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Leo anatomy
  • Mind: Flashing lights and New York bright nights, everything is a theatre, thoughts can glow, tendency to dramatise, incredible dreams, attached to childhood
  • Lower Back: Often pressured and sore, can be a sway back, small lower vertebrae
  • Eyes: Follow the light, playful, seductive, attracted and mesmerised by flashes, colour, and patterns
  • Heart: Filled with passion, larger than life, hyper sensitive, reactive to rejection, overly generous, sacrificial, requires validation to keep beating
  • Stomach: Trusts the gut

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Note: This is so out of order, but this was supposed to be a scene from a super long modern day royalty AU I had planned. Basically, you’re the new crown princess of a country because your sibling abdicates from the throne over INSTAGRAM and… arranged marriage…etc. Anyway, this is just a short thing I wrote. I had to post. Thanks @nottodayjeon and @hayjeon for proofing and feedback. 

Summary: You’re too busy these days to have a decent meal with your husband let alone spend quality time with him, but Yoongi is determined to make things work. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Modern Royalty AU
Warnings: sexual content
Word Count: 2723




“My approval ratings are down,” you huff, scrolling through the media summary your secretary had prepared for you as you walk into the kitchen. You know Yoongi will be here in the mornings, hovering over the pot of coffee he prefers to brew himself.

“Well good morning to you too,” Yoongi sniffs, frowning at the way you’re immersed in the news without even the smallest glance in his direction. He hands you a cup of coffee made just the way you like it (splash of milk, no sugar).

You take the cup with an absentminded “thanks” said in a soft tone, too distracted by the polling data showing a dip in approval after the news of your impending ascension to the throne was released. It hurt a little that a percentage of the people liked you well enough as a princess, but wouldn’t support the idea of you as an active, ruling queen.

“Put the tablet down. No reading the news until after you give me a morning kiss.” You nearly jump out of your skin when Yoongi sidles up behind you to kiss your neck softly. “Tablet. Down. Now.” And who are you to deny your husband when he orders so nicely?

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Broken Water Heater

A ‘40s Bucky x Reader Drabble

Warnings: smut (fingering), sexual tension, slight teasing, 

“So, your water heater’s out?” Bucky crossed his arms; he had a smirk plastered on his lips. “Really?”

“I wouldn’t be standing here if it wasn’t.” You matched his stance and folded your arms across your chest. “I would’ve just gone back to the compound had I known you were going to act like this.”

“Like what?” He raised an eyebrow and licked his lips. “I’m just trying to make sure you’re not scamming me.”

“You’re acting like an arrogant womanizer.” You spat the words at him, ignoring the feeling you got whenever he licked his lips. “Now, please, can I use your shower?”

“Yeah.” Bucky nodded and gestured you into his shared apartment. Steve was nowhere to be seen. “You can use mine, Steve’s is a little wonkier so mine’s the better bet.”

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“You smell good.”

Anonymous: hihi can i have a matt fic where they get drunk and reader crashes at his place? thanks xx


Thanks for my first ever Daredevil request! <3


Drunk!Matt Murdock x Reader

Matt is a goofy idiot when he drinks too much.


Y/N and Matt stumbled out of Josie’s bar with the grace of a newborn giraffe.  Y/N wasn’t that drunk, but Matt on the other hand was trashed. His cheeks were pink and he was giggling like a kid as she fawned all over him despite knowing of his nightly activities.  The big bad Daredevil was drunk as a skunk at two in the morning and giggling like a preteen playing spin the bottle; it was comical, really.  

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Jealousy Sucks || Kim Seokjin

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Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Angst/Fluff

It was supposed to be just the two of you. Jin had planned the entire night, music, dinner, movies, cuddles, and hopefully a little bit extra if you got the hint. The boys had promised they would be out of the apartment for the night, but somehow it had ended up like this.

The boys were sat around the living room, and you were sat in between Taehyung and Namjoon. The two of them were talking to you about something and Jin could hear you laughing as he continued to make dinner in the kitchen. He had gone from making a meal for two to making a meal for eight, and it frustrated him.

There was never any time for the two of you to just hang out together, just the two of you, without one of them interrupting. It didn’t help that he had to fall in love with you, who the boys got along with like their own sister. Of course there was no downside to that either as they welcomed you with open arms and he didn’t have to worry about them not liking you, but at the same time they always wanted to hang out with you and him.

He took a deep breath and ignored the sound of the boys laughing with you, trying to think about when he would be able to get you alone. All he wanted was one night for the two of you. They had promised, but the moment they car had broken down they had come straight back home and didn’t even think twice.

“Jin.” Your voice rung out through the apartment and as hard as he was trying to be mad he couldn’t ignore you. He set the spoon that he was using to stir the noodles on the counter and walked into the living room where you were waiting for him.

He walked into the living room to find you sitting in Taehyung’s lap, his arms wrapped around your waist and his head buried into the crook of your neck. His eyes were immediately attracted to the way your hand was gently playing with his hair and his eye twitched slightly. He was the only one you were supposed to do that to.

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Genre | angst

Word Count | 1.5k

Summary | saying “I’m okay” doesn’t mean it’s true.


You had promised to yourself and to him in the beginning of the relationship that you would understand the obstacles the two of you would have to face. The obstacles set out were much different than any average relationships. In an average relationship, no one had to practice all day and night. No one had to hide their relationships. No one had to leave for tour for countless days, weeks, even months.

But as time progressed, your promise started becoming harder and harder to keep.

The first incident was after the ending of his world tour, when he returned back home to you. You thought that with the tour out of the way, you’d have plenty of time to make small cute stay-at-home dates like how you two used to have before all the fame. But you were wrong.

After his long departure abroad for 6 months, there was a comeback awaiting the members of the band, including him as well. It didn’t seem fair though, a comeback right after a large world tour? But it could be your tiny selfish excuse for wanting to spend time with your boyfriend.

After sending countless messages asking if he was free, you received a message saying something along the lines of, “I’m busy practicing.” Not that it was wrong, practicing for a comeback, it was part of their world; a world you didn’t know, but promised to try and follow along with.

After not receiving a message back from you, he sent another one. “We have a comeback planned. You understand right? You’re not angry are you?” Staring at the words sent, you didn’t know how to reply.

Biting down on your bottom lip, a habit out of nervousness, you pressed the ‘send’ button. “I’m okay.


The second incident may have been your fault, but who could blame you? How else would you have felt if your boyfriend had a day off and decided to choose to practice like how he did the whole week?

“Hey Jimin,” You remember hesitantly asking. You two were at your shared apartment, you fidgeting and playing with your fingers and him sprawled across the sofa tiredly. Hearing him humming in acknowledgement, you spoke the words that you have been wanting to ask all week. “The boys told me you were free tomorrow. Since you have no schedule, wanna go do something?”

As if almost instantly, Jimin sat up. “Sorry (Y/N),” You felt your heart drop. “But I want to practice a bit more for the comeback. I can’t let down the fans.” He cocked his head to the side, elbowed propped up on his thighs, looking up at you.

You stared down at your fingers in disappointment where you stood. Hearing Jimin call you, you lifted your head up a bit. “(Y/N),” Your name rolled off his tongue easily. “Are you okay with it? Becau-”

Softly sighing, you forced your best smile. “I’m okay with it.”

“Are you sure?”

“No no, you should practice for the comeback. I know how important it is to you and the rest of the boys as well.” You repeated these words in your mind, trying to convince yourself you weren’t feeling the feelings you were feeling, maybe you could trick yourself into thinking that you didn’t miss your boyfriend these past long months,

“You shouldn’t let down your fans, you’re an idol.” You spoke solemnly, the ends of your lips curling up into a small smile. You were lucky enough to be dating an idol, you should remember that. “Don’t tire yourself out too much, alright?”

Staring at him, you hesitantly turned away and went to your room. Back pressed up against the wall, you sat on the cold wooden floor for him to leave. To leave for practice, again.

You couldn’t help but feel lonely and somewhat jealous of the girls that were dating the rest of Bangtan. They always made time for their girlfriends, unlike Jimin. Maybe you were selfish, wanting more in your relationship but you always felt the tingly jealousy thinking about what they could be doing with their girlfriends.

Like today, they took the day off, just like how they’re supposed to, instead of practicing or staying in the studios. Every time you imagine what you could be doing, your heart aches.

You could’ve been cooking together, just like Jin and his girlfriend. Cuddling in bed. Having a dance battle even if you would always lose. Watching movies. Going to the arcade even if it meant being caught in their disguises. Or maybe even just go to the park together.

Hearing the front door click, the whole apartment was silent. The only sound was that of your tears threatening to spill, finally being freed.


The third time it happened, was the last time it happened. And that’s because there wasn’t going to be a fourth time, nor a fifth time. There would be no more times.

You were doing your best keeping calm, but as the minutes ticked by, the clock ticking and tocking had somewhat drove you insane. The longer you sat there on the couch, gripping at your own hands, the more done with the entire situation.

The doorknob jiggling, the front door opens, revealing the person you had been waiting on for hours. He had promised you a home date to make up for all the times he missed with you, promising that he’d be home at 7, sharing the night of candlelit dinner with you.

Well that went nowhere, it was already 10.

Your eyes fell on Jimin’s figure, his eyes darting around the apartment, looking anywhere but your eyes. “Jimin,” You tried keeping a calm facade, pretending as if you weren’t more than just upset at the fact not only was he late, but the fact that he broke his promise and blew away the chance he had at making it up to you. “What time is it?”

A wave of nervousness and underlying guilt washed over him. He cleared his throat, looking uncomfortable, mumbling out his answer hesitantly. “10.”

“What were you doing during the time you promised to be home by?” You could tell he was getting more nervous. He looked at you, licking his lips, a nervous habit of his that you’ve learned he had. “I was…practicing.”

You snapped, your seemingly calm facade fading even though Jimin already knew you were steaming. “Again?!” He flinched at your loudness. “Why were you practice when you promised me you’d be home for dinner? The dinner you said you’d make it back in time for?”

“(Y/N), l-let me explain okay? I was just practice and,” His words drifted off as if he didn’t want to tell you. “And?” You huffed, arms around your hips, weight on your right leg. You were impatient. The faster he spits it out the faster it’s over.

“I just lost track of time, o-okay?” He sighed, raking his hand through his locks. “Jimin,” He hesitantly looked up, scared of what you were going to say.

“When was the last time we had a date?” You croaked, tried of his excuses. You knew he didn’t know the answer, that’s because you didn’t either. That’s know long it’s been. Your last date together could’ve been 8 months ago, who knows? “I….I don’t know.”

You bit your lip. You hated what you were going to say but it had to be done. You could handle the loneliness and neglect of your relationship anymore. Rather you, it was your heart that couldn’t handle another crack. “I’m sorry,” Jimin’s head shot up, eyes widened in alarm. “Look, I don’t think this is going to wor-”

“Y-You’re not serious right?” He stuttered, hoping it was some lame prank and that you were doing this just to scare him. “Right?” He repeated, urging, pleading you with his eyes to say it was all a joke, that you weren’t serious, that you weren’t going to give up on your neglected relationship.

“I’m…not.” You looked away, not wanting to see the look on his face. “I think it’s best if we broke things off.” Looking up back at your boyfriend, now technically ex, instantly regretting your decision. His eyes were glossed, bottom lip quivering. “You’re always busy with practice and touring and I’m always waiting here at home for you. I can’t do that anymore, my heart can’t handle anymore pain.”


“It’ll be less stressful if you didn’t have to think about me during practice. You’re an idol Jimin,” You forced out a smile. “You’re always going to be busy, and if not busy then tired. Just forget about me, alright? Focus on your career without me.”

Giving Jimin a small smile, you lowered your head and walked by him, stopping by your room to bring out your already packed suitcase. “I was never okay Jimin.” And with that and the click of the door’s lock, you walked out of his life, fast enough to not show your tears but slow enough to catch a glimpse of his.

The Price of Privilege - Part 6 (A Kyungsoo Series)

The word repeated again and again in your mind, taking its own path through your consciousness, it swerved and ducked between what ifs and flat out denials until it faded into obscurity and lost any semblance of meaning.

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For shinjiminbaby ; Here, pigglet ♡

♡ Note: None of the small things lower in the post are meant in a sexual way. At all. So, before you blow up my inbox, know my intentions were nothing more than innocent. [ REPOST because my phone is an asshole. ]

▪ Honestly pretty sweet
▪ One of the youngest of the pack
▪ But, not really new
▪ Don’t underestimate him
▪ Keeps to himself
▪ Listens to the Alpha
▪ Good boy generally
▪ Likes being out in nature
▪ ☆ Human
▪ Everyone wants to touch his hair itssofluffythough
▪ Smile that kills
▪ Avoids the urge to bite
▪ Oral fixation, tbh
▪ Likes music
▪ Often wears headphones to block out the noises from miles away
▪ Grade spikes
▪ It’s your fault
▪ He’s been in love with you since kindergarten
▪ Turns a lot of girls down
▪ Sensitive about hurting people
▪ Draws a lot
▪ Mostly that girl from kindergarten
▪ Aka you
▪ Aka the one he can’t stop staring at
▪ Donghyuck is sick of hearing about you honestly
▪ ‘How does this look..?’
▪ ‘Looks like the last fifty drawings of her, Mark.’
▪ Eventually goes to the Alpha like a lost puppy
▪ ‘Is it possible to find your soulmate at a really young age..?’
▪ ‘Anythings possible.’
▪ He basically confirms you’re his soulmate sodoeseveryoneelse
▪ Approaches s h y l y
▪ With flowers
▪ ‘I know we don’t talk..and you..don’t really know me but..let’s—’
▪ You take the flowers, and chuckle
▪ ‘Took you long enough’
▪ He dies a little on the inside
▪ Over time, you obviously find out
▪ Hey I’m dating a wolf (’:
Wait is that why you growl a lot
▪ You love it
▪ He’s so soft to you
▪ [ We’ll get back to that ]
▪ ☆ Wolf
▪ Protective, and defensive of his people
▪ aka You, and the pack
▪ Likes to run
▪ Generally found under a tree
▪ Loves food
▪ Likes nuzzling your hand
▪ Head
▪ Thigh
▪ Side
▪ Basically anywhere
▪ He really just likes nuzzling you
▪ L i c k s your face just like a puppy
▪ Is really a pup honestly
▪ Likes collars
▪ Many collar jokes
▪ ‘You gross, kinky so—’ -Donghyuck
▪ ‘Don’t make me throw you in a river, Hyuck.’
▪ Yes he likes fetch
▪ Likes to be active
▪ ‘Mark, give it-’
▪ Grr-
▪ ‘Mark Lee, give me that ball right now, or no petting for a week’
▪ Whimpers
▪ Drops said ball
▪ ☆ Little things
▪ Bite marks
▪ Mark just likes biting, and gnawing on things
▪ Almost like a teething child
▪ So, he tends to nibble on you
▪ Hand
▪ Shoulder
▪ Arm
▪ Not hard enough to hurt, but enough to leave marks
▪ ‘I have SCHOOL, Mark.’
▪ ‘At least other boys don’t bother you’
▪ Innocent smile
▪ You can’t help but melt, and let him continue
▪ He’s a rather innocent minded kid
▪ So he avoids the others teasing, and remarks
▪ When it comes to his mate, aka, you
▪ You, are his world
▪ Just you
▪ Goddess
▪ You heal him
▪ Expect him to always be connected to you
▪ Hand holding
▪ Arm around waist
▪ Holding your shirt
▪ He n e e d s to be holding onto you
▪ He aches to be in your arms
▪ Can not go one day without you
▪ Very affectionate
▪ Only towards you
▪ Protective
▪ He is not afraid to rip someone to pieces for breathing in your direction
▪ ‘Couple bracelets!’
▪ Frown
▪ ‘It would break when I change..’
▪ Pouts from you
▪ ‘….Tattoos?’
▪ You both beam
▪ Hng
▪ You eventually get SMALL matching tattoos
▪ Something innocent
▪ That really stands for you
▪ Like he has a tiny lamb on the side of his wrist
▪ You have a wolf
▪ Cause, you’re his fragile little lamb
▪ He’s your guardian wolf
▪ Years later?
▪ Wedding bells and puppies

Bad Boy (Part 1)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader.

Warnings: SMUT. Excessive use of pet names, mentions of bruises and small cuts, oral sex (fr), unprotected sex, slight spanking, instead of his metal arm Buck-Buck has a full sleeve of tattoos, he’s hot. This is for the second part.

Word Count: 1336.

Rating: 18+


So I sent ans ask for @bucky-plums-barnes Sinful Sunday about Bucky having a full sleeve of tattoos and being the kind of guy your parents always told to stay away from, @ryverpenrad said they’d write another version of this, so I’m tagging them and my wives @sexylibrarian1 and @thecrownedrose Because I love them!

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Relapse [M]

Originally posted by pjmjjk

pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: angst, smut

word count: 2.8k

Your poison is back.

In your peripheral vision you could see him standing there. Blending casually with the shadows casted in the grey wall filled with graffiti. The liquid courage burning your throat the whole night turned to be a bad companion. The countless nights you spent with mascara running down your dark almond-shaped eyes that smeared your pillowcase stopped you from approaching him.

“I’m sorry.”

You stayed silent. Because silence is the only constant in the undefined uncertainty. Silence was your friend ever since your little heart starts to beat inside the womb. Silence was what greeted you when you called him late at night after you demanded him to tell you the opposite of your assumptions. Silence was the loudest sound resonating in your one room apartment that you wasted your youth on, trying to pay each month.
He was the aftertaste of coffee in the morning, his scent still lingers in your small kitchen and he knew you would crawl back to him even after all this time. But not this time. You let the static noise consume your silence and ended the line.

“Why weren’t you answering my calls?”

You look up to his dark irises demanding answers. You could see a hint of curiosity interlaced with a flicker of worry in his low voice that he’d use on only on you. Maybe he should just open his own private practice and fool other girls into thinking he’s an available saint when, in all honesty, he was a demon. Hypothetically. 

You find it difficult to hold the laughter of pity you have for yourself. His voice was still able to fill up the crevices in your broken soul. You mustered up all the extra dose of courage your dear friend has given you and captured his eyes in yours.

“How can you expect me to answer your calls when you never pick up mine?”

He seemed taken aback by the sharp words coming out of your mouth. The distance between the two of you were short, but you’ve never felt out of place and further than him. You could smell the distinct scent of his cologne – your favorite cologne, and you’ve never felt the need to break down like this. But you can’t. Because when you do, when you carefully peel off the layers of yourself in front of him until you’re stripped bare and empty, he’ll find good use of your cracks to fill you with him again. He would fill you with love and affection that turned into an elixir you needed everyday, until you depend on it too much it turned to poison. 

You had to remind yourself that he left you. Jungkook left you with no perspicuous reason, leaving you at 4 o’clock in the morning with his hoodie still clinging to your sleeping figure. And when the door clicked shut, you finally opened your all-along conscious eyes, welcoming the tears rolling down your cheeks at the crack of dawn. Your relationship with him was on the highway reaching the downhill. 

His arms snaked around your waist as tears threatened to spill out of your eyes. No amount of alcohol was enough to make you forget him, and now he was in front of you. His physique engulfed you in a comforting hug, as if welcoming you home when in fact your home was the one that left you.
You stayed in his embrace long enough to collect yourself together. His steady arms were caging you in – the physical contact burning your skin in ways that you concluded was all because of the alcohol. Nothing more. You lifted your head from his firm shoulder to land a closer look on him. Nothing changed. Except for us, you thought to yourself.

Jungkook’s eyes meet your heavy ones and you didn’t need to avert your vision to the night sky to see the stars, because the galaxy was in his eyes. You didn’t know how long you stayed still admiring his dark eyes glinting at night that was once yours, but your eyes were now closed and his soft lips were on yours.

His kiss was the same as always; a mix of need, comfort, lust and a sweet escape. You knew this relationship was just two broken souls finding solace in one other. He tasted like broken bottles in the living room at 2 am, the scent of the earth after the rain subsided and the thick smell of secondhand cigarettes from the party inside but nevertheless – home. You broke apart before one thing leads to another, holding both of his arms to prevent him from approaching you once more. But your attempts were futile when the close proximity was charged with tension that made you push your thighs tightened against each other.

His eyes were a slow torch of fire lighting you up. And his lips were ravishing yours once more. Hungry, heavy with lust and laced with desperation. You prayed that this wouldn’t be another mistake. That the crossroads of choices deep in your head were guiding you to a conclusion that wouldn’t break your heart further. Maybe loving him one last time is the key to letting him go. But loving him was, is and always will be hard.

You returned his kiss with the same eagerness and passion because your ability to lie to yourself was inactive, and you were left with desire. His teeth grazed your bottom lip and you muffled a moan threatening to escape your lips, but his deep kisses were ready to capture the sounds you make as his hands run down your body to your sensitive area.
“We should continue this somewhere private,” he croaked out before kissing you tenderly and interlacing his hands with yours. Both of you were a panting mess with Jungkook leading the way and you following closely behind with his fingers around yours.

“Where is ‘somewhere private’?” you breathed out. You didn’t know where he was taking you, but as his pace slowed down, you could spot his black car a two blocks away from where you are. 

The thought of having sex in the car kick start the engine of your heart, overworking the pumps that resonated to your inner system. You were going to have sex in his car. Of course, it wasn’t your first time with him but it was a mutual preference to not do it in public or somewhere with high risks of getting caught. But it was different this time. 

He muttered a low fuck as he searched his pockets for his car keys and quickly unlocked the door. Like the gentleman he is, he opened the door for you to let you go first before spanking you when you were halfway in. You opened your mouth to protest but the door was quickly shut and his mouth was all over yours. He broke away to lift his shirt over his head before positioning himself in between your legs, your head leaned on the window of the car and his fingers tugged the hem of your dress, motioning you to strip down like he did. He stopped moving when he finally pulled the dress over your head to admire your chest and you could see the bulge in his chest growing more prominent when he realized you weren’t wearing any bra.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful,” he said in the middle of heated kisses with his fingers in your hair, tugging it back to make more space between your shoulders and neck. He rests his forehead on your neck as he grinds his hips on yours. His hardness was touching your stomach and your thighs. You were positive you were drenched down there. 

You reached down to unbutton his jeans and help him take it off, wasting no more time. He draws his hand down your stomach to your underwear, pressing his middle finger to the thin fabric, making you grind your hips on his finger. 

“You’re this wet for me and I haven’t fucked you yet,” He used his free hand to hold your hips down while he moved the fabric aside and rubbed your throbbing clit. 

“Jungkook,” You moaned, trying to buck your hips eager for more contact with this fingers. He patted your pussy twice before his index finger curled the side of your lacy underwear and pulled it down slowly, knowing the effect it has on you.

His eyes skimmed your naked body with lust written all over his face. Your arousal was all you could smell inside the car. He let go of your hips and kept his eyes on you as he runs his left hand to your upper body, landing on your breasts and flicking your hard nipples, earning another moan from you. You grasped his right hand frozen in between your thighs to make him move. 

“Take it slow, baby.” He grunted and sucked on your neck. He continued painting your neck with his tongue and his eager kisses while his right hand slowly moved to life, cupping your core relishing in the heat that engulfed his palm before drawing slow circles on your heat. His thumb flicked your clit, you instantly arch your back into him. His fingers teasingly slid over your outer folds before he dipped one inside you, pumping in and out consistently, and then another was added. Slowly, he pulls them out to push them back inside your depths roughly and you could hear how wet you were. You start to press against him to keep up with him, but this earned a dissatisfied look from Jungkook and he curled his fingers inside you while pumping in and out with greater speed. You threw your head back against the door as moans spilled out of your mouth mercilessly. 

You could feel the familiar knot in your lower stomach start to tighten and you knew your release was coming very soon. “Faster. Jungkook-“ your cries were cut short when he suddenly stopped moving and pulled his fingers out of your glistening folds, now covered with your wetness. He brought his two fingers into his mouth and sucked your juices. Fuck. He leaned against the door opposite of yours and motioned you to ride him. 

You managed to use advantage of the small space to lower yourself on all fours and crawl a step to his raging, leaking pre-cum and bent down to lick the tip of his sensitive length. You opened your mouth to lick his shaft up and down to his balls before closing it in from the top. You began to bob your head up and down his length a few times before he grabbed your hair to hold your face still. He thrusts roughly into your mouth into your throat, causing you to force yourself to swallow back a choke as he moans your name like a scripture. He pulled your off gently and wiped the saliva that escaped your lips. 

“You’re so hot just like that, dollface,” He knew what does pet names did to your pussy and you loved it. You position yourself over his dick and slowly lowered yourself completely. Moans filled the car, and his dick easily slipped in and out of you because of how wet you are around his dick. You put your hands on his broad chest and started to ride him. You leaned to kiss him as he guides your hips and meet your pussy hallway down with his hard thrusts. His tongue exploring your mouth and mingling with yours, you can taste yourself on his tongue. He reached down to grip your ass and you grind your hips into him faster.

“Faster baby, come on, faster,” Jungkook whispered against your lips and you steadied your arms on the window, clenching your pussy around him as his dick slipped in and out. 

“Jungkook, I’m close, I’m so fucking close ah-“curses spilled out of Jungkook’s mouth and he lifts both of your hips. 

“I need you to hold on tight okay?” he breathed out, “Can you do that, princess?” He spanked your ass when you took too long to respond and moaned his name instead as an answer. He held your hips still in a vice-like grip to hold them still and thrusts inside you in and out. You could feel his dick easily slipping between your folds and the sound of skin to skin was drowned out the moans and grunts from your mouth. 

“Come for me, Jungkook, I’m close,” You whisper into his ear and the effect was immediate. His thrusts turned sloppy and faster as your release was dangerously near. He managed two hard thrusts before smacking your ass and you came all over him.

He slammed into you three more times and came inside you. His release filling up your pussy in a familiar heat and sensation. You knew this was wrong, maybe, but you never felt so alive as you always were in his arms. He pulls out of you and you grab some tissues from the dashboard in front, offering him a few before taking some to clean yourself.

You slipped on your intimates and dress quickly before looking at him. He was still stark naked, observing you with his calculating eyes that you never were able to decipher. 

“Talk to me, Y/N.” he broke the silence. Your head was much clearer now and the alcohol running through your veins have left you bare to your own thoughts, back to your old mundane self.

“I’ve been talking since the start. You were the one not answering. You knew I loved you, and I still do. If you up and left like that ignoring my calls, you shouldn’t be surprised I gave you the silent treatment. Isn’t that your favorite treatment for me the past few weeks?” you paused and closed your eyes to take a deep breathe. Jungkook opened his mouth to respond but you held a finger in the air.

“Nope. I’m not done, honey. I just want to know why you left. Why the fuck did you leave?” you were starting to feel your eyes burn and you knew you’d be teary-eyed soon even if he responded.

“I’m sorry,” his voice was clear and full of regret, “I know that was a dick move,” he paused to put on his boxers and jeans. You didn’t notice you were looking at his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down. The action was innocent, of course, but it brought an instant calming effect to your burning emotions. You averted your gaze to look at his eyes as he spoke,

“You’ve been handling all those shit from work and working double-shifts because you wanted to stay in this shitty city with me and it’s slowly eating you out. You’re not happy and it’s because of me. And I thought maybe you’d be happier if I left.” He reached out to tuck a few strands of your hair behind your ears. “You know I can help you. But you don’t want my help and I respect your decision. But it’s wearing you out. And I don’t want my baby to be unhappy.”

His confession brought your body to a halt. He thought you were unhappy this whole time. Working double-shifts weren’t a problem because the pay was good even if the co-workers were not. You mentally debated to yourself whether you should punch his cocky face or his limp dick.
“Y/N..” He continued to stare into your eyes pleading for understanding. Will everything be okay even after this? He may not be there for you physically all the time but you’ve never felt more welcomed in his embrace than your family’s.

“So what happens now, Jungkook?” you voiced out your thoughts. He knew you would succumb to him with those eyes of his, but you wanted him to decide this time. You were tired. Tired of all the sleepless nights you drowned in your sorrows just to curse at yourself the next day at work. Tired of not having anyone to wake up to next to you, or even blowing up your phone with no reason at all. Tired of confiding in the company of your friend that has a much bigger problem than yours. Tired of the uncertainty this world has to offer. So the words that would come out of his mouth could either break you or greet you like the early sunrise in the morning. And there was a tiny flicker of hope inside you that hasn’t died along with the rest of you, waiting for a sign to ignite your bones with the things you knew you deserve but see no signs of receiving.

“Let’s go home.”

Tom Holland Imagine - We’ll Try Again

request: could you do a tom imagine where you have a miscarriage

a/n: this is sad guys i’m sorry

word count: 1725

masterlist: (x)

“I thought women weren’t supposed to get their periods when they were pregnant,” Harry whispered into Sam’s ear as they sat around the dining table, noting the blood stain on the back of your light wash jeans as you stood peeling carrots with Paddy at the kitchen counter, your backs turned towards them. Sam shook his head, leaning away from Harry and towards his mother. He nudged her with his elbow, disrupting her conversation with his father.

“Mum, she’s bleeding,” Sam said quietly, nodding his head in your direction. Her eyes widened as she acknowledged the bleeding and stood up quickly, the wooden chair scraping along the kitchen tiles, waking Tessa from her nap on the floor. She shrugged her cardigan off as she came up behind you and wrapped it around your waist.
“Sweetheart,” she whispered calmly in your ear. “Come upstairs, love.” You dropped the half-peeled carrot onto the chopping board, Sam standing up to take over the task as Nikki took you into her bedroom, still confused as to why you now had her cardigan around you, the knot she tied resting just below your swollen belly. “Honey, you’re bleeding, did you know you were bleeding?” She asked. The panic in your eyes told her you didn’t. “Don’t panic, love, don’t panic.” She sat you down on her bed as she fumbled in her drawers for some spare trousers for you to wear. “Put these on sweetheart, I’ve got sanitary towels in the cupboard under the sink, okay?” You nodded. “Are you feeling any pain, sweetie?” She asked. Her voice was gentle, reassuring you with her soothing tone, like your own mother’s had sounded when you were a child.

Ever since Tom had brought you home all those years ago, Nikki had warmed to you immediately, treating you as her own daughter, finally having some female company. You were grateful, since your own mother had passed away years before you’d met Tom. She filled a mother shaped space in your life, and even though she could never compare to your own sweet mother, Nikki was the next best thing.  

“No, no,” you half stuttered. “I didn’t even know I was bleeding.” Your voice was shaky and your throat was dry. You could almost hear your heart pounding through your chest.
“Alright, listen,” she sat down next to you. “I’m going to drive you to the hospital okay? I’m sure it’s going to be nothing, some women bleed sometimes during pregnancy but we’ll just get you checked out okay. You haven’t had a bleed before since you found out you were pregnant?” You shook your head, biting down on your lip to try and stop the tears. Nikki smiled at you, some sadness in her eyes, as she pulled you into a hug. “It’s alright.”
“You should phone Tom,” you said, your voice coming out as a whisper.
“I will do, poppet. Go and get changed, I’ll try and get hold of him.”

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I had the hiccups for like three days. It was getting really painful and I couldn't sleep so I sent it in to Batsignal. Not ten minutes later I'm suddenly yanked from the street and three stories up into the air by a thin wire. Scared me so bad that my hiccups left right away, AND Batman gave me a small smile before lowering me gently to the ground. #TheHeroINeeded #OnlyInGotham

~Morning Cuddles~

When you have to study, but have needy hybrids who just want to chill in bed all day with you.


Word Count: 2,790

🎶Up in the skyyy- NO. You fumble around blindly, snaking your hand through the warm sheets to try and find your phone without having to actually open your eyes.

Where the hell is it? It’s gotta be around here somewhere. Ah, got it. You desperately poke the screen and it finally goes quiet, encasing the room in a cocoon of silence. Goosebumps pop out along your hand and you shudder at the cold air, yanking your appendage back into the nest of blankets.

How can it already be 6:00 am? It seems like only moments ago you had gone to bed, winding down for a blissful sleep. Your eyes are barely cracked open and through the haziness you can see that it’s still definitely dark outside.

You love that song, it’s one of your favorites, hence why you chose it as your alarm, but you’re not doing it. You refuse to get up. It’s way too cozy in here. With the warmth of your sheets and comforter, the softness of your pillows, even the weight that’s crushing you more and more as the seconds, or is it minutes, that tick by are making you almost fall back into oblivion. Almost being the key word. Unfortunately, your lungs start to scream otherwise.

Damn it.

You groan, which seemingly uses the last of your air supply and you start fidgeting in discomfort.

Why must he insist on laying right on top on you? You half-heartedly try to push him away and the only response you are rewarded with is a grunt before he crushes you even closer to him.

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Jealousy isn’t a good colour on you (Montgomery De la Cruz x Reader)

Warnings : Alcohol, jealousy, bad English.
Word count: 2601.

Originally posted by siriusblackquacks

A/N: I’m sorry for being a terrible person and posting every 8656 years. Depression is a bitch, and it’s back. It’s tiring to always pretend that you’re happy so all I wanna do all day long is sleep, but I promise I’ll post more soon.

Also, My armour, my first Montgomery imagine got over 500 notes; thank you all so much!

You can read my first Monty imagine here, my Zach imagine here and my Justin imagines here and here.

The party was already in full swing when Montgomery walked in the Walker household. Intoxicated teenagers were dancing – or more like grinding – in the living room, others playing in the swimming pool or relaxing in the hot tub.

The brown-eyed boy walked up to his group of friends in the back of the garden, a few of them already drunk even though it was barely 10pm. He poured himself some vodka in an empty red cup and leaned against the little bar as he sipped on it. His eyes scanned the crowd that was forming outside as he wasn’t really interested in the conversation the other boys were having about the upcoming basketball game.

The party was supposed to be like any other – he was going to dance, play beer pong, flirt a bit with a few girls and get drunk, ending the night in one of the guest rooms upstairs alone or with a random girl, he didn’t really care. That is until he saw her walk in, and all his plans for the night have changed.

Y/N was the nicest and the most beautiful girl in Liberty High, at least according to him. The way her H/C hair waved as she walked past him, the way her eyes shined and her lips curved into a small smile as she greeted him in the hallway everyday made his heart melt and his breath hitch. He was head over heels for her, but of course he would never admit it. The only person aware of his feelings for the girl was Jeff, as he has caught his teammate staring at her more than once and confronted him about it.

Go for it, ask her out! He remembers his blue-eyed friend saying one day, to which Montgomery had rolled his eyes and scoffed, pretending not to know what or who the boy was talking about. And it has been going on for almost three months – three painfully long months if you ask Jeff. It was tiring and also worrying him that his friend was still in denial. He couldn’t blame him for acting this way though, as he knew that the boy has never felt something like this before.

Sure, Montgomery De la Cruz has had girlfriends – a countless amount of them. But he never felt anything more than lust or want towards them. They were all pretty girls who would have done anything to win the player’s heart, but not one succeeded. Instead, Y/N did. And she wasn’t even trying.

It was the way she seemed always happy and cheerful that made him fall for her. She was permanently smiling, and her bright smile was oh so contagious. Everyone at Liberty High adored her – the teachers, the students, from the shy Clay Jensen and Tyler Down to the jocks such as Justin Foley or even Bryce Walker. And she, in return, adored everyone.

But she was too good for him, and he knew it. She was kind and he was harsh, sometimes even cruel. She was friendly, always helping new pupils to get adapted to the new school; and he was cold towards new people, always picking up fights with newbies and weaker ones. She was a hopeless romantic – he had noticed it when she dated a guy for a few weeks a couple months ago, and he was a player.

And so that was the reason why he hasn’t made a move. Although Jeff has been pushing him to do so, Montgomery wasn’t ready to get rejected by the only girl he actually felt something for.

“Y/N is looking good tonight.” Zach said, earning a few hums of approval from his friends and bringing Monty back from his thoughts. He blinked a few times and nodded softly, his attention back to the girl. Heat rose to his cheeks as Y/N’s eyes met his. Noticing him starring, she waved at him and he gave her a small smile before lowering his gaze to the now empty cup he was holding.

She was stunning. Her light blue dress and nude sandals made her look so innocent, almost angelic. She had let her hair down, just like he preferred, and her make-up was really light – just some mascara and lip gloss, from what he could tell from this distance.

He looked up once again and couldn’t help the small smile and the warm feeling that developed in his chest as he saw her standing a few meters away from him, talking to Hannah. Both girls were grinning and giggling – he could hear them from where he was. The sound of her laugh was music to his ears.

The boy sighed loudly, turning around to pour himself another drink. He earned a few confused stares from his friends but decided to ignore them, forget everything and enjoy the party.

Minutes passed, drinks were drunk and he could feel the alcohol pump in his veins. He wasn’t drunk, far from it actually, but definitely tipsy. He was still at the bar, sitting on a high stool with Zach to his left and a very wasted and almost passed-out Marcus to his right when a wave of braveness, most likely caused by the alcohol, took over him. He was going to talk to Y/N. Not ask her out, at least not yet, but just make small talk and see how things go.

He turned around on the stool to face the crowd, careful not to fall as his vision blurred for a second. Regaining his composure, he let his eyes run over the dancing bodies, a big smile plastered to his face. It only took him a few seconds to find her, and what he saw made his smile vanish and his brows furrow.

Y/N was there, in the middle of the dancing couples, her arms thrown lazily around Jeff’s neck as his hands rested gently on her hips. Monty’s fists clenched and his pupils dilated with anger, a strange feeling creeping on his heart making his chest feel heavy. It was something he had never felt before. Was it jealousy? It couldn’t be, Montgomery has never ever felt jealous before – if something, people were always jealous of him.

He could see them smiling and whispering things to each other, and it made him sick to the stomach. He felt furious, disappointed, betrayed. How could Jeff do this? Yes, Monty has always denied having feelings for the H/C haired girl. But he knew Jeff wasn’t buying any of his lies, they have known each other for so long they both knew when the other one was lying. The blue-eyed boy was even the one always pushing him to make a move, and now here we was, taking his chance the night Montgomery was finally going to try.

Getting off the stool, the boy stormed past the dancing crowd and towards the house, his fists and jaw clenched. Taking a last look back, his eyes met Y/N’s E/C ones for a second before he entered the residence, slamming the door behind him and leaving her utterly confused.

“What’s wrong with Monty?” She shouted over the music, her worried eyes lingering on the closed door. The question caught Jeff off guard, as he wasn’t really paying attention to his teammate that night. He had a mission at hand, after all.

“What? I don’t know.” The boy brushed her off, focusing back on his goal. “Can you still see them? How are things going?” Y/N’s eyes wandered around the garden in search of her friend, Hannah, and Clay. She nodded slowly once she found them, smiles plastered to their faces as they swung their bodies to the beat.

When Hannah Baker arrived at Liberty High, Y/N was over-excited. She couldn’t wait to show the new student around the school, and around the town. And as everyone else, Hannah grew fond of the H/C haired girl. She even considered her a friend.

Y/N being her very observant and romantic self quickly noticed that her new friend had the hots for the reserved and calm boy – Clay Jensen. And she made it her personal mission to set them up.

“Yeah, they’re near the hot tub, still dancing.” The girl informed him before pulling away from the boy, making him look at her with a raised brow.

Y/N and Jeff weren’t exactly friends until this year. They shared a few classes, but never really met outside of school and parties. That is until she learnt that Clay was tutoring him, and a plan formed in her head. She had met Jeff at his locker one day, and asked him to help her out, which he gladly accepted. Every time they met now was to discuss the, as they called it, ‘Mission: Clannah’.

“I, uh. I need a drink. I’ll be right back.” She quickly squeezed her way through the sweaty bodies, taking a big breath once she was out of the crowd.

She couldn’t help but worry. Montgomery looked furious. And what concerned her even more was the fact that it was her he was looking at before slamming that door, his eyes filled with anger but also something else that looked like hurt, as if it was her who has made him mad.

Truth is, Y/N has always had a crush on the baseball player. Ever since she met him in junior year at the cafeteria when she accidentally spilled water on him. She smiled at the memory as she walked towards the door, ready to find him.

The girl didn’t really know what it was in him that attracted her. Was it his bad boy attitude? His Colgate smile? Or maybe even his arrogance? She didn’t know, but she couldn’t help but to fall for him. Slowly but surely. Needless to say that all of her friends disapproved. They all warned her, sometimes even making up stories to discourage her. He’s an ass, Y/N. Forget him. They would say, but it only made her want to know him even more.

She was sure he wasn’t as bad as everyone said he was. There’s good in everyone. She would always reply, earning scoffs, eye-rolls and sighs from her friends.

Every time she saw him with another girl, her heart would ache, but she would still keep her happy façade. She couldn’t be mad at him after all, he had no idea of her feelings. But months passed and the girl couldn’t bring herself to act upon them. He would never go for a girl like me. She kept repeating herself.

The girls surrounding him were always the same type – pretty and confident, they knew what they wanted and how to get it. She just couldn’t picture him being interested by someone like her. Y/N was a good girl, and he was Liberty High’s bad boy. She was calm and he was rough. She was the sun and he was the moon.

The living room of the Walker house wasn’t as crowded as the garden. Only a few people were sitting on the couches, talking and laughing while playing a drinking game Y/N did not know. She wasn’t a big drinker, after all.

It took her only a couple of minutes to find the brunette sitting on the stairs, his head hanging low and an empty bottle of beer resting in his hand. He was breathing slowly, his shoulders moving up and down with each inhale and exhale of air. He looked calm, so calm she thought he might be asleep and she was ready to leave him be, until he moved to put the bottle down next to him. He still hasn’t seen her though, so she cleared her throat finally catching his attention.

“Y/N?” His voice was soft and quiet as he whispered her name, his eyes wide as he wasn’t expecting her to be here. He looked so lost, for a minute she wondered if he wasn’t completely hammered. But then he blinked a few times and shook his head as if to bring himself back from his thoughts to the real world. He kept on starring up at her, making her shift uncomfortably.

“Uh, are you okay? I was dancing with Jeff and saw you leave…” She asked unsure, looking down and playing with her fingers to distract herself from his beautiful brown eyes. His jaw clenched at the mention of Jeff, but it went unnoticed by the girl.

“I’m fine.” He answered shortly. Silence took over them, none of them knowing what to say. This was probably the longest conversation they’ve had had so far, except for school projects. And it was going terribly wrong. “You can go back to Jeff. I’m okay.” He spat after a while, making Y/N frown.

“Are you su-” Worry filled her voice and she tried to put a hand on his shoulder, only for him to look up at her which made her stop right away.

“I said I’m fine, Y/N!” He exclaimed, louder than he intended to. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, slowly breathing in and out to calm himself down. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright, I’m gonna go I didn’-” She was already turning on her heel, ready to leave the house and then the party but Monty cut her off once again, totally ignoring her.

“I just, I can’t believe him.” The brunette let out a humourless laugh. “He knows how I feel about you yet he’s throwing himself at you.” He continued, his eyes focused on everything but the girl.

Y/N stood there motionless, her brain still processing what she had just heard. Did Montgomery De la Cruz, Liberty High’s biggest bad boy just confessed his feelings to her?

“You like me?” She asked, her voice shaky and unsure. “Me?” She repeated. Monty’s eyes finally met hers, he nodded slowly.

“Of course I do. You’re the most amazing girl in this goddamn town.” He said, keeping eye contact. Y/N could feel her heart melt and her cheeks turn a crimson red colour. She knew he was sincere, she saw it in his deep brown eyes.

“Why haven’t you told me?” She crouched down in front of him, taking his hands in hers, squeezing them gently.

“Because you’re way too good for me.” Monty looked down at their hands, intertwining their fingers together. “You’d never date me.” He whispered.

He looked so vulnerable at that moment – she had never seen him like this, she doubted anyone ever has. She smiled at him even though he wasn’t looking at her.

“Pick me up tomorrow at seven?” She finally asked after a few minutes. Montgomery’s head shot up, his eyes wide and his lips parted. Oh, how she wanted to kiss him right there, right then. But she bit on her bottom lip instead, forcing herself to focus. She looked at him expectantly as he searched for the right thing to say.

“I- uh, Are you-, I mean. Sure. Tomorrow at seven.” He stuttered, quickly nodding.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, then” Getting up, Y/N laughed quietly at his shocked expression. Who would have thought that Y/N, the quiet good girl could leave Montgomery, the famous bad boy speechless? She turned around, slowly walking towards the door ready to head home for a good night of sleep before their date. “Oh and by the way,” She called catching his attention. “Jealousy isn’t a good colour on you.” She added with a smile before walking out leaving a smiling Monty behind. The boy laughed quietly to himself and rubbed at his tired eyes, shaking his head. He couldn’t wait.

I’m sorry the ending sucked


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au prompt: Castle or Beckett is a secret service agent to President Castle or Beckett. who plays what role is up to you :)

The terrorist attack on the White House comes totally and utterly unexpected, in sync with the wave of horrific explosions and decimation sweeping over a slew of major cities across the nation.

And all he can think about is the job he’s had for the last four years: keeping her safe.

Rick Castle, head of the secret service team assigned to protect President Beckett, moves into action the second the missile hits the East Wing of the White House. He hustles Kate out of the Oval Office and scans his eyes over the unfolding chaos before it can touch her.

“Castle,” she gasps, jerking on his hand, slamming them both into the wall as a spray of bullets begina to rain through the air.

“Shit,” he breathes, withdrawing his own piece, aiding in the returning fire of his team, trying not to watch the bodies of government officials falling dead in the halls. “Go ahead of me. Keep going-”

“No,” she hisses, her fingers hooking at his forearm, and he growls, hates now more than ever how stubborn she is. 

“I’m covering you, go,” he commands, keeping both hands on his gun, his arms in position as she leads them down familiar corridors.

At least she knows the drill, isn’t trying to be a hero-

He hears her grunt, the slam of her body into another wall.

Castle immediately spins, sees her pinned by a man in all black riot gear and a gloved hand around Kate’s throat, a knife in the other.

Her knee pistons up into the man’s groin, has him doubling over just as Castle fires the shot into his head.

“Are you okay?” Castle questions, hearing the wheeze of her lungs as she coughs, but she’s already nodding, returning to the mission at hand, running.


She waits for Castle to unlock the panic room with his gun cradled in her palms, her heart rabbiting but her finger steady on the trigger as she waits with bated breath.

“Okay, we’re in. Hurry, before someone sees,” he murmurs, his hand at the small of her back.

Kate lowers the sig, but doesn’t give it back until they’ve slipped inside the secret room embedded into the wall, until the door that blends all too perfectly with the wall slides back into place. 

Castle is one of the only people on the planet who knows about the panic room, one of the selected few allowed to know, and probably the only person she’s always trusted would never turn on her. 

He proves her right.

Castle keeps one hand on her arm as they descend down the stairs, the pathway long and dark, foreboding. She feels the cool air embrace her the lower they travel, the weight of moisture clinging to her skin.

The underground safe room was built over a mile deep and by the time they finally reach the floor, the second security enclosed entryway, she’s panting.

“You okay?” he asks, his own breath quickened, his eyes glimmering in the barely lit corridor.

“Let’s just get inside,” she murmurs, but Castle lifts a hand to her face, his palm a familiar fit to her cheek.

“We’re surviving this, Kate.”

“Maybe, but no one else is,” she mutters, scraping a hand through her hair. “I ran like a coward. I’m supposed to keep these people, this country, safe-”

“By dying for your cause? Because that’s all you would have accomplished up there,” he reminds her with a narrowed look. “We’ve gone over this multiple times-”

“Doesn’t make it easier,” she snaps, stepping away from the caress of his hand and punching the code into the lockbox. “How long are we staying in here?”

“As long as it takes,” Castle sighs, following her in as the vaulted door swings open. He slams it shut behind him and enables every lock equipped to withstand all forms of enemies. “We should have electricity down here, so I can have eyes on the outside.”

She reclaims his hand again as they start down the final corridor that will lead them into a safe room the size of a studio apartment, stocked with food and weapons, and hopefully enough hard walls to keep them alive. 

He laces their fingers, squeezes a little too tight, but she welcomes his firm grip, the confirmation that they’ve survived. For now.


Kate is curled on the sofa against the wall, her heels and pantsuit gone in favor of jeans and a black sweater, boots better suited for running, fighting. He’s trained with her for years now, knows she can hold her own against a man twice her size. But right now, with a throw blanket he knows once belonged to her parents tugged up to her chin and her eyes so hollow, she looks so small, fragile.

Castle was recruited to lead the security team for President Beckett during her first month of presidency, his knowledge of terrorism after losing both his mother and daughter in the 9/11 attacks profound, aiding him in his career in counter-terrorism.

He didn’t want to work in secret service, to spend his days guarding some woman, but then he met her. He made the deal to work for a year with her and then act on the opportunity to return to his original unit. But after getting to know Kate Beckett, learning her story of rising from homicide detective to senator, the source of her drive born from the grief of losing her mother, he chose to stay.

He chose her, always her.

“Thank you,” she murmurs after he’s set up the security feed and finished sorting the guns and ammunition he stocked down here over a year ago.

Castle glances up from a pile of grenades, rises from his haunches, and mutes the monitor showing them a live feed of the horror unfolding across the property. “For what? Getting down here was a mutual effort.”

“For keeping me safe, not just today,” she answers, biting down on her bottom lip. “For making this job more bearable.”

“You’ve been an amazing leader, an extraordinary president,” he says, his brow still knit in confusion. Her job was the most stressful position in the world, but she’s good at it, and he thought she enjoyed it. “You’ve done right by the people, by justice. Today? This was completely out of your control, Kate.”

She sighs, not wholly convinced, and Rick crosses the room to ease down next to her. 

“Stop thinking like the president, hoarding all the guilt,” he murmurs, earning the turn of her gaze, the shift of her body towards him. “Just be a normal human being who survived nearly being assassinated. You’re alive, that’s all that matters.”

“What about you?” she inquires, her knees bumping his thigh as she faces him now. “Castle, I hate that your entire life has become centered around protecting me-”

“Even if this wasn’t my job, it’s what I’d be doing,” he states, shutting down that line of thinking before it can begin. “Keeping you safe… it’s all that matters to me. You’re - you already know.”

Kate raises her fingers to graze along his cheek and he catches the back of her hand, turns his lips into her palm. It’s been too long since he’s had the chance to touch her.

“I love you too,” she whispers, leaning in to nudge her nose to his cheek. She sighs out in familiar appreciation when he brushes his lips to her mouth, buries his fingers in her hair and deepens their kiss. 

Kate’s soft moan has him desperate for more, but he remains glued to the spot, waiting for her to make the first move even as he suckles on her bottom lip. All it takes is a stroke of his tongue over hers to gain the surge of her body in his arms. 

“I think it goes without saying that I’m done hiding it,” she mumbles, dragging him down on top of her, cradling his body in the embrace of hers.

“Good, because I wasn’t sure how we were going to make it another four years like this,” he breathes, smirking against her mouth when she chuckles. He chokes on a groan when her hands slide beneath his shirt, splay at his shoulder blades. “Kate, I should-”

“Remind me why I’m alive.” He drops his forehead to rest against hers, closes his eyes to the flames of sensation she elicits with the innocent touch of her fingers down his spine. But he’s helpless when her mouth opens beneath his, when her chest lifts to press against his. “Rick-”

“You’re alive because you’re too good to die,” he mumbles, kissing the skin between her brows, dusting his lips down her nose. The whimper that climbs her throat is muffled by the kiss he layers to her mouth. Her ribcage stutters beneath his hands as he skims his palms to her flesh, caresses the taut muscles and sinewy curves of her body. He should be watching the door, guarding her, but the world is crumbling around them and all he wants is this, her. “Because I love you too much to let you, Kate Beckett.”


She remains tangled with Castle on the couch for a long time. Her eyes often drift to the monitor on the table across the room, to the chaos that has gone quiet, but the White House grounds are still roamed by murderers. She knows she has responsibilities, duties as a leader of the country, but Castle has a point - the only thing she can accomplish by taking any course of action now would be adding to the bloodbath with self-sacrifice. 

Castle has explained their exit strategy and has plans to communicate - once the chances of having a phone call intercepted have lessened - with Ryan and Esposito. The two secret service agents have apparently owned a role in this emergency game plan concocted between her three men since the early days of her presidency.

“They love you too, you know,” he murmurs the explanation into her hair while he brushed his hand up and down her spine. 

She nods before lowering her head to his chest, fighting off thoughts of loved ones, her lack of them. Her mom’s been gone for fifteen years, her dad passed last September. Castle’s been without his eight year old daughter, Alexis, and his mother, Martha, since long before she ever knew him. 

The list of those she cares about has only continued to shrink, but her ferocity to protect those she has left has grown.

Kate curls in closer to him. “We’re a family.”

Castle’s fingers bury in her hair, circle along her scalp. “Does that explain why they call us mom and dad?”

She scoffs, turns her head to brush her upturned lips to his collarbone. 

“We have contacts across the globe,” he picks up, circling back to their original conversation. “They’ll send reinforcements. It’s just a waiting game right now.”

“If we get through this, I don’t want to run again,” she confesses, feeling him shift beneath her, attempting to catch a glimpse of her face, but she keeps her cheek pressed to the spot above his heart.

“This isn’t a new idea, is it?” he murmurs, curving his palm at her nape. She shakes her head.

“I want to change the world and I - I feel like I had a good run these last four years, but this job… I’m tired, Rick. And after this?” She sighs, unfurls her arms from her chest and lifts her head to meet his eyes. Soft and understanding and so very blue. “I just want to live for me for a little while. I want to go back to New York and collaborate with the NYPD again, I want - I want to get a loft in the city and a beach house in the Hamptons like the one you always gushed about-”

He huffs a laugh, his cheeks warming with a hint of color. Kate balances a hand on his chest, cranes her neck forward to rest her forehead to his, nudge her nose to his cheek.

“I want a life. With you.”

“All you’ve ever had to do is say the word,” he replies, stroking his thumb to the hollow spot at the base of her skull. “I want all of that and I - I want to try writing again.”

Kate sucks in a breath, can’t help the smile. He’s been writing her short stories for years now, snippets of characters and enticing political thrillers that she’s never been able to get enough of. His writing career was cut short after the national tragedy that took his family and she never questioned it, didn’t have to. But to witness his passion for the written word and weaving of a tale renewed… it has her heart fluttering with excitement.

“Man, we really have to make it now,” he chuckles, grinning at the press of her kiss to his mouth. 

“We’re going to make it. We’re going to stop the bastards who bombed my house, took strikes at our city, our country. We’re going to rise again as a nation, like we always do, and then you and I are getting our happily ever after,” she lists, feeling her heart skip and accelerate at how badly she wants it. “And years from now, you can publish a loosely inspired novel about it.”

“Ah, President Beckett, you get me.”

His phone buzzes from the pocket of his slacks and Rick quickly leans over to snag the device.

“It’s Esposito, we need to get ready,” he murmurs, his chest expanding with a deep breath as he lifts his eyes to hold her gaze. “You’re glued to me the second we step out of here. I’m not letting anything happen to you.”

“It’s mutual. I’ve got your back out there, Castle,” she reminds him, nodding her head towards the arsenal of weapons. “No more overprotective bullshit. You’re my partner.”

He sighs, but doesn’t argue. “Deal, Madam President.”

She shoves lightly on his shoulder as she reaches past him for her clothes. “And stop calling me that.”

Birthday Wish || Jeon Jungkook

Genre: Smut, Fluff 

Words: 2,555

 A/N: ayo! I’m such a hoe. Fun fact about me, jungkook is like a dirty little secret to me. I will tell everyone that he’s not my type but dear god, whatta man. 😍 fun fact #2, I’m still a big hoe. If you want something, go ahead and request it! 

P.s.- thank you guys so much for loving my Jimin smut xD also, thank you to @flakandforay for putting it on the weekly recommendation post! ^-^ *blushes profusely*  

 - admin courtneycat 


Originally posted by jeonify

 "Happy birthday day dear Y/N,“ Hoseok’s arm wrapped around your shoulders and pulled you closer to the cake, "Happy birthday to you! Wooo!” The cake was pink, with white frosted lettering- hopefully chocolate inside. You peaked a glance at Jin and gave him a mental ‘thank you’ because you knew he was the one who made the cake. He winked back at you. 

 "Y/N! Make a wish! You have to make a wish!“ Taehyung yelled from across the table. His boxy smile was contagious and you couldn’t help but smile back at the boy. Closing your eyes you thought about all the things you could wish for. Money, love, success, etc. Hmm. The possibilities are endless, really. You opened your eyes back up and had made eye contact with the boy seated across from you. 

 Jeon Jungkook. 

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