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Science of fear; so show me love/ you’ve got your hands on the button now/ sure enough/ you’ve got your hands on the button now/ I’d rather die/ than to be with you.

a mix based on a zombie apocalypse au, in which two former rivals end up escaping to the ends of earth, fighting by each other. {listen}

cover art: amei zhao

i. blitz kids - never die ii. feist - the bad in each other iii. jetta - start a riot iv. thirty seconds to mars - stranger in a strange land v. the maine - run vi. death cab for cutie - brothers and a hotel bed vii. the civil wars - disarm viii. the national - lean ix. phantogram - when i’m small x. foals - milk and black spiders xi. the temper trap - science of fear xii. ms mr - no trace xiii. safetysuit - believe xiv. paramore - future

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Fun speculation. Theoretically through artificial insemination: What would a Miniature horse and Shire cross look like, how big could it be, and would it be useful in some way? I'm not gonna try it but I have wondered for years about it

it’s actually hard to find pictures of a heavier breed horse crossed with a mini, the closest i could find in a quick search are vanner/mini crosses-

size wise, it depends on which side is the dad. 

The size of the fetus at birth is often determined more by the mare’s uterine capacity than by genetics, although genetics do kick in once the foal has been born.

In one bit of research at Colorado State University, a Shetland pony mare was inseminated with semen from a draft horse stallion. The pony mare delivered a small foal during a normal birth, but the foal soon outgrew its mother once it was on the ground and nursing. - The Horse

Apparently this is an outcome of someone who bred a shire mare to a welsh stallion 

the poster stated in their comment- “ B/c of the excess space in the womb the little foal did not develop in the normal folded position and was born with terribly contracted extensor tendons in the front limbs. In the photos the legs may appear lax, but I assure you, they were immovable and absolutely frozen in their hyperextended state. Again, this is NOT a case of flexor tendon laxity. This foal had painfully hyperextended legs that were pulled into that abnormal position by excessively tight common digital extensor tendons.” The foal was euthanized. 

i’m sure they are useful in some ways but it’s not worth the risk. 

It’s been a couple months since Shadow and Shiro had parted ways, the white mare having repaid the debt with a few delicious meals along the road. Back in Spring, when the flowers were just starting to come into bloom and there was still a small bite of chill come nightfall.

Now it was getting on to Summer, the days getting longer and warmer as life was once again reaching it’s peak with the animals awakening and workloads piling higher as ponies took the days for all they were worth.
It was a rumor that had brought Shadow to a removed, isolated fishing village near the sea. Places like this he would avoid at all costs, nobody wanted his services in places like these, nobody except small foals and fillies who couldn’t exactly pay the expenses of coming to town for a few days. But the rumor was enough to raise his curiosity.

Rumor of a hidden well that grants a wish to those who can find it.


Real quick, I need 17 ponies!

Quick rules: 

  • Comment or reblog with your ref and the type of pony you want with the number you want! For example : here is my ref and I would like Pegasus three
  • You cannot be included if you dont have a ref, a type of pony, and a number |:
  • Only spot one per artist, please do not use multiple accounts
  • You can only use 1 oc
  • No complaining if you don’t win


  1. Does not need to fly
  2. Must be able to fly
  3. Must be able to fly
  4. Must be playful, does not have to fly


  1. No requirements
  2. No requirements
  3. Must be able to use magic
  4. Must be strong


  1. Must be strong
  2. No requirements
  3. No requirements
  4. No requirements 

Foal/Small creature

  1. No requirements
  2. No requirements
  3. No requirements
  4. No requirements

Surprise spot

  1. Preferably someone Ive interacted with before, but no other requirements 

Do you want to be in it?


The local trouble maker( open rp)

The town’s folk have been complaining about a small child barely a foal making trouble in town stealing things from people nothing really worth value but none the less stealing from them they have tryed to find his parents but no pony clams him openly and the market stands are getting more violent with him he as taken a few beating already and he bite a merchant during one of them now the guard are out looking for him