small cling

I know people like to make Enjolras taller than R because it makes him intimidating and literally unreachable

but consider

Enjolras is short and just the personification of this

YOIBB17 Project - #3

“I’ll ask you kindly not to interfere,” he says airily. He pulls away small clumps of snow clinging to his clothes and hair from the fall, teasing them to form a single, elaborate giant snowflake in his hand, which he stares at with a pensive sort of chagrin. “I’ve just forged a contract with this man, and it would be unfortunate if he dies before I get the chance to grant his wish.”

Viktor from And Mile to Go Before I Sleep (The magic/fantasy AU fic I am collaborating on with @orchids-and-fictional-cities)

Wish You Were Here (Tom Holland Smut)

request: i think it was kinda? someone wanted phone sex w tom so here we are i’m too lazy to find it but anon one’s for u babe <3

short summary: tom was a little shit this whole week about the fresh cut and it got u all hot and bothered when he finally posted a pic so u know seeing as u can’t see him phone sex will have to do

length: 1.6k words

warnings: smut

A/N: i’m sorry i know i said i was working on 2 angsty peter fics but i knew i needed to write this as soon as he finally stopped being a snake and showed us that dope cut bc goddamn it looks fucking NICE i’m so s o r r y 
pls forgive me

You toyed with yourself as you paced around your bedroom. Not knowing what exactly to do, you were at a loss. You didn’t want to cave, but at the same time you were beyond caring. The reward would be too great if you would just succumb to your wants.

Tom hadn’t only been messing with his fans all week, but you too. What started as a simple joke tweet had amassed into hysteria in his fandom. He’d initially planned on only waiting a day before showing the world a simple selfie of his new hair cut, but after seeing everyone freak out he decided to take it a step further and mess with everyone for a few days.

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Andreil In A HeartBeat AU
  • Andrew grew up watching hearts pop out all around him. Growing up in the foster care system means seeing many hearts pop out just to be broken days later. With so many young teens crammed into the same house, crushes were often formed but they were hardly returned. Even when they were, they were soon separated due to the system. Sometimes the hearts never healed. Sometimes they did, but they were always scarred. Andrew had never seen a whole heart remain unmarked and promised himself he would never allow his heart to see the light of day, but that was years ago. Now, Andrew hardly believed he even had a heart. The years passed and even though Andrew had never seen his own physical incarnation of his heart, he knew it was damaged beyond repair. Luckily it never threatened to make an appearance. That is, until trouble arrived during his second year at Palmetto State University.
  • “Neil Josten is nothing special” was the first thought Andrew had upon seeing him in the tiny locker rooms at the cruddy high school he attended. Of course, That didn’t stop his heart from violently beating inside his chest. It didn’t show the physical sign of the HeartBeats which usually preceded the arrival of the heart, but it was a close call. Andrew ignored it like he did most things, but it was far from the last time his heart would act up
  • He was convinced it was another side effect of the drugs. Why else would his heartbeat surge like that when Neil responded to him in German? Nonetheless the same rapid heartbeat returned with a vengeance. This eventually became a regular thing. Any time Neil looked at him a certain way, or asked for a truth, or even when he got too excited about Exy, his heartbeat accelerated against his will.
  • Andrew finally admitted it was more than just the drugs when his heart jumped out of his chest after he handed the key to his house in Columbia. It wasn’t the act itself, but the face Neil made when he took the key; it was one of surprise and adoration, like he’d never been given anything before. Andrew immediately hated the look but it didn’t stop those HeartBeats from appearing when he turned away from Neil.
  • These HeartBeats increased throughout the rest of the semester and Andrew was about ready to cut it out of his chest. Their increasing interactions and conversations were wearing on Andrew’s nerves, always worried that he’d be caught. He never was since the HeartBeats always seemed to be delayed; they didn’t kick in until after Neil was gone. It resulted in Andrew giving in to Neil’s requests just so he wouldn’t be caught when the HeartBeats kicked in.
  • It didn’t help that Neil didn’t seem to know about the Hearts. When he saw the two small Hearts clinging to Dan and Matt, he was fascinated and started asking all sorts of questions. Andrew found out later that because of Neil’s life on the run, he hardly saw them and his mother never bothered explaining them to him. He claimed it was because she was too busy focusing on their survival, but Andrew knew it was another way to keep Neil safe. If his Heart ever manifested, it would be considered nothing but a liability. Andrew knew that from experience.
  • Driving back home after being released from rehab was almost harder than the time he spent in that hellish hospital. He was hoping the medication was the only reason his HeartBeats had begun, but seeing Neil waiting for him in the lobby had his heart picking up speed the way it had been all school year. Andrew ignored it, and drove them all home in silence. Andrew knew the HeartBeats wouldn’t be delayed anymore and was going to have to be careful from now on. He hadn’t come this far to let his Heart show up now.
  • It wasn’t until later on the rooftop when Andrew knew it was helpless. He told Neil he hated him despite his heart said the opposite. He threw Neil’s keys to the ground in an attempt to distract Neil when the HeartBeats made a reappearance and somehow it worked. Neil watched the keys fall as Andrew’s Heart worked to burst out of his chest. Neil went to retrieve the keys and still somehow missed the rapidly aggressive HeartBeat evident in Andrew’s chest. When Neil looked up at him and took a drag from the cigarette Andrew had tossed down there moments before, the one thing Andrew never wanted to happen did. His Heart appeared in front of him. It was an ugly little thing, bruised and scarred and almost unrecognizable as a Heart, but the face was one of pure love and adoration, the exact opposite of how Andrew felt. The excited little thing was ready to run after the stupid boy that caused these feelings, but before it could, Andrew pinned it down with one of his knives.
  • He wasn’t ready for this thing to give him away to Neil and the rest of the foxes, so Andrew trapped it in a jar lying around in his room and hid it under his bed. Of course this wasn’t the end. Andrew would repeatedly find the little guy had rolled the jar out from under the bed after interactions with Neil. He pretended not to see the heart’s increasing size and how the marks on it slowly faded with time.
  • Much to Andrew’s displeasure, Andrew returned to his dorm after the trip to Columbia that had him admitting his feelings to Neil to find the heart flying freely around the room trying to find a way to escape. Andrew was tired and instead of trying to capture the thing, he let it fly around the room. It went to the door, trying to fit through the cracks of the door. It also tried and  failed to open the window. The little Heart had grown to almost twice its original size, but it was still too small to do much of anything. Andrew put it in a box, and opened the window himself, smoking until he couldn’t hear the Heart bouncing around the box anymore.
  • Andrew was annoyed. He told Neil he hated him, and he meant it, but here they were on the roof again, Neil’s heart obviously beating, blush evident and bewildered with the new sensation. Apparently Neil enjoyed being hated. Despite this, Neil still had to audacity to ask about the other ten percent. He couldn’t tell him that the other ten percent was trapped in a box under his bed, so he didn’t. When Neil told him he wanted to see him lose control, Andrew could practically feel his Heart bursting out of the box.
  • Andrew kissed Neil. After months of denying and fighting it, he finally kissed the stupid scared boy he’d been infatuated with. When he pulled back, it was to see his Heart had broken free and was heading straight for Neil. Andrew tried to pull it from Neil’s shoulder but to his surprise, Neil stopped him, “No, it’s okay. How long have you been hiding it?”
    • “Is this another truth?” Andrew asked in return.
    • Neil shrugged. “If you want it to be.”
    • “Since I told you at Eden’s Twilight,” Neil’s face was one of delight and Andrew wanted to punch the look off of his face. Or maybe he wanted to kiss it.
  • After that, Andrew’s heart stayed close to Neil, often chilling in his pockets or somewhere it wasn’t seen. How it knew not to be obvious, Andrew wasn’t sure but he was thankful. It only came out when Neil confronted him later when the dorm was empty. This time, it wasn’t alone and as Neil told him “yes,” Neil’s own Heart popped out, reaching for Andrew. This changed everything.
  • Neil’s heart was hard to hide, and Andrew wasn’t sure if he wanted to. The effort it would take to keep it hidden was more exhausting that Andrew had the patience for. So the rest of the foxes caught on rather quickly. They assumed it was one sided, but they’d soon find out that was hardly the case.
  • Andrew found Neil’s bag after the riot and found his own heart trapped inside next to the phone Andrew had given him. Andrew was angry, as well as scared for Neil, but more angry that he gave up his heart and phone so willingly. In the hours that past, Andrew could see the cracks forming in his small heart and didn’t bother to hide it. The foxes watched cautiously as the cracks spread farther down the Heart. Neil’s own heart remained by Andrew’s side but mourned over the loss of Andrew’s own Heart.
  • But then the FBI came and soon they were reunited. Andrew’s Heart reached Neil faster than he did and Andrew no longer cared who saw because Neil was here and he was okay. He was damaged and bruised and scarred, just like Andrew was. Both their hearts were ruined little things, but they were happy together and Andrew thought that maybe these Hearts weren’t as bad as he initially thought they were.

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can you write a lil bit, like head canons, or whatever form takes your fancy, on autistic kara?

eliza doesn’t know what she’s facing here, other than a small alien girl who clings to her cousins hand.

her cousin, who didn’t even stay to help her settle in.

he had called ahead, asked them to take her and as soon as the girl - kara, the only word she responds to - had taken a step toward them, toward the house, he had flown away.

eliza understands, in a way. but her understanding is only a very small part of her, and the rest is so angry on kara’s behalf. because kara never gets angry. she just stares around with wide, solemn eyes and accepts whatever happens next. sit here, stay there, move here, don’t do that…she just nods and follows the directions and eliza is afraid to push because this girl witnessed something that eliza cannot fathom. but something clark said had stuck and eliza can’t help but want to figure it out.

“it wasn’t supposed to be this hard,” he had said over the phone. he sounded exhausted, upset yes but so exhausted. “it wasn’t - she’s not like me. it wasn’t like this for me, i don’t know how to help her. i don’t know how to reach her, make her understand. please, will you help me?”

help, at some point, evolved into “take her” and then she’s sitting at the end of the bed they squeezed into alex’s room, hands folded on her lap, bag at her feet.

he hadn’t even come inside.

she flinches every time someone takes a step and when jeremiah pushes open the window, the hinges screech and kara is gone. she’s so fast that eliza stands dazed until she thinks to look for her and they find her on the opposite end of the house, pressed into the corner, hands balled over her ears.

“ah jeez,” jeremiah sighs, and eliza leans back into his warm side, stares across at her. “what are we going to do?”

“whatever we can.”

he nods after a moment, wraps an arm around her waist. “introductions first?”

kara has eased her hands down and she stares at eliza’s feet when she steps forward. when eliza crouches in front of her, she stares at her own feet.

“kara.” she rocks back on her feet. eliza quietens her voice as much as she can. “my name is eliza. do you understand?” she waits, and waits, and when the floorboards creak under her husbands feet, she shakes her head and he doesn’t say whatever he was going to say. they wait a little more and then, finally, kara meets her eyes.

“eliza. jeremiah.”

her voice is thin. a whisper, but if a whisper had less heft.

eliza counts the introductions as a victory, again when kara says “alex” without prompting when she walks into the room, and they celebrate with cookies because eliza doesn’t know any thirteen year olds who don’t like chocolate chip cookies.


“alex,” kara says when she steps into the room, and alex rolls her eyes.

“still haven’t broken that habit, mom,” she calls out, and eliza looks up from the dining table, pages strewn across it, and nods. “are we going to work on that or what? time to deprogram the bug.”

“while i am very pleased to see you’re learning something useful at school, kara is not a robot, alex, so be nice.”

“she’s kind of a robot. follows specific orders, organises stuff, talks weird.”

“if you can’t be helpful, alexandra, you can go to your room.”

alex falls silent. eliza returns to her work. jeremiah steps into the room and kara says “jeremiah”, and eliza looks up to meet her daughters rather insistent ‘i told you so’ eyes.


“i don’t know what to tell you, dear,” martha says. there’s a cow mooing in the background. eliza stares out at the beach and reminds herself, even when one daughter can crumble the beach rocks to sand with a too strong sneeze and the other has taken to moods and glowers, that things could be worse and she could live on a farm. with those plastic boots. and cows. “clark was never like that. oh that poor dear, i can’t imagine…”

“but his powers, he didn’t get them until he was older,”

“he was always strong and remarkably resilient. always good for a new mother,” martha chuckles. “but around, oh, ten? he lifted the tractor up for his pop and things haven’t been the same since.”

“do you think she’s having trouble because it’s so new?”

“it’s possible. she did lose her family too, dear,” martha reminds her. “trauma like that does funny things to a person. but clark took to it all so easily, ‘cept for a few broken windows and scares. all this with your kara…i’m sorry it’s so hard, what with dealing with her little quirks,”

“sorry, martha,” eliza cuts her off. “i have to go - alex is using kara to weed the garden, this can’t end well.”

it doesn’t end as badly as she feared, but one of the bigger trees has been uprooted too, alex is grounded, and kara…kara doesn’t look upset at the idea that she did something wrong. she looks terrified. and she disappears, slowly, into the basement and curls her hands around her ears and it’s a very long time before she even seems to hear eliza, let alone listen to her.

she thinks about martha’s words when her knees click and the basement floor turns freezing and promptly ignores them. it’s no harder raising kara than it is with alex, just different. and she doesn’t want to speak ill about the other woman, clark is a good man, but he’s also a man who abandons his little cousin at a strangers house.

eliza wraps her arm around kara’s shoulder when she is allowed to, and presses a kiss to her head.


“they called it uwe wegh,” kara says softly to eliza one afternoon. alex is at a summer school - it involves a lot of dissection and playing with chemicals and alex comes home smelling of sanitizer even to eliza’s nose. she hopes it’s not why alex does it, but kara keeps her distance from alex when she smells so strongly.

“what was that, dear? pass me the bread tin.”

kara’s hand hovers over the baking tin and, when eliza nods, she passes it over.

“uwe wegh.” she looks very serious and the words are clearly kryptonian so eliza lays her spoon down on the counter and turns to face her. kara sucks in a breath. “it means…to have a brain that,” she frowns down at the recipe book. slides her finger down the page, runs her thumb over the side so the paper ruffles. “is a different brain.” the worried wrinkle appears and she looks over at eliza. “thats not right. it was more…doctor sounding.”

“like a diagnosis?”

“it’s not a disease.”

“i didn’t say that, sweetheart,” eliza soothes. not that kara sounded angry, she never really does. just reserved. “did you, have that?” she asks, a little awkwardly.

kara nods. “they followed me around for two days and then told my father. they asked a lot of questions.”

“like what?”

she shrugs. “what i like to eat. and wear, and listen. what i like to do. my favourite toys to play with.”

“what did you tell them?”

she shrugs again. something she learned from alex. eliza doesn’t mind: she would stand out more if she didn’t shrug or roll her eyes. “i was little. i don’t remember.”

“okay.” eliza picks up her spoon. “thank you for telling me, sweetheart.”

kara nods.

when eliza scoops the batter into the tin, she gives kara the bowl and the spoon to lick.

“i thought you should know. because i’m not like clark. and it’s harder with my quirks,” she says, which means she definitely heard the things eliza didn’t want her hearing. “and it’s not,” she touches her ear and then her glasses nervously, doesn’t even try to say anything about her powers. “it’s just me. it’s my brain.”

“thank you for telling me,” eliza says again. “would you lay the table?”


they have to have a proper discussion about it but it had to wait for later because what kara told her finally clicked a few pieces into place and eliza does three days worth of research before she carries a large book to the dining room table and calls kara softly to join her.

she scoots their chairs close together, wraps an arm around her shoulder.

“autism, the autism spectrum,” she says, and kara leans forward to read. when she’s done, she’s stiff and quiet, and then she leans into eliza’s side and looks up at her when eliza brushes the hair out of her face. “i think this fits, sweetie. what do you think?”

kara shrugs.

“it doesn’t have to mean anything, but it can’t hurt to know a little more. and it’s given me some ideas about how we can work on making you more comfortable.”

“i’m fine, eliza,”

“alright.” she hands over the notes she made, and kara folds the pages three times and hides them in between her hands. “you read them for me, okay? and we can talk about it whenever you like. now it’s your turn to pick dinner,”

“noodles,” kara says immediately, unsurprisingly. it’s the same dinner she’d picked four times in a row and eliza nods. same foods. she’d read that somewhere.

“noodles it is.”

New Neighbors

You move into your new apartment, and discover Jonghyun and Jisoo, the adorable father-daughter duo across the hallway. It doesn’t hurt that Jonghyun is incredibly attractive.

  • non-idol au
  • single father!jonghyun

“That’s the last one,” you said to yourself proudly, staring down at the boxes that surrounded you. Pushing your hair back from your sweaty face, you couldn’t help but nod, happy that you were finally moving in.

It was your last year of college, and you’d decided to move into your own apartment. All of your friends had been busy on the day you’d decided to move in, about a month before classes began, so you’d had to lug up all your boxes of things and all the furniture yourself. It hadn’t been easy, but you’d gotten it done.

Just as you were about to settle onto the floor, arms splayed out, the doorbell rang. You groaned inwardly, hurrying to answer it.

“Hi.” Your breath caught as soon as you yanked open the door. One of the most gorgeous guys you’d ever seen was standing there, smiling slightly. He was dressed casually, jeans and a t-shirt, his black hair falling into his eyes.

“Welcome!” A much higher-pitched, squeaky voice exclaimed. Your eyes travelled down from the guy to the small figure clinging onto his outstretched hand—a young girl, maybe 4 or 5, stood there, grinning widely. You cooed mentally at how adorable she was, with slightly chubby cheeks, tiny hands and a missing front tooth.

“We just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood,” the guy said gently with a small smile. You turned your attention back to him, and couldn’t help but notice how nice his voice was. “Right, baby?” He glanced down at the small girl, voice tender. Your heart was actually melting.

“Right!” The young girl nodded, shoving a container towards you, “we baked you cookies!”

You smiled widely, crouching down so that you were eye-level with the girl, “did you really? That’s awesome, you’re an angel! Thank you.”

The girl grinned again, revealing that missing tooth, “Daddy almost started a fire.” You grinned at how cute she was, glancing back up at the guy, who looked mildly embarrassed, but also used to the girl’s attitude.

“Thank you so much,” you told the guy, container of cookies in hand, “I really appreciate the gesture, I know you’re probably super busy, so thank you.”

“It’s no trouble,” the guy assured you with a smile, “We were once the new people in the building, so if you ever need help, feel free to ask, we’re right across the hall. I’m Jonghyun, and this is my daughter Jisoo.”

“I’m (y/n),” you replied, heart a puddle of goo over how adorable Jisoo was and how incredibly perfect Jonghyun was. “Thank you again, I really appreciate it.”

“Well, we’ll see you around,” Jonghyun said, and you nodded quickly in agreement, “have a nice night.”

“I hope you have fun living here!” Jisoo smiled up at you, making you smile back.

“Thank you, have a nice night as well!”

As you closed the door, you placed a hand over your pounding heart.  Jonghyun was actually perfect, what the hell. He was incredibly handsome, kind, and he clearly cared a lot about his daughter, who was also a total sweetheart.

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this is the most surreal joy i get to experience because after placing them in one team they fit every trope i ever love:

1. small wives that can pretty much wreck you even without their husbands help

2. giant husbands loom and glare deviously behind their small wives at anyone who dares hurt their precious flowers

3. both husbands are super strict and sometimes intimidating

4. the wives are literal sunshines who are one of the very few who could make the husbands swoon and smile the purest smile everyone has ever seen

5. both sakura and nowi are pretty much the perfect cure of marxs and freds stress

6. the husbands are in their Special Outfit and the wives arent

7. sakura frets over marx if hes ever hurt and is great at healing; fred frets over nowi if shes ever hurt and is great at first aid

8. one minute marx and fred look so stern and scary. the next minute they are blushing like teenage highschool boys when sakura holds marxs hand and nowi holds freds.

9. sakura got to learn something new and surprising about marx; she learns that marx was a very shy boy and still has stage fight sometimes too. nowi learns that frederick is super hardworking eventho his hard work is often gone completely unnoticed and yet sadly he doesnt mind.

10. both sakura and nowi had first bad impressions of marx and fred before they talked

11. their impressions of them changed when they learned more about them

12. (technically) both husbands have a horse

13. marx and fred are surely the type of passionate men who pamper and spoil their beloved

14. nowi cant swim; marx cant swim

15. they make my heart flutter

city love - shawn mendes imagine

A/N: if any of you were alive and breathing at midnight EST, you’ll know what inspired this. i really hope you love it, because i’m wasting time when i should be studying since i was so inspired. the ending is a little rushed and shit frankly but… i have. work to do

word count: 1,393 

Paris is always every bit as romantic as they say it is.

Your breakfast was a nice continental at some tiny restaurant terrace in Trocadéro - you barely even caught a reaction when you asked the waiter to bring you mimosas at ten thirty in the morning. It was mostly Shawn feeding you pastries with marmalade and being endeared, laughing at you when you sat with Bonne Maman jam smeared across your cheek. 

Paris feels, in the June sunshine, just like the Louis Armstrong songs and Godard films, and as you sit opposite Shawn on this empty train at noon, it feels like how everything should always feel.

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How to Give Your Story “Heart”

Here’s where things get fluffy. This is the moment you unleash your feelings, tap into your inner light, and weep onto the page, using your sparkling tears as ink. Ready?

Originally posted by pajamasafterdark

Edna would never allow us to do that. And that’s good, because contrary to conventional wisdom, that’s not how you give your story heart. We’re going to do it the real way.

So if it isn’t raw emotion, what is “heart”?

1) It’s what your character NEEDS (not wants).


3) It’s what you want to TEACH.

Those sound intimidating, I know. But if you don’t treat it like a mystical magic, it’s very doable.

So, what do those mean?

1) NEED =

Your character has flaws that are ruining their life and future, right? Flaws in their heads that only hurt themselves, flaws in their characters that hurt other people. Something is missing within them, something they don’t understand, something they need to learn. Once they realize their flaws, and learn the thing that will overcome those flaws, their lives will be saved.

Take Mr Fredrickson from Up. He’s so grumpy and stubbornly stuck in the past, he’s willing to leave a small child clinging to the porch of his flying house, rather than let him into his life.

He needs to learn that in order to live a fulfilling life again, he must let go of the past, and go have another adventure. Which Ellie helps him learn.

Great. Now I’m crying.


It’s what the story is really about. The journey going on below the action-y surface. It’s your character’s inner change from one kind of person to a (hopefully) better kind. The reader believes the story is about the tangible goal, and the actions taken to reach it — the surface. Yet inwardly, they’re processing the hero’s inner journey too. It’s sneakily hidden from them.

On the surface, Hamilton is about a revolution and the founding of a nation.

Underneath all that, it’s about a guy learning what a worthwhile legacy really is, and how to build one.


Storytelling is the most powerful teaching method ever devised. Scientifically speaking, teaching is the purpose of stories, whether we like it or not. This fact usually makes people react like Gollum when approached by nasty hobbitses.

“Moralizing, precious? We hates it!”

Which is a reflex aversion that I understand, and have shared in the past. Books and movies that teach something positive are scorned and mocked in the world of “high literature” too. But when I thought about what stories have done for me, and why they were capable of it, my opinion changed. 

Tangled saved my life. If I had never seen that movie, I would still be in a horrible cult-like situation which I’d been trapped in for twelve years.

Narnia helped me escape depression.

The Harry Potter books were my home and my friends when I didn’t have either.

And those are all stories with strong hearts.

Why wouldn’t I want to create stories that could possibly help someone, like I was helped? Why would I let “avoid teaching at all costs” become my ultimate goal? (When really, that’s another way of saying “be pretentious and egotistical”?)

Nope. I’m choosing to write things that people will call schmaltzy and childish – but maybe life saving for another kid.

(I said I wasn’t going to get emotional. Sorry Edna.)

So, how do you figure out the heart of your story?

Answer these questions:
— What does your character need to learn, to stop ruining their own life?
— What do YOU want to say?

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Set A 19/Set B 12 Park Chanyeol [s m u t 😏]

Loud sex/knowing someone can hear

“Hang on, hang on, we’re gonna fall off the bed–”

Throughout your three years of dating, your two and a half year of being sexually activethis was no doubt the craziest thing Chanyeol had wanted to try out. And you were solely blaming Baekhyun’s playful flirting.

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The Forgotten One

Klaus Mikaelson!Adoptive Father X Reader X Hayley Marshall! Adoptive! Mother

Word Count: 599

Requested: @fandomnationwhore

Request: Hey could you do a imagine were the reader is the adopted child of hayley and Klaus and when hope comes along the family forgets about her so she moves to beacon hills and then the family realized she’s gone after 3 months and when they do find her she’s at a cliff and her friends, the pack, and her family makes it to the cliff and she just smiles and falls over. Time skip 6 months later she’s still alive but no one knows and one day she appears at the compound with a child and smirks at them.

Originally posted by originalsdaily

Your parents had pretty much forgotten who you were since your sister had been born, everything was about her and how to keep her safe, you had scars from the wars that you had fought for her and you never got a thank you. You had been staying with Davina who had opened her doors to you. “Maybe you should leave,” Davina suggested.
“And go where?” You asked.
“Maybe I can help you find somewhere to go,” Davina suggested.
“If you help me do this you can’t tell anyone not even Kol.” You warned.
“What about Josh?” Davina asked.
“You can tell him I’m safe but it’s probably better that we don’t tell him where Klaus likes to make him a target.” You explained and she nodded in agreement.

You and Davina had managed to find a place called Beacon Hills where you could go, you said that you didn’t want anything quiet, you needed something to keep you occupied and a normal school life was not going to cut it. Beacon Hills had everything that you asked for and you still managed to graduate. You and your friends Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Malia had been through a lot over the 3 months that you had been there and you were happy.

“(Y/N)!” Klaus called through the house. “(Y/N)!”
“I don’t think she’s here brother,” Elijah informed him.
“Did you see her leave?” Klaus asked Elijah, stopped for a second and frowned.
“I haven’t seen her in weeks,” Elijah answered. Klaus frowned now that he thought about it he hadn’t seen you in weeks either, he didn’t even remember the last time that you both had a conversation with you, Klaus walked up to your room which he hadn’t bothered to check yet, when he walked into the room he realised that there was nothing in it, the posters that decorated the walls, there were no clothes on the floor or in your wardrobe.
“Elijah she’s gone!” Klaus called, Davina who was with Kol heard the exchange and made an excuse to get away and called you.
“(Y/N)! Your parents are looking for you.” She said.
“Don’t worry I have it covered thank you for the heads up.” You answered.
“I miss you.” She said softly.
“We’ll meet up soon. I promise!” You smiled before hanging up the phone.

It was few week later that you were stood on the cliff with you friends and family. “(Y/N)?” Scott asked gently.
“Look I love you guys and I thank you for everything that you have done for me but my family is toxic and the only way out is down so… I’ll see you around.” You smiled before falling backwards before anyone else could do anything. There were multiple calls of your name before there was silence.
“Move!” Klaus ordered but Scott glared at him eyes flaring red.
“No, you should all just leave!” Scott ordered.
“No teenage wannabe alp-”
“You’re the reason that she jumped off the cliff do leave before we make you!” Scott growled, Elijah stepped forward pulling his brother back, they left and that was the end of it.

6 months later the family was functioning as normally as you could but one day there was a commotion, Klaus stormed down the stairs and came face to face with the person he thought that he would have never seen. His eyes were drawn to the small child clinging to your leg your hand rested on her head. “Hey, Dad you want to talk?” You asked as you looked up at him smirking.

*Part 2*

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Dark Days Are Upon Us.

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Dark growled, staring into the mirror with rage bubbling under his skin, the color making him seem like a corpse as he looked at the world around him, everything tinged with red and blue but mostly grey in his new eyes. ‘William did this. It’s his fault.’ His mind whispered, Celine being shoved to the furthest corner as Damien controlled the new body as if it was a puppet, his cane in hand as he walked to find William giggling madly, whispering something over and over again.

William.” He growled, causing the man to turn and freeze, for a moment Dark assumed he was scared, then he felt William lock his arms around him, sobbing out small thank you’s and clinging to who he believed to be Damien. “I-I thought I lost you, it was all a joke, all a prank. It wasn’t real, I didn’t l-lose you, it was all a dream, it was all fake.” William sobbed into the others throat, feeling the other clutch to him tightly as he wished he could never again relive the past days. “I…. I lost you for a second…. what about Y/N? A-are they okay? They came back to life…. I just had to shoot them, hat heals people right Damien, I did a good job right?” He asked, his heart throbbing painfully in his chest.

Dark was frozen, all sense of hate gone as he listened to Williams broken whispers and questions, in the back of his mind Celine was sobbing, causing Damien to embrace the one he planned to kill merely moments ago. “You’re safe, William, It’s me. I’m here Old friend.” He cooed, his words honeyed and sweet as the man seemed to burst into tears once more, babbling helplessly all the while. It would be so easy to kill him now, to simply erase the problem where he was, sobbing and broken in his arms. Child’s play at best.

“Damien, I…. Celine, Y/N, w-where?” William asked, pulling away looking like a fragile child who’s never been to a funeral before. “I need… I have to-“ He was cut off by Dark bringing back into a hug as more sobs tore their way from his throat, his legs shaking and weak. He was a broken shell. Dark growled lowly, Oh Mark would pay, he would pay deeply for hurting William like this.

He blamed Celine for his easy target switch but he knew, he loved William so so much.

Now if only he wasn’t dead he could’ve told the other.

I Am An Alpha Ch 13: Who Is The Alpha Here?(M)

I snap up when I hear the door open. My eyes are opened wide, scanning the room for an intruder but only find Kris peeking his head in. He has a small smile on his face, I can tell he is unsure on how to proceed. With a deep breath I give him a small smile, “I’m sorry for earlier.”

“Me too. I didn’t mean to get so upset, we should have handled it better. You told me and you told Yixing that you are not really in control of your wolf and we still got upset, we are assholes.”

“Yea you were,” I must back. “But understand why you are scared. I am not the typical omega so you can’t scare me into submission, it must be weird to have something so out of your control.”

He nods, “So are we forgiven?”

“You are yes, but I’m still upset with Yixing and I am absolutely pissed at Jongin.”

“Insoo please-“

I cut him off, not caring if I’m upsetting the two boys you can hear out conversation, “I don’t give a single fuck about the excuses you guys thought of while I was sleeping. Jongin attacked my pup and almost ripped his throat out. Yixing stood by and watched, knowing how much that pup means to me, he was just going to let him die because he was fucking jealous.”

I can see that he wants to defend his pack but doesn’t have any more excuses.

I sigh, “You look stressed.”

He runs his hand through his hair and lets out a sigh of his own, “I have eleven wolfs down stairs dealing with rejection and a mate who basically hates us at the moment.”

“I don’t hate you.”

“You don’t like us.”

“At the moment, yes.”

“What can I do to make this up to you? I will do anything except take you back to your pack. I can’t handle you being away from me right now.”

“I just want to lay here a bit longer, I don’t want to face them right now.”

He nods, “Take all the time you need.” He turns to leave but I find myself stopping him.


He freezes, “Yes?”

“Could you stay? Jin would always tell me that nothing would make you feel better than being with your mate. I think we could both feel better right now.”

“You want me to stay?” He is completely dumbstruck by my words.

I nod, “If you are still mad I understand.”

“No!” He rushes forward eagerly, his sudden movement making me jump back against the headboard. Again, he freezes, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, it’ just that you came up so fast.”

“I’ll take it slow.”

He very slowly climbs up the bed so he is lying next to me. His hands rest on his chest when he finds a comfortable position on his back. I move to my side to stare at him, my hands tucked between my cheek and the pillow. We sit there for a moment, feeling more tense now than before.

“This isn’t really helping,” I mumble.

“I’m sorry, I can go.”

Again, he tries to leave, and again I stop him, rolling on top of him, surprising both of us. His hands catch my hips as I straddle his waist, both of us frozen. My face is burning with embarrassment; I look away and slowly begin to move away. He suddenly rolls us over so he is on top, his massive body locking me underneath him. I usually panic in situations like this but right now I just want him closer. My small fists cling to the back of his shirt as I burry my face in the crook of his delicious smelling neck. He eagerly does the same to me, taking deep breaths of my scent. This is what I wanted.

A tingle runs down my spine when I feel something sharp poking my neck followed by the short caress of his tongue. I can’t hold in the whimper my omega makes, wishing for him to continue, to just mark me and mate me right now. Just the thought has my body buzzing. I’m so caught up in my own feelings that I don’t notice Kris’s body getting warmer and his grip on me tightening.

He ruts against me.

It’s only once but it’s enough to make him tense and pull away. He isn’t able to get very far with my hands gripping his shirt but it’s enough for me to see his face, and his golden eyes. “I’m sorry,” He mumbles out, again trying to pull away.

“Stop apologizing and come closer,” I groan. “I want you closer.”

“But Insoo, I don’t think I can control myself right now, I just want to…” His eyes are fixated on my neck. I throw my head back, baring it to him completely.

“Mark me,” I demand. I want it so bad, I need it. I feel like if he doesn’t mark me I am going to die.

“Insoo, you can’t just say things like that. You might not be ready-“

I snarl and flip us back over so I’m on top, “I’m not a fan of being prepared. I much more enjoy living in the moment and in this moment all I want is for you to mark me like my alpha is supposed to. Come on,” I tease, “Or maybe you aren’t man enough to.”

That is all it takes to bring out his alpha instincts to flip me back over and pin my hands to the bed, “What was that omega?”

“I said maybe you aren’t man enough to mark me.”

He chuckles, “You are a brave little omega.”

“I’m no fucking omega, and you know that.”

“I don’t know that. I’m waiting for you to prove it to me.”

I grin, “Shall we see who the stronger alpha is?”

“How will we do that?”

“First to cum looses.”

I see the battle on his face, he wants to sit back and talk, still worried that I’m not ready, but his alpha isn’t backing down from the challenge. I honestly don’t know if I am ready but I don’t care right now, I want him to mark me, I want him closer, I want this more than anything. My wolf is crying inside for more of his scent, for more of his touches, I crave it. I see the want in his eyes too, his teeth sink into his bottom lip as he decides.

“You know once we start I won’t be able to stop,” He snarls in my ear, rutting against my unclothed core again, making me tense. “The second your delicious heat sucks me in I will not be letting you get away.”

“Kris,” I whine softly.

“What is it little wolf? Scared already?” He mocks with a smirk.

“No, I’m tired of your warning and apologies, if you don’t mark me I swear to god I’m going to top you.”

He chuckles darkly before licking a strip up my neck, “So sweet.”

I groan, “You take forever!” I snatch my hands back and grab him by the collar of his t-shirt. Without any hesitation I smash our lips together in an aggressive kiss that has my bones tingling and my toes curling. His arms are under me, bringing me closer to deepen the kiss. I nibble on his bottom lip, earning a deep moan from the giant, earning me access to his hot cavern. I’m not surprised when he tries to fight for dominance in the kiss but I don’t give in.

I jump when the back of my shirt rips open, earning him the upper hand in all of this. He makes quick work of the shirt, shredding it to pieces so his massive hands are flat against my back. I know what he is doing, his rough callused hands feel a long my scars down my spine. Returning the favor of ruining my shirt I tear his a part, he leans away, glaring down at me.

“I know I have more but that doesn’t mean you can do that,” He teases.

“You started it.” I give him a cheeky grin, with a quick swing of my hips I manage to get on top again, catching sight of the scar on his chest. My fingers skim over the spider like mark. It isn’t very big, just a tiny bit smaller than my hand. “I did quite a number on you didn’t I?”

“I did it to myself. I attacked you, I deserve it 100 times over.”

I shake my head, “We are getting off track.”

He sits up, his arms wrap around my shoulders, holding us chest to chest, “I’m sorry for not saving you.”

“You did in a way.”

“I mean before you even got in that situation, I should have known you were hurting. I was running around while you were getting beaten,” His hands caress my back, soft lips run down my neck to my shoulder. “I want to be closer to you.”

“All you have to do is pop that button.”

He chuckles, “That challenge is still on you know.”

“I’m waiting.”

His hand slips in between us and pops open his pants and watches my face as he pulls himself out of his pants. I gulp at the sight of his massive rock hard member. He chuckles, “Are you ready for me little wolf?”

I puff out my chest and put on a brave face, “Bring it on.”  

“Go ahead ms. Alpha.”

I place my hands on his shoulders, letting my nails dig into his skin as I prepare myself. With a deep breath I position myself over him before closing my eyes and sinking down slowly on his manhood. I can feel him staring at me but I don’t open my eyes. My mouth forms a perfect O at the filling sensation, it burns to my core, it would be a lie to say it doesn’t hurt but the throbbing pleasure rocking through me keeps me going. My head drops to his shoulder for a minute, mumbling a string of curse words to keep myself from screaming.

“How do I feel little wolf?” He purrs in my ear. “Because you feel absolutely amazing. I don’t want to rush you because I don’t want to hurt you but it is taking all of my self control not to pin you down and fuck you so hard I break this bed. So please-“

“Is that begging I hear?” I chuckle once I can actually speak.

“No it’s a warning. You have a minute to adjust before I win.”

I rock my hips a few times, moaning softly, “Fuck.”

“Your time is shrinking fast,” He warns through grit teeth. As promised with one last teasing rut I flipped on to my back where I see golden eyes staring down at me, his teeth bared ready to mark me, I could have came right then and there if not for my pride. He slams into my hard making me honestly scream, my face burns bright pink in the crook of his neck.

“You are going to pay for this,” I snarl as he thrust again. My claws dig into his back, ready to return the pain of him stretching me. I can feel his member throbbing as my walls constrict around him.

“You are so fucking tight, how did I live this long without you?”

“How long do I have to wait for you to fuck me like to promise?”

“I love this dirty mouth of yours, such a brave girl,” He purrs. He rests on his elbows, his face buried in the crook of my neck, and nibbles there softly. “I can’t wait to mark you as mine.”

Suddenly his slams into me again, but he doesn’t stop this time, he continues to pump into me like the animal beneath his skin. He groans fill my ears adding to knot forming in the pit of my stomach. This is so much more than I was ever expecting, the pleasure grips me and turns my world upside down. I can’t contain my moans as my orgasm begins in my toes, not yet! But as his knot begins to form and it becomes harder and harder for him to pump in and out I’m getting stretched more. My nails drag down his back, drawing blood, and making him cry out.

I jump when his teeth sink into my neck, sending us both over the edge, locking his knot in place deep inside me. My trembling legs wrap around his waist, my arms around his neck. My wolf is screaming at me, with Kris’s teeth still in my neck she commands me to respond to the action. I cave to my wolf and mirror Kris’s actions, marking him as mine. But the moment I do it we both freeze.

Oh my god, I just marked him. I can’t even run away for the next twenty minutes until his knot returns to it’s normal size. I pull away and stare at the wound with wide eyes. Kris releases me stares at me with a shocked expression. Panic begins to fill me and my heart races, I just marked an actual alpha. That’s not what’s supposed to happen. Omega’s do not mark their alphas, he’s going to be furious. I close my eyes and pull him back so I’m back in the crook of his neck. I run my tongue against the broken skin getting rid of the blood revealing the clear bite mark. As mad as I know he will be it’s satisfying to see it there. It tells everyone he is mine and I am his. I bite my lip to hold back my smile.


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  • ISTJ: *can drive, cook and do everything neatly*
  • ISTJ: *delivered a master thesis for chemistry master degree way before the deadline*
  • ISTJ: *wrote an essay on the metaphysics of exposed concrete for one of INFP's multiple winged assignments of an architecture major DURING said thesis delivery*
  • ISTJ: *has tutored at college and is respected by the teachers*
  • ISTJ: *Makes Plans (TM) and Has A Routine (TM)*
  • ISTJ: *showers and shaves everyday and smells nice*
  • ISTJ: Meh, I'm not that great. *shrug*
  • INFP: Look I can touch my forehead with my foot and stretch my toes, I'm a fucking gold medal-worthy gymnast fuck yeah, TH E RE I S W O R T H IN ME