small eared dog


you guys know how much i love dog gear, it’s like fashion but for my dogs so i immediately care more

well thanks to the recent addition of the long eared long haired pansy I am now becoming aware of a whole new world of dog gear.

I’m talking about


the snood keeps your pansy dog from getting manky when eating, drinking, playing, sleeping and breathing. perfect for baths, running through mud or general existence - it keeps those floppy flippers nice and dry!

also you can match ur dog’s snood with ur very own snood and reflective so everyone can see how fashionable you are


seems snoots also need the snood but for warming reasons, not manky disgusting prevention reasons

except maybe saluki who can do both?

this is going to be my life now and i am APPALLED at the lack of snood action shots in the wilderness

this is a drying coat with an inbuilt snood. I sent this to Thyme’s family to ask if i would need such a thing. i dont understand how it works. but also what if i made him wear such things while he’s doing tracking or something how great would he look. i’ll just claim it makes him aerodynamic or something.

fyi i saw this while browsing snoods

but until my snoods of assorted sizes arrive, a scrunchy works just as well!

so stylish love me a manbun

edit: Scrunchy is old and broke has no elasticity and fell off a minute later, pls do not put actual  scrunchies around doggie ears for blood ear flow reasons


“Say hi to Precious!!  She is a sweet little girl that was rescued from Roswell Animal Control.  She is good with dogs and cats.  Good with kids.  Rather shy.  Loves to cuddle.  Is a regular snuggle bug!!  She likes to be with her people and prances around and scratches at your leg when she wants up.  She is a really good girl.  We think she is an applehead chihuahua and dachsund mix.”

[[I enjoyed making this one! 😘 Hope you enjoy!]]

Jaune Arc:
He hadn’t known. Hadn’t even had a clue. How was.. How was this even possible? He stared at his S/O, not entirely certain of what to say. He felt trusted they they’d shared it with him, but he couldn’t imagine the sort of racism they had to face on a daily basis to force them to hide it from even him. His eyes traced the length of a soft tail one more time before he quietly spoke, “I still love you, you know?”

Sun Wukong:
It hadn’t been such a well kept secret, despite what his S/O would like to think. He himself was a faunus, and that had raised his senses. Not as much as Blake’s, but he’d known upon meeting them, that they had not been entirely human. He hadn’t ever said anything about it out of respect for them. He knew what the hatred was like, he simply chose to take pride rather than hide his heritage. He’d been tempted before though. “You’re always gonna be my baby,” he murmured into their ear, pulling them close and wrapping his tail around their middle. He rested his head atop their own and silently said “I understand,” through those same actions.

Neptune Vasilias:
He didn’t understand why they had hidden it from him. His best friend was a faunus after all! How could he hate them? He was confused and hurt by the fact that they’d hidden such a huge thing from him, but the tears streaming down their face was an entirely different matter. He understood. Understood the isolation and the loneliness and the scared sensations they’d grown up with. He observed it in Sun constantly. The only thing he c o u l d do was wrap his arms around his S/O’s shaking form and hold them as close as he dared without suffocating them. No words were ever shared in that moment, despite Neptune’s normal behavior.

Mercury Black:
One kiss. Two. Three. Five. He didn’t want to stop, because as soon as he did, reality would settle into his chest and he’d be forced to speak and t h i n k. He didn’t want to stop. He really didn’t. Then being a faunus was not something he’d planned for. If anyone other than him found out, it would go straight to Cinder and if it went to Cinder it would eventually travel it’s way to Adam. He couldn’t let Adam get his hands on h i s love. They were his whole world. He would protect them against everything, even Adam Taurus’ army of faunus. He briefly wondered if he let out that shaky breath, but decided it had been his S/O. “He won’t touch you. Only me,” it was all he could manage to say.

Ruby Rose:
She nearly knocked over her S/O with the force of her hug, tightly clinging to them, her legs wrapped around their waist. She didn’t want to them to be sad anymore. She’d sworn they wouldn’t be sad with her. They would n e v e r be sad with her. She’d give them anything if it would make them smile at her in that way that took her breath away. “I love you, I love you, I love you,” it became a mantra as she snuggled against their neck, wanting to reassure them about hiding it from her. She loved them either way, and besides, she thought that the small dog ears were rather cute and fitting for her precious S/O. “Its okay that you’re a faunus! You’re still cute and I still like you!”

Blake Belladonna:
She’d known immediately. She had smelled the scent of her brethren, and she’s seen the small twitching beneath clothing. She was observant and that combined with her heightened senses had granted her the knowledge of it. She was certain that they knew too. They’d never discussed it with her, but she absolutely knew that they had also known before they’d ever discussed dating. But now she stood before them, long and sleek panther tail swaying proudly in the dimmed light of their dorm room. “… I knew,” She admitted with a glance to the side, slightly embarrassed, as she reached up and tugged off the bow from around her cat ears. “And I’m sure you knew too. I-… we’re both okay, w-we both love each other… so it’s okay that we hid, right..?” The smile she received settled her down as she felt their arms around her. She loved that. And she loved the new tail she’d never seen until now.

Pyrrha Nikos:
She stared at her S/O, blinking slowly as she processed the words. Faunus. They were a faunus. And those were horns on their head. She was in love with someone she’d thought to be human, but was faunus. She smiled warmly at the new information, not at all bothered by the revelation. She could understand not wanting to be singled out. She tried so hard to be “Pyrrha” every single day, but the only thing that anyone could ever see her as was a warrior. But not them. They saw her as Pyrrha. “I quite like them. They suit you magnificently, darling,” she spoke sweetly, making sure that they believed every word she said. “.. We won’t ever be alone, yes?” The nod she received was more than enough to make her heart swell with joy. Neither of them were alone when they had each other.

1.5 months post op already!
I have most mobility back already, and all pain is gone. Chest is healing well, and every day I get dressed I feel amazing knowing that weight is gone.
I was a size B almost C chest before surgery, and am so happy with my results. I do have one very small dog ear fold on the right side (that boob was much larger than the left) but its very small and hardly noticable, so im not going to bother getting it fixed. Nipple placement was perfect, and im completely flat.
Once im clear to start working out I’m going to do some weight lifting to build up my muscles and maybe get some pecs. Without boobs i can finally see my chest muscles when i work out.

i want a medium floppy eared dog and a medium-small pointy eared dog and a fiddle leaf fig and a rubber plant and a BIG pothos and a house with good natural light and pretty floors and i want to never worry again. thats it folks


replied to your post

“Lenni, I know you have more to say than this…”

For the WIP guessing game: look, hand, book.

Hehe, well there’s plenty of “grimoire” and “tome” but…

Oh wait! Here’s one:

“Unfortunately not, as far as I know,” she confirmed, producing a small, dog-eared book from a pocket somewhere.

So obscure, out of context! Hm, for “look”…

She eyed the tome for a moment longer before looking back to the wizard.

And for “hand”: Nothing in that chapter but plenty in the other one for later in this story!

She nodded, between shivers, tugging her cloak closer around her shoulders before reaching to take the cup between her hands.

Having given up the cup, his hands grew restless.

And of course, a classic:

Aloth clasped his hands tightly to halt the fidgeting.

And lastly, this bit, flaunting a bit of context:  :-D 

Lenneth met his eyes again with a rueful grin. “I know any of you could have handled the hammer. Gods know I’d barely even have the strength to wield it myself if it weren’t magic,” she chuckled, loosing one hand from the teacup to jestingly flex one slender arm and tease a smile from Aloth.

keithbangkok  asked:

Regarding the Edwin Harris painting of a young women seated at a table arranging flowers image manipulation of the puzzling print tacked to the wall appears to reveal the profile of a small long- eared dog with his paw up on a table top- possibly trying to engage with the darker bird-like shape on the right. This reminds me of several paintings by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, the famous and popular animal painter would painted several domestic dramas of this type of confrontation.

What an interesting thought, thank you! I generally think of Landseer as working in higher contrasts and smoother forms than the print on the wall, but of course that’s no reason it couldn’t be one of his. After all, it does seem to be rather ambiguously recorded!

For everyone’s reference, this is the piece in question: