small instrument

More things to notice

• Glitter on people’s faces (like where did it come from idk but ily)
• The things that your friends get excited about
• The sound of an instrument playing from a distance
• Eye colors
• The sunlight on beach sand while the sun is setting
• The way puppies have softer faces than the rest of their bodies
• How the sunset makes everything warmer and more orange
• Anything about a person that makes them unique (i.e. Birthmarks, freckles, scars)
• When it’s cold outside and you can feel the sun hitting you and warming you
• When it’s hot outside and you feel a cool breeze
• All the different types of dogs you see in public
• Large groups of small flowers
• Harmonies and instrumentals in songs (all of the noise that isn’t the main singer)
• Fat bumblebees that buzz around your face :)
• Comfy clothes
• Baby cows in groups of cows on the side of the road
• Trees (seriously I see so many cool bendy trees look out more for cool trees)
• Certain smells that you associate with places
• Love for friends

  • Neal: I would never date a girl who insisted that I cut you out of my life. It’s non-negotiable. You want a piece of all this fabulousness? Well, my best friend comes along with it. I wouldn’t cut you out of my life, Kel, any more than I would cut off my right hand and give it to someone as a Valentine’s Day gift.
  • Kel: Gross. Must you?
  • Neal: I must.

hearthawk  asked:

Hey! I was wondering if I could poke you and see if you had any good ideas for bird of prey enrichment. In my new position, I wanted to make an enrichment calender with enrichment ideas for a collection of program owls, vultures, and hawks (and the poultry who share the holding areas). Do you give enrichment to your ambassador birds? What have you found they seem to interact with the most? Novel foods, novel items, textures, bathing options, and of course, training ideas?

Nice! Congrats on the new position, and good luck with the enrichment calendar. Raptors can be tricky to plan for, at least if you want a diverse set of enrichment. 

The following list is a variety of enrichment ideas I’ve either used or seen used on the raptors you are working with. It is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good start. This post won’t go into great detail on how to do each of them, but if one catches your eye but the description is confusing, let me know and I’ll try to clarify. 

Basic Training: These are the basics. When it comes to raptors, consistency and routine are the biggest factors. If you can work the following into your basic training regiment every day or every other day, then your raptors will be enriched and learn valuable commands and behavior for vet care, handling, and presentation.

Keel Score and Touch Training: These two practices are crucial in training raptors because it gets them used to people, hands, and situations where they need to be held. It also trains the handler to do a thorough inspection of the bird every time its on their glove. Start with the keel and the feet, move to the beak and head, then try gently pulling their wings out or maneuvering their tail by hand. They wont like it at first, but if they get used to it, this can be invaluable for vet visits. 

Putting on and Taking off Equipment: Get the birds used to the anklets, jesses, leashes, hoods, and other equipment. Try to put it all on at least once a day. (Hood Training a raptor typically takes a more involved approach and should only started if you can really commit to the practice multiple times a day.)

“Step Up” and “Step Back”: Use treat rewards and repetition to teach each bird to step up onto a glove or perch when asked and step back onto a glove, perch, or scales when asked. Once learned, keep a habit of using the commands when weighing each bird every day. 

Jump Ups: These exercises both teach the birds to come to a gloved fist when called and if done in the right distances and elevations can be excellent exercise for them. 

Creance Training: If your birds are fully flighted, this is excellent training and exercise. It also helps prepare for flighted programs. 

Take a Walk: My team and I take our birds on walks at least twice a week. This gets them out of the enclosure, seeing new sights, and getting comfortable with their handlers. 

Owl Enrichment: Owls are largely solitary creatures with little to no food motivation. Much of their enrichment will revolve around stimulating their senses and appealing to their more destructive nature. Each bird will be different of course, so you’ll just need to try until you find which enrichment is the best received. 

Shredded Phonebooks: Setting up a partially shredded phone book or similar paper product can be one of the most enriching objects for large owls like the Great Horned Owl.

Cardboard Egg Cartons: Very similar to the above. (Really anything cardboard and shaped odd will do)

Towel Wrapped Perch: Some owls love to pick the threads off of towels. Wrapping part of a perch in a small towel can be entertaining. 

Live Prey: If the bird is fit and able, live prey is good enrichment. Insects like captive bred roaches or meal worms can be good as well. Try spreading the meal worms through long leaf astroturf. 

Feather Bundle: If you have old body feathers from a prior moult, tie them together and hang them in various places throughout the enclosure. Bonus if you can get breezes to move them occasionally. 

Audio Samples: This depends on the bird, but more social owls like the screech owl will get largely intrigued if you start playing their calls from various places on occasion. Try to get them to call back (Keep note of the call used and the response. Some are territorial calls or alarm calls, try to avoid those.)

Vulture Enrichment: These birds are usually social creatures with a large propensity for destructive behavior. Their food drive is okay, but the more intriguing the situation, the better. 

Food Puzzles: Try creating various puzzles and challenges for the birds to reach a tidbit reward. If its something they can destroy, even better. Look up “Striated Caracara Enrichment”, you’ll find videos by Elite Falconry. While Caracara aren’t really vultures, the puzzles are excellent for vultures and intelligent, food motivated birds. 

Hide and Seek: If it’s turkey vultures you’re working with, hiding smelly food can be a great enrichment option. Try hiding it in cardboard egg cartons or safely destructible items. 

Eggs: the occasional egg can be a great treat. 

Un-stuffed Stuffed Animals: Like the owls this, can be a great thing for the birds to pick and pull apart. just be sure the materials are plastic free and there is no stuffing in it. 

Mist Sprayers: We’re located in Central Texas. If you are in a place with plenty of heat, mist sprayers can be great afternoon enrichment. Typically the birds will step in the mist then go sun themselves until they dry off. 

Hawk Enrichment: The most food motivated of the group, these birds are most enriched by the challenge and reward of obtaining food. 

Food Puzzles: Simple puzzles can be great, but a word of warning. Most hawks have a poor sense of object permanence, so be sure any treat reward is visible at all times.

Treat Foods: Eggs, Day old chick, chicken leg, insects, etc… These should be given sparingly, but can offer a great change up from the typical feeding schedule. If you can, try offering a rotating diet of core meats the bird would eat in the wild and then sprinkle the above options into the mix for rewards and lazy days. 

Frozen Food: This is another hot summer option. It takes the birds time to pick apart the food enough to eat and can actually help shape their beaks and talons in the process. (Word of Warning, make sure the food in question is large enough that the bird cannot swallow it whole. If it does, this can lead to sour crop. 

“Tirings”: This is a falconry term for food objects that really aren’t all that edible, but take the bird time to pick apart. These can be bird wings, rabbit ears or feet, an even handmade lures with tidbits attached. 

Audio Samples: This depends on the bird, but more social hawks like the Harris’ Hawk or even birds like the Caracara will get largely intrigued if you start playing their calls from various places on occasion. Try to get them to call back (Keep note of the call used and the response. Some are territorial calls or alarm calls, try to avoid those.)

Live Prey: If the bird is fit and able, live prey is good enrichment. Insects like captive bred roaches or meal worms can be good as well. Try spreading the meal worms through long leaf astroturf.

Feather Bundle: If you have old body feathers from a prior moult, tie them together and hang them in various places throughout the enclosure. Bonus if you can get breezes to move them occasionally.

Minnows in the Bath: Putting minnows into their bath pan will keep many hawks fascinated and watching for hours. Some will even try to catch them. 

Swinging Perches: Install a tree branch that hangs from the ceiling by a rope. Every hawk I’ve offered this to has made it their favorite perch. 

Poultry: These birds are largely foragers, giving them stuff to pick at or eat that is more interesting than seeds is usually a great bet. 

Treat Foods: Meal Worms, strawberries, plain yogurt, Tomatoes, etc…

Foraging space: Real grass, bushes and open area.

Dust Bath: Try giving them an area to lay and role in some finer dust.

Percussion Instruments: A small, brightly colored xylophone mounted safely to a surface is certain to attract and keep interest. 

Hope this helps!

Depending on the instrument, some chemical instrument or chemical supply companies are comically small. We have three instruments from one such company and one was giving me errors I couldn’t solve so I just called the help manual number. I also happen to know that owns the company is named Jim.

And I called, and the phone is answered, and I hear, “Hey, it’s Jim.”

And I tell him, “Hey, I’m a grad student and we have three of your instruments and I’m getting this error” and I read off the error.

And he goes, “Oh, did you do the clicky thing?”

“Yea, I made it click.”

“Hmm….so it’s not the clicky thing.”

And then he walked me through it. Shout out to CEO Jim who refers to what his own instruments do as “the clicky thing.”

anonymous asked:

I cannot stop day dreaming about Olivers bday party. It prob going to be at the loft. Of course everyone else will leave first, 'giving them the room. When he finally goes to leave I NEED Felicity to get up on her tip toes and kiss him on the cheek whispering "Happy Birthday" and then I just want him to say fuck it and kiss her. REALLY kiss her. And scoop her up and go upstairs. And at some point, whisper the words, "I want to come home." Then I can die happy. Or just be dead. Whichever.

Anon, you beautiful soul!! Way to go guessing the loft! I don’t know what I did to deserve this, because I NEVER get messages like this one, so thank you. Ugh, my heart is so very full from the picture you’ve given me that I ended up writing a *short* spec fic about it. (Based on recent spoilers, I know most of what I have written here ain’t gonna happen; but alas, I started this fic last month and wanted to finish it anyway. My Oliver deserves a happy spec fic on his birthday.)

Here’s my new favorite photo to set the stage. LOOK HOW HAPPY THEY ARE. I’M FINE.



Felicity’s cry echoes across the expanse of the loft, her words bouncing off its high ceilings, sending all party guests into an unprecedented silence.

Oliver stills, every fiber in his body already tightening, already on edge, ready to pounce to protect her if need be– He relaxes a little when he realizes Felicity is not, in fact, reacting to any sort of danger. Instead, she stares with wide, horrified eyes at the knife he’s still gripping, hovering over the direct center of the cake. The cake he was just instructed to cut himself. The cake covered in exactly 32 little plastic arrows, all pointing towards the center to form a giant O.

Yet he knows that look means trouble of a different sort…a Felicity-sized and always important portion of concern.

“What’s wrong?”

Oliver quickly makes eye contact with the rest of the group, just in case anyone’s picked up on something he’s missed. But everyone appears just as confused as he is by Felicity’s new state of peril.

Felicity visibly swallows as she slowly tiptoes towards him. She licks her lips once, hesitating before meeting his gaze; and he can practically see the wheels spinning behind her eyes, as she calms herself down and tries to explain.

“I just mean…you should have the corner piece, you know? Because it has more frosting. You like frosting, right? Everyone loves frosting.”

“Felicity…” He has no idea what she’s hiding, but he can tell something’s off.

“You know what? I’ll just cut the cake. I mean, you already do so much, the least I can do is cut you a piece of cake.” She’s taking the knife from him and already cutting off a corner piece, before he can even try to stop her, all the while muttering something to herself. He leans in a bit to try to hear, but Curtis and Quentin have resumed their conversation across the table, so all he catches is something along the lines of “What was I thinking…”

God, if only he knew. He’s spent years learning to understand what Felicity Smoak says, let alone trying to make sense of what could possibly be going on inside that beautiful head of hers.

“There. That is your piece.”

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Beginner's guide to Necromancy: The Necromancer's Altar

The altar is the most important tool that exists outside of the necromancer. Not to be confused with a spirit altar, which is a separate construct i covered in another post.
The altar allows the necromancer to interact with the afterlife and the spirits whom reside in it, as well as acting as an extension of the necromancer, holding their power and knowledge in books and fetish items.

What you will need:
+ Two tapered white, red, purple or black candles.
+ A book of spells, rituals, invocations, magical diagrams and the like. If you follow a religion with a grand text or doctrine (Torah, Satanic bible etc) then by all means it can be used.
+ A Fetish item (look for an up coming lecture on the topic), Skull or other item signifying death.
+ Sharp knife capable of drawing blood.
+ Chalice, Crystal wine glass or goblet of the finest quality available.
+ Plate of the finest quality available.
+ Censer, Thurible, or other incense burners.
+ Bowl of ceramic, stone or wood.
+ Bell, small drums or other small percussion instruments.
+ Small candle holders
+ Scrying tool such as a black mirror.
+ Small black cloth.

Setting it up:

1) Begin by washing the table with a cleansing wash followed by dressing your candles and consecrating the rest of the materials.
They can get in the way of rituals and make post ritual cleansings difficult.
3) At the back of your altar place your two candles in their holders and put them about a foot or so apart.
4) Between them place your book.
5) Upon your book place your symbolic item. When using the book the item will be put to the side of your summoning hand.
6) To the side of your right place your plate and on your plate, place your cup.
Fill the cup with water and replace this water every day. On the plate (and around the cup) leave small cookies or crackers, replace them once week.
7) To your left place your bowl, it will be used to keep spirits or for interactions with the spirit world.
8) Place your incense burner and instrument in front of your Bowl.
9) To the side of your summoning hand place your scrying tool and cover it with the black cloth. Lay your blade upon it.

Feel free to customize the altar how you see fit. Remember not to overcrowd it, and to have at least some form of every material mentioned above. Other than your book there should be no religious items or symbols present on the altar.

so wth ?? i hit 5k followers a few days ago and im kind of shocked? what ? tysm to everyone who follows my terrible blog and i thought id do something different to celebrate !!

what are music shorts?

i made up that name ssh it’s basically a small instrumental music piece which ill compose based on you and your blog ! if you want some examples of my music you can find it here and here (do not repost or steal, i will find you)

please read under the cut!

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Perform For me

Group: BTS


Requested: Anonymous said: Could you please write a Namjoon x Reader where BTS are at the BBMAs and the reader and their band are a famous American pop and he sees them perform for the first time? I honestly l love your imagines so so so much!!!!

Excerpt: “You just need to perform to one person, Namjoon!”

Genre: fluff, BBMAs au 

Length: 1.3k

A/N: an announcement to make sure you are voting for the boys!

 Up tomorrow: TAEHYUNG ( click here for the complete BBMAs masterlist )

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

You had the pre-performance jitters, smoothing your skirt down trying to hide the tremble in your hands; you were always nervous before a performance. It didn’t help that it was in front of many a collection of talented artists who had been in the business longer than you and your band could imagine with you three-year life.

The makeup artists were forced to hold your head still whilst styling your hair and one of the members popped up sitting on the desk in front of you with a smile, “You nervous again?”

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The Luthier (Part 1)

Summary: You’re a Luthier in the cold Laketown and a breathless Bard runs into your shop after escaping from the guards.

Word Count: 3325

Pairing: Bard x Reader

Rating: It’s fluff pals, just happy fluff.

A/N: First story ever in this fandom and it happens to be a Bard one eheh. Before reading it…I suck at titling and english is not my first language, that’s why I have to thank the wonderful @bettythedwarfqueen for checking it before posting!!<3 Hope you’ll like it, comments and general feedbacks are very much welcome. <3

Originally posted by roseberrythomas

You didn’t choose to be a luthier, it happened one day, when both your father and mother got sick with a terrible and incurable disease that corrupted their lungs and took them away in a few days. You had found yourself alone, facing the cruel and uncaring Laketown, forced to continue the family business, your small musical instrument shop. Between grief and mourning, facing new difficulties everyday, you had fall in love with the job: crafting original instrument with pretty carvings, playing and tuning them, searching the perfect shape of the lute’s bodies to make the sound reverberate in the best way. You just wished your fellow citizens would share your same enthusiasm. But once again Braga was at your door asking for the payment of the taxes and you had found yourself out of money.

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strawhat-giraffe  asked:

Hello there! Would it be alright to adopt a small, Parade!Karamatsu that could help remind me to that it's okay to take time for myself, and that self care is just as important as caring for your friends? < 3 And also loves giving smooches.

This tiny parade!kara will make sure you take time for yourself, he will help you to remember your important tasks and provide all the support you need! Friends are important, but youre important too! To make sure you’re happy he will be extra cuddly and smooch you whenever he feels you need love. All you need is to give him some small instruments for him to play with and your love, then he will be super happy with you!

anonymous asked:

I wished you wrote a fic where... Cor keeps receiving handmade Kinder chocolate (or capsule chocolate) where the gift is something he finds useful or really appreciates/loves from an anonymous Crownsguard trainee. Whether he finds out or not is up to you.

Awwww, this is sooo cute! Short drabble time! :D

Tagging some pals: @blindbae, @itshaejinju, @lady-asuka, @nifwrites, @the-lucian-archives, @cupnoodle-queen, @asendioncosplay, @rubyphilomela, @alicemoonwonderland and @xalexanderxkozachenkox <3 :D

Office Treats (Cor x Reader SFW)

It was a widely known fact around the Citadel that Cor Leonis did not enjoy sweets. Given the current state of his prime physical health, everyone assumed that Cor lived off a diet of salads and lean protein with the occasional banana flavoured protein shake, if he was feeling a little indulgent. Given his strong rejection of Valentine’s Day chocolates for many years on end, everyone just took is as a well-known fact that Cor, the Marshal of the Crownsguard, was not fond of sweet treats.

However, it appeared that one new member of the Crownsguard didn’t get the memo. Cor stared at the small, colourful foil wrapped chocolate egg sitting innocently on his desk, right on top of his small pile of paperwork. He picked the small treat up in his hand and immediately crushed it, proceeding to peel the foil off the crushed chocolate. Popping a small piece into his mouth, he pushed the rest of the chocolate aside to retrieve the small orange capsule that was held inside of the egg.

Cor Leonis had been collecting the small items and knick-knacks from inside the capsules ever since he’d been finding the small chocolate egg treats on his desk dating back two months. He had a feeling he knew who it was that had been leaving the treats for him- he felt like this whole sweet act (pardon the pun) had you written all over it.

The Marshal found himself smiling at the thought of you- earnest, hard-working, and quite the chatter-box when you were in a comfortable group of friends. He gently opened up the orange capsule and found a small compass inside. His nostrils flared minutely in amusement as he inwardly chuckled and pocketed the small instrument. It would come in handy- that was for sure.

Cor made his way around to his desk drawers and opened the top one up. Inside, he sifted through the numerous little knick-knacks he’d collected from the chocolate egg capsules before he found a small, pink plastic ring amongst his stationery, forgotten invoices and collection of little plastic tools and small toys. Lips forming a small smile, he pocketed the plastic ring and made his way out of his office and towards the Crownsguard training room.

On arrival, he found you in there, as expected. You wore your leather combat gloves and practiced a few offensive and defensive stances with gusto, your bangs sticking to your forehead from all the sweating you were doing. Cor cleared his throat to get your attention, and you immediately bolted upright and twirled around to face Cor- back ram-rod straight and facial expression absolutely gob-smacked.

“Sir! Um, good day?” Cor almost chuckled out loud at the pure shock on your face at his surprise presence.

“Hey. I have something for you- I found it in one of the treats you keep leaving in my office-”

He watched you as you gaped at him, shocked. “YOU KNEW IT WAS ME THIS WHOLE TIME?!” You screeched rather cutely, turning absolutely red in the face.

Cor couldn’t help but step closer, the small pink ring in his palm. He silently reached forward to grab your hand. Flipping it open and gently prying your fingers open, he set the small pink plastic ring on the centre of your palm. Closing your fingers around it with a gentle touch, he offered you a real smile.

“Yes- who else could it have been? Everyone else knows I don’t have sweets often. Thank you for the treats, I really do enjoy them. Especially the surprises within. This ring, however… I thought you should have it. You’ve been doing well in training- you’re going to be a truly worthy and valuable member of the Crownsguard.”

Cor’s smile widened into a short-lasting grin. He chuckled slightly at the confused look on your face as he backed away. You sputtered adorably, trying to respond.

“U-um- thanks Cor! And… you’re welcome! I’ll… keep leaving you those treats… only if it doesn’t bother you.”

Cor nodded in affirmation.

“They don’t bother me at all. In fact, they make my day. Thank you, truly, y/n.”

Teddy Bear Doctor

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)

Pairing: None. It’s Bones being a daddy and a big softie.

Word Count: 1410

Rating: Everyone (It’s pure fluff)

Beta’d: No

Prompts: Bones keeps a teddy bear on the Enterprise for when he treats children and Bones helps Joanna play doctor to her teddy bear and If you look closely there’s a smidge of “Comfort item brought onboard gets discovered”.

Tags: @kirkaholic123, @blueoftheenterprise, @yourtropegirl, @the-witching-hours12-3 @annalisehartmann @thevalesofanduin

The Enterprise’s latest mission involves the transport of a number of delegates and ambassadors of various planets to Starbase Babel for a peace conference. The ambassador from Earth had brought her daughter along since they have family at the starbase. She’d been delighting the crew since the moment she stepped foot on the ship. As a part of the senior crew of the Enterprise McCoy had reluctantly tagged along to greet the ambassador but had been called away for an emergency in the med bay.

Two days later he sits behind his desk and sighs heavily as he picks up the PADD. The ambassador’s daughter had come into the med bay a few hours ago and is now sedated just a few feet away from his office. He starts filling out the report but can’t help glancing up every now and then as the nurses bustle past his door. The little girl is roughly the same age as his own daughter back on Earth and he can’t stop thinking about her.

He sets the PADD down and looks at the photograph on his desk. Donna had taken it just before he left for the five year mission. Joanna stares up at the camera grinning broadly and hugging her favorite teddy bear that looks more like a mummy than a bear. He smiles to himself.


Leonard walks quietly down the hall to his daughter’s room and peers in the door, she’s been playing alone a little too quietly.  The dark haired little girl sits in the middle of her bed with her teddy bear propped up in front of her. She’s gathered every piece of her old fashioned toy doctor’s kit her aunt Donna got her for her birthday and laid it all out beside her. Picking up the stethoscope and places it in her ears before setting the other end over where the bears heart should be.

“Your heartbeat sounds good Mister Scribbles. Now I need to check your flexes.” She replaces the stethoscope on the bed and picks up a small hammer like instrument and gently taps the bear’s “knee”. Nodding she puts the instrument down and picks up a roll of bandages and wraps both of the bear’s arms. “You’ll be okay. I’m gonna check your heartbeat again just to be sure.” She puts the stethoscope on again and places it to the bear’s chest. She listens for a minute and looks up. “Daddy, I think Mister Scribbles needs a second pinion. Can you help me?”

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anonymous asked:

Hello! May I request separate short scenarios with Kuroo, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, and Akaashi with a crush on an extremely talented violinist and pianist? Thank you SM <33

I love sporty/artsy couples! It’s a perfect blending of both worlds, its just so cute!

They were supposed to be studying. That’s the whole reason Kuroo was seated in the middle of their bedroom, after all. But all thoughts of school came to an automatic halt when he had spotted the small stringed instrument resting in the far corner of their room.

“You play violin,” it wasn’t a question. It made sense when he looked down at their slender, well-trained hands, “can I hear?” He smiled encouragingly at them when he saw the amount of red that instantly bombarded their face at the request.

“Oh, I’m, uh, really not that good,” they managed to get out, looking back at the musical instrument in order to put their eyes anywhere than on him.

Kuroo huffed a laugh as he pushed himself off the ground and made the short journey to take the violin gingerly into his hands. “You gotta be better than me,” he teased lightly, “come on. Please?”

Another moment passes before they finally stood, face still colored, and gathered the instrument into their own hands. The hold was familiar, easily fitting under their chin as if that were it’s home. Delicate fingers reached for the bow and their eyes closed, breath seeming to slow as they gathered themselves.

The bow rose, touches against the strings and Kuroo felt all his breath leave his chest as though he were physically hit. The sound that was produced was so full and pure, it made bumps visibly rise on his skin.

It was beautiful. They were beautiful.

The string of notes stopped Oikawa dead in his tracks. The melody, the flow, the… emotions that hit him with the sound made him forget where he was even going. His feet carried him to the door across the hall where he was able to peer inside. He felt his insides twist slightly when he recognized the lovely figure seated at the grand piano.

Awe took over and he was sure his mouth was hanging open unattractively, but that was of no concern to him in that moment. Right now he was trying to debate of whether he should close his eyes and listen intently on the music being produced or leaving them open so he could fully appreciate the picturesque image before him.

Those delicate fingers danced whimsically across the keys, never faltering with the years of practice they had surely gone through. The slight sway of their body as the melody left them, like a carefully choreographed performance. And Oikawa was graced with being the only audience member.

He’d stay; just a bit longer

Iwaizumi hated to say this, but talent shows weren’t always filled with… talent. While he believed that all the individuals up on that stage thought they were talented - and certainly had the potential to be - some of them were just… not quite there yet.

His eyes kept lingering on the piano that sat in the corner as the night went on. He was sure it wasn’t there for appearances sake and no one had yet to touch it, so who was it for?

There was a small lull between performers this time, the audience had automatically picked up on small chatter, filling the auditorium with a low buzz. His eyes remained focused though, never leaving from the large string instrument. And when he saw them cross the stage, his thoughts ceased, his body leaning forward without his consciousness as though the small movement brought him right up front.

It made sense, really. Iwaizumi was embarrassed to admit that he probably stared at those hands far too often. And now the truth behind their ability to be so graceful was being revealed as they sat at the bench before those bicolored keys. The hum around him died away from the first note that echoed through the large room, capturing every individual’s attention and for Iwaizumi, everything around him disappeared entirely.

Maybe it was just his hopeful heart, but he was certain that those hands were delivering a message right to him.

His favorite time of the day was just after practice. The time when Akaashi would say goodbye to his teammates for the evening and make his way to the music rooms. He was going to pick them up before they made their way home together, but he always took his time just outside the door, for he knew as soon as he made himself present to them, the bow would cease its movement across those stings. And whenever he would ask them to continue even just a moment longer, they would just claim that it was getting late, leaving Akaashi to get his fix of their music secretly.

The notes reached his ears before he caught sight of the door. His steps slowed as he got closer. He had seen them play before and he imagined them now. Brows knit slightly as they placed their whole soul into the melody that they produced, fingers moving swiftly up and down the strings to guide the tunes. He saw the slight bend in their knees as the notes came faster and the way their body stepped and moved as though the music they were creating demanded it from them.

With a shuddering breath leaving him as the pace slowed again, Akaashi hesitantly stepped into the doorway, catching the smallest shift in their hips before their eyes caught him there. The bow lowered and their smile beamed, replacing Akaashi’s initial disappointment with a new fluttering of his heart.

“Finished with practice?” They questioned as they carefully packed away the precious instrument back into its case. “Mind if we stop for popsicles on the way?”

He smiled kindly, “Sure.”

The Misfits

Prompt: Six students, of different stereotypes, are sentenced to Saturday detention which happens to land on a very important day for each of them. While their reasons for being there are up in the air, and they might start off on the wrong foot, they all eventually find out there’s more to each person than they thought.

A/N: So I was watching one of my favorite movies last night (The Breakfast Club) and I had an idea for a story! I love it when that happens. I had a couple drabbles that I was going to post, but I wasn’t sure if they were good enough and this seemed like a better idea to me. As of right now (because I haven’t finished the story) I haven’t decided if there are any specific pairings. I’m just gonna go with the flow. This is also an AU so the characters have a few different traits than in the  show. Riley and Maya are still best friends. That will never change. Also, Riley has an older brother in this fic. In the beginning (before the show aired), she was set to have an older brother named Elliot, and I thought it would be great for her to be the middle child.

Word: Count: 2,447

Part 1- Three Rules

At the sight of the old, brown stone building sitting in the middle of the industrial city, Riley Matthews huffed in frustration. Her fingers clenched her phone so tightly, her knuckles turned white. It wasn’t that she didn’t like being at this place (she was forced by the law to go five days a week for eight hours a day), it was the fact that because of a stupid incident, she was sitting outside on the sixth day of the week. Saturday morning.

“You’re going to break your phone if you keep using it as a stress reliving item,” her older brother, Elliot stated at he parked the car in front of the steps. She said nothing. “You’re only going to be here till three.”

She looked at him quickly in rage. “That’s seven hours I could be practicing for the concert, which by the way, is TONIGHT!” Her voice rang in the vehicle as she fell back into her seat and huffed. Not only did she have detention for seven hours, she was less then 12 hours away from her concert, in which scouts from Juilliard School of the Arts would be attending.

He looked at her sympathetically, even though she basically yelled at him harshly. A few years ago, he probably would have yelled back at her, but he understood the stress and anxiety she must be dealing with, since tonight could make or break her future to attend one of the elite schools in the country for music making. Plus she was good kid, always followed her parents rules, she did well in school, and practiced the violin hard. It was the instrument she based her whole life around.

Since the day she held the small instrument at the age of four, she wanted this to be her profession. Despite her parents (father in particular) wanting her to be an athlete, like Elliot and her little brother, Auggie, she rather spend her days sitting in front of a music sheet, rubbing hair and strings making beautiful melodies. Her mother supported her from the beginning, and after Mr. Matthews saw the potential she had to be one of the greats, he stopped pestering her and let her do her own thing. She was her own person, and deserved to do what she desired, since it was her life and not her parents.

“So I’m assuming mom and dad don’t know about this?” He asked.

She sighed defeatedly. “No, they don’t. If they did, they would flip and who knows what will happen. So I told them I was going to be here practicing. Unfortunately, I was told myself that I couldn’t bring anything but my homework and food for lunch, so you mind if I leave my violin here in your car?”

His brown eyes looked at the old case and nodded. “Yeah, so I’m picking you up at three?” Riley nodded, fingers now fiddling with the ends of the case. “Am I also picking up Maya too?”

“How did you know she was going to be here today?”

He gave her a look that said really? “Because ninety-nine percent of the times you get in trouble, Maya Hart is not trailing far behind. I’ve been watching that for the last ten years of our lives.”

Yes, more often it was Maya who got into difficult inconveniences, and if Riley was ever put in a situation where she was at fault too, it was because of her troubled blonde best friend. Normally it was small stuff that caused her to get lunch detention or to stay after school for an hour, but recently Maya had been rebelling to the point she could have been in handcuffs. Riley could never really tell her to not continue this behavior directly, but instead hint to her that what she was doing was not acceptable. Her life at home wasn’t the best situation and the brunette understood that this behavior was normal in order to get attention from mom and dad.

But this act was taken too far, and Maya had dragged Riley right down with her. To the bottom of the pit itself.

Elliot tapped his thumb on the wheel of the car. “You better get in there,” he stated. “Because we all know Mrs. Know’s the Librarian. She ain’t gonna put up with tardiness and if you get suspended, mom and dad are really gonna flip.”

He was right, and she groaned in aggravation as she opened the car door to get out. She spotted the blonde on the top of the steps, and turned back to face her brother. “I’m ready for this day to be over with.”


They said nothing as they walked the halls silently down to the library. Every now and then she could look over and spot the guilt on Maya’s face. Riley hated that her best friend felt this way, but it was technically her fault that they were here on a Saturday, serving detention. Not to mention the brunette was a tad angry with the blonde, and Riley hated that she felt this way too. It was very rare to have this feeling towards her. They weren’t supposed to be mad at each other, ever. They were supposed to be the others escape. A way out of stress. But today wasn’t that day.

In the library, things were quiet, as they should be. Three chairs had been taken up so far. In the front, Isadora Smackle sat, with all the study equipment she could possibly bring, besides her laptop. Riley found it extremely odd that the smartest girl and not to mention, popular girl in school would be caught in Saturday detention, but was reminded that she, herself was here too.

In the other two seats, Lucas Friar and his adopted brother, Isaiah Babineaux sat, quietly whispering to one another, before looking up at the two girls who had just walked in. Lucas was the most popular guy in school for a newbie, as well as one of the most arrogant, self-centered people too. With his dazzling smile, muscular biceps, one look at a girl could make them swoon in his presence. Riley was more annoyed than anything else. Yes, he was devilishly handsome, she’d give him that, but his attitude and first impression gave Riley a bad taste in her mouth.

Isaiah was different. He was Friar’s adoptive brother. A southern gentleman from Texas, who said “please” and “thank you” on a regular basis, as well as “yes ma’am,” “no ma’am,” “yes sir,” and “no sir.” He was also the class clown, who always tried to make the best out of a hard situation. Riley happened to have him in a few of her classes, and she enjoyed his presence more so than his obnoxious step-brother.

Riley and Maya took their seats, sitting at the same table, but on separate ends. The blonde glanced at the brunette in hopes that their eyes would meet. Riley couldn’t look at her, at least not right now. She found the clock sitting on the checkout desk in front of the office door. 7:58. Two minutes before the torturous day would begin.

The door to the office opened and Mrs. Knows, with her silver grey hair, oversized glasses and rag looking face appeared. She might not have looked like much, but she could be scary, when she wanted to be. Just before she opened her mouth to speak, the bulky door to the entrance of the library opened and Farkle Minkus appeared, walking at his own pace to the seat in front of Riley and Maya.

“Mr. Minkus,” the Librarian said, “almost late, aren’t we?” Riley wished she could see his face, but he said nothing so the old lady continued. “Alright, you’re all here till three today. Rule number one, no talking. Rule number two, no cell phones.” A groan came from every one. “Rule number three, if you disrupt me while I’m watching—doing work, this will no longer be a Saturday detention, but a suspension.” Ouch. “Put your cell phones on the desk and I will come collect them. You will get them back at the end of the day.” She looked up. “Yes, Mr. Babineaux?”

Riley turned to see that he had been raising his hand. “What are we supposed to do till then?”

“Well, you were informed to bring books to study, read, writing materials to do homework. Or you could just twiddle your thumbs all day long,” she chuckled. “As long as your quiet and following my three rules.” She collected the phones and waddled back to her office, closing the door behind her.

“Well this is pointless,” Lucas stated, standing up from his seat. “Come on Zay, let’s scram.” Isaiah didn’t move though and opened his mouth to protest.

Just before passing, Maya stood up to meet him. “Sit down Ranger Rick. You heard the lady, breaking the rules meant suspension. You might be new here, but I’ll give you a piece of advice. Mrs. Knows is not a lady to tip toe around. She won’t hesitate to pull out a pink slip.” She leaned forward on her desk. “You really want that on your record Ball Boy?”

Riley could hear Zay’s chuckle from the back. Lucas looked at him, “What are you laughing at?”

“She called you Ranger Rick and Ball Boy,” his tone made Riley want to laugh, but she suppressed the urge. She was supposed to be upset right now. “I like her.”

Lucas rolled his eyes and looked down at Maya seriously. She was at least a foot and a half shorter than him, but she didn’t care. She knew her size, and she was proud. “Look Blondie, I ain’t got time to sit around for seven hours doing nothing. Zay and I have a big game tonight and this we should be prepping, not twiddling our thumbs,” his southern accent was thick.

Farkle turned in his seat. “And you think we’re here to sit around and do nothing?” His voice was deep and his tone was full of protest. “You think we all don’t have something better to do, or somewhere better to be? It’s not just your life that’s important. This time is blocking us from our lives too. So you can sit down and suck it up like the rest of us.” He turned back around and continued to read from the manuscript in his hand.

Minkus was the smartest guy in the school, and everyone knew that. He was also one of the hottest guys too. Not Lucas Friar hot, but still hot. If you had never met him before in your entire life, you probably would have picked him out to be a prep, guaranteed admission into Princeton University, or some other Ivy League school, not because he was smart enough, but because his dad had all the money in the world to send him. You’d say he was a popular guy that partied and could have any girl he liked on his arm. Maybe he was obnoxious too, arrogant and only cared about materialistic nonsense he could buy from anywhere on Fifth Avenue.

But he was just the opposite. With physical qualities of a pretty rich boy and being somewhat athletic, he was a loner. You could normally find him in a library studying for classes he had been dull-enrolled in by his parents through NYU, or in the Science lab on the north end of campus, face stuck to a microscope. He had friends, but they were the obnoxious rich smarties he didn’t click with or the kids who used him for his money. It was really sad.

Lucas looked annoyed staring down at Maya, while her raised eyebrows told a different story. “You heard the genius, Hop-a-Long.”

He looked warningly at Zay who started snickering once again. Then he turned to Farkle, who was no longer paying attention. “If you’re a genius Minkus, why are you in Saturday detention? I thought you’d be smart enough to dodge a situation like this.” It was a good question.

Farkle didn’t glance away from the words on his page, but stated, “That’s my problem, not yours, and you’re forgetting that I’m not the only genius gracing your presence at this moment.” His finger pointed to the side towards a certain lady with pitch black hair.

Maya cocked her head to the side. “Yeah, Smack-lay, what brings you to the land of the troubled?”

The dark-haired girl turned slightly to the right. “It is none of your business to know why I have been sentenced to this dreadful atmosphere, but if you must be reminded, rule number one rule states that we should not be talking, otherwise this dreadful day will be spent confined in our rooms and none of us will be able to enjoy going to the events we wish to attend, playing the games you desire to win, or what ever it is you all do in your spare time. I for one have no desire to to take part in this conversation no more. I have better activities to do at this desk other than exercise my gums that lead to my suspension and the beginning of my problematics hindering my early acceptance into Princeton.” Her face whipped around so quickly, her hair flew behind her.

Lucas stared at Maya for a long time, and finally feeling defeated, he walked back over to sit down. “So what are we supposed to do?”

Riley licked her lips thinking about what she could do that would benefit her. They were in a library, full of books. She was sure she could find a music book with the classical song she was performing this evening. She stood up, and Maya looked at her curiously. “Where you going Riles?” The blonde began to stand back up with her.

But Riley turned quickly on her heels, holding out her hand for her to stop. “I’m just going to get a book. That’s it.”

Maya’s expression dropped. She hadn’t meant to sound that harsh and demanding, but the tone came out too soon with the words. Her best friend sat back down, and Riley had caught Farkle’s blue eyes with her own. She couldn’t read his expression, and that drove her insane. Usually she was great at reading people, but she could never tell what Farkle Minkus was thinking. Ever.

She turned away, heading for the music selection in the huge library. It was time she put her focus on to the concert tonight. People drama was the least of her worries now.

Preview to next chapter:

“Goodie-two-shoes-Matthews?” Lucas said, eyeing her who had looked away from him. “If you’re a goodie, then what brings you to a detention hall? Especially Saturday detention?” Yes, because they all know Saturday detentions are equivalent to one day in school suspension.

pictures this, 

humans become the highest paid and most well known surgeons of the universe. Surprisingly, the majority of space faring races are enormous, leaving humans small enough to squeeze through the plates of shells, cracks in carapaces, parting muscles and fat with infinitesimally small instruments. Nimble small fingers and eyes capable of feeling, seeing the smallest of abnormalities within their massive friends.

Huntress- Part 8: Ketch

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E8, so warning: SPOILERS

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Part Seven

Sam and Dean walk over to the Doctor who’s fiddling with his clipboard. They reach into their inside pockets and retrieve the FBI badges, but, before they could even properly show them, the man waved them by and mumbled “Your colleges are already inside.” 
The brothers shared a look and headed in.

Inside, was Cas, Crowley and you. You were reading the case file at the end of the corpses “bed”. Your Dad looked shocked that you were there “Y/N? How did you-”
“I took her.” Cas says. You glance up, wondering how he’ll take it.
Your Uncle shook his head, but he was smiling slightly “Well you’re hear now. Anything interesting?” 
“Not really. They clearly have no idea what the cause of death is, though.” You flip the pages back to the front one and attach it back.

“This is Wallace Parker, a powerful man of pretty much everything.” Cas explained as your Dad pulled back the sheet.
His eyes were completely gone, in place were blackened sockets surrounded by red blotches. You grimaced slightly however you didn’t look away.
“So, Lucifer used this guy as a vessel?” You asked aloud, nearing the corpse. 
Your Dad held you back lightly from getting to close, even thought the man was clearly dead. Maybe he was more worried about you seeing it. ‘Too late for that’ you thought.

“He did,” Crowley took centre stage “Only he’s moving on to bigger people. Highers. Celebrities. Anyone with an influential position in society,” He added on a sarcastic note “Next he’ll be after the bloody Prime Minister.”
“President.” You corrected him and he nodded slowly.
“Him too.”
Your Dad put the sheet back over to cover his face and let go of you completely. 
“I agree with Agent Zapper.” Cas nodded seriously. 
“Would you stop.” Uncle Dean sighed and you giggled.

“Notice anything missing?” Your Dad swiveled his laptop so you and Uncle Dean could both see the images. He flicked between them, Uncle Dean took over and did the same. 
Some of the pictures he was smiling and had a big cross round his neck. Others he was perfectly serious and no cross was in sight. 
It sure sounded like Lucifer was hiding there.
“The cross.” You answered.
“Exactly.” Your Dad nodded.
“So you recon that’s where Lucifer’s hiding?” Uncle Dean asked.
Your Dad nodded again, taking his laptop back. “Worth a shot.”

The Impala pulled up at the back of the Church, you looked up and noticed it was much more modern than any others you’d seen. Of course, it wasn’t new, but it wasn’t ancient either. It had a more homely feel to it, perhaps not with Lucifer wandering about it though.
“No one’s home.” Uncle Dean declared, after having tried the door a few times and looking in through the slightly blurred window.
“I’ll grab the torches.” Your Dad hurried back to the car.
“Got a lock-pick?” You looked up at your Uncle who frowned a little. 
“You know how to?”
You held out your hand and knelt down in front of the key hole. You felt a small instrument being placed into your palm. “Ta.” You say, inserting it into the lock.
After fumbling about a bit you heard the click you were hoping for. 
Standing back up, you hand the lock-pick back to your Uncle and wait for your Dad. He came over and handed you a torch. “You picked the lock?” He squinted in the dark to see the switch on the torch.

“Yep.” You say, switching yours on. Uncle Dean went in first, then you then your Dad- he smiled, impressed that you knew how.

Nothing but the three of your footsteps filled the silence of the building. You shine your torch around slowly, aiming at the door handle before reaching towards it. Focusing on the gun in your pocket in case you needed to fire, you stepped into the room and did a quick once over with your light to make sure there was no immediate danger. You did a double take in the corner, where a body lay, shaking every so slightly. You stared at it, not wanting to move at first. “Dad.” You whispered, looking back.
The brothers appeared in the doorway, their eyes following your light and they run over to the man. “Father.” Dean kneels down next to him.

He looks up, his robes were splattered with blood to match his bloodied face. Breathing heavily, he held up a hand “It wasn’t him.” He gasped.
“His eyes…red.”
You gulped when he started whispering an exorcism. 
Your Dad steers you away from the dying man and you went on to the next room. More bodies, all in the same state as the Father, were sprawled on the ground, or hanging from the ceiling. You look down in respect, not wanting to spend much longer in there.
Either your Dad felt the same way or he noticed you were getting uncomfortable “Come on,” he said “let’s go.”

Sat in the main room of the bunker, you watching over your Dad’s shoulder as he typed away on his laptop, Cas fidgeted in his chair and frowned. “Did the Bunker wardings fail?” He grunted.
“No I uh, disabled them for a while to let Crowley in.” Dean explained.
“What so Crowley can now just wander in whenever he feels like it?” Your Dad obviously wasn’t happy with the idea. “I’d prefer to keep him away, far away.”
“Well thanks for the love, Moose…” He paused and nodded at you “Mouse.”
You rolled your eyes.

“What do you want, Crowley?” Cas sighed.
“I have some news. After all one of my own holds quite the position within the approachable boarders of-”
“Can we skip the drama for once, Crowley.” Your Dad sassed.
“Can we get you without the flannel? No.”
“What’s your point?” You looked him in the eye and he seemed to recoil a bit.

“I believe this is Lucifers’ next vessel.” He took hold of the laptop and typed in something before turning it round. “I give you, the President of this very United States.”

You head in to the main room only to find Cas carrying some cups of tea back in for your brothers. Well…America’s excuse for tea anyway.
He cried out in pain and your expression fell. “Cas?”
He dropped the cups and clutched his head.
“Cas?” You rushed over to him, followed by your Dad and Uncle who must have heard the crash. 
“Angel radio,” he managed “There are so many voices.” He squeezed his eyes tight shut and groaned “There’s been a huge serge in celestial energy. A  Nephilim.”
“Isn’t that-?” You started recalling your memory of Mythology from before but didn’t want to say it. It sounded so strange.
“Yes,” Cas nodded, you forgot he could read minds “An offspring of an Angel and Human.”

“So Lucifer has a kid?”
No one dared answer.

Uncle Dean left alongside cas to grab any necessities, you tried to follow on but your Dad stopped you. “Y/N, this is getting dangerous, and I mean real dangerous. I’m okay with letting you go on hunts but this…” He paused, running his hand through his hair “I can’t let you get hurt.”
You looked at him, unsure of what to say.
“Y/N, I don’t want you getting involved in this. If it doesn’t go to plan then you could get seriously hurt. I can’t let that happen to you.”

You nodded slowly, lost with what to do with yourself. “Okay.” You didn’t want to argue with him. He was far too serious to say otherwise and something told you he was very aware of Lucifer’s powers.

Alone in the bunker you were completely bored. Not to mention worried.
Who knew how long it would be until they came back?
What if they didn’t come back?

However, you weren’t left alone with your thoughts for long as a loud and clear knock came at the door. Hunting instincts took over and you grabbed your gun, putting your demon-blade in your pocket for extra caution.
You climbed up the stairs quickly but almost silently. You then waited. 
Another knock sounded and you swung the door open, holding out your gun.
Sir?” You tilted your head, shocked that he was there but confused more than anything.
“Brooks.” He nodded, using your single-barrelled surname. Your Mum’s surname.
“Do you know where the Winchesters are?” Mr K asked, placing a hand on your gun and lowering it for you. You seemed to have forgotten.
“Oh..uh, why?” 
“I have reason to believe they’re in a rather sticky situation. Sam rung me and-”
“He called you?”
“Yes. Do you know where they are?”
“I know where they’re headed.” 
“Excellent. Lead the way.”

You pulled up where your Dad, Uncle Dean and Cas were fighting some men who were posing as Police Officers. You looked at Ketch who was already stepping out of the car, you got out, avoiding the confused gazes of those across the Motorway and headed to the boot of the car. You opened it p and pulled out the Grenade Launcher.
“Gentlemen, I suggest you get out of the way.” Mr K declared, it sounded calm enough but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a threat. 
You handed him the firearm, fully armed and ready for battle. But he didn’t take it, “Would you care to do the honours?” He suggested, quietly but enough for you to hear. You smirked, having always wanted to have fired one. The Chapter House never let you…until now.
You held the gun as you’d been taught, not really sure how much pressure was needed where but it seemed to work okay as when it fired everyone launched out of the way. 
You couldn’t help but smile when the car burst into flames, sending small pieces of metal flying out. 
“Always wanted to do that.” You chuckle quietly, placing it back in it’s case and into the boot.
“I know.” Mr K still spoke seriously but he had a hint of a smile creeping onto his expression.
“Come along.” 

“Gentlemen, Arthur Ketch.” He greeted quickly, wanting to get down to business, but he turned back round to face you.

“So what you’ve just been watching us and waiting for a moment to appear?” Uncle Dean asked, guessing their ways of work. As logical as it probably sounded, you knew that wasn’t how they worked.
“No we’re good dogs we only come when called.” He stated proudly. 
“What and you’re their Tracker Dog?” Uncle Dean scoffed at you, he was in some sort of mindset that you’d betrayed them in some way.
“He said you were in trouble.” 
“We had reason to believe so when he called.” His long finger outstretched to point at your Dad.
“I hung up.” Your Dad pointed out.
“Well yes, but that meant to us that you were in danger. Which you were. So it’s a good job you did.”
“How are we supposed to trust a damn word that comes outta your mouth?” Uncle Dean snapped.
“Your niece does.” Mr K looked at you, his expression unreadable.

“We understand that America has a…” He chose his words carefully “different way of dealing with the Supernatural. However, we believe we can help each other.”

“Was uh,” Uncle Dean cleared his throat “Was that a grenade launcher?”
“Quite…you see, the British Men Of Letters have been engineering sorcery and technology together for centuries. For example, what do we use instead of decapitation for vampires Brooks?” He asked you like a teacher would and you frowned.
“Irradiation.” You sighed.
“Which is?” He encouraged.
“You reorder the DNA to make their own blood lethal to them.” You recite like a robot. 
“Very good.” He nodded.You thought he was close to offering you a treat.
“Cool.” Your Dad smiled despite himself. 
“Yes well the toys are the fun part. A personal favourite of mine is this: a hyperbolic pulse generator, which-” He glanced at you, expecting you to finish the sentence.
“Creates a bolt of force that removes the demon from the body it possesses. Without causing harm to the vessel themselves.” As you recited it you realised something. “Wait,” You paused “Would that work for an Angel?” 
Your Dad raises an eyebrow, understanding where you were going with this. 
“I suppose so. Why?”
“Lucifer.” Cas stated coldly, he’d been quiet up until that point. Mr K’s eyes widened. 
“If you want to work with us you have to trust us. Lucifer is real and very dangerous…We need that.” Cas looks at the generator as though it would disappear if he so much as blinked.
“In fact, didn’t you have one Brooks?” Mr K turned to you “I believe we sent you over here with a bag of necessities.”
You frowned “You did?”
“Of course, we’re not monsters. We promised your Mother we’d find your Father and we did.”
Your eyes narrowed angrily. Your Dad listened, curious to hear more of their side.
“I’m sensing that’s not quite what happened.”
“That crazy lady tried to kill us!” Dean shouted.
“Bevell? Yes I suppose she can get overexcited at times.”
“She uh, tried to kill me too. I figured that was your orders to be honest…” You looked down sheepishly.
“Why on earth would I want to kill you? You’re our… you were one of our best. I suppose Miss Bevell wasn’t the best of people to send over. She was never fond of you.” He sighed.
“Why not?” Dad asked, wanting to know even more.
You swallowed “Depends on which angle you’re looking at it from.”

After having to explained to Kelly the situation, you all got into position. Hoping for the best was perhaps over-optimistic but it was better than worrying.
The red-haired lady stepped towards you and smiled “I’m Rowena, Mother to the King Of Hell and a powerful Witch.” She introduced herself with over confidence and a bittersweet smile. 
You stared at her and nodded slowly “Okay.” You mumbled.
“Most people mention the accent.” She was trying to get you to be interested in her but frankly, you weren’t.
“Oh…say Hi to Scotland for me.” You remarked and she “hmpfed”.
“I will.” 

Once the house was empty of body guards, the President himself, Lucifer within him, stepped inside. “Kelly, what’s wrong?” The muffled voices could just about be heard from the other side of the wall.
Your Dad walked over to you and put his hands on your shoulders, he looked directly at you and spoke very quietly “Stay back and don’t make yourself known to him. Promise me?” 
You nodded, making him squeeze your shoulders slightly more “Promise me.” He said it ever so slightly louder and you whispered a “Promise.”
He nodded: “Okay.”.

Your Dad took the generator from Cas’ grip, who stood back next to you and waited.

The next moments happened so quickly. Your Dad made himself known as he held out the generator-a sphere, perhaps an oval, with strange markings engraved all over it’s faces.
Rowena began to chant something you couldn’t understand, she threw down some ashes into a pot of fire and continued to chant.
Great blue flame-like embers circled Lucifer like vultures, waiting to attack.
Another chant, this one louder and they did. He stumbled backwards.
“This isn’t over Sam!” Lucifer shouted over the noise.
“Go to hell!” Your Dad called back.
You shielded your eyes, but still managed to just about see as the scene quietened down to nothing.
Everyone was silent.

The body fell to the floor, Lucifer now completely gone from him. “Jeff?” Kelly ran over.
“Cas get her out.” Uncle Dean ordered.
You stood waiting, not knowing whether to speak or not.
Cas left with Kelly. Sam and Dean knelt down next to the body. “Is he dead?” You asked, not getting any closer.
“No,” Uncle Dean shook his head, his hand feeling for a pulse “He’s alive.”

“We did it.”
“We got Lucifer.”

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Part Nine- Listen

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