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Imagine Percival being a Viking that heads east and finds the British island, the town he and his crew take first is simple enough and so was the were many other towns that came after it. In one of them after he gets hurt he is taken by his men to a small hut outside of the town where a beautiful young man lives. The man helps him get back to full health and introduces him to his weird animals he’s so found of. Percival during that time falls in love with the Brit and decides ‘fuck it! Marry me!’ And they get married. ;)

Employer: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Me: Picture yourself lost in an endless desert. You’ve been walking for hours and you know you won’t make it much longer. That’s when you see something strange- what looks like part of a spaceship converted into a small hut surrounded by foliage with a makeshift trough of freshwater resting under a hood so it doesn’t all evaporate in the sun. You cautiously approach and take a sip. The water is warm and sticky. It must have come from harvested cacti. You take another long sip before hearing someone clear their throat behind you. It’s me, but you don’t recognize me. My face is mostly covered by a dust mask and welding goggles and I’m wearing a calico assortment of clothing, all of which I scavenged from unfortunate travelers. A vulture lands on my shoulder and looks you directly in the eyes. You see your sins in the bird’s eyes. You start crying. I unmask myself, but you still don’t recognize me. A gnarly scar takes up half my face and my skin is damaged from the winds and sun of the unforgiving desert. Your stomach begins to burn as if the water you drank has turned to acid. You let out a choked scream of agony. You have stolen from me, and god has witnessed it. It was me. I am god. The last thing you see is my blurry figure bend over you. “You’re late,” I say. It’s the last thing you hear.


Day 4 • Pai/Chiang Mai

Today was a calmer, less climbing up thousands of stairs, fun, not as tiring day. We first visited a famous waterfall in Pai. To get to the waterfall we took a taxi that was open in the back, so we got a nice breeze while we held on for dear life enjoying the view. It was very interesting to see how people lived in small huts, with leaves as a roof, along the way a little way from the main village. The waterfall had a little less water than we expected because it wasn’t at it’s peak season a few months before. Normally it is gushing water with lots of swimming holes for people to enjoy. We explored around the falls, and enjoyed the incredible lush view of the surrounding vegetation. We then took the bus back to Chiang Mai again looking out the window the entire time, and arrived around 1 where we stopped and got more delicious Thai food. Lastly, we went to a giant Night Thai market that stretched a mile around the city. Here, people sold handmade goods that their families would make just for this Sunday night market. Around 7 the market started becoming very crowded, so crowded that you could hardly move. As people flooded the streets trying the food, and buying the souvenirs. Many people will make their living off of just this market, and will prepare each week carving and getting ready for the night. Tomorrow we fly to Phuket in southern Thailand. So excited to compare the differences in cultures and people even in the same country. Chiang Mai is definitely one of my favs. Hope you’re enjoying the blog, and remember you can comment and like below (please do).


Teen in Nepal dies of suffocation while isolated in “menstruation hut”

  • A 15-year-old girl named Roshani Tiruwa died sometime between the night of Dec. 17 and the morning of Dec. 18 in Accham, Nepal. 
  • Tiruwa was inside a “menstrual hut,” a small structure meant to isolate women and girls on their periods.
  • Authorities believe Tiruwa died of suffocation, since she had lit a fire inside the hut —  known as a chhaupadi goth — to keep warm through the night.
  • “There was lack of oxygen as she lit fire in the very narrow shed that had no ventilation,” Badri Prasad Dhakal, the Achham district superintendent of police, told the outlet.
  • Tiruwa’s father said he last saw his daughter around 6 p.m. when she came to retrieve her dinner and bring it back to the hut. 
  • Tiruwa’s death is only the latest in a line of women who have died while isolated in menstruation sheds. Read more

Okay but

Musty forest witch Roadhog, living in a small wooden hut in the deep woods. 

He goes out to gather ingredients for his brews and spells and gets followed by a pack of wild hogs everywhere. They lurk around his cabin too, serving as protectors if unfriendlies are approaching. 

The locals are dead scared of him but all he really wants is peace and quiet, so he chases any visitors off quickly by making the approach to his hut as scary as possible. (Mounted skulls, swampy mists and sinkholes litter the path) 

One night, he notices movement in the mist, a faint orange glow approaching. He thinks it’s villagers with torches come to burn him and his hut so he prepares a warding spell, but he’s surprised when he’s faced with a friendly fire spirit instead. 

The fire spirit is mischieveous, but Mako knows it’s not out to harm him. he hears it giggle in the middle of the night sometimes and knows his ingredients will have swapped places again. He doesn’t mind. He’d forgotten what it felt like to be pranked. Mako never really knew what it was like to have a friend, but he thinks he likes it.

At night, the orange glow of the spirit is a welcome companion. Mako often stays up late, brewing or writing recipes and the spirit is kind enough to provide him with the light to do so. It sometimes even points out flaws in his writing. Most of the time though, it’s curled up in Mako’s fur mantle, warm and cosy against his cheek. It’s fire burns bright, but it never hurts Mako. The little sighs of content are endearing to say the least. 

Mako often wanders out in the woods to gather shrooms for his next recipe. He thought he left the spirit safely back home today, but when he’s beset by a bear, the spirit jumps out and forms a protective circle of flames around him, the power chasing away the rabid bear. The spirit, exhausted from the display, is taken back home by Mako, where it can recharge in peace. Mako finds himself worried, lectures the spirit that it should have been more careful. 

“Had to protect you.”

It insists. Mako just sighs and thanks it for saving his life. He realizes he cares for this little troublemaker. 

Curious, Mako attempts to summon the entity behind the spirit one night and is surprised to find it is a young man, who tells him his name used to be Jamie. A forgotten beggar that died in the city streets of starvation, but who’s flame refuses to be extinguished. Jamie’s looking for his final resting place, a grave with no name. Nobody cared to know him then.

Moved by Jamie’s plight, Mako helps him find the grave, but Jamie is reluctant to move on even then. 

“I want to stay with you.”

He claims, and Mako nods. A witch and a fire spirit? There have been worse ideas.

100 ways to say ‘I love you’ no. 70

requested by @hunterangelkisses , no. 70 “You’re warm.”

pairing: dean/cas

word count: 1,5k

tags: canon!verse, winter, fluff, cuddling, cas lost is grace and is really very cold

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There We Go - Cassian Andor x Reader

Request:  HI! Can you do Cassianxreader where the reader struggles with insomnia and he helps and comforts them
Requested by anon

Originally posted by casiianandorr

You couldn’t sleep. You’d tossed and turned over and over again but you couldn’t sleep no matter what you did. The thoughts buzzing around your head were driving you insane, and trying to submit them into sleep made you exhausted. So, you decided to go for a walk. For the most part, Yavin 4 didn’t sleep at night. Things were still going on, people were still working, but you weren’t on Yavin 4. You were on a mission with Cassian Andor and a few other rebels. The small hut you were staying in on the outskirts of Jehda was silent, it seemed that everyone but K-2S0 were asleep. It made you so uncomfortable to be the only one awake. 

You went out the back of the hut, sitting down on the ground and running your fingers through the dusty red dirt. God, how you just wished you could sleep. 

“Hey.” A voice whispered. You turned to see Captain Andor, a yawn disappearing from his face. 

“Mind if I sit?” he asks, gesturing to the ground beside you.

You nod, “Sorry, did I wake you?” you ask as he sits.

Cassian shakes his head, “No. I’m a light sleeper. I usually wake up at around this time anyway.”

You nod and a silence settles over the two of you.

Cassian watches your fingers tracing through the dirt, the way your eyes are red from lack of sleep.

“(Y/n), I don’t mean to pry, but did you sleep at all?”

You stare at the dirt patterns drawn by your fingers. “Not yet.”

“(Y/n), it’s nearly dawn.”


Cassian slowly reached out to take your hand, causing you to finally look at him. “(Y/n), you’re at risk if you’re not well rested.”

“I know.” You shake your head, feeling the tears of exhaustion stinging your eyes, “I know but I just can’t. I don’t know why but I can’t fall asleep.”

“Are you frightened?” Cassian asks, leaning forward slightly.

You shake your head, “There’s just so much going on in my head. Everything all at once and I can’t make it shut up.”

Cassian frowned, and unsure what to say, he wrapped a gentle arm around you. You rested your head on his shoulder, partly to hide your tears. He took this as a sign of acceptance, so he he wrapped both arms around you, rocking you back and forth gently. Something about it, something about the way Cassian held you as your tired tears rolled down your cheeks, soothed you. Everything blanked out except his arms around you, his quiet humming and the gentle rocking. And you were able to slip into sleep.

As sleep enveloped you, you felt soft lips pressed to your forehead, the grip tighten around you and Cassian’s voice;

“There we go sweetheart, there we go.”


The Woodcarver’s Magic

The isolation of village life suited the woodcarver. Whirring in tune and whittling with intricate choreography, timber of the forest sang under the guidance of his enchanted hands. In a small hut just large enough to house his great works, he created arrivals and departures, gates and exoduses. Doors of all possibilities were fashioned in that sacred place.

His refusal to take on more than one order at a time was either genius marketing or eccentricity. He spoke with each customer personally and shook their hand, often holding it for longer than was socially polite. Some said he was a palm reader of sorts, and knew what style of door to make for each person based on the way their hand fit in his.

The cost was exorbitant. But workmanship this exquisite and rare was worth it for those of means. Which meant that for some, it was only a status symbol used to flaunt their wealth. For them, the woodcarver often created the simplest of doors. A hint, perhaps, but they generally didn’t comprehend. For others, the door they wanted was a way to close off—to hide. So the carver built them an escape route.  And for a rather small minority, the carver crafted a portal. Where it would lead, was up to them.

Which of those character types applied to the woodcarver’s latest customer was yet to be seen.

The aperture in the third corridor off the main hall was unique. Occasionally, the lord thought the builder of his home had deliberately made this particular opening off kilter just to toy with him. The dimensions were slightly off from the rest of the structures in this wing or any other and necessitated a custom closure. The lord spent many hours searching for the one who could satisfy the particulars of this opening until he heard of the artist in the forest.

The carver’s door fit the open space perfectly. Not a breath could pass between hinge and wood. It was smooth and silent, keeping the room beyond separate from the rest of the great house. Visitors to the lord’s home might think a great secret was beyond the solidity of wood. In truth, the lord just wanted an imposing entrance so as to dissuade the sometimes unruly staff and meddlesome guests from tinkering with his ivory instrument. His plan worked. Wary of enchantments, the staff walked on the other side of the hallway, as far from the door as they could get.

Except for the girl. His ward was often impertinent and did as she pleased.

When she thought no one was looking, she would trace the elaborate design with her fingers, over and over again, an expression of concentrated curiosity beautifying her ever-present grin into a wondrous smile.

The staff thought it strange. She was strange and they called her nosy. She preferred the term inquisitive. Nevertheless, the lord indulged and gave her free reign of his house. She explored unencumbered. But this room, she did not enter. This door, she did not pass through. She seemed content to search its secrets with her palms, as though she were blind.

Perhaps she had been. For a while. So now, she observed with her other senses. Weighed and measured her thoughts. And she felt with her mind as well as her heart. Perceiving more than was visible, her previous volatility was somewhat subdued and the staff couldn’t quite figure her out.

The lord had taken her with him when he met the woodcarver and the artisan shook her hand as well as the lord’s. While their fingers touched, he asked if she knew where the lord desired to put the door. A squeeze of his fingers was her response.

Her knowledge came from hearing. Beyond the door, the expansive room held only a piano. A grand one, to be sure, but that was all. And only the lord was allowed to play.

When the lord was at the keys, she would sometimes sit in the hall. Other times, she would lie down, dreaming. But, usually, she would dance, occasionally touching the design.

The lord on one side of the enchanted door, the girl on the other. Harmony.


Shadows among us

Using @dogmatix prompts (it seemed that title ones are my jam). I reaalllyy liked writing this one.

When Anakin was nine, his Master came to Tatooine with his own Apprentice. 

That was true in most universes.

Except in this one, they weren’t Jedi.

« Master, why are we on this dreadful planet ? There is nothing here but Hutts and sand. » drawled Dooku, scowling at said sand as it crunched beneath his booth.
« Patience, my former Apprentice. » said Sidious. « You’ll soon understand. »

They soon arrived in a slave village, one of many on the planet. Nothing usual, for slavery was common in the Empire.
Darth Sidious didn’t slow his pace, ignoring the stares and the whispers with practiced ease, until he reached a small hut.
In front of it stood a woman and a child.

The woman bowed.

« My Lord… » she whispered, her hands clutched in front of her.
« I see you have raised him quite well. » said the Sith, observing the child with a satisfied smile. « You have completed your task. Even if my Master is dead, I’ll fulfill his promise. Shmi Skywalker, you and your son are free. »
He placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder, steering him towards Dooku.
« Lord Tyrannus, meet Anakin Skywalker, my new Apprentice. You’ll teach him when the matters of the Empire will prevent me to do so. »

The Sith Temple was a magnificient place, all in red, black and gold, standing proudly on the highest peak of Korriban, surrounded by thousands of previous Sith’s tombs. The whole planet basked in the purest Dark Side, the Force thrumming through Anakin’s veins as he opened himself to it, letting his emotions run free, freeing him as well.

Coruscant was good, but he disliked politics.
Nothing could compare to Korriban.
He was home.

Dooku and Anakin were standing in front of the Sith Court. The Emperor and Supreme Lord was here, of course, his Master always presiding if he could. 

Darth Maul and Asajj Ventress were sitting in either side of him. Usually, Darth Tyrannus would seat where Ventress was, but today, he was the one sent on a mission.

The Lady Sith smirked at him, and anger filled the room. Sidious smirked.

« I sensed a great disturbance in the Force. » he intoned, and both Sith stopped their glaring contest to listen. « It came from my homeworld, Naboo. While the Dark Side remains as strong as ever, I will not allow this warning to go unchecked. Darth Tyrannus, you will go, and you will take my Apprentice as well. Make sure that there is nothing on that planet that threatens the Empire. »

« Yes, Master. »

Naboo was a beautiful planet and its capital, Theed, was truly one of the Empire’s shiniest jewels. The palace, in traditional black and gold, had a magnificent roof covered in rubies, forming the Sith word for ‘Richness’, the Dark Side pulsing around it.
Some believed that it was imbued with Sith’s magicks and that it was the reason of Naboo’s slave market’s success, for you would never find better (and more expensive) slaves than on those auctions.
Most of them were sold to the clothing companies, for they were especially talented in the making of fine, expensive and impressive robes.

Anakin could see some of that work for himself when they met Queen Amidala. The young woman was absolutely stunning in dark silk and transluscent veils, a crown of grenats and obsidians resting regally on her brow.
She was not like them, but the young Sith could feel her presence in the Force, smooth and soft like velvet, but hiding an iron will.

« Your Majesty. » said Dooku, bowing. « As beautiful as ever. I’ll ask one more time, will you not reconsider your position ? You would make a magnificent Sith. »
« I thank you for your praise, Lord Tyrannus, but I believe my talents are of better use here. After all, if I had not felt the Light Side user, who would have warned the Emperor ? » Amidala answered, confident in her own power, even in front of the Emperor’s right hand.

Dooku immediately frowned.

« Light side user ? » he repeated, alarmed.
« Yes. »

They had tracked the criminal across two planets before ending up on Coruscant to foil, in extremis, his plans to kill a Senator.

The man had way more contacts than he should, and Anakin knew his Master would be looking closely on Alderaan’s loyalties once he was informed of what Tyrannus and him had discovered.

The man was no ordinary Light Side user : he was a Jedi. They were supposed to have been destroyed thousands of years ago and yet, there they were, facing one, two red lightsabers against one blue. The fight was far more difficult than it should have been, especially at two against one, but their opponent, a human male in his fifties, was quick and resourceful.

They ended up in the empty Galactic Court Room, fighting among the empty pods where representants of the Empire’s many planets would normally seat.
A well-placed kick sent Anakin flying down, crashing on the floor.

The Jedi used the distraction to behead Lord Tyrannus.

As the Sith exploded, Anakin screamed in rage, the Dark Side flowing through him. He raised his hand, sending a wave of electricity toward the Jedi, who was caught unaware.
The young Sith jumped at him, his power and his speed enhanced beyond measure by the Dark Side flowing through him.

He cut the Jedi in two and sneered at the body simply… disappeared, without a single trace, not even a wave.
Jedis were weak, even in their deaths.

« You did well, my Apprentice. » said solemnly Sidious. « Rise, Lord Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. »

There was a lot of important people at the raising of Dooku’s pyramid, when the Sith Master’s holocron was activated inside his funeral chamber. 

Anakin stood near his Master, his arms crossed.

« They all fear the return of the Light Side. Fools. » he sneered. « The Jedi is dead. »
« He is, Lord Vader. » answered his Master, with a cold expression on his face. « But Jedis do not stand alone. When there is one, there is usually another. A Master, and a Padawan. »
« Which one did I kill, then ? » asked Anakin, scowling. « The Padawan ? Or the Master ? »

Near them, the young Stewjon Senator they had saved, Obi-Wan Kenobi, softly smiled.

Piano Girl


The bell rang and everyone around me rushed out, not sparing a second longer in the maths room than they had to. I tried to be quick in gathering my things but it was no use, one of the last people out as per usual now I had to face the walk to my most dreaded lesson, music.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate music by any means I just didn’t like the lesson. In that class I didn’t know anyone very well, music was based in this small long hut, with various classrooms and small music rooms with instruments that everyone rushes to get to first. Meaning I am always left sat at a desk writing down some lyrics to a song or other work I need to get on with. Our teacher tries to inspire students but deep down, even he doesn’t care what we do he is just trying to get through the day like the rest of us.

As I arrive into the building it immediately feels stuffy, students pass up and down and the sound of music fills my ears. From guitars and drums to saxophones and flutes, various melodies made and I smile. Walking into the classroom I see it is now empty besides my teacher who sits with his coffee. He gives me the usual greeting and I walk back out, hoping to find myself a practice room I could use for once. As I wonder up and down I go around the side of the hut, finding a large room that is long with a piano placed in it with no one in sight. Glancing to the door I check to see if it is private, or reserved but it isn’t, it’s completely vacant.

Taking one last look I quietly go inside, walking along the white Walls and find myself brushing along the piano a layer of dust collecting on my finger tips. Pulling out the stool I sit down and place my bag next to me, lifting the lid I examine the keys my fingers rising, itching to play something after so long. I search through my bag for any form of sheet music I may have in there and by luck I do, pulling out an old song, fairly simple my teacher taught me when I was only eight years old.

As I begin to play I find myself immersed in the music, and begin to sing to the sweet tune. My concentration completely on the music and the words I zone out, unaware of another’s presence in the room. As I look up momentarily I stop harshly, looking to the student in the room who was staring at me, making me feel rather uncomfortable.

“Can I help you?” I intended for my voice to sound more willing as opposed to mousey.

He stepped forward out of the shadows, allowing me to see him more clearly. He had blonde hair, which was in a sort of quiff off to one side, he had blue eyes like the morning sky in between the clouds on a winters day. He kept his gaze locked onto me, I had a faint idea of who he was, a fellow quiet student in my class. I had seen a few of his covers on YouTube but now I wish I had paid closer attention as his name escapes me.

“It’s alright Y/n, I heard someone playing and sing and I felt almost drawn to it. I stood by the doorway for a while, blissfully listening before looking in and I saw you.” He stopped as a blush crept onto his cheeks, he scratched the back of his head and he did look cute as he did so.

“So you were spying on me?” I joked but he now had a scared look in his eyes.

“No, no! I was just, I just saw you and you are really talented and-” He stumbled for words furthermore and I let out a chuckle, moving towards him.

“It’s fine honestly, I just didn’t think anyone would’ve noticed that’s all.” I said moving away collecting my things.

“Why wouldn’t anyone notice you? You’re beautiful.” Silence filled the air after that, I kept my back turned away from him and no movement was detected.

The silence lingered as I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks. “Did, did you just?” I turned around but he was gone. My heart felt heavy and I assumed I imagined the whole thing, I turned back round to the piano and he jumped up making me scream. “For gods sake!” I yelled to him, causing him to laugh even harder.

“You should’ve seen your face, you were terrified.” He laughed more and it made me smile, thinking how easily I am to freak out since I’m quiet.

Closing the lid to the piano I picked up my music and put it in my bag, all the while he remained leaning on the piano watching me with a bright smile that made me feel all warm inside. I began to make my way around the piano but he stopped before I could get any further. “Is there a problem?” I raised an eyebrow to him and he seemed to have lost all confidence again.

“Do you want to do a cover with me sometime?” He blurted out, then stepped back as I processed what he asked.

“You want me? Me? To do a cover of a song with you?” I sounded downright shocked and gave him the wrong impression immediately by the look on his face. “No no! It’s not a bad thing I’m just surprised!” I chuckled and his face lightened up, he did look very attractive with this light shinning on him.

“So you will?” He asked, sounding more hopeful this time and I nodded. Not thinking of a reason not to. “Perfect, say Friday? After school?” He asked opening the door for me.

“Of course, erm?” I still couldn’t remember his name and couldn’t help but feel awful for not knowing it.

He noticed and grabbed a hold of my hands, “I’m Luke, and you’re Y/n.” He smiled and we began to walk away, he kept ahold of one of my hands now, not that I was complaining.

As we headed for the exit knowing it was the end of the day we came outside and I let go of his hand, feeling empty without it and began to walk away. I glanced back to see him stood there, with a sad look on his face and I waved but had no response back. Trying not to think of it too much I continued until I heard someone calling after me.

As I turned I saw Luke running towards me, but stopping half way to catch his breath making me laugh and walk towards him to save him the trouble. Stopping in front of him he had his hands resting against his thighs as he breathed heavily. “Are you okay Luke?” I ask rubbing his back but he held up his hand, signalling he needed a moment.

People continued to pass as they left school and some glanced back but after a minute he was back upright looking right at me. “I didn’t get to say that you didn’t hear wrong.” He smiled but I felt confused and it must’ve shown.

He moved closer to me and bent down so our eyes were level, giving me the perfect opportunity to see how truly blue they were, a pure shade of blue with no fragments of other colours. He moved my hair away from my ear and I could feel his breath tickling against my skin. “You truly are beautiful Y/n.” He whispered before pulling away slightly but remained close to me.

Looking at me he moved closer and I responded, closing the distance between us and I could feel his breath on mine. “Y/n! Come on!” I pulled back as I heard my name, whipping my head around to see my brother there impatiently waiting for me.

Looking back to Luke who seemed equally as embarrassed I gave him an awkward smile, apologising for the interruption he brushed it off. “But I’ll see you in music tomorrow, piano girl.” He winked before walking off, this time leaving me standing there.

Maybe music wasn’t my most hated lesson after all.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

things are bleak. Kylo Ren is back, and causing more trouble than ever. Han Solo is dead. 

Luke Skywalker and Rey have to find the last member of the Organa-Solo family. “The last member?” Rey asks. “I thought they only had one child.”

“One human child,” Luke corrects with a grin as they cross bridge after bridge on a heavily forested planet. “Not a lot of people know about their older son–most people don’t, in fact.” 

They push into a small hut attached to a tree. Rey sees a small furry creature, like a teddy bear, wearing a hood. The creature turns towards them, chirping in curiosity. 

“Wicket,” Luke says with a smile. “It’s time for you to come home.”