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You're back!! I missed you! Are you okay?? Feeling okay? Had your hot cocoa? Fed your reindeer? Watched your Yu-Gi-Oh!?


i’m doing really well actually!!! it’s really surprising but i think i really needed that break wow. i can feel the invader’s blood marching through my veins i feel like i can destroy like 3 planets. maybe even 4

Grimsby: Exclusive First Clip From Sacha Baron Cohen’s Comedy Spy Caper

Yahoo Movies is thrilled to launch the hilarious first clip from ‘Grimsby’, Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming comedy action thriller, directed by Louis Leterrier of ‘The Transporter’ fame.

Watch it above.

Sacha Baron Cohen has an amazing track record when it comes to creating unforgettable comedy characters and he’s ready to add another name to his already impressive roster that includes Ali G, Borat, Bruno, and The Dictator.

Introducing Nobby, the star of ‘Grimsby’ which hits UK cinemas on 24 February.

He’s a football hooligan with a questionable haircut that hails from the small Lincolnshire seaside town of Grimsby, and his long-lost brother Sebastian just happens to be a superspy, played by Mark Strong.

The clip shows the brothers getting into a spot of bother and features a couple of gut-busting pratfalls. 

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Cohen says the film, a spoof of the spy genre, is as much an action movie as it is a comedy.

“The aim was to make an action film that stood up for itself,” says the film’s star and writer in a second exclusive clip below.

“Where there was kick ass action.”

As the behind the scenes footage shows, Cohen and Strong have not shied away from doing their own stunts, and you can see them shooting a dramatic escape from a rapidly sinking sports car, shot at Pinewood studios.

“I had a little touch of claustrophobia the first time I went down in the car,” admits Strong.

“Your whole body is screaming: ‘This is not normal!”

“Sacha’s great swimming out of a sinking car,” says stunt coordinator Adam Kirley.

“It’s like every person’s nightmare really and he did it like it was nothing.”

‘Grimsby’ is coming to cinemas on 24 February.

Image credits: Sony Pictures