small cows

you enter my abandoned adobe house in the middle of the mojave desert, the inside of the house is small and covered in cow skulls. at this point i am an elderly abuelita holding a pot of mole. i ask you to take a seat, you refuse, the cow skulls begin to rattle. scorpions flood the floor, you look back at me only to see a skeleton with my hair, dress and fingernails. i approach you slowly

Bertha the twinkie loving cow (Peter Maximoff x reader)

Peter’s on a run one day, going no where in particular and somehow ends up a few states away, at a dairy farm. (where the cows are in fields. I despise the others)

Peter’s standing by the fence, eating twinkies and watching cows for a few minutes then one of the cows walks up to him mooing and starring at him expectantly.

Peter looks from the cow, to the twinkie in his hand “What? you want this?” the cow mooed in response, walking right up to him eating the twinkie from his extended hand and licking his fingers for more. Peter grinned.

{two hours, three boxes of twinkies, and some help from Scott to ‘sneak’ a cow into the dorms later}

You walk into Peter’s room and lean against the doorframe staring at Peter’s new roommate. “Peter, why is there a cow in your room now?”

Peter stops petting the cow and looks up from his spot on his 'borrowed’ couch “(Y/n) I told you earlier, her name is Bertha”

You sighed shaking your head “Fine Peter. Why is Bertha in your room?”

“Well I couldn’t take her back to the farm where I found her” he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world

You rubbed your temples. Oh the things you put up with for this boy.

“And why couldn’t you take her back to the farm, she’s a milk cow she would’ve been fine”

Peter looked at you with a horrified expression

“Because they only gave her grass and cow food!”

“Peter that’s what all cows eat.”

“Well not Bertha.” he petted the cows head, making it moo affectionately “She likes twinkies and they weren’t giving her any, no way she’s going back. Plus, free milk.” Peter said smugly eating a twinkie like he just won, and hand feeding one to Bertha who happily ate it

You plopped down on the couch next to Peter, grabbing an extra twinkie from his box “Fine. But your explaining this to Charles.”

Peter wrapped his arm around your shoulder, nuzzling your neck “You’re gonna love Bertha! she’s great and loves twinkies, just like you”

You glared at him “Pietro whatever your middle name is Maximoff, you did not just compare me to a cow.” you growled at him
Peter gulped and speed backed away quickly, not taking his eyes off you and tripped into a small table behind him
you stood up slowly, looking increasingly intimidating to Peter “N-now (Y/n) I didn’t mean it like that-(Y/n), (Y/N)!”

And that’s the story of how Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters got a cow named Bertha. And the reason poor Charles Xavier who did not sign up for this, had to write a letter of apology to a very confused dairy farmer in Ohio.

This is also where Charles truly regrets not taking Erik up on his offer to live with him in their love shack on a beach in Cuba

I’m proud I wrote something but dammit I got 7 10k drafts I can’t seem to finish


These are my stimmy things!
2 textured tangle jrs
A mini Rubik’s cube
Crazy Aaron’s thinking putty in twilight
Some glass bead-y things
A squishy fish
A spiky ball
A plastic jellyfish thing, it’s fun to run your hands over the tendrils.
Some marbles
Some shiny blue cloth stars
A squishy fish
A really soft ribbon
A container of tiny pink beads, I use it like a maraca.
A poofy ball of fur
Some plastic beads that are really fun to chew on
A squishy cow
A small butterfly slinky
And two chewy stim necklaces



Extremely rare original Gameboy’s.

1. The cow. A small amount were given away in a sweepstakes by the MILKA Chocolate Corporation of Germany. That’s their logo painted on the case.

2. The Mini Comboy. Due to legal reasons, Nintendo wasn’t able to produce their products in Koria and as a result another company made them under the name Mini Comboy.

3. The Toyota Gameboy was given out with the purchase of a certain model Toyota car for a limited time in Japan.

4. The White Gameboy was a Japan exclusive with a very small run.

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I apologize that these are a lot but I'm really curious: 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 30, 31, 32, 44, 45 for Taro and Kallias

Don’t apologize, doll! I love talking about Kallias and the kids ♥

17. What was your character’s favorite toy as a child?

Taro: It was a toy Mercy used to play with as a child, but he loved it to death. A small, hand carved wooden cow painted with red spots. It even had its own little bell around its neck. He used to fondly called it ‘Moony’

Kallias: She doesn’t remember what happened to it but she used to have a purple painted boat she would take to a little stream close to their home. Lysandros, her older sister, used to say she’s going to be a sailor one day. 

19. What is your character’s biggest relationship flaw? Has this flaw destroyed relationships for them before?

Taro: His biggest weakness is that he can be too clingy. Worry and fear always fills him when he can’t see the person he loves, so being close and constantly touching reassures him. He has had very few relationships before Kitt but none of them ended because of this flaw. When Kitt’s in a mood to not be touchy or lovey, this can bother her but more often then not she gives him the same type of affection back. 

Kallias: She has always had issues with her pride. So much so that it keeps her from telling her secret of being blind, not wanting to appear weak to anyone. She hardly apologies first and holds grudges because of this. It has been the cause of a few relationships ending, but Kallias doesn’t thinks of it as so. Reaper and her occasionally butt heads. Both being very prideful, but at the end of the day, he respects her for her strong will, and she in turn respects him. 

22. What does your character like in other people?

Taro: Empathy. The people in this world are so cold and cruel. Being a killer is just another fact to add to a bio of a person, and it honestly saddens his heart. When he finds someone who feels and understands all his own love and fear and hope, he clicks with them really well. He deems that as the most human quality of all. 

Kallias: Loyalty. She simply does not trust anyone with the slightest hint of betrayal in their eyes. It is the love and honor people give to each other, and the most important thing someone can be. She will not form a relationship with someone if they do not hold this dearly in their hearts. 

23. What does your character dislike in other people?

Taro: Idleness. He believes there is always something someone can do to help this world or help someone. If they’re not doing it, they aren’t helping themselves or anyone else. 

Kallias: Lust. She will not tolerate anyone who only sees a person as only a body and a way to satisfy themselves. There is so much more to a soul then that and should be treated as such. 

26. How does your character behave around children?

Taro: Having a nature way with little ones, he acts goofy and silly to get them to laugh and jump up and down with him. He’s also gentle and can calm any crying child in a few minutes. 

Kallias: More awkward then anything, she tries to keep her space and watch them from a distance just to make sure they don’t accidentally hurt themselves. She dreads it when little kids want her attention because she doesn’t know what to do in order to keep them happy. 

30. What does your character find repulsive or disgusting?

Taro: Willful negligence. It makes the most sour taste on his tongue when he sees people standing on the sidelines watching others get hurt or not saying something while letting something horrible unfold. for whatever reason. He thinks it the worst thing a person could do. 

Kallias: Mistreatment of scared places or historically sites. She has the most respect for her home and culture, but to see others disrespect such things boils her blood. If she ever catches someone in the act of defacing a scared place, she makes sure they never get the idea to do it again. 

31. Describe a scenario in which your character feels most comfortable.

Taro: Surrounded by the people he loves, while playing a silly game or eating dinner. Mostly just being around his family and Kitt, but his lab is a nice play to breathe a little easier too. 

Kallias: In a warm place, with a sweater and fluffy socks on. Either just roughhousing with someone or doing a small task that keeps her hands busy while she chats with someone.

32. Describe a scenario in which your character feels most uncomfortable.

Taro: Around strangers, in a foreign place without knowing what is contained in all the rooms. Especially if he doesn’t have his Caduceus staff and suit on. 

Kallias: In the cold, having to move through a storm or blizzard. Having to work with someone she hates, or not having her gold scarf wrapped around her neck. Being without her eye contacts, the EPE, for an extended amount of time. 

44. How easy or difficult is it for your character to say “I love you?” Can they say it without meaning it?

Taro: Its not hard for him to say at all, but he prefers to say it in private and not out in public. He says it often too, making sure they knew he loves them. Its nearly impossible for him to say it without meaning it because it just feels wrong. 

Kallias: Its hard for people to get close enough to Kallias for her to feel like she can say it, but the moment she feels that way about someone she tells them immedietly. She makes it clear how important they are to her. If she doesn’t love someone, she doesn’t say it, simply as that. 

45. What does your character believe will happen to them after they die? Does this belief scare them?

Taro: He believes there is a heaven that everyone ends up in, safe and sound and finally resting. This doesn’t terrify him at all

Kallias: As a Greek, she believes heavily in her culture. She believes that souls are rewarded for their pain in their earthly life, and finally get to enjoy peace in the afterlife. However, the dead can only live in eternal bliss as long as they are remembered. She doesn’t like to dwell on it, but only because right now her country and her people see her as a traitor. The last thing she wants is her legacy to be remembered as such, or worst, forgotten entirely. 


Okay am very proud of this. Our assignment was to use an unconventional canvas to work with ( and I had a bunch of these  sitting outside ). I thought that it would be cool to play around with the juxtaposition between what we expect to be on certain canvases and what kind of canvases we expect certain types of art to be on.