small kids room

reminder that if you barge into your kid’s room without asking and then get mad when they take your makeup or some shit, you’re a nasty hypocrite

kids are human beings too and we all treasure our privacy and please, what’s the worst they could be doing? drugs? if you treat them well and educate them on the dangers, chances are they’re gonna think twice when their homie jimbo passes them the bong. same goes for drinking.

not all of us are rebels man… we usually just wanna read in peace or somethin. and for chrissakes, leave kids alone when they’re in the bathroom. they’re takin a piss, not jacking it to the bee movie. thank you.

In Your Blood

Summary: Something is plaguing you and it’s as unexplainable as the absence of a certain archangel and his behavior when he returns.  Part 3 of The Best Laid Plans Series (Part 1, Part 2)

Pairings: Gabriel x Reader, Reader x Sam (unrequited)

Tags: smut, unprotected sex,

Word Count: 5443

Author’s Note: This was written for April’s @gabriel-monthly-challenge dialogue prompt:

“You know, some people think that prayer is just as essential to life as water, air, and sex.”

Special thanks to: @sumara62 for her amazing beta skills.  Complete credit for the title goes to her.  

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Still awake at an ungodly hour?  Check.

No closer to solving this case than you’d been three days ago?  Check.

Fever hitting full force?  Check, check, and check.  

Which was why you were spending most of your nights outside of the motel rather than in it.  The cold night air was calming, considering the heat pulsing through your system.  It came in waves, rolling over you seemingly without rhyme or reason.  The more this happened, the more you were convinced it wasn’t a coincidence that all of this started when you picked up the trail of a witches’ coven.

Then again, it could simply be natural wear and tear; come to think of it, you couldn’t remember the last time you had gotten a decent night’s sleep or finished a meal.  

You waited until the sun came up before rising from your night’s vigil.  Your muscles ached in protest, stiff from sitting against hard pavement and unforgiving brick.  It was a welcome sensation; distracting and grounding you as you started your morning routine of fetching coffee and breakfast so everyone could hit the ground running.  

As with the last few days, you were completely unaware of the presence that shadowed your every move.

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in all honesty finding a pillow room that is actually alive is so fucking hard but once you actually get to it there’s so much weird shit and drama that i can barely screenshot all of it and post it to my blog and those 30 minutes i spent just trying to find it were worth it

Owen Grady x Reader -Doctor-

A/N: I’ve been into greys anatomy lately so this seemed appropriate. dont judge me.

You had worked as a doctor for years. It was your calling. You loved treating people. So when you got  a call asking you to move four thousand miles away from your comfortable DC home to work on an island with blood hungry dinosaurs, you couldn’t refuse.
In just a year you went from mild car crashed and bike accidents to… sprained ankles and heat stroke. Working on an island full of dinosaurs was completely over rated. No one ever got hurt. The island was way too careful. Which isn’t a bad thing, its just you were expecting more blood and teeth.
There were about 20 nurses all together who assisted 10 doctors who all craved for the 1 surgeon job. He literally got paid to live on an island all year long and be on call if something bad were to ever happen on the cushy island.
You stood at the computer desk, coffee in one hand and cheek in the other. You chased sleep whenever you could as a doctor in a hospital, even if no one really got hurt. Your 18 hour shift, which you had picked up an extra 6 from your friend, was coming to an end. All you needed was the x-rays of a small, snotty nose kid in room 4 to make sure he didn’t have a broken arm and you could go home.
“Hey,” One of the nurses slowly jogged up to you. You turned your tired eyes towards her and raised an eyebrow.
“I have something you might want to see.” She smiled at you. You sighed.
“I am off in literally ten minutes. Have another doctor check it out.” You said groggily and went back to your sleeping-while-standing-up position.
“Well you’ve been here the longest and no one else really knows how to deal with it. Besides I REALLY think you’d want this.” She persisted.
Your shoulders dropped in defeat and the other nurse behind the counter laughed as you stood up, wiping drool from your face.
“I love you guys, I really do but two other doctors and four nurses in this building and you can’t take care of one patient without me. You are literally useless.” You grabbed your cup of coffee and made your way through the doors and down the hall way with the younger, more lively, nurse hot on your heels.
You pushed through two more doors until you made it to the “emergency room” which was usually used for heat stroke and dehydration victims.
Your eyes got wide as you saw your newest patient. You shoved your coffee into the nurses hand and rushed over.
Blood covered the side of a pale man who was lying on a stretcher. Your best friend and the second best doctor, a close second to you, stood beside his covering his gushing wound.
“What the fuck took you so long. Did ‘blood’ not catch your attention?” Your friend smiled at you as you made your way down the previously traveled hall way, this time chasing a dying man.
“Some one left that part out.” You tied your hair into a pony tail as you ran with your friend. “What the fuck happened?”
You walked into an empty room and took over for  your friend. You moved our hands down the long gash in his side, apply light pressure from time to time. Every little push caused the unconscious man to moan.
“Raptor attack.” She ran a flashlight over his eyes. “Minor concussion as well. ”
Nurses scrambled around you unsure what to do.
“Call Doctor Davis.” You told the lively nurse from before. “Who the fuck plays with raptors?” You stuffed gauze under your hands trying to soak up blood.
“The Raptor trainer. His name is Owen Grady.” Your friend helpfully leaned over him and copied you.
“Owen Grady? Where have I heard that name before?” You asked as you stood there.
“Last year I tried to hook you guys up but you completely blew him off.” Your friend laughed.
“Ohh, that’s right.” You started as a nurse handed you more gauze, switching yours out. “He’s the one who has slept with almost ever girl on the island.”
“Okay, well, when you look like that, I don’t blame him.”
You both stared down at him. You tilted your head to get a better look. His brown hair ran down his face to his scruff. His jaw looked like it had been sculpted by a god. To think, you could have hit that.
“I’m sure he’d look better if he wasn’t covered in blood.” She shrugged her shoulders.
“I dunno,” You whispered and smiled. “It’s kinda hot.” You laughed.
“Doctor Davis is on his way.” The nurse called to you from the door way.
Surgery, finally. You’d waited years.

It was nice, watching the surgeon fix his torn organ and then stitch his sculpted body back up. It had been so long since you had seen actual blood coming from a human other then their scrapped knee.
You stretched as you stood by your patients room, waiting for him to wake up.
“Want  me to take over?” Your friend asked handing you a cup of coffee. You shook your head as you took a burning sip.
“I’m awake now. I can stay here another few hours. God knows I need the money.”
“Okay, then I’m heading out. Go home eventually, okay?”

It was hours before your patient finally woke up. You walked into his quiet room and smiled.
“Good morning, Mr.Grady. How are you feeling?”
He watched you walk around his bed and check his beeping monitor.
“What happened?” He asked.
“Your job wanted to eat you.” You lifted his blanket checking his wound.
“Tell me something I don’t know.”  He moaned.
“Well we fixed you right up.” You stood over him.
“What’s your name?” He tried to sit up but did so unsuccessfully.
“(Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N).” You watched his face contort as he quickly learned moving wasn’t an option.
“I know you.” He breathed. “You stood me up one time.”
“Oh the heart throb remember me. How sweet.” You sarcastically said.
“Hey, it doesn’t happen often. You’re remember-able.” He smiled at you and you rolled your eyes.
“Call me if you need anything Mr. Grady.” You started out the room.
“It’s Owen.” He called after you.

He stayed in the hospital a week before you could finally let him go. And in that week he hit on you any chance he got. Princess soon became your nickname and asking what you had done while you were off was better than TV to him.

“So, I guess this is where we say goodbye.” You said in a sarcastic sad voice from the door frame. He was now able to stand and move. He pulled his shirt over his head, you watched it fall over his new scar and six pack.  
“Oh no, Princess. This is far from over.” He grinned at you. You cursed the little butterflies in your stomach.
“No, I think it is.” You said reassuringly.
“Go on a date with me. Just one. If you don’t like me, you never have to see me again.” He walked over to you. You glanced behind you making sure no one was watching as he got real close to your face.
“I wouldn’t date you in a hundred years Mr. Grady.” You whispered.
“Owen.” He corrected you.
“Owen.” You repeated.
“You’ll go out with me eventually. The Alpha always gets what he wants.” He smirked at you. You could feel your face getting hot and took a deep breath.
“Is that why your raptors attacked you?” You asked.
“Oh, darling. I like it when a girl takes control. It’s what I wanted.” He grabbed your hand and forcefully slid it down his chest, stopping short of his pelvis.  You snatched your hand away quickly knowing your face was extremely red now.
“Especially a girl with nails.” You whispered in your ear. He backed away and winked at you. He slid past you and out the door. Down the hall you could hear him call his goodbye to your friend.
You closed your eyes and bit your lip trying to regain your composure. You walked to the desk where you looked at his file one last time.
“That was hot.” Your friend smiled. You pushed her jokingly.
“Stop, it was nothing.” You lied.
“You going to go on a date with him?” She beamed.
“I dunno.” You shrugged your shoulders and kept your head down trying to hide your smile.


  • Why do you have two daddies?
  • Why don’t you look like either of your daddies?
  • What’s it like having famous daddies?
  • My parents say I’m not supposed to talk to strangers so why are you talking to the scary man outside the fence with the metal arm and the gun?


  • Come on, I’m your uncle Tony, your dads trust me with their lives, I’ll buy your elementary school a new wing if this goes wrong, now do you want to try on the new kid-sized gauntlets or not?

Costume and Make-Up Tests with Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz for I Love Lucy

imagine- Jealous much.

Y/n has been chasing Daryl ever since he saved her from two walkers. Y/n fell for the hard head red neck but he never gave her the time. After months and months of trying she gave up and when Rick brings the people from Woodbury to the prison Y/N catches the eye of Danny. He’s quite hot. Tall, green eyes and dirty blond hair. Y/N found very attractive but he isn’t Daryl. “Common, Y/n” Danny said moving closer to you. Y/N smiled and rubbed his arm. “Not now, Danny. I have to go on a run with Daryl.” “You still got a little time.” Danny presses his lips on hers and she kisses back smiling into the kiss. She liked kissing Danny it was always sweet and nice. She liked it. He cupped her face with both hands  and angled her face that way he could get better access. Y/N broke the kiss. “Nice try.” She told him laughing at his proses to get her turned on but it wasn’t working. She just didn’t find him sexually attractive and it was all because of that stupid redneck. Danny bent down again and kissed Y/N. There was a cough and they both broke apart. Daryl stood there looking at Y/N and Danny. There was anger in his eyes but he masked. “Sorry for interrupting but, Y/N I believe we were going to do a run?” Daryl crossed his arms. Y/N couldn’t help but look him over. Even in the state he looked he was still very attractive. Y/N looked him over from the sneakers he wore up to the ripped pants where his knee is. Up to his dirty shirt up to his bearded face. His hair that was now a little longer but she loved so much. She wanted to run her fingers through it. Y/N bit her lib at the thought. “Want to get going? Or do you want to keep making out with your boyfriend.” Daryl said angrily. Y/N looked at him weird but nodded. "see you soon.“ Y/N told Danny kissing his lips softly. Y/N thought she heard Daryl scoff but let it go.  "Where are we going to be checking?” You asked Daryl. as he got on the bike. You sat behind him. “We’re going to be checking a few houses. See if we find anything there.” You nodded and wrapped an arm around him and one on his back to keep yourself steady. You didn’t want to  press yourself on him if you did things would happen. Lots of things. Daryl stopped his motorcycle and you were in a small neighborhood . The street was lifeless which in a sense was both and bad. Because the beauty it must’ve been was gone and that there were no walkers around. “I’ll take that house.” You told Daryl" “We should stick together.” You gave him a weird look.  Yea but we’ll cover more ground.“ You said heading to one of the houses. And Daryl took the house right next to it.  You pulled out your knife entering the house. After making sure the kitchen, living room were good; you made your way slowly up stairs. Checking the two small bedrooms which were kids room for the drawings that were on the wall. Master bedroom was oddly clean. There was a growl behind you and a walker lunged for you. You pulled the knife out but it knocked you over sending the knife flying. "Fuck!” You cussed as you tried to push the walker away from you. The walker was pulled right off of you and you  scrambled to your feet looking for the knife grabbing the knife you turned to where the walker was. Daryl stabbed it in the head. The walker fell to the floor with a loud thud. Your eyes filled with tears and you ran to Daryl hugging him. “Are you okay?” He asked you. “Yes…” You stayed like that for a long time. Looking up at him you met his eyes. “Daryl…” “yea?” You took a deep breath before speaking again. “I’m going to do something. I’ve been dying to do for a long time.” He opened his mouth to speak but you crashed your lips to his. After a few seconds you pulled away. Daryl grabbed you by the neck kissing you roughly. His other hand was on you waist pushing you closer to him.  "You have no clue how long I waited for you to kiss me.“ You told him. "I wanted to but you were with Danny.” “Danny and I aren’t together.” You told Daryl unwrapping yourself from his arms. “We just fool around but. We’ve never done nothing other than kissing.” Daryl was quite. “Good.” You looked over to him. “Good?” “Yea. because if I had to see him kiss you one more time I would’ve shot an arrow trough his head.” You were shocked. “That and I can do this"  He kissed you roughly setting you on the bed. "Wow.” You said looking at him. “Jealous much?”  Daryl kissed you again. “You’re mine.” You blushed. “Always…”

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