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There is no room for tradition in animal care.

Animal care should not be stagnant. It should always be evolving and improving.

This applies to breeders, hobbyists, “casual” owners, everyone. It also applies to anyone who keeps animals for profit. If animals are raised to be eaten, they should still have the most up-to date care available.

If you find something that works, great! Use it, recommend it, whatever. But keep doing research. Keep learning and trying to improve. There are very few things that were done 50 years ago, even 20 years ago that have not changed or been improved upon since then.

If a breeder, store, rescue, etc. tells you that they’ve been doing something a certain way for more than a decade, start questioning.

I hate small talk.
I want to talk about atoms, death, aliens, sex, intellect, the meaning of life, far away galaxies, music that makes you feel different, memories, the lies you’ve told, your flaws, your favourite scents, your childhood, what keeps you up at night, your insecurities and your fears.
I like people with depth, who speak with emotion from a twisted mind.

I don’t want to know what’s up.

—  The idealist

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Dave n jade hanging out?

No pet is an easy pet.

Starting to get increasingly annoyed with people comparing hedgehogs to other small mammals like gerbils, hamsters, etc., even when they’re trying to use it as an argument that hedgehogs are higher maintenance. Yes, hedgehogs might need more equipment due to heating needs. But no, hamsters & gerbils aren’t “easy” pets either. They’re just much more common and the neglect and misinformation given out for them is much more widely accepted & ignored.

No pet is an easy pet.

Every animal has specific care needs. Every animal needs the proper enclosure, the proper handling and attention, and proper diet. Some are easier than others. Some might work better for a person’s schedule than others. All of them need to be researched for, all of them need their enclosure set up appropriately, all of them need some kind of continuing care & attention.

None of them are “easy”. If you want easy, get a stuffed animal or a pet rock.

‘We are rewriting the textbooks’: first dives to Amazon coral reef stun scientists

There is a flickering, bright glimmer of sky as the two-person submarine descends beneath the muddy equatorial waters to a place no human has ever seen – a vast, complex coral reef at the mouth of the world’s greatest river.

Thirty metres under the murky plume of the sediment-heavy Amazon, the sub enters a darker, richer world. A school of curious remora fish approaches the two-tonne machine. Crabs and starfish loom in its eerie lights. A metre-long amberjack swims past, then a two-metre ray.

At a depth of 80 metres, the pilot pauses to record large mounds of coral covered in rainbow-coloured pygmy angelfish, wrasses and parrotfish. There are sponges 30ft long.                     

At 120 metres the sub settles on the nearly level ocean floor in a field of soft coral, sea whips and fans. The pilot manoeuvres its remote cameras to within inches of the reef wall. It consists mainly of sponges and colourful rhodolith beds – masses of coral-like red algae – which are formed by chemical synthesis and thrive in the low light.

Most of the world’s shallow reefs are in trouble due to bleaching, climate change and fishing, but this one is pristine. Its wall is full of minute grooves and cracks, each hole and fissure home to something alive. Small, brave crabs approach the sub and raise their claws as if to defend themselves against this alien monster.

There are four Brazilian oceanographers, ecologists and marine scientists taking turns to dive in the sub from the Greenpeace boat Esperanza. For them, the chance to observe the reef, which they and others discovered three years ago after dredging brought up corals, is as thrilling as winning the World Cup.

Last year, based on chemical analysis of the plume and measurements of oxygen levels, they estimated the reef to be about 600 miles long, to cover 3,600 square miles, and be about 30 to 120 metres deep. They thought it was biologically relatively impoverished compared to other equatorial reefs, but nevertheless they recorded more than 60 species of sponge, 73 species of fish, spiny lobsters, stars and other reef life.

The Amazon reef: ‘a mega biome, a major ecological community of plants and animals with its own endemic species’. Photograph: Greenpeace


The Lybia crab is a species of small crab in the family Xanthidae. It is also referred to as Hawaiian boxer crab, pom-pom crab, cheerleader crab, mosaic boxer crab among many other nicknames. The crabs are known for their signature move of always carrying a small living sea anemone around in each of its claws. 

By waving sea anemone into different routines its dances its way to a free meal, gathering debris and food particles from the ground around the crab’s hiding place. 

If provoked or attacked by a predator, the pom-pom crab (boxing crab) will threaten the aggressor and try to deter it by waving it’s anemones around, the tentacles of which are well armed with cnidocytes (stinging cells). Video


New charms and pins came in yesterday!! ;w; Including Overwatch girls, lil crabs, small Nintendos, and food pins! I’m really happy how they all came out aaa

I’ll have these for sale online in early June, which leads me to some announcements:

Shop Hiatus

I’ll be closing my shop May 20 until June 4 because of Fanime and school! I’ll be doing con prep before the con and I’ll need some time to organize my stock afterwards (and take a lil break). I’ll have my new books, charms, pins, and merch available online or open preorders for them if I sell out at Fanime!

Overwatch Zine Shipping

I’ve gotten most of my shipping supplies in now, so I’m starting to ship the books this week! I’m shipping the book-only orders first and then I’ll move onto the bundles. Thanks for your patience everyone!

Fifteen Hundred Miles (Burr x Reader)

Words: 2700+

Warnings: A small bit of cursing

A/N: I have decided that there aren’t enough burr imagines out there, so i made one! i am proud of this, so enjoy!

You’ve checked your wrist hundreds of times, seeing if your soulmate would get any closer to you. But since you were born, your wrist read 1500 miles, 1500 miles away from the one you were meant to be with, 1500 miles away from seeing their face.

It was strange, sometimes you thought that your clock was broken. It hasn’t changed in miles, so either you haven’t gone anywhere in ages, or the person didn’t move out of their one-mile radius.

Most of your friends found their soulmates, they were lucky enough to live within a hundred-mile radius of one another. But you, you weren’t so fortunate. You had states to travel, hundreds of dollars to spend to see them. You wondered whether it was worth it. But you saw the happiness on Elizabeth’s face when she met Alexander and their immediate connection that you continued to think otherwise.

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I wanted to be a chiropterologist as a kid but gave up that dream. However, it's very hard to differentiate the species without a view of the face. I'm really glad you aren't disturbing the little fella, though! Based on the proportion of the ears from the back and knowing that they're gonna be longer than what's shown due to their positioning near the face, your buddy is most likely a Long Eared Myotis. However, most myotis species look pretty similar. What's your fave bat species?

That’s really cool!  I got better pics yesterday and will download them soon, but I’m like, 99% sure Little friend is a Long-Eared Myotis.

I think my favorite Bat is Noctilio leporinus , the Greater Fishing Bat!  They live in Central America and are specialists that hunt small fish, crabs, scorpions and other aquatic denizens!  Specifically, they swoop down after using echolocation for find thing UNDERWATER, and rake their lil Edward Scissorfeets through the water and toss whatever in their mouths for dinner:

It’s pretty awesome.  Also, Thier faces look like this:

Which makes me feel better every time I look at it.  What a lovely creature.

Part Of Your World

Group: BTS


Requested: Anonymous said:  omg I love your writing!!! Can I request a j hope au where he is a merman and he tries to get you to go and live in the sea with him thanks

Excerpt:  ‘never trust a mermaid because they could be a siren in disguise’

Genre: fantasy, mermaid au

Length: 1.5k

A/N: there will be a part two..

Originally posted by kpoop

“Never trust a mermaid,” your large eyes turned to your mother, “they could be a siren just waiting to lure you to your death.”

The slow sound of waves crashing on the shore brought these words to your mind as you looked out to the horizon. You had always been drawn to the ocean; from a young child, those words had been repeated to you daily as you often swam off chasing mermaids. Your poor mother tried to interest you in mundane activities, building intricate sandcastles or running around the shore to collect shells. But nothing was as interesting, as enrapturing as chasing mermaids; wading into the water as you stuck your head under and opened your eyes even with the sharp burn stinging sensation enhancing the wide grin on your face.

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Friendly reminder!

Hello all! As summer is coming up, some of you will be heading to the beach. On said beach, you may see a vendor selling hermit crabs. “They’re an cheap/easy pet to take care of!” they may say. “Why, this little plastic holder is all the room they need!” Please, if you see something like this, DO NOT BUY THE HERMIT CRABS. There are many reasons why you should not, but the main ones are:

  • Hermit crabs need very specific conditions to thrive, none of which can be met in a plastic “critter keeper”.
  • While they may be cheap in the long run, getting a proper set-up can cost a bit of money; money you may not have to spend after vacation.
  • Not all, but some hermit crabs sold at beaches have been forced into those bright, painted shells to become more sellable. (Kids will see a hermit crab with, say, Spongebob on the shell and beg for it until the parent(s) finally break down.) Forcing a hermit crab to change shells can and will kill the animal, because they are very sensitive to stress. Speaking of painted shells…
  • No hermit crab should be in a painted shell. While we are not certain is paint chips are toxic to them, they should not have the opportunity to eat them. Also, the paint chips can get stuck on them and cause all sorts of problems. (However, if you wish to keep the shell, you can strip it of the paint and it be okay.)

Also, please do not bring home a hermit crab you “found” on the beach. Most likely that is not a land hermit crab, and is actually a salt water hermit crab that needs to be in salt water at all times to breathe and survive, and salt water tanks are WAY more expensive than fresh water tanks.

If you really want a hermit crab, please, do research beforehand so you can have everything ready for your new buddies (don’t just bring home one; they need a friend!). No pet is a throw away pet. They are all living animals and need the very best from us, their caretakers.