters eat when they train for hours and hours a day.

Then Victor pulls him to a dark hallway somewhere deep in the building, presses him against the wall and kisses him so hard because “you’re here. You’re here living with me, training with me. I’m so happy.” It gets kinda hot and heavy until after like 10 minutes they can hear Yakov yelling their names somewhere in the distance. They pull away from each other, huge grins on their faces and Yuuri is blushing a little. Victor drops his head on Yuuri’s shoulder, breathing heavy and he’s like “do we have to go there? Can’t I just take you home?”

Yuuri chuckles, gently wraps an arm around his neck and says “I want to test the ice and I wanna see you skate here. I’ve seen videos from your practices but I want to actually see you here in your home rink.” And then Victor blushes because !!!! And he kisses his fiancée one last time, a gentle peck on his lips before leading him back to the rink where all the other skaters and a very pissed Yakov is waiting, complaining about how Victor was supposed to quickly show Yuuri around and it’s been over an hour!  Victor and Yuuri just smile at him as Yuuri apologizes for being late.

Georgi is probably looking at them with hearteyes because “ah, that young love” And Mila is grinning knowingly at them, giving them a thumbs up from behind Yakov’s back

brought to you by me spending midnight to six thirty am in the airport, the obligatory “dregs stuck overnight in an airport” post, written by me on no sleep

  • nina heads immediately for the late-night coffee shop
  • matthias is that friend who’s like “we should probably try and sleep” and insists that sleeping on seats in the departure lounge is manageable, also refuses to admit that nobody can fall asleep on them and lies there for a good three hours just to make a point
  • jesper spends a good amount of time just walking around and exploring, wandering in and out of all the shops, going up and down stairs and corridors just to see what’s there (until an irate security guard pointedly redirects him back into the central departure lounge).  he probably drags wylan with him 
  • there’s a small twenty-four hour restaurant that they both end up at and spend most of the night in.  they order full meals and drinks just because they can, and stay way past the time the staff should have made them leave.  wylan falls asleep sometime after four, lying across one of the benches with his head on jesper’s legs
  • jesper is more than alright with this arrangement.  sitting there absentmindedly running a hand through wylan’s hair and people-watching is more peaceful than you might expect a relatively crowded airport to be in the early hours of the morning
  • after a few hours, matthias finally admits defeat and joins nina at the coffee shop.  she grins and wordlessly slides a mug over to him.  they have a makeshift date in the early hours of the morning (matthias tells nina about the book he’s reading.  she makes him listen to an entire album of obnoxious pop music she stole from jesper.) and it’s actually matthias’ favourite part of the whole trip
  • kuwei’s been in the corner with his headphones and a book since they checked in, but will occasionally look up to complain about how uncomfortable the seats are or how long they’re waiting.  he’s also that asshole that can fall asleep anywhere and eventually does just that, curled up on one of the airport seats in the most uncomfortable-looking position, but he’s fine
  • nina finds out the duty free shop is open all night and almost misses boarding with how long she’s in there.  she emerges with armfuls of new purchases and has to sit on her suitcase to make them all fit
  • kaz is Not a fan of airports.  they’re too busy and bright and crowded and there’s nowhere comfortable to sit if you can even find an empty seat, there’s too many tourists, everything is overpriced,
  • he probably just sits in the least-crowded area he can find, sipping coffee and scrolling on his phone.  after a while, inej joins him.  she doesn’t sleep well in airports so they spend a couple of hours just sitting together in silence, until at one point kaz looks up and sees inej has fallen asleep, head resting on folded arms and hair falling across the table.  it doesn’t affect him in the slightest, not at all, he’s definitely not staring
  • (he certainly doesn’t drape his jacket around her shoulders before going back to his coffee and his phone.  nina didn’t see a thing.  shut up, nina.)

For decades, the Whitey’s Ice Cream shop in Moline has been a beloved destination in the Illinois community. The manager, Rhonda VanDyke, has instilled in her staff a sense of kindness and generosity that has spread to their customer base. In 2015, Brenden McGee was 16 years old when he got himself an after-school job at Whitey’s. It was his very first “real” job, but it didn’t take him long to put Rhonda’s standards of kindness to good use.

Just three weeks into the job, a crying woman drove up to the drive-thru window during Brenden’s shift. It took her a few times to speak clearly through her tears, but Brenden realized this upset customer wanted to order a shake. Brenden handed it to her and said, “Your shake is on me tonight. You have a good night.” The woman smiled at the teen through her tears, then drove off.

Since he figured it was a such a small act of kindness, Brenden forgot about the quick interaction and returned to business as usual. But a few days later, that same woman returned to Whitey’s and asked to speak with Brenden’s manager. At first, Rhonda was worried the woman wanted to lodge a complaint against him. But instead, she learned why the woman was so upset on the day he served her.

As it turned out, the woman was in mourning. Her husband passed away just weeks before she pulled up to the drive-thru, and she was having a hard time. The woman was so touched by Brenden’s gesture of paying for her shake that she asked Rhonda if he could get recognition. Rhonda told the woman there was no Employee of the Month in place, but that she would tell the office about Brenden’s act of kindness.

The administrative staff at Whitey’s placed a note under Brenden’s employee file. They also placed a handmade sign (pictured above) in the back room, which made the grateful woman extremely happy. “It definitely is better to be kind and polite … we automatically have to be polite to people, but it’s always nice to go that extra mile,” Brenden told KWQC.

Two months after his good deed went viral and gained national attention, Brenden was diagnosed with cancer — but that didn’t stop him from continuing to perform acts of kindness.

People from all over the world donated to Brenden’s fight through GoFundMe and Facebook. Brenden also received four years tuition at the University of Iowa because he was patient under 18. However, Brenden realized that young patients over 18 were “getting over-looked.” In an effort to show no one should fight alone, Brenden and his mom, Marcy, connected with a local family with a 20-year-old student and cancer patient, and organized a trip for them to go to Disney World.

After completing several rounds of chemotherapy, Brenden announced he was cancer-free in March 2016.


The Art Students League – 30x30, restaurant, no cc

This is basically a big, simple block of sim-bricks, hosting an art school for my sims and a small restaurant with a bar and karaoke/bubble blower corner.
Some areas are decorated, some less, some barely xD.

Gameplay tip – I’ve noticed NPCs/townies getting unhealthily obsessed with workbenches, so if you want your sims to get decent service at the restaurant, better remove the door to the “sculpture” studio beforehand, adding it only when needed.

Better placed with MOO on (bb.moveobjects on) – otherwise one of the columns goes missing (EDIT: and some wall deco, as seen in my preview pics).

DLCs used: City Living, Get to Work, Dine Out, Get Together, Outdoor Retreat (plants, rugs and some clutter), Perfect Patio Stuff (exterior wall deco and a sculpture), Cool Kitchen Stuff (posters), Movie Hangout Stuff (a puff/chair) and Backyard Stuff (just the lemons clutter object thingy)

The Art Students League is on the Gallery tagged with #simmingstuff.
Or you can download the tray files clicking below (unzip and place in your Tray only the files from the “tray files” folder):


BTS Reacts: Meeting Your Parents


Everyone piled into your tiny one bedroom apartment for the four course meal Jin had prepared. You had assured him that going out to a small family restaurant and casual clothes to meet your parents for the first time would be more than fine, but he insisted on cooking everything and wearing a 3 piece suit, though the pink apron he was adorning now was completely worth the disaster he was making of your small kitchen. He had made it clear when you told him about the plans that he wanted to have your parents approval of him and of your relationship.


You could tell Yoongi was nervous by the way his Daegu satoori was coming out.  He had taken you and your parents out to a nice restaurant to meet them for the first time. While he was never really into PDA, it was even more toned down in front of your parents, only pulling out your chair for you, and smiling and holding your hand when you pouted.


This was the third time Namjoon had burned the rice. You appreciated that he wanted to help you cook dinner for your parents but you sighed in frustration, deciding it would be best if you just met them at a small restaurant.  The small habits he had of calling you by your nickname and putting his arm on the back of your chair, you could tell he was trying to control so as not to be too forward. You sat there, a small smile spreading across your lips as he talked with your father, reassuring him that you were his priority, wherever his career took him.


You and Hobi had spent the better part of the evening dancing to music while trying to prepare dinner for your parents. As time for their arrival drew nearer, you noticed how he watched the clock, nervous jokes and laughter escaping him every couple of minutes. You kissed his forehead, reassuring him your parents would love him because he made you the happiest you had ever been. You could see him physically relax with the ease of conversation between him and your parents, his habits of kissing you on your forehead and calling you embarrasing nicknames surfacing without worry of what your parents might think.


You stood up from your seat in the small family-owned restaurant to greet your parents with a hug and blinked in surprise when you saw Taehyung hug your father with a wide smile. You giggled at your fathers surprise and smiled when he patted Tae’s back, a deep chuckle surfacing from him. You loved Taehyung for his personality and were glad that he didn’t change himself or his playful behaviors in front of your parents. Conversation came easily with Taehyung laughing with your mom about the silly habits you had when waking up or eating.


You watched Jimin, amused, as he bounced his leg next to yours, his clothed in the only suit he owned, while you wore your old worn out jeans and a hoodie. He was rapid fire questioning you about your parents, his Busan satoori coming out, making it hard for you to understand certain words. You giggled, trying to reassure him, but nothing would calm his nerves. As your parents arrived, he shot up from his chair, causing it to topple over, and bowed to them. Your mother giggled as he looked back towards the chair now laying on the floor, and then back to your and your parents, a look of utter horror distorting his beautiful features. You rolled your eyes and smiled at him. With introductions out of the way, you held his hand in reassurance throughout dinner, watching him visibly relax as time passed.


 You had never seen Jungkook so nervous. You were sitting beside him in the nice restaurant you knew your parents loved, watching as he nervously drummed his fingers against the table. You sighed, taking his hand, and kissed one of his knuckles, catching his eye. You smiled a reassuring smile and he gave a short laugh, bunny teeth cutely poking out. Dinner ran smoothly, with Jungkook adding to the conversation every so often, as to not seem overbearing. You noticed he paid special attention to your father when he was talking, and always acknowledged him when he was spoken to. You held his hand under the table and gave him a reassuring squeeze, a small smile spreading across his beautiful lips.

A Normal Night // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: “I’m your waiter and you’re on a crappy first date” AU, fluff

Words: 3.0k

Relationship Status: strangers to lovers

Warnings: little bit of swearing

Summary: Phil, a waiter at a small restaurant, notices that one of his customers, a cute boy with curly hair and beautiful brown eyes, isn’t having a good time, as his date is quite pushy. Phil decides to intervene.

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Caffeine #11

I enjoyed this, and tried to mess up the prompt as badly as I could. It’s very sketchily done and un-edited. I did it in my spare time in the middle of my school day; do forgive me.

Her first job was at a small Italian restaurant on the corner.

Her boss was nice. That was the best thing about that job; when she started feeling frustrated, mistreated, her boss would plonk her down on a wobbly three-legged stool in the back room and pile an untouched leftover dish onto a spare plate in front of her.

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February 16th 1909: Richard McDonald born

On this day in 1909, the co-founder of the McDonald’s fast food chain was born in Manchester, New Hampshire. Richard and his brother Maurice established the first McDonald’s in 1948 in California, and the restaurant became a franchise in 1953. The iconic Golden Arches were included in the restaurant designs at the suggestion of Richard McDonald. The brothers did not want to expand the chain too much, and only desired a small number of restaurants. Others, however, had bigger dreams for McDonald’s. In 1961, Ray Kroc bought the company from the brothers for $2.7 million and transformed the restaurant chain into a corporation. The business expanded from there, and in 1984 Richard was served the ceremonial 50 billionth McDonald’s hamburger. What began as a humble burger joint in the 1940s is now a corporate behemoth with a presence in 119 countries around the world. With around 68 million customers per day, McDonald’s draws huge profits - in 2012 its annual revenues were $27.5 billion. Maurice McDonald died in 1971 aged 69, and his brother Richard died in 1998 aged 89. The brothers began with a dream of becoming millionaires; they most certainly achieved this.


So I made a new art friend recently and we both found that we shared a passion for shipping characters together. SO what better way for us to kick things off then to ship a bunch of our OCs!

Most of mine however are usually tied to stories and other concepts/ideas so they’re not really the well that I dip into to sorta do this thing with. So I opted to create some new ones to pair up with his! The first one I sorta brainstormed was this easy-going Swiss-German guy named Rocco who I paired up with his snarky stoner Chinese gal Ju-Lee.  

They live together I imagine, and they do cute day-to-day stuff and then also smoke weed a lot (among other “adult” recreations). I dunno what Rocco does as a job yet but I imagine he co-owns some shop or small restaurant maybe? Just a tall hairy Swiss sausage dating a chubby Chinese dumpling. We’re both busy people, but more art will probably follow from him and me intermittently going forward. 

Rocco belongs to me, and Ju-Lee belongs to [Feathers-Ruffled] 

so to be completely concrete and specific about this, these are the (setlock) scenes that we have most definitely not seen in s4 yet: 

  • the scene where john and ‘’mary’’ is eating in a small restaurant together 
  • the scene where john and sherlock are standing, talking face to face in the 221b living room; this promo pic from december 
  • the scene that martin wanted to do himself whilst amanda, ben, mark, steven and sue were at vidcon 
  • the scene(s) where ben has a 28 page monologue 
  • possibly an alternative birth scene, where sherlock is driving and they show us the shark graffiti in the tunnel 

feel free to add more if iv’e missed anything! 

i work in a small fast-casual restaurant, the kind where customers pay up front when they order and then typically stop thinking about money. so, though we provide full service, the majority of customers never remember or bother to leave a tip. we never advertise, but over the years, we have become a major hit with locals, and people who use sites like yelp and tripadvisor.
one summer afternoon a couple years back, in the calm after the lunch rush, i was tidying up the dining room when my attention was drawn to the big front windows by the noise of an approaching bike gang.
these were big, fancy, customized motorcycles. as they filled a few of the parking spaces in front of the store, i moved to the register to prepare to take their orders, and my coworkers gathered behind the counter with me to admire the bikes. “i want the blue one,” said T. “i want the black one.. but in blue,” said A. W nodded in thoughtful approval of these choices.
the bikers’ helmets had previously concealed their faces, and when they removed their gear, T, who is black, breathed “they’re black!” in awe and admiration. then, the bikers entered the restaurant, where i was admittedly a little nervous about taking their orders. these were men of fine taste, and i was intimidated. would they be the type of customer to look down on us? would they be the type to request especially customized food and then be irritated if it failed to match up with their expectations?
the towering bikers looked up at the menu board, asked me some friendly, typical questions about the options, which put me at ease. they ordered, paid, then took their seats at a long table, where they were polite, gave a lot of positive feedback about the food, and i overheard one telling someone over cell phone where we were and what we served and how good it was. when they left, i found the cherry on top: a massive tip on the table.
this event has gone down in workplace history as the Legend of the Nice Bikers. the bikers had said multiple times that they loved the place and would return, but i have not heard from them since. i imagine they are traveling the world on a long motorcycle journey and eagerly await the day i can welcome them back.


Summary: Ryan sweeps into Gavin the Third’s life, turns his world upside down, and then has to pick up the pieces.

(Eleven Little Roosters fic)

a/n: Silly thing I wrote to practice their characterisations, but I’ll post it as my gift to all of you freewood people waiting for them to interact in the show LOL

c/w: brief mentions of suicide, nothing actually happens


Ryan met with Gavin the Third in a small but painfully expensive restaurant overlooking the Thames. The agent was already there when he arrived, sitting by the window with a glass of red wine in hand and three plates of tiny appetisers in front of him that Ryan was quite sure had already amounted to several hundred pounds despite seeming to barely contain more than a mouthful of actual food.

“Gavin,” he said as he approached, and the other man’s eyes flicked up to him.

It still gave Ryan a jolt, how fucking identical he looked to Ryan’s old coworker. But not just to the two Gavins who he’d met back at Rooster Teeth. To the student he’d met while investigating the wormhole that’d opened in some university science lab. To the Golden Boy who worked with gangs over in Los Santos. To that idiot running around with a Union Jack on his chest claiming to be a superhero who’d been in all the papers lately.

They were all over the fucking place, and maybe Ryan should’ve been used to that same giant nose popping up everywhere, but somehow - every time - it still made him feel an odd guilt. A flash back to his life before all this.

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I worked in a small but expensive Chinese restaurant in rich & old town, Naples fl. Well the first story I have is about my boss who owns the business. I was a hostess and I would also bust tables and occasionally help with drinks and food as well as taking reservations and scheduling layout of tables. We only had so many booths and they were the most popular. If you wanted a booth, you would request on for reservations. One night it was extremely busy and I had a group of four people asking for the booth, but I had it reserved for a party who was supposed to be there in 5 minutes. My boss comes over as I’m trying to work out a table for these people and she sits them in the booth. Five minutes later, the customers who requested the booth show up and complain that there isn’t a booth and I tried to explain what happened and they were angry and asked to see my manager. So my boss comes over, checks out the problem and WHILE the man is speaking to her and complaining about their situation, she checks her phone and walks away. I apologized greatly and they left the restaurant.

There were so many pissy costumers there it was terrible but one night a table of 13 older women come in early, just after 5pm. They were incredibly sweet and just happy talkers. The bartender helped them at first since they were placed near the bar. The waiter was a 21 yr old who was just trying to get through college and near the end of their meal, I was helping him bust a table outside when he says to me that their bill came to $500. I was amazed and we joked about the tip and I was like “what if they gave you 100% tip?” And he was like I would kiss their feet. Not 15 minutes later in the back he gets face to face with me and goes “You’re not gonna believe it” and I was like “try me”
They gave him $200 on the card and $300 cash as well as a tip directly to the bartender. Those are the best people ever