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where do I get more tres horny girls content :((( I got into taz late and I never know if it's canon orlike "exclusive" or something

oh, no, i’m so sorry but it’s not at all canon or anything!! it’s entirely just a fandom iterations but it’s a much, much better au that fixes a lot of stuff and gives the girls a shining light (because 2 out of the 3 girls don’t even have speaking roles in canon lol) 

the only way to get content is to go through the tag (or the one on my blog because i rb pretty much any tres girl content that i see) but the tag is so sparse it’s a rough world where you pretty much gotta make your own content 


So @pearlscookies‘s wonderful fic Beyond Your Star is basically my fav thing ever these days so I accumulated quite a few doodles from the the fic in my sketch book lately. The scene where Peridot finds Pearl has always weirdly reminded of me of Chobits so thats whats going on in the bottom one, I couldn’t decide what to make either of them wear so it’s all over the place. OTL