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Hey! I take care of babies as a job and I can OFFICIALLY say that your baby is spot on. Okay? It has not been shot out of a "canon" as some bitchy anon so beautifully said. It is perfect, and you are so talented. There's too much hate for something so small. I can only imagine what all of those anons are going through so that they feel the need to put others down. But keep doin what you're doing, because your artwork is lovely.

Thank you so much!! See??? The baby cutie says I DID HIM JUSTICE let alone squishy is a cartoon so he’s not gonna look perfectly realistic….

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Imagine if dadsona told the dads that they didn't want to have a big wedding and would prefer a courthouse wedding.

[thank you for the prompt anon! hope you enjoy and feel free to send in asks/prompts!]

🏋Craig,🐶Damien,📚Hugo,☕Mat :
- not very bothered
- understands and is a little relieved anyways (less cost, not having to walk down the aisle in front of a huge crowd)
- pretty satisfied with the idea and wouldn’t mind going ahead with it

🎣Brian,💒Joseph,🔪Robert :
- a little upset because they want to show you off (and Brian his workmanship)
- will try to argue/urge you to think it over again
- eventually if neither of you back down you might just have a small wedding with the cul-de-sac in your front yard or something

the performance unit’s names are so meaningful. hoshi (ほし) is star in japanese, the8 means unlimited possibilities because a sideways 8 is an infinity symbol, jun (俊) means outstanding talent, and dino means APPRECIATE ME YOU MUSHY RICE BALLS


Tom Holland in in this sweatshirt™.

robert and damien @ a carnival
  • robert: so,,,,, you wanna go,,, in the mirror maze??
  • damien: well, I never really liked the mirror maze, and I was thinking we'd start with something else?
  • robert: yeah,,,,, alright
  • robert: *whispers* sounds like something a vampire would say
  • damien: excuse me?
  • robert: nnnothing

Au where LITERALLY EVERYONE in the cul de sac in Dream Daddy is a cryptid EXCEPT Robert. And somehow Robert hasn’t figured it out??? Like everyone else is just amazed he hasn’t figured at least one of them out with how much they slip up when he’s around. Plus kids??? Learning to control powers and shit??? How has Robert not figured it out??? It ends up kiiiiiinda becoming a running joke and they place bets seeing what they can get away with in front of Robert or how long it’ll take for him to realize.

I’m crying, anon.

Brian: Brian would joke around at first, and ask how his beard feels. After that fun, he’d give them a bear hug and thank them for the compliment. He would awkwardly but dorkily(?) say that they look really nice also.

Joseph: Joseph would smile and blush, and he would reassure them that they’re very attractive as well.

Craig: Craig would get all blushy, and he’d love it. He would probably give them a soft cheek peck afterwords and thank them. 

Hugo: Hugo would definitely blush a lot, and tell them they’re attractive as well. He would bring them in for a hug and pet their hair reassuringly.

Mat: Mat would probably in a little shock, and after his shock he’d tear up and bring them into a hug, complimenting them back.

Robert: Robert would snicker, and be sarcastic saying “Well, I guess you’re okay compared to me.” And then after a few seconds he would clear his throat, and he’d follow it up with “Okay, but all jokes aside you’ve got some pretty nice facial features yourself.”

Damien: Damien would blush and smile at them, embracing them and speaking softly into their ears that “You’re perfectly fine the way you are, signif. Whoever you turn out to be, I’ll love you all the same. Can I kiss you?” And give them a light kiss on the cheek.

~Mod Hugo+Mat

First Impression (Dream Daddy preference)

You met at a bookstore. When he found out you were both looking for books on cryptids he was Shookt™ and wanted to hang out and compare notes on cryptids over pizza.

You met at Dead Goth & Beyond. He thought it was cute when you were gushing about your favorite show to the cashier. He made a note to watch that show

You met in college. You were at a party and he noticed you looked a bit out of your element. You talked for a long time and he asked if you wanted to leave and get a burger or something. You were worried he might be doing this out of pity, but your fears were dismissed when he told you that his friend, Smashley, had deserted him. You had a wonderful night at McDonald’s.

You met when Joseph came to your house to introduce himself. He wasn’t expecting you to be so cute. Picture the “oh no he’s hot” scene in SpongeBob.

You met at his shop. He was very heart eyes when you complimented his baking and taste in music.

You met at Amanda’s school. He was impressed with your pun skills. He recommended a few books to you and was pleasantly surprised when you’d already read most of them.

You met at the dog park. Maxwell had run off and Brian found him with you and Amanda. He thought it was really cute when you were baby-talking to the dog and blushed when you noticed him.

You met at the grocery store. She was shopping for baking supplies with Christine and she thought you were very polite and cute when you gave her some baking tips.

me, on my deathbed: i need to tell you something

my child, in tears: i love you

me: i love…

me: [Choreography Video] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴)-HIGHLIGHT

Fuck ya’ll that’s an amazing concept let me get at this *cracks knuckles*

Joseph: He would be extremely protective over them, and he would announce the stalker situation to his church so people know to keep an eye out and stay safe. If he encountered the stalker, well… you know the rest.

Craig: Would text them often to see how they’re doing. Invites them to stay with him until the situation is settled, and is prepared to call 911 at all times. Takes them to all of his softball practices and games.

Mat: Invites them over more often, and tells them to visit the coffee shop daily if they can. Installs security cameras at the coffee shop just in case the stalker decides to follow them there. Offers to walk them home every night, and stays the night at their house sometimes.

Hugo: He’ll inform the authorities right away that there’s a stalker by the cul de sac. He will read up on how to ensure safety and make sure that precautions are taken. Might even take them to his classes so he knows that they’re safe. Takes them out to dinner nearly every night, and has them stay over late and walks them back home afterwards.

Brian: Practically grows eyes in the back of his head. Will have his s/o take Maxwell out wherever they go. He would check up on them frequently, and also give them one of his knives and his bear mace from camping to keep in their pockets. Starts to do yard work every day to make sure Daisy is safe too.

Damien: He will walk his s/o everywhere, and even stay the night with them and let them stay the night at his place sometimes. If things get too serious, he’ll bring it up to the police right away. If anyone looks suspicious he’ll probably shoot them a “back off hoe” look and when they look away he’ll go back to normal. He would look after Lucien often as well to be safe.

Robert: Will protect them at all costs. Takes them to the bar whenever he goes and hangs out with them way more often. Considers giving them one (or more) of his knives to carry around until he catches the stalker and takes care of it himself.

~Mod Hugo, Robert, and Damien

Lazy Mornings in Maple Bay

There are no lazy mornings for Craig, but he leaves you in bed when he goes for his morning run. He always takes River with him, and the twins are old enough to occupy themselves with cereal and cartoons so you’re free to lounge around in bed until he comes back. If you’re still asleep (which you often are) he’ll wake you with kisses and teasingly complain about your morning breath.

Damien loves to start a day with a stroll around his garden. You can’t deny it’s absolutely breathtaking: all those flowers in the stillness of early morning. Sometimes you’ll bring a flask of coffee out and the two of you will sit on one of the benches while he teaches you the meanings of different flowers and the two of you plan bouquets together.

Hugo likes to get up early even on days off, so you frequently wake to find him in the kitchen with coffee and either a book or homework to mark. He makes up for leaving you in bed by having breakfast waiting for you, and you spend the morning occupied by your own tasks across the table or sofa from each other.

Both you and Robert are habitual night owls, so frankly an ideal morning is one you sleep through. Waking up before 11 involves dozing and sometimes sleepy and surprisingly sweet morning sex before you roll out bed, hit the shower and make coffee (not necessarily in that order).

Mat really knows how to chill. He’ll wake you up with coffee and you’ll make breakfast together in your pajamas with a record playing in the background. Then you’ll kick back on the couch and either carry on listening to music or watch some obscure indie film – though you like to lay your head in his lap and close your eyes, so nothing with subtitles until later.

You discovered early on (and much to your dismay) that Brian likes to watch the sunrise on days off. However, after a few times of settling down on a blanket on his back porch with flasks of coffee and pastries, the early hours aren’t so bad after all – especially not when you lay in his lap and he strokes your hair while you give Maxwell some well deserved ear scritches. Plus the sunrise over the bay really is spectacular.

Four young kids and a community to care for mean that lazy mornings are a distant memory for Joseph. You learn to find respite in small doses – in the lull when all the kids have successfully been wrangled into eating breakfast; in the way the early sunlight shines through the stained-glass of the church windows; in the kisses that Joseph steals every morning without fail before the two of you get out of bed.

Getting A Dog Together (Dream Daddy Preference)

Robert has a soft spot for dogs and when you suggest getting a second dog, he practically carries you out the door and to the shelter. You get a bloodhound named Sherlock. He and Betsey make quite the cryptid hunting team.

Lucien is allergic, so you end up getting a hypoallergenic dog. She’s a Pomeranian and her name is Victoria. Guess who named her.

Briar and Hazel want a big dog and Craig wants something small and gentle. You settled on twin bulldogs named Sugar and Honey. They definitely lives up to their names.

He wants a classic golden retriever. You end up with a golden retriever named Arin and a sheepdog named Danny because you couldn’t say no to Amanda AND a puppy.

One day, a scruffy little terrier wanders up to your porch and Carmensita fell in love with her. You and Mat took her to the vet to vaccinate her and named her Lilac.

Duchess is dog enough for both of you.

Daisy and Amanda convinced you to adopt a scrappy little Labrador puppy named Alexander. He had a notch in his ear from a fight, but he loves Brian.

You get a pitbull mix named Cerberus, but he’s just a sweetheart that likes belly rubs.

So imagine if Neil had a sibling he didn’t know existed. Just hear me out okay.

((this post seriously got away from me but I am definitely 100% not sorry))

He’s kidnapped and dragged to his dads house and they’re standing there ready to hack him piece from piece and Nathan calls for his guard upstairs and down comes this 10 year old with Lola’s hair and Nathan’s eyes and a set of bruises on her face and Neil just FREEZES.

(It could be a brother but I’m sticking with sister- you’ll see why)

And Neil doesn’t know WHY Nathan is bringing this kid - that looks like him- downstairs to watch a gruesome murder but she looks completely unsettled when she sees Neil and his half destroyed face. And she looks like she wants to step forward but the guard holds her back.

Nathan is rambling about her watching because she needs to know what would happen if she crosses him and Neil is so angry he can’t listen. He just keeps staring at her hoping that his expression is doing anything to tell her it’s okay, it’s okay, don’t be afraid, it’s okay. She starts crying as soon as Nathan is telling Neil what Lola is going to do to him.

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au where everything is the same, except kiibo has PAW BEANS