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I wonder how fair into this ship I can sink-
They’re so cute together I’m gonna die ;;

I keep drawing Morty so chubby, dammit- 

I know people like to make Enjolras taller than R because it makes him intimidating and literally unreachable

but consider

Enjolras is short and just the personification of this

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can you write a lil bit, like head canons, or whatever form takes your fancy, on autistic kara?

eliza doesn’t know what she’s facing here, other than a small alien girl who clings to her cousins hand.

her cousin, who didn’t even stay to help her settle in.

he had called ahead, asked them to take her and as soon as the girl - kara, the only word she responds to - had taken a step toward them, toward the house, he had flown away.

eliza understands, in a way. but her understanding is only a very small part of her, and the rest is so angry on kara’s behalf. because kara never gets angry. she just stares around with wide, solemn eyes and accepts whatever happens next. sit here, stay there, move here, don’t do that…she just nods and follows the directions and eliza is afraid to push because this girl witnessed something that eliza cannot fathom. but something clark said had stuck and eliza can’t help but want to figure it out.

“it wasn’t supposed to be this hard,” he had said over the phone. he sounded exhausted, upset yes but so exhausted. “it wasn’t - she’s not like me. it wasn’t like this for me, i don’t know how to help her. i don’t know how to reach her, make her understand. please, will you help me?”

help, at some point, evolved into “take her” and then she’s sitting at the end of the bed they squeezed into alex’s room, hands folded on her lap, bag at her feet.

he hadn’t even come inside.

she flinches every time someone takes a step and when jeremiah pushes open the window, the hinges screech and kara is gone. she’s so fast that eliza stands dazed until she thinks to look for her and they find her on the opposite end of the house, pressed into the corner, hands balled over her ears.

“ah jeez,” jeremiah sighs, and eliza leans back into his warm side, stares across at her. “what are we going to do?”

“whatever we can.”

he nods after a moment, wraps an arm around her waist. “introductions first?”

kara has eased her hands down and she stares at eliza’s feet when she steps forward. when eliza crouches in front of her, she stares at her own feet.

“kara.” she rocks back on her feet. eliza quietens her voice as much as she can. “my name is eliza. do you understand?” she waits, and waits, and when the floorboards creak under her husbands feet, she shakes her head and he doesn’t say whatever he was going to say. they wait a little more and then, finally, kara meets her eyes.

“eliza. jeremiah.”

her voice is thin. a whisper, but if a whisper had less heft.

eliza counts the introductions as a victory, again when kara says “alex” without prompting when she walks into the room, and they celebrate with cookies because eliza doesn’t know any thirteen year olds who don’t like chocolate chip cookies.


“alex,” kara says when she steps into the room, and alex rolls her eyes.

“still haven’t broken that habit, mom,” she calls out, and eliza looks up from the dining table, pages strewn across it, and nods. “are we going to work on that or what? time to deprogram the bug.”

“while i am very pleased to see you’re learning something useful at school, kara is not a robot, alex, so be nice.”

“she’s kind of a robot. follows specific orders, organises stuff, talks weird.”

“if you can’t be helpful, alexandra, you can go to your room.”

alex falls silent. eliza returns to her work. jeremiah steps into the room and kara says “jeremiah”, and eliza looks up to meet her daughters rather insistent ‘i told you so’ eyes.


“i don’t know what to tell you, dear,” martha says. there’s a cow mooing in the background. eliza stares out at the beach and reminds herself, even when one daughter can crumble the beach rocks to sand with a too strong sneeze and the other has taken to moods and glowers, that things could be worse and she could live on a farm. with those plastic boots. and cows. “clark was never like that. oh that poor dear, i can’t imagine…”

“but his powers, he didn’t get them until he was older,”

“he was always strong and remarkably resilient. always good for a new mother,” martha chuckles. “but around, oh, ten? he lifted the tractor up for his pop and things haven’t been the same since.”

“do you think she’s having trouble because it’s so new?”

“it’s possible. she did lose her family too, dear,” martha reminds her. “trauma like that does funny things to a person. but clark took to it all so easily, ‘cept for a few broken windows and scares. all this with your kara…i’m sorry it’s so hard, what with dealing with her little quirks,”

“sorry, martha,” eliza cuts her off. “i have to go - alex is using kara to weed the garden, this can’t end well.”

it doesn’t end as badly as she feared, but one of the bigger trees has been uprooted too, alex is grounded, and kara…kara doesn’t look upset at the idea that she did something wrong. she looks terrified. and she disappears, slowly, into the basement and curls her hands around her ears and it’s a very long time before she even seems to hear eliza, let alone listen to her.

she thinks about martha’s words when her knees click and the basement floor turns freezing and promptly ignores them. it’s no harder raising kara than it is with alex, just different. and she doesn’t want to speak ill about the other woman, clark is a good man, but he’s also a man who abandons his little cousin at a strangers house.

eliza wraps her arm around kara’s shoulder when she is allowed to, and presses a kiss to her head.


“they called it uwe wegh,” kara says softly to eliza one afternoon. alex is at a summer school - it involves a lot of dissection and playing with chemicals and alex comes home smelling of sanitizer even to eliza’s nose. she hopes it’s not why alex does it, but kara keeps her distance from alex when she smells so strongly.

“what was that, dear? pass me the bread tin.”

kara’s hand hovers over the baking tin and, when eliza nods, she passes it over.

“uwe wegh.” she looks very serious and the words are clearly kryptonian so eliza lays her spoon down on the counter and turns to face her. kara sucks in a breath. “it means…to have a brain that,” she frowns down at the recipe book. slides her finger down the page, runs her thumb over the side so the paper ruffles. “is a different brain.” the worried wrinkle appears and she looks over at eliza. “thats not right. it was more…doctor sounding.”

“like a diagnosis?”

“it’s not a disease.”

“i didn’t say that, sweetheart,” eliza soothes. not that kara sounded angry, she never really does. just reserved. “did you, have that?” she asks, a little awkwardly.

kara nods. “they followed me around for two days and then told my father. they asked a lot of questions.”

“like what?”

she shrugs. “what i like to eat. and wear, and listen. what i like to do. my favourite toys to play with.”

“what did you tell them?”

she shrugs again. something she learned from alex. eliza doesn’t mind: she would stand out more if she didn’t shrug or roll her eyes. “i was little. i don’t remember.”

“okay.” eliza picks up her spoon. “thank you for telling me, sweetheart.”

kara nods.

when eliza scoops the batter into the tin, she gives kara the bowl and the spoon to lick.

“i thought you should know. because i’m not like clark. and it’s harder with my quirks,” she says, which means she definitely heard the things eliza didn’t want her hearing. “and it’s not,” she touches her ear and then her glasses nervously, doesn’t even try to say anything about her powers. “it’s just me. it’s my brain.”

“thank you for telling me,” eliza says again. “would you lay the table?”


they have to have a proper discussion about it but it had to wait for later because what kara told her finally clicked a few pieces into place and eliza does three days worth of research before she carries a large book to the dining room table and calls kara softly to join her.

she scoots their chairs close together, wraps an arm around her shoulder.

“autism, the autism spectrum,” she says, and kara leans forward to read. when she’s done, she’s stiff and quiet, and then she leans into eliza’s side and looks up at her when eliza brushes the hair out of her face. “i think this fits, sweetie. what do you think?”

kara shrugs.

“it doesn’t have to mean anything, but it can’t hurt to know a little more. and it’s given me some ideas about how we can work on making you more comfortable.”

“i’m fine, eliza,”

“alright.” she hands over the notes she made, and kara folds the pages three times and hides them in between her hands. “you read them for me, okay? and we can talk about it whenever you like. now it’s your turn to pick dinner,”

“noodles,” kara says immediately, unsurprisingly. it’s the same dinner she’d picked four times in a row and eliza nods. same foods. she’d read that somewhere.

“noodles it is.”

Access Granted (1/1)

So a couple of weeks ago, I made a post about a Hacker!Killian, FBI!Emma fic and voila, here is the whole thing. This is dedicated to (just) Ruhi @ofshipsandswans because she practically forced me to write it and she selfishly made me change my entire ending (shame on you rohana), but she also made me this amazing banner, gave me the title (which makes this boring fic seem way more exhilariating) and she just spread a whole lotta love in general which I am hoping to return with this. <3

~10,800 words

Finding the code to success of being a good hacker is easier than one would think. It’s all about knowing and understanding your opponent and adapting your tactics as you go.

Small websites are like young, inexperienced fighters. There’s sloppiness and there are unguarded bits and spaces; they use all of their energy in the first ten minutes, trying to wear their opponent down, but end up tired themselves and even laxer. That’s when you attack and strike the death-blow.

The key to hacking a multinational lies somewhere else. Think of them as the big, muscular, intimidatingly staring fellows whose arms are adorned with black tattoo lines and whose teeth are in dire need of attention. There is no way in hell you would win in a head to head battle; there’s no point in even trying. What do you do instead? You look for their weak spot, their Achilles heel just waiting to be uncovered. You study their every movement, their system, how they function. And when the bright, neon arrow starts flickering; well, that’s when the fun begins.

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Lost Home

A/N: This is my entry for @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5k AU Challenge. Q bit long but I hope you guys like it.

Prompt: “I don’t care if you hate me, I don’t care if you dislike me. But why would you cheat on me?”

Word Count: 2364 Words

Warnings: cheating, maybe a curse word.

“MOOOMM!!! JACOB HAS MY DOLL!!” your daughter Becca shouted from upstairs followed by the sound of someone falling.

Sighing you picked up the baby, Mason and walked the two of you up the stairs to figure out if your two oldest had killed each other yet.

When you reached the playroom, you saw the kids sitting on the floor with a broken doll in the middle of them. As they watched you come in, they started talking at the same time- both trying to speak louder than the other.

Setting Mason down on the floor to let him crawl around and entertain himself, you walked over to the broken doll and picked up the pieces. Placing them in the trash, you turned around to face your kids with your arms crossed.

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zeldawrecks  asked:

Hi! Are you taking prompts? If you are, then can you do a near future bughead, Betty goes out of town for some time (for anything of your choice), jughead is there to pick her up from the airport, lots of fluff ensues :3

Hey @zeldawrecks sorry this has taken me so long to get to. I have had a hard time writing fluff at the moment so I hope this was worth the wait.

Coming Home

He was waiting at the gate for her, anxiously glancing at each person who came through the doors, eagerly awaiting her bright face to appear.

She had messaged him earlier in the night to let him know that her flight had been delayed urging him not too wait, that she would catch a cab or uber into town instead.  But Jughead had made a promise that he would pick her up, and no-one who valued their life or safety broke their word when it came to Alice.

So instead he had made his way to the airport cafe ordered himself some coffee and opened his laptop to the latest article he was working on for The Register, in reality he found himself much more concentrated on the arrivals board looking for any updates on her flight.

He had been the one who told her to go ahead with the internship. He wasn’t going to be the guy who kept a girl from achieving her dreams especially one as bright as Betty Cooper, there was no dulling her brightness.

To say that he missed her was an understatement. He had tried to keep himself as busy as possible, volunteering to help Alice at the register following Hal’s unexpected departure, as well as visiting his dad on a regular basis and assisting his lawyer with whatever was needed.

His new role at the Serpents, he had intentionally downplayed to Betty, she would only worry more than she already did and he didn’t want her to be distracted from her work. Safe to say the jacket would remain tucked away in his closet for tonight.

He noticed her instantly as she came through the gate. He felt relief wash over him tat her return, Riverdale never quite felt like home without her. He reached up to his head pulling the Beanie from his head, gripping it tightly in his hands.

He watched as she scanned the crowd for him and he waved over to her, her eyes finally settling on him and she rushed over to meet him. As she reached him she dropped her bag at her feet and let him enclose her in his arms as he lifted her up in a dramatic, movie worthy twirl that before her he would have imagined himself capable of. She let out a laugh and it was like music to his ears being able to hear it purified instead of through his laptop speakers a thousand miles away. He let her back down and she pressed a chaste kiss to his lips. He held himself back from deepening it.

He pulled back from their kiss. to take her face in her hands, memorising every feature of her face, as he moved his thumb gently across her cheek, revelling in the warmth of her skin.

She pulled him in for another hug, her arms wrapping so tightly against him as she breathed in his scent, her memory and the worn flannel shirt that she had fallen asleep in on numerous occasions had not done him justice, not at all.

“God I missed you.” He said into her hair, before tilting her face up, fingers on her chin to capture her lips again with his own. He deepened the kiss immediately this time, pouring all his longing and lonely nights into that kiss. She gripped his shirt tightly with her small hands, clinging to him, never wanting to let go again.

“I missed you too.” She said as they broke their kiss for air, his heart was pounding with anticipation. She threaded her hands with his, brushing her fingers along his knuckles. “So much.”

He bent down to pick up her bag, slinging it over his shoulder, a little knocked back at the unexpected weight. He offered his other arm to her as a gentleman would and she linked her arm in his as they headed towards the airport car park to F.P’s truck another one of his inherited gifts from the Serpents.

“So Miss Cooper now that you are back in Riverdale what is our first stop? ” He exclaimed dramatically and she tightened her grip on his arm.

“ Well Mr Jones as much as I have missed you and would love to spend the next few hours, tangled in your arms.” She mused a tell tale blush spreading across her cheeks. “I have been craving a Pop’s Vanilla Malt milkshake like crazy for the past 2 months.” She admitted to him. At the mention of food his stomach growled in response.

“A girl after my own heart. ”

The Forgotten One

Klaus Mikaelson!Adoptive Father X Reader X Hayley Marshall! Adoptive! Mother

Word Count: 599

Requested: @fandomnationwhore

Request: Hey could you do a imagine were the reader is the adopted child of hayley and Klaus and when hope comes along the family forgets about her so she moves to beacon hills and then the family realized she’s gone after 3 months and when they do find her she’s at a cliff and her friends, the pack, and her family makes it to the cliff and she just smiles and falls over. Time skip 6 months later she’s still alive but no one knows and one day she appears at the compound with a child and smirks at them.

Originally posted by originalsdaily

Your parents had pretty much forgotten who you were since your sister had been born, everything was about her and how to keep her safe, you had scars from the wars that you had fought for her and you never got a thank you. You had been staying with Davina who had opened her doors to you. “Maybe you should leave,” Davina suggested.
“And go where?” You asked.
“Maybe I can help you find somewhere to go,” Davina suggested.
“If you help me do this you can’t tell anyone not even Kol.” You warned.
“What about Josh?” Davina asked.
“You can tell him I’m safe but it’s probably better that we don’t tell him where Klaus likes to make him a target.” You explained and she nodded in agreement.

You and Davina had managed to find a place called Beacon Hills where you could go, you said that you didn’t want anything quiet, you needed something to keep you occupied and a normal school life was not going to cut it. Beacon Hills had everything that you asked for and you still managed to graduate. You and your friends Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Malia had been through a lot over the 3 months that you had been there and you were happy.

“(Y/N)!” Klaus called through the house. “(Y/N)!”
“I don’t think she’s here brother,” Elijah informed him.
“Did you see her leave?” Klaus asked Elijah, stopped for a second and frowned.
“I haven’t seen her in weeks,” Elijah answered. Klaus frowned now that he thought about it he hadn’t seen you in weeks either, he didn’t even remember the last time that you both had a conversation with you, Klaus walked up to your room which he hadn’t bothered to check yet, when he walked into the room he realised that there was nothing in it, the posters that decorated the walls, there were no clothes on the floor or in your wardrobe.
“Elijah she’s gone!” Klaus called, Davina who was with Kol heard the exchange and made an excuse to get away and called you.
“(Y/N)! Your parents are looking for you.” She said.
“Don’t worry I have it covered thank you for the heads up.” You answered.
“I miss you.” She said softly.
“We’ll meet up soon. I promise!” You smiled before hanging up the phone.

It was few week later that you were stood on the cliff with you friends and family. “(Y/N)?” Scott asked gently.
“Look I love you guys and I thank you for everything that you have done for me but my family is toxic and the only way out is down so… I’ll see you around.” You smiled before falling backwards before anyone else could do anything. There were multiple calls of your name before there was silence.
“Move!” Klaus ordered but Scott glared at him eyes flaring red.
“No, you should all just leave!” Scott ordered.
“No teenage wannabe alp-”
“You’re the reason that she jumped off the cliff do leave before we make you!” Scott growled, Elijah stepped forward pulling his brother back, they left and that was the end of it.

6 months later the family was functioning as normally as you could but one day there was a commotion, Klaus stormed down the stairs and came face to face with the person he thought that he would have never seen. His eyes were drawn to the small child clinging to your leg your hand rested on her head. “Hey, Dad you want to talk?” You asked as you looked up at him smirking.

*Part 2*

Requests and general question!


He’s lying in bed, highlighting a piece of work he doesn’t really understand for his English class. His headphones are planted firmly in his ear, softly playing beats into his mind as he tries to concentrate on the piece of 19th century literature in front of him.

The music turns on shuffle, the next song causing him to smile wildly as he remembered a certain short blonde dancing stupidly around his kitchen to the music. Just the thought of her made him completely forget his surroundings, wanting to be with her. He drew his attention to the rain that was tapping at the window and hitting the ground below it. The streetlights had become fuzzy, round balls of dim light in the midnight haze, the indigo sky clear of any stars.

A knock sounded at the very window, causing his attention to snap to the figure in the frame, just across from the bed he was resting on. Speaking of the devil, a Miss Maya Hart was shivering as he rushed to the window to open it. He smiled at her reckless spontaneity but it felt like it was slapped off his face as he saw her expression.

She looked small, her soaked hair clinging to her shoulders as she sniffled and climbed into his heated room. She wore a scared - or angry, he couldn’t tell- expression on her usually soft features which appeared harder than usual.

“Maya, what the fuck happened?” Lucas questioned, eyeing the vulnerable girl up and down, trying to decipher the best way to go about this.

“They know!” She said through gritted teeth as if it were obvious.

Knitting his eyebrows together, Lucas paused as he was about to pass her the blanket from his bedside. “What?” He asked, gently wrapping the blanket around her shoulders. She grabbed the blanket off of him and shook of his touch, shrugging her shoulders away from him.

“Riley and Farkle. They know about us. About you and me Lucas.” She whispered, her eyes meeting his as he looked on in confusion.

“And? So what?” He grinned, tapping her jaw with the pads of his forefingers. She lifted her chin off of his fingers, diverting his affection as quick as the speed of light.

“Maya? What’s going on?” He asked. She looked towards the puddle she was making on his bedroom carpet, the evening’s shower’s remains being left as a present of a sort. She thinks through her words, deciding that what she was feeling needed to be addressed, her heart racing at the thought.
She deeply sighed, her chest rising then deflating in a slow but sure rhythm.

“I can’t be with you Lucas. I can’t keep doing this - whatever ‘this’ is. I know we’ve always said that it’s just two friends. But friends don’t do what we do and you know that, I know that- Lucas don’t.” She interrupted herself as she snatched her hand away from where he was intertwining their fingertips together.

“I don’t want you to kiss me anymore. I don’t want you to hold me in that way that makes my stomach flip because I know that the feeling isn’t mutual. Lucas, stop lying to yourself and stop lying to me. Don’t say you need to if you don’t and stop calling me those names. We aren’t together, Huck. You’ve heard it from everyone, we’ll never work out together.” She was choking on the last few words, her voice a little hoarse from the lump forming in the back of her throat.

He’s not sure what to do. He doesn’t know what facial expression to wear, or what he should say. His eyes pull downwards, his forehead creasing as he looks as the tiny, soaking girl in front of him who just rejected every part of him he gave to her. But, he knows Maya too well. He knows that an insecurity in the back of her head nagged and nagged her until she truly believed that her best friend/ boyfriend/ friend with benefits didn’t love her, even though he told her 50 times a day.

It had kept her tossing and turning end on end of nights, doubts plaguing her thoughts.
It wasn’t that she didn’t trust him, she guessed it was she didn’t trust herself enough to let someone come that close and break down the barriers that she had spent her whole life building and guarding so carefully that even her sunshiney brunette bestie believed that was the real Maya.
And he begins to laugh.

This time it’s her time to look confused, looking up at the howling boy beside himself with laughter. She doesn’t understand. His laughter subsided and he took both her cheeks into his hands like he had only 2 years ago. Everything had changed since then, but his hand felt so familiar, like home after so long. Her breath hitched a little at the warmth between them and he began to speak, looking her directly in the eye (she melted just a little more than she would like to admit under that sea green gaze).

“Maya. I will always, truly, deeply love you. No matter what excuse you want to make up, no matter what you want your little head to believe, I will love you until all the nights turn to days and all the weeds turn to flowers. It’s okay to be scared, I’m freaking terrified to be honest with you, but you mustn’t believe what you or others tell you, okay? I love you, and that’s enough for us.”

Then he brings her mouth closer to his own and plants a soft, delicate kiss onto her smooth lips, his warmth passing through her as she felt her knees go weak.

He pulled away and she let our a little sneeze, but her smile was bright enough to light up Times Square. He wrapped an arm around her as they fell back onto his bed, pulling her closer so she could snuggle into him.

“Who told Riley and Farkle anyway?” He wondered out loud.

“Zay.” Maya hissed his name, squinting towards the ceiling as if it were the big mouth himself.

“Oh I’m gonna kick his flat ass real hard.” Lucas chuckled, tapping her on the nose as he rides to reach for his phone, dialling the mischief maker’s number. A voice picked up on the other end, undeniably Zay-like.

“Heyyy Man chill. I said do you wanna hear something about Lucas and Maya, they said yes! Not my problem dude, now let me get back to my soaps in peace - i don’t need y'all’s actual drama.” The pair chuckled as they heard him stumble across something in his room.

“Holy mother of God I can never get any peace around here. Good night lovebirds!” He sang joyfully.

“Goodnight Zay, I’m still gonna run your ass over though.” And with a small yelp from the other line, Lucas hung up, smiling at Maya once again.

I Am An Alpha Ch 13: Who Is The Alpha Here?(M)

I snap up when I hear the door open. My eyes are opened wide, scanning the room for an intruder but only find Kris peeking his head in. He has a small smile on his face, I can tell he is unsure on how to proceed. With a deep breath I give him a small smile, “I’m sorry for earlier.”

“Me too. I didn’t mean to get so upset, we should have handled it better. You told me and you told Yixing that you are not really in control of your wolf and we still got upset, we are assholes.”

“Yea you were,” I must back. “But understand why you are scared. I am not the typical omega so you can’t scare me into submission, it must be weird to have something so out of your control.”

He nods, “So are we forgiven?”

“You are yes, but I’m still upset with Yixing and I am absolutely pissed at Jongin.”

“Insoo please-“

I cut him off, not caring if I’m upsetting the two boys you can hear out conversation, “I don’t give a single fuck about the excuses you guys thought of while I was sleeping. Jongin attacked my pup and almost ripped his throat out. Yixing stood by and watched, knowing how much that pup means to me, he was just going to let him die because he was fucking jealous.”

I can see that he wants to defend his pack but doesn’t have any more excuses.

I sigh, “You look stressed.”

He runs his hand through his hair and lets out a sigh of his own, “I have eleven wolfs down stairs dealing with rejection and a mate who basically hates us at the moment.”

“I don’t hate you.”

“You don’t like us.”

“At the moment, yes.”

“What can I do to make this up to you? I will do anything except take you back to your pack. I can’t handle you being away from me right now.”

“I just want to lay here a bit longer, I don’t want to face them right now.”

He nods, “Take all the time you need.” He turns to leave but I find myself stopping him.


He freezes, “Yes?”

“Could you stay? Jin would always tell me that nothing would make you feel better than being with your mate. I think we could both feel better right now.”

“You want me to stay?” He is completely dumbstruck by my words.

I nod, “If you are still mad I understand.”

“No!” He rushes forward eagerly, his sudden movement making me jump back against the headboard. Again, he freezes, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, it’ just that you came up so fast.”

“I’ll take it slow.”

He very slowly climbs up the bed so he is lying next to me. His hands rest on his chest when he finds a comfortable position on his back. I move to my side to stare at him, my hands tucked between my cheek and the pillow. We sit there for a moment, feeling more tense now than before.

“This isn’t really helping,” I mumble.

“I’m sorry, I can go.”

Again, he tries to leave, and again I stop him, rolling on top of him, surprising both of us. His hands catch my hips as I straddle his waist, both of us frozen. My face is burning with embarrassment; I look away and slowly begin to move away. He suddenly rolls us over so he is on top, his massive body locking me underneath him. I usually panic in situations like this but right now I just want him closer. My small fists cling to the back of his shirt as I burry my face in the crook of his delicious smelling neck. He eagerly does the same to me, taking deep breaths of my scent. This is what I wanted.

A tingle runs down my spine when I feel something sharp poking my neck followed by the short caress of his tongue. I can’t hold in the whimper my omega makes, wishing for him to continue, to just mark me and mate me right now. Just the thought has my body buzzing. I’m so caught up in my own feelings that I don’t notice Kris’s body getting warmer and his grip on me tightening.

He ruts against me.

It’s only once but it’s enough to make him tense and pull away. He isn’t able to get very far with my hands gripping his shirt but it’s enough for me to see his face, and his golden eyes. “I’m sorry,” He mumbles out, again trying to pull away.

“Stop apologizing and come closer,” I groan. “I want you closer.”

“But Insoo, I don’t think I can control myself right now, I just want to…” His eyes are fixated on my neck. I throw my head back, baring it to him completely.

“Mark me,” I demand. I want it so bad, I need it. I feel like if he doesn’t mark me I am going to die.

“Insoo, you can’t just say things like that. You might not be ready-“

I snarl and flip us back over so I’m on top, “I’m not a fan of being prepared. I much more enjoy living in the moment and in this moment all I want is for you to mark me like my alpha is supposed to. Come on,” I tease, “Or maybe you aren’t man enough to.”

That is all it takes to bring out his alpha instincts to flip me back over and pin my hands to the bed, “What was that omega?”

“I said maybe you aren’t man enough to mark me.”

He chuckles, “You are a brave little omega.”

“I’m no fucking omega, and you know that.”

“I don’t know that. I’m waiting for you to prove it to me.”

I grin, “Shall we see who the stronger alpha is?”

“How will we do that?”

“First to cum looses.”

I see the battle on his face, he wants to sit back and talk, still worried that I’m not ready, but his alpha isn’t backing down from the challenge. I honestly don’t know if I am ready but I don’t care right now, I want him to mark me, I want him closer, I want this more than anything. My wolf is crying inside for more of his scent, for more of his touches, I crave it. I see the want in his eyes too, his teeth sink into his bottom lip as he decides.

“You know once we start I won’t be able to stop,” He snarls in my ear, rutting against my unclothed core again, making me tense. “The second your delicious heat sucks me in I will not be letting you get away.”

“Kris,” I whine softly.

“What is it little wolf? Scared already?” He mocks with a smirk.

“No, I’m tired of your warning and apologies, if you don’t mark me I swear to god I’m going to top you.”

He chuckles darkly before licking a strip up my neck, “So sweet.”

I groan, “You take forever!” I snatch my hands back and grab him by the collar of his t-shirt. Without any hesitation I smash our lips together in an aggressive kiss that has my bones tingling and my toes curling. His arms are under me, bringing me closer to deepen the kiss. I nibble on his bottom lip, earning a deep moan from the giant, earning me access to his hot cavern. I’m not surprised when he tries to fight for dominance in the kiss but I don’t give in.

I jump when the back of my shirt rips open, earning him the upper hand in all of this. He makes quick work of the shirt, shredding it to pieces so his massive hands are flat against my back. I know what he is doing, his rough callused hands feel a long my scars down my spine. Returning the favor of ruining my shirt I tear his a part, he leans away, glaring down at me.

“I know I have more but that doesn’t mean you can do that,” He teases.

“You started it.” I give him a cheeky grin, with a quick swing of my hips I manage to get on top again, catching sight of the scar on his chest. My fingers skim over the spider like mark. It isn’t very big, just a tiny bit smaller than my hand. “I did quite a number on you didn’t I?”

“I did it to myself. I attacked you, I deserve it 100 times over.”

I shake my head, “We are getting off track.”

He sits up, his arms wrap around my shoulders, holding us chest to chest, “I’m sorry for not saving you.”

“You did in a way.”

“I mean before you even got in that situation, I should have known you were hurting. I was running around while you were getting beaten,” His hands caress my back, soft lips run down my neck to my shoulder. “I want to be closer to you.”

“All you have to do is pop that button.”

He chuckles, “That challenge is still on you know.”

“I’m waiting.”

His hand slips in between us and pops open his pants and watches my face as he pulls himself out of his pants. I gulp at the sight of his massive rock hard member. He chuckles, “Are you ready for me little wolf?”

I puff out my chest and put on a brave face, “Bring it on.”  

“Go ahead ms. Alpha.”

I place my hands on his shoulders, letting my nails dig into his skin as I prepare myself. With a deep breath I position myself over him before closing my eyes and sinking down slowly on his manhood. I can feel him staring at me but I don’t open my eyes. My mouth forms a perfect O at the filling sensation, it burns to my core, it would be a lie to say it doesn’t hurt but the throbbing pleasure rocking through me keeps me going. My head drops to his shoulder for a minute, mumbling a string of curse words to keep myself from screaming.

“How do I feel little wolf?” He purrs in my ear. “Because you feel absolutely amazing. I don’t want to rush you because I don’t want to hurt you but it is taking all of my self control not to pin you down and fuck you so hard I break this bed. So please-“

“Is that begging I hear?” I chuckle once I can actually speak.

“No it’s a warning. You have a minute to adjust before I win.”

I rock my hips a few times, moaning softly, “Fuck.”

“Your time is shrinking fast,” He warns through grit teeth. As promised with one last teasing rut I flipped on to my back where I see golden eyes staring down at me, his teeth bared ready to mark me, I could have came right then and there if not for my pride. He slams into my hard making me honestly scream, my face burns bright pink in the crook of his neck.

“You are going to pay for this,” I snarl as he thrust again. My claws dig into his back, ready to return the pain of him stretching me. I can feel his member throbbing as my walls constrict around him.

“You are so fucking tight, how did I live this long without you?”

“How long do I have to wait for you to fuck me like to promise?”

“I love this dirty mouth of yours, such a brave girl,” He purrs. He rests on his elbows, his face buried in the crook of my neck, and nibbles there softly. “I can’t wait to mark you as mine.”

Suddenly his slams into me again, but he doesn’t stop this time, he continues to pump into me like the animal beneath his skin. He groans fill my ears adding to knot forming in the pit of my stomach. This is so much more than I was ever expecting, the pleasure grips me and turns my world upside down. I can’t contain my moans as my orgasm begins in my toes, not yet! But as his knot begins to form and it becomes harder and harder for him to pump in and out I’m getting stretched more. My nails drag down his back, drawing blood, and making him cry out.

I jump when his teeth sink into my neck, sending us both over the edge, locking his knot in place deep inside me. My trembling legs wrap around his waist, my arms around his neck. My wolf is screaming at me, with Kris’s teeth still in my neck she commands me to respond to the action. I cave to my wolf and mirror Kris’s actions, marking him as mine. But the moment I do it we both freeze.

Oh my god, I just marked him. I can’t even run away for the next twenty minutes until his knot returns to it’s normal size. I pull away and stare at the wound with wide eyes. Kris releases me stares at me with a shocked expression. Panic begins to fill me and my heart races, I just marked an actual alpha. That’s not what’s supposed to happen. Omega’s do not mark their alphas, he’s going to be furious. I close my eyes and pull him back so I’m back in the crook of his neck. I run my tongue against the broken skin getting rid of the blood revealing the clear bite mark. As mad as I know he will be it’s satisfying to see it there. It tells everyone he is mine and I am his. I bite my lip to hold back my smile.


So sorry for not posting at all yesterday! I worked until midnight and hand to work again at seven so I went straight to bed! I hope you understand and have a good night!


FIC: Heartlines AU Ch 11

Finally! I found this chapter a slog, but hopefully you won’t!

It follows on immediately from the previously chapter. The rest of this story (and my other work) can be found here 


A Wish to the Moon

They were interrupted by the sound of giggling coming from the driver’s side of the car. Breaking apart they turned to find five children of varying sizes looking in at them. The appearance of a chubby hand which left a sticky print on the  window suggested that a sixth, smaller child also accompanied them.

Jamie opened his door and stepped out. Moving around the car, he gently shooed the children away and opened the driver’s door for Claire. He was immediately set upon by the crowd with much unseemly jostling and cries of “Up! Up, uncle Jamie.” Jamie extricated the smallest child from the melee and swung him up before he could be properly trampled by the others. The child, a small boy of about two, immediately caught Jamie’s head in an enthusiastic embrace which temporarily blinded Jamie and made Claire laugh. Untangling the small boys arms and swinging him up onto his shoulders he turned to Claire.

“Now then, Claire” he smiled as he turned and affected introductions. “This here is wee Jamie,” He indicated a boy of about ten. “This is Maggie and this here is our Kitty.” He indicated two girls aged about eight and nine. “These are the twins, Michael and wee Janet, and this little tyke here,” he indicated the toddler who was now lovingly resting his cheek against the top of Jamie’s head, whilst patting his cheek. “is wee Ian. These are my sister, Jenny’s bairns.” He said by way of explanation. “And this here,” he turned to the children and indicated Claire. “is Claire”

“Is she your girlfriend, uncle Jamie?” asked Maggie, her head tilted as she considered Claire. “Why were ya kissing her? Are you going to marry her, Uncle Jamie? Will ye both come here and live at Lallybroch after ye get married? If ye have a baby can I hold it sometimes? And maybe give it its bottle. Does she have a baby in her tummy already?”

“Oooh can I be bridesmaid?” piped up the smallest girl. “I never got to be a bridesmaid. Kitty an’ Maggie have, but I was still in ma’s tummy so I couldna do it.”

Jamie laughed and stole a glance at Claire, who looked rather bemused but thankfully not too put out at the barrage of questions being put forth by this miniature interrogation squad.

“That’s enough questions now.” He stated with mock severity. “Ye’ll no want Claire thinking ye’ve no manners would ya?” He reached a hand to Claire and she took it, smiling. Her eyes flicked up to the small boy still clinging to Jamie, who was now playing with a lock of his hair with a beatific smile upon his face, before meeting Jamie’s eyes once again. There was a look in her eyes, a wistfulness, despite her smile,  that made Jamie’s heart ache a little. He remembered her story from their first date, he knew of her trials and tribulations in attempting to conceive in her former marriage. And he knew of her fears that now, at thirty eight, it might be far too late and whatever slim chances she might once of had of a child were slipping through her fingers. He reached out at brushed a curl away from her face with a finger.

“Come Mo Nighean Donn, come and make yourself at home.” He wrapped an arm round her shoulders and she placed hers around his waist as they followed the throng of children towards the house.

They followed the children around the back of the main house and out towards and converted outbuilding which had been repurposed into a large family home. What had once been large doors were now huge picture windows which gave the place a sense of light and space.

“When we decided to open up the main house to the public, Ian and Jenny renovated this place rather than living in apartments in the main house.” Jamie explained to Claire. “Tryin’ to keep the bairns away from the eighteenth century decor was just more trouble than it was worth”

“It’s beautiful,” sighed Claire. “Though they must miss the main house”

“Ah, not so you’d notice” a male voice piped up behind them. Both turned to greet the voice.

“We’ve much more space out here and Jenny likes the sense of separation between her work and her home life. It might be only a couple of hundred yards, but we prefer it.” The man turned to Jamie and gathered him in an embrace, careful not to dislodge the small boy. “Jamie, man. How are ya? The kids have been mad wi’ excitement all week about ye’re visit and Jenny, well, Jenny’s done no’ but cook and clean since she heard ye were bringing a friend with you.” He looked archly at Claire waiting for an introduction.

“Ah, Ian, I want ye to meet Claire. Claire, this is Ian, my best friend since childhood who also now happens to be my brother in law as well.” Ian smiled warmly at her, before gathering her up in a hug.

“Welcome to Lallybroch, Claire. Jenny will be along directly. She just had to make a mad dash for the tea room when she realised she had no cream”

“It’s lovely to meet you too, Ian.” Claire returned the smile. “Jamie has told me so much about you all”

At that moment a small dark woman entered the room. As dark as Jamie was bright but with the same slanted blue eyes and high cheek bones, she barely reached his shoulders but gave off such force of personality she dominated the space.

Jamie tensed. He and his sister had always been close, more so since their father died and it was just the two of them but she was a plain speaker and blunt as a dull knife when she chose to be. He had always known she had little time for Geneva, but it had been a simple task to keep them apart for all those years. Family gatherings were few when he was abroad so much and after he returned Geneva’s lack of interest in Lallybroch meant that he often attended things alone anyway. But it was different with Claire. He wanted so much for her to be accepted here. For her to feel at home. He had meant everything he had said in the car, he would turn his back on it all for her, but he wanted more than anything for her to have a place here, for Jenny to welcome her, for Lallybroch to embrace her.

“Jenny,” said Jamie slowly, drawing Claire to his side. “This is Claire.” He had no need to elaborate, just as Claire had heard all about Jenny and Ian, he had told Jenny about Claire. How could he not? When his heart and soul were so unexpectedly brought back to life. Jenny had expressed joy, that he had at last found someone, but he knew her well. She would want to see for herself.  The two women looked at each other appraisingly and the moment seemed to stretch forever. Both women knew what the other meant to Jamie and were wary of a false move. The tension was broken as Jenny let out a sudden laugh and gathered Claire into an enthusiastic hug which Claire returned wholeheartedly. Jamie released the breath he hadn’t realised he was holding, feeling a sudden lightness of being.

“Claire and I will just take our stuff over to the apartment and then we’ll have some lunch, aye?” he raised his eyebrow questioningly at Jenny?

“Oh aye, lunch will be on the table at 1.30 sharp. Sharp!” she called after them with a laugh as Jamie led them down the hallway back to the front door.

Jamie led her round the front of the main house. In the lobby a small group of tourists were examining a sabre mark in the panelling made by red coats after the ‘45.  Leading Claire past them, he led them both through a door marked ‘Private’.

“Welcome to my humble abode” He added an elaborate bow to this statement and grinned at her.  “This part of the house isn’t open to tourists and we keep it as apartments. Its where I live when I’m here at Lallybroch. It’s just this room here, with a kitchen off to the side and then upstairs there’s a bedroom.” The rooms were large but it was clear why Jenny and her expanding family has chosen not to live in them. The voices of tourists in the main house echoed through the quiet. Despite the sturdy build of the house its eighteenth century acoustics left much to be desired.

Claire looked around smiling. “It’s perfect Jamie and I’m just so happy that you wanted to share this with me”

Jamie pulled her close and kissed her gently, first on the forehead, then on the nose and finally on the mouth. “You belong here, Mo Nighean donn, here with me.” He kissed her again brushing a wayward curl away from her face. “This afternoon, I’ll take ye round the grounds and tonight, well, tonight, I shall make love to you in the laird’s bedroom.” he kissed her deeper and she wrapped her arms around him. “But now, now Mo Graidgh, we had better go and have lunch because I know better than to keep my sister waiting”

The laughed and he took a step back from her. They looked each other fully in the eye for a moment. They kissed again and Jamie gave her backside a gentle squeeze. “Come on now, unless ye’ve a desperate desire to see me get a dressing down from my sister.”

The afternoon was just perfect. Jamie watched Claire through lunch. In part to make sure she was alright, but mostly from a simple desire to look at her. To see the way the sun shone through the window and caught in her hair, changing it from a deep brown to red and gold and silver. To see her profile as she laughed with Jenny, her strong jaw and the slope of her nose. To see her help wee Ian with his lunch and her laughing as he succeeded in getting more down himself than into his mouth.

As dessert was being served he caught Jenny’s eye. She and Claire had seemed to be getting along, but he was still apprehensive. Jenny however, gave him a most uncharacteristic wink with a laugh before turning back to the conversation she was in with Claire about a book they had both recently read and, from what he could make out, enjoyed.

He felt a nudge in his ribs which broke up his revery. He turned to see his brother in law had moved around the table. He grinned at him. “Jenny seems very taken with your Claire” he stated casually.

“I know” replied Jamie running his hand through his hair in relief. “I was worried that maybe…” he tailed off.

“Aye,” replied Ian, “I ken better than anyone how Jenny can be. But she knows how important the lass is to ye. In fact given the way you’ve spoken about her round here, I doubt there is a person between here and Glasgow that doesna know how soft you are on her”

Jamie felt his colour rise slightly and Ian laughed again. “Ah, dinna fash, Jamie lad. It’s wonderful to see. Plus the fact is it seems Claire and Jenny share a particular passion for the same kind of smutty literature” He cast a glance over at Jenny and Claire who were now practically head to head with laughter.

“So what are your plans whilst you’re here?”

“Well, I thought I’d take her round the farm and the visitors centre this afternoon, just to let her see the place and also give myself a chance to look the place over. I’ve neglected it a wee bit o’late” he admitted slightly sheepishly. Iam said nothing but made the scottish noise in the back of his throat. “Tomorrow, if the weather is fine I thought I’d take her hiking and then I guess on Tuesday I should probably do some work. Claire said she might take herself shopping into Inverness. We didna really get the chance whilst we were staying there.”

The rest of the afternoon was smooth sailing. Jamie, almost bursting with pride at both the exceptional woman in whose company he was and the chance to show off his beloved Lallybroch to her, took her round most of the main areas.

“And this here, is the tea rooms, those are Jenny’s baby”

“And this here is the gate to the main farm. Tourists don’t generally go in there but we have the community farm bit just down the valley so that people can see the animals and get an idea of the kind of work required  in a Highland farm”

After an afternoon of walking, they sat under a tree not far from the house, enjoying the last rays of the evening sun and it shone through the branches.

“Thank you, Jamie” said Claire, taking his hand in hers. “It was so wonderful to see your life’s work, your dream” her whiskey coloured eyes looked into his.

“It was my pleasure, Mo Nighean donn,” he answered softly. “Ye have no idea how much it means to me to bring ye here. To show you all this.” He stroked his thumb down her face.”I never thought I’d have someone I’d want to share this with, never thought that I could be so happy, so utterly content just sitting under a tree, looking at the house, watching the sun go down.”

“Me neither, Jamie.” Claire stopped and seemed to visibly gather her thoughts. She turned and faced him more fully. “I didn’t know what to expect when I came here. I was so so afraid. Afraid your family wouldn’t like me, afraid you’d see me here and I wouldn’t fit, afraid that I’d come here and not feel like I fit.” She looked up at him imploring him to understand her mind. He nodded briefly and she continued. “But… but I think that I might? Does that make sense to you?” he nodded again and kissed her because he did not have the words to articulate his own feelings. She kissed him back pulling him close to her and he could feel the heat of her body pressed against him.  He broke the kiss and stood.

“Come Mo nighean donn, it’s time to go to bed.”

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they walked back towards the house. He led her inside but instead of leading her towards the apartment he led her up the main staircase to the Laird’s room.

“Should we be in here?” Claire asked as he closed the door behind them.

“It’s still my house, visiting hours are long since over and I want to make love to my woman in this room”

Claire’s eyes widened slightly as he approached her and putting a head to the back of her neck he pulled her close and kissed her. He felt her knees give a little and drew his other hand to the small of her back steadying her. Her own arms wound around his neck as she groaned into his lips. Jamie pulled her closer still, enjoying the friction of her pelvis against his. He walked her back towards the bed never taking his lips from hers. She pulled at his t-shirt getting her hands underneath. She ran her hand down his spine making him shudder. He felt her bump against the edge of the bed and laid her gently down on the counterpane.

“Claire, oh my Claire” he whispered in her ear. His arm reached down her body and slid her dress up her thigh on its return journey. She rocked her hips against his. He returned the pressure as she pulled his shirt up over his head. He felt the warm breeze from an open window play across his back. He was aware of every little thing. He had never brought a woman here before, had never even thought to, but for some reason it felt vital that he make love to Claire in this room, on this bed. In the room that represented who he was and where he came from. He shifted his weight back and pulled Claire into sitting position so that he could lift her dress up over her head. She looked so bonny sitting there on the bed, her hair a cloud around her face, her skin kissed golden by the rays of the setting sun. She reached out to him and unbuckled his belt and he let out a low hiss as she ran a finger along the edge of the waistband. She pushes them down over his hips and reached down and took his hardness into her hand.

“Someone likes the idea of doing it in the Laird’s room…” she let out a little giggle which was swallowed up by him kissing her thoroughly and lowering her back down onto the bed. She hadn’t been wearing a bra and her nipples were tight and hard under his touch. He bent his head and took one in his mouth, worrying it gently with his teeth. Her head dropped back and she let out a moan “Oh God, Jamie, don’t stop.”

He teased a trail to the other breast where he repeated his ministrations, his hand moving slowly down her body. He cupped her gently between the legs, feeling the warmth and wetness there. She jerked her hips towards him at her his touch and stroked one finger slowly up and down just teasing the spot where she was most sensitive. Her breath quickened and he could feel the muscles in her stomach and thighs tighten beneath him. Never ceasing his movements he slid his middle finger inside of her and she made a keening sound that seemed to go straight to his groin. She rocked her hips against his hand with more urgency, her fingers digging into his shoulders. He kissed her jaw and neck and she grabbed his hair, calling out his name urgently.  She was clinging to him now, trying to pull herself closer to him as she neared her climax. With a long moan, her back tensed and he felt her clench around his fingers. He kissed her face gently as she returned to earth.

“Jesus Christ, Jamie. Where on earth did you learn to do that” she murmured laughing, when finally she could speak again.

“It’s only for you, Mo nighean donn” he replied smiling. “Only for you”

Claire reached up and pulled his mouth to hers, kissing him lightly at first and then with more urgency. She hooked her leg around her waist pulling her close to him, his hardness rubbing against the inside of her thigh. She flipped him onto his back and ran her tongue deliciously down the side on his neck and along his collarbone.He let out a little growl, pulling her onto him. For second neither of them moved as they savoured the feeling. She moved then, slowly at first, but in a building crescendo of want and need. She ran her hands along the planes of his chest, keeping him flat with her weight. Both were breathless, his hands were on her hips steadying her and pulling her closer to him. She leaned down to kiss him and he raised himself, first into sitting position and then onto his knees, Claire on his lap. His hands tangled in her hair and hers in his as they kissed and gasped and shared the same air. Jamie felt a tightening as he approached completion and tried to slow his pace. “No.” she murmured in his ear. “No my love, come to me, come with me” He felt her pulse around him and with a thrust and a moan he joined her.

They lay on the bed, arms and legs tangled, the moonlight which had replaced the last rays of the setting sun playing across the room. He stoked her hair, her arm , the soft skin of her legs. She ran her finger down his chest, making him shiver. Claire let out a contented sigh and Jamie smiled. As they drifted off, Jamie allowed himself to imagine. Claire, here in the Laird’s bedroom always. A crib in the corner, a ring on her finger. He and Claire walking hand in hand across the meadows, Claire in a white dress walking down the aisle of the chapel towards him. Jamie succumbed to sleep with one last thought echoing around his mind. “…til our lives will be done.”


Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Fem!Reader

Summary: When ever something happens to your skin (tattoo, cut etc) it shows up on your soulmate as well.

Words: 743

Warnings: Angst; trigger warning; cutting; blood


Through out your life you would receive random marks on your body that you couldn’t explain. You heard the stories where it was marks on your soulmates body. It happened with your parents and it seems to be happening to you, but you gave up on the idea of a soulmate and forgot about the marks.

Anthony didn’t believe in soulmates and the whole marks thing. He always thought he did that to himself unknowing until the first cut happened.

It was a bad week. Scratch that a terrible week. Everything was just too much for you. It led you to sit locked in your bathroom with a razor in hand.

You slid it against your arm. It stung but it felt nice at the same time. So you did another.


“Anthony your arm!” Jasmine exclaimed.

“Holy shit!” He shouted grabbing something to put on the cuts that formed on his arm.

“It’s your soulmate.” Lin stated. Anthony looked up in surprise. He didn’t want to believe in soulmates but now….how can he not when he’s officially marked. Knowing this he felt deeply guilty and full of regret. He should’ve tried contacting his soulmate. He could’ve helped if he knew. Now all Anthony wants to know is, what made you do it? What possibly could have happened to make you do this to yourself and if you knew about the soulmate thing.


‘Don’t do it’

Those words were scrawled out on your other arm in black marker. Your eyes wide were fixated on it. Your hand which held the razor shook. You released it, it hit the tiled floor with a small ‘cling’. Blood slid down your other arm.

'I don’t know what happened but it’ll be okay.’

More words were written as the words from before disappeared. You looked at your bloodied arm to the arm with the writing.


It can’t be true, you couldn’t believe it. Your soulmate was talking to you.

‘Please tell me you’re still there’

It was scribbled on your left calf. Grabbing a random towel you pressed it to your arm to try stop the bleeding. Getting up, your knees wobbled. Clutching the counter of the sink, you stood still as a wave spots crowded your vision. After a minute or two it went away. You exited the bathroom and to your little office area. Grabbing a marker you wrote the word ‘yes’ on your palm.


‘I’m sorry’ You wrote. Going back to the bathroom you dropped the towel, turning on the sink, you ran the water over your cuts. It burned but you didn’t know what else to do. Grabbing another towel you put pressure on it. Opening the medicine cabinet you grabbed gauze and wrapped your arm in it.

‘Are you okay?’ After that was written the other words disappeared.


Anthony scrubbed the marker off his skin making it red.

The word ‘No’ appeared on the arm with the cuts. They stopped bleeding thankfully.

It hurt him that you were hurt even though he doesn’t know you or your name.

‘***-***-****’ He wrote his cell number.


You stared at the numbers on your arm. Butterflies scrambled in your stomach. Going to your room you took your phone from the charger. Unlocking it you dialed the number and pressed call. Putting the phone to your ear it rang before a guy answered it.


“Who is this?” You meekly asked. You sat on your bed, your back against the bedframe.

“Anthony. Who’s this?” He asked.

“I’m sorry Anthony.” You hiccupped. Tears pricked your eyes again. “The marks…the scars that it’ll leave….” You trailed off. “I’m sorry.”

“Hey, hey, it’s all good. For real, it’s fine. We all have our bad days. I’m not mad. All I care about is if you’re okay.” Those words touched your heart.

“How are you so calm?”

“I don’t know actually.” He told her.

“And I’m not okay. I’m far from it.” You tell him.

“What happened.” Through tears and sobs you told him everything that happened to you.

Anthony calmed you down though with his calming voice. You learned to love his accent that he ad when he spoke. You liked it.

You were laying under your covers still on the phone with Anthony for over 2 hours.


“I’m sorry what?” He asked.

“That’s my name.” You said.

“Y/N.” Anthony says, testing out the name. “It suits you.” You smiled.

“Thank you.” You whisper.

Everything was a mistake.

SO, first day of Juminzen week and I’m so excited! I will probably not participate on all days buuut, here’s day 1, I took the secrets prompt for this one. 

And I might… have gone a little overboard, the word count is 2,807 if you guys are interested. 


How was it possible?

How could Jumin keep something his big hidden from him?

More importantly, why didn’t Zen notice?

The signs were there, right under his nose. Jumin coming home late at night, and in the mornings Zen discovered that his shirts smelled different from the cologne the entrepreneur usually used. Heck, the fact that he had constantly avoided Zen’s questions about work being too heavy should have been enough of a warning to make him suspect something, anything.

But he hadn’t. He hadn’t suspected nor thought something was wrong with Jumin’s suspicious behavior, at least not until the proof was right in his face, sort of.  

And to think it had started as a lovely morning.

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Buddy System (Jumin x MC)

A young Jumin finds another child lost in his neighborhood. 

Word Count: 1077

I haven’t got much else to say other than I hope you enjoy and have a spectacular day! Thank you!


Jumin stepped outside from his family’s home, his father worriedly wrapping the coat around him once more. “It’s rather chilly Jumin, I don’t want you catching a cold.” 

He was just a child, yet still an odd coldness and distance beginning to grow around him.

He nodded faintly, tilting his head up to face his father.

“Be back before sundown, okay?” 

“Yes, sir.” He buttoned his coat, the wool gnawing at his skin. 

“You promise?”

“I promise.” 

“Okay, be good.” 

His father gave a brief wave before closing the door behind him, Jumin walking about aimlessly. 

There hadn’t been much to do with V off with family and such, but it provided a sense of stability and peace that he often didn’t find at home. 

Yet he’d be lying to say that the loneliness didn’t bother him.

However, that quickly changed as he caught sight of someone just across the street, calling out timidly.

It was you.

Had he known it was you then, he would’ve rushed over as if his life depended on it.

But he merely stared, curious until you eventually shifted your gaze to him.

Your eyes widened to the size of saucers, gasping. “Hi! Can you help me?”

You rushed forward, the bottoms of your boots scraping against the slick street. 

“Hello?” You softened your tone, frowning. “Can you help me?” 

“With what?” He asked, stone-faced.

“I’m…I’m lost.” You fiddled with your fingers, the knuckles paler with the winter air. 

“Where did you last see your mother? Are you from here?” 

“Um…no. My mother and I were just taking a walk here…and we got separated.” You sniffled, scrunching up your nose. “I don’t really know where she went.” 

“And you want me to help you…?” He tipped his head a bit perplexed. 

“Yes, if you’re o-okay with t-that.” You murmured, giving a pleading expression. “I-I’ll leave you alone after that-I’m just…scared.” 

A pang of guilt smacked him at your words, a small sigh slipping from his lips. “No, no it’s fine. I’ll help.” 

He removed his gloves, giving them to you. “Try to stay warm. I don’t really know how long we may be out here searching.” 

“Y-You don’t think m-my mom forgot about m-me did she?” 

“I wouldn’t think so.” He shook his head. “I’m sure it was just an accident.” 

“T-Thank you…” You tried to come up with his name, looking up as you found you never learned it. 

“Jumin. My name is Jumin Han.” 

“I’m MC. Nice to meet you!” You smiled warmly reaching out with your hand to shake his. 

He returned the gesture, furrowing his brow. “So um…where did you last see your mom?”

“Over there.” You pointed at the far end of the neighborhood, the trees twisting about one another to almost form a roof of sorts. 

“Alright, just-stay close.” He said, beginning to trudge forward.

You linked your arm with his, Jumin’s breath hitching as his face suddenly switched to pink.

“Buddy system!” You exclaimed, cracking a small grin. “My teachers say it’s always a good way to not get lost!” 

“Y-Yes I-I guess it is.” He swallowed hard, trying to steady his own rapid heartbeat. 

“Don’t you have a buddy?” 

You began to walk, the ice somehow seeming more slippery than ever. 

“Do you mean a friend?”


“I do have one. His name is V.”

“Where is he?”

“Off with family. Other than that I don’t really have anyone else.” 

“You’ve got me!” You cried, almost bouncing with your next step. “Once a buddy, always a buddy.” 


“We’re friends silly!” 

“We are?” 

“Of course!” You took his hand and gave a small squeeze. 

“Of course…” He repeated the phrase, a small smile tugging at his lips for the first time in what felt like centuries. “I like that.” 

“The saying or the fact that we’re friends?”


You grinned, the two of you continuing to chatter here and there until you approached the end of the street, beginning to yell out.

“Mom!” You yelped. “Mom!” 

“Hello?” He called, raising his voice by the moment. “Hello?”


Nothing was returned, eventually, the two of you sitting down on the sidewalk.

“Did she leave…?” You whimpered, sinking back. 

“No, I’m sure she didn’t.” Jumin attempted to comfort you, wrapping an arm around you. “Maybe she’s just lost too.” 

“Right…right okay.” You looked up to him, wiping at the small tears brimming at your eyes. “Thank you Jumin.” 

“Oh…you’re welcome.” 

“I don’t know why you don’t have too many friends. You’re pretty neat to me.” 

“You think so?” 


He opened his mouth to speak, yet before he could respond another voice bounced outwards excitedly. 

“MC? Honey?” A voice erupted out, an older woman racing outwards, clinging to her coat. “MC?” 

The woman sprinted forward, ducking down and wrapping you in her arms. “Oh, sweetheart I’m so glad you’re okay!” 

You let out a small squeak of excitement, clinging to your mother. 

Your mother leaned back, examining Jumin. “Who’s this?”

“My new friend Jumin! He helped me find you!” 

“Was that your voice I heard with MC?” She asked, raising a brow.

He nodded, unable to come up with any proper response. 

“Thank you Jumin.” She patted his shoulder, smirking. “Be sure to tell your family what a little hero you are.”

“Y-Yes ma’am.” 

He watched as the two of you left, a small sadness growing in his chest at the idea of you leaving yet a warmth bloomed as you turned back.

“Bye buddy!” 

He gave a small wave, a crooked grin tugging up. 


And even as the years passed, he never forgot your bright and gentle words.

And when you happened to accidentally stumble into the RFA messenger, he knew he met again with the same person who he found lost.

Yet this time, you were the one to find him.

And you were what he had always been searching for.

Routine (CEO!Jimin)

Plot: CEO!Jimin as a father

Word Count: 874

A/N: so a few days ago, an anon and I were talking about this and then it was requested and I lowkey was already planning to do it so I’m glad it did get requested bc it sounds s o fucking cute I love father!chim so much it’s one of my faves also I may do a separate post for what it’s like when he brings them to work bc that’s an entirely different story but the links for this post will be the CEO post (here) and as always, all of the father related posts are here

Jimin’s work days started the same way every morning but he somehow never grew bored of it. He would be woken up by his daughter’s giggling as she climbed onto his back or chest, depending on how he was sleeping, his son making himself comfortable under the blankets. Once they realized they were successful in waking him up, he would be greeted with the slightly slobbery kisses toddlers typically gave. He would ask them about their dreams, sleepily rubbing their backs until they began to whine about being hungry. He would wake you up with their help so all four of you could go downstairs and make them their breakfast, feed the dog and get his morning coffee. 

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College!AU Jimin
  • major: nursing 
  • minor: dance 
  • sports: lead dancer in the on campus dance team called ‘the army’ 
  • clubs: ……dance team takes up most of his time whoops (was tricked into attending one weird wicca club meeting by taehyung who was just “interested” in seeing what was going on)
  • is probably the most stressed person on campus but like he never allows it to show
  • like being in the rigorous nursing program AND getting ready for dance competitions every other month is grueling and everyone else on the team is always like in the group chat like “im dying” and jimin is like “!!!! im sorry to hear that ))): lets go out for icecream sometime it’ll make you feel better!!!!!! *one hundred heart emojis” 
  • jungkook is one of the other members of the dance team and he’s always just like “jimin what do you eat every morning?” and jimin’s like “regular breakfast, why?” and jungkook’s just like “i dont understand where the hell you get energy from” and jimin probably says something c*rny like ‘i get energy because i think about seeing yoooooou’ and jungkook is like gROSS Im RUNNING AWAy now
  • but actually jimin is straight up living off smoothies, coffee in cans, and granola bars because he’s got a major test coming up in “Health Assessment Throughout the Lifespan”, community clinic hours, and practice all in one afternoon and he isn’t gonna have time to stop and get anything to eat
  • plus when he gets back to the dorm his roommate, taehyung, probably forgot to do the grocery shopping again so he’ll probably just pass out on his textbook on his desk
  • jimin walking around campus (more like sprinting to his next class) in cute pink scrubs he got from upperclassman jin as a birthday present 
  • everyone at the community clinic loves him and he basically only works in pediatrics as a nurse because the kids just flock to him in like hoards because he has such a sweet face
  • also he is super good at copying cartoon characters and making kids laugh with really cheesy jokes
  • and the doctors and other nurses are always like “jimin, just come work in the pediatric unit when you’re done with school. jimin, please.”
  • the kids in the pediatric unit: “yeah nurse jimin!!! please!!!”
  • and that’s actually where you first meet jimin because you’re doing volunteer work in the clinic as a receptionist and you see this cute boy in bright pink being followed around by a parade of children and it’s so sweet because you see him bend down to check one kids temperature and gently tell another one that they have to go back to another nurse to get their blood taken 
  • and he’s really adorable and you grow fond of watching him do his job with such a proud, big smile 
  • but the moment you know you like him is when you see him running through the main hall, in his hands is a small coughing girl that’s clinging to his shirt and he’s just yelling for people to get out of his way so that he can get her to a bed and get a doctor and you scramble to your feet to try and catch one of the doctors who might have a free second and you like manage to find one and chase after jimin and the girl
  • and when jimin turns around, he’s sweating and panting, but he looks so relieved to see that you’ve brought the doctor over and in hurried but very precise and detailed words he explains the girls symptoms
  • and you’re honestly just in awe because one second ago he was a panicked boy running to get this girl somewhere safe and now he’s just collected himself to relay the info to the doctor 
  • and you get this swell of admiration in your chest looking at him and for one brief second before jimin runs off to get an IV he locks eyes with you and smiles
  • the most,,,,,,thankful and real smile you’ve ever seen
  • and for the rest of the day you’re just in a haze over that smile honestly 
  • but you’ve heard from other volunteers and nurses in training that jimin is really REALLY popular with everyone and that he keeps getting confessions and gifts and love notes from everyone and so you kind of give up on the thought of you ever having anything with him
  • that’s why you almost fall out of your chair when you see someone put down two strawberry banana smoothies in front of you and you look up to see that smile again 
  • and nurse jimin in his cute as hell pink scrubs with star stickers all over the front pocket is like “hey, i thought you might like a smoothie (((:”
  • and you’re just like ???? thank… and he just kinda gets red in the face because alhfsda this must be awkward but at the same time he’s like trying to think of a way to compliment you without coming off as weird 
  • and so he’s just like “i like your cardigan!” and you’re like ,,, aH thank you!! and you’re like “i like you scrubs, pink is so cute!!” and jimin just gets all confident like “yeah one of my hyungs says pink suits me, plus nurses should wear bright colors!!!” and you’re like true especially in the pediatric unit 
  • and jimin is about to say something else but you two hear a beep and you’re like ??? and he’s like ‘oh it’s my pager!!!! a patient needs me but um ,,,,, ill be back!!!!” and he like runs off again and you’re like ok one he has a pager that’s adorable two he said he’ll be back and somehow that makes your heart jump a bit ,,,
  • jimin while he’s like checking the blood pressure of the new patient is also kinda thinking about how he told he’d be back and how corny he must have sounded but also you’re so damn adorable he couldn’t help but want to see you again
  • the patient probably: um nurse park could you take my temperature you’ve been dreamily staring into space for about five minutes… jimin: oh frick yeah oh my god oops iM SORRY
  • and it’s cute you two go about your days working at the clinic and right before the shifts change jimin appears in front of you except this time in sweatpants and a loose fighting tshirt and you’re like “going to the gym?” (while also screaming inside because jimin hair is a little tousled and he looks so casual for the first time and you’re On Fire) and he’s like “nah my dance team has a competition this sunday so” and you’re like dance….team? and he’s like yeah!! our college has one you do know about it?
  • it takes you a second but you’re like WAIT you’re on that team??? didn’t they win nationals last year??? and jimin gets a little sheepish and he’s like yeah we did,,,,we beat this other team who has this dancer i really respect his name is jackson wang and he does the best flips-”
  • before you know it you and jimin are walking together out of the clinic and jimin is just naturally telling you about dance and about what happened at the clinic and you tell him about whats going on at the reception and how doctor ken tripped on a banana peel in the break room
  • and it’s cute like you two are just giggling and getting excited sharing stories and you get so happy when you find out you’re taking the same train back to campus and like 
  • it’s a little crowded and someone is pushing up against you from the back and so jimin just ever so slightly pulls you in against his chest and you’re like ;;;;;; than;;;; thank yo;;;;;you;;;; and he just smiles again and oh god park jimin stop with that smile it could kill someone it’s so sweet
  • and finally when you two are on campus you say goodbye to jimin because he has practice but you have a test to study for and he’s just like heY you know,,, you should give me your number so you can text me the days you’re at the clinic so we can like ,,,, have lunch together or something
  • and he’s scratching his neck being all adorable and you giggle like sure!!! and you exchange numbers and when you’re safe inside your dorm jimin does like a mini victory dance outside the door and the minute he gets to practice he taCKLEs jungkook like BRO THIS cute perSON GAVe me tHeir nuMbeR IM SCreAMign and jungkook is like rip but also secretly so happy to see jimin happy
  • and so after that you and jimin see a lot of each other you guys always joke around at the clinic when you can and you get to see him be super serious when dealing with patients and like 
  • you kinda get into the habit of giving jimin snacks because he always forgets money for lunch and you’re like jimin and he’s like imSOrry i spent my only five bucks on a smoothie rip and you’re like you know fruits actually have a lot of sugar in them right and he’s like i know but smoothies are better then like coffee all the time and you’re like yea true
  • jimin jokingly trying to take your temperature when you told him the hospital feels extra hot and he like leans over to feel your forehead and you’re like jimin what are you doing and he’s like ‘as expected you are very………hot’ and you’re like oh my god that’s so cheesy did you just use a pickup line on me 
  • and he’s like um gotta run 
  • but one day jimin is working overtime at the clinic and you know he even had to skip practice and you could have left two hours ago, but you wait for him at the front desk
  • and when he comes out for the first time in like ever you see jimin not looking bright and happy
  • he just looks upset and stressed out and he’s barely holding up his duffel bag and you like go over and you’re like “jimin?” and he kind of just shifts at the sound of your voice before looking up and he’s like “isn’t it late, why are you here?” and you hesitate to tell the truth but in the end you’re like “i was worried about you.” and jimin kind of looks into your eyes 
  • and you’re like silent under his intense gaze but you’re also like “jimin, what’s wrong?’ and he just 
  • he just drops his duffel bag and pulls you into this kiss that so passionate and needy and you’re caught off guard but jimin’s hands on your face and the way he feels so warm up close like it just
  • makes you lose your mind and you kiss him back
  • and honestly the only thing that stops him from like picking you up and finding some unused hospital bed is well one hospital rules but two doctor ken walks by and is like heY hO O you KIDS and you and jimin pull away in an embarrassed mess
  • and like you two bow and apologize and the doctor just laughs and is like bACK in MY day but whatever he like leaves and you and jimin stand there beside each other until you’re like 
  • “jimin…” and he kind of gets a little nervous and he’s like “yes?” and you’re like “…..let’s do that again but not in the hospital ok.” and you can visibly see him perk up and pull you into the tightest hug and he’s like !!!!!!! yes lets do it all the time,,,,outside of the hospital or maybe inside on like break or something and you’re like omf ok 
  • and that is how you two begin to date and it’s so darn cute because jimin was happy doing clinic hours before but now he’s just SUPER PUMPED about it
  • because he gets to see you and hold your hand and kiss you when no one is looking and tell you how amazing and stunning you are
  • and like it’s not long till a group of kids runs up to you and they’re like 
  • “you’re the one nurse jimin loves!!!!!” and you’re like oh my and they’re like ‘are you gonna maRRY him????” and you just fluster and you’re like well we are too young- and jimin has to come running to corral all of them up and be like sORRy and you’re like laughing because it’s fine it’s cute
  • jimin gives you tickets to come see the dance competition he’s going to be in with the team and that’s the day you meet jungkook whose like finALLY jimin has found someone else to use his corny pick up lines on and jimin is like 
  • yes i love them and i use corny pick up lines on them but don’t think you’re safe jungkook come here let me kiss your cheek- and jungkook is like SAVE ME FROM YOUR BOYFRIEND 
  • like the proud partner of jimin you are you film his part in the dance battle and when it’s announced that they won you like run down and into his arms
  • and jimin just spins you around and you guys kiss and jungkook is like GROSS but jimin and you aren’t paying attention
  • you helping jimin study while he’s working out at practice like he’s doing sit ups and you’re reading off questions from the nursing textbook and everytime he gets a question right you give him a kiss
  • on the downlow you as jin where he got jimin those pink scrubs because you want to get jimin some cute scrubs too and jin is like “oh there’s this site and it’s so good let me show you-”
  • you order jimin scrubs with like little clouds on them and jimin is like ……ok i can’t even pretend that i don’t love this is it’s so CUTE
  • and finally one night after you went out to celebrate another win with jimin’s dance team you and jimin are like going to the train and jimin as shy as he can be kind of just loops his arm around you and pulls you against him and is like against your ear
  • “we can continue celebrating at my dorm if you want, taehyung’s off studying abroad this whole month.”
  • and you’re like ok one when did jimin get such a sexy voice two you’re like yes. Yes. yes.
  • you two barely get out of the subway station before jimin is like holding your hand and just running toward his dorm and he even is like do you want me to pick you up and run up the stairs instead of taking the elevator- 
  • but you’re like jimin shush and you two makeout in the elevator
  • and then you know taehyung is gone so you can feel free to do it wherever you please
  • also jimin is like “im sweaty after the competition let’s go take a shower”
  • and who are you to say no i mean like it’s park jimin
  • in the morning jimin is just nuzzling your neck and he’s like ‘can you just live here while taehyung is away so you’re always next to me’ and you laugh like i wish
  • and you get up and jimin is like ;;; where r u going and you’re like to make you an ACTUAL breakfast and jimin is like i love you. i love you so much.
  • you and jimin eating cereal together on the couch with you sitting between his legs and then the rest of the day you both have off till 4 when your shifts start at the clinic so you just lay ontop of him and be cute
  • eskimo kissing jimin while you two are being lazy couch potatoes 
  • but the jimin is like we should play just dance i have it on my wii-
  • lmao you, jimin, jungkook, taehyung, jin, and the rest of jimins dance team playing just dance on the wii and making fun of each other for sucking at this horrible video game
  • jimin saying he lost to you ‘on purpose’
  • (he didn’t he just isn’t good at this game lmfao)
  • when you get sick jimin turns on nurse mode and he just gets so worried and panicked and you’re like jimin just get me some cough drops it’s not that deep
  • some douche said men shouldn’t be nurses and you almost punched him in the face jimin had to hold your flailing arms back
  • it’s fine though, jungkook punched the douche in the nose for you

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