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Hello there! Would it be alright to adopt a small, Parade!Karamatsu that could help remind me to that it's okay to take time for myself, and that self care is just as important as caring for your friends? < 3 And also loves giving smooches.

This tiny parade!kara will make sure you take time for yourself, he will help you to remember your important tasks and provide all the support you need! Friends are important, but youre important too! To make sure you’re happy he will be extra cuddly and smooch you whenever he feels you need love. All you need is to give him some small instruments for him to play with and your love, then he will be super happy with you!

Depending on the instrument, some chemical instrument or chemical supply companies are comically small. We have three instruments from one such company and one was giving me errors I couldn’t solve so I just called the help manual number. I also happen to know that owns the company is named Jim.

And I called, and the phone is answered, and I hear, “Hey, it’s Jim.”

And I tell him, “Hey, I’m a grad student and we have three of your instruments and I’m getting this error” and I read off the error.

And he goes, “Oh, did you do the clicky thing?”

“Yea, I made it click.”

“Hmm….so it’s not the clicky thing.”

And then he walked me through it. Shout out to CEO Jim who refers to what his own instruments do as “the clicky thing.”

AHHHH FIRST COVER ON THE OFFICIAL COVER BLOG!! I made the music a lower pitch to fit my voice, and personally, I think it makes it even creepier. Please REBLOG this if you enjoyed to help me get noticed! If YOU have any song requests, let me know!

My favorite question I’ve gotten when someone found out that I am a music major is “do you play an instrument?”

So what if on Alec and Magnus’ first time, it’s Magnus who's the nervous one?

“What is it?” Alec asked, noticing the look on Magnus’ face.

“Nothing, love. Everything is perfect.”

Alec frowned at him and brushed his hand across his cheek. “No, none of that. Talk to me, what’s up? We can stop if you want to.”

Magnus chuckled and pushed his face into Alec’s palm. “I think we would both die if we stopped now. And I don’t want to.”

“Then what is it?”

Magnus looked at him and saw the genuine concern in his eyes. “I’m… nervous. I haven’t been nervous in centuries but this… right here, right now, it feels different. It is different than any of the others. It’s you and I’m…” He closed his eyes.

Alec smirked. “Scared you’ll mess up?”

Magnus glowered and Alec laughed. “Certainly not. I’m the High Warlock of Brooklyn, I never fail. Especially not at sex.”

Shadowhunters Season 2 Thoughts

I know this is totally random and trivial, but if the show doesn’t remember that Magnus DOES NOT have a belly button I’ll be so mad. We already know we’ll see a shirtless Magnus in the season premiere. So if the make-up and special effects teams didn’t remember to hide Harry Shum’s belly button I’ll be so disappointed. Maybe I’m lame, but I’ve always been a stickler for those tiny details.

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Piano Girl


The bell rang and everyone around me rushed out, not sparing a second longer in the maths room than they had to. I tried to be quick in gathering my things but it was no use, one of the last people out as per usual now I had to face the walk to my most dreaded lesson, music.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate music by any means I just didn’t like the lesson. In that class I didn’t know anyone very well, music was based in this small long hut, with various classrooms and small music rooms with instruments that everyone rushes to get to first. Meaning I am always left sat at a desk writing down some lyrics to a song or other work I need to get on with. Our teacher tries to inspire students but deep down, even he doesn’t care what we do he is just trying to get through the day like the rest of us.

As I arrive into the building it immediately feels stuffy, students pass up and down and the sound of music fills my ears. From guitars and drums to saxophones and flutes, various melodies made and I smile. Walking into the classroom I see it is now empty besides my teacher who sits with his coffee. He gives me the usual greeting and I walk back out, hoping to find myself a practice room I could use for once. As I wonder up and down I go around the side of the hut, finding a large room that is long with a piano placed in it with no one in sight. Glancing to the door I check to see if it is private, or reserved but it isn’t, it’s completely vacant.

Taking one last look I quietly go inside, walking along the white Walls and find myself brushing along the piano a layer of dust collecting on my finger tips. Pulling out the stool I sit down and place my bag next to me, lifting the lid I examine the keys my fingers rising, itching to play something after so long. I search through my bag for any form of sheet music I may have in there and by luck I do, pulling out an old song, fairly simple my teacher taught me when I was only eight years old.

As I begin to play I find myself immersed in the music, and begin to sing to the sweet tune. My concentration completely on the music and the words I zone out, unaware of another’s presence in the room. As I look up momentarily I stop harshly, looking to the student in the room who was staring at me, making me feel rather uncomfortable.

“Can I help you?” I intended for my voice to sound more willing as opposed to mousey.

He stepped forward out of the shadows, allowing me to see him more clearly. He had blonde hair, which was in a sort of quiff off to one side, he had blue eyes like the morning sky in between the clouds on a winters day. He kept his gaze locked onto me, I had a faint idea of who he was, a fellow quiet student in my class. I had seen a few of his covers on YouTube but now I wish I had paid closer attention as his name escapes me.

“It’s alright Y/n, I heard someone playing and sing and I felt almost drawn to it. I stood by the doorway for a while, blissfully listening before looking in and I saw you.” He stopped as a blush crept onto his cheeks, he scratched the back of his head and he did look cute as he did so.

“So you were spying on me?” I joked but he now had a scared look in his eyes.

“No, no! I was just, I just saw you and you are really talented and-” He stumbled for words furthermore and I let out a chuckle, moving towards him.

“It’s fine honestly, I just didn’t think anyone would’ve noticed that’s all.” I said moving away collecting my things.

“Why wouldn’t anyone notice you? You’re beautiful.” Silence filled the air after that, I kept my back turned away from him and no movement was detected.

The silence lingered as I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks. “Did, did you just?” I turned around but he was gone. My heart felt heavy and I assumed I imagined the whole thing, I turned back round to the piano and he jumped up making me scream. “For gods sake!” I yelled to him, causing him to laugh even harder.

“You should’ve seen your face, you were terrified.” He laughed more and it made me smile, thinking how easily I am to freak out since I’m quiet.

Closing the lid to the piano I picked up my music and put it in my bag, all the while he remained leaning on the piano watching me with a bright smile that made me feel all warm inside. I began to make my way around the piano but he stopped before I could get any further. “Is there a problem?” I raised an eyebrow to him and he seemed to have lost all confidence again.

“Do you want to do a cover with me sometime?” He blurted out, then stepped back as I processed what he asked.

“You want me? Me? To do a cover of a song with you?” I sounded downright shocked and gave him the wrong impression immediately by the look on his face. “No no! It’s not a bad thing I’m just surprised!” I chuckled and his face lightened up, he did look very attractive with this light shinning on him.

“So you will?” He asked, sounding more hopeful this time and I nodded. Not thinking of a reason not to. “Perfect, say Friday? After school?” He asked opening the door for me.

“Of course, erm?” I still couldn’t remember his name and couldn’t help but feel awful for not knowing it.

He noticed and grabbed a hold of my hands, “I’m Luke, and you’re Y/n.” He smiled and we began to walk away, he kept ahold of one of my hands now, not that I was complaining.

As we headed for the exit knowing it was the end of the day we came outside and I let go of his hand, feeling empty without it and began to walk away. I glanced back to see him stood there, with a sad look on his face and I waved but had no response back. Trying not to think of it too much I continued until I heard someone calling after me.

As I turned I saw Luke running towards me, but stopping half way to catch his breath making me laugh and walk towards him to save him the trouble. Stopping in front of him he had his hands resting against his thighs as he breathed heavily. “Are you okay Luke?” I ask rubbing his back but he held up his hand, signalling he needed a moment.

People continued to pass as they left school and some glanced back but after a minute he was back upright looking right at me. “I didn’t get to say that you didn’t hear wrong.” He smiled but I felt confused and it must’ve shown.

He moved closer to me and bent down so our eyes were level, giving me the perfect opportunity to see how truly blue they were, a pure shade of blue with no fragments of other colours. He moved my hair away from my ear and I could feel his breath tickling against my skin. “You truly are beautiful Y/n.” He whispered before pulling away slightly but remained close to me.

Looking at me he moved closer and I responded, closing the distance between us and I could feel his breath on mine. “Y/n! Come on!” I pulled back as I heard my name, whipping my head around to see my brother there impatiently waiting for me.

Looking back to Luke who seemed equally as embarrassed I gave him an awkward smile, apologising for the interruption he brushed it off. “But I’ll see you in music tomorrow, piano girl.” He winked before walking off, this time leaving me standing there.

Maybe music wasn’t my most hated lesson after all.

Gimme A Break Spell
My partner and I just can’t seem to catch a  break lately, so I talked about crafting a Catch A Break spell. He suggested using a Kit Kat, and the Gimme A Break spell was born! I combined strong symbols to draw in good luck, and symbols to deflect negative energy. I figure there’s a lot of good energy already invested in the Kit Kat brand, so I tapped into that too. 

What you will need: A piece of paper, orange writing utensil, Kit Kat candy bar, a magnet, a bell or other small instrument, a black candle and a mirror or bowl of water. 

Cast the circle how ever you please. Arrange the magnet in the Northern quadrant for Earth, the bell to the East for Air, the candle to the South for Fire, and the mirror or water to the West for Water. 

With your projective hand over the magnet say, “Magnet of Earth’s iron, please draw good fortune unto me.” Visualize good things coming your way. The more specific the better. 

Ring the bell and let it peal. Then say, “Sweet voice of Air, call good things unto me.”

Light the black candle and say, “Black candle’s Fire, deflect negative energy from me.” Visualize those bad vibes bouncing off your Circle and going far away.  

With your projective hand over the mirror (or water bowl) say, “Oh mirrors reflection, deflect negative energy from me.” Again, visualize those bad vibes bouncing off your Circle and going far away.  

Pick up the orange pencil and draw a spiral moving inward around the candy while chanting, “Gimme a break, please gimme a break, break me away from this bad energy!” Spend some more time visualizing all those good things you want to come your way.

When you feel you’ve raised enough energy, open the candy, then open the Circle. As you break the candy bar invoke your spell. I like to say, “As I will, so mote it be.”

Enjoy the candy and ground yourself, then wait for your break to come. 

Band from what I've experienced this year
  • Flutes: unsettling rivalry between each player; the competitive seating only makes it worse. Feels like there's a ":)))))" after each sentence.
  • Piccolo: "I've been playing for years" but sounds like a broken dog whistle.
  • Clarinet: Best friends with the band teacher. Finds interest in making weird noises with their instrument, super cool.
  • Bass Clarinet: Very small compared to their instrument. Usually really quiet.
  • Oboe: Wasn't their first choice. There's probably only one of these guys.
  • Trumpet: LOOK AT ME!! LOUD!! LOUD!! *AGGRESSIVE TRUMPET NOISES* wait what key signature are we in.
  • Saxophone: Super Jazzy. Cool hair.
  • Tenor Saxophone: The one kid everyone "bullies"
  • Baritone: Really passive players but they always sound good so you can't complain.
  • Tuba: *plays melodic parts despite being a tuba* what's good.
  • Percussion: There isn't enough funding for everyone to have an instrument. They have to take turns. Probably forgot what a scale was over the summer. Players fail to realize that stick bags are personal so sticks get lost or broken.
Important Facts About LA, AKA National City

So since Supergirl takes place in National City, there are some things you need to know about LA for fic writing purposes. There are so many small, but instrumental details about LA that just kinda get glossed over, or treated like it’s New York or something. So I’ve lived on the West Side for my entire life—Santa Monica, West Wood, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, etc area. I went to school in the San Fernando Valley (yes, when people talk about “the Valley” or “Valley Girls” this is it. Shut up I am not a valley girl), and I work in the Arts District downtown. I know a fair amount—although still not all of it. So here’s some fun facts about LA for your fics because oh my god are some things not talked about or just glossed over that you need to know. 

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honestly just….imagine tony stark can play the violin

eyes closed, fingers gently skipping over the strings, handling the bow expertly with gentleness and care

imagine jarvis teaching him at the tender age of four, hands too small for the instrument, yet he plays “mary had a little lamb” with ease in two hours

imagine him playing arias in the late evening, fingers stained with oil and grease from his workshop

imagine rhodey walking in on him in their dorm during their MIT days, sheet music idly strewn all over his bed and desk, playing furiously and walking in circles

imagine him playing for pepper for the first time, his stance confident, but his fingers trembling as he glides through each note

just imagine tony stark as a violin prodigy

                                Easterlings and their Kohl-Lined Eyes

Peter Jackson’s films most noticeably bestows this specific aesthetic to the Easterlings of Rhûn (and the Haradrim). In particular,we notice that the Easterling (presumably male) soldiers that march through the Black Gates in The Two Towers have both upper and lower eyelids lined in black kohl.

               What is kohl? “Kohl,” the oldest form of makeup, literally
               means to brighten the eyes. The practice dates back to
               4000 B.C.E. when Egyptian men and women lined their
               eyes with a paste made out of heavy metals containing
               concentrations of lead sulfide (i.e. galena and antimony).
               The mixture would be burnt to release the lead oxide, thus
               making the resulting powder black. The powder would be
               kept in small jars and applied with small rounded or flattened
               instruments. Oil would be applied to the instrument before
               dipping it into the mixture and swiping it across the eyelids.
               Many other cultures throughout history, such as Indians
               and peoples in North Africa, used kohl made from lead,
               plant extracts, resins, and soot (such as from sunflower
               seeds and almond shells). Kohl would sometimes even
               be perfumed with frankincense. For Egyptians, the
               application of kohl had varied purposes such as warding
               off diseases and evil spirits, and protecting one’s eyes
               from the desert sun. The eyes were important to Egyptian
               culture and kohl emphasized their intensity and depth.

Now back to the Easterlings and kohl. “Culture” is diverse, non-fixed, and dynamic. We cannot assume all Easterling tribes practiced lining their eyes in kohl, nor did they do so for the same reasons, and those reasons could have changed during its long history of practice. What may have started as a superstition of warding off evil spirits could have transformed into a common cultural aesthetic. However, there are valid reasons to assume its practice was similar to that of the ancient Egyptian’s, especially in terms of sun protection. The sun had a blaring presence on the semi-arid steppes that the Easterlings called home. And for soldiers decked in golden scaled armor, kohl-lined eyes could offer some form of protection from the glint of the sun’s rays.

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