small foal

The local trouble maker( open rp)

The town’s folk have been complaining about a small child barely a foal making trouble in town stealing things from people nothing really worth value but none the less stealing from them they have tryed to find his parents but no pony clams him openly and the market stands are getting more violent with him he as taken a few beating already and he bite a merchant during one of them now the guard are out looking for him

It’s been a couple months since Shadow and Shiro had parted ways, the white mare having repaid the debt with a few delicious meals along the road. Back in Spring, when the flowers were just starting to come into bloom and there was still a small bite of chill come nightfall.

Now it was getting on to Summer, the days getting longer and warmer as life was once again reaching it’s peak with the animals awakening and workloads piling higher as ponies took the days for all they were worth.
It was a rumor that had brought Shadow to a removed, isolated fishing village near the sea. Places like this he would avoid at all costs, nobody wanted his services in places like these, nobody except small foals and fillies who couldn’t exactly pay the expenses of coming to town for a few days. But the rumor was enough to raise his curiosity.

Rumor of a hidden well that grants a wish to those who can find it.