small oops

  • clary: have any plans for tonight? we could watch cheesy 80's movies and order pizza if you want, you could pretend to eat it
  • simon: I can't actually
  • clary: eat?
  • simon: no, hang out
  • clary: oh?
  • simon, grinning: raphael is taking me to hardtail; it's vamp night. oh and he gave me an outfit to wear that's like, The most casual thing he owns. y'know, v-neck shirt in black of course 'cause apparently bright colors offend him - and a ridiculously expensive fancy belt. oh and dark jeans that are a little too short but if I wear dark socks, no one will ever notice
  • clary: oh my god, he asked you out on a date??
  • simon, smile faltering: what?? no?? we're just gonna have a few drinks is all
  • clary: simon. you're wearing his clothes, you smile when you say his name and he's taking you to a place where most of the customers are openly biting one another - it's a Date
  • simon, beaming with a touch of nervousness and staring out into the distance: oh. that's just...ok yea I can - I can do that
  • clary: have fun and fill me in after!

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  • who takes longer showers? 

Allura, since she has so much hair it takes longer than normal to wash it. Shiro doesn’t mind and will sometimes help her with it and comb it out when she shampoos and conditions it. (True fact, it take me hella long and I don’t have near as much hair as she does thank the fucking universe)

  • how do they make up after a fight? 

It usually doesn’t escalate to actual “fights“, if they have a disagreement they talk it out and communicate. But honestly their spats don’t really go any farther than one chasing the other around the house because they ate the last Christmas cookies that Hunk made.

  • who prefers rain and who prefers sun? 

Allura loves the sun, Shiro loves counting her freckles that appear after she’s had a day at the beach with the others.

Shiro loves the rain, or at least the sound of the rain. It calms him considerably and whenever Allura can’t find Shiro in the house if it’s raining she’ll just look on the porch and see him curled up with a blanket on so his prosthetic doesn’t get wet hearing the rain fall.

Thunder makes him nervous sometimes due to his PTSD so Allura will sit out there with him holding him to her chest when he still wants to watch the rain.

  • what’s their favorite place to go together? 

Outside or at gatherings with everyone else, usually the beach or maybe some time at the arcade.

  • who’s more likely to be voted prom king/queen? 

Both of them, every year. They are unstoppable. Instead of being the power couple they are The Power Couple™

  • do they celebrate anniversaries, etc.? 

Yes but sometimes they forget.

“What are you guys doing for your anniversary today? Dinner? A movie?”

Shiro and Allura looking at each other, “That was today?????”

  • who’d pressure the other into singing karaoke?

Allura would pressure Shiro and then get all flustered when he actually sounds great and she can’t handle this right now someone help the poor woman she’s so in love.

  • what’s their nightly routine?

Allura just…lands, no waking her up, she’s out, may the universe have mercy on the poor soul that wakes her and blesses them with a quick death because ho boy don’t do it.

Shiro take’s his time going to bed, brushing his teeth, fluffing the pillow, taking off his prostethic all that good stuff. Then he just burrows himself under Allura’s hair, there’s so much of it it covers down to his shoulder blades and a little more. It’s soft, warm, and smells really ncie so he falls asleep pretty quick,

  • who’s more likely to burn dinner? 

Allura actually, usually around dinner time is when Shiro does something a little quirky or silly like accidentally pouring a batter in a colander and freaking out about and she’s just watching like “I actually fell in love with this man…you will have to pry him from my cold dead hands no one is taking him he’s mine, get your own Shiro.”


黒執事のセバスチャンの目 -Sebastian’ glowing eyes // Different Shades

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Hi! Is there a story with Sherlock and Molly on the run for such a long period that she gets pregnant and they deal with the pregnancy on the run and Sherlock's the only one who can deliver the baby because they cannot trust anyone? (i know there is a dystopia au by @miabicicletta with similar plot lines, and no pregnancy but amazing on the run in USA fic post TRF by @sunken_standard, and now @mrsmcrieff is doing another magnificent one, but none of them is exactly what I'd like to read now...)

“OK, Molly, just breathe, just…do the panting thing, we’re almost there.”

From the backseat of the stolen car, Molly groaned. “Sherlock, I can’t…it’s not…PULL OVER!” she suddenly screamed.

The car swerved to the side of the road, bumping up onto the grass as Sherlock obeyed her urgent command. This was all his fault; he’d let her convince him she would be fine, that they’d make it to Birmingham in plenty of time. What he should have been doing was listening to her pain, not her words. And now their child, a child conceived whilst on the run from Moriarty’s vengeful lieutenant Sebastian Moran, was going to be born in the backseat of a stolen 2017 Chevrolet Equinox on the side of the road in the middle of Nowhere, Alabama.

Yep, definitely all his fault. And Molly was happy to tell him that as he delivered their son - healthy, good damn lungs at the very least - and wrapped him tenderly in the one clean tee shirt he had left. 

“He’s beautiful,” Molly whispered, tears in her eyes as Sherlock handed him to her. The umbilical cord would have to wait to be cut after he’d got them safely to the hospital, only about a half-hour’s drive ahead, but neither new parent cared about details like that. Only about the fact that their son - not a daughter, as Sherlock had insisted - was a healthy red-faced squalling infant in spite of his unorthodox birthing place.

William Hamish Hooper-Holmes, born on the run, American son of two staunch Brits, was also the only witness six months later when his parents managed to capture Moran and finally return to their interrupted lives in London.

For the record, he was not impressed.

Sans: “what? photos of my lil bro? of course i have some! they’re amazing!”

* Sans went to his desk, and came back with some photos of a very small Papyrus.

Sans:  “ look at these three photos! i think this is from when he was seven… he cried so much when his ice scream fell to the floor, the ice scream lady freaked out and had to give him another one! and it was for free! look at that proud smile… that day, he learnt that he could get things he wanted if he yelled loud enough. valuable life lesson, yup.”

Sans: “and here? i think this one is from when he was eight or s’m’thing. he didnt even want to get separated from that bunny… where did he get it anyway? he was such a cute kid, amirite? ‘kept saying it was his “battle companion”. don’t ask me where that bunny is now, i have no idea…”

Sans: “this hot shot was from when he was ten. he was in that hyperactive period where he wanted to do everything at once. colorful… too colorful for my liking, but whatevs. as long as he didn’t break the house it was fine with me. thank god, he calmed down the year after…”

Sans: “this one is priceless. paps was trying to do magic all morning, and when he finally managed to do one spell, that dog stole it. papyrus was really mad for the rest of the day cause he was never able to caught it.”


Sixteen Candles // Supergirl 2x17