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A Quiet Night - Robin (Dick Grayson) x Reader

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Requested by Anon - an imagine where Bruce and dick are on patrol and they find Catwoman and her protégé. Could you make it all cute and funny with a lot of teasing?

It was supposed to be a quiet night of patrol. A heat wave was sweltering Gotham, keeping all crimes, major and minor down. 

However, Dick was being baked alive in his Robin suit. He almost wished he still wore the scaly green panties. Though, Dick had to admit he wasn’t jealous of Bruce, who was in his heavy black batsuit. 

The two men were on the roof of the clock tower. Dick was straddling a stone gargoyle while Bruce crouched on the roof’s edge. The clock behind him dinged, announcing the time as one o’clock.

Bruce eyed Dick as he melted onto the gargoyle. He pursed his lips, letting out a irritated sigh. 

“Alright,” he mumbled, smirking when Dick suddenly sat up on the gargoyle. “Let’s make one more round before turning in.”

“Oh thank goodness,” Dick cried, sliding off the gargoyle to stand next to Bruce. He pulled his collar away from his body, trying to let some air in. “I’m melting in this thing.” 

Bruce chuckled, nodding in agreement. “I know the feeling.” He took out his grapple gun. Just before he could fire it, an alert came over the police scanner.

“Oh no,” Dick groaned, sulking as he buried his face into his hands. His suit was starting to chafe in certain places. Uncomfortable places. 

“It’s Catwoman and Kitten,” Bruce informed, firing his grapple to fly off the roof. Dick froze for a moment, blinking several times in surprise before following.

“I thought they were robbing museums in Europe?” Dick asked through the comlink as he and Bruce swung to the location. Bruce grunted in response. The two men landed on a roof neighboring the Gotham Museum of Art. 

“Yes,” Bruce replied sharply. Dick raised an eyebrow, eyeing Bruce suspiciously. Bruce sighed before continuing. “They have been chasing a Egyptian cat statue that is part of a traveling exhibit on Egyptian art. The exhibit came to Gotham last week.”

Both men watched as two shadows slipped out of the museum’s skylight. Dick’s eyes lingered on the shorter one, wondering what was going to come of this confrontation. 

You hopped out of the skylight and into the muggy air with a burlap sack over your shoulder. Selina followed you with a similar sack in her hand. 

“That was easier than I expected,” Selina hummed, frowning in disappointment. You sent her a knowing smile.

“You expected Batman to show up, huh?” you teased, nudging her with your elbow. She gently pushed you in retaliation.

“As if you didn’t want the Dynamic Duo to show up too,” she replied, glancing around her. “A heist is no fun if there’s no chase.” Selina froze when her eyes landed on two shadows watching from a nearby roof. “Well, maybe things are looking up…”

You followed her gaze, smiling when your eyes fell upon the Boy Wonder. The one thing you were looking forward to ever since you and Selina came back to Gotham was playing with Robin again. Selina grabbed your arm, pulling you close while the two shadows swung towards you.

“Remember don’t let them know which one of us has the statue, or we can kiss the trip to the Bahamas goodbye,” Selina hissed as Batman and Robin landed in front of you. 

“Selina,” Batman warned, stepping forward. “Give me the statue.” Robin crossed his arms, glaring at you.

“Oh, Batman, I’ve missed you,” Selina purred, walking up to Batman. She traced his bat symbol with her finger. “It’s been so long since we last saw each other.” Pressing her front against his chest, Selina leaned up to whisper in his ear. “Why don’t we let the children play while we have a proper welcome home party?”  

You rolled your eyes at them, sharing a look of disgust with Robin. The two of you broke into grins as you winked at him. 

“Robin,” Batman growled in disapproval. Robin cleared his throat, forcing his face into a scowl. Your grin only grew wider at the sight. Batman focused back on Selina. “Selina,” he warned again, narrowing his eyes. 

Selina pursed her lips, tightening her hold on her burlap sack. Batman eyed it. “Oh Batman. It’s like you don’t know me at all,” she teased, turning away from him. Winking at you, she started to walk away with a swagger in her hips. You grinned when you saw Batman’s eyes were glued to them. Selina glanced over her shoulder, smirking at him. “Catch me if you can.”

Batman attempt to grab her, but Selina dodged him before leaping off the roof. She cracked her whip, and swung onto a neighboring roof. Batman was after her, gesturing to Robin to catch you. However, you were already gone, jumping off the roof in the opposite direction from Selina. 

“Hey, get back here,” Robin shouted, running after you. You laughed, snapping your whip around a nearby antenna. Swinging up to the roof, you sprinted and jumped across the gap between the buildings as you heard Robin scrambling to keep up with you. The muggy air zapped your energy, but you kept running anyway.

“Careful, Robin,” you snickered over your shoulder. “If you catch me, I just might eat you.”

“I’ll take you up on that,” Robin teased in return. You rolled your eyes as you hopped over another gap. From the rapidly approaching footsteps, you knew Robin was catching up to you. You pushed yourself to move faster. 

Just when you about to jump over another gap, a heavy warm weight crashed into your back. A scream escaped your lips as you found yourself toppling over the edge, falling fast towards the pavement far below. 

An arm wrapped around your waist, the firing of a grapple gun filling your ears. You found yourself slowing before you stopped completely, inches from the ground. 

“I got you,” Robin gasped into your ear, his arm tightening around your waist. You grabbed his arm as he lowered you both to the ground of the alleyway. Pulling away from him once your feet touched the ground, you tightened your hold on the burlap sack.

“Do I eat you now? After all, don’t cats catch birds?” you teased as Robin put his grapple gun into his utility belt. 

“But I caught you,” Robin retorted, wiping the sweat off his forehead. The heat was claustrophobic around the two of you as you shifted uncomfortably in your tight costume. 

You grinned, reaching out to run a finger down the side of his cheek. He blushed under your touch. “Oh, Robin,” you sighed, shaking your head. You took a step towards him, the heat radiating from his body to yours. 

“Kitten,” Robin growled, trying to paint a bat glare onto his face. However, the smirk wouldn’t leave his lips. 

“Robin,” you whispered into his ear. He jumped away from you, pulling your burlap sack out of your hands. “Hey, give that back,” you demanded, reaching out to snatch it back. 

“No,” Robin replied, holding it out of your reach. You sighed, rolling your eyes as he opened the bag. “Wait,” he began, glancing up at you in confusing. He reached into the bag, pulling out a small Eiffel Tower figurine. “This is not the cat statue.”

 You laughed, looking at your nails. “No, it’s not.” Robin blinked, glancing between the Eiffel Tower figurine and you. You simply grinned at him.

“Selina has the statue, doesn’t she?” he replied with a sour expression. You nodded your head smugly. He studied the Eiffel Tower in his hands before trying to hand it back to you. However, you wouldn’t take it.

“I got it for you when I was in France,” you prompted with a wink. He blushed, playing with the figurine while avoiding your eye. You let out a sigh, pulling at the neck of your costume in an attempt to cool off. Robin fidgeted before you, pursing his lips as you both realized that your mentors were going to be quite ‘busy’ for sometime.

“So…” Robin began, placing the Eiffel Tower figurine in one of the pockets of his belt. You raised an eyebrow at him as he wiped his forehead with his sleeve. “Do you want to catch a movie or something since Batman and Catwoman are…”

“Yeah,” you interrupted brightly, not wanting him to finish that sentence. You grabbed his hand, pulling down him down the alleyway. “I know a way we can sneak in through the roof.”

“Wait,” Robin protested as you let go of his hand, jumping up to climb onto a nearby fire escape. “Shouldn’t we just change into civvies and actually buy tickets?”

You wrapped your leg around a rail on the fire escape before leaning back to hang upside down in front of Robin. “Robin, if we pay and sit like normal people than we can’t make out in the rafters.” You frowned at him with mockingly tearful eyes. “Don’t you want to kiss me anymore?”

Robin choked. “No, no, no,” he stammered quickly. “I always like kissing you.” You swung forward to touch your nose to his. He blushed all the way to the tips of his ears. Satisfied, you pressed a little kiss to his upper lip before swinging upright with a laugh. Robin grinned, scrambling up the fire escape after you. 

The two of you raced up the fire escape. The hot weather was far from both your minds.

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  • Who said “I love you” first (Johan)

Johan looks over at Usnavi doing one of those mundane house chores while the taller man lounges around. He takes it all in, how hard working his boyfriend was even when it was something as pointless as putting away the groceries. Slowly, Johan rose from his spot on the couch and walked over to the kitchen. He picked up one of the bags of groceries and started putting away alongside Usnavi.

“Well, well el vago mio is helping me?” Usnavi rolled his eyes, delicately putting things into the fridge. They didn’t speak, it was …strangely normal. As if they hadn’t just started living together, like they were a seasoned couple coexisting perfectly. Like…they weren’t kids playing house. This was real. Usnavi blushed, he felt silly for finding something is simple so heartwarming. He was just about done putting away when Johan kissed the top of his head.

“I love you.” He said nonchalantly. He watched as Usnavi froze in his place and chuckled a bit. “Sorry, too soon? It felt right. All of this and–” No more, Usnavi spun around and kissed him.
They were definitely not kids playing house anymore.

  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background (Both but different pics)

“Yo, primo, my phone died mind if I get it?” Sonny asked but was already reaching for the phone that sat, faced down on the top of the store counter. Usnavi was up on his ladder cleaning out the shelves when he heard Sonny. Immediately was about to deny him, when he saw his cousin turn his phone over and poke at the home screen button.

“ESPARA!” He wailed, forgoing his work and started stumbling down the steps. It was too late, by the time he got to Sonny they were both staring down at his lock screen photo. Johan, topless and slightly glistening with sweat as he sat crossed legged in his tight yoga pants. His eyes were closed and hair was up as if he was mediating. Shamelessly, Usnavi walked in on one of Johan’s yoga sessions and couldn’t help himself.

“It’s cool, I keep pics of Pete on my phone” Sonny smirked a bit as his cousin ripped the phone out of his hand. “But none of those pics are appropriate for a background~” That earned him a slap at the back of his head.

Meanwhile: Johan standing in line while someone approached him with a dinner and invite. “Sorry, I’m happily taken.” He took out his phone and opened to his home screen, being a selfie of him and Usnavi, Johan kissing Usnavi’s cheek as he smiled. “Isn’t he the cutest?”

  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror (Usnavi for important reasons)

Johan often leaves cute doodles on the fog of the mirror after his nearly two hour showers. He was surprised, one day after another especially long shower Usnavi had opened the door. “Babe?” He called out but heard the door shut immediately after. He figured Usnavi was heading out to man the store so the silence didn’t bother him. When Usnavi was in the zone, he was in the zone. Once he was done he was surprised to find there were words left on the mirror. And it read;

Amor, as much as I love and adore you, you don’t fucking pay for the water bill ok? You think the water is cheap, hijo de tu madre!! Take shorter showers JOHAN! … <3

Johan smiled a bit, a blush gracing his cheeks. “God I love that man.” He chuckled, taking his large hand and wiping over the message.

  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts (Usnavi 100%)

“So…” Usnavi walked in with a bag. Johan arched an eyebrow, it was not a plastic grocery bag or a paper bag from the store.

Johan slowly got to his feet. “Did you…” he gasped, “go shopping?” Suddenly his shock turned to a small pout. “Without me?! Navi how could you.” Shopping was one of Johan’s favorite things, though he was not a fan of the capitalist and consumerism of this counter. He did admire looking good, and if the said thing happened to be a hipster recycled, thrifted, worn, over expensive piece that he would only wear once…he wanted it. “Ugh don’t tell me you went to the 99cent store…those things get all of their shit from sweatshops in China.”

Usnavi fidgeted a little, he looked down at the dollar store bag and suddenly felt stupid. “Ah…fuck…” He pulled out a small snowglobe with a small Eiffel Tower inside. “…I know you miss France from time to time and I saw this and …sorry it’s stupid, I’ll return it.” He quickly shoved it back in the bag when Johan’s large hands ripped the bag from him. He tossed the plastic bag aside and held the snow globe in his hands.

“You got this for me?” He smiled a bit, shaking the globe so the sparkly white flecks were now raining down on the plastic tower. “Usnavi I love it.”
“Good, I won’t tell the sweatshop children that you love it too…” He frowned, noting to himself to stop purchasing his things from the dollar store.

  • Who initiated the first kiss (Johan)

Usnavi looked too good. His eyes fixated on the movie they were watching, their arms brushed up against each other. “This is the best part.” He whispered, not looking at Johan. He was so focused on the screen he didn’t notice, Johan wasn’t watching at all. Johan was watching Usnavi, his face completely focused on the scene playing out. While Johan couldn’t even remember what they were watching. Johan shifted his body a little, taking in how the light bounced off Usnavi’s face so wonderfully. How Usnavi watched intensely, his lips slightly parted.

“Hey…” Johan poked him a little, Usnavi turned his head and was met with a kiss. He inhaled sharply, letting the initial wave of shock wash over him. Immediately after, warmed soaked in through his lips and traveled down his body. He pushed back on those soft lips, melted into the kiss. Slowly Johan pulled away, eyes dilated with fear of what Usnavi would think. What he’d say…

Usnavi slowly touched his lips, they trembled, his eyes glossed over as he met Johan’s stare. “You missed the best part…” he mumbled, shifting closer to Johan. “You should have waited until the end…”

  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning (Usnavi)

“Fuck.” Not again, Usnavi felt the weight of his man on his body, arms clinging to his head, a leg around his waist. “Jesus!” He was up at the crack of dawn. His body a trained clock that someone could set their watches to. He shifted his weight and rolled to his side the best he could. He was face to face with Johan and that stupid eyemask. He sighed, another day he was set back a few minutes because someone hugged Usnavi like his life depended on it…Not that he complained. It was routine, Johan was now a part of it he was working with. Learning to make a routine around. Usnavi leaned in and placed a kiss on his boyfriend’s sleepy lips. “Good morning.”

“M…mmm…” Johan smiled a bit, usually a deep sleeper he was learning to wake up early thanks to Usnavi. Not that he liked it. “Nope, still asleep, need a few more of those.”

  • Who starts tickle fights (Johan starts but…Usnavi finishes them)

“You are so tense…” Johan had his body friend on his stomach, though no sex was happening. His large hands were working through years of tension built up along his lover’s body. “You need to learn to relax, babe.”

“Que relax? I’m relaxed!” He hissed, “I’m so relaxed right now.”
“Yes because relaxed people hiss.” He smirked, “you need to laugh more, you have so much pent up stress, let loose.”Johan ran his fingers down Usnavi’s sides, he tickled and proded at Usnavi but not sounds came from him. “…”
“I’m not ticklish.” Usnavi smirked, he sounded almost smug. He quickly rolled from under Johan’s hands now that he was taken back and pounced at his boyfriend. He ran his hands up Johan’s sides up to his pits and the tall man fell like Goliath and Usnavi was David. “But I see you are~” he smirked watching Johan’s frame crumple and his mouth wide, letting out wild peals of laughter.   

  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower (Johan but he doesn’t really ask)

“Babe I’m home from yoga, I need to take a shower.” Johan walked into the bathroom, finding Usnavi was already under the water.
“Too bad, I’m in.” He answered immediately. “And I’m not going to wait around for you to spend forever, our water bills are through the roof, Jo.”

Johan rolled his eyes, always about the bills this one, he thought to himself. “I have to shower, or else the bad energy will seep back into my pores.” Usnavi ignored Johan and began to whistle as he lathered himself up. He felt a cold wind against his body, he opened his eyes and found Johan, completely naked had pulled back the curtain.
“What are you doing!?” Usnavi gulped, red in the face and back against the cold, wet bathroom tile.
“Saving water for our water bills~”

  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch (Both)

“That was a great session ladies.” Johan smiled, he watched as his yoga class began to wrap up and he had another class starting in a few hours. One of the yoga students walked up to him and began to chat him up. She playfully slapped his arm and began to twirl her hair, clearly on the flirtatious front but Johan was blissfully unaware. His mind was more focused on food, his next session, going home to his Dominican lover. The door to his yoga class swung open and Usnavi stormed in. “Babe!”Johan smiled when suddenly a bag was shoved to his chest. “You got me lunch, how swe–” He felt the straps of his tank top get yanked down.

Usnavi planted a hard kiss on Johan’s lips and huffed. “Surprise, lunch date, lets GO.” He grunted, watching the woman slowly back off.
Rush hour was killing Usnavi. He rang up at least fifty people, working through his lunch hour so Sonny could yap on the phone. His phone had gone off several times but he had no time to answer it. Instead he learned to ignore the buzzing for now, focused on his work. He thought he had served just enough everyone when the store door chimed. He turned to greet who came in and smiled softly when he noticed it was Johan. “What are you doing here?”

“I thought I’d ask you out to lunch but you didn’t pick up.” He pulled up a Whole Foods bag and placed it on the counter.

“Sorry I was busy…” he watched as Johan took out two salads, always thinking of keeping Usnavi healthy. Some fresh green looking juices and an electric, twist on candle. “How romantic.”
“Healthy and environmentally friendly, bon appetite~”

  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date (Usnavi)

“Navi’ you look fine.” Nina chuckled watching Usnavi pace the floor. It was his first real date with Johan. They were going to their first real date and it was a fancy dinner at a Tapas place. Johan had planned it all out and all Usnavi had to do was show up. Yup, show up, easy. No. “Usnavi you’ve already changed four times, you look fine.” She watched as Usnavi stopped in front of the mirror, he unbuttoned then rebuttoned the top button of his shirt. He fixed his collar three times and sighed. “Too casual…I should go with a tie, right? A tie…” He spun around feeling so…plain. A white button up and nice pants? Knowing Johan he was going to show up fashionable, dazzling…breathtaking. He started to break out in a sweat just thinking about how much of a drab disappointment he’d be. “Nina…call Johan, T-Tell him I’m sick.”
“Oh I will” Nina smirked, “Love sick. Usnavi chill.”

  • Who kills/takes out the spiders (Usnavi sorta)

“AHHHHHHHHH!” Johan screamed at the top of his lungs from the bedroom.

“QUE PASO?” Usnavi emerged with a baseball bat. He found his boyfriend in a small ball at the corner of his bed. “Babe? Baby…Jo what happened?” Usnavi was more than ready to kick ass and take no names. He watched as Johan pointed to a small, eight legged critter in the corner. “…are you fucking serious?” He dropped the bat and suppressed the urge to whack his beloved with it. “Johan…you’re parents were hippies, you were adopted into a tree cult when you were five, you use to camp like homeless people. You CANNOT be afraid of spiders.” He laughed a bit more exasperatedly than humorous.

Johan didn’t find it funny. “I got bit by a spider, and you know what my parents did when I got an allergic reaction? I spent five hours in a river with leeches stuck to my arm. I am not, getting bit by another spider AGAIN” He felt those old flashbacks hit him like wartime.

Usnavi honestly had no answer for him. He went over picking up a flipflop to end the creature when his boyfriend let out another heart wrenching screech. “CONO what now!?”

“…don’t…kill it just…take it out…please.” Johan muttered softly, his poor little expression. Usnavi sighed, putting down the flipflop he used his hand and cupped the spider, bravely, setting it out on the fire escape. “Thank you…” he smiled.

Usnavi slowly turned around and held up his now reddening hand. “Hey..uh…you think leechs will work or vics?” He blinked at his spider bite, while Johan screeched for a third time, reaching for the phone.

  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk (USNAVI DE LE FUCKIN’ VEGA)

Johan and Usnavi didn’t get out much. When they did they tried to make it an experience. Johan being new to New York City still and Usnavi, though a native, didn’t get out much. Something that came with their same sex relationship was the discovery of gay bars. Though Usnavi often said he didn’t really identify with gay. He was working through banishing gay man tropes he had grown up around, and the fact he was at one point very attracted to Vanessa. Usnavi was bisexual, and Johan-sexual if that was a thing. Gay bars were more Johan’s style, he shared a lot of similar interests, he knew how to work a crowd.

“So, did you come here alone?” A friendly stranger smiled at Johan who was temporarily alone at the bar. Johan had been working on his Bloody Mary after Usnavi downed shots like water. Eventually his boyfriend had to flee to pee and left Johan alone. “Someone as handsome as yourself can’t be single.”

He wasn’t, before he could answer from across the room emerging from the bathroom Usnavi wailed at the top of his lungs. “I LOVE YOU, JOHAN JOOOOOHNSON.” He swayed and stumbled over to Johan. “Mi amor, mi vida, mi carino, te amo, mi Jojojojooo~” He threw his arms over Johan and climbed on top of his lap. The friendly stranger took a few steps back as the small drunken man nestled himself on top of Johan.

“No. I’m taken.” Johan smiled, drinking his drink with one hand and patting Usnavi’s back with the other.


imagine: Leaning on Ashton on Christmas morning whilst everyone is handing out presents before he finally leans over and grabs a nicely wrapped box. You open it quickly him grinning down at you, in the box was a small eiffel tower which was probably really cheap. “Wow, I can so put this on my desk.” you say with a hint of sarcasm. He laughs before grabbing it out of your hand and says “I’m taking you to Paris smartass.” You scream with delight and pull him in for a kiss.

Thank You For The Files.

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REQUEST: Edward nygma falling in love this you imagine please and also your blog is teally good

FANDOM: Edward Nygma [Gotham]

AUTHOR: MK (purityimagines)

TAGS: Ed’s POV, Y/LN/ = your last name

I didn’t bother giving out any more riddles to Ms. Y/L/N. Poor girl needed a break from all the hard work and almost got attacked by a criminal that the officers were trying to strangle back. The funny part was that one of the officers sprayed their cologne on the culprit and he flew behind the bars before uncovering his eyes.

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surprise- Jason imagine

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“What are you doing?” you asked, as Jason clammed the laptop shut.

“Nothing…” you narrowed your eyes indicating that you didn’t believe him, but then you sighed. “Okay whatever.” You hated it when Jason was keeping things from you, so you made it your mission to find out what it was.

“I think you left your phone in the bedroom” you stated, trying to get him to leave the room.

“I’ll get it later.” He replied, his hand still resting on the laptop. You rolled your eyes, knowing he wasn’t going to let you see the screen. You wondered what was under it, maybe it was a good thing, a present? But it was nowhere near your birthday and there was no special occasion. That meant it was a bad thing, making you more curious.

You waited until later that night, Jason climbed into bed next to you, snuggling into you.

“Jason…” you asked, slightly guiltily.

“Yes.” He was almost fast asleep, which would make your task easier.

“It’s hot tonight, would you mind giving me some air and room to move?”

“Sure thing babe.” You kissed him as a thank you, showing him that you weren’t doing it because you were angry or upset. You closed your eyes, steadied your breathing and kept your movements to a minimal in order to create the illusion that you were sleeping. You looked over at the clock, the lamppost outside providing just the right amount of light to be able to read it. You carefully removed the covers, tiptoeing across the room and out of the door. You made your way downstairs to find the laptop.

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Fit for a King - Part V

All Parts

Note: Hey guys, this is part five. Hope y’all enjoy. I enjoyed this one a lot. Again, sorry it took a bit for it to come out, but…here it is! :D Also, just a note. You might want to google translate some things in this part if you don’t understand French…Just saying…it might help…

Word Count: 1767+

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Just badly translated French

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Aria is A clues from 6x04

What’s up with Aria’s creepy obsession of dolls? She is looking more and more suspicious every single episode. We know A is obsessed with dolls and CLEARLY so is Aria. I believe Aria is beginning to realize something is wrong with her. She is starting to recognize that other side of her, her split personality called “A”. Whenever Aria emerges into her split personality, I think she thinks that she has just been writing or taking photos and that’s why she hasn’t known for a long time that she is A. 

I find it weird how she says that she doesn’t even know why she took this photo. Perhaps it was her -A personality taking this photo.

In this episode, Aria still doesn’t want to talk or write about what happened, NOT EVER. Why doesn’t she want to talk about it with anyone? Because she never actually went through any trauma, she was never tortured like the other girls because she is A and was controlling everything that went on in the Dollhouse. I think that when she was talking with Byron there, she was in her A personality. Because at the end of the episode she does open up to Byron about her bedroom. I find it very weird how one second she is angry and doesn’t want to talk about it EVER and the next she is crying on her daddy’s shoulder.

Aria even admits that she’s not taking any pills and tells them that she threw them out because they gave her a headache. Only that’s not true, she just doesn’t need any pills because she can sleep and cope just fine, because she’s A.

I think this is a HUGE clue. When the girls go to the data center you can see clearly that Aria is the only one who’s got a purse or a bag with her. Why is she the only one to have a bag with her? Yeah… so she can find Charles’ file before anyone else and put the last few pages of his file in her purse so no one can see what really happened to him. She probably also needed to find her own Radley patient file.

And guess what… of course Aria is the one to find the file! She’s been the one to find most of the clues lately - like with the picture in the button-jar in the previous episode. Here again you can clearly see that she’s got a big purse that can fit the “missing pages”. Why else give Aria a purse if none of the other girls have one? And Aria had enough time to go through the files before telling the girls that she found it because Hanna and Emily were off talking and Spencer was having a flashback while on the look-out. Normally, if anyone of the other girls would have found the Radley-boxes, they would have told the other girls to come over so they could go through the boxes together and find the files. But no, Miss Aria had to go through them alone go make sure she could snap the pages past his 16th birthday. Oh Aria, you don’t trick us. We see right through you.

At the photo studio, Aria goes to develop her creepy doll pictures in the dark room. There we are made to believe that she got a message from –A. Although, since I. Marlene King has told us that not everything we see is the truth, but a matter of perspective. I believe that Aria’s split personality put up this note from “A”. I don’t think anyone entered the dark room before her.

When she sees this note she gets a flashback from her time in the Dollhouse. Where she has to color pink stripes in her hair. Oh no, how awful….. Judging from all of the other girl’s flashbacks, dying your hair and cutting it can’t be that terrible.

Then Aria has another one of her panic attacks after she got stuck in the dark room after someone put a wedge in the door. I highly doubt that was A. Doesn’t seem like an “A thing” to do since there was no message afterwards. I think she just got unlucky or that her other personality was tricking her.

 Another small clue: The Eiffel-tower lamp in her room forms an A. The producers definitely turn the lamp this way on purpose.

The girls think that A must be somebody Charles knew at Radley. I have suspicion that Aria has been at Radley before. We know she had a previous physiological file when she started seeing Dr. Sullivan, we know there are mentality disorders in her family (her Uncle Scott), and we know she’s been recognized by Eddie Lamb at Radley (who then disappeared out of thin air once he started asking Aria questions about it). We have also seen multiple clues to her having a split personality. 

So perhaps Aria met Charles at Radley and he was her first love? In the Shadow play episode Aria talks about falling in love with someone that wasn’t Ezra, so who was she seeing before him? Who was the mystery guy she said she was seeing in Iceland? Was she ever even in Iceland? Or was she institutionalized at Radley and Iceland is only a cover-up?

Until next time,

Patsy and Delia’s Trip to Paris! Before they left Patsy sneaks away and goes to a jewellers and buys a ring. So when they get to Paris Patsy takes Delia to a small cafe by the Eiffel Tower and proposes to Delia secretly by pushing the ring box across the table with a love note asking Delia to marry her,of course Delia says Yes.Patsy also gives Delia a chain so she can put it around her neck so Delia can wear it all the time when their back in London….

Gavin Imagine #66

Prompt:  herbelovedblackbird asked you:
Gavin/Reader waking up on Christmas morning?!

If you’ve ever had younger siblings or just children in general in your house you know what it’s like on Christmas morning. You know the routine of being woken up at 5 or 6 in the morning to shuffle downstairs or upstairs or wherever to open gifts when you just want to sleep in. 

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Denny's SUPER Secret SUPER French Toast Ingredient List
  • Yeast
  • Bread flour
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Cinnamon
  • Butter
  • A small piece of the Eiffel Tower
  • Two pinches of cork from a finely aged wine
  • Baked Brie
  • A priceless painting from the Louvre
  • The entire L’Arc de Triumph
  • Napoleon’s Horse’s saddle
  • Half a beret
  • Mime tears
  • Notes from an accordion
  • A quaint Parisian café 

Glass Joe, or rather, French Toast, is finished! He’s named that because he’s French, obviously, and also once he steps into the ring he’s toast. 

 Isn’t he such a pretty boy~? ♥ I think I’m going to have to make him a friend so he won’t be lonely.  But I can’t decide who~.

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Valentine's day prompt! Klaus has secretly been sending Caroline Valentine's Day gifts since they were kids because she said once when they were kids no one would send her anything because they're too busy sending Elena gifts and because he's always liked her. Caroline finally finds out in high school and decides to do something special for him!

A/N: Hope you enjoy and get yummy feels. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Her Secret Valentine

For seven years he’d watched her. For seven years he’d loved her. For one day of each of those seven years, he’d leave her a present and watch her face light up. That one day fueled him for the rest of the year.

Klaus was 10 when his parents moved him and his siblings from the UK to Mystic Falls, Virginia, and he hated it. He knew adjusting to a new school in the middle of January would be horrible, and he knew being British in an American school would put him at the center of everyone’s attention, which he hated as the middle child, he’d always been quite invisible and he preferred it that way.

His first day at Mystic Falls Elementary was a blur. All he could remember was walking into the classroom and spotting a blonde girl standing near the desk of a dark-haired girl. As if she felt his eyes on her, the blonde turned to him.

Klaus wasn’t sure if his mind was playing tricks on him or if he’d gone mad, but the moment she turned, the sunlight from the windows intensified and illuminated her from behind. He stood frozen in the doorway as an angel smiled brightly at him. Her hair sparkled gold and her eyes were the brightest blue he’d ever seen.

“Hi,” she said but he stood paralyzed.

She giggled as she slid into her seat beside Elena.

“Class, this is our new student, Niklaus Mikaelson. Go ahead and sit next to Caroline, Niklaus.”

The golden girl, Caroline, smiled brightly at him again and eyed the empty seat next to her.

Every day Klaus would sit next to Caroline and every day she would smile and say hi to him. He, however, was always too shy and barely mumbled a hello back to her.

“Another card?” Caroline asked Elena in disbelief. “That makes 5 Valentines for you!”

“I’m sure you will get one, Caroline,” Elena reassured her, eyes never leaving the card in her hands and a small dreamy smile on her face.

“No, they’re all too busy sending them to you,” Caroline whispered to herself.

Klaus kept his eyes low but he had been listening attentively to their conversation. Chancing a glance at Caroline, he noticed a small tear escape the corner of her eye and slide down her face.

His gut clenched and his throat closed. It was in that moment that he vowed to never see Caroline cry ever again.

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Gravity || Chapter Seven

Title: Gravity (Part 8/?)
Rating: K+
Summary: —AU, all human— Awkward new boy John Noble isn’t expecting much out of his new school — and his lack of expectations are fulfilled when he’s targeted by a bully on the first day. What takes him by surprise is pretty, popular Rose Tyler coming to his rescue.
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler

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They fell into a routine over the next few weeks. With biology now included in the tutoring, they went straight to John’s house after school so they could work with Donna too, be comfortable, and not have to worry about being kicked out before they were finished. Wilf was practically overjoyed, going out of his way to make sure the kids had enough snacks and drinks as they worked.

Most of the time they made sure Rose was gone before Sylvia came home. For whatever reason, she had decided she didn’t like Rose. And it was best to keep Rose out of the crossfire of that.

Rose, however, wasn’t feeling much better about anything. No matter how hard she worked, it didn’t feel as if she was getting anywhere. If anything, with everything she didn’t get, she felt stupider and stupider.

The idea of dropping out was becoming more and more appealing.

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