small cling

I know people like to make Enjolras taller than R because it makes him intimidating and literally unreachable

but consider

Enjolras is short and just the personification of this


Request: Anonymous said to jenotebook:can you please do boyfriend johnny? Thanks~ ❤️

  • Such a clingy boyfriend tbh
  • No matter if you’re tall or small
  • He’s always clinging onto you, literally
  • His arms are always going to be wrapped around you 
  • Johnny doesn’t care who sees
  • He just wants to be able to wrap his arms around you wherever you are
  • And when you’re not there with him
  • He’s hugging his pillow
  • And really it’s funny and cute to see
  • Jaehyun once sent u a snap of it but shhh don’t tell him
  • Which is actually the reason why you bought him a huge teddy bear!!
  • I mean, he’s still bigger than that teddy bear but
  • He’s the type to facetime you a lot
  • And with a lot i mean like A LOT lot
  • “Hey babe, don’t I look great”
  • “..Not to be mean, Johnny, but I can’t even see your face”
  • He then realised that he was still under his blankets
  • And ofc he just laughed and revealed his face
  • Showing you a tired and shirtless Johhny smiling at your through the phone
  • Maybe you’ll choke on your breakfast bcs he looks so hot
  • Who knows
  • Johnny l o v e s to do exciting things
  • Honestly he would probably bring you bungee jumping for your date
  • It’s okay if you don’t want to go bungee jumping yourself
  • You’ll just have to film him then
  • He’s probably gonna scream and laugh at the same time
  • Amazing rlly
  • He also rlly rlly rlly loves it when you listen to him playing the piano
  • And ofc you also rlly love it when he plays for you
  • The way his fingers just move from key to key
  • His concentrated face
  • Truly mesmerizing
  • When you clap for him after he’s finished
  • A smile appears on his face and he’s low-key blushing
  • Ofc he just bows and decides to play again
  • He would probably play Bruno Mars and sing along passionately
  • Making sure he makes you laugh with his funny expressions
  • Honestly, making you laugh i something he loves to do
  • Whenever you’re down, he always has a way to cheer you up
  • He seems like someone who would bring you to amusement park dates
  • Screaming on the rides
  • Srsly there’s never one moment where Johnny’s calm
  • Sometimes though
  • When he’s had a really tiring day
  • He’ll just drag you with him to bed
  • Snuggle up to you
  • And fall asleep
  • He doesn’t even bother getting up anymore to shower 
  • He’s just too tired
  • Not really pleasant to sleep next to a sweaty Johnny
  • But he’s your bf and he’s tired and he kinda looks really cute
  • So
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I feel like Johnny always tells you that he loves you a lot
  • When the relationship is a bit more serious ofc
  • Because even though he’s not always there for you
  • Bcs of his schedule, etc.
  • He wants you to know that he loves you a lot
  • Sending you weird snaps of his face
  • ‘hi babe i lov u n miss u a lot’
  • ‘have u eaten?i ate sushi’
  • he doesn’t rlly cry
  • but sometimes he does tear up a little at the thought of you
  • and that’s when he just hugs the teddy bear that you bought him
  • the moment he’s back with you tho
  • he hugs you so tightly
  • rlly you can’t breathe anymore from his hug
  • but hey at least your bf’s back
  • i need me a bf johnny wow
Lights Out (Jumin x MC)

You and Jumin are at home when a disastrous storm causes the power to go out.

Word Count: 504

I’ve thought about this prompt for so long, so here you go! I hope you enjoy and have a lovely day!


You lay with Jumin on the sofa, sighing comfortably as you heard the pouring rain outside.

Your husband’s arms were tangled around you, the two of you softly talking to one another.

“Do you like weather like this?” He asked, setting his head atop yours.

“As long as it’s just like this.” You admitted. “Serious storms can sometimes freak me out-”

As though dreadfully on cue, thunder boomed from outside, bolts of lightning striking the ground.

You let out a small shriek, clinging to Jumin as your heart threatened to erupt from your chest.

“Speak of the devil.” He hummed.

“That’s one way to put it.”

He chuckled at your response, tilting his head to tenderly kiss your temple. “Don’t worry love, you’re fine. The storm will pass soon enough.”

If only that were true.

The thunder continued roaring and the lightning went on with its crashing as though it didn’t have a care in the world.

And it probably didn’t.

But you did.

You had shifted your entire position, moving so that you could bury your face into his neck.

He simply would murmur words of support towards you, weaving a gentle hand through your hair.

It nearly worked.

Your heartbeat had begun to slow, and your breathing had become less ragged.

That was until the power went out.

Almost instantly as another shock of electricity hit, you were drenched in sudden darkness.

“Oh my goodness.” You muttered, lifting your gaze to find not a single light working. “Oh no.”

“It’s alright love, it’ll come back on eventually.”

“It’s just…unnerving.” You admitted.

“I didn’t know you were afraid of these sort of storms before, next time I go out I’ll have to find something to cancel out the sound.”

“You don’t have to do that.” You replied. “I wouldn’t be able to hear you then.”

“Has talking to me helped at all?” He looked down, curiosity painting his expression.

“Just you being here is…probably the only thing keeping me calm.” You laughed, a bit embarrassed. “So, talking to you is a lifesaver.”

He thought for a moment, before giving a small, grateful smile. “Nothing would make me happier than to do that.”

You smiled, reaching up and fondly pressing your lips against his. “Thank you.”

“Of course.”

And so, the two of you continued to talk, Jumin occasionally slipping jokes to you in an effort to make you laugh.

They worked each time.

And when the lights eventually came on, you hardly noticed, simply enjoying the presence of your husband as he held you.

The storms didn’t seem to be so bad, as long as he was with you.

And he adored every moment beside you.

Two Remain

Prompt: Derek and the reader are fighting the Oni when she is stabbed in the chest. Her boyfriend, Isaac, isn’t there, so Derek holds her in his arms as she dies. 

Warning: the reader dies

Derek wasn’t sure how it happened. It was so fast. One minute Y/N was fighting the Oni alongside him. The next there was a blade sticking out the front of her chest. Swiftly, it was removed, and the Oni disappeared in a mysterious haze.

           He caught her before she crumpled to the ground. She was gasping for breath, and one of her small hands was clinging to his shirt, as if she was afraid he was going to leave her. Derek wanted to tell her that was impossible, that he would never leave her, but all his words were caught in his throat as he stared down at the blossoming blood stain on the shirt of the girl he loved.

           From the moment he had met her, Derek had been in love with Y/N- but she was Isaac’s. Because of that, he had never tried to make a move. He kept his feelings to himself, never gave away any indication that he was breaking inside. But that pain was nothing compared to the torment he felt now as she was dying in his arms.

           “Derek…” she panted. Even now his heart skipped a beat when she said his name. “Where’s Isaac?”

           Of course she would ask for him. Who else would should ask for? Why would she ask for anyone besides him? Derek scolded himself mentally for hoping any different.

           “He’s coming, I promise. Stay with me.” He found himself begging.

           “I’m trying… it hurts…” Her voice was strained. Derek quickly took her other hand and laced her fingers with his, squeezing her palm tightly as he tried to absorb as much of the pain as he could. It was almost unbearable, but he refused to let go. He was going to do whatever he could to help her.

           Derek could hear her heartbeat slowing, could practically feel her chest not rising and falling as rapidly as it had before. “C’mon, Y/N. Stay awake. Isaac’s coming.” He spat through gritted teeth. “You need to stay awake for him.”

           When he looked back at her face, there were tears in her eyes. “Please make sure he knows that it wasn’t his fault.” Y/N pleaded. “And that I love him.”

           Fighting back tears of his own, he promised, “I will.” At those words, he could feel her body relax in his arms. “No, that doesn’t mean you can die now. You need to stay awake. Y/N.” Derek nearly shouted from frustration. His chest was unbelievably heavy, and felt like someone was trying to break it open. He didn’t know what else to do. His mind was blank; the only thing he was capable of thinking was: she’s going to die. Derek had never felt more helpless in his entire life.

           “Derek,” she whispered, eyes suddenly dry, voice eerily calm. “It’s okay.”

           “No it’s not!” He snapped. “Don’t you dare close your eyes!” She didn’t need to. She was already dead. At the realization Derek began to breathe harder. His eyes swept up and down her still body as if trying to locate some movement, some sign that she hadn’t left him forever. He knew it was hopeless. He couldn’t hear the sweet sound of her heart any more.

           Softly, his voice broke as he murmured, “No, don’t do this to me, please.” Derek felt his jaw trembling; he clenched it tightly in an attempt to keep from crying.

           Several car doors slammed in the distance, and the hammering of feet alerted him of his young friends finally arriving. He could smell Isaac before he saw him. Derek didn’t want to turn around and face him. He didn’t want to, but he knew he had to. Putting on his stolid mask, sinking back into the act of a heart of stone, Derek turned around, still clutching Y/N’s lifeless body to his chest. All he could say when he saw the look on Isaac’s face was, “I’m sorry.”

A pint-size captain, who could only just see over the bridge screen of the great battleship he commanded was passed at sea by a destroyer-leader, commanded by quite possibly the tallest captain of a ship, at a full seven feet.
Destroyer to Battleship:
—  Make Another Signal, by Captain Jack Broome, RN (Ret.)
Talking Shit

Devil Dreg: Sir we are receiving calls from some Kings.

D. Captain: Well what are they saying?

D.Dreg: They are calling us small whelps that still cling to their mother’s back.



K.Captain: *in the Distance* AT LEAST OUR KELL IS STILL ALIVE!!!



D. Captain: ETHER SLUT!


*various Eliksni cries and roars in the area*

Hunter: What do you think they are screaming about?

Warlock: Those are probably mating calls..

Titan: Gross..

Don’t wait around for someone to appreciate you. Don’t wait around for someone to change. Never hope that if you stay for a bit more, he’ll look at you differently, the way you have always dreamt it to be. Don’t cling onto small hopes for it will never go big. Chances are if he can’t appreciate you as you are today, he never will in the future. So let go. Go somewhere else where your efforts and existence are seen as light of day.

“’Scuse me, coming through. Small person who is unafraid to pummel you with a keyboard over here,” Waverly called out, making her way through the small crowd of students, clinging her keyboard (which was nearly her height held long-ways) to her chest. Stupid fucking professor, making her bring it in so that she could sing a ballad for them. Didn’t he realize that a guitar would have worked just as well? Not paying much attention to her surroundings, when the brunette actually did whack someone with the keyboard, she gasped loudly, gently setting it down. “Oh shit–” she began, but her attention and words were directed toward her keyboard right away instead of the person. “My baby, did I hurt you?”

Four Cycles

((Writing childhood drabbles, because yes. @adrieneuxhocoleux))

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Her hair, normally left free to tangle, lies in a finely done plait against her back. Even still, she’s collected several sticks and a small bug that clings to the dark green locks. Scabs at her knees speak of an earlier fall, and she scurries like mad through the underbrush. Longer footfalls hunt for her, the heavy boots squashing through mud as someone sticks to her trail. 

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Batman headcanon that Bruce has one very clear, crystal moment when he realized that he loved each of his kids. He’s never told anyone but he keeps this secret moment deep in his heart for his darkest days.

Dick was the first child he took into his heart and, surprisingly, it was the quickest realization. Perhaps it was because of the stark similarities in their situations but Bruce fell hard and fast. It was while Dick was in his temporary custody following his parents’ murder. Bruce and Dick went for a walk in the gardens outside the Manor to try and cheer up the sad kid when he slipped and fell on the wet grass dragging Dick with him. Dick’s tiny giggles soon became noisy laughter as they struggled to sit up. Finally feeling comfortable, Dick soon lights up and chatters all the way back to house, a small hand clinging to Bruce’s wet sweater sleeve. It was on this walk back Bruce realized that he wanted to protect this child forever and began the adoption process the next day.

While not one of his kids in the traditional sense, Bruce finds he loves Barbara Gordon as well. She’s just becoming serious as Batgirl and is now actively training with the rest of the family when Bruce catches Dick staring at her. While initially, he writes it off as puppy love, Bruce realizes over time that his son had fallen head over heels in love without his notice. It’s only when he sees Barbara give that small smile back and Bruce knows she’s going to be his daughter one day and he loves her it.

Jason took longer. Bruce initially saw him as a temporary guest at the house and while he cared for the boy, it took a bit to love him. The moment came middle of the night a few weeks into Jason’s stay when Bruce caught him trying to run away. Jason admitted that he felt he didn’t belong here and, though he appreciated the care, he didn’t belong in such a nice home. Terrified at the thought of losing this boy he just realized he loved, Bruce scoops up the skinny kid, tells him to his face that he’ll always protect him and tucks him back in bed. He reads Jason a few chapters from a book even though it’s now like 2 am before stroking his hair and kissing his forehead. The next morning Jason comes down to find an enormous breakfast and plans to shop for more permanent living requirements (clothes, furniture).

His realization with Tim came in the middle of an argument. Not too long into his Robin training, Tim becomes overly frusterated with Bruce’s comparisons to Dick and Jason. He’s tired of being held to Dick’s perfect standard and the constant cautioning about Jason. Bruce and Tim bicker back and forth until Bruce realizes that his arguments with Dick and Jay were never like this and Tim is so different from the other boys and he loves him for it, for his dedication and intuition. Bruce just stops mid-sentence, replies that Tim is right and that he’ll do better to be less critical of Tim. He then asks Tim to stay for dinner and, later, gives him his own room. Tim remembers it as one of the few arguments he won against Bruce but doesn’t realize the full significance.

He finds out he loves Cassandra during the process of official adoption. He took her in because she needed care and guidance and didn’t really think beyond that. But it’s as he working with her on reading and writing, helping her work on her signature that it comes to him. The moment comes when he finds the words that will bring a smile to her face. Calling her My Girl and giving her positive praise bring the biggest smiles and he finds that he wants to keep that smile on her forever because he loves her. He doesn’t do anything special for the moment other to gently tuck a stray tuft of hair behind her ear but the moment is seared onto his heart.

Bruce actually mistakes his ‘moment’ at first for Damian. He thinks at first it’s when Damian comes up to him and quietly tells Bruce he’s sorry for his disrespectful behavior early in his stay. Bruce smiles and pets Dami’s head and tells him to his face that he loves him. But it’s only much later that Bruce finds that he really does love Dami beyond his blood connection. It’s a small moment when he walks by the kitchen and finds Dick and Damian chatting over breakfast. Dami is behaving snarkily, rolling his eyes and tutting over Dick’s behavior but his eyes are smiling and Bruce is filled with pride that the son he never knew he had has found happiness and that he never let his blood child feel unloved ever again.

These memories come to him at random times at which he’d quietly reach over to the child in question and ruffle their hair or pat their arm. These moments pass so quickly, the batkids never really get a chance to question the gesture only understanding on a subconscious level the intense love behind it.

Part 2/11 TimeStuck AU

Part II of the fic I’ve been writing based on dodofiasco‘s TimeStuck Au in which Mabel ends up stuck back in time and a young Stan has to help her out. Enjoy!  Find part one here:

Stan was somewhat taken aback by this sudden gesture of love. In fact, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d been genuinely hugged.

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Soft snoring still coming from the tangle of limbs under the warm blanket. A small body clinging to a larger body. One clothed in night wear… the other in just 1 thing.

Eyes flutter after a small moment, white hair moving as a face pokes out from under the blanket.

“….mmmm….” Not really a… happy sound. still too sleepy.