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2nd Event - Birthday Parties!

It’s a little inconvenient to have to celebrate birthdays separately, don’t you think? It also costs more money to have separate birthday parties, and… well, it would be so much easier to just have them all at once! Right? Right?

So to save money, we’ll be having a combined birthday on March 1st! Please get preparations ready! We’ll all meet at the studio at 6:00 pm, okay?

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The upper atmosphere of the Sun is dominated by plasma filled magnetic loops (coronal loops) whose temperature and pressure vary over a wide range. The appearance of coronal loops follows the emergence of magnetic flux, which is generated by dynamo processes inside the Sun. Emerging flux regions (EFRs) appear when magnetic flux bundles emerge from the solar interior through the photosphere and into the upper atmosphere (chromosphere and the corona). The characteristic feature of EFR is the -shaped loops (created by the magnetic buoyancy/Parker instability), they appear as developing bipolar sunspots in magnetograms, and as arch filament systems in . EFRs interact with pre-existing magnetic fields in the corona and produce small flares (plasma heating) and collimated plasma jets. The GIFs above show multiple energetic jets in three different wavelengths. The light has been colorized in red, green and blue, corresponding to three coronal temperature regimes ranging from ~0.8Mk to 2MK. 

Image Credit: SDO/U. Aberystwyth

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Genetic experiment: get two people with small noses to have a kid. Their kid would have an even smaller nose. That kid has kids with another small nosed person, producing even smaller noses. This cycle continues for generations until we have someone with the smallest possible nose

Let’s do this for mouths instead so future humans can finally shut up

Notes on Alleviating Grips

If possible, temporarily remove yourself from any immediate sources of stress and re-engage the positive aspects of the dominant function, and activate the auxiliary function to balance the mind. (see the Type Development section & #how functions work for more detail)

inf Si grip: zoom out from your head to examine the bigger picture and think about whether your decisions big/small are producing good progress

inf Ni grip: realize that brooding or being uptight doesn’t help anything, get out of yourself with a fun/productive/social activity that will boost confidence

inf Ti grip: check if your beliefs/assumptions about people are really true and consider whether your attitude is helpful for relationship health

inf Fi grip: acknowledge your weaknesses/failures and think on how to make up for them and/or work out the steps to doing better next time

inf Se grip: pause and get in touch with your aspirations/potential and reflect on whether your thinking/actions actually serve your greater purpose

inf Ne grip: breathe, break a problem up into smaller more manageable steps and then carry out your tasks patiently and methodically

inf Te grip: acknowledge and process negative emotions with self-empathy, get in touch with your authentic self and care for your well-being

inf Fe grip: step back to clear your head, slowly think through the problem and whether you need to change your idea/approach (for next time)

“How can I be substantial if I fail to cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole; and inasmuch as I become conscious of my shadow I also remember that I am a human being like any other.”
   - Jung

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Hey Erica, do you have any projects that you are working on that isn't w2h?

Currently I’m helping a buddy of mine @oldmandarin work on a 10-second animation for a contest on Twitch, under our @ghostsatellite studio name, but otherwise it’s just W2H at the moment.

If you’re asking if I have any other potential projects, I do have this thing I call “gayliens” that maybe I’ll make one day, who knows.

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in the video you made about racial preference you asked something about how people could prefer an old white man like harrison ford over someone like cristiano ronaldo. You do realize that by that statement alone you just perpetuated white supremacy/beauty standards even further.. Cristiano Ronaldo is a white European, and he has the look that most Europeans would hail ideal in a white man.... you couldn't think of an actual man of color?

truthfully, i wasn’t familiar with Cristiano Ronaldo at the time, so i didn’t get the reference when he was originally included in the script. ignorance of course isn’t a valid excuse for an error and we were rightfully called on it when we first released that video. 

as i’ve said before, while it’s a small team that produces our show, as the host the mistakes on MTV Decoded fall on my head, so I take full responsibility when they occur.  in the 2 years since that episode we’ve worked to have better checks in place to make sure those types of careless errors don’t happen. even so, our show isn’t perfect so i appreciate it when/if something slips through and it’s brought to my attention. thanks for your message. 

Lady Reading a Letter. Pietro Antonio Rotari (Italian, 1707-1762). Oil on canvas. Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister.

Rotari’s enchanting genre pieces, his half-length portraits of young ladies, enjoyed wide popularity. His fame rested on the small pictures usually produced in series, in which, as in the Dresden painting, a pretty young lady was represented reading a letter. In these works an appealing pose was coupled with fine, pure design and warm colouring.

ask and you shall receive @supercorpppp

“Ms. Danvers? Your eleven o'clock is here.” Kara sat down her pile of paperwork, and peered over her glasses at her assistant.

“Thank you, Mon-el. Send her in.” Kara’s puppy like assistant left with a slight bow of his head. Shortly after, Alex Danvers made her way into the large office.

“You analyzed the tech?” Alex nodded, and produced a small box from her pocket. Inside was a secret camera that had been implanted in Kara’s office. Alex, as a favor to Kara, analyzed it in her lab to see where it came from.

“You already know who it belongs to, Kara.” Kara sighed and hung her head.
“I thought we were making progress with that. Thank you, Alex.” Alex gave her sister a smile before leaving. They were both way too busy for idle small talk.


“I heard you wanted to talk to me?” It was now past midnight, and Kara was sure that Lena Luther would not show up, but here she was, standing in the doorway of Kara’s office with the same look of coldness that she always wore. Kara set aside her seemingly endless pile of paperwork.
“Yes, Ms. Luthor. Please sit.” Lena did as suggested, leaning forward to place her elbows on the CEO’s desk.
“I’m sure you know why I asked you here, but I shall enlighten you anyways.” Lena raised her eyebrows in a ‘do Tell’s sort of way. “L-corp tech was found hidden in my office. This clearly violates the truce our fathers made. Now-” Kara was cut off by Lena(who had clearly not been paying attention! The nerve!)
“Go on a date with me.”
“…what?” Kara’s awkwardness shone through her stony CEO filter. She quickly put her exterior back up, however. She was Kara Danvers! CEO of Krypton Corporations! She would not let some girl make her feel awkward and embarrassed, even if that girl was her arch nemesis. “Ms. Luthor, this is serious! I would appreciate if you treat it as such!”
“I am being serious, Supergirl!” Kara bristled at the Nickname the media(more specifically Cat Grant) had given her when she had taken over her family’s  company. “I have no idea how L-Corp tech got into your office, and believe me I will deal with it! I do know however, that I could use a drink and I’d like to get one with you.” Kara had to admit, after the long day she had, a drink did sound appealing. Plus if Lena got drunk she could probe her more about the L-Corp bug in her office.
“Okay.” Lena sat up straighter, a small smile tugging at her lips.
“Really? Great!”


“Ms. Luthor? I do truly appreciate the drink to sit her in silence. So please, state exactly what you want.” Kara said in her best boss tone, making Lena stop glancing around and stare at her. 

“I’m waiting for something.” Lena answered shortly, ticking Kara off. 

“Well, if you’re waiting for me to fly, I can assure you, you’ll be waiting a long time!” Lena smiled at the familiar phrase Zor-El used to use when in meetings with Lena’s father. 

“I’m waiting for Kara to appear. Not supergirl.” Though Lena’s smile was kind it still pissed Kara way more than it should have. 

“And what exactly is that supposed to mean?!” Kara’s tone had a slight bite to it that made Lena’s smile drop.

“It means I want to talk to you, not Supergirl! You remember when we were kids and our parents would force us to socialize at gatherings? You were so kind, and bubbly. Not this stony person you’re being now.” 

“We’re not kids, Lena.” Kara’s voice was soft and it was obvious that Lena had hit a spot. Talking about her parents with her enemy was not something Kara wanted to do, 

“Maybe not, but I know you’re still the same person. After all, Stony Ms. Zor-El would never post pictured of popstickers on facebook, purely because it’s her favorite food.” Kara knew she shouldn’t have accepted Lena’s friend request, and now it was biting her in the ass. 

“Thank you, Ms. Luthor. I will have to pay you back for the drink.” Kara said shortly, as she got up from the table. 

“Kara, wait!”

“Please, make sure none of your spy tech ends up in my office again. Have a good night!” Kara left quickly, leaving a nostalgic CEO at the dark, and lonely looking table. 


More will be on it’s way!

The púca is a fey creature from Celtic folklore. It can change shape, but often appears as a black goat, horse or hare. There are conflicting stories about the creature’s nature, with some claiming it is malevolent, and others saying it brings good fortune.

Thomas Crofton Croker claimed that púca are “wicked-minded, black-looking bad things” who would harm unwary travellers. On the other hand, Irish poet Lady Wilde related a tale of a púca who helped a young farmhand with his work.

The púca is associated with the Gaelic harvest festival of Samhain, and some farmers will leave a small amount of produce in the fields to placate the púca.

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kk, but that Keith solo fic was awesome? Like it's probably one of my favorite smut fics now and could only be better if Shiro was directly involved. Don't let the jerks get to you. As long as everything is properly tagged there's no reason for them to get upset. And I'm pretty sure death threats might be against Tumblr policy so if they're not on anon you could probably report them or at least block them. Anyway, you're writing is awesome and don't let anyone make you think otherwise!! <3

Nawww dahling you are amazing and kind??? And yeah dude I was super excited for that prompt mostly because implications. Futuristic sex toys for the win. Solo action for the win. Keith imagining whoever he damn well pleases thank you very much. It was just a fun time all around.

Honestly, I’ve hit that point where I’m just becoming more and more salty haha. I have been in fandom a Long Time. LONG TIME. I was around for the LJ purge. I was here for the rise and fall of Delicious. I was posting HORRID fics on and adult I’m so used to the fandom wank that it just kind of bounces off of me. But this is the first time I’ve been directly attacked, which is new for me! Usually I was just on the fringes going WHAT IS EVERYONE YELLING ABOUT. So it was a bit startling and then just hilarious? Sad too, but mostly funny. I don’t care at all haha. They can yell all they want and throw their lil ‘excuse me but…’ things at me until they’re blue in the face. At the end of the day, I am writing what I wanna write and sharing it with people who wanna see it and like it too soooooo

Tags are super easy to block and avoid. I like to pride myself on my tagging system and if they don’t work I rectify the situation! SUPER EASY. I PROMISE. Controlling your media intake is EVEN EASIER. Xkit is glorious. Tumblr savior used to be a thing but I don’t know if it exists anymore? Anyway. MEDIA CONSUMPTION, BLUEBERRIES. Be kind to each other and just enjoy all the free and epic content out there.

(sorry for hijacking your ask homg)

a necklace inspirated by SectoBoss’ widowtracer fanfiction London Calling

“I asked Winston to make this in case you decided to do a runner after all,” she said, her voice muffled. “But I think it’ll make a good welcoming gift too…” She re-emerged, holding a small box in one hand.

For one heart-stopping moment Widowmaker thought Tracer was about to ask her to marry her. Considering what had happened to her last partner, she was not completely on board with the idea.

But instead Tracer flipped the box open and produced a small necklace, a triangle of white metal with a small blue gem that glowed at its centre.

Widowmaker took it in her hands and was suddenly struck by how much it resembled the chronal accelerator humming on Tracer’s chest.

“It was supposed to be in memory of the machine that gave you so much bloody grief over the last few weeks,” Tracer said bashfully, tapping the housing of her accelerator. “But now it can be a reminder of your favourite Overwatch member!” she trilled with the cockiest grin Widowmaker thought she’d ever seen.

– SectoBoss, London Calling

Pin Up & her Nice Stool

1956 BSA 500 Cafe Racer | Brat Tracker | DBD34 | Gold Star

The Gold Star dominated the Isle of Man Clubmans TT in 1956 | The DBD34 had a 180 kph 110 mph top speed

Vintage BSA Motorcycles | Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited | Produced motorcycles from 1912 - 1972 notably the Gold Star & Rocket | 1965 Orange Spitfire

my headcanons for Renesmee

~Renesmee’s teeth fall out for adult sharp vampire teeth which is when she starts to produce small amount of venom in her saliva 

~Bella gives Renesmee her old camera and she gets really into photography

~She learns that Jacob isn’t meant to be with her in a “love way” but more like a best friend/brother

~She goes to college and finds that she wants to do something more with her life then just “do this” for the rest of her existence 

~She travels like crazy trying to find herself and the beauty around her 

~She goes to the Volturi just to read in their library 

~She likes taking cold showers because it reminds her of her families hugs

~ Jacob eventually joins her in her travels and finds that she likes going by her middle name as a nickname. (he goes back to Forks after a couple months)

~She realizes that shes a lesbian

~falls in love with a human who is ill and stays with her till she passes

~She goes back to Forks and asks Esme to make her a studio house

~Carlie hangs all the photos shes taken over her travels on her bedroom walls  in her new studio

~She likes drying plants and flowers and hanging them on her ceiling

Rich people trying to claim they produce food for the people on food stamps is exactly the kid of hoodwink that capitalism uses to hide how it’s obviously not true.  

It’s not CEOs standing in fields picking berries.  I’ve never seen a multi-millionaire shoveling cow shit.  We know they aren’t actually growing the food with their own hands.

While the stuff going on with class structure and control of production isn’t the exact same in rural farming as in, for example, factory work, it’s as true as ever that those doing virtually all of the productive/socially necessary work are not the rich bourgeoisie assholes, it’s more poor people.

Poor farmworkers and small farmers produce the food we eat (i.e. proletarianized farmworkers and peasants if you’re using older Marxist terms).  The bourgeoisie only produce a system where they can take credit for the work of the poor.  The rich are not needed at all for us to eat, we only have a system that “requires” them as middle men because we live in a system set up to benefit them.

Before accepting the idea that we need any bourgeoisie fucker, always ask “who physically produces these things?”, “whose work to keep those people alive and the stuff they need is being ignored?”, “how many others could do this instead if they were freed from exploitation”?

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Please bag any produce small enough to hold in one hand. Please twist the bag shut and twist it shut again when you get to the register. It'd be even better if you used the twist-ties provided in the produce department with the bags. PLEASE DO THIS SO WE DON'T HAVE TO CHASE ROLLING PRODUCE AROUND.

Definition Time!

       1. of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs,          distinguished biologically by the production of gametes (ova) that can be fertilized by male gametes.

        1.of or denoting the sex that produces small, typically motile gametes, especially spermatozoa, with which a female may be fertilized or inseminated to produce offspring.

       -an adult human female.

       -an adult human male.

Now watch the Genderists lose their minds!!!