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What To Do After Finding Typos In Your Book

It’s a writer’s worst nightmare. Your book is uploaded to online retailers, sales are rolling in, reviews are popping up on Goodreads… and then you see it.


Oh, no. The realisation hits you like a sledgehammer to the gut. Before you go handing in your author badge, take a peek at the bullets below and cross them off your list.

#1 Talk to your publisher.

Your publisher should be more than willing to help. Often, this’ll include a bit of extra work on their part, since the error needs to be corrected and the document re-uploaded to all distributors. When I spotted an error in UNTOUCHABLE - a simple tense shift - I shot an email to my editor. She had it fixed within 24 hours. See? Piece of cake.

#2 Realise mistakes happen.

Even with an elite team of betas, editors and proofreaders in your corner, as well as multiple rounds of revisions, things will slip through the net. That’s inevitable. It’s the same for authors signed with one of the Big Six and authors with a small or digital-first publisher. There are hundreds of thousands of characters in a 60,000-word novel, so it’s impossible to root out all the bad eggs.

#3 Most readers won’t even notice.

No kidding. I know for a fact there are one or two grammar gaffes sprinkled throughout UNTOUCHABLE - on the balance of probabilities, there has to be - but no one’s called me up on it. That’s because the mind tends to gloss over minor errors as if they never existed. Convenient, huh?

The moral? Finding typos isn’t the end the world. It’s just part of the job description. So don’t stress.