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i feel like a lot of people are waiting for my work to get approved by some publisher or magazine before they show up and buy my books. it’s really absurd to me. there’s an assumption that i’ll survive until that day on my own, through some (???) idk magical process. but in reality, i’m struggling to pay for rent every month and trans health care stuff every month. a lot of the time i’m saved by offers for me to contribute my work to people/publications i hadn’t expected to hear from: last month it was being paid a hundred bucks for another twoc to read my parra translations at an art museum, plus small fees for my old poems to be published in a couple of magazines. then there’s the idea (and even i’m guilty of this at times) that writing isn’t worth much unless it’s published in book form, and therefore the writer releasing ebooks or sharing work to a blog need not be paid. the physical form of a book and the approval of publishers is of utmost importance to readers, but all of us like to ignore the fact that publishing is just another white supremacist industry, where everything from who catches the eye of big publishers to favorable placement of a books on store shelves to distribution options for independent writers is contingent on how close you are to whiteness or how malleable you are to the interests of whiteness. but maybe readers do have a sense of the overriding biases at work in publishing and the mutilation of writers of color and our work that goes into it, and maybe the reader has grown to want this as well… anyway, im getting ready to publish a book in print on my own and i’m hoping that this will get me on a more secure path. the first print run will be a kind of test to see how much interest there is in this work- so only around 150 copies - and i’ll raise funds for it in a quick two or three week crowdfunding campaign. the text itself is going well. i’ve got three out of eight stories done and the rest are halfway written; and i’m planning on having a long nonfiction piece at the end, which will cover issues like white supremacy in publishing and also include a manual on indie publishing for trans women. i’d like to raise enough to cover some of my living expenses while im finishing up the text and so that i’d be able to afford getting more copies printed if, you know, more than 150 people wanted to have the book. that’s all i’ve got right now.


Assembly Hall, East Face of the Sierra Nevada, with Monument shown in the bottom picture, Manzanar National Historical Site, California, 2014.

Today marks a day of infamy, the 75th Anniversary of the day the edict “resettling” Japanese heritage people, including those born in the US and thus birthright citizens, living on the West Coast (though not those in Hawaii by and large!) at a series of concentration camps, many of them located in inhospitable environments. The assembly hall, now used as a small museum for the Manzanar National Historical Site, is one of the few structures left standing in the concentration camp in Inyo County established for Japanese heritage residents of the US west coast. 

Manzanar is probably the best known of these concentration camps, and it housed mostly Japanese heritage people from Southern California. At the foot of the high Sierra Nevada mountains, the isolated site is a beautiful one to drive by but arid and subject to climatic extremes. Today, as in 1942, most of the land nearby is fallow or used for grazing.

We all knew

We all knew that Bryant lied her ass off about Emmett Till. 

I knew it when my mother first told me about it when i was little.

I knew it every time I visited the courthouse where the trial took place.

I knew it when I visited the small museum dedicated to Emmett Till in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi.

I knew it every time I saw a picture of her demonic, ugly ass face.

We all knew, it comes as no surprise.

The only reason she even admitted to it is cause she’s got one foot in the grave and is probably trying to make a little coin.

She is a murderer. She is an evil person who deliberately spun lies that ultimately caused the kidnapping and brutal murder of a child. If it weren’t for her, Emmett Till would not have lost his life the way that he did. His blood is and forever will be on her hands. She does not care about “doing the right thing”. She is a disgusting waste of human life and i hope she rots in hell.

Aesthetics For The Zodiac Signs Based On People I Know

Aries: exotic plants, dark chocolate, suntanning, countdowns, earning money, roller skates, heart necklaces, throwing their head back in laughter, glitter gel pens, cartwheels, surfing, new underwear, trampolines, fresh breath, hairbands, warm hugs, bright eyeshadow, souvenirs, energy drinks, late night movies

Taurus: bite size candies, blue jeans, dark colors, art museums, sleepovers, small gifts, good morning texts, classic novels, long walks, mascara, mismatched things, colorful tattoos, driving around for no reason, rivers, lace bras, traveling, donuts, black nail polish, funny t-shirts, waking up early for something exciting

Gemini: tiny earrings, candles, symmetry, hair curlers, trophies, knee-high socks, fresh flowers, little thank-you notes, individually-wrapped candies, early morning fog, watching tv shows with friends, hot tubs, hair cuts, pink lips, tights, sea shells, bike rides, selfies, pop songs, inspirational quotes, spirals

Cancer: old music, silly puns, inside jokes, romantic poetry, water balloon fights, contouring, no-show socks, little scented lotions, snowflakes, watching the same movie over and over, lots of hugs, wearing the same favorite hoodie with every outfit, perfume, tennis shoes, tiny tattoos, silk, midday naps, reminiscing

Leo: impromptu adventures, new clothes, water parks, cosmos, spending time with family, getting to be in charge, finding money in unexpected places, fast cars, cute bracelets, boots, diamonds, roller coasters, field trips, pizza, staying up late, cold drinks, random texts, black eyeliner, hairspray, keychains

Virgo: iced coffee, tiny prints on clothes, straightened hair, chocolates, luxury cars, warm smiles, bright eyes, puppies, indie bands, skinny jeans, dreamcatchers, dark rooms, time alone, watching comedies, french fries, walks in the local park, making new friends, cashmere sweaters, computer games, glasses

Libra: swimming pools, fluffy dogs, champagne, classic movies, redecorating, bay windows, velvet, pajamas, thrift shopping, eye contact in love, buying random things, wavy hair, doing well in school, fancy parties, flavored water, leather wallets, collecting old art, skinny belts, watching the sun go down after a long day

Scorpio: dark lips, appetizers, filling the house with music, going out at night, freckles, halloween, true stories, colorful hair, tattoo sleeves, spending lazy days with friends, little dogs, video games, having a secret place to go and think, eating salty foods, intense talks about life, learning to play an instrument, homemade bracelets

Sagittarius: trips to disney, makeup shopping, cute little pillows, gold jewelry, making little kids laugh, dressing up, going out for drinks, sweet text messages, picking out special gifts for loved ones, going on dates to coffee shops, live music, trying new foods, makeovers, cool weather, piggy banks, picture frames, funny books

Capricorn: crossword puzzles, plush carpet, fluffy cats, strong coffee, outdoor malls, spending time in the sun, new tv shows, documentaries, chewing gum, piercings, sundresses, long hair, fireworks, long car rides, singing loudly, meeting lots of new people, reading biographies, margaritas, nostalgia, night gowns

Aquarius: 3D movies, folk rock, high heels, purple nail polish, leather jackets, ice cubes, long necklaces, hot fudge sundaes, sharpie markers, cursive writing, taking pictures of everything, keeping a journal, making people smile, feeling calm, light shows, holding babies, unexpected kisses, cereal, curly hair

Pisces: night lights, classical music, romantic movies, cold milk, walks on the beach, sleeping in, eating sweets, outdoor showers, blush, snuggling, ballet, foot rubs, drive-in movies, body pillows, old cartoons, learning new languages, anklets, body spray, marshmallows, warm soup, snowy days, record players

Ramses II colossal statue in the Memphis open air museum in Egypt.

Colossus of Ramesses II The Colossus of Ramesses is an enormous statue carved in limestone. It is about 10m (33.8 ft) long, even though it has no feet, and is located near the village of Mit Rahina. A small museum has been built to house this magnificent piece. The fallen colossus was found near the south gate of the temple of Ptah, located about 30m from the huge limestone statue of Ramesses. Some of the original colors are still partly preserved.


The skull and skeleton of Joseph Merrick, better known as ‘The Elephant Man’. The cause of the excessive growths throughout Merrick’s skeleton has been a topic of debate, and the current theory is that Merrick may have suffered from a combination of disorders, namely neurofibromatosis type 1 and proteus syndrome, although DNA tests have been inconclusive. Merrick’s skeleton is currently kept in a small museum of the medical school of the Royal London Hospital, the same place where he spent his later years and eventually passed away aged only 27. 

Fuck whenever y'all talk about museums I always thought y'all were talkin bout those small town museums that you gotta pay like a $2 donation to walk around a dusty old heritage house for 15 minutes reading lil plaques on the wall about irrelevant dead people who lived in that town 100 years ago and look at pictures and memorabilia of like.. the first candy store that was built in the town where they sold candies for ½ a cent each. And then when u get to the end of the museum theres this lil old lady selling homemade mini pies for really cheap so u buy all of them and she looks so happy and she gives u a crocheted bag that she made herself so u can put all ur mini pies in
… not some new age modern museum with greek statues and expensive as shit espresso and sugar cookies. Bicth wheres the fun in that

Small Owls of North America 

(because tiny owls are adorable and have the most dramatic eyes)

American Museum of Natural History, NYC