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We all age. That’s one of the greatest tragedies in life. That every minute it is ending simultaneously. That every day we wake up, and we’re one step closer to thirty, forty, fifty, and it’s a lonely feeling. The feeling that every moment is the youngest we’ll ever be because there’s no possible way to stop time because without time we would not exist. It is the only constant force of nature along with change that makes us grow. So let’s grow, my darling. Let’s grow, my love. Let’s consider every day as a gift to take at least a single small step forward because that’s progress, that’s change, and any kind of change is powerful.
—  Juansen Dizon // Maturity

Golden State Warriors’ Andre Iguodala fined $10K for joking about working for the “master”

  • The NBA fined Golden State Warriors small forward Andre Iguodala $10,000 for making racially charged remarks to the press after the team’s loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday, per the Root.
  • After the Friday night game, Iguodala was asked if he knew whether teammates Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green were going to be sitting out for Saturday’s game.
  • “Nope, no clue,” Iguodala said. “I do what master say.”
  • Iguodala explained his remarks, saying he meant no disrespect and that it was based on a locker room joke. Iguodala also reportedly used an anti-black slur during his press conference on Friday.
  • Before the NBA announced the fine, Iguodala expressed his regrets on Monday night for making the off-color “master” joke. Read more (3/14/17 12:18 PM)

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to everyone looking at the year and seeing only failure

please remember that progress is slow and healing is too, remember that you’ve made a thousand small advancements forward this year. not all changes are massive and clear- growth can be nonlinear and confusing. 

you are not a failure for not meeting impossible standards of success this year. please set gentle achievable goals for yourself for this next year. count the realizations you’ve made this year as progress, recognize how hard you’ve worked. 

you will see growth, progress, and healing this coming year.

Let’s Go Home Mrs. Wayne

`Prompt: Batmom and Bruce having a child who’s a theatre actor and he’s starring in a really big musical/play and it turns out that they’re performing it on the same theatre that Bruce and his parents went to when they died so Bruce has to cope with going there once again and Batmom is there for him?

Words: 1239

          “Your tie is crooked.”

          Bruce meets your gaze in the mirror, “I seem to be having trouble with it tonight.”

          You give a small smile and move forward, your dress swishing around you. You stop in front of your husband, and start undoing his tie. You don’t mention how he looks clammy, or how his hands are shaking. You simply re-tie his tie. When you’re done, you rest your hands on his chest. He covers them with his own. “Are you going to be all right? He’d understand …”

          “I’ll be fine Y/N.”

          You go silent for a moment “It’s okay to be nervous. Scared even.”

          “I’m fine.” He starts to pull away, but you stop him. You bring him in for this long heated kiss. He grins, “You keep doing that and neither of us will make it to this thing.”

          You smirk, “All the boys are out of the house tonight, I figured I’d give you a little preview of what’s to come later tonight.” You give him a wink before leaving the room. You make sure to put a little extra sway in your hips as you go. Keeping him distracted tonight is key.

          The boys are already waiting in the foyer for you, looks of trepidation on their faces. You grab your wrap and give a smile, “Cheer up boys, the entire idea is to keep things normal.”

          Tim just stares at you, “But this is the same place …”

          You nod, “Yes, I know. Trust me, I know.”

          Jason groans, “Who the hell puts on a high school play at an actual theatre?”

          Damian rolls his eyes, “Rich kid schools.”

          Your eyes slide to Dick who leaning against the wall in silence. When he notices your gaze he gives a small smile.

          Bruce comes down the stairs several minutes later, and the entire family is off. The boys leave the car, before you do, and you wait with Bruce. You simply take his hand and give it another squeeze.

          He gets out of the car, and you make sure to never let go of his hand. Even when his grip gets tight, you never flinch. You wait to enter the theatre until the last minute, you find that the fresh air is helping keep Bruce calm.

          The two of you go in at the last minute, where the boys have seats saved. You make sure that Bruce has an aisle seat, and a clear escape path if needed. He still doesn’t let go of your hand.

          When the lights dim, and your son comes out on stage, you fall into the performance being put on. You always were a sucker for the Mikado. Seth is your youngest son, a senior in high school, and an avid performer. He’s been doing plays since elementary school, and attended a special performing arts academy for high school. This is his last performance before college.

          You glance down the line of seats, it might even be the last time the entire family attends a play together. As the play winds down. You can’t help but be amazed at the performance. One look at Bruce tells you, he’s just as enthralled.

          As the curtain closes and the lights come on, the family makes their way backstage. The boys go forward first. Giving Seth his much deserved kudos, before your baby comes jogging over to you. He’s taller than you are now; in fact he dwarfs you in size. He gives you a hug and a kiss on the cheek, before asking, “Where’s dad?”

          Almost if by magic Bruce has disappeared. You make sure the smile never leaves your face, “He just need some air.”

          Seth takes the news with a smile before he’s pulled away by his friends. The other boys surround you. Jason smiles, “The kid did a really good job.”

          Damian scoffs, “Well he should, we’ve been running lines with him for months.”

          Tim grins, “It really confused the bad guys, when we’d keep up with it while fighting.”

          Dick full on laughs, “Remember Penguin’s face when Seth just started belting out the lyrics to I’ve got a little list?”

          Tim nods enthusiastically, “His re-write was amazing! To include some of our worst villains in it was absolutely genius.”

          You step away and out the side door as the boys continue talking. The spring night air is just a bit chilly, and you pull your wrap a bit closer. You stop at the sight of Bruce and Seth. Your youngest son, was considerably sheltered compared to his brothers. He’s the baby, and they had all felt some sort of need to protect him.

          That being said Seth had still seen horrible things, experienced painful things. But the sight of him, with his arm wrapped around his father’s shoulders, while the two of them stare at a spot with just a hint of red still stained on the pavement, makes you stop.

          You can just barely hear their conversation Seth’s voice is soft. “I know it wasn’t easy. To come here tonight.”

          Bruce just sighs, “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Your mother’s hand probably needs a brace though, from how tight I was clutching it.”

          Seth just scoffs, “Mom is tough. Has to be with a bunch of superheroes for kids.” There’s a moment of silence before he asks, “Do you ever wonder what it would have been like if they never died?”

          Bruce hesitates, “I used to. A lot, actually. But then I met your mother. Then we took in Dick, then Jason, then Tim, and Damian popped up, and then we had you. And one day I found myself thinking about it, and I realized that if they hadn’t died I probably wouldn’t have married your mother, or taken in your brothers, and you wouldn’t have been born. At some point I became happy with how my life turned out.”

          Seth smiles, “You forgot Batman.”

          Bruce shakes his head, “No, I didn’t. I could have lived without Batman. I couldn’t have lived without you guys.”

          Seth just hugs his father and turns to go back inside. He smiles at the sight of you and drops another kiss on your cheek before saying, “The guys are taking me out tonight. We’ll handle patrol, just make sure pop’s is okay for us, please.”

          You smile, “I’ve been doing it for twenty years Seth, I excel at it.”

          “Night Mom.”

          “Goodnight baby, you were fantastic!”

          He disappears and you walk closer to Bruce, and take his arm. You’re silent for a minute before you say, “I honestly didn’t think you’d come back here.”

          Bruce just shrugs, “Neither did I to be honest.” He takes a breath, “I stood here for a good three minutes before Seth came out. Stood in the exact place my father would have, and looked where the gunman stood. All I could think about were the hundred different ways I could disarm him now.”

          You lay your head on his shoulder, “And then what happened?”

          He smiles, “Seth came out, and I realized that this is where this life began. I lost my parents, but I gained a lot too.”

          You smile and start walking him forward, “And they would be very proud of the performance you’ve given over your life Bruce Wayne. Lord knows I am.”

          He just smiles and says, “Let’s go home Mrs. Wayne.”

Lord Vetinari turned away, took some papers from a desk drawer, walked to a wall, touched a certain area and stepped quickly through the hidden door that noiselessly swung open.
Beyond was a corridor, lit by borrowed light from high windows and paved with small flagstones. He walked forward, hesitated, said “…no, this is Tuesday…” and moved his descending foot so that it landed on a stone that in every respect appeared to be exactly the same as its fellows.*
Anyone overhearing his progress along the passages and stairs may have caught muttered phrases on the lines of “…the moon is… waxing…” and “yes, it is before noon.” a really keen listener would have heard the faint whirring and ticking inside the walls.
A really keen and paranoid listener would have reflected that anything Lord Vetinari said aloud even while he was alone might not be totally worth believing. Not, certainly, if your life depended on it.

*Except that the ones around it were not good stones to tread on if it was a Tuesday.

– it keeps getting more complicated | Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

A little less conversation, more action needed Pt 1

A/N this is a continuation of a lesson in frustration. Once again requested by some of my great followers. Hope you like it guys. Definately gets nasty from the get go so 18 plus 

Alec and Magnus stood arms wrapped around each other, just simply looking into each other’s eyes. The embarrassing incident that had only happened just moments ago temporarily forgotten.

Alec bent his head to place his lips to Magnus’s and was rewarded with a heated kiss back. He moved his hands from his hips to move inside the robe’s opening, groaning as he felt Magnus’ warm skin under them. Alec felt the warlock press closer to his body, his fingers digging into the material of his jacket and shirt underneath. Magnus started working the clothing loose to get to Alec’ bare body and once he found it, worked his  hands down to slide his fingers under the waistband of his jeans. Alec felt himself starting to lengthen and unconsciously gave a small thrust forward trying to find that delicious friction. He felt Magnus moan against his lips and then give a gasp as Alec moved his hands further around and squeezed the top of his firm butt cheeks. Alec felt himself being forced back against the wall next to the door with a hard thud, Magnus jamming himself into him, his own arousal pushing into the front of his jeans.

From somewhere in the distance, they could hear voices calling their names. Just as Magnus was about to start undoing the button on his jeans, through the haze of his lust filled mind he heard Jace call his name and felt a knock coming from the door next to them. Damn! They’d completely forgotten the other out in the hall way! He grabbed Magnus’ hands as they just started undoing his zipper.

“Hey, Babe, we forgot something. Mum and the others are still out in the hallway. We have to stop. Now” his breathing was deep and panting and Magnus looked to be in the same agony he was. Magnus sighed and gave him a pained look before leaning his head on his chest, feeling Alec’s rapid breathing.

“can’t we just send them home?”

“’no, I don’t think so. Come on, get some clothes on and we will try to calm down enough to open the door before Jace kicks it in. I love you, you know, so much” he put a finger under Magnus’ chin and gently tilted his face to his, kissing him softly. At least it was soft on his part but Magnus wanted more. Alec felt a laugh behind their joined lips and took his face in his hands and eased him back.

“for someone who has had more experience at this than anyone, you sure are out of control” he said softly, looking into Magnus’ pained face.

“Its all you Alexander. I’ve never known love like this before. It’s a new thing for me too. I have to admit it scares me to think how powerless I am around you, you have completely under your control. I love you too, my beautiful boy. Come on, we’d better let the others in. Are you ok enough to do that?” he looked down between them and saw that there was still a sizable bulge in Alec’ jeans. He smiled and then grabbing his shirt pulled it out of the waistband so it hung loosely over his jeans.

“there, much better” He stepped away and with a click of blue flame the robe was replaced with a dress shirt and black pants. He was still flushed though, they both were.

Out in the hall way, Jace, Clary, Izzy and Maryse were pacing up and down. Jace had his ear to the door, his hearing rune activated.

“what are they saying? Are they arguing or anything?” Clary asked. A slow smile curved jace’s lips and his eyebrows shot up to his hair line.

“Yeah we could be out here a while” he said.

“why? Are they getting into it that badly?” Clary said.

“Oh they’re getting into it alright, just not the way you think”

Maryse made a surprised noise and had stopped walking.

“This is probably my fault for walking in and interrupting them yesterday. I had forgotten what it was like to be young and in love” she told them.

“young? Magnus is what, 400 years old? That’s not young.” Jace reminded her.

“Magnus is immortal, it doesn’t count, and he doesn’t look 400 years old either” Izzy said. “have you two forgotten what you were like when you got back together after finding out that you weren’t brother and sister? I thought we would have to get you surgically separated”

Clary blushed, but managed to give Jace a quick smile before she looked to the floor.

Jace as usual just took the statement on the chin and kept going.

“That was different we were making up for lost time.” He grumbled.

“What do you think Magnus is doing? The poor guy has been in a sexual drought for over 100 years, how would you feel if it was you and you finally score yourself a 6 foot 3 hulking young Shadowhunter? I’d climb that man like a tree”

“Isabelle Lightwood! I don’t want to hear something like that again thank you” Maryse said, frowning at her.

Jace leaned with his back against the door but he looked uncomfortable doing it. Every now and then he  winced like someone was poking him with a sharp object.

“what’s wrong? Why are you making those faces?” Clary asked him, then realisation dawned on her face. “Oh, oh my, well, if you can hear them then deactivate your rune”

“Its not the hearing rune it’s the parabatai one. He’s doing it again, lighting it up like a God damn Christmas tree. Agh! I’ve had it, how long are they gonna make us wait? I’m starving” He turned back to the door and started knocking hard.

“Alec! Come on man, keep it in your pants so we can come in will ya? I’m starving” he yelled at the door. He stared at the door and when nothing happened after a minute or two, he tried it again.

“Alec! Magnus! Zip it up guys, come on”

Another minute passed and Jace was just about to try again when they heard the door open. Even though they were both trying to look casual, like nothing had been going on, it was painfully obvious from the way both of them looked thatsomething had been going on. Alec’ face was flushed, colour high on his cheeks, his eyes were bright and shiny as well as his shirt being untucked. He never wore an untucked shirt. Magnus had swapped his robe for a loose fitting shirt and close fitting black pants and boots. He too had colour to his tanned skin and the biggest tell was the appearance of his demon mark eyes, glowing  smouldering amber. Alec noticed and after pointing to his own eyes, Magnus glamoured them away. Jace entered first.

“So, bro, scratch that itch that’s been worrying you all day?” he said to Alec as he passed him, with a suggestive wink. Alec gave him a sour look.

“Why is my sex life so open to discussion all the time? It can’t be that interesting” He grumbled.

“Man, thanks to our parabatai bond I get a front seat. You make it hard to ignore. Haven’t you reached saturation point yet?”

Alec looked down at his feet then back up to Jace, a smile on his face.

“I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, sorry  man” he said, sheepishly.

“Argh! Something to look forward to!” he walked off towards the living room.

Magnus noticed his grin and gave him a questioning look but he just shook his head.

“tell you later” Alec said.

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Birthday Boy - Meanie (Mingyu and Wonwoo) Poly!AU

Originally posted by euphoniouswoozi

Request: Hi can I request some fluffy poly!meanie pls? I love your writing style, and literally read your posts everyday 💕

Word Count: 1128

Genre: Fluff

Member/Group: Mingyu and Wonwoo of SEVENTEEN

Summary: For the past few weeks, you and Wonwoo seem to be leaving Mingyu out of everything. He’s going to get to the bottom of this, no matter what if takes.

 “Jagi~ Wake up~” Wonwoo cooed from the corner of the bed, almost like he was trying to draw a small animal out of its home. “If you want to have time to finish all the party planning before Mingyu gets home, we need to start now.” 

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Awesome close up shots of a 2015 lava flow on the slopes of Mt. Etna, Sicily. This is a classic “a’a” type lava flow - higher viscosity than flows like many of those on the slopes of Kilauea today. The lava moves as though pushed by a bulldozer - crystals growing inside the lava cause it to break into small chunks that roll forwards rather than ooze forward. Hear the sound? These rolling, broken chunks of lava are called “Clinker” for a reason.

Real talk: Seth Rollins and the lessons he taught me

Warning: long post.

I’ve been in shitty place in and out since I was like 12. Constantly depressed, with little snippets of happiness. I had to take everything a day at a time and find small things to look forward to. What better thing to look forward to than wrestling?

To completely losing yourself in the world of wrestling entertainment. To investing your time, money and feelings in these larger than life superstars who put everything on the line every single night for us. These athletes are willing to do absolutely crazy things like jump off a 20ft steel cage just to get a reaction from us.

Aside from the entertainment, these superstars teach you things. Important things. I intend on doing these for a whole bunch of superstars but given the recent events I’m going to start with Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins. In one word: brilliant. Athletic, great mic skills, and can play both a heel and a face with such ease. He was one of the best heels of our time and it doesn’t take much to see how talented this man is.

The last time he got injured, he was at the top of his game. World champion, with a brilliant feud going on. Right now, he was on the road to feuding with one of the all time greatest. This will be the second Wrestlemania he misses.

Seth Rollins, or I guess I can say Colby Lopez, didn’t expect this to happen. He recovered from his previous career-threatening injury and came back stronger than ever only to have this happen. He is the epitome of “life doesn’t always go my way but that’s okay”.

Seth Rollins taught me that no matter what obstacles come your way, you have it in you to overcome everything. That life isn’t always a straight road, it has bends and curves and ditches and it can be so messy but it doesn’t mean you give up. It means you give it all you got and dive in headfirst. Don’t be afraid, just keep moving forward.

This one’s for Seth Rollins and everyone else out there who feel like they don’t have it in them to carry on. Hold on. Something amazing may come out of it.

To those of you who bothered to read this, thank you. My inbox/ask is open if anyone wants to talk. Stay strong and stay gold.

Kiss Bang Love (Bawson AU)

So a few days ago I shitposted about an A&E show where the participants  share a blindfolded kiss before they meet. Naturally, trash that I am, this happened.

S/N: it’s actually a really cute show despite the cheesy title. I recommend it, especially if you like Married At First Sight, which was created by the same people.

Ginny takes small steps forward until Amelia stops her. “Okay you’re on your mark. Just stand here.”

“Is he here?” Ginny asks.

“Yeah but don’t talk to him yet. I’ve gotta get out of the shot.”

Amelia leaves the small area and Ginny tentatively reaches out to see if he’s close enough to touch. His chest is broad and firm and she’s intrigued as she works her way up to his shoulders then down to his hands. He’s big and solid, and maybe handy? He’s got some serious callouses.

Opposite her, Mike stands with his hands in his pockets, his blindfold already on. He’s equally unsure about this endeavor, but it seemed harmless enough when he heard. And he reasons whatever girl he’ll meet is probably pretty if the producers picked her to be on the show. A little smile curls his lips at the sound of her voice because she sounds pretty.

He closes his hands around hers. They’re thin, delicate, with long fingers and soft palms. Her arms are long, thin but muscular, and covered in silky skin that erupts in goosebumps at his touch. Her hair brushes his knuckles and he lets her shoulders go, runs his fingers through the ends of her bouncy curls that smell like fruit, lemons and strawberries if his nose is correct.

“Whenever you’re ready,” the director calls.

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