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✿  Sei’s eyes!! /0/ It’s been such a long while since I last drew them!;u; 
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I wanted this part to be a bit more light and happy since we’re slowly nearing the end. ;u; Next part will be the final one! QcQ//cries// In any case, I want to mention a couple things:

About Sei’s “maybe my eyes are hideous”: Sei is kind of unsure if he even has eyes anymore. He kept hearing Toue say how he wants to capture Aoba and remove his vocal cords to experiment on them, so part of him fears that maybe his own eyes were removed for experimental reasons during his comatose-period after the tower’s fall. He can’t trust the doctors one bit to be honest, since throughout all his life, people in lab/med coats used to experiment on him. So them saying “You can open your eyes again” doesn’t mean anything to him. He can’t trust them. So he wants Mizuki to be the first to remove his bandages, because he knows he won’t lie about what he’ll see.  

That’s why Sei says “Maybe you’ll run away if you see my eyes”. He doesn’t know if his eyes are the way they used to be. 

Mizuki on the other hand, what he says about “Gotta look good”, is only to buy himself some time to draw that stupid face drawing XD (I totally got inspired by Clear’s funny mask under his gas-mask haha). It’s Mizuki’s revenge to Sei’s constant trolling haha ´7` He drew a female No-Face from Spirited Away omg *don’t ask haha ubunku posted about Sei looking like Haku AND I DON’T KNOW—I love Spirited Away Y/////Y And besides that’s what Morphine’s doings are called in the game right?* 

In any case, Sei is really happy to be finally able to see again ´u`During their remaining recovery, Mizuki and Sei spend time browsing through Mizuki’s sketch book *that has countless Sei-drawings in it haha with Mizuki claiming he simply wanted to practice anatomy pfff* or playing color games etc *Sei’s sense of color is a bit messed up for the first couple days*. Mizuki also brings over the IQ tests the doctors give him (a big part to seeing if he has recovered from Scrap and the brainwashing is testing Mizuki’s intelligence.) He and Sei have small IQ competitions, and it turns out both of them are doing extremely well (I imagine Sei being really intelligent if you think about how he can access the network with his consciousness and gather lots of info. And also Mizuki, from what I read in posts about recode /SPOILERS/, he was an incredibly smart and good student, which was one of the reasons he got bullied ;0; /SPOILERS END/)

Also Mizuki sometimes writes little sentences in his sketchbook and then forms silly or cute kitten/animal/teddybear-related stories, and has Sei read them from a certain distance to strengthen his eyesight. Yet sometimes, it’s all too blurry for Sei to read *his eyes are acting up* so he makes up his own stories and pretends he’s reading Mizuki’s stories out loud XD But Sei’s narrations are really horror-like, morbid or plain lewd, to which Mizuki screams “I-I DIDN’T WRITE THAT. I WROTE ABOUT A FLUFFY KITTY TRAVELING THE WORLD” and Sei loves teasing Mizuki tenfold now, because now he can also see all the expressions Mizuki makes when he’s embarrassed, upset or angry ´ψψ` *But Mizuki’s discomposure fades away instantly whenever Sei rubs his tired eyes in that super adorable manner that makes Mizuki’s irritation melt away in a matter of milliseconds <3* //from Ren’s route, where Ren rubs his eyes all the time and Aoba thinks how this probably was one of Sei’s habits/ticks //rips my heart out thank you re:connect

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Haha, this guy thinks he deserves a serious response but I’m going to take him about as seriously as he takes me so

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You were very surprised when you walked in front of a mirror in your new body. You were gorgeous!

The doctor wandered into the room glancing at the chart. 

“Okay, I’m going to go slow here. You are dumb now”

You glance around in confusion “Me no dumb” you sputter out in broken english, surprised as you realised you were thinking in japanese now. 

“No, unfortunately you are. As I explai- Like I said before the swap” He said, trying to not use too many syllables “There might be swaps of mental attributes”

You stared blankly at him, only understanding half the words. 

"Kanako” He started again, louder and slower “Have very small IQ. Not smart” Pointing to his head “Now, you not smart”

You just about got it, head feeling too fuzzy to even get that you were being condescended to.

“No, no, me smart” You say defiantly “I go college, I get degree”

“Yeah… due to your current “condition”, we will be stripping you of those qualifications. Kanako didn’t even finish high school”

“Qua.. what?” You dumbly reply, the doctor was making less sense by the second 

It took a while, but he finally manages to get you to understand that Kanako came from a very rich family who were happy to look after you, but were ashamed of their daughter being such an idiot, hence the swap including IQs and general mental faculties.

The daily struggle begins, everything was harder than it used to be, luckily you were too stupid to actually realise how bad it had gotten, struggling sometimes to even dress yourself

Kanakos parents even decide to humour you when you said you wanted to graduate from high school, providing pens and paper and tutors which couldn’t help the fact your attention span was about 10 seconds

Samcedes Week--Day 4--Friendly Benefits

A/N: Because I can’t do anything in a timely fashion here is my contribution for day 4 of Samcedes week…on day 7. Enjoy!

“I don’t like him.”

 “Ugh, whatever Sam, you don’t know him.”

 Mercedes rolled her eyes as she tossed a handful of popcorn across the couch towards her roommate of two months Sam Evans. They were having their weekly Friday movie night when talk turned to the date that Mercedes had planned for the following night with the new guy that lived down the hall.

 “I’ve met him twice in the hallway and a couple of days ago we had an awkward encounter in the Laundromat.”

 “What kind of encounter?” Mercedes asked as she raised her eyebrows. “Is there something you need to tell me? Do you really want to date him and you’re just jealous that I get to?”

 “Real funny,” Sam answered sarcastically as he took some of the popcorn that was littered on his chest and tossed it back at her. “He’s not my type.”

 “Oh, that’s right, I forgot you go for skinny blondes with big boobs and small IQs.” She teased.

 “That was ONE time, when are you going to let that go?”

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Quick note to all you Black Friday shoppers out at the stores/online today… if someone is selling you a HUGE “HD” TV for $100, it won’t be working by next Black Friday. Anyone who can sell you a TV at 90% off is either going out of business, or selling you a piece of shit.

First, make sure that “HD” TV deal, is actually for a high-definition TV. 720p is NOT high definition. I don’t care how large the screen is - in fact, the larger it is, the worse it will look - 720p is not. high. definition. So don’t settle for anything less than 1080p.

Second, resolution isn’t the only factor to consider: What’s the contrast ratio? This is important if you’re a film buff, the higher the contrast ratio, the better/more detailed your picture will look. What’s the refresh rate? You don’t want anything lower than 120 hertz… This is important if you watch a lot of action films or (ugh) sports where there is a lot of movement in every scene. Is it Wi-Fi capable (meaning has a wireless receiver built in), or is it only “Wi-Fi Ready” (meaning you have to buy a wireless receiver and install it yourself)?

Finally, is it a brand you know? A Panasonic or Toshiba TV is going to last you for years. An Emerson TV might give you a few months.

Things are not bargains unless you’re going to get some real, quality use out of them. I’ve had so many friends get burned by “deals” like this in the past, don’t fall for it, you’ll regret not spending a little more and getting something you actually enjoy looking at.