small coma

Inside the Coma Cluster of Galaxies : Almost every object in the above photograph is a galaxy. The Coma Cluster of Galaxies pictured above is one of the densest clusters known - it contains thousands of galaxies. Each of these galaxies houses billions of stars - just as our own Milky Way Galaxy does. Although nearby when compared to most other clusters, light from the Coma Cluster still takes hundreds of millions of years to reach us. In fact, the Coma Cluster is so big it takes light millions of years just to go from one side to the other! The above mosaic of images of a small portion of Coma was taken in unprecedented detail in 2006 by the Hubble Space Telescope to investigate how galaxies in rich clusters form and evolve. Most galaxies in Coma and other clusters are ellipticals, although some imaged here are clearly spirals. The spiral galaxy on the upper left of the above image can also be found as one of the bluer galaxies on the upper left of this wider field image. In the background thousands of unrelated galaxies are visible far across the universe. via NASA


Comet Clark is near the Edge

Sweeping through this stunning field of view, Comet 71P/Clark really is in the foreground of these cosmic clouds. The 2 panel telescopic mosaic is color enhanced and is about 5 degrees (10 full moons) across. It captures the faint comet’s position on the night of May 23/24 over 5 light-minutes from Earth, very near the line-of-sight to bright star Antares and the Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex. In the frame Antares, also known as Alpha Scorpii, is at bottom center surrounded by a dusty cosmic cloud reflecting the cool giant star’s yellowish light. Globular star cluster M4 shines just right of Antares, but M4 lies some 7,000 light-years away compared to Antares’ 500 light-year distance. Slightly closer than Antares, Rho Ophiuchi’s bluish starlight is reflected by the dust in molecular clouds toward the top. You can spot the small coma and short tail of the comet as a faint smudge near the center of the left edge of the frame. Just look for the comet’s striking greenish color, produced as diatomic carbon molecules fluoresce in sunlight.

Image Credit: Raul Villaverde Fraile

best friends || isaac lahey

word count: 3350

warnings: none

prompt: isaac and y/n are best friends, but get in a fight before a mission. y/n almost gets attacked by the villan and isaac saves her.

author’s note: probably seems familiar because it’s been posted, this is a repost because my old blog is now deleted.

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Letters to Home

Summary: SasuSaku, 699-700. Continuation of All I Ask. 

A/N: Sorry that this took so long to complete, and I’m not too sure how I feel about it. I’m still a novice at writing so I hope it’s not too terrible! Thanks for reading.


I can’t say for sure when I’ll return, and I don’t know where exactly this journey will take me. I don’t know what realization I’ll come to by the end of this or if I’ll even be left with one. I’m unsure of a lot, which is why I’ve left in the first place. I need to see life through this new lens I’ve been given. The one thing I seem to be certain of though, is that you will always be there. Where I used to see that as an obstacle to overcome, I now find it a source of comfort. I’m grateful for that.


Sakura sits in her office the same day that Sasuke left to continue his journey of redemption. The surgery she’d performed that morning had gone well. The renowned medic knew that her emotions would have to be pushed aside while she was at work, yet still, Sasuke’s letter remained at the back of her mind throughout the entire procedure. In the three hours after she’d finished stitching the last suture, she’s read his letter to her over and over and over; it’s been burned into her memory at this point and she’s not sure what to make of it.

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confundo || george weasley

requestHi sweetie! Could you do a oneshot where the reader is Georges longterm girlfriend and in the battle of Hogwarts she suffers from amnesia because of a bad injury and doesn’t recognize him anymore? You’re my favorite blog and I hope you have an amazing day x

warnings: none :)


word count: 621

   Blood, sweat, fear: three factors in the Battle of Hogwarts. Screams filled your ears as you wiped dripping blood off your forehead.

   There were three wizards in front of you, all working together to defeat you. You juked and ducked, but they blocked you from running off. You were getting exhausted and nauseous, and effort was lacking at this point. You were about to cast a spell when all the wizards yelled, “Confundo!”, knocking you off your feet.

   You heard someone scream your name before your eyes closed and your mind went blank.

   You woke up on the floor of the Great Hall, with a pillow supporting your head. You looked around to see a tall man with red hair looking genuinely worried.

   “How are you, Y/N?” George asked. “I’m okay. What happened?” you looked around to see a bunch of people you didn’t recognize. “That spell that hit you knocked you out,” he explained. “Ooh, a spell. Like magic right? Funny,” you laughed. “Oh no,” he said, motioning for Madam Pomfrey to come over.

   “I think she’s had memory loss, and lots of it,” George explained. “Watch: Y/N, what’s my name?” You examined him before answering. “Well, I dunno. You haven’t properly introduced yourself.”

   Madam Pomfrey sighed. “Well, she won’t be fighting anytime soon. I’ll take her to the back to try to recover her memories, but it won’t be fully recovered until I get her to St. Mungo’s. Well, if this war ever ends,” she saddened. “There’s a war? Awesome,” you responded, entertained by the mere thought of it.

   “Okay, that’s enough. How about you get some sleep?” she asked. Madam Pomfrey put her arm out as a gesture for you to grab on, and you were put on your feet. You wobbled a bit, then finally got balance. You walked over to the back where it was more empty and lied down. You felt yourself falling into sleep until all was dark.

   You woke up in a white hospital room with the same redhead in front of you, but this time, you recognized it as George. His face was sad, but with a glint of hope in his eyes. You smiled. “Hi, Georgie,” you said, causing him to break out in a giant smile. You saw the people behind him grin too, but not as big as George.

   A Healer came around to fill your glass on the nightstand with water. “She won’t remember minor memories, but that’s about it,” she explained before walking to another patient.

   “What happened?” you asked, but before George could start, Arthur broke out in a story. “So Voldemort was defeated by Harry, but before that, we thought Harry was dead, but he came back to life! Brilliant, isn’t it? And-” he continued, on and on about what happened in the war, but not what happened to you.

   George could tell that’s not what you were asking about. “Okay, so basically these gits hit you with a Confundo at the same time, so it was so powerful you lost tons of your memory. So you didn’t know what magic was or who I was.”

   “Ever since then you’ve been in a small coma type sleep, so you basically missed out on Voldemort’s defeat.” You sighed. “Dangit.”

   “Yeah, but at least you weren’t on the grounds yelling ‘Abracadabra’ at people’s heads,” he laughed. You smiled. He must’ve noticed you were still disappointed because he leaned down to kiss your forehead. “I think seeing Voldemort be defeated is more rewarding than a kiss on the forehead,” you teased. He grinned. “Yeah, yeah.”

only human

“It’s just a tad bit ridiculous to me that, despite my countless warnings and lectures and explanations, you continue not to listen. This is the third time you’ve made a deal with one of the demons we’ve summoned and you’re unbelievably fortunate that it’s never been anything worse than this and–Simon why are you smiling?”

“I’m hot.” He says gleefully, looking up at Magnus, who’s in his arms-crossed, strict parent pose. Simon knows he deserves this lecture, just like he deserved it the first two times, but in this moment he can’t seem to care because it’s a little warm in Magnus’ apartment, too warm to be wearing a Captain America hoodie, and Simon can feel it. But it’s not the time to enjoy that, he realizes when Magnus’ glare continues to be unwavering. “Look, I’m sorry! I know I have to stop, but at least we got what we needed! He gave us the information, so now Alec has a lead on who’s been supplying that werewolf drug.”

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I SAID, you’re unlucky in love, bitch.  YOU SIT DOWN WHEN YOU PEE.  :|

Pierre-Louis ended up in a small coma in the bedroom.  Michele passed out somewhere out in back Idek… it was undignified, as you’d expect.  xD

…. yes but, Andrei has a small thing for Grumpy women.

I’m starting to think he enjoys being taken advantage of by pretty women.

Stop.  xD

I’ve been chewing on this idea for an angsty h/c kylux fic for a while now

What if something happened to Hux which caused him to go into a small coma. Maybe he was attacked, or it was a freak accident, but he was hit in the head pretty hard. It gave him a concussion, and despite Ren urging him to stay awake, he fell asleep and fell into a coma.
When Hux wakes up, it’s only a few days later. The doctors start to ask him standard questions, but every time he tries to speak he can’t get the words out. His eyes go wide and he grips his throat. He’s stuttering uncontrollably. He’s able to get out “R-R-Re-R-R-Ren” and the doctors rush to get him there.
The doctors explain that the blow to the head and the coma has caused a stutter. It’s most likely permanent.
Hux feels like his whole world has shattered. First Starkiller, now this? How was he supposed to lead people like this? How could he address troops or give orders or speeches?
Ren tries his best to help him, tries all sorts of force tricks. Nothing’s working.
They stand before Snoke to give him an update as to what’s happened. Snoke knows what’s happened, but asks Hux to explain anyways. When Ren tries to speak for him, Snoke cuts him off and demands Hux to speak.
Hux tries so hard, but can’t fight the stutter.
“Pitiful,” Snoke laughs. “I’ll give you a week. If you cannot overcome this by then, I will have no further use of you. Now go.”
Hux is crushed. Snoke’s words on repeat in his head. His father’s words, god his father, what will he say? What will everyone say?
Hux is panicking, Ren has to calm him down. Hux struggles to get words out, too overwhelmed. So Kylo enters his mind, opening a connection, allowing them to speak to each other this way.
It’s freeing. Hux is finally able to speak to someone without stuttering, even if it’s just in their minds.
This is how they work together. Hux will think, Ren will speak for him.
In private, Ren urges Hux to speak with his own voice. He hates to admit it, but he misses it.
Hux resists, too ashamed, but slowly starts to speak out loud to Ren more and more. Let’s him hear him.
When they start sleeping together he talks more, his voice stuttering and moaning and Ren drinks it up. Hux doesn’t have to think about the stutter with Ren.
Hux is learning to cope with the stutter and the possibility with it never going away. Ren makes it easier, and helps him realize there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

anonymous asked:

HCs: Jeremy feels like he's directly in front of the sun when he has a fever , where as Micheal is always shivering and feels like he's covered in snow.

…you know I’ve always seen mike as the cold one and Jeremy as the one who feels both but…thats getting thrown out the fucking. Headcanon readily accepted. Imagine their conflicting sick day cuddles.

Michael needs hot chocolate and 50 blankets while Jeremy needs a small coma and an ice cream cone

They fight over the thermostat, Michael just wants Jeremy to have one blanket cuz he won’t stop shivering despite being super hot and Jeremy is positive Michael’s making his Fever higher with all that heat

In other words a royal mess and they need to be babysat

The Accident - A Robbie Kay x Reader imagine

So yesterday was a fucking hell of a day. I got into a pretty bad car accident, everyone was okay but my friends car was really smashed in the front. I was shocking to say the least. Then a few hours later I was driving home and I FUCKING SAW A DEAD BODY AND CRIME SCENE LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. So yeah to say the least im SHOOK, but like really my body and emotions are kinda shut down from everything. So yeah that was my day haha. I hope you guys are all having a better day. But yeah since i had the experience fresh in my mind I just kinda started to write. 

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~(Nick)Name: Noora
~Zodiac Sign: Pisces
~Height: 163cm
~Orientation: Straight
~Ethnicity: Finn
~Favourite Fruit: Tomatoes are fruits right? So I’ll say cherry tomatoes.
~Favourite Season: Winter/Spring
~Favourite Book Series: I haven’t read many series, even fewer as an adult. I’d say I really enjoyed The Hunger Games as books.
~Favourite Flower: Peonies.
~Favourite Scent: I don’t have one.
~Favourite Colour: Purple/Blue
~Coffee, Tea, or Cocoa: Coffee
~Cats or Dogs: Cats
~Average Sleep Hours: Average is probably something like 5-6 hours. But usually I either get like an eyeful of sleep or I slip into a small coma.
~Favourite Fictional Characters: Right now the space lizzerds.
~Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 1-3, it depends.
~Dream Trip: Uhh, I don’t like travelling that much. I’d enjoy the trip most if I got to meet a friend or something.
~Blog Created: 6 years ago. I wanted to follow some content creators.

~Followers: 674

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36-38 for the asks

36. Favorite clean word? Paracosm. However my friend reminded me that I also say “butts” a lot.
37. Favorite swear word? There’s a Finnish word starting with P my brother and I use a lot.
38. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep? I once stayed up from 4am one day, until 4am the next day, but it was because I was incredibly sick and thought I was dying. 

Conversely, I once slept for nearly three whole days, having awoken at around 2pm on the third day after what I had assumed was a light nap, but evidently was a “small coma” as my friend has put it. Neither my dad nor brother bothered to check on me during this time mind you, they just thought I was busy doing my own things.

I was twelve.