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Things the signs love

Aries: To feel wanted. Baby animals (especially kittens). Corny gifts. Stability. Forehead kisses. Red lipstick. Deep and meaningful conversations. Vodka. Mutual feelings. Drunk texts. Holding hands. Hot showers. Comedy movies. Someone that will make them better as a person. 

Taurus: Traveling. Roller coasters. Commitment. Neck kisses. Fun dates. Comfort snacks. Peanut butter. Watching horror movies with a significant other. Warm, fluffy towels. Buying pointless things. Late night tumblr sessions. Stuffed animals. Meaningful letters. Getting dressed up. Bubble baths. Forest. Rain and storms.

Gemini: Make out sessions. Instagram. Feeling wanted. Cute dates. Tall boys/short girls. Fluffy rugs. Romance movies. Collecting random things. Messy rooms. Wine. Conversations about sex. Being made feel special. Driving with the windows down.

Cancer: Small animals. Silk pajamas. Pretty things. Flowers. Cute lingerie. Vanilla milkshakes. Buying expensive makeup. Stuff that smells good. Fan-girling over celebs. Late night Netflix. Pizza. Roller skating.

Leo: Night drives. Fairy lights. Soft, worn in hoodies. Stars. Instagram. Fireworks. Soft cheeks kisses. Bear hugs. Stomach butterflies. Giving advice. Salted caramel. Champagne. Amusement parks.

Virgo: Face masks. Commitment. Dogs. Turning up music loud while driving. Disney movies. Feeling acknowledged. Sound of rain. Music. Shooting stars. Black and white photographs. Fashion.

Libra: Candles. Fireworks. Bonfires. Commitment. Romance novels. Big animals. Warm houses. Skinny jeans. Drinking with friends. Salt and vinegar chips. Sending ugly pictures to friends. Lip syncing beyonce or justin bieber. Smell of books. Dogs. The milky way.

Scorpio: Cold drinks. Full bank account. Adrenaline rushes. Deep, passionate kisses. Warm socks. Inside jokes. Staring. Hand written letters. Sarcasm. Movies (scorpios are movie freaks). Soapy showers.

Sagittarius: Horror movies with friends. Weed. Photography. Architecture. Gossip. Classy outings. Sarcasm. Face and body products. Reaching high levels on video games. Sassy remarks. Traveling. Cactuses. Piercings. Adventure. Croissants.

Capricorn: Expensive makeup. Feeling wanted. Photo booths. Clean houses. Clouds. Sarcasm. Dirty jokes. Sparklers. Green grass. Festivals. Drunk texting. Pretty underwear. Boybands. Late night tumblr sessions. Dark lipstick. Passionate kissing.

Aquarius: Aquariums ( :’) ). Beach bikes. Long strolls on beach. Sundresses. Innocent gossip. Booty. Late night texting. Blasting music in car. Exotic drinks. Trampolines. Rock jumps. Books. Christmas lights. Pretty views.

Pisces: Old movies. Heart shaped sunglasses. The universe. Knitted blankets. Shimmery eyeshadow. Learning. Smell of rain. Daydreaming. Chill songs. Sea shells. Drawing. Brand new pens.

Beanies and Negotiations (Part 2)

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Part one here

Anon requests: Could you PLEASE do a second part for beanies and negotiations?! I loved it!!

Another part for beanies and negotiations! Puh-lease

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Archie observes Jughead and (Y/N)’s relationship, and realizes it’s not just his beanie that Jughead lets (Y/N) wear

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,033

A/N: ah you guys I’m so happy you’re enjoying my writing! I wasn’t planning on writing a second part for this piece, but since it was requested I wrote it for you guys. I was also gonna queue this and have it published later, but I’m so excited for you guys to read this! Enjoy!

Although he and Jughead had recently hit a rough patch in their relationship, Archie Andrews considered himself one of Jughead’s closest friends.  He also liked to believe that he knew his friend pretty well.  So when he saw (Y/N) roaming the halls wearing Jughead’s beanie, he was ecstatic.  He rushed through the school to find his friend.  In the lounge, Jughead stood with his arms crossed and raven hair exposed.

“Dude!” Archie exclaimed as he sauntered over to Jughead.  “Finally!”

“What are you talking about?” Jughead questioned, eyes narrowed.

“(Y/N), of course!” Archie answered.  “You asked her out, right?”  Jughead shifted and uncrossed his arms.

“No,” he scoffed, but his voice wavered a bit.  “Why would you think that?”

“Because she’s wearing your beanie,” Archie stated like it was obvious.  “The last time you took that thing off is when you proposed to her when we were six.”

“We were six,” Jughead emphasized, slightly leaning forward.

“But you like her,” Archie said.  Jughead opened his mouth to reply, but no smart remarks came out.  Instead, he closed his mouth and looked away from Archie, sighing.  “Ask her out, man.”  Pursing his lips, Jughead shook his head and walked away.  Archie sighed and turned around, spotting Veronica and Betty waving at him.

“Archie!” Veronica called, beckoning him over.  He moved to the couch they were sitting at and stood in front of the two girls.


“You’ve seen (Y/N) wearing Jughead’s hat, too, right?” she asked.  Archie nodded.

“I don’t get it though,” he said.  “He never takes that thing off.  I asked Jughead if he asked her out, but he said no.  I figured she’d be wearing it because of that, since last time she wore Jughead’s beanie-”

“He proposed to her,” Betty finished, and Archie nodded.  All three of them simultaneously sighed.

“God he looked so smitten yesterday,” Veronica groaned.  Archie sent her a questioning look.  “Betty and I were at Pop’s yesterday, and we saw Jughead and (Y/N) there.  She had stolen his beanie and he was trying to get it back, but he was enjoying it. I swear he could barely contain his smile.”

“Yeah,” Betty smiled in agreement.  “They’re both smitten.”

Archie, Betty, and Veronica thought that the beanie incident was a one-time thing.  However, they were proven wrong when they spotted (Y/N) sitting in Pop’s wearing Jughead’s jacket a week later.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Veronica greeted, sitting down next to her.  “Where’s Jughead?”

“Working at the drive-in tonight,” (Y/N) answered, smiling.  Betty and Archie slid into the booth seat across from them.  

“Is that Jughead’s jacket?” Archie bluntly asked.  (Y/N) looked down at what she was wearing.

“Oh crap!” she exclaimed. “I forgot to give this back to him!” Veronica smirked.

“I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you holding onto it for a bit,” she laughed, causing (Y/N) to smile and nod.

“Why’d he give it to you in the first place?” Betty inquired.  (Y/N) bit her lip.

“We were walking home from school, and I had forgotten my jacket at home.  I was shivering, and Jug insisted that I took his,” she explained. Archie affectionately rolled his eyes, smirking.

“Smitten,” he mumbled under his breath.

The next incident was two weeks later at a football game.  (Y/N) had promised her friends that she would come to the game to support them, and she managed to drag Jughead along with her.  Archie smirked when he saw them sitting together in the stands, knowing that it probably wasn’t too hard for (Y/N) to convince Jughead to come.

After the game, (Y/N) and Jughead got off the bleachers and walked over to the field where Archie, Betty, and Veronica were standing.

“You guys were all great tonight!” (Y/N) complimented, beaming at her friends.  They all smiled in gratitude, when suddenly Archie furrowed his eyebrows.

“Is that-” he paused for a moment, contemplating how to phrase his question.  “Is that a new flannel?”  Betty and Veronica shot him confused looks, whereas Jughead and (Y/N)’s fidgeted as their cheeks grew red.

“Uh, nope,” (Y/N) awkwardly laughed.  “It’s Jughead’s actually.”

“What?” Betty and Veronica exclaimed at the same time.  Archie suppressed a smirk.

“It was raining before,” (Y/N) stated, and Archie noticed Jughead refusing to make eye contact with him, “and we got drenched because neither of us had an umbrella.  Jughead had a dry flannel and let me wear it.” She shrugged at the end of her explanation, playing with the sleeves of Jughead’s flannel.  Archie was tempted to ask (Y/N) why she didn’t just change into some of her own clothes, but he decided not to for her and Jughead’s sakes. Betty and Veronica shared a knowing glance.  Finally, Archie managed to catch Jughead’s eye.  He smirked and Jughead rolled his eyes, but the small smile on his face didn’t go unnoticed by Archie.

Archie would have completely missed the last incident if it wasn’t for Veronica.  Some weeks later they were sitting at lunch with (Y/N), waiting for Betty and Jughead to arrive at their table.

“(Y/N), that sweater is really big on you,” Veronica noted, critiquing her outfit.  “Please tell me you didn’t just buy that.”  (Y/N) smiled bashfully.

“No,” she responded, “I’ve had it lying in my room for a while.  Figured I should put it to use.”  Veronica scrunched up her nose.

“You shouldn’t have. Not to be rude, girl, but green is not your color.”

“Oh well,” (Y/N) laughed. “I’ll remember that next ti-”

“That’s Jughead’s, isn’t it?” Archie interrupted.  (Y/N) bit her lip and pulled the sweater sleeves over her hands.

“Maybe,” she mumbled, looking down into her lap.  Archie and Veronica smirked.

“You know what, (Y/N)?” Veronica said.  “Never mind what I just said.  That does suit you.”  (Y/N)’s cheeks grew bright red.

“Oh god, guys,” she moaned, but they could hear the smile in her face.  Jughead and Betty soon walked over to the table and joined the group.  During their lunch, Archie would occasionally glance over at Jughead and (Y/N).  He frequently saw one staring at the other.  Smiling at his friends, Archie couldn’t fathom how neither of them realize how smitten they were with each other.  

It all started with that damn beanie.

Part 3 here   Part 4 here

Things The Signs Love

Aries: To feel wanted. Baby animals (especially kittens). Corny gifts. Stability. Forehead kisses. Red lipstick. Deep and meaningful conversations. Vodka. Mutual feelings. Drunk texts. Holding hands. Hot showers. Comedy movies. Someone that will make them better as a person.

Taurus: Traveling. Roller coasters. Commitment. Neck kisses. Fun dates. Comfort snacks. Peanut butter. Watching horror movies with a significant other. Warm, fluffy towels. Buying pointless things. Late night tumblr sessions. Stuffed animals. Meaningful letters. Getting dressed up. Bubble baths. Forest. Rain and storms.

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Positive Vibes (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you do something for Bucky that brightens his bad day. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,923

A/N: An anon requested “reader does something spontaneous and romantic for Bucky that she doesn’t even think of as romantic! And he is just floored by her thoughtfulness.“ This takes place between “The Little Things (Part Two)” and “The Get Together”. Here’s a track list for the CD mentioned in this part. 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

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You’re stuck in the middle of a heated debate between Bruce and Helen Cho about gamma radiation when Steve walks by. He scans the dining hall, letting his gaze fall from one table to the next, before balancing his tray in one hand so he can rub his forehead. As he does, he discreetly scans the room for a second time, reminding you of a lost child desperately seeking out his mother.

"Steve!” You call out, making sure your voice is loud enough to be heard over all the chatter. He turns around immediately, a relieved grin overtaking his features as he walks towards you.  

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The Girl Made of Starlight

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The Girl Made of Starlight

Beast!Adam x Reader

Prompt: What do you think of an imagine where the reader is Adam’s favorite character in a book, who he asks to see in the mirror at least once a day, slowly falling in love with her?

Note: Aaaaaaaah! <3 C U T E

Edit: I think I’m going to make this into a series? Someone please give me feedback? Thanks!

“It’s getting late, my little prince.” The kind queen chided her son as he sat upright in the bed. “I’m afraid it’s time for you to sleep now.”

“One more story! Please!” The young boy begged eagerly. After thinking for a long moment, the queen met the prince’s gaze. His eyes were sweet and blue, full on innocence. She sighed.

“All right, one more. And then, you must sleep. You have a big day ahead, you know.” Her smile was soft as she searched the small shelf in Adam’s room. What was there here that she hadn’t read to him yet? And then she found it.

It was an old book. One she hadn’t laid eyes on since she was at least a teenager. It had been a favorite of hers. The Girl Made of Starlight.

“Here’s one.” The queen sat down in the chair beside Adam’s bed. “I haven’t seen this book in a very long time.”

“Where was it?”

“Hiding, I suppose. Waiting for the right moment to make itself known. But nevertheless, the sooner we finish, the sooner you’ll be asleep.” She took a breath and opened the front cover. “Once, in the Kingdom of the Sun, there was a girl. To everyone around her, she appeared ordinary, boring and quaint. And as she grew up surrounded people who thought of her as nothing but standard, she began to believe that ordinary was all she ever was, all she could ever be. But that was not the case.”

“What was she?” Adam practically bounced with enthusiasm.

“Eager tonight, are we?” the queen smiled. “(Y/N) was truly more than just the daughter of the miller. She was a child of the stars.”


After reading a large portion of the book, the queen decided that it was getting far too late for her little prince to be awake given the events waiting for him the following day. So, despite his many, many protests, the queen placed a bookmark in her treasured favorite and put it on the shelf for another night.

But the queen never got to finish her story.

She soon fell to illness and became too sick to read. Soon after, she was gone. And as the kingdom grieved, the king became twisted. Her death was the end of him. And so was it the end of the Adam that was hopeful, the Adam that was kind.

Years later, when Adam had reached adulthood, came the curse that twisted him into an enormous, fearsome beast. The story of the star girl was long-forgotten. Adam spent years in isolation, wallowing in his misery. His selfishness had done this, his vanity. He had taken so much pride in his looks, in the beauty of the things he owned, and now that it was gone, he felt as though he had nothing.

As time passed, Adam ventured from his West Wing more and more. He didn’t want to gaze upon the cursed rose any more than he had to. It was only a reminder of his mistakes, of the grim deadline that hung over his head. The library became a refuge, a place where he could escape. The book the Enchantress had given him sat idle on his shelf, and instead, he found a home in literature. As he searched the shelf, something fell and hit the floor with a soft thud. He looked down, and there it was: The Girl Made of Starlight.

Adam slowly bent down and picked up the book with his massive paws. He brushed off the cover, and his blue eyes widened. Thoughts of his mother came rushing back to the surface. He was tempted to put the book back, to forget he had ever found it, but instead, he carried it over to the couch and began to read it.

Inside the pages of the book waited the story of (Y/N), the miller’s daughter, who was just about to discover she was not as normal as she had been raised to believe.

~Losing her mother had changed (Y/N). Every day, the glimmering star that hung around her neck only served as a reminder of the magnificent woman that had left her daughter behind. Her mother’s words were ingrained in her mind. With her last dying breaths, she had put the necklace around (Y/N)’s neck.

“Remember that there is light in everybody.” Her lips pulled into a frail smile as her husband and daughter sat beside her in tears. “And there is light in you. You don’t know it yet, but you will. No matter where you go, no matter how far you travel, I will always be with you.”

Iridessa squeezed (Y/N)’s hand as the life in her began to fade.

“You are a child of the stars. A beautiful girl with more power than you know.” She pressed a finger to the center of her chest and whispered a final goodbye as the life left her eyes. “I believe in you.”~

Adam took a deep breath and adjusted himself on the soft couch that sat beside the hearth. He had a feeling he would be there for a while.


Over the course of the week Adam had read the book at least twice a day, only taking brief breaks for meals and sleep. He was a man obsessed. He didn’t know why, but of all of the books in the library, this one had captured his attention better than anything he had ever read.

After finishing it for the tenth time, a strange idea occurred to him as he brushed past the enchanted rose that had doomed him to this fate, the wretched timer, an eternal reminder that his day was coming. Then, he would be stuck like this forever. Beside the rose sat the Enchantress’ mirror. The moment his eyes settled on it, he reached out for it.

He took a deep breath. This was stupid. This was a dumb idea. It would never work.

But what if?

“Show me…show me the girl made of starlight.”  

The surface of the mirror rippled, and then there she was, just as the book had described. Her hair had flooded with white, and her silver eyes shone like stars. Her cloak of the sky was wrapped around her shoulders, and the necklace her mother had given her hung around her neck.

She was running. From what, he didn’t know, but at the sight of her, after watching her and realizing she was real…or at least, she was real somewhere, he almost dropped the mirror. He took a long, labored breath. She was real. She was actually real. And she needed help.


Days passed. Adam tried not to watch her too often, but it was hard not to. She was real. She existed, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was someone or something after her. She always seemed to be rushed. She had quick meals in little taverns, and took cautious sleeps at haphazard inns. She carried very little and showed her face to very few, most often keeping hidden in her large cloak of the sky.

With her, she kept very few things. Aside from her cloak and necklace, all she had with her was a map, a worn leather book of stories, and a pouch of coins. There was something about the book with her. Adam knew it was important to her, but he didn’t know why.

Perhaps it was why someone was chasing her.

Again, I kind of want to do a series on this, so feedback would be awesome. I love you guys <3 

Bellamy thinking that he lost the most important person in his life. 

His mind flashing back to every single moment with Octavia. When he first named her and put his thumb to her mouth in hopes that it would appease her crying. Scared and nervous because even so little he knew this was big secret but with so much love for this small little girl in his arms.

Bellamy gently sitting back with Octavia leaning into him as their mother reads them stories. Memorizing them so he can recite them back to Octavia when Aurora isn’t around.

Bellamy’s face lighting up every time Octavia shine’s her big grin up towards him. 

The agony and guilt because he doesn’t even want to give Octavia all the stars, he just wants go give her freedom. 

The way she felt in his arms after so much solitude. After coming back to quarters that were empty without her electric personality and the way it takes up a room. And she was bigger after their time apart but his sister still felt them same, felt like home.

Him watching her grow. Her wildness expanding around them and it’s almost like even this world isn’t enough for her. Watching the way that she carries a fight on her shoulders, the way love looks on her for a man. Watching anger spark between them but he loves her, he loves her

And Bellamy thinks that he’s lost that person. And all he can do is break apart. After all what happens when your heart is taken from you?

Little Witch (Part 2)

Pairings: Peter x reader

Word count: 1 563

A/N: I cannot believe so many people liked Little witch. You guys made me so happy. After posting the story I went to bed and was really surprised in the morning when i saw that there were already 270 notes, 10 messages and 70 new followers. I’m amazed. You are awesome! ♥ I did my best to write this part and i know it may be a little boring but i promise the next ones (of course, if you want me to post them) to be more interesting. Please let me know what you think and if you would like to write from someone’s P.O.V. Enjoy ♥ (and sorry for the mistakes) 

Part 1

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All the avengers except Wanda and Bruce were now standing in front of the small medical center Tony had created a few months ago for situations like this. Through the transparent Plexiglas which was used as a wall, the heroes were looking at their new visitor. Wanda was inside with Dr. Banner, who was trying to find out and heal the wounds on the girl’s body.

“So what’s her name?”, Tony suddenly asked.

The whole group looked at Steve and Clint waiting for an answer. Since they came back, the girl was directly transported to the medical room, while the others were standing in the dark about what was going on.  

“She didn’t say it.”, Steve answered simply without moving his eyes from the girl inside.

“What exactly happened?”, Tony was eager to get at least some information.

“Yeah, the son of Col didn’t say anything about bringing a girl here.”

There was silent for a minute and when Clint saw Steve wouldn’t tell anything due to being sunk deep in his thoughts again, he recounted the story.

After the girl had recognized the American hero – Captain America, she gave them a chance to speak why they were here and what were they exactly doing. Wanda was the one who had talked most maybe because she knew how the girl was feeling at that moment.

“We are not Hydra’s agents. I know you are scared, probably frightened to death, but we just want to help you. ”, Wanda had spoken softly.

“How did you find me?”

“We have some sources that let us know when someone is in danger. There’s nothing you can be suspicious of. Come with us, we will give you food, clothes…answers.”, Steve had succeeded in attracting her attention.

“I-”, the girl had been glancing at the faces of each hero standing in front of her seeing the pure sincerity in their eyes. She hardly had come with a decision.

“If you don’t like us or feel threatened you can go, but give us a chance. We won’t let you down, I promise.”, with those words spoken from the brown-haired witch, who the girl began liking since the beginning, the little witch had accepted their offer still slightly suspicious.

“Through the whole flight Wanda was the only one who talked with her. I think she is the one who the girl trusts.”, Clint noted as he finished the story.

“Can we trust her?”, Nat questioned, “I mean, she is powerful, that can be seen, but what if it’s a Hydra’s way to get in here and collect important information about us, S.H.I.E.L.D?”

“I do not think so.”, Peter finally interfered with the conversation. He, as Steve, hadn’t stopped looking at the girl they found alone in the deep woods hours ago, “If you had seen her face when we came…”, her (y/e/c), full with tears and at the same time with rage appeared in front of him, “I have no clue what they did to her but it’s definitely not good.”

“I have the same opinion. We know what Hydra can do to their experiments. I saw what they have done to Bucky. It won’t surprise me if she had gone through the same.”

“Mr. Stark, I found the girl.”, Jarvis’ voice sounded through the corridor they were all standing in.

“You made him check her?!”

“Of course, Clint. I want to know who is coming in the base.”, Tony declared and then spoken to Jarvis, “What did you find out?”

“It was hard given the fact that her face hasn’t been seen by any camera in the world since ten years ago. However, I managed to do my job. Her name is (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N). At the age of seven she was kidnapped from her parents as they were on a vacation in Russia. Strangely, it seems the parents weren’t that eager to find her. They ended the seeking after a year. ”

At the same time in the medical room, Bruce and Wanda were trying to understand more about (Y/N)’s conditional and powers.

“So you are a witch, too?”, (Y/n) asked as her eyes widened from happiness.

“Yes, (Y/n), I am, just like you.”

“How did you become? You were born with it or?”

“Sadly, my powers aren’t natural. I got them the same as you – Hydra gave them to me. ”, Wanda was sitting opposite the girl, while Bruce was doing his job, “Some years ago, me and my brother, Pietro, were taken my Hydra so they could do tests on us.”

“And what were they doing to you?”

“They used something like a scepter and did different things to examine our powers. That’s all I remember.”, Wanda gave a smile to this little girl who had probably went through the same as her.

“So your stay there was like a holiday in comparison with mine.”, the girl stated with a bitterness in her voice.

“Was it that bad?”, Bruce spoke for the first time since he came there to observe the girl, “We have seen what Hydra have done to some people, but-”

“But you can never imagine or feel what they did to me so don’t act as though you had a clue how they tortured me.”

“I-I am sorry, I didn’t mean to-”, Bruce began apologizing but the girl stopped him.

“I see you’re trying to make me feel comfortable and so on but there’s no need to exaggerate.”, the girl’s stomach groaned and she hurried to put her hands over it to silence the sound.

“How can I be so stupid?! We are here from hours and you haven’t eaten anything in days and we still haven’t given you water or something to eat. I’m coming in minutes.”, Wanda was almost out of the room when she turned around, “Do you want anything specific or whatever I bring?”

“Whatever you bring.”, the girl answered but Wanda had already used her powers to see what the girl longed for to eat.

Bruce and (Y/n) stayed in silence until the doctor decided to ruin it by asking a simple question.

“Do you know what powers you have?”

“No and I don’t even know how to control them.”

“We can befriend you to learn how to cope with them. ”, the girl was about to say something but Bruce hurried to finish, “I do know how hard it can be, if you’re wondering. I have some ‘angry issues’ as Stark tends to say. When I am angry I turn into a big green monster-”

“Hulk.”, (Y/n) stated calmly as she remembered a part of a conversation, she heard years ago.

“Yes, Hulk. If I do not control it, I would kill the people I love without having a clue or regretting about it.”

Seeing how hard it was for that man to cope with his behavior and the terrified expression that appeared on his face just because of the thought of murdering his friends was enough to show her that each one of the superheroes here had gone through so dreadful situations. It showed her that she wasn’t alone anymore and that she can trust them. They will help her to recover, to control and maybe give her the family she lost ten years ago.

“Will you teach me?”, a smile spread on Bruce’s face as he murmured a positive answer.

The door opened and Wanda entered holding a tray with food.

“I hope you don’t mind inviting the others.”, seven people followed the witch in the room.

“Hello.”, the girl gave them a small smile and wave.

“I am Natasha but you can call me Nat.”, a read-head woman spoke, “Here are some clean clothes you can put on after you -”, but before Natasha had finished her sentence the girl had attacked the food.

There was a huge burger with French fries and curry sauce. She took a big bite and barely managed to chew it before taking another one.

“Sorry, ju’t úngry .”

While (Y/n) was eating the heroes introduced themselves to her. She knew some of them given the fact they had ruined some of Hydra’s experiments and bases but not their personal names. She liked them all, maybe Tony was too cocky but she did like ‘em all.

“You’d probably want to rest and recover but I have to ask you some questions. Do you mind?”, Stark didn’t want to scare the girl but he did needed answers.

“Let her at least take a shower before overwhelming her with your queries.”, when Peter stated his opinion the girl looked at him with a thankful smile. He blushed a little but tried not to break an eye contact. Even in those ripped and dirty clothes, and the messy (y/h/c) he could see the beauty in her. Something in her eyes was pulling him closer. He wanted to understand what had happened to her, what had broken her in such a way and revenge.

“Peter, show her the bathroom. We will wait you in the living room.”, and with that the avengers exited the room leaving the two teenagers inside.

“So, Peter…”, the way (Y/n) pronounced his name, as thought tasting it, feeling how it would sound, created a strange feeling in Peter’s stomach, “Where can I clean myself?”, a smirked appeared on the girl’s face as she saw the blushing boy opposite her.

Part 3

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prove it. (m)

author’s note: i dedicate this to @wonhopes because she made me realize how much kihyun wrecks me. if it wasn’t obvious enough, it’s safe to say i’ve finally accepted it.

associated with this drabble though it’s not nearly as smutty.

rivals au; 5,490 words; smut, fluff; warnings: none.
↳ when all kihyun can talk about is how good he is in bed, you decide to shut him up by telling him to put his money where he mouth is. fortunately, you both learn a few things along the way.  

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If it wasn’t for the mere fact that Mrs. Fern told you who your partner was, you would’ve scoffed, maybe protested, or even blurted out a concise, “Fuck no.”

Out of all the people in the classroom, you’re stuck with him. Yoo Kihyun. The asshole with an ego bigger than Jeon Jungkook’s, and that was probably an understatement too. You can’t imagine the outcome of this, not that anyone can, but when you catch sight of his stare from across the room and a smirk spreads across his lips, you already glower at the possibilities.

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36, 18, 9 with 40s!Bucky pretty please? THANK YOU! (from @mindingmyownbusiness) So glad to see you writing again!

(@mindingmyownbusiness I hope you like itttt and all the 1940s Bucky gifs i used, too.)

You were easily Bucky’s favorite person.. Aside from Steve, anyway. Being that you were Steve’s little sister, it made sense, he thought. You and Steve were only a year and a half apart, so the three of you had always been inseparable. He loved how you always seemed to look on the bright side, and how you always managed to bring a smile to his and your brother’s faces. Bucky knew that you were one of a kind, and he wasn’t going to find another girl like you in his lifetime, but he was always too nervous to make a move. Steve might’ve been little, but he still knew how to throw a punch.

You’d gone out to meet with a boy that you’d been on four dates with already, and although Steve didn’t like the kid, he didn’t stop you from going.. but when you came running in the door, tears streaming down your cheeks and small whimpers escaping your lips, Steve couldn’t keep his mouth shut. “I told you, Y/N. Tommy is bad news.” He said as he stood up from where he and Bucky sat at the dining table, playing cards. “Hang it up, Steve, its over. I don’t want to talk about it.” You managed to mutter as you walked past the two of them and into your bedroom, shutting the door behind you.

Steve’s face was turning about eight different shades of red, when Bucky set his cards on the table, patting his friends shoulder as he stood up. “I got this, pal. You need to calm down before you blow a fuse.” Bucky said softly, squeezing Steve’s shoulder before releasing him and walking to your bedroom door, knocking lightly. “Doll?”

You managed to whimper out a soft, “Come in.” He smiled to himself when he entered your room and saw you curled up on your bed, clutching the stuffed bear he’d won you at the fair last year. As he got closer, sitting on the side of your bed, he noticed fresh tears pooling in your eyes and instinctively reached forward, catching the small droplets with his thumb. “Oh, sugar, please don’t cry.” He whispered and you forced a small smile. “I know, I know, Buck.. big girls don’t cry.” You replied, using the line Steve had used on you too many times. He let out a soft chuckle, shaking his head as he wiped away another tear. “Steve’s a wise guy, alright..” He muttered, and you let out a small giggle in return.

He tried not to let it show, but the sound of your laughter made his heart flutter inside his chest. He wished he could keep you laughing, keep you smiling. “C’mon, doll.. Just tell me, what’s eatin’ you?” He wondered, his hand lingering on your jaw as you fluttered your eyes closed, a light blush forming on your cheeks. “I, uh.. Well.. If I tell you, you have to promise you won’t let Steve slug Tommy, okay..?” You said softly, to which Bucky let out a long breath that neither of you realized he’d been holding in. “Did he put his hands on you? I swear to god, Y/N, if he hurt you, I’ll be the one to slug ‘em.” He spoke, the hand on your cheek caressing your skin even more gently, as if he was afraid even his touch was painful for you.

“No! No, Buck, I… Well.. Tommy made a pass at me at dinner, and I..” You paused, adverting your gaze, your blush deepening. “I-I told him no, and he got mad..” Your voice was getting softer with each word you spoke. “A-and he dumped me.”

Bucky stayed silent for a moment, staring at you, waiting for you to elaborate, and when you didn’t, his mind ran wild. “Did.. What did he do..?” Bucky asked, his voice barely above a whisper. If it was possible for you to get any more embarrassed, you did. “O-oh, Bucky, no! He just.. He tried to kiss me, but, uh, I-I’ve never been kissed, so when it finally happens, I want it to be special, y’know?” You began to ramble, and Bucky was just staring at you, dumbfounded.

“Wait, wait, hold on a second, doll.. What do you mean, ‘never been kissed’?” He asked, cutting off your nonsense. You licked your lips, nodding once. “Exactly that, Buck.. I.. I want it to be with someone special.

You looked back up and met his eyes, noticing something different about them. There was a maturity, a wanting in them that you’d never seen before. It made a shiver run down your spine, which didn’t go unnoticed by Bucky, as he smirked and tugged his lower lip into his mouth.

Would you let me kiss you..? Just once?” He asked, his voice barely above a whisper- all while maintaining eye contact with you. Your eyes went wide at his offer and you found yourself at a loss for words. “I..” You tried to speak, but nothing came out. He grinned, his cheeks turning a soft shade of pink as he smoothed his hair back. “It’s alright, doll.. I know when I’m not wanted.” He said in a light tone, trying not to let you see how stupid he felt. He went to stand from your bed, but you reached out for his hand, pulling him back down, a quiet wait escaping your lips. You sat up slowly, pushing your hair away from your face while he looked down at you, licking his lips. “Yeah, doll?” He whispered, coming close enough now that his forehead was resting against yours. “W-will you kiss me..?” You asked, eyes scanning his for any sign of hesitation.

His eyes sparkled as a large smile grew on his lips, nodding, making his nose brush yours with each movement. “Yes ma’am.” He breathed, before leaning forward and pressing his lips to yours in a needy kiss. You couldn’t contain the small gasp that left your mouth when his tongue almost immediately darted out, swiping across your lower lip to beg for permission to mingle with yours. One of his hands moved to your lower back, pulling you closer to him at the same time that your hand found its way to his hair, tugging on the dark strands.

And all too quickly, it was over.

Bucky pulled away, using his thumb to wipe the excess wetness from his lower lip as he smiled with one eyebrow raised. “Ya sure you’ve never been kissed before?” He asked, a small chuckle following the question. You nodded with a small smile, keeping your hand tangled in his hair, wanting to stay close to him. He hummed, rubbing soothing circles on your back with his palm and pressing a chaste kiss to your temple. “You know Steve is gonna slug me, right?” He asked, causing you to let out a giggle. “You’re going to tell him?” That honestly surprised you. He nodded, lacing his other hand with yours. “Of course I am. Now that Tommy’s outta the picture, I’m gonna make you my girl.” He replied with a wink, making you blush all over again. “There’s not another dame like you in the world, doll..” He whispered, bringing your hand up to his lips for a tender kiss.

And you’d be wrapped around his finger from that day forward.

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  • How did they they meet?: They met at work when Washington put them both on a project together. They didn’t exactly hit it off. 
  • Who developed romantic feelings first?:Thomas does. He has an instant attraction to Alex but it’s lessened when Alex is the biggest asshole in the entire world but by the end of the first project they worked on together Thomas developed a small crush on the small, brilliant, abrassive man.
  • Who is their biggest “shipper?”:Peggy is their biggest shipper in that she is the one constantly pushing Alex to ‘get some’ and Peggy is the first to notice that the ‘some’ that Alex wants is Thomas.
  • When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances?: They had their first kiss a year after having met. They were working together again. They fought like cats and dogs when working together but no one could deny that the quality of work that they produced was incredible. So they were paired up often. They grew to respect each other so working together became less of a chore. This opens Alex up to unsupress his desire to have sex with Thomas and Alex kisses him in the middle of a discussion about the pros and cons of a national bank.
  • Who confessed their feelings first?: Alex did it first technically because he was the first to express his feelings when he kissed Thomas butThomas was the first to verbalize his feelings. Quickly following Alex kissing him Thomas asks him if he’s serious or just fucking around because he wants to be serious.
  • What was their first official date?: Their first date is a semi-awkward dinner date at La Grenouille which is the most exclusive French restraunt in NYC. They have dinner and it’s fine then they opt to walk home instead of cathcing a cab and their conversation picks up because the more casual setting. They end up walking in circles around Central Park and neither get home until well past one am.
  • How do they feel about double dates/group dates?: They aren’t fans exactly because they don’t mingle well with each other’s friend groups.
  • What do they do in their down time?: At home Alex curls up against Thomas’s side on the couch writing on his laptop while Thomas watches tv or does some work of his own. Alex also spends a lot of time in his office.
  • What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like?: Alex meeting the Jefferson’s was a experience to say the least. Thomas’s dad didn’t approve of the relationship and they had a major pissing contest. Thomas’s mom on the other hand falls in love with Alex. Alex is a little uncomfortable because he isn’t used to being mothered (besides by his friends).
  • What was their first fight over and how did they get past it?: Their first fight actually took about a three weeks to happen which was shocking to even them that it took that long. It was over Thomas moving too fast and Alex being afraid of commitment. They stop speaking for about two days before Thomas shows up at Alex’s doorstep to apologize. Alex tells him that he doesn’t have to be sorry because they were both dicks in the situation.
  • Which one is more easily made jealous?: Alex, the man who flirts with anyone who crosses his path, is the most jealous person you’ll ever meet. If he sees someone even look at Thomas he becomes the most obnoxious boyfriend ever. He just draped himself across Thomas and hangs off of him as if claiming him.
  • What is their favourite thing to get to eat?: Take-out is their go to. Thomas loves mac n cheese but they never have the time to cook. Chinese is the usual but they’ll get the occasional pizza.
  • Who’s the cuddly one?: When they first started sleeping together they went to sleep on the opposite side of the bed but every morning woke up tangled together. Alex is always the one who somehow wrapped himself around Thomas in the night. Gradually they begin to get closer and closer while they’re awake and eventually they get into bed a start cuddling immediatly. 
  • What their favourite cuddling position?: They have three. There is the classis big spoon/little spoon in which Thomas curls around Alex and cacoons him. Second is where Alex jetpacks Thomas. Then the third is them chest to chest with Alex’s legs wrapped around Thomas’s waist and Alex’s forehead resting on Thomas’s chest.
  • Are they hand holders?: Alex isn’t a hand holder naturally but he adjust to hand holding once he started dating Thomas who was a hand holder to the max. They keep in professional at work but on dates they don’t let go of each others hands. They’ll spend an entire movie holding hands without letting go once.
  • How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances? They start sleeping together almost instantly. After that initial kiss at work they have sex that night. It’s not romantic, it’s more passionate. Heat of the moment that is quick and dirty and sweaty. 
  • Who tops?: Alex tops and I’m very certain of this. Alex is a switch and is willing to top/bottom but Thomas is a hard set bottom and that isn’t changing.
  • Who does the shopping and the cooking?: Alex does the most shopping. This is mainly because he needs to get out the house. They switch off on cooking. Every other weekend Alex will cook, then Thomas, then maybe take-out another week.
  • Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness?: Alex is mentally more organized but a disastor on the outside. His workspace is chatotic but he claims to know where eveything is. Thomas is more tidy outwardly. He picks up Alex’s clothes that he drops on the floor. He doesn’t like cleaning up after Alex but he feels the need to. 
  • Who proposes?: Thomas proposed. Alex had never thought about marriage before Thomas proposed but he had considered the fact that he wanted to sped the rest of his life with Thomas. (Thomas may have gotten the idea to propose after Alex drunkenly proposed to him with a ring pop and didn’t remember the next morning).
  • Do they have joined Bachelor/Bacheloette parties or separate?: The rev set insists that they are able to throw Alex a separate Bachelor party. They go all out. Thomas sets ground rules thought. Including: no strip clubs, no strippers, no drugs (even the weaker ones), and no blacking out drunk because if Alex showed up hungover to their wedding Thomas would be pissed.
  • Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids? : Alex’s Best Man & Groomsemen: John, Laf and Herc. Thomas’s Best Man & Groomsmen: James, John Adams and James Monroe (Alex is not happy with his choice in wedding party).
  • Big Ceremony or Small?: They have a huge ceremony consisting of their families and every other person they have ever met because they’ve gotta keep up their political affiliations.
  • Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?: They honeymoon in Paris. Alex thinks it’s a waste of money because they spend a majority of of the time in their hotel room but Thomas insisted. 
  • Do they have children? How many?: They do have kids. Three. Two boys and a girl.
How did that even happen? (Yondu x Reader)

This a super fluffy funny fic. This is directed at a female reader. Most of my fics are gender neutral so if you’d like that you can check out the rest of my fics!

This is set before Peter leaves the Ravagers.

Peter watched as you and Yondu sat eating in the mess hall of the ship. Yondu was loud and laughing as you sat quietly watching him with a small smile. You rarely spoke letting him dominate the conversation. Peter didn’t see how you could enjoy that or how you and Yondu even worked. You were almost always silent and Yondu, well he was loud and rude and all around the opposite. He watched as the two of you finished eating and Yondu cleaned up swearing that his girl didn’t need to do a single thing when he was there and leaving you to sit silently. He just couldn’t see how that worked. Yondu walked back and you stood to leave with him letting him wrap an arm around your waist leaving Peter there to think.

Later that day Peter walked by the control room seeing you and Yondu. It was exactly the same as dinner. You were sitting on Yondu’s lap listening to him tell a very exaggerated story very energetically. You hadn’t said a word only watching him with awe through long eye lashes. Peter couldn’t understand it. How could someone just be with someone so different? He stopped listening getting annoyed with Yondu’s story. He couldn’t imagine how you felt. He just didn’t understand. You were a quiet beautiful girl and Yondu was an old kind of scary Ravager. He just didn’t see why you would curl up on his lap like that. p>

It was a day or two later when Peter’s question was finally answered. The rest of the crew was out on the planet you were docked on. He had stayed on the ship wanting some peace and quiet. He was walking around about to go to the kitchen when he noticed you and Yondu sitting in there. He was surprised to see you sitting on the table with Yondu in the chair in front of you. You were laughing loudly telling Yondu a story about your childhood in a loud excited voice. Things clicked for him as he watched you childishly act out parts of the story. Yondu was staring up at you a small smile on his content face as you finally laughed and let your guard down. You were yourself around Yondu and just him and around you Yondu didn’t need to be big and strong he just had to be him. There were no expectations to fill you only had to be together. Yondu was gently running a hand up and down your leg telling you that you were the only girl he’d ever need. Peter watched for a moment longer only deciding to go back to his room when he saw you lean down to kiss Yondu at the end of the story.

Fellas what is it that you love about black women? It could be anything from the way they walk, talk, dress, their confidence, swagger and demeanor, etc.

I love how strong willed and focused black women are w/ certain things, being able to do a multitude of things at once and getting them accomplished with no problems at all. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty around y'all, no matter what y'all remain calm, cool and unfazed by the madness going on around y'all and I love that about black women! I love a independent black woman as well, who doesn’t need shit because she has her own, like “nah nigga I’m good, I got my own thing going on.” 😏 I admire that about a black woman! I love how they can be both classy and aggressive when need be! Ain’t nothing like a black woman with a lil sass and feistyness in her! I like how black women smell when y'all get out of the shower using some freshly scented perfume, body oil or lotion on your mocha and chocolate skin with it glistening all over ya body looking like a black nubian goddess! I love a black woman’s attitude and demeanor whenever we’re feeling down, at our lowest they’ll rub our backs with comfort & encourage us like “come here baby, it’ll be okay, you can do this.” I love how supportive black women are through our ups & downs as men, when niggas are successful, they are there supporting & when we fuck up and do dumb shit, black women are still supportive & loyal to us even when we don’t deserve it and need a good kick in the ass at times. That’s love and I appreciate that from y'all! ❤😘. It’s imperative that we as black men stand by black women and support them as much as they stand by us, that’s not asking for too much! As much as they support us even with our bullshit, that’s the least we can do! Also, learn to appreciate them and adore them by telling them nice things without wanting or expecting something in return (sex). But back on topic, I love a woman who doesn’t need to get dolled up in order to look good. I like a sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no make up on type of girl who’s not worried about shit! I know y'all like to look good and feel sexy, but you don’t necessarily need your nails or your hair done to feel good or look sexy. Whether you have long hair or you keep it short with a bob or fade, whether you have small titties, big titties, the biggest ass or no ass at all, if you’re confident and content w/ your looks then baby girl own that shit and do you! You gotta have confidence & swag, like you know you’re the shit regardless of how u look. That’s sexy to me, when a girl can own a room regardless of how she looks and feel like she’s the shit no matter who else is there! Ooooh yeah did a nigga mention personality yet? Man I love a black woman who can laugh and crack jokes at the slightest lil thing like when a nigga trips over his own feet. I love women who like to laugh and crack jokes on a nigga that wil have me busting a gut from laughing so hard at them! Nothing like a black woman who can make me laugh and smile a lot!😏 I love y'all overall excitement and joy in anything that interests you or that you find appealing. I also like how y'all get excited about something or think something is nice and y'all say “Awwwwww, baaaaaaaaby” or “oooohhhhh look Bae, look look” or when a favorite song comes on and y'all start vibing to it singing, dancing and snapping your fingers. Y'all are so damn cute when y'all light up with excitement like that!😏 Nobody else will hold black men down like a black woman, y'all are the only ones who see beyond our struggle, our pain, our tragedies and see us for who we really are and uplift us from those things just by providing love and support to us. Y'all will have our backs when nobody else will, and treat us like kings with love and respect with arms open wide when everybody else has pushed us aside! Being raised by a single, strong willed black mother, it’s imperative that I find Everlasting love with my black queen and treat her like one so that we may have beautiful black daughters and raise them up to be treated as queens by us and their future husbands. Nobody have our backs like y'all black queens and I’m appreciative and thankful for all the black women not only in my life, but in the lives of all black men if I can speak for the rest my brothas. We appreciate & love y'all. 😘✊🏾

pet shop girl

Harry is lonely and meets a girl at a pet shop 

 I slowly pulled in and parked in the spot directly right in front of the shop. I turn off the ignition and pull the keys out of the socket and stuff them in my pocket. I reach for the door handle and pull it down to step out of the car. I stroll up and step on the side walk, reaching and ripping the door handle open. I hear the loud chimes as I opened the door all the way. I see an older woman feeding a few of the puppies some kibble, when she notices my presence she lifts her head up and look over towards my way.

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Hii! Can you do a fic in the future where jughead already published his first novel and he has like some sort of conference or sth where he gets asked questions and all and somebody asks about the girls next door and he talks so sweetly about her and like Betty is in there too and all. Idk if you get it but English isn't my first language. Oh and I love your writing btw you are really talented

*insert here Titanic’s “It’s been 84 years” gif* Yes, it’s a prompt!! I finally uploaded one! Easter holidays are totally messing my writing scedule and I’m so terribly sorry for that. But I’m back in the game and I promise I’ll be my usual bughead obsessed self from now on! So, I’ve finished this just before the episode aired yesterday (I was just so tired to go over it and post it after the episode ended, I’m sorry) and I’m very pleased a lot of things that I wrote became canon. I had so much fun writing this because I’m a sucker for future fics and because that’s pure fluff and a huge, much needed dose of happiness to Jughead’s life! Also I changed the request a little, I wrote this as a TV interview just to make it more grande for Juggie, I hope you don’t mind, nonnie! Thank you for requesting and for your lovely words!!! <3 Hope you all enjoy (and maybe this will make you hate me less for my tardiness) !! <3

Betty could literally feel herself bouncing on her heels with nervous excitement, the velvet material of her blush colored pumps getting scratchy as they rubbed up against each other but, truly, right now, she didn’t give a damn about her potentially ruined shoes. She could only focus on the red digital numbers changing sequentially over the silver doors of the semi-packed elevator she was in, biting her lip nervously and counting mentally in her mind as if that way, somehow, the numbers would run faster and the silver cage would miraculously arrive on her floor in a nanosecond.

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Prométeme - Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request - “Hii could you do a 13rw/Hispanic reader x Zach where there both besties but secretly like each other but never will admit it…”

A/N: I actually did a lot of research for this one, as I didn’t want to be culturally false or insensitive, but still be able to portray the Hispanic character. Apologies if it has come across wrong, and please let me know! *the abuelo says “one language is not enough” and “I liked the guy when I met him. he is handsome. Is he rich? What does your mother think?” the title means “promise me”. Please correct me on anything that is wrong!

“Please, Zach? It’s just one night and you know you love me…” you begged your best friend, Zach, to come to your annual family party, which was always a huge bore. You came from a very large Hispanic family who took this opportunity every year to join everyone together. Problem was, you were one of the few youngest bar your baby cousin and always had to answer questions about your future etc etc.

“There’s booze, right?” He asked as he opened up his locker.

“Yes. Plenty.” You nodded. He was silent for what felt like ages. “And hone-”

“I’m in.” He interrupted.

“You just wanted to make me sweat, didn’t you?” You hit him jokingly.

“Obviously.” He turned to walk to his class.

“Asshole.” You called after him.

You and Zach had been friends since kindergarten, after he’d given you his spade in the sandpit. The other kids had teased you for making a bad sandcastle, but Zach had come to your rescue. And he had continued to do that in all the years ever since that day, and you to his. You trusted Zach unconditionally, he was your rock through everything. However, the only issue was the small problem of your not-so-small crush on him. Honestly, it wasn’t even a big crush, it was full-blown-deep-down feelings for your best friend.

It wasn’t entirely clear to you when this had happened, but sometime around puberty you had noticed that you loved the way Zach laughed only when he was with you, and how his hair poked up without any product in it.

Both your families were very traditional, but culturally different, which sometimes caused issues. However, you and Zach remained strong throughout.


Your parents had already left for your abuela’s and abuelo’s home, leaving you to arrive with Zach.

Although it wasn’t a majorly fancy party, you always had to dress a little on the nice side. So you’d decided to wear a summery yellow dress.

“Beautiful, as always.” Zach was leaning at your door, you hadn’t even notice him come in.

“Pffft. Hey Zach.” You scoffed, taking one last look at your reflection, before joining him at the door. “You ready?” You gave him a knowing smirk, he had no idea what was coming.


“Promise me you won’t stop being my best friend after this?” You whispered up at Zach as you made your way into the house.

He chuckled as if the idea was absolutely insane, but before he’d had a chance to respond, you were greeted by one of many. The uncle who you could only vaguely remember sauntered up to you and kissed you on both cheeks.

“Chula! Muy buenos! Oh! And who is this young man here?” He looked Zach up and down. “Boyfriend?” He nudged you with his elbow.


“Boyfriend?! Y/N has a boyfriend? Why have I not heard this before!” His wife came up to stand beside him.

“Oh well-”

“You two make the sweetest couple!” She enthused, jumping up and down a little. “Sofia will be so excited!” You remembered Sofia from the previous year, she was one of the few who were your age.

“Thank you, Miss. We appreciate your blessing. I’m Zach.” Zach held his hand out for her to shake. What was he doing? He basically just told them you were dating! Disagreeing at this point would only make things more difficult.

“Yes, thank you. We should probably go and greet everyone else now, but it was lovely to see you.” You smiled warmly at the two in front of you, before dragging Zach in a way that was rough, but looked tender, off to a corner.

“What in the hell was that?!” You whisper shouted. Zach shrugged his shoulders.

“Seemed like the best way outta there.” He was grinning slightly, evidently pleased that he’d peeved you off.

“I hate you.” You shook your head.

“Love you too, girlfriend.” He winked as he moved you into the centre of the room.

“Did I hear that correctly? You’re Y/N’s boyfriend?” Asked your Abuelo. He had met Zach on occasion.

You looked up at Zach reluctantly. “Yes Abuelo. You’ve met Zach before?” You smiled sweetly.

“Oh yes, lovely boy. I’m glad you picked this one. ¿Hablas español?” He turned to Zach, who looked slightly baffled. On realising his lack of response, Abuelo muttered to himself; “Un idioma nunce es suficiente.”

You rolled your eyes at this, since he clearly didn’t actually ask if he could speak more than one language or not.

“Me gustó el tipo cuando lo conocí. es guapo. ¿Es rico? Que piensa tu madre?” He grabbed your shoulder. You chuckled. Your abuelo was always very overprotective of you.


After sufficiently convincing many family members at the party of your relationship, Sofia approached you and Zach.

“A few of us are gonna go upstairs and watch some horror movies. You in?”

You looked at Zach, your eyes nodding at him.

The room was fairly packed due to the small space, but there was an unoccupied beanbag in the corner, big enough for you and Zach. The other teens were already comfortable.

“Hey, Y/N! Who’s this?” Asked a boy in the corner.

“This is Zach.” You motioned to your best friend.

“I’m her boyfriend.” He gave a small wave, warranting a small shove in the side from you.

In all honestly, you loved hearing the words come from his mouth, but the whole thing hurt so much more knowing they weren’t true.

The girls gave each other a few looks and giggles, noticing how attractive Zach was. You internally rolled your eyes.

About half an hour into the film, you started to feel afraid. Despite your desperate attempts to disguise your fear, Zach still noticed. Being in the corner of the room, no one could hear you two say the occasional word to the other.

“Come here,” he whispered into your ear, pulling you into him. You folded Into him like paper, using him as a stable reminder that what was happening on screen was not real life. Inhaling his strawberry scent, which smelt like home, you gripped one of his hands.

“Easy, tiger. I’m not unbreakable.”

Despite his verbal complaints, (which were lacklustre, at best), Zach drew circles on your back with his spare hand, and rubbed his cheek against your hair.

“SHIT!” You screamed, when a jump scare came up on the screen, causing you to curl into Zach even more than before.

“It’s okay, baby.” He whispered into your hair, gripping your hand. The term surprised you, as Zach has never called you as such before, but you were in too much of a state to complain. Apparently, the term surprised Zach too, as he had a look of ‘I’m-kicking-myself-right-now’, which slowly turned into an expression of ‘fuck-it’.

What you had no idea of, was the fact that Zach himself had reciprocated your feelings, always assuming you’d never feel the same. He’d decided tonight that he couldn’t go on any longer pretending he felt nothing for you.

After another jump scare, Zach’s hand was red from how much you’d squeezed it.

“Shhh, you’re safe, i’m here.”

“You know what i Said earlier?” You finally spoke to him. “About disowning me as a best friend?”

He chuckled as he had the first time.

“I can promise you that I won’t stop being your best friend, but I can’t promise you that that’s all I’ll be.”

You didn’t understand. Were you hearing him correctly? Did he really just insinuate what you thought he had?

“Do you mean-?” You had contorted your body so that you were facing him now, completely ignoring what was happing on screen or in the rest of the room.

Zach gulped a little, clearly trying to conceal nerves. “I really fucking like you, Y/N, and not just as my best friend.”

“Are you taking the piss because I’m scared?”

He looked hurt. “I’d never! I’ve been so worried this would ruin our entire friendship, but I realised recently that although you probably don’t feel the same, our friendship is strong enough to get past this. I just realised I had to tell you.” He loosened his grip around you slightly, showing that he was feeling unsure.

Without words, you smiled and leaned your head up to his, pecking him on the lips.

“I really fucking like you too, boyfriend.”

I don't remember | Jughead x Reader | Part 1

*PART 2* | *PART 3*

Summary: You wake up after the big party, definitely not in your bed and you don’t remember how you got here. To be honest you don’t remember anything that happened last night. Why are you not wearing your dress? Why you do you have a big bruise on your arm? Why are you in Jughead Jones’ apartment? What does all this have to do with Reggie? And why you don’t remember anything, even getting drunk?

Words: 1360

Warnings: MISTERY, some cursing, mention of alcohol, some sexual content

A/N(IMPORTANT): Hi! This is my first fanfiction in Riverdale fandom. I hope you will like it if you do I will write the second part. Now the important part: I have dyslexia so forgive me for my grammar, because I’m trying to write correctly, but it does not always work. So I’m sorry again. Feel free to send my any requests, asks etc. I can write anything.  
Also the thoughts are write in italics. (Y/F/C) means your favourite colour. 

Shit, I forget to close the curtains, again. The sunlight on my faced waked me up. I slowly opened one eye and then quickly closed it. That was definitely not my room.

Let’s think. I’m not naked, that’s good, but this is definitely not my t-shirt and my bra is missing. That’s bad. I moved my hand to the other side of the bed. It was empty but slightly warm. I’m not a person who change the bedsides during the sleep. I felt the pain. I had a big bruise on my arm.
What is the last thing I remember? I was trying, but nothing comes to me. I didn’t remember anything from the last night.

I opened my eyes. The room was nice, small but comfy. I sat on the bed. I was wearing the big grey t-shirt with the letter “S” on it. Yup, definitely not mine. I looked for my clothes, but I couldn’t find them. Excellent, I have only t-shirt and underwear. I stood up and opened the door. The living room was brighter than the bedroom, so it took my few seconds before I was able to see clearly. This room was also very small, one table, three chairs and an old TV where the only furniture that could fit in. My eyes stopped one the pair of blue-green ones.

“Good morning (Y/N),” said Jughead quietly. He was sitting at the table with his laptop opened. He was wearing his famous beanie. I looked down at my clothes then again at him.

My mind was screaming. I was in Jughead’s Jones apartment. I didn’t even know that he has an apparent. Basically, I didn’t know much about him. Everyone called him the school freak. He was a best friend of Archie who was one of my bests friends but he never introduced Jughead to me. I never talked to Jughead. I don’t know if I ever told him “hello”.

“What am I doing here?” I said, my voice was a bit little bit shaky.

“Wait. You don’t remember?” He looked confused. And then his faced started to change colour to red.

I shook my head.

“You think… You where… I mean you was…but it wasn’t…” he tried to create a sentence. I didn’t know that the human face can be so red. Normally I would wait to see if it can go even redder but now I need answers.

“Yesterday was a party, right?” I tried to make my voice as confident as I could.

“Yes.” I heard the relief in his voice.

“You wasn’t there, was you?”

“No. I am not a fan of parties.”


“C'mon (Y/N)! It will be fun!”

“Kevin, you know that I have an important test on Monday,” I said looking at my best friend’s big smile.He knew that he won and I didn’t have any more arguments. He was talking about Reggie’s party for almost a week. Well, the whole school was talking about it.

“You already knew all the material! And the party is on Friday so you will have a whole Sunday to review.”

“Fine, you win.”

“What did he win?” I heard Archie’s voice behind me.

“(Y/N) is going to Reggie’s party. That mean you own me 10 bucks, Andrews”

“No, I own you five and the other five to Veronica,” he said.

“(Y/N) is going to the party? I knew it,“ the raven hair girl high-fived with Kevin.

“I literally hate all of you right now,” I laughed

“You know you love us,” Kevin said and hugged me.

“Yeah probably.”


“So… I went to the party with Archie, Veronica and Kevin?” I said my thoughts out loud.

“I don’t think so. You went with Reggie,” He was surprised and so was I.


“I’m definitely not wearing that,” I said when I saw the dress what Veronica was holding.

“It’s perfect for you!” she said

“At least try it!” Kevin was digging in closed. He was in “the Stylist mood”.

“Why I can’t wear jeans and some top?”

“Because no,” Ronnie put the dress in my hand. “Try it!”

“No, I said I’m not wearing that.”

“(Y/N)! Reggie ask you out! You should look perfect!”

“Thank you very much, Ronnie,” I said little bit angry.

“You know that’s not what I mean” Ronnie looked at my and rolled her eyes. “Kevin, maybe you could help me?”

“Yeah (Y/N) you definitely should wear a dress, but this one,” he said and show us the beautiful (Y/F/C) dress.

“Okay, I hope that you are proud. Give my that dress,”  I said.


The awkward silence was filling the small room. I looked at the window next to the table. I tried to recall anything from the party but there was the big black hole in my memory. I looked at Jughead. My biggest mystery. What happened last night? What did I say? What have I done? I felt so stupid. I wasn’t the kind of girl that gets drunk on the party and have sex with a random person. I least I thought that I wasn’t. I didn’t even remember getting drunk.

I looked at Jughead’s face. He looked confused maybe concerned.  It was really hard to read his face.

“Where is my dress?” I ask.

“It’s torn.” He said. “It’s not what I meant. Well it is, but it was torn before you get here… I mean it’s not…” He started to loose in his words.

“Can I have a coffee?” I asked and again I saw the relief on his face.

“Yeah sure. What kind would you like?” He closed his laptop and stood up.

“Just (black/white)” I said


“Hey,” I said when I saw Reggie

“Hey! You look beautiful!” He said and opened the car door for me.


It took only 10 minutes and we were at Reggie’s driveway. The conversation we had was surprisingly interesting. The party already started.

“I left the keys to my brother so he let everyone in” Reggie explained with a smile.


“Thanks,” he said and put his hand on my waist. “Do you have any favourite drink or you let me make you something special?”

“I think I’m going to trust your taste,” I said and he disappeared in the crowd.


“Thanks,” I said when he gave me my coffee. I took a sip. “It’s good” I sited on the chair. 

“I don’t remember anything,” I said quietly.

He looked at me and nodded.

“I remember getting at the party but that’s all.” My voice changed to whisper.

He opened his mouth and then closed it and shook his head.

“You must be cold,” he said finally.

I was little bit confused

“Yeah, I am,” I said surprised. I didn’t notice this before. God, I was still only in the T-shirt and the underwear. I felt embarrassed and tried to covered myself, but Jughead disappeared in the bedroom. After about five minutes he was back and I already finished my coffee.

“Here,” he said and gave me a pair of blue jeans, black t-shirt and his denim jacket. “The bathroom is there” he pointed the door. “Feel free to used shower if you want.”

“Thanks,” I said and took the clothes. “Jughead… how drunk was I?” I said not looking into his eyes.

He brushed back the black hair had fled from his beanie.

“The problem is that you wasn’t drunk (Y/N),” he said.


“Here you go” I heard Reggie voice. He was holding two drinks. I smiled and reach out for one of them. “No, this one is mine!” He said and handed me the other one.

I laughed. "They are exactly the same!“ I said but I took it.

“Yeah, but this one is especially for you,” he winked.

“Thanks,” I said and took a sip.

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Prompt: Kim and Trini watching Supergirl together.

Thanks for the prompt!

Monday nights were sacred. On Monday’s they had a rule: if the world wasn’t at risk of ending and there were no imminent threats, then they had to be over at Trini’s - mostly to show her mother she did in fact have friends - to watch Supergirl.

Trini, of course, blames Kimberly for getting her into the damn show. She had been fine with messing on her phone or with doing homework while her f=girlfriend watched it, but Kimberly would just complain they weren’t doing anything together. Trini had rolled her eyes and had let out a deep breathe, but had gone to join her girlfriend, nonetheless, scooting herself down the bed so she could sit next to her.

“We have to start from the beginning.” Kimberly had said as she messed around with her phone for a couple seconds, her eyes furrowing in concentration. 

“Wait, what? What are we watching?” Trini asks, trying to peek over Kimberly’s shoulder. It didn’t take long before the starting monologue of Supergirl blared out in her room. Trini groans because she’s heard this before - Kimberly talks about it every chance she gets - and she knows the other girl is already on the second season.

“Just give it a chance.” Kimberly whines next to her as she rolls her eyes. 

“Fine.” Trini says, a small huff escaping her lips. She doesn’t complain further, though, because Kimberly smiles at her with that really big smile she gets when she’s really excited, so she figures she can indulge her in watching the firs few episodes until they fall asleep. Also, the small kisses she gets from her girlfriend throughout the night don’t hurt either.

But she didn’t realize that’s how it starts, and she hates herself for being so weak. It didn’t take long for Trini to be invested. In fact, the next morning, when she woke up with Kimberly’s dark hair in her mouth and the girl curled around her, she hadn’t remembered how or when she had fallen asleep. Kimberly had laughed and given her a knowing smirk before pulling her out of bed a few minutes later. 

Then, she finished the first season. All of it. It took her three days of almost no sleep. She had been glad she had finished, now she could move on with her life.

“You know there’s a second season, right?” 

Trini wants to shoot lasers at her girlfriend. Kimberly laughs as Trini glares at the wall above her head, Trini’s hand tightening around her pen, trying to control the urge of snapping it in half in the middle of chemistry. She didn’t need to see the second season, though, because she was fine, she was almost an adult and she didn’t have an addiction to fictional characters. No, she didn’t.

“I have them on demand, wanna come over tonight?” Kimberly says from across Trini, a smirk playing on her face as she waits for a response.

It takes her a total of thirteen seconds before she lets her shoulder sag. “Ugh, fine,” Trini concedes, still glaring at the wall as she curses herself for being so weak.

She doesn’t sleep that night. She had gotten to her girlfriend’s right after school, secretly thanking whoever it was for not having to save the world - at least tonight - and she didn’t leave until the next morning for school - she tried to ignore the weird looks she got…mostly because she was wearing her girlfriend’s clothes.

Trini had the biggest TV, so when she had invited her girlfriend over to watch the latest episode, who was she to dictate what they watched. It wasn’t a secret Kimberly never missed an episode - it made it easier on her to have an excuse to have to watch it. And everything would haven been fine if she wasn’t so…invested.

“Can you believe this prick? Who does he think he is?” Trini says outraged as she glares at the TV, making gagging sounds every time the white potato crossed her screen. “Kara could do so much better than him - she’s got two choices for crying out loud: Lena or James. And she went with this guy?”

“They’re not real, babe.” Kimberly whispers in her ear, pecking her neck before running her fingers through brown hair, caressing her neck every so often when Trini would curse at the screen. 

“It doesn’t matter,” Trini whines as she let herself lean back against her girlfriend’s chest. “My little brothers watch this, and look what he’s teaching them.”

“Baby,” Kimberly says with a sigh, a small chuckle escaping her lips, “just ignore it.”

“I can’t,” Trini points out, turning to look at her when the commercials began, “he’s shoved in my face every two seconds. Why can’t we go back to season one and add Sanvers? My babies are suffering, Kim.”

Trini glares at her girlfriend when she sees the tell-tale signs of a smile on her face. 

“Don’t,” Trini warns as she watches Kimberly cup her mouth, her smile big enough to spill over. “Stop it,” Trini says again as she shoves Kimberly’s shoulder lightly, but it only causes Kimberly to laugh out loud faster. Trini hates that she can’t actually be mad because she can’t help but think how beautiful the other girl is. She watches with wide eyes as Kimberly’s eyes squint and her lips pull upwards enough to see her white teeth. The melodious laugh making her heart speed up as a shiver threatens to run down her spine. Ugh, she hates her.

“Stop,” Trini says again, a smile now forming on her face. “Babe, stop or I’ll go watch with Zack - at least he doesn’t judge.”

That makes Kimberly laugh even harder. Trini huffs and crosses her arms, willing Kimberly to stop laughing with a seriously look. She’s not surprised when it doesn’t work, so she pushes herself up and crosses the room to the chair near the corner.

“I’m sorry,” Kimberly says between laughs, trying to pout but her laughter got in the way. The show comes back and they both quiet down. Trini tries to ignore the pair of eyes looking at her from across the room because she laughed at her when her smol children were in distress. She huffs again and it doesn’t take long before commercials begin again.

“Come on, babe,” Kimberly says with a pout as she stands and makes her way to Trini, extending her hand out for the other girl to grab, “I’m sorry.”

“You don’t mean it.” Trini says with a scoff as she squares her shoulders and moves her jaw to show her irritation.

“I do,” Kimberly says, tugging on one of Trini’s arms until she pulls hard enough to stand her up, wrapping her arms around her waist as she tugs her in closer. “I mean it, I won’t laugh anymore. And I agree with you - Kara can find someone better.”

“Like Lena-”

“Or James.” Kimberly says and Trini can’t help the twitch of her lips as she stares at her girlfriend, her brown eyes hypnotizing. She tilts her head when Kimberly cups her cheek, her thumb rubbing softly against her skin. Trini rolls her eyes when she feels a shiver course down her spine because, really? Is this what love sick feels like? 

“Can we just get back to watching Supergirl? Maggie is going to be on soon and I can’t miss my wife.” Trini says as she pushes her way to her bed, climbing it and making herself comfortable.

“Excuse me?”


For @purplekitten30…reader is Tony’s teen daughter as requested. Enjoy!

Y/N smirked the only way a Stark could smirk. Her fellow agent-in-training, Jax, was on the mat trying to catch his breath. She let out a chuckle before helping him to his feet. He spit out some blood.

“Damn Y/N,” he commented, “How the hell do you do that?”
“I guess it has something to do with my amazing skills and overall awesomeness,” she teased, “That, and having the Black Widow be your trainer helps.”
“Are you kidding me? I have Barton and I still can’t land a punch,” Jax bounced right back.
She arched a brow. “Have you ever seen Barton beat Romanoff?”
He thought a moment before smirking. “Good point.”

The whistle sounded, signaling a breather. Y/N shook her head before eyeing her sparring partner.

“Lucky you. You don’t have to fall on your ass for another fifteen.”

Jax just shook his head as he laughed. Neither one had taken notice of the small clustered group in the corner of the room. Most of them, all of them boys, were glaring at Y/N’s back. One in particular was getting hyped up from his friends, growing more and more angry. Even worse, more cocksure of himself. After agreement from his fellow trainees, the boy moved from the center of the circle. He made a beeline toward Y/N Stark.

Y/N jumped when she felt a hand smack her right on the ass. Her eyes widened, noticing Jax standing across from her, mirroring her expression. He knew better than anyone not to mess with Y/N. The room seemed to have silenced before being filled with the small group’s laughter.

Jaw clenched, Y/N slowly turned to face the boy who had slapped her: Kel. He had always hated her, blaming her accomplishments on being a Stark. She arched a brow at him. He was giving her the widest grin, as if he just humiliated her. Nat was in the corner, watching patiently.

“Aw look,” Kel mocked, “What? A big girl can’t handle a little tap?”

Before anyone could blink, Y/N had wrapped herself up and around Kel’s body. She slammed the boy onto his back on the concrete floor. He gasped for air, but she wasn’t done. She rolled him until her legs were pinning his chest as she pulled his arm in a very uncomfortable position. Kel was slapping the ground with his free hand. He wasn’t getting off that easy.

In a calm, collected, but deadly voice, she told him, “If you ever touch me again, you will be heading to HR with one less limb. Understand?”

Kel didn’t answer. A couple other boys attempted to help their friend. Rolling her eyes, Y/N rolled the two of them until she had her bicep around his throat while he lay on his stomach. The two that had moved to help were now on the ground, having been kicked during the roll. The boy clawed at her arm.

“I said,” she said, keeping her neutral tone, “Understand?”

After he choked out a yes, Y/N let him go. Easily, she got to her feet and glanced at the corner of the room. She gave her Stark smirk to Nat. The red head repressed a smirk of her own. After a moment, Nat spoke up.

“Break’s over,” she barked, “Back to position.”

“Hey sweetheart,” Tony greeted his daughter, “How was training?”
“Just fine,” she answered.
“Anything you want to tell me?” he persisted.
She arched a smirking brow at him. “Well, if Nat told you…”
He mirrored her smirk. “I want to hear your version.”

She took a sip of water while nodding. Tony could already feel his chest puffing with slight pride.

“Kel slapped my ass, so I pinned him to the ground until we came to an understanding.”

She gave a deviously sweet smile. Tony started chuckling. He patted her back.

“If you hadn’t, I would’ve,” he told her, “Well, maybe Rogers would’ve done the heavy lifting, but you get my point…I just wish I saw his face.”

Y/N nodded and started laughing herself. She was glad her father understood. 

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I’ll fix it guys, I’ll fix our broken hearts from tonight’s episode!

Calm… this was the first time Jughead could honestly use that term in regards to his father and the tumultuous life they usually lead. F.P had been framed, it all came out eventually thanks to Betty, Archie and Veronica, they worked endlessly to clear F.Ps name and in the end the murderer was still on the loose while Jughead took comfort in the quiet of the trailer he and his father shared. Neither of the Jones men brought up Toledo again, it was a conversation for another time and even though it was calm, things were most definitely not okay.

Jughead was miserable, he hadn’t spoken to Betty since the night of Homecoming and although she played the biggest part in freeing his father, she didn’t want to see him.
Understandable. The things Jughead had said, the way he blamed her, put everything on her, just like her mother did, it made him sick to think about the way he had pulled away from her that night. He had watched her reach for him, her eyes filled with tears as she begged him, but he ran. He ran and bit out nasty, in the moment cruel words.

That’s not to say he didn’t try, Jughead had climbed the ladder by her window for an entire week, never finding the beautiful blonde, he would find out a few days later from Archie that Betty had moved into Pollys room, she was having a hard time sleeping and her father had suggested a change of scenery. He knew all about that, living in the Riverdale Register.

That brought him to where he was now, staring at the girl of his thoughts as she dug in her locker, her tiny cheerleading skirt looking to big on her, had she lost weight? She was already so small. Jughead had never been able to muster up the courage to speak to her on school grounds, what would he even say? Sure in her room it was different, that was their space, the place they shared their first kiss, the countless hours with his head in her lap as she studied her notes, perched on her soft mattress. But school? He wasn’t confident here, it was a foreign place filled with bullies and judgement. Jughead watched as she pulled her bag over her shoulder and leaned against the lockers, resting her head on the cool metal.

Fuck it.

Jughead threw his backpack in his own locker and made his way towards her, keeping his steps quick and light, he didn’t want to scare her, make her run before he even got the chance to see her.

“Bets.” He spoke low as she popped her head up, and swayed a little before maintaining her balance. When Betty’s eyes caught his her whole demeanor changed, she stiffened and her hands begin to fidget.

“Im going to class.” She slammed her locker shut and attempted to turn on her heel but Jughead was faster, he placed an arm out before her, blocking her movements.
“” she whispered, her eyes scanning frantically.

No, Jughead thought, no not this time.

“Betty please, talk to me. I…”

A very unladylike snort of indignation came from the blonde beside him
“Talk to you?! You want me to talk to you? Oh wait, that’s right, now you wanna talk right? Because everything’s easy? when the going gets tough, the tough get going huh? Just leave me alone Jughead, go on Toledo is waiting” she finished off, her tone exhausted and her eyes so dull and sad he physically felt his chest ache.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry I took it out on you, it was a lot to take in, I was overwhelmed… I…”

Betty cut him off turning her body to look at his, her eyes softer now
“I know that Jughead, I know you felt betrayed, I know how hurt you were, and I’m so sorry for that, but… you can’t take it out on me. Every time something goes wrong you hurt me, you say angry things and then regret them later. Your birthday party? Homecoming? I can’t do that anymore. I get that you never really had faith in our relationship but I… Jughead… I never would never hurt you, not on purpose. The things you said to me? You wanted to hurt me and I can’t… I can’t be hurt anymore. I.. Jughead I love you, but I won’t be that girl.”
She quickly wiped at her eyes and sprinted off to class, leaving Jughead staring after her.

Jughead turned to the lockers and slammed a fist into the one beside Betty’s, what was wrong with him? How could he hurt her? She felt used and she was in pain and what did he do? He dig the knife in her back just a little deeper.

“Dude, you gotta watch out with that, that’s your typing hand.” His former best friend appeared out of nowhere holding an ice pack and smiling sadly. The only time the two boys spoke was when Jughead was inquiring about Betty.

“You’ve gotta fight for her man, that guy? That guy that said those things to Betty? That’s not you dude. You’re not your dad, you’re the best of all of us.” He joked, lightly punching his arm.

Jughead leaned back against the locker, feeling tears prick his eyes
“She’s not gonna want me, the way I made her feel? And then she tells me…” he felt a stray tear fall to his cheek, damnit he hated crying especially in front of Archie.

He felt the red headed boy lean beside him,
“She loves you. I heard it. That means something, you just gonna pass that up?” He asked nonchalantly, side eyeing Jughead.

“I don’t wanna hurt her man, you saw what i did, how I made her cry? I can’t do that again.” He whispered

“So you don’t.” Archie stated simply “you love her, the way I know you do, you show her that you won’t hurt her.”

Jughead slowly brought himself up off the wall and nodded
“I’m not losing her.” He stated with finality
“I’m getting her back. I love her.” He finished, the ghost of a smile creeping on his face.

Archie roughly patted his shoulder
“We’ll go get her then! She’s in the Blue and Gold, her moms there working on something.”

Jughead nodded quickly, racing down the hall before turning back to Archie
“Wanna get a burger at pops tonight?” He asked with a smile.
Archie felt his own eyes burn and grinned back
“ you got it pal.”

Slamming into the Blue and Gold office Jughead instantly found Betty, sitting prim and proper beside her mother, she looked up when she heard the door open and her eyes widened

“Jughead..” she started, before her mother cut her off
“Give him a chance Elizabeth, there might be something he wants to say.” Glancing apologetically at the boy, Alice cooper dropped a hand to his shoulder on the way out, things weren’t forgiven but it was a start.

“I don’t care what you have to say, my mother doesn’t know..”

Jughead cut Betty off

“I love you.” He started, smiling as he watched her slam her mouth shut and bring her palms to her chest “what” she whispered

“I love you Betty Cooper. I know I’m an absolute idiot and I know that I hurt you, but I won’t hurt you ever again if you give me another chance. I can’t lose you. What we have is too amazing to give up. If you would just let me show you. I can be better, I can be different. I love you so much.” He was practically panting as he finished, he looked up to the gorgeous blonde who was standing there staring at him, waiting for him to finish

“You don’t have to be different for me, I don’t want you to change. I just want you to trust me. If you really love me you need to trust me.” She whispered moving even closer. Jugheads hands found her waist and he pulled her flush against him before whispering against her lips

“Oh I really love you.”

Holding each other in the Bkue and Gold office after declaring their love for one another felt too good to be true and in a town like Riverdale that was probably the case, but in this moment Jughead knew, he wasn’t letting go. Not now, not ever.