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“I suppose you will… how unfortunate.”

I love Tk sans but I think I love his Infinity Code outfit even more!

well, in any case, this was a small battle in the “future” of the multiverse. And there, very few people remaining; humans, monsters, angels, demons, etc, virtually all of creation, every species whittled down to hundreds of thousands at best. This is due to the fact that Lunatic has almost entirely wiped all of them out and the only reason he hasn’t completely annihilated everyone is that those who remained banded together.

Currently, the ones always on the front lines opposing Lunatic is 

Both future TK!sans’ (cursed and Infinity code) ( @perfectshadow06 )

Lilith and the Crimson Eye Clan ( @lonely-void-flower )

and lastly the strongest frisks, neutral ( @yugogeer12) and Eight (my own Frisk)


Member: Kang Daniel

Genre: Soulmate!AU

Word Count: 1200+

Description: You lost the ability to see color at the young age of 5. Now, you’re a sophomore in college but you still haven’t met your soulmate. Will you ever see color again?

A/N: This wasn’t requested but I really like soulmate AUs, haha. I haven’t written in a while so sorry about that! I have a couple requests right now and I’ll get started on them ASAP. I’ll be traveling soon, so I won’t be working on requests during that time frame, please forgive me! Enjoy this Daniel scenario!

By the way, I still can’t believe he has female cats named Peter and Rooney.

You never really understood the concept of soulmates, never really became interested in them. Everyone around you were infatuated with the idea of meeting their soulmates and were utterly determined to meet their soulmate.

Your mother and father were soulmates, their soulmate bond was with the concept of matching tattoos. Growing up, your parents always told you these mystical stories of soulmates and how the bonds work.

There was the matching tattoos, where a couple would be born with the same tattoos at the same exact spot on their body. One of your closest friends, Somi, had this bond. She met her soulmate during her third year of high school. The two of you were at the convince store, buying snacks for your sleepover later that night. Somi was reaching out to grab an ice cream bar when suddenly a male grabbed it too. On both of their wrists were their tattoos. A small infinity sign on the front of their wrist.

Another bond you heard of had to do with the sense of smell. This particular bond was quite an interesting concept, due to the fact that once you are in a relatively close distance with your soulmate, you can smell their scent. For example, your sister, Jisoo, had this type of bond. One Monday morning, you trailed along her side to get a fresh cup of coffee. The cafe smelled completely of coffee and bread, and yet she kept mentioning that it smelled like fresh laundry. She mentioned that it was very faint, until she went to the cashier to order. When she reached the counter, the scent of fresh laundry was tremendous. Thus, just like that, she had met her soulmate (according to your sister’s soulmate, she smells like strawberries to him).

At the age of 5, your world of color stopped. It ceased to exist. On your 5th birthday, you asked your parents why everything suddenly became dark, why everything became grey. 

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Tell Me (Tell Me) | Jimin


⇢Two years without closure, yet here the both of you were on the chopping block, question after question about things that were better left unknown.

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You knew you were fucked the moment you walked through those doors of your best friend’s bachelorette party to see the one person you swore to never see again. Two years was a long time, but was proving to be not long enough as the dull ache in your chest grew increasingly painful the closer you got to the dark eyed, tall, black-haired man, the only man that could reel you in only to let all the oxygen leave your soul before tossing you back into the water: Park Jimin.

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Ok so I am neck-deep into the Michelle x peter ship and I really really want her to have a small appearance in Infinity War (won’t happen I know but anyways) and just up and tell him she knows he’s Spider-Man and not to go up there in the Battlefield and die
I mean that would be such an adorable scene?? Like he runs off to put on his spider suit and she follows him and catch him in his suit without the mask on and just… Ask him not to go
He’s running obvs because there are super villain coming to earth to destroy it and he’s gotta go but she just grabs him and slams him into a wall or something and he drops his bag and she ask him not to go, why would he go he’s 15 he shouldn’t die like this
She tells him she fears he won’t come back and tells him that she doesn’t want to loose him. Not like this. And he is just so suprised because wow she is really scared?? She clearly cares for him so he doesn’t know what to do and she slammed him into a wall and know he is trapped between her arms and she is a bit taller than him and her face is so close and she speaks low like she is telling him a secret and his mind goes blank because MJ?? Is so worried about him and he feels the urge to hold her and so he does. He puts his hands around her face gently and tells her that he has to go because last time super villain attacked NY there were so few Avengers and they couldn’t fight all of them and protect people and so a lot of them died in the destruction and he wants to help save people
He tells her that he has power and has a responsibility to use them to help in a time of need like this (cue ‘that is the last thing uncle ben told me before he died because of my irresponsibility’)
And he just craddle her face and doesn’t speak above a wisper and she just hold his hands and he really wants to kiss her
But it’s not the time to do it so instead he asks her to remind him to do something he really wants to do right now when he gets back and she just looks at him frowning her brows a little and ask him what it is? And why wait to do it if he might not come back ? He promises he will because he won’t be on the offensive he will stay on the défensive saving as many people as he can while the Avengers do their thing. And he promises he’ll be back and to make good on his promise he’ll wait to do the thing he really wants to do right now and asks her ‘will you remind of that when I come back?“ And she just takes a deep breath and says 'sure I will’ and she locks eyes with him her right hand holding onto his suit (right under his arm, next to his chest) and left hand holding unto his hand by her face and he just takes a deep breath and kisses her forehead while closing his eyes taking it all in, hoping he’ll be able to stay true to his promise. And he wispers right in front of her lips (and he can feel the small breath she lets out and she didn’t know she was holding it) and tells her “I really want to do something like that, somewhere else” and she locks eye with him again and she squeezes her hands where she is holding him and just let’s out a small “you’re a looser” but he knows she means something else. And she knows it too. And hugs her, tight, standing on this toes,feeling her warmth, his head resting on the crook of her neck taking in her smell, his hands are in her hair and she holds him tight as well and closes her eyes and doesn’t want to let go but he releases her and gently push her away. He gives her is bag and ask her to keep it safe for him.
He pulls on his mask and runs of the stairs to the rooftop.

And MJ just stays there for a minute holding onto his bag and hoping he’ll be back to do what he wanted to do, and if she guessed right from what he said she’d really really like him to do it as well.

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RFA+Minor trio with an MC that has tattoos? Like more than one?

I think that tattoos are so cool and I’d love to get one myself eventually! But they look so painful so kudos to MC for being brave and getting multiply tattoos! Anyways, thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • You decided one night to sleep at Yoosung’s apartment since the two of you were helping each other study for exams
  • Since you didn’t have and pajamas with you, Yoosung offered you a pair of his
  • He went to ask you a question from his biology textbook but he squeaked in surprise when you were just finishing putting the over-sized shirt on
  • Seeing you partially naked wasn’t what surprised Yoosung, it was the tattoos that covered your back and shoulders
  • You giggled at Yoosung’s realization and apologized for not telling you about your tattoos sooner
  • Since his parents always frowned upon him getting tattoos, Yoosung could only dream about having one of his own so he asked you all about yours
  • He whined about how jealous he was of all your amazing tattoos and you asked if he wanted to get a small one of his own
  • With your encouragement, Yoosung got a small tattoo of an LOLOL symbol on his back so that his parents wouldn’t see it and thanked you for giving him the support he needed


  • You and Zen were both excited to have the day off so you decided to go to the beach together
  • Zen runs into the room where you’re changing to grab something and lets out a surprise ‘oh’ when he sees you
  • It was the first time that he’s ever seen your tattoos, you had one of your hip and a few more that decorated your upper back
  • He waited until your were fully changed to ask if he could look at your tattoos, thinking that they look like pieces of art
  • It surprised you that Zen didn’t have any tattoos with the way he marveled at yours so you asked him if he wanted to get one of his own
  • Zen agrees quickly since he’s been on the fence about it for a while but with your support, he finally gets one
  • Even though he considered getting a tattoo of himself, Zen got one with rose petals surrounding the date that the two of you met on his upper chest area
  • Zen couldn’t have been happier with the result and was most excited about the meaning behind his tattoo


  • You and Jaehee were out at the mall buying new swimsuits for yourselves
  • Jaehee made you try yours on first but she was shocked when you opened the dressing room door
  • Not only did you look awesome in your swimsuit, Jaehee saw your tattoos for the first time
  • You had an ankle tattoo and some on your upper arms and you giggled as her eyes went wide with admiration
  • She couldn’t believe that she hadn’t noticed your tattoos sooner and told you how cool you looked with them
  • Jaehee has always been interested in getting some kind of meaningful tattoo but it was typically frowned upon in the C&R building
  • You told her that if she really wanted to get a tattoo she should and that you knew the best places on her body where she could cover it up easily
  • She decided to be adventurous and told you that she wanted a meaningful one to get with you
  • You had to tell Jaehee no to the BFF tattoo idea that she had originally suggested
  • Jaehee and you get small matching tattoos of each other’s favorite flowers, Jaehee was happy that you helped convince to do something that made her feel happy


  • Jumin had asked you to go to a fancy dinner party with some of his clients
  • He had bought you a dress that, when you put it on, revealed your tattoos
  • You cursed under your breath just as Jumin walked into the room, his eyes widened as he saw you upper back and upper arm tattoos
  • Jumin had the stereotypical idea that people with tattoos were either lazy or trying to be punk but all of those thoughts left him once he saw you with your tattoos
  • Instead of scolding you for not telling him sooner, Jumin started gently touching your tattoos as he asked questions like if it hurt getting them, how you decided on the designs, why you placed them where you did, and so on
  • He apologized for saying such harsh things about people with tattoos in the past and permanently dismissed the stereotype since he knew you were an amazing person
  • You curiously asked Jumin if he’d ever consider getting a tattoo and he nodded, wanting to show other snooty business people that those with tattoos should not be looked down upon
  • So Jumin got a small tattoo of a your initials with a small cat paw print next to it, you watched amazed as his face kept a calm manner when he was getting tattooed
  • Jumin crushed the bogus stereotype of tattooed people and felt proud to have something so meaningful on his skin


  • Seven had finally finished his work for the day so he thought that it was about time to mess with you
  • He saw you sleeping on the couch and smirked as he grabbed a cup of cold water and dumped it on you, exclaiming that you needed a shower
  • Before you could get your revenge, Seven’s saw through your wet shirt to see you had tattoos
  • You shrugged and picked up your shirt as you showed him your tattoos on your lower hip and upper arms
  • Seven was immediately in love with your tattoos and declared that he wanted one himself and started asking you about your tattoo experience
  • You flick his forehead and say that you’ll give him the most painful and embarrassing tattoo if he ever pulled a prank like that again
  • After much consideration, Seven has you go with him whenever he decides to get his own tattoo
  • He ended up getting a tattoo of a small galaxy scene on his upper arm and shoulder and now wears tank tops all of the time to show off to everyone
  • Seven wants to have more tattoos like you someday and even suggested you getting a tattoo of his name on your butt which earned him a night of sleep on the couch


  • You and V were sorting through his photos on a hot summer day
  • The air conditioning to his home was broken so you went to change into some spare, cooler clothing
  • V had to do a double take because one you were wearing nothing but one of his oversized tank tops and boy did you look good and two he saw your tattoos for the first time
  • He saw your ankle tattoo along with your upper arm and shoulder tattoo and was immediately in love
  • V said that tattoos were their own form of art and that he loved all of your tattoos and would always support you if you ever wanted more
  • He set up a special little photo shoot to showcase your tattoos and kept most of them because he loved how the tattoos look on you
  • You question V if he ever considered getting a tattoo and while he has, he’s never had the courage to get one
  • But with your support, you and V end up getting matching tattoos, small infinity symbols with each of your initials on your wrists
  • V firmly believes that you’re his soulmate and is pleased with how the tattoo turned out


  • Ever since escaping Mint Eye, Saeran had always been disgusted with his tattoo on shoulder
  • He hated it with a burning passion and that hatred spread to all people with tattoos
  • One day after Saeran was calming down with you from a panic attack and the two of you were cuddling, he noticed a strange mark peaking from the side of your hip
  • Saeran cautiously slightly lifted up your shirt to find that you had your own tattoo on your hip along with a larger one on your shoulders
  • You noticed the deep conflicting ideas in his eyes as he immediately apologized for saying rude things about those who have tattoos
  • Sitting up, you gently grabbed Saeran’s face and made him look into your eyes as you said that tattoos can have happy and meaningful purposes and not just horrid past memories
  • He never really understood what you meant by that until the day he proposed to you and asked you to be his wife
  • Instead of ordinary wedding rings, you and Saeran decided to get tattooed wedding rings to help enforce the idea to him that tattoos could bring happy memories
  • Every time Saeran looks at his ring finger, he smiles as for once in his life he was happy to have a tattoo


  • You and Vanderwood sighed simultaneously as you both walked through the front door soaking wet from the unexpected rain
  • The storm had ruined the perfect opportunity for the two of you to have a rare date since he was typically out on missions
  • As Vanderwood helped you take your wet jacket off, he noticed a strange dark mark on your shoulder
  • He thought that it may have been one of the many hickey marks he given you but this was too large even for him
  • You noticed Vanderwood’s pause and explained to him that you had tattoos on your upper back and lower leg
  • Vanderwood mentally face palmed himself for not seeing them sooner but then took a minute to admire them
  • He’s always found tattoos to be cool and he’s wanted one for himself except for he’s never had anything meaningful enough to put on his body
  • You casually ask him if he wants to go with you to your next appointment and he immediately agrees, knowing the perfect tattoo to get
  • Vanderwood walked out of the tattoo parlor with a cheetah print on his upper right chest, vowing one day to have as many tattoos as you

DoD 1 year celebration | 60 Days, 60 Singers

Day 43: Maria Brink
Born: December 17th, 1977 (United States)

Bands/Projects: In This Moment (2005 – present)

Collaborations: Halestorm (2012); Device (live 2013); Five Finger Death Punch (2013); Red Dragon Cartel (2014); Motionless in White (2014); Papa Roach (2015); P.O.D. (2015)

Maria got her first ever tattoo when she was 18, and it’s a small infinity symbol located on her back.
In addition to being a musician, Maria is also a very accomplished painter.
Maria loved theater as a young girl, and has since decided to bring that element into ‘In This Moment’ live shows.

Personal life:
As a young child, Maria was sexually abused by her father. He soon after, completely abandoned her and her mother. The song “Daddy’s Falling Angel” was a direct reference to this particular time in her life.
Maria gave birth to her son Davion at the tender age of 15. The songs “He Said Eternity” and “All For You” were written with him in mind.
During her teen years, Maria was severely depressed, even bordering on suicidal. The birth of her son caused her to snap out of her funk.
Maria is a self-proclaimed vegetarian and is active with the PETA campaign.

Overcome by Honey

A/N: A follow-up to I Love You As…

No one really asked for it, but I loved writing it and I want to do the reciprocation. So here it goes. ;) @coveofmemories @sweetg


“Alright, meanie,” you said softly, insisting he crawl to you with the crook of your finger. “Get your sexy ass on the couch and open up to page 141.” As he got up to position himself on the couch, you stayed on the floor, turning onto your knees and undoing his jeans with the need of woman starved. You were always starved for him - especially for the look on his face as your lips wrapped around his length. 

Once he was divested of his clothing, he sat on the couch and picked up the book, but you pushed it out of the way and crawled up his body to kiss him. “Same rules apply. Keep reading, or I’m totally gonna stop.”

Spencer took a deep breath in. “You know, it was fun doing it to you, but now…”

“Karma, baby,” you laughed. 

Quickly, he rifled through the pages of the book, looking for the sonnet you wanted him to read. It was one of your favorites by Pablo Neruda, other than the one you read for Spencer. He positioned to book as best he could, and then realized he’d read it a thousand times before, he didn’t need the book. He discarded it so he could take in the sight of you down on your knees in front of him. 

Full woman, carnal apple, hot moon, thick smell of seaweed, crushed mud and light. What obscure clarity opens between your columns? What ancient night does man touch with his senses?

The words fell from his lips with ease as his head fell back. For a few moments, he was too overwhelmed with the eroticism of it all to focus on what you were doing, but as he finished the first question of the sonnet, he returned his attention to where your tongue was flattened around the underside of him. A groan escaped him and he brought his hands to your hair to keep it out of your face. He wanted an unobstructed view. 

Bending down just a bit further, you licked up the length of him, never forgetting the how sensitive the family jewels were. A guttural choke could be heard above you. He loved it when you licked his balls. As your mouth lavished the underside of him, you used your hand to play with his length. For a second he stopped, and you did too, but then the words came back to him.

Ah, loving is a voyage with water and with stars, with suffocating air and brusque storms of flour: loving is a battle of lightning bolts, and two bodies overcome by honey.

When he came to end of the second refrain, you wrapped your lips around the tip of him, moaning at the taste of his pre-cum. “So delicious,” you moaned around him, causing a breath to rattle through him before he could continue. Before, he needed to keep your hair out of the way, but he was starting to feel the crests of an orgasm and removed one hand from your hair to grip onto the couch and keep himself upright. “Keep going, love,” you giggled against him, leaving your face tantalizingly close to his member. “Or you get nothing.”

“You’re mean,” he said. “I wasn’t this mean to you.”


“Kiss by kiss, I travel across your small infinity, your images, your rivers…oh hell,” he groaned, gently thrusting upward into your mouth.

His body was desperate to get close to you, but you pulled off of him. “Those aren’t the words, silly.”

“Your rivers, your diminutive villages, and the genital fire transformed into delight.” His voice when it was husky was one of the sexiest things you’d ever heard in your life; it never failed to make you into a puddle.

Although the sonnet was short, he stopped so many times; it took more than five minutes to get finished with three out of the four refrains. Starting in on the last one took a vast amount of strength, but you were sure to make it worth it. The words left his mouth, and you sheathed the entirety of him in yours. “Runs through the narrow trails of the blood until it plunges itself, like a nocturnal carnation, until it is and is nothing more but a ray in the shadows.” 

Considering he’d finished the sonnet, your were tempted to pop off his length again and force him to read another one, but you wanted to beautiful contortions of his face when he came and you wanted them now. Without the distraction of the words to fill his mine, he looked down to where you knelt between his legs, gently pushing down on his length. He was just hitting the back of your throat when his mouth dropped open. “Oh holy hell, Y/N,” he breathed, “please.”

Spencer placed his hand on the back of your head and pushed down gently, feeling that even the most contact was not enough. He wanted more. And you wanted to give him more. His fingers clenched around the tendrils of your hair as you wrenched a cry from him. Your name fell off his lips once more and you pulled away just enough that he let his stream of cum go on your tongue. His head had flown backward, but when he took a breath, he managed to look down toward you again.

With a grin, you showed him his seed and then brought it into your mouth, swallowing every drop before showing him again. “God…I fucking love you.”

“That’s because I’m dirty,” you said, crawling up his body and sitting in his lap. 

He pulled you in for a kiss, eager for your hungry mouth. “That, and because you’re the most beautiful, intelligent, amazing woman in the world.”

Large red text on a white background: 

Smaller red text on a white background:
#AutismAcceptance is presuming competence and respecting all forms of autistic communication. This is especially important when interacting with autistic people who are nonverbal / nonspeaking, need lots of daily help and use behavior to express themselves. Sometimes, that means being a detective to find out the reason behind a behavior and redirecting to a suitable substitute or resolving whatever is causing it instead of stifling it because it bothers you. Some difficult behaviors have complex triggers and require a complex approach to find a comfortable redirect or resolution.

Image description:
[A small rainbow infinity neurodiversity symbol marks the center point of a four photo collage framed in red. 

All four photos feature two people in profile. The OP is a petite pale skinned autistic woman wearing a leopard print bandanna “pirate style” on her head and a white T-shirt. She has her long auburn-brown ponytail draped over her left shoulder. She is at Disney’s California Adventure, interacting with a cast member– Groot. 

Groot is a tall, sentient humanoid plant from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. He has bark like a tree that is peppered with spots of green moss. His total spoken vocabulary consists of the words “I am Groot” and occasionally “we are Groot.” He’s speaking when he says this, but only certain characters in the franchise can understand him, so most of his communication is body language and facial expressions.

The height difference in the photos is quite amusing– the top of the OP’s head barely reaches the bottom of Groot’s chest.

Photo 1 is Groot expressing curiosity by poking at the OP’s shiny yellow-green Tangle (a stim toy) with a twig-like fingertip. She is delightedly holding it up for him to see it more clearly. They’re making eye contact with each other, albeit briefly. 

Photo 2 is Groot leaning over and biting the OP’s Tangle while she laughs.

Photo 3 is the OP smiling and showing Groot her black Dulcimer pendant, which is a stim toy actually meant to be chewed on. Groot is looking down at it intently, hanging on every word she says.

Photo 4 is Groot looking down at the smiling OP and rubbing his stomach to indicate he thinks her Dulcimer must be yummy. She doesn’t have the heart to tell him it doesn’t really have a taste.]

#actuallyautistic #autism #REDInstead #AutismAcceptance #Groot #Guardians of the Galaxy #California Adventure #neurodiversity #autistic headcanon

Imagine a long weekend with Chris. (Part C)

A/N: Part 5C 😍 The Three Capsicles, killing it as always. 😂 (And ooooo, are we approaching #SebAva2k17? Hehe, you’ll just have to wait and see. Don’t you now? 😉😏) You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B’)

Chris poked his head into the green room and smiled when he saw you talking to Anthony and Sebastian. The three of them were due to speak at a panel in a few minutes, and you were all waiting backstage for the stage manager to come grab them. You’d followed Anthony and Sebastian into the green room after Chris took too long at the vending machine, deciding what kind of candy he wanted. Everyone knew he was going to go for the bag of jellybeans, so why he had to stand there and question every other type of candy was the real question.

“Ed Sheeran, huh?” Chris heard Anthony say and he looked up from his bag of jellybeans, smiling when he thought back to what you called 'the best night of my life’. The three of you were yet to notice your fiancé was in the room as he was still standing in the door. “He’s a pretty talented guy, I can see why you wanted to go. So how was it?”

“It was life changing,” you answered and the guys chuckled at your enthusiasm. “You’ll see how life changing is it when you come to our wedding. I don’t know how Chris did it, but he got Ed-” Both Anthony and Sebastian nodded, hiding their smiles. “Wait,” you chuckled in disbelief, “you guys already know?”

“I believe you were the last one to know,” Sebastian chuckled. “He was making the phone calls on set, in-between takes. It was a very long and winding process, but it was obviously worth it. I mean- look at the smile on your face, Y/N. If I were Chris, I’d worry about you running off with Ed Sheeran at your wedding.”

“As much as I love Ed, there is no-”

“Ah ha!” Chris grabbed you from behind and you jumped, cutting yourself short; Anthony and Sebastian laughed. “I was wondering where you wandered off to, I turned and you were gone.” He kissed your cheek and you blushed when you saw Anthony and Sebastian smirk.

“I never took Chris for a PDA person, but clearly that was before he met the right girl.” Anthony commented and Chris chuckled, releasing you to just simply hold your hand. “It’s cute. A little diabetic,” Anthony said and Sebastian nodded in agreement, chuckling. “But still cute.”

“You guys are real couple goals,” Sebastian smiled at how happy the two of you looked together. He couldn’t help but wonder when he was going to find that level of perfection and security in his own love life. “That’s for sure.”

Like Chris had planned, the two of you flew from Boston to Salt Lake City to join a small handful of his 'Infinity War’ cast speaking at a panel for Comic-Con. Most of them- like Chris- only had one panel to speak at and one photo-op session to appear at. The events were scattered over the weekend, and though some only had a one day commitment at Comic-Con- they were allowed to have Thursday morning until Monday afternoon. Hence why Chris planned a very long weekend with you; from Boston to see your future house and Ed Sheeran, to Comic-Con in Salt Lake City.

Chris had also got Ava a plane ticket and a VIP pass to Comic-Con- which was really thanks to Sebastian. Unfortunately, her class schedule kept her from coming along. She wanted to, boy- did she want to knowing Sebastian was going to be there, but sadly, the fall quarter started on a Friday which was a day where she had class. You were lucky because your classes started on Monday, and Chris promised he’d have you back before then. That and your parents weren’t as strict with you when it came to you pursuing your passions, whereas Ava’s parents were. They’d warned her if she skipped any classes, especially after they finally agreed to let her give up law and study acting, they’d kill her and bring her body back to England. Neither of you wanted that, so she reluctantly declined Chris’ and Sebastian’s kind gesture and stayed home instead.

You could still remember the look on her face when you were leaving for Boston, she was so upset that you offered to skip Salt Lake City and come home after Ed Sheeran in Boston. But she urged you not to, making you promise you’d FaceTime from Salt Lake so she could take a look around and talk to Sebastian. Speaking of, he looked oddly bummed when you and Chris turned up at breakfast without a third person. Neither of you knew why Sebastian was so looking forward to meeting Ava because neither of you knew he’d spoken to Ava before, but then you both found out and your hearts leapt for the possibility of them being a couple.

Sebastian was single now, which meant that he was available for Ava. It was probably a little too soon for him to move on, but it was nice to throw Ava into the mix. They could start off as friends, like you and Chris did and see where things went from there. It would be a dream come true for both Ava, and you and Chris to have Sebastian be together with Ava. It’d be fun to have couple best friends, have them be the godparents of your future children and the two of you be the godparents of their future children. Of course, Chris didn’t think about any of this until you fed him the ideas. But once you did, he could not stop trying to sell Ava to Sebastian, subtly- of course, or so your fiancé thought; the man was not good at subtlety. You told him to stop, and took the reins instead because subtlety and manipulation? Well, that was your wheelhouse.

“Thanks, Seb.” You smiled at Chris, then at him. “I’m sure one day soon, it’ll be Chris and I looking at you and your partner calling the two of you couple goals.” Sebastian chuckled wearily, nodding with false pretenses. “Aw, don’t be like that.” You reached for his arm and gave it a light squeeze. “You’re amazing and you’re going find someone just as amazing to love you.”

“I knew I should’ve gone to Sydney with Chris,” he joked and you laughed, pulling your hand away. Chris tried not to smile as he pursed his lips at Sebastian, pulling his hand out of yours to wrap an arm around you instead. “Oh relax, it’s a joke,” Sebastian chuckled and Anthony laughed. “Y/N’s only got eyes for you anyway. Isn’t that right, Y/N?”

“Unfortunately for you, Sebastian,” you chuckled, lifting your head to plant a tender kiss on Chris’ jawline; an act of affection Chris smiled at. “It is one hundred percent true. Don’t worry,” you smiled at Sebastian, “I’m sure you’ll find someone. If you don’t, my matchmaking skills are always at your service.” You tried not to smile at the excitement in Sebastian’s eyes which he hid perfectly; you wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t know what you did. “When you’re ready, just hit me up.”

“I will,” Sebastian nodded, smiling.

“We’re ready for you guys.” A man with a clipboard and a communication system attached to his right ear walked over. Anthony, Sebastian, and Chris nodded; the first two followed the man, whereas your fiancé secretly held back so he could say a quick goodbye to you. “You’re going to…” Chris’ instructions faded as the three disappeared around the corner.

“And you say I’m not subtle,” Chris chuckled into your hair when he planted a kiss on the top of your head. You just smiled as a response, which made Chris laugh harder as he pulled away from you. “C'mon, weirdo.” He took your hand and pulled you with him as you walked in the direction the three had gone in. “You can sit side stage and listen to your favorite Marvel trio talk.”

“I think you mean 'The Three Capsicles’,” you reminded him of the nickname you made up for them and he laughed. “And don’t say 'Sam hasn’t been in ice before, it doesn’t work’ because I know that. I already told you he’s a Capsicle because he’s cool and part of team Cap.”

“You’re such a dork.”

“Says the guy who’s been called a 'stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork’,” you reminded him and he burst out, laughing. It was funny when he read it on Jimmy Kimmel’s segment 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’, and it was funny every time you reminded him. “You’re lucky you’re cute, otherwise I wouldn’t love a stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork like yourself.” You teased him, then giggled when he pulled his hand out of your to wrapped an arm around you and squeeze you tightly against him. He pressed his lips against the side of your head, then whispered with a smile on his lips.

“I’m lucky to have you love me, period.”

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Prompt List # 1

{ Dan Howell }

~ “You’re Toxic, Howell.”

~ Makeshift

~ My Jigsaw

~ My Moon Is Gone

~ “Kiss Me!” Part 2

~ Dan’s Diss Track #2

~ Sorry, I’m Not Sorry.

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~ Love At First Sight

~ Sweet Nothings

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~ Small Infinities

~ Forget Me Or Not

~ Fly Or Die

~ This Flower’s Wilted

~ Fucked Up

~ Fairy Tales Don’t Exist

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~ Giggles

~ Just Rough Sex

~ Call Me?

~ ‘Savable’

{ Jughead Jones }

~ We’ll Be Ok Part 1

~ ‘Interesting

SasuSaku Month 2017 - Day 4 - Lean On Me

SasuSaku Month 2017 – Day 4 – Lean On Me

Warnings: indirect PTSD, portrayal of night terrors.

Fellas, I wanted this to be short and sweet!! Enjoy!!

“Nii-san! Nii-san! Look at this bird!” A small, chubby child is skipping over a strong tree root, carefree and bewildered by the bird of fluffy, brown feathers, tinged with a daring yellow.

“It’s beautiful Sasuke. Did you hurt it?” The elder child has the eyes of an ancient remnant, like the relative of the family that talks to woods, spirits, and rarely to humans. “Of course not Nii-san! I would never hurt it!“The smaller, wood-woven child, hair and eyes akin to the ones of the elder, color of crow’s feathers, eyes coal and flamboyant remnant of ash.

"Sasuke… let’s go back home…” The older boy becomes alert of something younger one can sense. “But Nii-sa-”

“Sasuke.” It’s a calm interruption, nearly terrifying for such a young soul. The younger’s eyes are open wide, his small, fragile hand picking up the bird. He only ever wanted to spend time with his big brother. Large eyes fill with soft, warm tears which mesh and mold on the curve of his eyelid. He will never let them fall.

The scene shifts.

The smaller boy is in a house – not his – colder, checking a stray cupboard. It’s all so disgusting – revolting, forbidden. He is raiding an another house for money, the Third said that everything the Uchiha once possesed, is now his. He wants to cry. There’s a stain – a big bloodstain. He just blinks furiously at it, hoping it will dissapear, hoping it was all a HORRIBLE GENJUTSU BROTHER WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS WHAT WRONG DID THEY DO YOU BROTHER BROTHER NO

The pain just doesn’t stop. It… ebbs… slowly… he’s grateful once again, as he is crying on the floor, for the hatred that accumulates in him, the suffering and loneliness, because he will be the one to avenge them: he will be the one to set them free as the blood moon rises once again and he remembers the harshness of multiple Tsukuyomi… how cruel his eyes seem when decorated with the cursed Mangekyou Sharingan, and how there is something watery on the paper? Pavement? What? When did he grip the money and started running out of the house, stumbling through the Uchiha district.

When did his small hands that once gripped the dying bird, passing it over to his caring mother, reach over to the doorhandle, opening the wretched house, with nobody to come home to, say hello to, give dango, or a change of clothes, or newspapers to?

In the middle of the Hokage office he somehow entered is a boy – the older one, whose whole body looks more fragile than that of a dying bird; and he is bloody, looking like an ugly God, marred with the aftermath of wars.

“Sasuke. You shouldn’t be here.”

“I wanted to come.” Small child is so insecure as the elder brother looms over him, he’s significantly taller than him now.

“Please, leave. You are not supposed to know about this; you know the risk.”

“Nii-san, just please-”


Cold. Ice cold sweat is all Sasuke wakes up to.

That, and a hysterical woman.

She seems like a beauty straight out of his dreams – for a nanosecond, until all his senses come to him and he realizes she is calling his name, wanting him to get a grip on himself.

He really tries to.

Rising, he admiteddly worsens his dizzyness caused by the nightmare, crushing her into his arms.

Pink. Fresh-scented. Lime and sweet corn. Skin slightly salty, pleasantly warm from sleep. Breasts soft, the ones he wants to fall asleep on when the fear passes.

“Sssh, Sasuke-kun, I’m here, you’re alright, it’s fine. Ssh…” They just rock, seemingly pointless, but it calms all the waves of Sasuke’s torn mind, his silent storm being in raw pain that ends up swallowing him, but not before Sakura’s hand touches his face, that one touch gentler than the world has been to him his entire life times trillion, pulling him away from darkness. Her legs locking his thighs in place – eyes confident and clear, as she allows him to grip her harder – to lean and depend on her strength and warmth completely.

“Sasuke-kun…”, she whispers after a small infinity, “Do you want to talk about it?”

“No.” He growls, angry and hurt, like a wild tiger, clawing on edges of sanity. Anger arises and replaces fear and smaller, softer emotions. He turns into a hurricane, shoving himself into the crook of Sakura’s neck, breathing heavily as his haze still hasn’t calmed down.

Being a user of a Sharingan has terrifying downsides; photographic memory one possesses leaves indentations in one’s brain. Sasuke’s memories and horrors he saw are worse than most – yet he lives his life normally.

Tries to, really.

Sakura’s presence, warm existence that proves him that he is alive and well, he is good still, he survived, is such a relief that something akin to unadulterated happiness surges through him. He releases her, wanting to smile up at her, an honest smile, but only a dry expression stays, her sunny expression awaiting on the other side of the stare.

His Sun is there the next morning, too.

She will wear his mark, his clan’s crest, as of tomorrow.

I forgot that you could die too.

I took for granted how in my every memory, sweet or bitter, a piece of you was there. Looking back at it, there’s still so much I wanted to do with you.

I never got to trace the outlines of your face while you slept.

I never got to let my hand brush against yours when we were among our friends and were too shy to hold hands.

I never got to whisper all the things you meant to me. To whisper to you all the plans I had made up for us in my head.

I never got to love you long enough. Why couldn’t it have been a little longer? Why couldn’t you have died a day later? No, just a second more. Maybe then I could have done it all.

Just maybe I would have pressed my forehead against yours and we would have lived another small infinity.

But I forgot. I forgot you could die too and now I’m not sure how to tell my heart to stop beating in sync with a heart that’s no longer beating.
—  Yuuki after Kaname died