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Meet the Cartoonists Bringing You POWER & MAGIC This Fall!

Power & Magic: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology is bringing women of color, demigirls of color, and bigender people of color together to create 15 original stories with one thing in common: 

Queer witches of color as the leads.

Follow us here on Tumblr for progress updates, behind-the-scenes production work, and interviews with the creative team as we make our way to the official Kickstarter launch by summer’s end!

Without further ado, Power & Magic Press proudly presents the coven: 

AATMAJA PANDYA (Cartoonist: Travelogue, Baker’s Dozen, Chainmail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers)

ANN XU (Cartoonist: 3 AM Anthology from Dandelion Wine Collective)



FYDBAC (Cartoonist: i.pity.mé, RAW: Hannibal/Will Fanthology from Bad Influence Press, Monster Anthology Volume 2: Demon Edition)

Gabrielle Robinson (Writer) & Hannah Lazarte (Artist: Weird: A VCU Comics Anthology, Rebels: A VCU Comics Anthology, Emanata Presents: Kin Volume 3)

JEMMA SALUME (Cartoonist: Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Volume 2 from Archaia, Broken Telephone)

JOAMETTE GIL (Cartoonist, Editor, Publisher:, Sweaty Palms, Dates: Queer Historical Fiction Comics from Margins Press)


MARIA LLORENS (Writer) & DEVAKI NEOGI (Artist: Curb Stomp from BOOM! Studios, Mumbai Confidential from Archaia)



NIVEDITA SEKAR (Cartoonist: Mermaid, Mehndi)

VERONICA AGARWAL (Cartoonist: Elements, Tiny Chef, and Magical Girl Problems, Magical Girl Solutions)

VEXINGLY YOURS (Cartoonist: Forgotten Roots)


Dear DigiDestined across the multiverse,
Wake up and remember our history.
Wake up to guitar riffs with call and response.
/Digimon Digital Monsters/Digimon are the Champions/
Wake up to childhood confusion and delight as cats transform from puppies into angelic women warriors.
/Heaven’s Charm/Celestial Arrow/
Wake up to a churning of embers in the pit of your stomach, finally releasing into a Pepper Breath! *Puahhhh*.

Welcome to Pepper Breath!, a collaborative illustration and comics zine celebrating Digimon history. 15 years ago, an entire generation was swept into the digital world to learn the meaning of friendship, courage, and sacrifice. Whether you grew up following the journey of Digimon Adventure, playing the notoriously frustrating PS1 game, or having one too many Numemon on your digivice, we ask you to unearth the crest living within you.~*

We are currently securing our artist roster, so if you are an illustrator or cartoonist and would like to participate, email us at! ALL contributing artists will receive royalties ($$$) on every book sold!

ZINE LAUNCH: September 1st

Edited by Angelica Alzona and Odera Igbokwe
Published by Pyrite Press


When I was 15, my Dad and I went to Seattle on April 5th to visit the park beside Kurt Cobain’s house. I wandered around with my Polaroid camera, taking these pictures in an almost daze. Nirvana was it for me - smack dab in the midst of those inexplicable years, Kurt’s voice and lyrics did for me what they do for everyone else. I felt like I knew him, like he had been an old friend. It was eerie standing steps away from where he took his last breath, wrote his last words. Today, ten years later, I took these photos out of my scrapbook and scanned them to share. I’ll definitely be playing Nirvana a little louder today. 

Rest in peace Kurt. 


Jeannie Phan always busts out the coolest zines. I have known her and her work for a while now and she always amazes me with her illustrations and great creations! ( not to mention her work ethic- this girl works hard!! ) Her illustrations are also out of this world beautiful!! Lots of great editorial work– you have to check her out !! Her website here -  blog here

Steven Universe prints! WonderCon starts tomorrow and I’ll be selling a BRAND NEW print! Come by table SP-062 to snatch up this adorable baby!

First 10 prints come with a free friend!



Come by table SP-062! We’re in the small press section this year! 

Dear Friends,

I’m getting in touch to let you know that Pioneers Press is at a crossroads. The meritless lawsuit that Microcosm Publishing has brought against us is crippling our distro. Our lawyer is asking for more money to continue our defense, and our bills are going unpaid. We’ve struggled with how to present this information because we know it’s a turn-off to get pleas for help like this. But we also want you to know that we are at a critical point. We’ve been barely scraping by for a while, but this week we’ve reached an all-time low: the utilities have begun to be shut off and we are short on rent for the farm. As Pioneers Press sales have been the sole support for the animal rescues of the Hard Fifty Farm, it’s crucial that we not continue on this path.  We’ve decided to deeply discount a bunch of our stock in hopes that we’ll be able to keep the lights on and pay down invoices. Depending on how that goes, we will reassess to see if it’s feasible for us to keep the distro side of Pioneers Press running while we try to fight the lawsuit. If we’re able to save our distro (with your help!) you can still expect changes in how we operate, as we challenge traditional distribution and publishing models in search of new and better ways to support independent writers and publishers.  We still believe in indie publishing and even if Pioneers Press goes down, we have every intention to keep writing, keep publishing, and keep fighting. But man, it would sure be great if we could keep up the fight with Pioneers Press! We’ve got some great stuff on our site right now, and we hope some of you will take advantage of this sale to start (or grow!) your own zine libraries or distros. Up the distros! Thank you so much for your ongoing support, in all its varied forms!  <3 Jessie Duke, Pioneers Press
Where Are You Poet Contest Open NOW!

It’s that time of the year again! 

From now until August 31, 2015, the Where Are You Poet Contest will be open for submissions!

We will be selecting 1-3 authors to publish with us in 2016! Keep in mind that we focus on publishing the voices of women and people of color and that winners will be announced on October 1, 2015. 

We’ve updated the blog to give you more information about this process here!

To submit and for submission guidelines, check out our Submittable page.

Happy writing!



I Can See the Birds - Juan Fernandez – 5.5″x8.5″
– Color & Risograph – 2015

This one is my Yo La Tengo comic on the shoulders of the poetry giant, Mary Oliver. The words are excerpted from her poem, Wild Geese.

Process post on this one to come soon. Lots of details to comment on this one. For now though, I’d like to simply share the comic.

If you’d like to support my work and have a special book, order a copy for yourself or a friend. - $6 postpaid (International Shipping)




Check this oouuuuttt…

Here’s “Ugs, Fugs and Grossos”, 28 pages of ug-ass mugs, fug-ass fugs, and gross-ass grossos; and “Executioner and Friend”, dungeons, dragons, and dick jokes, each by Jimmy Giegerich.

“Heroical #1” is an 11" X 14" zine by David Plunkert chock full of weirdo super hero stuff, and playfully off-beat heros.

The very exciting “Fantasy Basketball” by Sam Bosma will be in the mix as well and it’s sure to be mind-blowingly good.

Alex Fine is debuting “Il Bruto”, a hilarious collection of Charles Bronson pin ups in classic action movie rolls.

“Warlow’s Guide to Wizards, Sorceri & Familiars Arcane” by yours truly will be there of course!

Two new comics from Haleigh Buck of Hey Boy Comics will be debuting as well: “Herman the Hot Dog” and “Internet Diarrhea”, sure to be goofy-as-hell, wildly inappropriate, and full of schadenfreude.

Last but not least, Kali Ciesemier will be selling some gorgeous prints of her work that are not to be missed!

That’s what we got for you guys! Come to tables M5-M8 to get your hands on it all! We’ll see you there, pals.