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Unique Flat in Dark Grey | Goteborg, Sweden



1 Room Apartment in Manhattan | Manhattan, New York

1 Room Apartment in Manhattan New York styled by Emily Rickard for Ikea Magazine Spring 2017.


(Source:, Pictures by Nicole Franzen)


Full of fresh, original tiny house ideas, this 24 foot long rustic modern tiny dream home on wheels has it all … and open space to boot! Featuring a ceiling bed with automatic lift, convertible lounge area, flip up desk piece, clever sliding closet in the shower, sliding pantry shelf, hidden laundry, and much, much more, this tiny house achieves modern comfort in an open concept floor plan.
Analysis | How do couples live in tiny homes without killing each other?
Advice from couples who've survived cohabiting in 200 square feet.

The BIG secret to surviving in a tiny house as a couple… love, open communication and good conflict/resolution skills. Not that different than living together in a regular-sized house. ;) Though, unlike a larger home, there’s less room for skating by on poor communication skills.


From the @kinfolkmag House Tours; The Ancient Blacksmithery, Lesbos, Greece.

Renovated by Danish architects Dorte Mandrup-Poulsen, Louis Becker and Jens Thomas Arnfred.

📷 Wichmann + Bendtsen for Kinfolk.